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  1. Porkgasm

    Passing of the Crown, Rising of the Tides

    A lumbering Half-Olog would not be able to read, and simply eat the letter as a snack, continuing on his way to defeat the grapefruit menace
  2. Porkgasm

    [September Prince] The Merchant Eucalyptus

    Great Job coming up with these interesting items!
  3. Porkgasm

    [Your View] New Player Integration

    When I started playing a few months back, I was lucky enough to have players from the respective races I started as, Orcs and Halflings respectively, come along and help me get involved and invested in the communities there. That, to me, will always be part of the most important things that can help a new player. Coming into a new RP community can be a confusing, and at times overwhelming experience. Having a friendly face IG being able to welcome a newbie and show them the ropes was a great help and comfort. Perhaps having staff that can interact and show wandering souls around and answer questions as they explore could be a benefit?
  4. Porkgasm

    [Complete]Old Man's Giveaway/Trade

    Name Boniface the Bonehead ((Username)): Porkgasm Giveaway Item #1: Storm's Call, Hammer of the Thunderlord Giveaway Item #2: Endless Feast Giveaway Item #3: Bear Fur Cloak
  5. Porkgasm

    The Eternal College

    [[OOC]] IGN: Porkgasm Discord [Optional]: Bonehead#4321 [[IC]] Name: Qin-Xa Race: Hou-Zi Age: 16 School(s) and Certifications applying to: The Institute of Health, Associates. Magics known prior: None Are you interested in teaching, should you complete a degree?: Yes Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?: Yes
  6. Got a moment to check over my Hou-Zi app?

  7. Porkgasm

    The Firelands Campaign: Missive

    IGN: Porkgasm Character Name: Boniface the Bonehead Nation/Group Representing: Empire/Curon Are you a leader of this group (If Yes, please list your discord information below): No Cause for joining the Campaign: Helping others, Vengence for getting Yeeted. Previously Interacted RP (Malevolence - Firelands p3): Attack on Santiega
  8. Porkgasm

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    A lumbering Half-Olog would hear about this new guild during his time spent feasting at his local tavern. His dull mind would slowly out together that some of these bounties may make a good snack! Lumbering over to his local Church, he would have a priest assist him in sending off a letter... Application for Interview (Written with assistance) Name: Boniface the Bonehead Race: He appears to be some sort of Half-breed..you'll have to see for yourself.. Age: He cannot count past 10. I am sure he is older then 10. I hope. Discord#: Bonehead#4321
  9. Porkgasm

    [Varendozian Bounty] Goblins of Ardes

    A lumbering Half-Olog would hear about this trouble with goblins and the bounty as he feasted at a local tavern. With a loud belch, he would get up, and slowly make his way to the Village of Ardes, intent on getting a cut of the bounty. ((Contact Porkgasm IG if you wanna team up for this!))
  10. Porkgasm

    [Bounty] Petty Bandits

    A lumbering Half-Olog would hear of the poor man's troubles, and decide to try and find the man and help if he could..
  11. Porkgasm

    [Bounty] Druid of the Wonkawoods

    A lumbering Half-Olog would have the bounty read to to him as he ate his 3rd meal that morning. He would shrug his massive shoulders before grunting out. "Ukiez. Smashy du"
  12. Porkgasm

    [OOC] Dawn of Divinity - God Game

    Forum Name: Porkgasm Skype: live:andrewalexanderking or Porkgasm. However that works. God Name: The Maw - God of eternal hunger Appearance: The Maw takes the appearance of a pitch black void, filled with razor sharp teeth, eternally gurgling and growling with hunger. Agenda: The Maw desires one thing, and one thing alone....to devour all of existence. It cares not who feeds it, or what feeds it, only that it is fed. However, it is said that some dishes please it more then others...magical items of great importance, or persons of significance who are sacrificed to the Maw seem to placate the entity, if only for a fleeting moment. It's hunger is eternal, after all, and can never truly be sated... Description: The Maw has long forgotten his name, subsumed by his own hunger that has driven the entity near to Maddness. It's personality is best described as primitive. It does not communicate in any verbal way and rarely chooses to appear before those who worship it, seeing no need to. Instead, it voices it's approval on a matter, if it's worshippers are ever so foolish enough to contact it, by filling them with a gnawing, painful hunger, so they may experience the ravenous desire that fills it every moment of it's existence. Sample Creation: The Pit, as it is known to some, is a truly massive crater set upon the world. Seemingly bottomless, those who would dare to gaze into it's depths would see it stretching down into the depths of the earth, seemingly without end. Legend speaks of how it came to the world, during the early days of creation. The Maw regurgitated a comet from it's depths, spewing it forth and hurling it towards the world. Over the weeks, it grew to be a baleful, glowering orb that crackled and spat above creation, turning night into day and driving the wildlife of the land mad with fear......for they should be. A corona of sickly green light came into focus around the comet as it grew ever closer, and fanciful observers even claimed that this new celestial body had mouth. Finally, one sweltering night, the comet slammed into the heart of creation with such force and magnetude that it was felt on the other side of the world. All life around it boiled away in an instant; The raging, blinding firestorms that followed the comet's fall incinerated everything for miles around. Had there been any survivors left to peer into the massive crater left by the comet's descent, they would seen that the comet had not stopped on contact but instead burrowed deep into the heart of the world. For days, nothing stirred around the chasm that would be known as the Pit. Soon, however, a sickly green miasma began to issue forth from the crater, slowly filling the lands surrounding it with a green haze. Any unfortunate creature who wandered into this haze found themselves...changed. They would find themselves filled with a gnawing hunger that would slowly increase the longer they stayed within. Those foolish enough to remain in the haze would find themselves totally lost to the Maddness of their hunger, unable to think, to feel, to care for much of anything beyond devouring the succulent flesh of any it stumbles across. It is said that some poor souls are called to the Pit by the Maw, in order to feed it's eternal hunger. It is said they live in caves lining the uppermost portions of the Pit, their days spent in agony as they struggle to feed their own maddening hunger while satisfying their patron, least they find it's attentions upon them...
  13. Porkgasm


    Huckle Honepot waddles along, living his best Halfling life, when he stops to read a small note posted on the town boards of Dunshire. He strokes his chin as he reads it. "Awelp. Been farmin', fishin', and other such things 'ere, maybeh ah kin 'elp this fella out." He murmurs, bobbing his head firmly. In-game name : Huckle Honepot OOC Username : Porkgasm Character's Profession : Farmer Experience in said Profession : Been farming in Dunshire for a month now. Expected pay (weekly) : Whatever is fair. Due to Halfling tradition, Huckles will also accept goods as payment Why do you wish to work for "us" (optional) : I seen a few of your posts around. Seems like your putting in effort to get your estate off the ground. If I can help in some small way, I will Player activity :  Varies, but I have alot of free time.