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  1. Father Wilhelm sheds a tear, praying for the soul of his fallen friend.
  2. Cardinal Wilhelm reads the missive with a frown, before quickly moving off to gather his things and investigate this threat to Arcas...
  3. Cardinal Wilhem would read this missive, agast. He would then set off, to see this Defilement himself, and come what may, see that justice is done.
  4. Cardinal Wilhelm prayers for the soul of this brave, noble warrior. He is surely deserving of a place in the Skies.
  5. The Humble Merchant Kroak from the Bayou nods in firm agreement after reading a copy of the letter.
  6. To my friends and family in Brandybrook, I have reached the end of my Adventurers. And, I can only hope I went out in a way that was meaningful, and not from drinkin' too much in the Tavern. I hope tha' I have 'elped tha' weefolk of Brandybrook discover the spirit of Adventure tha' lies within' all of us. A 'ave always tried ta show tha' worl' tha' weefolk 'ave jus' as much spirit as them Bigguns do. I made maneh mistakes in My life...many tha' I regret. But, life is full o' sorrows an' regrets. Forgive otha's. Forgive yerself. Life is like tha' dinkle river...if ya try ta fight tha' current, you'll jus' take longer gettin' ta where ya need to be. There is too maneh folks ah 'ave met in me life tha' ah owe so, so much ta. That shoul' be gifts in tha' mail fer tha' las' o me kin and those closes' to me 'eart. Remember, nah everythin' worth doin' in life is painless. Life can be 'ard. But, by Arugula, ya can see it through. Take care. - Deek Driftwood
  7. Down in the Depths of the Shrine of Arugula, a small blind Halfling weeps. "My Daughter! My Wife! Gone....gone, all gone. All I have left is the sea...before I found love, I found life in the still full peace of the land, there was the sea." he mutters bitterly. His thoughts drifted to the words of his father, to the ancient Driftwood legends past down from Fisherman to Sailor. Of the Wrath of Arugula decending upon those who had betrayed the Halfling People, who's tendrils would wrap around their souls and bring them down into the crushing depths of the sea, where only pain and agony remained in the Maw of Arugula. He opened an old chest he had never opened, given to him by his Grandfather, a salty old Halfling fisherman. "When teh Family is betrayed, and teh weefolk are betrayed, you'll feel it right ta open it then. Nah before" he has said, and nothing more. The Halfling looked into the Chest, the silence of the Shrine only broken by the waves of the sea lapping against the cold stone. There was nothing that would Bigguns would ever consider valuable or important within. Nothing they would ever understand. Dark robes, with a meaningless icon stitched into the cloth. And an Old Trident. Nothing more. The Halfling took these things with reverence, with bitterness, with sorrow. He put on these new robes and wept bitterly. That anyone should see his family taken from him.... He removed his blindfold, and cried out as he stuffed two pearls in his eyesockets. Bloody tears left trails of crimson on his face as he did so. The pain would remind him of the pain his daughter felt when her life was stolen from her. That was it...there was nothing left. Nothing but the Wrath of Arugula, and Vengence for a broken family
  8. Deek Driftwood sits blindly on the Docks of Brandybrook, though not truely blind, given the blessing of Arugula upon him, he could see nothing in his grief. Though no tears spill from those hollow sockets, miserable sniffing would be heard. "Me oldes' daughter....."
  9. Grume'Ogr bellows in rage upon hearing of the death of Skalp, the Olog throwing a childish fit as he lumbers through Krugmar. The dumb brute having dim memories of the Rex's firm leadership and bravery. "TIKK FLAT ZTUNTIEZ!"
  10. Damn. Sorry man. You'll get em next time.
  11. "Plenty of Faithful Canonists live beyond the borders of the Empire - The Trade city of Sutica, the Holy State of Vuillermoz, The Principality of Vitenna, the Duchy of Savania. It is the duty and responsibility of the Holy Church to provide Spiritual guidance to all who follow GOD, no matter where they choose to reside." he would reply. "It is simply a matter of broadening your horizons. Indeed, I met a member of the faithful who chooses to reside in the Silver City of the High Elves! GOD's purpose is not restricted to the borders of any kingdom or empire."
  12. Cardinal Wilhelm nods in agreement with the penned response. "The systems and methods of the past will not serve GOD or Modern Humanity. To serve GOD's will as we are able, we must make use of what roads are available to the Church, in order to ensure that GODs will remains relevant in the hearts and minds of those within the Empire, and without"
  13. Cardinal Wilhelm sets aside a section of his growing library to house the writings of Friar Boniface. "Though I may not agree with all of his positions, one should always be willing to question their beliefs, so that they can be justified not only to oneself, but to GOD when we ascend to the Skies."
  14. We are already losing sight of what it is to a medieval fantasy Roleplay server. This will just drag us further from GOD's light. I vote no.
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