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  1. I'd like to retract my earlier statement. You haven't changed a thing since early Aegis. I figured that out from somewhere else, yes. So nice that the staff communicates with the playerbase so well.
  2. I got on this morning and I saw a sign saying "A GM accidentally removed all doors". Apparently this is not the only thing that went wrong. All my LWC locked chests are empty, not a single thing left. All the books that weren't in the autoshop are also gone. Luckily the books that were in the autoshop chests haven't been deleted... Another thing I've seen in petrus is random data values of blocks changed all over the place (oak turning into jungle/birch/etc.) Help?
  3. Hey, I logged on again after a while, but I've been turned into a Wandering Soul instead of Diamond VIP. Hopefully this can be fixed soon, thanks in advance. Edit: MCname is "Pepernoot"
  4. Same as the question below. Could I have a copy of some of those books?

  5. Is there in any way I could be able to get my hands on the books from Armaluna?

  6. Pffftt. It be Danny's birthday now! :P

  7. It is your birthday on the other side of the north sea ;)

  8. It not Danny's burfday for 25 more minutes in my time. :


  9. Happy birthday Danny ;)

  10. Yes, but not very often. About 1/2 days a week.

  11. you still on da server?

  12. Eh... Hey bro... You still active?

  13. I have been a bit busy IRL lately. If you need anything just send me a PM

  14. Dude, why aren't you ever ingame anymore?

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