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  1. ((Kjell wasn’t the leader, but RP from him in the past was used for the offensive. My character, Ulhart Grandaxe, called the offensive.))
  2. Staff just hit the woah.

  3. “Yeh ‘ave meh support Jorvin, but ah believe yeh should stay put no matteh wot. Show teh entire kingdom yer resolve in bein’ ah leadeh.” Ulhart says poking his head out from a hole in the wall before retreating back in.
  4. Here, have a cookie (>o.o)>🍪

  5. “Looks loike weh got teh start deh cycle again.” Ulhart says with a sigh.
  6. Ulhart takes out the original book containing Verthaik II’s last will “Nae, ah dunnae t’ink eh is rulin’ much t’ese days”.
  7. Get ready for some BIG PVP Irehearts from Utak.
  8. Just another 300 hours of your life for Mynebor 3 buddy, can’t wait to see what build and franchise you parody for your next city.

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    2. J33xt101


      This time it will be made with the sole purpose of exacting Balrog's revenge. @Burnsy

    3. Burnsy


      3 hours ago, Medvekoma said:

      @Burnsy Man you do realise this is a player that was part of Agnarum, a player that has skill, leadership and a sense of independence in him? Y’all lost the dude just random to your shenanigans and now you are bullying him into either leaving the server or being unable to do anything.


      Literally the reason why people hate Urguan and why y’all will never have newcomers to your leadership.

      He is wrenik, but just knows more English. Change my mind.

      2 hours ago, J33xt101 said:

      This time it will be made with the sole purpose of exacting Balrog's revenge. @Burnsy

      Oh good, Balrog III who is no different than the other two. Cookie cutter characters are so fun.

    4. J33xt101



      This is a little late, but had you even bothered to get to know either of my chars, you would have realized that they were extremely different.

  9. (Historians recount that Balrog did not read the message to people he claimed to have, but rather a coin, tissue, and potato chip.)
  10. Ulhart knows he has seen this episode before.
    1. J33xt101


      If I can, I’ll make a mark on stuff. Even if said “stuff” is giving out far too many WPs. @Burnsy

  11. Wow, just like your build, the first sentence of this post is copied.
  12. “Ah ‘ope teh see ah day where weh dunnae need teh constantleh watch fer threats to ahre wellbein’.” Ulhart lets out with a sigh.
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