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  1. Just some pictures of Aegis undead that I picked randomly
  2. Ernie considers how often cows have been used as barmaids in numerous Halfling taverns, and wonders with some concern at the ‘unknown’ parentage of Miss Pervinca Applebrook
  3. Ernie watches, through the porthole window of his burrow, the Pumpkin Raiders stagger into Brandybrook Village, wounded and despondent, and notices that one less person returned among their number. With a heavy heart, Ernie carves a pumpkin, and leaves it in the front garden of the Applefoot burrow the next morning.
  4. Scenario questions are utterly pointless. I spent years on the villain application team and wrote several of my own scenarios for iterations of the application form. Even when we were ‘examining’ established players, scenario questions were a pointless exercise that tell you nothing meaningful about the applicant. Imagine how pointless it will be to put new players through that. Scenario questions only examine someone’s story telling abilities. It offers no reflection on any scenario that ever has or will ever happen in game, and certainly not the way that the applicant will actually behave when they are in game. Keep the application as easy and as basic as possible. It’s the old players who are dull, irritating, and lacking in imagination and drive. You have to pass the flame on to the new generation, not turn away people for the sake of a pointless secondary school-tier creative writing examination.
  5. Orcs and Halflings are unfortunately in the same boat. The people in charge of the server have made the conscious choice of deliberately making life difficult for certain groups. And then they’re surprised when those groups eventually want to never log in again. It’s something I will never understand. It is completely bonkers that Orcs and Halflings are going into a new main map for the server without any land.
  6. I think this post strays so far from the entire point of 'lore' - which is to show the life of the server passed down from generation to generation of players. This is just made up nonsense written on a forum thread, it has no relevance to anything which happened in the past and very little of what actually occurs in game. But Ascended should have been removed at the end of Aegis and have been breaking and making up their lore ever since, so what more can I really expect.
  7. But what happened to the actual Ascended? What caused the change from the original Ascended to this current iteration? They are completely different.
  8. How does this relate to actual Ascended which the server had in Aegis?
  9. It's a pleasure to know the Applefoot family. Indeed, it is almost impossible NOT to know an Applefoot among Dunshire Village, given their productive loins.
  10. Shortoaks are well known and respected among Halflings, I am pleased to read about their fine history
  11. A Brief History Featherfoot Halflings were first recorded as living among the earliest communities of single-burrow hills. As early Halfling communities grew during the 8th century, surnames were required to identify with - where previously only forenames were used. A Halfling by the name of Floryn founded the house of Featherfoot and all his descendants followed with that surname. In modern history, Faldo Featherfoot rose to prominence in the latter days of Aegis, and went on to be an influential figure in Halfling traditions and folklore. Notable Family Members Faldo (/fol-do/) Featherfoot (1269 - Present day) Grandson of Fyllyp Featherfoot and son of Fredegar of Dunwood. Faldo fled Dunwood with his childhood friend and travelling companion, Tibb Fairfield, as the Undead invasion fought victory after victory throughout Aegis. In his travels Faldo met with many powerful people, such as King Syrio of Alras, King Algrim of Kal’Urguan, as well as several Elven princes on whose boat he and Tibb stowed away on for the journey to Asulon. There, he was invited by Petyr Brandybuck to settle in his new village called Branborough in The Vale. As Petyr grew too frail to manage the village, Faldo and Tibb became Village Elders and brought prosperity to The Vale - their festivals becoming the stuff of legend throughout Asulon. Faldo then went on to construct the village of Lenfarthing in Anthos, and was a Village Elder there until his disappearance. Faldo returns to Halfling villages momentarily and then disappears just as quickly - the purpose of these disappearances is not commonly known. During this time, Faldo was the author of the second volume of A History of Halflings, continuing the legacy set by Petyr. Among the Halfling community Faldo is renowned for his exceptional old age and longevity, a characteristic he puts down to drinking Petyr’s Branborough Buzz brew alongside ten square meals a day. Fyllyp (/fɪlɪp/) Featherfoot (1014 - 1172) Son of Fytzroy Featherfoot and Belladonna Sandydowns, Fyllyp was the first Halfling to be in possession of the now-legendary Halfling relic of Halfbite - a magical shortbow. Population pressures drove the Featherfoot family away from the early communities of Halflings with the Sandydowns and Fairfield families. Fyllyp was the village Bounder, and came upon the bow in protecting the boundaries of the village from mysterious shadowed creatures - a terrifying omen as Aegis was invaded by these Undead creatures just decades later. Floryn (/flɒr-rɪn/) Featherfoot (652 - 748) The founding male of the Featherfoot family, Floryn was a tankard-maker of high renown. It is through his craft that it is believed Floryn played a crucial role in the development of the famous tavern culture of the Halflings. In ancient Halfling folklore, Floryn is said to have been visited by The Wandering Wizard who, impressed by the crafting traditions and peaceful ways of the small folk, blessed a tankard with magical properties - a tankard which never ran out. Floryn died mysteriously in the year 748. A typical Featherfoot Featherfoots were so called, in the days of Floryn, for being light on their feet and due to the goose feather commonly worn behind the ear - which distinguishes one as a Featherfoot. Featherfoots are affected with heterochromia - one green eye and one blue. They have dark hair and tanned skin, being of average height and build. Featherfoots share a sense of adventure with the Brandybucks, as well as a fierce attitude towards upholding the culture and traditions of old. Featherfoots are capable farmers and expert burrowers, but as a result of their family prominence they are often looked to in providing leadership roles in the villages of their birth. Religion During the age of Asulon, Faldo was responsible for the creation of a new worship among Halflings dedicated to ‘The Pumpkin Lord’. This was always approached with some scepticism, though often proved useful to scare bigguns. Faldo also claimed to have personally known Squidlord Arugula, who some Halflings choose to worship. The Featherfoots, like most Halflings, forgot or disbelieved in the creation stories and Aenguls and Daemons of old. Instead they adopted the quasi-religious outlook on life shared by Halflings that revolved around the things they held dear; harvest and food, companionship, nature, and peace. They share a common belief that, if a halfling betrayed his tight-knit community, that the harvest and the tranquillity of life would be lost. Artifacts Halfbite ~ A magical shortbow famous among early Halfling communities for slaying Undead invaders. Wielded by Fyllyp Featherfoot. Last seen on display in the Drunken Sheep Inn in Branborough. The Tankard of Terror ~ A cursed, magical tankard responsible for the deaths of several Halflings. Those who survived it would turn mad. Cast into the Atlas Volcanoes by Hobbs Burrows, Faldo’s adopted son, who died with it. The Len Stone ~ A commemorative stone recovered from the ruins of Lenfarthing. Displayed in every subsequent Halfling village to remember those lost in the massacre. Friends of the Featherfoots Tibb Fairfield Petyr Brandybuck Bili Hollowmead Jhonen Parker Lobo Underhill Gaeleg Frondor Rupert Herbwallow Averroa Dewhurst Lyra Shortoak Aris Snowbird
  12. I am so happy that all those years ago I was diligent enough to take as many screenshots as I did. So many fun memories which are brought back to life just from 1 simple screenshot. First I have an album of screenshots of the undead city, Drauchriem. The city was in the nether, and consisted of several towers suspended from the roof of the nether. Undead did not spawn in the cloud temple with everyone else, instead we spawned in the undead crypt, one of the towers. The crypt tower contained graves, and on each headstone was the name of our previously mortal character. It was then recommended that we take up a new, Undead name. Among other towers was the portal tower (sending us to different secret portal rooms across Aegis), the library (containing secret rooms and rare books), the arboretum (where 1 of every natural plant or block from the mortal world was kept), the nexus (containing throne room, and a small-scale but accurate map of the mortal realm with signs indicating the location of major towns and cities, and the status of each one), the forge, and several housing towers with names such as 'Desolation' and 'Oblivion'. Deep in the nether was also the Oren Fairground. Charlie4vb and MrZombez (founders of Undead) also built the oren fairground, but did not want it to be dismantled forever and so they world edited it into the nether: https://imgur.com/a/i78FU6v This screenshot is the first ever screenshot I took on the server. I joined as a Dwarf, and immediately went to my homeland of Kal'Urguan. Walking through the secret waterfall, and down the long staircase, I was greeted by the moon as the far end of the city had not rendered in, making for a good looking screenshot: One of the many pictures I have of us undead messing around at the original Unk. Those few weeks were probably the best few weeks ever experienced on this server, and will never be topped. Constant back and forth battles, defending Unk from hordes of players who constructed 'field hospitals' out of dirt and had a vast network of tunnels and trenches to avoid our attacks. Attacking both Alstion and Snowy Fields, both of which expanded massively thanks to the conflict and excitement which gripped the server in those days. In this screenshot you can see several old names; luchian, itechify, Lymdil, edplayers. I met so many brilliant people in the Undead and all are fondly rememberd: I was horrified to log on one day and find 2 giant world holes (you kids don't know you're born) had ripped through our floating city Striqaephoth - thanks to world corruption which cut Aegis's life short. It destroyed 2 giant cathedrals. We could not roll it back for some reason, instead I paused the Undead trailer on the LOTC youtube channel frame by frame to reconstruct both buildings block-perfect. Sad, I know. The second picture shows the interior of our cathedral, and you can see a sacrificial pit full of lava in the middle. This is where people would be brought to be turned into undead. They would jump in, and certain commands would be triggered so that they respawn in the nether as a fully fledged undead: Here is a picture from a rooftop during one of the final attacks on Al'khazar. It was a very fun attack, we had been planning for weeks. High Priest Everard was an undead informant, secretly lending us minas, gold, information, and a safe place to spy on the city. We were also able to acquire 'Applegrove Manor' in secret, which we used as a base. To start the attack, we went around the back of the castle, and fireballed our way through the windows. We then fireballed away much of the inside walls in order to attack the city from where it least expected: My favourite location in Aegis is probably the least known. When you got to the edge of the map (approx 6000 blocks north) it would teleport you back, you could go no further. Over time, travellers made a path 6000 blocks north to create a camp called 'World's End' - the very edge of the map. A visitor board was created, and people eventually started to leave signs and messages to show they visited and were there. You would walk through the World's End doorway and look out into the dark wilderness on which no Aegisian would ever set foot. Stumbling upon this in my travels was something I won't forget. It's moments and creations like these, the human aspect of reading a message complete strangers left for each other all those years ago, makes the server unlike anything else: Likewise, there was this famous spot close to Al'khazar in a pirate bay. There was a random dirt island consisting of a few blocks with a sign on it. Over time, more and more signs were left by people, and it became a sort of monument to the humanity of players cooperating on the server: I will forever maintain this is the funniest screenshot I ever took. It was during BranFest's fishing tourney, and I was mob disguised as a squid and named myself The River Monster. As I swam up to interrupt the tourney, this guy was staring straight at me with a look of petrified terror on his face: This was supposed to be a serious meeting in Petyr's (drplat) burrow, but the recent addition of MPM meant I could hardly stop laughing at how ridiculous it all looked: Bili Hollowmead (SuperSodaPops) gets caught boating by a hungry orc: In Branborough we began to host competitive dinner parties. My one had animal fancy dress, and people did not disappoint: Anthos came around and to celebrate the opening week of the map I hosted the very successful LenFest: This is when I unfortunately started to lose interest and time to play on the server. But the memories of fun and friends will last me forever. It really was some of the best experiences I ever had with computer games. Thanks for making this thread for our memories @Song Druid even though I'm late, I hoped my screenshots and some of the stories behind them were interesting.
  13. Ernie adds on another slip of sheepskin with a few laws and traditions of old: -A Halfling recognises that baths are important and promises to take one at least every week -Residents of Dunshire are required to drink at least one pint of ale every week. -Residents of Dunshire promise they are not secretly an Undead, an Iblees worshipper, a biggun, a munchkin, or a spider, and will evict themselves from Dunshire without harming other villagers if they are.
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