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  1. Deek Driftwood would sweat nervously, running around like a madlad trying to make sure there is enough rum for the wedding!
  2. Awesome new rules. I look forward to seeing how they work out! 😁

  3. "1100" bids the great Adventurer DEEK DRIFTWOOD
  4. Porkgasm

    Conflict & War FAQ

    I for one look forward to more ROLEPLAY in Wars, seeing as LOTC is supposed of be a ROLEPLAY server. If this runs off all the PvP-goons, well, there is no shortage of places where they can click. Hell, it'll be easier to recruit people to the server once that entire ugly aspect of LOTC is gone I imagine.
  5. (Just going off what the ET I spoke to told me. Dwarfs died, anyone who slipped on their mask late hallucinated and was in great pain, but didn't die. Do we really need to ruin more ******* people's experience with mass deaths?)
  6. (Those who put on their masks late were simply debilitated, not killed)
  7. I will have to disagree with a point brought up regarding Lore: Lore is not the servers. It is the players. It belong to those who take part in the world, and bring it to life. Not the guy who wrote it, thinking it is a good idea, and not the ST or LT team who agreed or disagrees with it's quality. I'm of the mind that ST/LT's being Judged for what does or does not count as acceptable lore is a poor use of their talents and responsibilities. Instead of Judging what lore to keep out, they should be assisting on how to get lore in. If an in-depth, quality lore is offered up, it should not be under a cloud of judgement and examination that the ST's and LT's look at it. It should be under the guise of "How can we make this lore fit with what we already have. Let's help this player". But then again, I'm just a nice guy.
  8. If anyone is interested in the Evil Swamp event/Swamp bounty, do let me know. I have set up a discord to attempt to condense and organize efforts to complete the event, share information, and accomplish goals in a more organized manner. Bonehead#4321 on Discord.

  9. I will take up this challenge
  10. When I was a young boi, being rude got me the belt. Now I see peeps getting banned over doing rude things, and complaining. Stop whinging

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      if people are complaining about the staff its because they’re not satisfied with the volunteers of the community. Hence they should be restricted from playing

  11. Has anyone managed to complete a Jungle Bounty successfully? If so, I'm looking for you! Send me a message!

  12. Deek Driftwood, renowned Halfling Sailor, Adventurer, and all around great guy, hurries to aquire his Green armband after his interview with the Society for Moral health. "Betta safe then sorreh wit dese Bigguns..."
  13. Deek Driftwood approves of this action!
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