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  1. Pepernoot

    Wiped Chests In Petrus

    I'd like to retract my earlier statement. You haven't changed a thing since early Aegis. I figured that out from somewhere else, yes. So nice that the staff communicates with the playerbase so well.
  2. Pepernoot

    Wiped Chests In Petrus

    I got on this morning and I saw a sign saying "A GM accidentally removed all doors". Apparently this is not the only thing that went wrong. All my LWC locked chests are empty, not a single thing left. All the books that weren't in the autoshop are also gone. Luckily the books that were in the autoshop chests haven't been deleted... Another thing I've seen in petrus is random data values of blocks changed all over the place (oak turning into jungle/birch/etc.) Help?
  3. Pepernoot

    Wandering Soul Again

    Hey, I logged on again after a while, but I've been turned into a Wandering Soul instead of Diamond VIP. Hopefully this can be fixed soon, thanks in advance. Edit: MCname is "Pepernoot"
  4. Same as the question below. Could I have a copy of some of those books?

  5. Is there in any way I could be able to get my hands on the books from Armaluna?

  6. Pffftt. It be Danny's birthday now! :P

  7. It is your birthday on the other side of the north sea ;)

  8. It not Danny's burfday for 25 more minutes in my time. :<


  9. Happy birthday Danny ;)

  10. I think the reason the failure rate of crafting diamond things is set so high by Vaq to make diamond armour a lot more rare, not for realism. Perhaps it's a very annoying and unfair way of doing it, and it would need to be changed to a different mechanic to make the armour rare and expensive, but more fair.
  11. Pepernoot

    [✗] Melting Down Buckets

    I disagree. This will make sure even more people don't return their mugs in a tavern. Just sell them if you don't want them anymore.
  12. Pepernoot

    [✗] Sneaking Into Towns And Locked Cities~

    As stated before, you don't need a straight up gap in the walls or defences of a city to get in. I got into Haelun'Or as a halfling before without any problems. Just try to get in with actual RP instead of skipping that and wanting to get into the city instantly. Another thing I saw here, the erosion thing. I hope you do realise that erosion depends on a lot of things and you can't just assume that the land around the high elves is eroding away. Depending on the flow patterns of the "sea" (It's a 1km wide bay...) it can be static or even gain more land instead. Not only this, but erosion usually doesn't happen on a small time scale and depending on the type of coast it can take centuries before you see any difference. I'd think the aging of characters would be a more important thing (which is rarely done). Perhaps incorporate different mechanics into RP first before erosion? A few things for example: -Snow & desert biomes not spread in a checker-board pattern across the land. -There's a distinct lack of outhouses in Asulon -Diamond armour and golden weapons? Not really realistic. -Moving sanddunes in the desert. -Real rivers and lakes (instead of all water at y:63) -Crops don't grow according to the seasons. -Assuming the sea is salt, nearly all groundwater should be salt, considering there's barely any rain. This leads to barely any growable crops, barely any drinking water, etc. Of course this is all impossible in minecraft to do, even with extensive modding and rp. If they want to RP that the land around their city is eroding, of course, but don't say it should erode because you think it should. Maybe this is something for the ones that want more realism: http://www.terrafirmacraft.com/ ?
  13. Yes, but not very often. About 1/2 days a week.

  14. you still on da server?