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  1. In Character Name: Vetrimo Barnaby Fawkes Age: 28 Race: human What are your professions and talents?: I'm good at swords, I think thats about all I bring to the table, as I doubt you need a lumberjack. Previous military experience: None Do you agree to follow the Oath of Allegiance?: I agree Out of Character MC Name: Billyjimbo Do you have skype? (Not Required): Nope Do you have teamspeak? (Not Required): Nope
  2. *after being guided to the Stormpeak, Vetrimo leaves a note pinned to a wall with a small crack in it* Name: Vetrimo Fawkes Age:28 Race:Human Job:Soldier Why you should obtain this position?: I am not the best of farmers or traders, but I am good with swords, axes, shovels, and bows. Why is the Edict your guild of choice?: I wish to help the Dwarven cause by serving in it's defence.
  3. I can't do much without being sent to a page I do not trust asking me to prove I am human. Did anyone else have this happen to them?

  4. I seem to be unable to connect to the server. Anyone else with a similar problem?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Merkaken



      That's refreshing.

    3. bloodofgore


      Nice sarcasm Ghaash, we all need it once in a while.

    4. Billyjimbo


      I finally found the problem, Logic=dead

  5. I go to Salvus for the first time, then I get pushed off a ledge and I lose all my stuff I wanted to sell. Just. My. Luck.

  6. Why did we all get kicked off?

  7. I am concerned that someone deleted the ban appeal that said I would be let back on the 12th of February because they hate me. Or if I am just being overly paranoid. Or through some strange set of events, I deleted it somehow...

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    2. everblue2er101


      It was moved to the Completed Ban Appeals section that's hidden for members.

    3. Free The Hobbits

      Free The Hobbits

      We don't hate you...yet.

    4. Kaiser


      why is completed ban appeals hidden to users?

  8. I don't know what happened, but Glenwood has been abandoned, and I am the only person there, and it has been overgrown with plantlife. I dont exactly know how to make my character deal with this.

  9. ChristytheBlack is non rp killing EVERYONE

    1. meg


      Ban report already up!

  10. finally an ADVENCHA!

  11. Why is the temp server just like a PvP server? No rules, laws, no RP, what up with that?

    1. Ballnazor


      Because anarchy

    2. TeaLulu


      It has rules and laws, the same as the normal server. People just arent following them. In addition, it is temp until the main map is ready. (not the 3.0 map)

  12. Well, something interesting is happening in town.

  13. *Log in for the first time in a while, buy a house* SERVER CLOSED....

  14. Still stuck out of the server

    1. Hobolympic


      Aww, how come? You should see the new Garrison :P

  15. Finally reach my grandmothers house while on vacation, and I find time to get to the server. Server is down. Just my luck...nonexistant...

    1. Narthok


      Hey Bill you wanted to ip to my rp server so here it is you have to whitelist tho

      s7.cloudcrafting.com:7487 the website to apply on is www.thunderhauss.webs.com

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