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  1. Kid Mackin

    On Imperial Godhood

    Hell waits for all men cursed with pride, an Emperor among them.
  2. I really hate lowering my ratio further than it needs to be lowered by engaging here, but this is by no means indicative of isolating groups. Roads will still exist, except more natural.
  3. That’s not true at all. There are not 3 dwarven hubs, so it would not need to be shared. The only reason there’s a proposition for this is because there are mutliple human hubs and there would need to be a compromise. I don’t know what gave you that impression.
  4. You’re literally a massive idiot. He both provided examples of where these hubs would be ( https://gyazo.com/2abeb87afb5df3c8f437e2b93effa3e0 ) but also never once stated that the intention is to remove the roads completely. Who would want there to be no roads? Nobody has suggested that. People have only suggested a reworking of the roads to be more natural, and racial spawns as a means to be more fair to every nation. You literally read the first post of this thread without going through it at all. If you can’t read a thread, don’t post in it.
  5. Those were not concerns. Those were absolute statements. You, “just one world dev,” represented your staff and essentially rode your high horse around telling people how things were going to be. When you were sharply criticized for your demeanor and attitude as well as your inability to actually read the posts you were shitting on, you walked back and acted as if nothing you said was supposed to be concrete. At the end of the day, it affects you. You are a player, you might not think of yourself as one anymore, but you should want what makes players happier, not what makes your job easier or you feel better about the work you’ve done. Nobody is saying there aren’t improvements that have been made, because there have. But really there needs to be work done even after such efforts and your attitude isn’t going to achieve exactly what the map, the players, and the server needs.
  6. I really doubt you bothered to read anything suggested here, and furthermore, I doubt it would’ve mattered in the formulation of your opinion either. Staff are supposed to listen to players, especially staff as dependent on the community’s approval as yours. I might also add world devs fucked last map so bad that I’d hope you’d learn from your mistakes and listen to “vocal players” more often. Not to mention that the hotness of this thread is indicative that this is not merely a few “vocal players” but a very large, active and veteran base of the server that are all disapproving of your actions, conduct and decorum.
  7. Kid Mackin


    From the shadows, Vladan feels bittersweet triumph.
  8. Kid Mackin

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    Idk about you but I see 3-4 wooden penises just to the side of Belvitz every day....
  9. Kid Mackin

    Return of Professions Plugin

    I don’t take feedback from banned players
  10. Kid Mackin

    The Tale of a Black Crow

    It is said by the fireside on cold winter nights that The Mad Duke and Konyves were bound to each other, and that wherever one went in death, the other surely followed. Only God knows where that place may be.
  11. Kid Mackin


    Full Name: Vladan Valic Year of Birth: 1640 City of Primary Residency: Belvitz ((MC Name: Kid_Mackin
  12. Kid Mackin

    The Young Duke's Lament

    Josip’s Lament. They’re all mad, the lot of them. Fiends! Usurpers to the crown, savoyard pigs and cossack curs! They’ll not have it, no, they will most certainly NOT! Josip flings himself to the rafters, wailing out his grievances to the world! No, no he doesn’t. They’d kill him where he stands, wailing and all. Josip flees the scene, unbeknownst to his council! Avoiding death! A tried and true HERO! Yes, but the crown! Yes, the Crown, he’ll take the crown too! They can try to take me, but I’ll always be with the coronet! It will be, forever, until he dies, MINE! Josip stands from his chair, his left hand’s fingernails bitten to their pink ivory core. He rose, clutched the coronet in his hands, went forth from his palace, and fled. No treason will be unpunished, none! I’ll kill the lot of them, one day, the lot of them! Pigs, fiends! Lunatics!
  13. Kid Mackin

    7.0 Annoucement!

    I would agree with Narthok and Xarkly here. As vassal in the Empire function mostly as mechanically independent states with in depth political allegiances, I feel like you're just going to be killing vassals here. Especially groups such as Adria (Belvitz) who profited off their proximity to the road.
  14. Kid Mackin

    The Margraviate of Styria

    Josip the Young stares at the broken bridge between the Balt and Vilacz.
  15. Sitting on his Throne, Duke Josip Sarkozic oversaw the first Duma in a very long time. He was a man of governance. Those around him declared their needs, their articles, and he oversaw their votes. Only after every other claim had been heard did he declare his own, and with them, the first governance and proclamation of Josip Sarkozic came into effect. [LINK] The Decree of Josip Sarkozic