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  1. Solvi would be the first to notice. The sun barely creeping over the horizon, rays falling across her scarred face. Her eyes open and she looks to where her husband normally rests, beside her, to find only empty furs. She would calmly stand and dress as if for any other day, despite immediately knowing that his absence means only one of two things. He has either left again, abandoned her with their children, or he is dead. Perhaps both. She dons her signature white porcelain mask, that hides her burnt features, wrinkled face, and emotion. Moving from the tavern that is their clan home, she wal
  2. Solvi grunts, face hidden behind her porcelain mask, “I am glad the little one has returned to us. I feared for her safety.” Though her face is obscured, her voice clearly betrays the love she has for the small girl.
  3. We’ve known eachother nearly.. what, 7 years now? If you think after finally reconnecting that I’m going to lose contact with you then you have proven yourself to be the idiot I always suspected you of being. Genuinely, though, I will miss your serious RP and your meme RP and all the other bullshittery and banter. I wish I had had more time RPing and connecting with you properly. I have to agree that the server has changed a lot since we were back in Glenwood, and I wish pretty regularly that we could go back to those days of RP where it was simple and we only had our little town i
  4. “Of that I have no question.” Thora nods, having really no more to add to the girl’s complaint, simply agreeing in whole.
  5. “Perhaps she will find herself trapped in a barn and the barn will be lit aflame.” Thora responds with a snort.
  6. Someone play my kids

    1. BBoar


      i shall play a kid

  7. Anyone else remember when you had to have a basic understanding of RP before you were accepted

    1. FlemishSupremacy


      What’s RP...?

    2. argonian
    3. Mead


      remember when apps actually required effort??

  8. Looking for someone to play a female noble child

  9. If you have a problem with something someone presented, that is absolutely fine, but your point would be more clear and powerful if you retained some form of civility. I'm not asking that you be over-the-top nice but at least retain some composure, this is a person you are talking to who has put a lot of work into something they genuinely think is a good idea to add to the community. Also, what Leo said, it's a post about ghosts on a minecraft server, chill.
  10. Hey dere, friend! :D Man, I GOTTA RP WITH MA SIS MORE! :P

  11. Zombie Forum RP? I think so.

  12. "I-... it can be... love..."

    XD I'm dying. More of those videos need to be made.

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