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  1. I miss u

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      @Hobbits is still a member of this server.

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      Miss you too bb, we should talk. <3 ;)

  2. The minute I actually give a f*ck about politics and have the mega brain to actually be able to keep up with all of your Libtard memes Despacito.
  3. Dunshire "going to war."
  4. Halfling FAQ / Q&A Halfling FAQ What is a Halfling? - A Halfing is a humanoid race consisting of human and dwarf traits. What is the age a Halfling reaches maturity? - A Halfling reaches the age of maturity when they are 33 years old. What is the lifespan of a Halfling? - The lifespan of a Halfling is around the age of 150 years old. What is a Halflings physical appearance? - Halflings are unique when it comes to their stature. The height of a Halfling varies from 2'4" - 3'0" ft. high and weigh 30 - 100 lbs. Halflings are not known for their combat skills due to this size, coupled with their lack of burliness. Unlike dwarves, who are short and stout, this race is short and less built. It is not uncommon to see an obese halfling, though, for they do love food and lazing about. The Little Folk are famous for their hardy feet. It is a well-known fact that they avoid wearing shoes. Doing so is quite uncomfortable, as they have much thicker and more leathery feet than humans. This extra layer of skin can withstand thorns and sharp rocks. The foot of a male halfling has a curious amount of hair, that spreads over its top. Little is known why they have so much foot hair, but the halflings do not seem to question it. Their feet, in proportion to the rest of their body, are quite large. The hair of halflings is often curly, or wavy, and almost never straight. It tends to range from blonde to dark brown, and on rare occasions, black. Black hair is rarely seen, and brown seems to be the color in most abundance. Halflings' eyes are also quite a curious spectacle. Ranging from brown to green, to blue, with the addition of less common colors, such as violet. The most intriguing eye color is, well, in fact, a mixture of two different colors. The condition "Heterochromia iridium" is common in halflings. This means that both eyes are different colors. It is seen more often in female halflings than in male halflings, for reasons unknown. (Source: LoTC Wiki) So who is Knox? - In older times many Halflings believed in the Pumpkin Lord, a magical being that appears before them. He resembles a man with a pumpkin for a head and throughout history has appeared to come the Halflings in times of need. Unbeknownst to the Halflings, they had been worshipping the arrival of Knox, a deranged murderer. Many Halflings did not worship frequently, although many held The Pumpkin Lord in high regard building shrines in dedication to him. (Source: LoTC Wiki) - The story of Knox began way back in Asulon when a Halfling built a secret shrine where a pumpkin sat on a throne called 'The Lord Of The Pumpkins.' Which Halflings started to pretend to worship as a joke to scare the bigguns. A few months later a character who wore a pumpkin head by the name of Knox, who had known nothing about The Lord Of The Pumpkins made an appearance in the village. A recent account of the events has followed where Knox became the prophet of the Halflings. During this time, a Halfling by the name of Tibb found the body of Knox, some Halflings believed it was their god while others did not. Then, an Elf attacked the body of Knox which caused outrage among the Halflings, the disbelievers then shouted, "If you are a God, show us!" At this point, lightning struck in-game which caused the Halflings to believe him as the true God of the Halflings. (Source: Dalek348) What is a "biggun"? - A biggun is a Halfling term used to describe any race that is not a Halfling. So Human, Orc, Dwarves, Elves, Etc. What is a "munchkin"? - A derogatory slur used by Halflings to categorize an improper Halfling. What is a Proper and Improper Halfling? - A Proper Halfling is Wee Folk who follows the traditions of the Halfling race. An Improper Halfling is someone who does not follow the tradition. What are the traditions of the Halflings? - Currently, there are a plethora of traditions that we follow as a Halfling in Dunshire. Currently, these include things like not wearing shoes or not using swords and bows. There is much more information about the laws and traditions on becoming a proper Halfling in this thread below: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/173924-dunshire-laws-traditions/ Can Halflings 'learn' magic? - Yes, Halfling can learn any type of magic, however, a majority of magic under Halfling tradition is considered improper. Currently, the most accepted kinds of magic in Halfling culture are Druid Magic & Golemancy. What is the Bernardist Party? - The Bernardist Party was created by a Halfling called Bernard which became the main political party for Dunshire during the Global Assembly - it has been disbanded. Halfling Q&A Have a question about being a Halfling? Then ask below! What would you consider to be the most important things to ever happen to Dunshire? (NotEvilAtAll) - Dunshire "going to war."
  5. 🎃| Dunshire Job Census |🎃 [!] Outside, near the Sheriffs Department; Angelica Woodstock finishes the final touches of the Dunshire Job Census board... Elder As a Halfling, the position of Elder is one of wisdom and has attributed much to the weefolk. As an Elder, your job is to provide homes to Halflings and also help in attendance to prepping events or other small communal events. To become an Elder you must be chosen to be one by the following below: - Harold Applefoot (dkink14) - Petrus Frondor (White_Moose) - VACANT (N/A) Sheriffs Department Under the Sheriffs Department, a Weefolks job is to maintain law and traditions within Dunshire. To become a Sheriff or Deputy, an election will be held. - [Sheriff] Rollo Applefoot (Mystery_Uialben) - [Deputy] Daisy Applefoot (Jumperhand3) - [Police Golem] Phalanx (Orkgasm) Rancher Like getting your hands dirty? Do you enjoy the animals? Then welcome to the life of a rancher. As a Rancher, your job is to take care of the animals by feeding them, giving them water, and bathing them. - [Head Rancher] VACANT - [Rancher] Lily May (Wrong_Chat_214) - [Rancher] VACANT - [Rancher] VACANT Tavern For any Halflings who enjoys making different types of alcohol and serving to fellow weefolk in need or if you enjoy partying, then working in the Tavern is just for you! - [Bartender] Aidan (JessesFreedom) - [Barmaid] Arabella Greenhill (Bluescluesparent) - [Barmaid] VACANT Occupations For any weefolk who do not follow the above jobs will have other occupations below; these include farming, mining, woodsman, etc. - [Author + Fisherman + Local tinkerer] Hearth Underson (NoncePolice) - [Baker] Rosetta Puddifoot (Snowypaw) - [Farmer] Adaldag Wanderfoot (Eteriani) - [Farmer] Huckle Honeypot (Porkgasm) - [First Aid Specialist Deluxe] Harold Applefoot (dkink14) - [Fisherman + Poet] Darcy Cottonhill (Idjulius) - [Shop Owner + Job Do-er] Petrus Frondor (White_Moose) - [Woodsman + Jack-of-all-Trades] Peregrine Mulbridge (Pav33) - [Woodsman] Angelica Woodstock (Hobbits) - [Occupation] VACANT - [Occupation] VACANT - [Occupation] VACANT - [Occupation] VACANT - [Occupation] VACANT Application
  6. Format In-Game Name: Hobbits Request: Subforum with the name, "Halfling Families" Link to relevant forum sections: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/117-halflings/ Agreed upon by the Halfling Discord. 6 - 0
  7. 🎃🎃 [!] A piece of parchment would be placed on the Brandybrook noticeboard... The Law |🎃| No killing of any kind is allowed inside Brandybrook. |🎃| Stealing is prohibited inside Brandybrook. |🎃| Kidnapping of any kind is not allowed in Brandybrook. |🎃| The practice of slavery is prohibited in Brandybrook. |🎃| No causing chaos inside Brandybrook. |🎃| All residents of Brandybrook must acknowledge and promise not to be an Ilbees worshipper, a biggun, a spider, a munchkin or the undead. The Law applies to all in Atlas who reside in Brandybrook. Those who break the law will receive a punishment based on the severity of the crime. All punishments will be as followed under the Sheriff's Department: The title of Improperness - Applying to Halfings only; this title is given to Halflings who do not follow the culture. Banishment from Brandybrook- The worst act of them all for the horribly improper and the evilest of bigguns! Banishment from Brandybrook depends on the severity of the crime or if you break multiple laws. Jail time - depending on the situation, jail time will last for as long as one to two days. Shoveled - The use of being attacked by multiple halflings with a shovel. The Traditions |🎃| All halflings must maintain properness. |🎃| Do not take the law into your own hands - get a Deputy, Elder or our thain! |🎃| No locks on your doors or chests. Hide your valuables inside your floorboards. |🎃| No types of magic is allowed for Weefolk except the following: Druidism, Golemancy. |🎃| Halflings are not allowed to use mina's - instead, bargain! |🎃| Do not fight with your own or stir any trouble within Brandybrook or to other kingdoms... |🎃| No biggun weapons of any kind allowed, use a shovel or a slingshot! 1 |🎃| All Halflings must do their part within the community. |🎃| A Halfling must not wear shoes. |🎃| A Halfling must give to their neighbors as their neighbors shall give to them. |🎃| Knox is our one true god - believe in him! |🎃| A Halfling never wears armor. |🎃| No going into the no-booze forest alone. Bring a weefolk along! |🎃| Make sure to replant all crops. |🎃| No renovation of any kind inside your burrow - you could cause a burrowslide! If you want additional room, request an Elder! 2 |🎃| All Halflings must take at least one bath a week. |🎃| A Halfling must drink at least one pint of ale a week. |🎃| Change must and always will be shunned. The Traditions applies to only Halflings in Atlas. All Weefolk who break Tradition shall receive a punishment on breaking tradition. All punishments will be under the Sheriff's Department or by the Elders: The title of Improperness - Applying to Halfings only; this title is given to Halflings who do not follow the culture. Jail time - depending on the situation, jail time will last for as long as one to two hours. Spanking - Being spanked for all halflings to see by either a spade or a sign. ✪ Sheriff Angelica Woodstock 1st of Malins Welcome, 1669 1 You may use a sword to kill any passive mobs or hostile mobs, you may not use swords of any kind in Roleplay. 2 The only time you may edit your burrow is for minor things. If you want to have another room or a bigger burrow than ask an Elder.
  8. Mestilla Oakburrow signs the paper with ease.
  9. -=Recruit Application=- -=Out of character information=- Minecraft name: Anviled Have you ever been banned before and why?: No Age: 15 Skype: cronosizm How long have you been playing on the server?: To be honest... 1 week. -=In character information=- What is your name? Lief Hyle How old are you? 18 What gender are you? Male What are you interested in? Reading and writing books. What do you want to Achieve from joining the Guild? To learn the knowledge of enchanting and using the knowledge he learned to help, and to teach other maybe. Meet new people who have the same interest as him also. Where have you been educated/and by where/who? Yes I have been educated. I Learn from my mom who lived in Petrus who taught me how to Write, read, and cook. What are your skills?((screenshot of you skill list)) Love to read, write and to learn other things....except learning how to fight. - X__Lief Hyle__
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