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  1. Hobbs_Burrows

    ~The Applefoot Halfling Family~

    It's a pleasure to know the Applefoot family. Indeed, it is almost impossible NOT to know an Applefoot among Dunshire Village, given their productive loins.
  2. Hobbs_Burrows

    The Shortoak Family

    Shortoaks are well known and respected among Halflings, I am pleased to read about their fine history
  3. A Brief History Featherfoot Halflings were first recorded as living among the earliest communities of single-burrow hills. As early Halfling communities grew during the 8th century, surnames were required to identify with - where previously only forenames were used. A Halfling by the name of Floryn founded the house of Featherfoot and all his descendants followed with that surname. In modern history, Faldo Featherfoot rose to prominence in the latter days of Aegis, and went on to be an influential figure in Halfling traditions and folklore. Notable Family Members Faldo (/fol-do/) Featherfoot (1269 - Present day) Grandson of Fyllyp Featherfoot and son of Fredegar of Dunwood. Faldo fled Dunwood with his childhood friend and travelling companion, Tibb Fairfield, as the Undead invasion fought victory after victory throughout Aegis. In his travels Faldo met with many powerful people, such as King Syrio of Alras, King Algrim of Kal’Urguan, as well as several Elven princes on whose boat he and Tibb stowed away on for the journey to Asulon. There, he was invited by Petyr Brandybuck to settle in his new village called Branborough in The Vale. As Petyr grew too frail to manage the village, Faldo and Tibb became Village Elders and brought prosperity to The Vale - their festivals becoming the stuff of legend throughout Asulon. Faldo then went on to construct the village of Lenfarthing in Anthos, and was a Village Elder there until his disappearance. Faldo returns to Halfling villages momentarily and then disappears just as quickly - the purpose of these disappearances is not commonly known. During this time, Faldo was the author of the second volume of A History of Halflings, continuing the legacy set by Petyr. Among the Halfling community Faldo is renowned for his exceptional old age and longevity, a characteristic he puts down to drinking Petyr’s Branborough Buzz brew alongside ten square meals a day. Fyllyp (/fɪlɪp/) Featherfoot (1014 - 1172) Son of Fytzroy Featherfoot and Belladonna Sandydowns, Fyllyp was the first Halfling to be in possession of the now-legendary Halfling relic of Halfbite - a magical shortbow. Population pressures drove the Featherfoot family away from the early communities of Halflings with the Sandydowns and Fairfield families. Fyllyp was the village Bounder, and came upon the bow in protecting the boundaries of the village from mysterious shadowed creatures - a terrifying omen as Aegis was invaded by these Undead creatures just decades later. Floryn (/flɒr-rɪn/) Featherfoot (652 - 748) The founding male of the Featherfoot family, Floryn was a tankard-maker of high renown. It is through his craft that it is believed Floryn played a crucial role in the development of the famous tavern culture of the Halflings. In ancient Halfling folklore, Floryn is said to have been visited by The Wandering Wizard who, impressed by the crafting traditions and peaceful ways of the small folk, blessed a tankard with magical properties - a tankard which never ran out. Floryn died mysteriously in the year 748. A typical Featherfoot Featherfoots were so called, in the days of Floryn, for being light on their feet and due to the goose feather commonly worn behind the ear - which distinguishes one as a Featherfoot. Featherfoots are affected with heterochromia - one green eye and one blue. They have dark hair and tanned skin, being of average height and build. Featherfoots share a sense of adventure with the Brandybucks, as well as a fierce attitude towards upholding the culture and traditions of old. Featherfoots are capable farmers and expert burrowers, but as a result of their family prominence they are often looked to in providing leadership roles in the villages of their birth. Religion During the age of Asulon, Faldo was responsible for the creation of a new worship among Halflings dedicated to ‘The Pumpkin Lord’. This was always approached with some scepticism, though often proved useful to scare bigguns. Faldo also claimed to have personally known Squidlord Arugula, who some Halflings choose to worship. The Featherfoots, like most Halflings, forgot or disbelieved in the creation stories and Aenguls and Daemons of old. Instead they adopted the quasi-religious outlook on life shared by Halflings that revolved around the things they held dear; harvest and food, companionship, nature, and peace. They share a common belief that, if a halfling betrayed his tight-knit community, that the harvest and the tranquillity of life would be lost. Artifacts Halfbite ~ A magical shortbow famous among early Halfling communities for slaying Undead invaders. Wielded by Fyllyp Featherfoot. Last seen on display in the Drunken Sheep Inn in Branborough. The Tankard of Terror ~ A cursed, magical tankard responsible for the deaths of several Halflings. Those who survived it would turn mad. Cast into the Atlas Volcanoes by Hobbs Burrows, Faldo’s adopted son, who died with it. The Len Stone ~ A commemorative stone recovered from the ruins of Lenfarthing. Displayed in every subsequent Halfling village to remember those lost in the massacre. Friends of the Featherfoots Tibb Fairfield Petyr Brandybuck Bili Hollowmead Jhonen Parker Lobo Underhill Gaeleg Frondor Rupert Herbwallow Averroa Dewhurst Lyra Shortoak Aris Snowbird
  4. Hobbs_Burrows

    Ye Olde Dunshire Harvest Festival!

    We're celebrating a big harvest this year, so all of Atlas are welcome in Dunshire for the party
  5. Dunshire Village is pleased to announce the construction of their two newest burrows, as well as a new road named 'Faldo Terrace' - after the legendary Faldo Featherfoot. The first burrow makes use of a unique design, with a raised bedroom overlooking the reception room with a balcony. Underneath is a sitting/reading/meeting room, both with brilliant views over the expanse of Dunshire countryside. There is a handy under-stairs storage cupboard, and the main room boasts a large fireplace accompanied by a log table. The next burrow is tucked away along a leafy path. A private mushroom garden is enclosed by the front garden. Entering, the burrow owner is treated to a hot tub and a sofa. Along the hall there is a sitting room with more sofas along with a window with a view of nature. Opposite is a large window looking out at the flowers and herb garden. Finally, the elegantly designed bedroom boasts scenic views through the window, a bed in Dunshire colours, and a cosy fireplace. Dunshire continues to prosper, as its villagers protect that which they hold dear: food and harvest, friends, and peace.
  6. Hobbs_Burrows

    The Dunshire Markets! [Great prices!]

    Ye can’t buy bonemeal anywhere else in all of Atlas! And for such a reasonable price too!
  7. Hobbs_Burrows

    [ Staff ] Position Limitations

    They can still help out the server, but I think they take too much pride and pleasure in accumulating titles and positions of power. It's the same problem with Telanir who styles himself as 'Chairman' - he has a fascination with the title, not the actual work that he should be doing. ^ Then you have people like this. His FM application accepted July 26th, then posted a GM app on July 31st. Got put on a trial, and did such a small amount of work he got booted off. I don't believe for a moment he cared about the forums, he just wanted the title to get more titles.
  8. Hobbs_Burrows


    In Aegis some Dwarves built a floating city called Kal'Himmelen, which you can see in this video where the Undead attacked it, after that it was written to have 'crashed to the sea floor' and either removed or moved to the ground (bonus points if you can spot a young 501warhead charging into battle, and a certain guy called pugsy fighting a giant zombie): Also we Undead had a floating city which was imagined to have been a chunk of the nether ripped into the real world: That's all I really have to say. Personally, if people create it and it's fun, just let it happen. Floating islands? Yeah, why not, as long as it's just 1 or 2. A partially underwater boat? What can be the harm in that, it certainly doesn't merit the outrage it received.
  9. Hobbs_Burrows

    [ Staff ] Position Limitations

    The main issue in my opinion isn't about workload (a volunteer position on a minecraft server is a very small amount of work) but what it says about the person. Anyone who collects several titles and positions is not the sort of person that should be given any responsibility and power over others. It shows they are not in it for the right reasons. They're not in it to help out and do a good job, they're in it for the sense of power and self-worth which comes with imaginary internet power.
  10. Hobbs_Burrows

    The rise of the Halfling Harvest Cult

    We should go back to the old ways. We are fools to worship a charlatan with a pumpkin on his head. But I, as so many halflings have done before us going back to the times of old Kip, believe that there must be some kind of spirit in nature and the world. It's in the wheat fields, the green grass, the clouds, the rivers and lakes. It doesn't need worshipping, but we're thankful that Halfling folk are able to live in such peace and abundance of fun
  11. Hobbs_Burrows

    The Current State of Applications

    'I had to write x amount of paragraphs, include y amounts of lore, and write in complex sentences and sophisticated English on my application...kids these days' is the manta of the up-their-own-arse ignoramuses of the server who would prefer to look down on people and forget why they even played on the server in the first place. Applications need more paragraphs? Yeah because stuffing an application form with bloated filler is the sign of a good writer. Minimum quotas for random lore mentions? Who cares what they mention - it's history now. Lore on the forums means nothing - especially when it's all in a world which the applicant has never been in. Getting whitelisted on the server should be more challenging? Forget about joining, I can tell you it's a hell of a challenge staying interested in the bloody server even when you're on it. Instead of telling the application team to get their **** together, perhaps actually think about what you're suggesting, or do as I have done and review hundreds of applications. You'll quickly realise that length, number of lore mentions, or how good a writer you are, means absolutely nothing in the context of actually playing the game, having fun, and making friends along the way.
  12. Hobbs_Burrows

    The Frondor Residence

    Ernie Parker sits on the sofa in the Dunshire Library and enjoys reading about the Frondor family. Ernie thanks the harvest for having such an ancient and respectable family such as the Frondors living in Halfling villages over the years. As a boy, Ernie would hear tall tales from old Petrus from around the crackling fireplace of the Inn, all about the adventures the Frondors had with his grandfather, Jhonen Parker.
  13. Hobbs_Burrows

    Ban Consistency

    I was banned for 2 weeks for breaking 1 cobblestone block and had to publicly appeal on the forums twice to be unbanned An event team member, who I will not name publicly but will reveal him privately if anyone wants to know, destroyed an ENTIRE ent which I spent a long time building by hand. He was let off with a warning and is still allowed on the event team. Likewise, a forum mod (who I will name privately if anyone is interested) griefed my entire ent village in order to have me evicted for looking abandoned so that his town (Belvitz) could take over my land. The 'misunderstanding' meant he was let off with a warning, and his friends led a campaign of abuse and harassment at me for months over it. None of them were banned. It's a complete disgrace but won't change
  14. Hobbs_Burrows

    Dunshire's Fourth Election - Sheriff & Deputy

    Name: Ernie Parker Race: Halfling Do you live in Dunshire?: No fixed abode Who do you vote for Sheriff?: Hearth Who do you vote for Deputy?: Soliel Anything else to add?: I solemnly swear before all Halfling folk of Dunshire that I am not a spider, a munchkin, a short human, an undead, an Iblees worshipper, or a scoundrel, and will evict myself from Dunshire without causing harm to the villagers of Dunshire if I am. What is your favorite drink?: Branborough Buzz
  15. Hobbs_Burrows

    Goodbye halflings, Goodbye LOTC

    In Atlas I am 99% certain Dunshire and the Halflings will stay where they are. I was more thinking for the next map, so we never know what might exist. I know server policy has been to discourage small groups and give them a rough time, so in the next map the halflings might be refused a region, I can't be sure. All that Halflings really need to thrive is a nice area to build a village. Accessible enough to get a steady flow of people in for a fun time, but also quiet enough to have a peaceful countryside atmosphere where the outside world and the undesirable people in it leave us well enough alone. At the moment we are struggling with several groups of individuals who bully and harass on a daily basis to gain make-believe money and valueless items - combined with rules which encourage this behaviour and an 'I don't care' attitude from staff who refuse to clamp down on the bad behaviour and enforce community guidelines.