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  1. This is still broken, it doesn’t show up for me and for others it adds my character’s name to the cat’s name.
  2. I don’t use/know how to install mods.
  3. Please answer the following questions to help us better track down the cause of a particular bug: **MC Names of all involved** Immahorseridda **Description** <!--- Please give a short description of the issue here --> I used two separate nametags, with two separate naming tokens to name this cat Nael. Both of the tags, when in my inventory, were correct and said they had been renamed Nael. When I used the tag on the cat, the cat was not renamed and the tag disappeared from my inventory. I did this twice, and the cat still did not appear to be named. When Mods finally answered my modreq after three days, they said they could see it but I could not, and that the cat had been named Nael Solvi Faretto which is not what I put on the tag. **Date of occurance** <!--- Please try to give us as accurate a date as you can recall to the time this bug occurred → 6/28/19 (day I used the tags) , 6/30/19, 7/1/19 (two days, after relogging, I still did not see the cat named) **In game specifications** <!--- Who are you, what persona were you on at the time of this bug, etc. --> Solvi Faretto was the persona. **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. Step 1 use a rename token on a nametag 2. Step 2 name an animal? Or just a cat? idk 3. Step 3 It appears to some people as named and some as not 4. Step 4 **Expected Behavior** <!--- Tell us what should happen --> The cat should be named **Actual Behavior** <!--- Tell us what happens instead --> The cat is not named (to me and one other basic player) **Additional Information** <!--- Please provide any additional information here --> I added a picture. As you can see my cursor is on the cat, I am close to the cat, and I see no name. This is three days after I named the cat. **Error Message** <!--- If you received an error then please post it in the empty space below, --> No Error message
  4. Solvi would likely be told by her husband, Tyr, of the news. She wouldn’t even hear the end of her dear husband’s sentence, a dull nothing filling her ears. Her expression falls, not to one of sadness but instead to nothing. The pulse of her heart pounds in her ears, filling the void of sound. Shock is something she has rarely felt to this degree. Once it fades, after a long and arduous pause, Solvi gasps for breath and falls to the floor within their Norlandic home. She clutches at her chest as if she’d been struck, croaking, “No..” She looks to Tyr, eyes pleading for him to tell her something else, anything else. But he couldn’t, and would not lie to her. And with that, she breaks, her battered and broken heart losing another piece. Tears well and fall from her eyes freely, though she didn’t notice when they had started. She weeps, body wracked with sobs as she mourns for her lost friend, the man who introduced her and her husband, and married them before the All-Father. The man who near constantly gave her ****, who drank and passed out in her tavern on a regular basis, and nearly lit her ceiling on fire every time he came in with that damned flamebrand. The man she would have chosen to be the caretaker of her children any day of the week, should anything happen to Tyr and herself. The man she chose to be her brother and family, with his characteristic mask and attitude. A man she now mourns more than she ever did her biological brothers. Solvi holds her children and her husband close, praying before the Hearthfire that the All-Father gives guidance to her family to see them through this hard time, and gives Aeyn rest after the dedication he has shown towards the faith. She only wishes he had seen her put on the same type of mask that he so characteristically wore.
  5. Someone play my kids

    1. Pork


      i shall play a kid

  6. Anyone else remember when you had to have a basic understanding of RP before you were accepted

    1. TheElvenMage


      What’s RP...?

    2. shoahinsnowyfields
    3. Wolfdwg


      remember when apps actually required effort??

  7. Looking for someone to play a female noble child

  8. If you have a problem with something someone presented, that is absolutely fine, but your point would be more clear and powerful if you retained some form of civility. I'm not asking that you be over-the-top nice but at least retain some composure, this is a person you are talking to who has put a lot of work into something they genuinely think is a good idea to add to the community. Also, what Leo said, it's a post about ghosts on a minecraft server, chill.
  9. Hey dere, friend! :D Man, I GOTTA RP WITH MA SIS MORE! :P

  10. Zombie Forum RP? I think so.

  11. "I-... it can be... love..."

    XD I'm dying. More of those videos need to be made.

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