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  1. I'd say that's a little toxic, also the fact of the matter is every ET non-combat event I've ever seen has not been up to the quality of a player made event, such as a wedding or a feast. Also, if I were to make peaceful events, they would be in chains, as, in my opinion, there is very little point to a peaceful event without a story following it or conflict, as, in essence, you need conflict for a story. A merchant event like Aesopian's is fine, but its shallow because there is no conflict and there doesn't seem to be a story to it. You also act like I'm not capable of running a peaceful event, when I've organized several in RP for my own town and other groups. For instance, VonGrool and I organized the Belvitz peace conferences to end the Orc-Elf War. You don't need to have ET to make a peaceful event, and while you don't need ET to make a lot of combat events, it does make things easier. Overall, being ET would give me a chance to make a lot of the effort I put into cultivating communities and encouraging new players have more impact. You can feel the way you want to feel, but I can feel your negative energy from a mile away, ngl.
  2. I like to leave those to players.
  3. Username Kid_Mackin Discord Kid Mackin#0502 Timezone EST What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Belvitz, Duchy of Adria, Humans Staff History N/A Ban History I've been banned several times since Asulon when I joined the server at age 11. Most of them, I can say as a now legal adult, were a product of the arrogance of spoiled child, something I can see inhabited in many of the younger players on the server, something that I myself greatly regret. I was banned twice for hacking, the last time being at the start of the Dukes war, although I'm not sure exactly how long ago that would be, and the former at the start of Anthos. The other bans were mostly for things that would now result in a warning or technicality, such as logging from combat, and came from a time when target bans and group bans were widespread in the Fringe. The most recent two were rather silly as well, one being for watching a warclaim on a Wandering Soul Account and the other being a 2 day ban for putting on a silly skin, something that, while I do see it may have been foolish, was not malicious or harmful in any way to the community. Overall, I want to put myself past those and work towards helping the community. Blacklist History: N/A What do you want to join the Event Team? As part of the leadership of one of the largest communities on the server at the moment, I cannot understate the importance of events. As a recruiter of new players, I can assure you it is the quintessential introduction to the server for any player, regardless of what they came to the server for. The majority of players that I’ve seen stay on the server, whether it be in my town or another, came to me during an event, whether it be player made or staff led. I consider myself, as a recruiter for Adria, reliant on events to help get new players interested, and so for their service I want to give back, and provide those events for other communities, as well as my own, events that they find enjoyable and exciting. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I consider one of the biggest factors in my application should be my cooperation and organization with other ET in the past. In securing ETs for Belvitz events, I’ve contacted and assisted several ET by coordinating their availability with my players, and communicating the desires of both between them. While some situations do not work out, I believe that doing this has made me positive relationships with some members of the ET. Not only that, but I’ve IRL had plenty of experience in group projects, being the former president of several clubs at my school that saw success. Besides that, I consider myself a rather good writer, and that I’m willing to be as flexible as possible with my events while also maintaining an end-goal. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: I aspire to create events that are more akin to boss fights than a dungeon. Two events that inspired me to make this application, one by Aesopian and the other by Lionbileti, showed to me the fun that you can have with a large group fighting against a boss or two, and I find that large player combat system very enjoyable. I believe that new players especially hold a belief in their hearts that they’re the main character, and ETs can use their events to indulge that feeling while also teaching these players about the server and how to interact with other players in a cooperative sense. So, in short, I’d prefer to have both a mix of PvE and RP boss fights suited for newer players, along with long-chain events designed for more experienced folk so that new players may find immersive environments in the towns they come across. What makes a good event? As I said before, two events, one from Aesopian and the other from Lionbileti, stand out to me as what an event should be. Aesopian has been handling the wonk events for a while, and his style of boss fighting is perhaps my favorite out of any ET, so much so that I do plan to have a lot of his style in my own events if I am accepted. Waves of attacks that target a large group of people at once, allowing for it to be harder for the players while also more engaging, storyline connected to past events, PvE elements as well as RP fighting, it all combined together to form a very pleasant experience. On the other side, Lionbileti flew by Belvitz one time, and seeing so many people, decided in that instant that a fun event should take place. So, he turned on mob disguise, became a giant holding a stick, and rp’d out a fight between the citizens and a rogue behemoth wandering the roads. These events are, in my opinion, how events should be in both situations: planned, enjoyable, significant and intricate (not complicated, there is in fact a difference) or spontaneous, engaging and straightforward. To demonstrate what I am talking about, I’ll display three different kind of events which I would enjoy carrying out, the first two revolving around the first fight. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: 1. Event Chain, initial fight. For this example, I’ll use a player made situation that could itself become an event. Next to Belvitz, there is a forest that we have long wanted to cut down to expand. However, there is a player there who made it an “Ent Forest,” presumably lore approved, though I would double check with an LT, perhaps RollForWitches, who I know quite well, before doing anything with the chain I would plan to make revolving around it. Now, I would begin the chain by starting with a logical statement: Ents don’t like cities, especially when they’re tryin to cut down forest. From there, I can assume it would be logical for an ent, perhaps about 15 feet tall, to wander from the forest and towards Belvitz. If I have time, I’d ask an ET to build a replica of one of the Ents inside the player-made forest, so that I may copy-paste it outside the town. From there, I’d make an event-broadcast stating “Loud roars, the creaking of wood, and the sound of something large coming towards Belvitz can be heard!” After this, I would wait for a set amount of players to arrive, perhaps 5, before reacting or emoting. Once the first responders arrive, I would proceed to emote the violent, angry nature of the ent, making note not to have it say anything. From there, when 10 people arrived, I would move towards the tavern, looking to inflict damage upon it. When the players attack it, which they should, swords would prove ineffective, only axes and flaming objects doing the job. When attacking, I’d chose three people in proximity to each other, write out a quick emote detailing my injuries and who I’m attacking, and then ask each to roll higher than a certain value, as opposed to rolling once for myself and once for them. Repeating this process multiple times, the Ent would grow more and more enraged, and likely cause structural damage to the town. Upon death, I would give one player an item called “Ent’s Hand,” being the chopped off hand of the Ent. 2. Event Chain, Follow-Up. After the event passed, I would ask leaders of their interest in further events, and, if so, would schedule a time when a leader could muster 5-7 men to venture into the ent forest. At the scheduled time, the party leader would tell their men that they’re to explore the forest, looking for the reason as to why an Ent might go on a rampage through Belvitz. Once they’ve arrived, they would find the large Ent constructs gone, and large swaths of forest as well. From the remaining forest, dryad-like smaller Ents would descend upon the party, the battle becoming a minor PvE event in which zombies, bog-beasts and spiders would be sent forth against the party. As they fight, I would pile oak logs around, representing the corpses of the Dryads. The party would descend deeper into the forest, following a few trails left by the massive tree-people. From there, natural beasts would attack the party, such as a large bear, which would be a much quicker RP fight than the previous attack. After a few other alternating battles between beasts and PvE dryads, they would come across a large clearing, in it being a large clearing where a hamlet once laid, the inhabitants crushed and strewn about the clearing and the houses in ruins, moss growing over them. This would lead the leaders to believe the Ents are on a warpath, aiming to reclaim the surrounding countryside for the forest. If I am made an ET, I’d like to follow through with this plan, and so I won’t release the ending publicly. 3. Vodnik Attack The river stemming from Sennisten all the way to the seas of Atlas holds more than fish inside it. Cave dwelling Vodniks, thirsty for the blood of fishermen, have erupted from the bowels of the riverside caverns. This event would be a very long one, but also possessing the spontaneous and short term effects of an event without a deep narrative. Revolving around moving from place to place, a group of people would fight a series of RP-and-PvE events, mixed together to give people something to do on a boring weekend. I would begin by acquiring creative from an admin, then proceeding to make a large Vodnik cave which would hold the finale of the event. From there, I would first visit the most populous town along the river, do a minor PvE event. The event would entail a broadcast stating the presence of a large commotion at the riverside, and encourage people to head there. From there, contacting leadership of the town would be advisable to get people involved. The event would then proceed to inform players that this wave of Vodniks is unusual, and that it may be possible for other towns to be struck downriver. From there, perhaps going from coastal settlement to coastal settlement, there would be several instances of PvE, following which clues about the Vodnik cave would be discovered. After the cave is found, the defenders would send a party to slay the Vodniks inside. There would be a large rp battle, with the clearing of a wonk cave. After the players clear the Vodniks from their cave, the largest and tougher Vodniks being slain, the defenders would discover that the cave goes deeper… The benefit of all of these events, in my opinion, is that they bring people together, whether they be strangers from the road to a new town, or neighboring groups that rarely interact with each other. Events should be, and always should have been, a way for people to find common ground, and that is what I intend to try to do. EDIT: For those accusing me of being a "Glorified Mob Spawner" 4: The TaskMaster Several heirlooms of notable houses across Renatus-Marna have been stolen. A sword here, and painting there, a horse, even. In the early morning hours, noble after noble exits their manor in confusion. The greatest robbery spree in all of Atlas's history has been performed. NOTE: Extensive Builder Help Required Essentially, this would be a parkour puzzle challenge. Players would first discover the location of their loot by following a trail of NPC citizens, each directing them from one place to another until a miniature shack in the woods is discovered. Inside this shack, there would be a ladder downwards. From there, the villain would introduce himself as essentially a ripoff of the Riddler. At the bottom of this house, he'd state, lies your family heirlooms. If you can make it all the way down, you may receive them back. There will be no second chances, no baby-steps. Press forth, if you dare. The first room they'd enter upon going down the ladder would be a large one, with blocks supported by fence poles in the air as the means of getting around like in a parkour puzzle. In three of the 4 trails, there are levers that activate something. The correct combination of lever pulls must be done in order to move forward. They would be told a short sentence: Dwarves, Blundermore, Dwarves. Correct interpretations of this would be "Down, Up, Down." The question now would be which lever is first and which is in the middle. Upon figuring it out, a piston door would open, allowing the players to move forward. Presumably, at this point, the player's would've been TP'd to another world where more room was available. The next room would be a door. Strangely, a skull is hung on it, and upon closer inspection, a miniature object that emits sound comes from it. The box would burst out in speech. "Like a cancer, I overtake and occupy, like a sick man I wither, and like a phoenix I am reborn. What am I?" The answer is of course could be either Humanity or Horen. Such puzzles would go on for some time, varying in peril or difficulty. Upon finishing, the players would be rewarded with their heirlooms, along with long lost relics discovered around Atlas by the Taskmaster. He would, however, have never entered the building in the first place, and remained at large. I'd also like to say my biggest weakness is my intolerance for condescending and judgmental people.
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    LotC has had its share of scandals before. Usually, the outrage stems from player led groups, and so usually nothing is done about the incident in question, the upper management of the staff allowing things to settle down as opposed to openly admitting their wrongs. However, this situation is unique. We are now at a point where even the upper management of the server, those who inhabit and manage almost every possible staff team, dissent. There are plenty of other staff members who feel the same and have posted their feelings publicly, however I feel that it would be repetitive to have more posts. Even those who have contributed their money to the server, some incredulous amounts, dissent. This should be a sign that something that the Admins have done is wrong. You may be able to ignore the playerbase, but you can't ignore your staff, and you, if you're smart, should not ignore your donors. No screenshots in this thread were used maliciously, only to demonstrate the widespread upheaval over the elephant in the room.
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    Response to the Renatian missive

    Vladan sighs, bathing in his 40 thousand mina filled tub, thinking of the loss he received. He feels parched from the mourning, so he decides to drink the bottled Courlandic tears harvested after Whitepeak.
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    Response to the Renatian missive

    Vladan ponders the existence of Rivia.
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    Your View: Siege Plugin Trebuchets

    Judging if you fired off all of your 9 shots, the fact that one malfunctioned is actually pretty impressive, many more probably could have considering the odds. Quite frankly, you guys failed because you didn’t have your **** together, we did. This victory isn’t the fault of anything but our organization and your lack of it.
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    A Way Through the Dark

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    Scrap the CB system whilst you're at it.
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    Project Danehammer.

    18 hours a week....
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    Vladan finds the undead rather distasteful.
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    [Admins] The State of LotC

    The State of LotC Forward Let me begin my post by saying that LotC is in a rather comfortable position right now. It’s got at least 2-3 active RP hubs not including the cloud temple, compelling human conflict and interesting dynamics between other nations, along with unique settlements such as Holm. However, no server is without fault, and being a 6 -7 year veteran (you know it's bad when you’ve lost count) I can see some issues in the server now that need to be addressed. Admins, the Overprotective Parents, and GMs, the Chained Beasts. Much like a parent, Admins on this server are a bit over-controlling, equipped with well-intentioned misconceptions. A process on this server of creation, regulation and degradation has rooted itself in every mechanic in the game, the largest instances of this being caravans, warclaims and the lack of GM autonomy. Caravans: When it comes to caravans, credit must be given for the initial idea. It was a creative, innovative way to acquire minas on the server. The plugin seemed to work smoothly, and it cultivated RP at the stalls where the goods were sold. However, the root of the issue with caravans is that they were viewed by the staff as a tool to promote road rp, where it should’ve been used to promote rp hubs. This resulted in a system of increasingly constraining and restricting regulations placed on llama travel, which in the end only serves to benefit bandit “RP” and those who enjoy painful amounts of wasted minutes trying to move the glitchiest and dumbest animal in the game across a arbitrary road system. The devs created a new system, regulated it with misguided means, and then watched it degrade. To resolve this, the Admins and Devs should realize that caravans are a much better tool for bringing players across the map to RP hubs they might not usually visit than to promote rp on roads. Moving forward, steps such as moving the caravan ports to RP hubs instead of on the roads, such as where the original near the whispering crossroads was, a decrease in rules and regulations on how llamas are transported, and an increase in plugins insuring that llamas killed without roleplay on the roads by people unaware of the rules may be properly refunded are the best course of action. Warclaims Warclaims are a fickle thing. They have served as the server’s biggest source of activity, often peaking the server’s player count, but also as the server’s greatest generator of OOC toxicity. That being said, the Casus Belli system implemented is another instance of Admins creating a new idea, implementing a huge amount of regulation, and the system degrading because of it. The creation of a system where there must be a reasonable explanation as to why a settlement should be conquered by another is a good idea, as it gives protection to smaller settlements that might seek to live peacefully, such as the halflings. However, with this system came a huge increase in regulation which was entirely unnecessary, with an extremely limited and unrealistic list of casus bellis, an arbitrary system of what you can and can’t bring to various combat situations and a nonsensical situation regarding siege equipment. It should be noted that the regulation is misguided, not malicious. Admins do what they do to better the server, albeit if it actually ends up harming it. I believe after this past weekend's “Freebuild takeover” that staff can see that there are issues in the warclaim system and will take steps to fix at least one part of the problem. However, the appropriate steps should be taken to ensure another situation such as that one will not happen again. Appropriate steps would be to have a significantly more fleshed out casus belli system that allows for conflict rp to take place while also protecting groups that are inoffensive. Suggestions I’ve created are for a Claimant and Heresy casus bellis, along with a reduction to the amount of CBs needed for a conquest, along with making looting WCs have actual value. The lessons learned Dwarven Snowball fight a few maps ago have been forgotten, and because of this Loot WCs are extinct. GM Autonomy In short, GMs should not feel afraid when doing their duties. I’ve spoken to multiple GMs who feel as if they’re not allowed to interact with their own player base without being accused of bias, despite being the closest on hand. I’ve also seen GMs extremely hesitant to ban players for transgressions, and, coming from a recently banned player, this is a problem, as if you break the rules maliciously on a constant basic, warnings are not sufficient to better the server. If a noob blatantly breaks the rules, they should be banned, as they have clearly not taken the time to read the rules. A GM should actively be able to do what they see as necessary to better the server, and if it means banning a group of people for activity that can only be seen as malicious, it is still the correct course for Admin policy. A Side Note: Applications If someone were to say to me today that they believed the current application system is ideal, then I would likely slap you in the face. Yes, we’re getting more applications than we have in the past, however this has by no means solved the player retention problem. As a matter of fact, in my opinion, its hurting player retention, as it allows people to be as lazy as possible when applying, therefore taking all the investment that a potential player might have in the server and throwing it away. You do not even need a forum account to join the server. Even if communities wanted to try and increase player retention by reaching out to noobs, they can’t because they aren’t even asked to provide a username and password to apply. Servers with much less restrictive playerbases ask of that, I do not see why a mandatory forum registration is something we cannot have in place. In short, people need to want to come to the server more than the server wants them to come in order for applicants to remain active. If there is no challenge for a new player to overcome by applying, then there is no separation from the lazy noob who walks around for 5 minutes and never returns and the player who is willing to invest an hour every day on the server. The Solution to All The largest issue this server faces is the growing lack of new players. Yes, accepted players are at an all time high, but this is more so because an application has to try REALLY hard to get denied than increased interest in the server. If one thing is taken from this post, it should be this: outside media is necessary, and LotC needs financial stability. The best solution to this I can see is to have a team dedicated to reaching out to large minecraft youtubers so that we might be able to expand our horizons (I am aware of past attempts, however those were very unprofessional attempts) and the development of an LotC Patreon, where players can obtain a special patreon rank that gives them a certain amount of crowns per month. This would be to make the stream of revenue for the server more constant, and over a larger period of time, as well as allow for more transparency regarding the server’s income and expenditure. Conclusion This server is dying. It’s being made comfortable, but it is slowly decaying, that cannot be disputed. The problems that we see today are a product of this, and unless a heightened demand for the server is introduced, it likely will not change course. This is why such things as events, media and transparency are necessary, because if anything will kill a server, its idleness, solitude and suspicion, all things that are plaguing LOTC currently. The staff must remain far more active inside the player base, while also peeling back many rules that have been placed. If not, that retention number will drop lower and lower, and the player count will as well. Keep in mind, that is not what I, or anyone else, want, and if one staff member bothers to read this, I will have considered it worth the time it took to write it.
  14. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Kid_Mackin, HeDinduNuffin, ButterBoii Ban Reason Metagaming Players Involved N/A By your own understanding, why are you banned? I am banned due to logging on my WS during a warclaim, spectating the battle as it went on. Why should you be pardoned? Let it be known firstly that the GM who banned me has allowed me to appeal early due to my admission that I was in the wrong and willingness to cooperate. Onto the matter at hand, I feel as if I should be pardoned early due to primarily the lack of malice in my actions and because I feel as if I have learned my lesson, and will not proceed to do anything like this or of the sort again. I was not aware of the illegality of my actions when I was watching the battle, and in my ignorance I was notified by an Admin that what I was doing was a bannable offense which prompted me to cease immediately. There was no malice in my actions, simply a mistake and a failure to realize that what I was doing might constitute meta-gaming. Although I didn't intend to use that account for such, I am aware of the potential for misuse that it had. I agree with the staff that a ban was deserved, and appreciate their willingness to cooperate with me and shorten my sentence from a potential month to a week, as it is paramount to the survival of my community in LotC that I be brought back as soon as possible. I realize now that my actions have consequences, and that the consequences I've been given have been quite reserved in comparison to other individuals. For that, I thank the staff. I truly regret the negligence and inconsideration I exhibited, and promise not to do it again. It was, in fact, quite stupid, and I should not have made this an issue for not only myself but player who rely on my leadership. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I will make an effort to re-register that Wandering Soul account as a player so that I am physically incapable of doing so again unless I pay another 30 dollars for an account. I will also proceed to encourage both my peers and newer players to avoid making the same mistake as I did, so that nobody else is put in a similar situation. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. I believe that both openness and consideration are key to the functioning of this server, as if you choose not to be genuine and empathetic with both players and staff things can become more unpleasant for everyone. If everyone on this server chose to step into each other's shoes for 5 minutes, perhaps this server would be devoid of the problems it has now. If we could all just take a step back, and in doing so remove our investment in individual characters for a brief moment, perhaps the server would be done some good.
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