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  1. I was also personally a victim of a secret, out of the blue ban from a GM and I still don't know who banned me, and they said I was not even allowed to appeal. It's obvious that they should have to post a thread for every player ban and post all the evidence publicly for all to see. Mods had to do this when the server started, and only stopped doing so when Asulon started and poor moderation and target bans became prevalent. The only reason not to do this is because it would reveal how guilty the mods are. That's all I had to say, I don't know anything about a warzone.
  2. Aegis and Back Again

    I can speak from experience, when you constantly play the villain, get into fights, kill people, be killed, argue with people, you eventually want to get as far away from that as possible. That's why I feel so many old undead players moved over to Halflings. That's why Charlie4vb and MrZombez arranged to die along with MrPerea in the attack on Al'khazar, so they could retire and create the Halfling race. I know I'm grateful for it, and it's good to revisit these old memories and old places. Since I know you loved Aegis too Hiebe, I can send you the map download if you'd like.
  3. Aegis and Back Again

    I have been asked if we know all that there is to know about the Tankard of Terror, but clearly we don't know all of it. What I know is that this afternoon, I could not resist it. I heard it calling to me, and as I finally descended down into The Gaffer's Lair, I grabbed it without hesitation. I fell completely unconscious and everything went black. When I awoke, I simply could not believe what my eyes were showing me. Everything looked different, from the grass right up to the sky. I turned my gaze upwards and read the welcoming sign. I was back in Dunwood, the original Halfling settlement in the ancient land of Aegis. As I walk through the village a deep dread begins to settle within the pits of my stomach. The initial elation at my new whereabouts and a desperate anticipation to explore it subsided, as all about me were ghosts. Old Halflings who life and history had forgotten stood perfectly frozen in time as though they were statues. There was Brian behind the bar in the Ale Garden with a drink in hand, while Bishop Sturdyfoot sat nearby on a stool presumably in the middle of lecturing about God. I reach the crest of a small hill and look back at the picturesque landscape and wonder what kind of trouble I've got myself into. Is this truly time travel? My friends back in Dunshire will never believe this. Thinking about the friends I have brings a new sadness upon me. I think about all the ghosts in Dunwood and realise they were just like me, with friends and lives of their own. Where are they now? What happened to them? I'll be sure to drink for them when...if...I return home to Dunshire. I turn and find the Petting Zoo and know that even the animals, the fabled Big Bess among them, were a part of the life and soul of Dunwood Village. I glance the name of a Halfling I once knew, 'Petyr Brandybuck', and peer into his burrow. I see him working at his study on a book. I creep closer to look at the title, 'A History of Halflings', and smile a little to myself. I then trudge down the path over to Rosethorn Hill, which I now know as the burrow of Kip Took. I look through the windows and see a splendid burrow fool of bookshelves and paintings by other Halflings. Only a Took would live so glamorously, and Kip was the grandest of all Tooks. I read that he built the village alongside Len and Gimblo, and I'm sure my friends back at Dunshire would appreciate the details of village and burrow-building that have passed down many generations from Dunwood to Dunshire. I stroll about the village, being careful not to disturb the ghosts of past Halflings, when I set my eyes upon the beautiful mountain of Elduren. I read that the Halflings of Dunwood were very territorial and protective of what they considered their sacred mountain. In fact, a poem in our Dunshire Library comes to mind, the 'Ode to Elduren'. I walk along the mossy cobbled paths winding through the village and begin to climb. I already know what I have to do before I reach the summit, and when I reach it the view does not disappoint. 7 elven years ago, this was the heart of Halfling life. Where it all began, if you will. The Halflings of Dunwood may be ghosts of history now, buried below heaps of memories and time. But from this vantage point I can almost see them moving now. There's Petyr coming out of his burrow with book and quill in his hand, Brian being chased by a resident squid of Lake Dunwood during a swim, and Bishop Sturdyfoot laughs and jokes from his seat in the Ale Garden tent. But as my hairy foot steps out over the edge of Elduren's cliff, everything fades to darkness again. The world returns to normal, and I'm back in Dunshire. I look over my shoulder at The Gaffer and know that the powerful Tankard of Terror still lies within its evil, twisted roots - and now even capable of time travel. I turn and make my way towards the Drunken Duck Inn, and drink to all the Halflings of the past.
  4. Dunshire Painting Gallery

    Dunshire Village has been very busy lately, with lots of new Halflings and lots of building projects going on with ways to improve the village. Plans are already being drawn up for expansion
  5. Dunshire Painting Gallery

    I met Merric Greenhand and warned him of the perils facing Dunshire: Which lead to a paranoid Merric boarding up his burrow, only realising he was on the outside: Young Miss Meadbelly showed up too: Eventually the day ended with a group of elves demanding impure people from us, and an orc magician who we managed to deter with a barrage of pebbles, eggs, and a crafty swing of a fishing rod:
  6. Dunshire Painting Gallery

    Our village, Branborough, from 6 years ago. Time flies
  7. Dunshire Painting Gallery

    Old Dunshire is a bit overgrown, but who is that in the top left corner? And who lives in that log hut?
  8. Best Burrow Award - Nodian Elric

    It is with great pleasure that I issue a warm congratulations to Nodian Elric of number 2 Melon Street, for having built the best burrow as a newcomer to Dunshire Village. Many Halflings come and go throughout village life, but the design of this particular burrow had some features that I had never seen before, and will therefore stay with me for a long time. Especially for a first attempt at burrowing, this is a perfect example of how cosy and comforting living in a burrow can be. I have commissioned several paintings of Nodian Elric's burrow at 2 Melon Street for all to enjoy. The front garden of 2 Melon Street is immaculately maintained Home is where you hang your jackets Enough seats for everyone Cookbooks are among the most important book in any Halfling's library A grand but cozy hallway How many evenings have been spent here by the fire with a good book? The dinner table, a Halflings best friend A delightful warren of nooks and crannies And what a spectacular view of the Dunshire Melon Tree right on your front door As always, I would like to say that every Dunshire villager revels in the creativity of our kind, and I cannot wait to see the accomplishments of even more Dunshire villagers. Who knows, maybe you could be next?
  9. To the Staff Team

    The sentiment which you have eloquently elucidated accounts for voluminous delectation within my oculus. Ergo, taxationem attendendum.
  10. Food For Thought: Curb Your Enthusiasm (GMs) (Admins)

    It's an age old problem where people elevate themselves above others and begin to behave differently. Rather than behaving as what they truly are; an ordinary player just like anyone else but who has volunteered to take on extra duties to help things run smoothly, they think of themselves as the overlords of everything and everyone. It's a bad attitude, but it's common among teenagers and so will never stop.
  11. [GM] The case against Child GMs

    I thought you were saying that as a mod you don't want people to see who you are banning and for what reasons. So what you really mean is that you don't want the public to see the reasons for your ban because they might be embarrassing? If a GM had to publicly post the ban, the reasons for ban, and the evidence for it, then you would never have been banned for sniffing someone in the first place
  12. LoTC Tiny Towns Project

    Took a while to get the background transparent (kept getting a white square background after being uploaded) but eventually saving as a gif worked but it made the edges a bit rougher. Still nice though and will be used by halflings for a while, thanks
  13. [GM] The case against Child GMs

    Well you volunteered for the role, it's not like you've been reluctantly pushed into the limelight. If you can't face the community with confidence that what you have done was right, then the chances are you were wrong and should face the scrutiny of your peers.
  14. [GM] The case against Child GMs

    I guarantee that if mods are required to publicly post why they banned someone along with all their evidence, ridiculous bans and target bans will probably be removed entirely. I was victim of target bans from mods, when pressed by people to provide evidence they simply didn't have any. But this wouldn't be a new thing, when the server first started mods publicly posted threads on people that were banned and gave the reasons for it. When they stopped doing that, it opened the door for very shady bans and bad moderation on the server, which has now continued for 6 years and shows no signs of stopping because it will take 10 more seconds of work and will actually open people up to scrutiny instead of massaging their ego in privacy.
  15. Minature Atlas Cloud Temple

    I see little Dunshire in the corner there. Would you be able to do a similar render for the halflings? The miniature aesthetic you have here would suit the village perfectly