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  1. PETITION Toteoh Kharajyar Refugee association. V. HIS EXCELLENCY THE SOLICITOR-GENERAL COUNT BOHEMOND DE LEUMONT OF PROVINS DESIRES TO PETITION THE FOLLOWING TO THE COURT; SECOND GOLDEN BULL OF SAINT JUDEBURG https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/172591-second-golden-bull-of-saint-judeberg/?tab=comments#comment-1627639 FIFTH GOLDEN BULL OF RHODESIA https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/175966-sixth-golden-bull-of-rhodesia/?tab=comments#comment-1657250 DUE TO MY CONSIDERATION THAT HIS EXCELLENCY THE SOLICITOR-GENERAL MUST ADJUST THE AFOREMENTIONED FOR THE SAKE OF JUSTICE, BECAUSE The Empire of Oren claims to be a civilized Empire of Laws, and an example to all those who seek peace, and security. On the one hand, it demands that those within it's borders follow the laws of the Empire, while also espousing the beliefs of the Canonists Church, who seek to mutilate those who are not Human, and advocate the Killing of the Kha people, calling us mere beasts. The above examples are a breach of your own Imperial Laws, namely III.Violence, acting to cause harm upon another person with differing degrees of lethality, but not death, is illegal. IV.Causing injury, acting to inflict a singular wound, is illegal. IV.I. Tournaments or consensual acts of inflictment are not illegal. IV.II. Causing injury unintentionally, but as a consequence of a verbal conflict or a series of unpremeditated acts, is classified as battery. V.Mutilation, the causing of injury with the specific purpose of altering the victim’s appearance or senses, is illegal. V.I. If an injury has affected the victim’s appearance or senses, but mutilation could not be proven as the motive behind the causing of injury, the perpetrator will have caused an injury, and would not have mutilated. XIII.Doing all of the above through proxy, is illegal. XIII.I. If a party is to be determined to be the aforementioned proxy, either through voluntary confession or through discovery, the criminal-through-proxy and the target must also be known. XIII.II. The proxy and the criminal-through-proxy are both equally criminal. XIV.Organizing with more than two people to either commit a crime through proxy, or in an organized collective fashion, is considered a conspiracy to do harm. XIV.I. A conspiracy to do harm can be a part of, but is not the same, as a conspiracy against the state YOURS HUMBLY, Toteoh the Kha Haelun'or, Refugee District Bonehead#4321
  2. Could try your hand at a Kha. Not all of us are furries or kittens. There is alot of RP to be had playing a race everyone looks at as disposable carpets. As can be seen, even one can make an impact that sends ripples across Arcas.
  3. I was there that day....when the Wood Elf chief traded his kingdom for a Kha skin pelt...

  4. Sorry Jumper. It's not the drama. It's the fact that I have to deal with teenagers who cannot seem to tell when something literally annoys a person. If I'm annoyed to the point where I have to literally tell folks, OOC, that what they are doing is annoying me, and to take a hint, and they still refuse to take the hint? That's not on me. I have communicated as well as possible. If they continue to act in ways IC that annoy me OOC, and then continue to make IC situations that force me to deal with, IC, situations that annoy me OOC? That's just being a jackass. Anxiety? No. Sheer godamn annoyance is what plagues me when I am forced to continue to deal with people who have no common sense. If I had anxiety, I would have not played Bonehead, an ugly guy who's fatness and stench are legendary. I would have never made Deek, or the ship, because I would have been to Anxious about making the things that need to happen, happen. Drama happens in roleplay. It makes roleplay interesting and stories it up. Unfortunately, the children of this server confuse Drama with Trolling. And that, my friend, is just godamn dissapointing. "I'm just acting how my character would act" is NOT an justification to be a jackass. It's something people learn as they grow up.
  5. If your a GM or ET holding an RP event, you don't allow PvP during the event. No, you don't ask the groups to see if it's cool. You don't allow PvP during an RP event. 

    1. Odium174


      It would also help if the people invading the event were good spirited about it, instead of just being there for the pixels and joy of ruining several people’s day

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      What happened?

  6. A Half-Olog Brute would back and slash at the voidal creature as the battle rages around him. His brutish simple mind taking to the task with unbridled glee. He knew the creature had to fall. He knew his home was in danger. Flames and voidal magic cackled around him, and at his side, his oldest friend, and the first human to ever accept him without fear fought viciously. He cried out in rage as he was lifted high by the creatures tongue, offended that the creature would think him food. He was the eater, the eaten! He slashed his cleavers against the tongue, determined to free himself from it's grasp. Time slowed to a crawl as he thought back..thinking was never his strong suit. Simple flashes of memory. A man in a Curon uniform handing him a bucket of fish. Fighting off a demon attacking a village in the southern snows of Atlas. Making a Promise to a King Getting dunked in water by a God-Man. On and on his mind raced as his fury grew, his battle road heard through the city as allies desperately fought the creature with every ounce of their strength. He saw his home in flames, and he felt the first stirring of what his confused mind might know as fear, if he had the mind to grasp the concept. He looked down at the creatures black mask, and saw within it it's beating heart, laying protected and hidden. He only had once chance, and he knew he had to take it. Happyness as he patted a newborn princess on the head Saddness as he watched a friend take his own life in front of all he ever loved. Confusion as he fought in a siege, surrounded and outnumbered in a war he could never understand, only to come out victorious. The taste of delicious steak. He sliced through the creatures tongue, and he fell. He had a good life. This...this was a good death. A smarter man would probably come up with a more meaningful death cry as he went to meet his destiny. "Whee!"
  7. Deek Driftwood sits silently on the docks of Brandybrook, looking out at the Dinkle river as he watches the sun set. The adventurous Halfling remains solem and introspective as he lights his pipe, remembering the Thain. He fingers the Sheriff badge he found in his home, and nods resolutely. Pulling out a bottle of Captains Rum, the Golden liquid within worth it's weight in Pumpkins, he pops the cork takes a hefty swig, before pouring it out in memory of the late Thain.
  8. Wonk race CA has been under review for awhile now. Wonks when?

  9. Deek Driftwood raises his bottle of rum in memory to a great Hou. A sad, bitter day.
  10. How dare anyone vote Yes. 😠
  11. The young Wildling child quietly waits for his father to return from his hunt, wondering why, this time, he left his belongings at the mouth of the cave. He continues to wait, days passing, rejecting the truth. The Wild Man was leader. The Wild man protected. The Wild man was strong... Yet, he could wait no more. Hunger gnawed at his skinny frame, and he must continue the traditions of his people. He took up the belongings of his father, and set off. He would find the body of his father, and return his bones, placing them with honor with his other ancestors. He would slay the beast who had taken his father from him. And then? Then, Grungh would see...see what life had in store for the son of the Wild Man.
  12. Oren needs to go. That is all.

    1. Epicethan45


      Oren has lost its way... an elective monarchy? Surely a Sanoist plot.

  13. Deek Driftwood would sweat nervously, running around like a madlad trying to make sure there is enough rum for the wedding!
  14. "1300!" Says Deek
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