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  1. Wilhelm nods in approval as the as his people work hard in bringing a festive spirit to Curon!
  2. Wilhelm broods silently in his hall, taking a brief moment of respite from the burden of leadership. The young man's thoughts turn black as he considers the fate of his cousin. If they would show such disrespect to a woman they claimed had virture, what barbarities would they inflict upon those to whom they gave no thought? He recalls the stories he had read as a child of the other races, now allies with the barbarous hordes. Stories of magical elves, filled with dignity and pride. Stories of savage and bloodthirsty orcs, yet filled with their own kind of noble honor. Stories that said, in the end, there was some goodness in all. It was at the young age of 16 that Wilhelm, thrust into the role of leadership, learned that the world was a much darker, and savage place then he believed. He steeled his resolve. "This is why we fight".
  3. A public missive is posted in the Avalain square, and sent by courier to Morsgrad. To the Duke Godric, Let there be no doubt, you are my enemy. I care nothing for the honeyed words of men in gilded halls, or kept warm in roaring hearthfires. I care not for the reasons of this war, or the half-truths or honest lies that flow as easily as water from men's mouths. I will know you as the man who has taken the greatest of us, and murdered her in cold blood. My cousin, who had stood strong and was an example to all, lies dead at your order. And yet, even amongst enemies there can be respect. I thank you for the return of the body of my cousin, that she may be honored and burned in the proper way, as is our custom. I thank you for the respect you have shown me, in regards to the rulership of Curon. And yet, I am not so young that I forget the scorn I received from your people in my youth, before this war, when Morsgrad forbid any of my people to tread upon it's lands over the foolishness and weakness of a man I only ever read about. My predecessors had made many mistakes. Men of weak will breaking faith, breaking their word. Tarnishing their Honor. For that, I suffer the consequences of their Folly, and must restore my family’s name. I will not be found wanting. My Grandfather and namesake swore an oath to the Empire, and to the People of Curon. I will not dishonor his memory, or my people's sacrifices, or indeed, my own families sacrifices. I will not be swayed by honeyed words, or offers given by those who would look down upon us. We need not waste each others time in meeting, Godric. I tell you this, also as a sign of respect. You have made an enemy of the Empire with this war through your aggressions. You have made an enemy of Curon by slaying one of it's greatest rulers. And you have made an enemy of me by taking a dear cousin before her time. Words no longer need be spoken. IN NOMINE DEI His Highness, Wilhelm II Devereaux, Governor-General of the Kingdom of Curonia Prince of Evreux, Duke of Curon and Umbra, Count of Albion, Arbor, Avalain, Blackreach & Cyrilsburg Baron of Alsace, Arisan, Frosthold, Rivia & Vasile, Lord of Bear Mountain and Blackden
  4. A young Wilhelm Edward II Devereux broods silently as he reads the Emperor's announcement. His green eyes sweep over the courtroom as the weight of leadership is borne on the youth's shoulders. He says only two words before turning away, deep in thought. "Curon endures."
  5. Deek Driftwood sits around blindly in the tavern, recalling what he has heard about the Sugarfoots. "Weapons ain't teh wors' o' it. Dey wear SHOES!" he says, spitting on the ground in disgust.
  6. If you get a ban report from a bunch of players of a certain ethnicity claiming that one's actions look/feel racist....it might be time to change the way you RP


    Cause you might be racist. 🤐

    1. Trenchist


      If you get a ban report from a bunch of players of a certain ethnicity claiming that one's actions look/feel racist...it might be because that playerbase are all a part of the same faction and have the same agenda

  7. If you get a ban report from a bunch of players of a certain ethnicity claiming that one's actions look/feel racist....it might be time to change the way your RP


    Cause you might be racist. 🤐

  8. Deek Driftwood is also saddened by the loss of the giant creature. He can only feel the wind on his face as he sighs. He offers a prayer to Arugula, dreading what else may come from the depths ((Good event! Look forward to more))
  9. Deek Driftwood would hear about the latest AIS capture from the bed in the ICU ward of the Silver City. He shakes his head in disgust, always knowing that Bigguns were a barbarous folk...but killing children? And bragging about doing so publically? He sighs, and lays back on the bed. He hoped he would be strong enough to return home to Brandybrook soon. He has had enough of Bigguns and their brutality...
  10. Mister Driftwood, good old Deek, sits recovering in the ICU unit of the Silver City of the High Elves. He wonders when he will be well enough to return home...
  11. Happy Turkey day folks. Go stuff yourselves

  12. What's your longest lived Character? If you could make one change to Halflings as a whole, what would it be?
  13. Porkgasm

    Vice City

    Grume rages at the loss of grogg in Krugmar, nursing a black eye from the Klomp he earlier attempted in order to save the precious booze.
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