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  1. What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game Ban Minecraft Usernames Dalek348 Reason for punishment 'Combat logging and inappropriate behaviour' Players Involved Jollybee By your own understanding, why did you recieve a punishment? For having a disrespectful attitude over discord messages; jollybee said 'You need to reread the rules' and I said 'same to you' because I was unsatisfied with the investigation into harassment against me. Logging out Why should you be pardoned? Firstly, I did not combat log. I was not in combat at the time. TrendE camped my soulstone and when I teleported in, pasted in 4 lines of text and used that as justification to hit me into my locked house and follow me inside, past the locked door. The combat stopped as he knew I was 1 hit away from death. Because TrendE had a history of harassment and abuse against me (that is why he was camping my soulstone, with text ready to paste in and use as justification to attack me), instead of standing there to argue with him, I just logged off to get a GM, then logged back in once a GM had arrived and spoke with the GM in private messages. I was accused of combat logging at the time, and was found not guilty. 'Combat logging' was added in as a reason a week after the incident. I apologised to jollybee in private and we reached an understanding. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? I won't be playing much on the server at all, and I have no interest in arguing with anyone Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. The community is the most important part of the server, and to protect that there are certain guidelines that everyone should adhere to
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  3. Hobbs_Burrows

    Moderation Staff Update Log - January

    I think the attitude of ‘if it doesn’t exist it can’t be inactive’ is so terribly destructive and completely against what this server stands for. Weirdly enough, I would rather things exist.
  4. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Dalek348 Ban Reason Planting saplings Players Involved Hobbs_Burrows Sky By your own understanding, why are you banned? I am the caretaker of the Old Dunshire Forest, an area of natural beauty in the world, so I make sure things always look good and the forest has plenty of trees planted. I was doing my normal checks and found a floating cobble land-scar, which had been there for over a month, and decided to plant saplings around the area to make it look like forest ruins, without contacting the creator of the land-scar. Why should you be pardoned? I was only trying to keep the natural beauty of the world in tact. The land scar was inactive for 56 days before I planted any saplings. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? Contact a world dev to have land scars removed. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. So that everyone can log on and enjoy the time they spend.
  5. Hobbs_Burrows


    Orcs and Halflings are unfortunately in the same boat. The people in charge of the server have made the conscious choice of deliberately making life difficult for certain groups. And then they’re surprised when those groups eventually want to never log in again. It’s something I will never understand. It is completely bonkers that Orcs and Halflings are going into a new main map for the server without any land.
  6. Hobbs_Burrows

    this server is in shambles

    Staff members aren’t above the law, they are just volunteers. They should have the same rules applied to them in the same way. That is to be publicly named, shamed, and punished when they break rules. Imagine someone being allowed to be judge and jury in their own trial, and for it to be conducted in SECRET. The fact is they love to give it out, but can’t take anything back.
  7. Hobbs_Burrows

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    Exactly, and it is much easier moving from a freebuild/hybrid style map to a charter map (if freebuild/hybrid goes so wrong it needs to be changed). However, if we made a completely regioned map and had a charter system it is almost impossible to change it once it (inevitably, as history and precedent shows) it goes wrong.
  8. Hobbs_Burrows

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    Very well said. There is no credible argument for the entire world being regioned, and not having a hybrid system. Take this thread for example, there is no evidence and no argument put forward by the regions supporters. A more hybrid system with freedom just works, and we have shown why it works time and time again. Important places can get protected by regions, but people also have the freedom to interact with the world which is an essential, non-negotiable, ingredient for a good roleplay world.
  9. Hobbs_Burrows

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    My main issue with people who want a region over the map is the fact that they are not the people who will be affected by it. They, generally, are established players. They are in the right discords, friends with the right people. If they want access to land to do anything, they can probably get it. Otherwise, they will likely have no interest in it anyway because they have everything provided for them in their own personal spawned in mega city. Whereas new players, and people like me, belong to no group. Imagine what we are faced with when we log onto the next map and find the entire world locked off to us by a region. No food, no supplies, no house, and no fun. I would be surprised if any new player stayed around on the server for more than an hour if this is the direction we are going in for the next map. It is selfish, and destructive. It has been clearly established that freebuild is not Atlas’s problem. But you blame everything on it anyway. No evidence, no argument. Just ‘middle finger to freebuild’, ‘**** freebuild’, or ‘freebuild is cancer’. Atlas’s problem is the large amount of regioned cities spread to the corners of the map dividing everyone up. Freebuild areas have been the one shining light of creativity and centralisation on the map. Let’s also mention the pathetic insults and personal attacks thrown around in the thread. I wonder if these people had their way, there would never be any creations on the server. These are negative people who take away rather than give. They are exactly the kind of people I would expect to want to deprive their fellow players of the freedom to enjoy the server’s map because the sun shines out of their own behind. Why bother spending several weeks hand-crafting numerous giant ents and planting over 1000 saplings, when someone who hasn’t done a worthwhile thing in his life thinks they look like penises and would rather have an empty untouchable wasteland in their place. Why bother making the best looking town on the map, as in Halsworthy, when someone thinks every other player should be deprived of the same opportunity because he has never travelled there. I have seen every single map on this server, and even helped develop 2. But I understand that the server is completely cyclical. After the disastrous region/charter systems of Asulon/Anthos we came to a collective realisation that it was a terrible system, and we needed the freedom to interact with the world free of restriction and regions. Of course now people are advocating for restriction, forgetting the past times where it has resulted in misery and dysfunctional map designs.
  10. Hobbs_Burrows

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    And this is an argument for why the map should have a region placed over it? And people should have to go on the forums and fill in OOC paperwork just to be considered for the privilege of being allowed to interact with the world? Where are the glass houses? Where are the sand penises we are always promised? People generally take pride in their creations on this server, and the things they create are an absolute credit to Lord of the Craft. Denying them the basic freedom to play the server is pointlessly selfish.
  11. Hobbs_Burrows

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    Got any evidence? I’ll share some of the areas which players, who you have insulted, put their heart and soul into in order to make the server better. The Jayamen Resort Ents in the Old Dunshire Forest Desert temple remembering departed players Holm Belvitz Halsworthy These are the most interesting, well-thought out places on the map. Built by players who are part of the world, not spawned in during some out of character pre-building phase. You may make the argument that these could have been built even if there was a region over the map. Really? The ents never would have been built, Jayamen would never have obtained a charter by himself. Even the freebuild towns and cities would have been at the whim and discretion of individuals who could deny them and tell them to go elsewhere. Players make the server good, not application forms and paperwork done on the forums. Never, ever believe that you can restrict and dominate people into having fun, enjoying themselves, or making the map good.
  12. Hobbs_Burrows

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    I made the following post a couple of weeks ago and no one had any counter-argument to it. Freebuild is, if you want a good map, absolutely necessary. Voting against it is like turkeys voting for christmas: People use the word ‘freebuild’ like it’s some special policy or doctrine that is decided upon or declared. Really, it’s just every minecraft world ever. It’s about freedom to play the game and enjoy the server in the purest way it is intended, and is a reason why we are all here on the server in the first place. It’s the freedom to gather resources freely, to shelter from monsters and players, to have some land to call home, or be able to leave your stamp on the world. It’s about having a living, breathing world in which everyone can contribute, not just the power whores who want to dominate others and cling on to their privilege through skype or discord. The biggest nonsense I hear thrown around about freebuild is how it ‘decentralises’ the server. People who say this do not know what the word decentralisation means. Hypothetically let’s imagine freebuild did not exist in Atlas, and therefore Belvitz/Holm/the entire crossroads area did not exist. The map is now decentralised as the cities are spread out into the corners of the map, split down several different roads, and because the entire map is regioned there is nothing but desolate wasteland in between. Thanks to freebuild in Atlas, we have a nice centralised area, full of fantastic builds such as the only ents in Atlas. And if you think finding people is difficult because of freebuild, you ain’t seen nothing yet. On a map with a region covering it, players will not want to stay on the server. They will log in, try to chop a tree and be refused, try to chop a few more with the same result, they won’t see any other signs of activity or human life because no one is allowed to build on or touch the world, and they will simply log off. You won’t find people to RP with, because people will not want to play the server. When I come across a freebuild, I find them to be the most interesting areas of the server. It shows that a person and his friends were here, on the server, enjoying themselves, building up their community, and putting thought into their personal bit of land, leaving their stamp on the world. It may be abandoned, but that’s just a symbol of the passage of time in our world. I fly around Aegis, our map from 2011, and I find amazing builds so far away from the centre of the map that I think ‘Why did they build this? Why did they dedicate hundreds of hours of their lives to this?’ and I’m grateful they did. I would rather see a map littered with memories than a sterile dolls house world full of missed opportunities.
  13. Hobbs_Burrows

    7.0 Annoucement!

    I hope so, but from the map it still looks as though past mistakes have been made of pushing sand into one corner, snow into another corner, and just filling the rest with grass. Also, Halflings meet all 3 of the criteria required to take part in calling dibs on a piece of land. I know you most likely can't say now, but I'd love for the Halflings to get off to a good start after being given such a hard time for the past 3+ years
  14. Hobbs_Burrows

    7.0 Annoucement!

    Are you not concerned about the prevalence of grass biomes? There is barely any snow, barely any sand, forests are scarce. This current map was quite boring on release and I remember you writing about how it suffered from grassy plains syndrome.
  15. Hobbs_Burrows

    September Prince, Feedback!

    No one cares about your made up roleplay magic during an important battle over the fate of the world...who would have thought? The sooner you realise any magic made up on the forums has such limited applicability in game, the better. You and your cleric friends next time should get some armour and weapons together.