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  1. Denying 45.9% of people? People have willingly sought out this niche, fairly hardcore themed server and you turn 45.9% of them away? I think you need to seriously evaluate your priorities and outlook
  2. Imagine getting this angry at a minecraft roleplay hobbit posting a joke vid lol
  3. Agreed, it was a massive expansion and never felt right. Al’khazar in my memory will always be the entrance that lead out onto the gold/diamond cross. Plus the secret sewer entrance.
  4. Come back to it later. It has reached a temporary limit
  5. I don’t know of any, and a search of the forums revealed nothing
  6. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1q6nyj99sz73ke2/aegis_original.rar?dl=0 Last checked March 2019, this is a working save of Aegis in the final days of the map. Al’khazar and other human cities are either ruined or covered in undead taint. Many other cities may also be affected as this was a very late snapshot of the map’s life. Note that there may be a limited number of downloads on this link per day, so if it’s all used up then try again later I recommend: - Turning off firespread. - Looking up how to get the map working, if you have trouble with it (probably use an earlier version of mc, or look at the tutorial for the asulon save here) - Downloading a minimap mod so you can drop waypoints on places and teleport around the map Only co-ordinates I have saved are these: Dunwood: x -1501 z +1191 Striqaephoth (Floating undead city): x -4147 z +24
  7. I did not think to get an entire working save of Asulon at the time, but I am glad you are all enjoying it. I have another surprise though, here is the download link to a fully intact save of Aegis. The only issues are that the human cities are in ruins and covered in netherrack, as this was a snapshot of the map in its final days. It even still has the contents of every chest saved (so you can go around and see who was spawning stuff in) https://www.dropbox.com/s/1q6nyj99sz73ke2/aegis_original.rar?dl=0
  8. Just some pictures of Aegis undead that I picked randomly
  9. Ernie considers how often cows have been used as barmaids in numerous Halfling taverns, and wonders with some concern at the ‘unknown’ parentage of Miss Pervinca Applebrook
  10. Ernie watches, through the porthole window of his burrow, the Pumpkin Raiders stagger into Brandybrook Village, wounded and despondent, and notices that one less person returned among their number. With a heavy heart, Ernie carves a pumpkin, and leaves it in the front garden of the Applefoot burrow the next morning.
  11. Scenario questions are utterly pointless. I spent years on the villain application team and wrote several of my own scenarios for iterations of the application form. Even when we were ‘examining’ established players, scenario questions were a pointless exercise that tell you nothing meaningful about the applicant. Imagine how pointless it will be to put new players through that. Scenario questions only examine someone’s story telling abilities. It offers no reflection on any scenario that ever has or will ever happen in game, and certainly not the way that the applicant will actually behave when they are in game. Keep the application as easy and as basic as possible. It’s the old players who are dull, irritating, and lacking in imagination and drive. You have to pass the flame on to the new generation, not turn away people for the sake of a pointless secondary school-tier creative writing examination.
  12. Orcs and Halflings are unfortunately in the same boat. The people in charge of the server have made the conscious choice of deliberately making life difficult for certain groups. And then they’re surprised when those groups eventually want to never log in again. It’s something I will never understand. It is completely bonkers that Orcs and Halflings are going into a new main map for the server without any land.
  13. I think this post strays so far from the entire point of 'lore' - which is to show the life of the server passed down from generation to generation of players. This is just made up nonsense written on a forum thread, it has no relevance to anything which happened in the past and very little of what actually occurs in game. But Ascended should have been removed at the end of Aegis and have been breaking and making up their lore ever since, so what more can I really expect.
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