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  1. The Imperial Boxing Association Presents THE TOURNAMENT OF POWER MANY SHALL ENTER--ONE SHALL BE CHAMPION [SATURDAY, 4/11 8:30 PM EST] Adrian the Bold knocking down Octavian the Bruiser in the Fifth Round THE INAUGURAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION of the IBA shall be determined through the greatest show of strength and sportsmanship that Arcas has ever seen. ENTRANCE FEE: 250 MINAS 3rd PLACE PRIZE: 300 MINAS 2nd PLACE PRIZE: 500 MINAS 1st PLACE PRIZE: 2000 MINAS, HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP How to Participate: Join the IBA & Contact Vitaly Valic [Kodak_Mack] [Noer#7868] and place your deposit. State your intention publicly to participate within the tournament [Comment in Character on this Post].
  2. IMPERIAL BOXING ASSOCIATION Celebrating Herculean Excellence Since 1761 NEXT EVENT: TOURNAMENT OF POWER – [SATURDAY 4/11, 8:30 EST] PREVIOUS EVENT: ADRIAN the BOLD (1-0) def. OCTAVIAN the BRUISER (0-1) CURRENT COMMISSIONER: VITALY VALIC ----- > SIGN UP SHEET < ----- Goals The goals of the IBA shall hereby be to promote the athleticism of the best and brightest combatants across the realms of Arcas, from the Orcish Badlands to His Majesty’s Heartland, to cultivate a spirit of competitive wagers, to further the development of these goals through the health and strength of the association itself, and to represent the association through the various Champions of the World which it shall foster. Rules of Competition The Association has the right to create new stipulations as it deems necessary for new and innovative forms of matches, and the right to levy fines upon fighters who do not comply with the rules of the competition. Defiance of said fine shall result in a suspension of the fighter from the IBA. Weight Classifications Heavyweight: 210+ lbs [10.5+ cps] Current Champion: Vacant Middleweight: 140-209 lbs [6-10.5 cps] Current Champion: Vacant Featherweight: 100-139 lbs [1-6 cps] Current Champion: Vacant Ranking Methodology The Fighters of the IBA shall be ranked in accordance with the Association’s estimate of their skill, with three levels of rating. The first shall be purely based on W/L record for the season, the second being all time round win/loss ratio and the third shall be all-time knockouts/tkos accumulated. Current Top Ten Fighters Commissions The IBA shall take 20% commission on all sponsorships to fighters, or a 20% commission on sales after the bout for the following Saint’s Week. This is a choice made at their discretion. In order to provide a sponsorship, proof of bookkeeping must be provided to the association. If poor bookkeeping is found at the time of collection of royalties, the sponsor is liable for a 4 thousand minas fee from the IBA for violating their policies of accurate and reliable accounting.
  3. ADRIAN BESTS THE BRUISER WINS IN THE FIFTH ROUND WINNER’S TOWEL IS NOW ON AUCTION TOTAL WINNINGS : M17,000 THE BELL WAS RUNG, ON THE FIFTH ROUND. The ring girl (Everyone loves a ring girl) stepped through the ropes, and the fighters returned to the ring. Octavian had started strong--Adrian was thrown from the ring, fiercely, in the first round. The crowd was rowdy, and many in favor of Adrian, and many in favor of Octavian. The noise was deafened by the adrenaline flowing through the two champion’s skulls, their ears pounding and their vision waning. The score was even, yet Octavian was knocked down twice before--a third knockdown would signify a T-K-O. They approached each other. A gut punch from a mean left hook from Octavian sent Adrian reeling, but he would not let his knees buckle. It was followed from the Bold by a vindictive left jab to the nose. Octavian stumbled back, leaning on the ropes. In retribution, an uppercut to Adrian--but it missed! Open and exposed, Octavian, who had led Adrian 2-0 by the start of the third round, had a fist hand-delivered to his right eye. The fighter hit the mat, and though he could still find the strength to rise, he was defeated. The crowd roared, and the bets were locked. All was to be over, and the winner would be Adrian. The Emperor rose, clapping, as did the Orcish Rex, who gave a boarish holler. As he licked his wounds, it was said that Octavian would demand a rematch. This would not be the last time these fighters clashed. Next time, there would be gold on the line.
  4. FIGHT OF THE CENTURY SIR OCTAVIAN the BRUISER VS SIR ADRIAN the BOLD 230 vs 232 lbs. [SATURDAY, 8:30 PM EST OUTSIDE HELENA] CURRENT BETS PLACE BETS HERE The qualms of two former friends escalate to a clash of champions! UPON the absence of Duarte the Killer, his assumed murder or kidnapping prompting some suggestions to declare the thug legally dead, a replacement was needed. Sir Octavian the Bruiser, renowned boxer and favorite to win the fight, was deeply disappointed with the absence. He was hoping he could hold back his full power; nobody really wants to go all out every fight, after all, and his last encounter left him barely standing. It was appalling, then, when Vitaly Valic, the owner of the Boar and the Burgher Casino based in Helena, reported the new challenger in front of a grand crowd, a tall stage, and a small scale. Sir Adrian the Bold, his rival, former friend and the man who brought him to the brink, would be facing him. Both men lined up for the weigh in, cheers going back and forth. Octavian clocked in at an impressive 230--a personal record--and safely above the 220 pound floor for heavyweights. It seemed Octavian would take the day again, until Adrian stepped on the scale, revealing a staggering 232. He looked in better shape than he ever had before, and Octavian knew he had his work cut out for him. At the press conference, Octavian attempted the mental game. He brought family into it, when he said disparaging remarks on Sir Adrian’s wife. Rotten food was thrown at both fighters--the crowd growing restless from the tension. Sponsorships were given, and the fighters lined up for the spectacle. Then, Sir Adrian’s wife was brutally assaulted. Now, its personal--and its rumored that only one man will walk out of that squared circle. May the best fighter win.
  5. Make sure to stop by the Boar and the Burgher Casino! 



  6. The Boar and Burgher Casino Come and Test your Luck! NEXT EVENT: OPENING NIGHT: SATURDAY 3/24 6PM EST FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: 8:30 PM EST SIR OCTAVIAN the BRUISER vs. SIR ADRIAN the BOLD Directions ((NOTE: Take lift down two floors.)) About Come one, come all to the Boar and the Burgher Casino Night! Hosted twice in a Saint’s week at the Dragon’s Rest Tavern, all of those willing to risk their paycheck--or double it-- are welcome to stop by and test their luck at our many different attractions. For select nights, the casino floor is open for business--colored characters from across Arcas all converge to gamble their coin in good fun and good fortune. Owned by Vitaly Valic, sponsored by Carrington & Company, and operated by a multitude of exceptional staff, the Boar and Burgher commits itself to fair play, fun times and the pursuit of winning. Games Rule Sets Below. Fight Night To round off every night of operation, a boxing match shall be orchestrated by the Casino to which all customers are welcome to watch and place their final bets of the night on. There shall be eleven rounds of contest, with the winner of the majority being crowned for the night. The house rules of boxing shall be imposed to protect the safety and well being of its fighters, yet a show is guaranteed for all who wish to participate. Rules Roulette: Minimum bet of 75 Marks. Betters may bet on all traditional values that one may--single numbers, even or odd, color, etc. An announcement will be made two minutes before the final call, closing off all bets.Two minutes after close, the game will be played. Payout will occur afterwards. ROULETTE BETTING TABLE Keno: Bet 20 Marks on a selection of numbers from a range of one to eighty. Payout is proportional to odds. Announcements will be made ten minutes in advance of the game that numbers will be locked in shortly. Two minutes before the game, the bets are locked in. Payout follows. KENO PAYOUTS Blackjack: Minimum betting value determined by table. Bargain Table valued at 20 marks a hand minimum; 500 marks maximum hand. High Roller Table valued at 500 marks minimum, 20,000 marks maximum hand. Sports Betting: Minimum betting value set at 50 minas. Best are locked in 5 minutes before the fight. 15% Cut for the house on all bets. Restrictions The counting of cards, cheating of any type or unfair play is strictly prohibited by the house. Players must adhere to the minimum buy-in to each respective game if they’d like to play. The unsolicited sales of narcotics are strictly banned from the floor. The House shall enforce the rule of law and is not to encourage the breaking of it on their premises.
  7. SURNAME: of the Baltas (Vesnic) FIRST NAME: Bastijn (Chekhov) ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: 12 anpalais place DATE OF BIRTH: 1689 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Helena?: Yes, I am. Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: I am the Chief of Intelligence, however I do not believe that conflicts. If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Officially, yes. ((MC NAME)): Noer_Mackin
  8. Chekhov Vesnic snorts at the name Antony.
  9. just post this on the house winter forum pls
  10. THE DEATH OF THE GOLDEN REPUBLIC OF VES; OR, VERSE ON WRATH, COWARDICE, GREED AND POWER The Drumm sat with two men, one tall And one old, both exceptional in their Conditions. He spoke in defense; Accusations flew prior, and correction Was needed. It was provided. They all lamented for democracy. There would be a plot. Slow burning, Methodical, and patient. Those who Stood atop thrones would no longer. The Drumm would have it not. He would leave, and he would do it soon. His men were armored, strong and brilliant Like St. Tobias’ Comet, blazing through City streets as they made their march. The wench who helped their fall from grace Stood before them, alone. This moment, instead, would suffice. They drew their swords. The Drumm watched from the gates. He would not bloody his hands with this. It was his men’s vengeance, not his. The Prince’s Door had been knocked on. He Buckled. Murmured. Paced. The formermost gave it all away. His sanity left, and his body as well. Some scribbles of paper orated, And the prince had fled. The Assailants fled to the Drummheim. They sought their treasure, to keep and store away in some Nobleton hovel. All made it out with their loot. All except the Drumm himself. He was caught in the rear. Gold had never weighed so heavy. The Curonites, off all people, Displayed the savagery reserved for orcs. Harassment and despicable brutes, The lot of them plucking at the Drumm’s Steel, his gold, his dignity. A fitting end, To be subject to such hasty irresponsibility. The Helvetii did not say much. He spoke his peace, his men restrained. Perhaps virtue truly won the day. “I demand trial,” said the Dwed on his knees. There would be no trial. Only a severed head. With the death of the Drumm, So dies trial, So dies rights, And so dies the republic. Long Live the King of Kaedrin
  11. Urrion Drumm died many hours prior to the penning and enacting of such legislation. The Serene Prince stays ever vigilant.
  12. THE 3RD DRUMM BOWL “The Numbers don’t lie, and they spell disaster for you at Drummbowl.” -Sir Charles Montagne to Tiberius. RECAP OF PRIOR DRUMM BOWL: WINNER: SIR CHARLES MONTAGNE (CURON) POT: 1800 MINAS CONTESTANT COUNT: 22 FIGHTERS TIME AND LOCATION: [[ Tuesday 2nd 7:30 PM, Ves Colosseum ]] RULES: Participation will be qualified by a 150 minas fee. Viewing is free of charge. There shall be only blows above the belt. There shall be no use of protection of any kind; fighters shall not wear any form of armor. Fighters shall use their fists, and no use of blades. Fighters shall not use external help to assist them in the melee. Fighters shall not throw matches. Registering early and not attending the match results in a 150 minas fine. Breaking of any rule to gain advantage over the other competitors, if discovered, will result in a 500 minas fine on the offending parties. STAKES: 40% of the pot, accumulated by entrance fees, will go to the winner. 15% of this pot will go to the 2nd place. 5% of this pot will go to 3rd place, decided by a battle of the losers in the semifinals.
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