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  1. There is definite debate as to the effect of this decision – some believe that it’s merely a reclassification and things continue as normal but others view it as fundamentally damaging to the future of its community. I happen to fall in the latter. But whatever the effects, intended or otherwise, this decision is based on deeply flawed reasoning. 1 ’With their downfall of a nation’ – is this not the model that LOTC has adopted over the past few years? These communities are intended to rise and fall. Whether they are rising or falling at the time is just a matter of taking a small s
  2. As someone who has built Halfling villages before, I will offer some general advice which would be wise to follow as the village is built. This won’t be in any real order, just things in the order that I think of them. I think the most important thing is to have an area which can be described as the hub of the village. This is where almost all gatherings generally take place – as in reality very little time is spent inside one’s burrow which effectively becomes merely a safe place to store personals and entertain guests in private. The two most important elements to this hub are th
  3. Denying 45.9% of people? People have willingly sought out this niche, fairly hardcore themed server and you turn 45.9% of them away? I think you need to seriously evaluate your priorities and outlook
  4. Just some pictures of Aegis undead that I picked randomly
  5. Ernie considers how often cows have been used as barmaids in numerous Halfling taverns, and wonders with some concern at the ‘unknown’ parentage of Miss Pervinca Applebrook
  6. Ernie watches, through the porthole window of his burrow, the Pumpkin Raiders stagger into Brandybrook Village, wounded and despondent, and notices that one less person returned among their number. With a heavy heart, Ernie carves a pumpkin, and leaves it in the front garden of the Applefoot burrow the next morning.
  7. Scenario questions are utterly pointless. I spent years on the villain application team and wrote several of my own scenarios for iterations of the application form. Even when we were ‘examining’ established players, scenario questions were a pointless exercise that tell you nothing meaningful about the applicant. Imagine how pointless it will be to put new players through that. Scenario questions only examine someone’s story telling abilities. It offers no reflection on any scenario that ever has or will ever happen in game, and certainly not the way that the applicant
  8. Orcs and Halflings are unfortunately in the same boat. The people in charge of the server have made the conscious choice of deliberately making life difficult for certain groups. And then they’re surprised when those groups eventually want to never log in again. It’s something I will never understand. It is completely bonkers that Orcs and Halflings are going into a new main map for the server without any land.
  9. I think this post strays so far from the entire point of 'lore' - which is to show the life of the server passed down from generation to generation of players. This is just made up nonsense written on a forum thread, it has no relevance to anything which happened in the past and very little of what actually occurs in game. But Ascended should have been removed at the end of Aegis and have been breaking and making up their lore ever since, so what more can I really expect.
  10. But what happened to the actual Ascended? What caused the change from the original Ascended to this current iteration? They are completely different.
  11. How does this relate to actual Ascended which the server had in Aegis?
  12. It's a pleasure to know the Applefoot family. Indeed, it is almost impossible NOT to know an Applefoot among Dunshire Village, given their productive loins.
  13. Shortoaks are well known and respected among Halflings, I am pleased to read about their fine history
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