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  1. just post this on the house winter forum pls
  2. THE DEATH OF THE GOLDEN REPUBLIC OF VES; OR, VERSE ON WRATH, COWARDICE, GREED AND POWER The Drumm sat with two men, one tall And one old, both exceptional in their Conditions. He spoke in defense; Accusations flew prior, and correction Was needed. It was provided. They all lamented for democracy. There would be a plot. Slow burning, Methodical, and patient. Those who Stood atop thrones would no longer. The Drumm would have it not. He would leave, and he would do it soon. His men were armored, strong and brilliant Like St. Tobias’ Comet, blazing through City streets as they made their march. The wench who helped their fall from grace Stood before them, alone. This moment, instead, would suffice. They drew their swords. The Drumm watched from the gates. He would not bloody his hands with this. It was his men’s vengeance, not his. The Prince’s Door had been knocked on. He Buckled. Murmured. Paced. The formermost gave it all away. His sanity left, and his body as well. Some scribbles of paper orated, And the prince had fled. The Assailants fled to the Drummheim. They sought their treasure, to keep and store away in some Nobleton hovel. All made it out with their loot. All except the Drumm himself. He was caught in the rear. Gold had never weighed so heavy. The Curonites, off all people, Displayed the savagery reserved for orcs. Harassment and despicable brutes, The lot of them plucking at the Drumm’s Steel, his gold, his dignity. A fitting end, To be subject to such hasty irresponsibility. The Helvetii did not say much. He spoke his peace, his men restrained. Perhaps virtue truly won the day. “I demand trial,” said the Dwed on his knees. There would be no trial. Only a severed head. With the death of the Drumm, So dies trial, So dies rights, And so dies the republic. Long Live the Prince of Helvetia.
  3. Urrion Drumm died many hours prior to the penning and enacting of such legislation. The Serene Prince stays ever vigilant.
  4. THE 3RD DRUMM BOWL “The Numbers don’t lie, and they spell disaster for you at Drummbowl.” -Sir Charles Montagne to Tiberius. RECAP OF PRIOR DRUMM BOWL: WINNER: SIR CHARLES MONTAGNE (CURON) POT: 1800 MINAS CONTESTANT COUNT: 22 FIGHTERS TIME AND LOCATION: [[ Tuesday 2nd 7:30 PM, Ves Colosseum ]] RULES: Participation will be qualified by a 150 minas fee. Viewing is free of charge. There shall be only blows above the belt. There shall be no use of protection of any kind; fighters shall not wear any form of armor. Fighters shall use their fists, and no use of blades. Fighters shall not use external help to assist them in the melee. Fighters shall not throw matches. Registering early and not attending the match results in a 150 minas fine. Breaking of any rule to gain advantage over the other competitors, if discovered, will result in a 500 minas fine on the offending parties. STAKES: 40% of the pot, accumulated by entrance fees, will go to the winner. 15% of this pot will go to the 2nd place. 5% of this pot will go to 3rd place, decided by a battle of the losers in the semifinals.
  5. The Drummheim Companions 1st Foreign Brigade of Ves, The Drummhammers PREFACE The Drummheim Companions are the armed protectors of Ves. From gate duty on a quiet snowy night in The Deep Cold, to pillaging its foes on a smoldering battlefield reeking of death and smoke, these men stand in, and by, Vesnian interests. Referred to colloquially as the “Beet Brigade,” their painted Red shields symbolize the blood of their enemies, but are in reality the dried, crushed and painted remains of their namesake vegetable. Led by Captain Urrion Drumm, these men patrol our streets, fight our battles, and ensure our peace. OATH OF LOYALTY I, a great servant of the Drummheim, upon my dying breath, will look upon these times as my finest hour. I will reminisce of unending loyalty, of virtue in the face of the corrupt, of the sovereign above the domineering. I will be the hammer which strikes down those nails which rise in contempt of the Republic. Long Live the Prince, and Long Live Drumm. RANKING Captain of the Drummheim The leader of the Companions, the Captain is responsible for all aspects of his Brigade. There is no responsibility that when unable to be completed by the rest of the Brigade may slip past the gaze of the Captain, yet at the same time, he must be seen as an executive last action, a failsafe against the cracks in the foundation of any order of any kind. A corrector, an adjuster, and a defender of the Brigade’s ideals. 1st Lieutenant of the Drummheim Second in command to the Captain, and the default authority on most things. Tasked with the commanding and organization of most forces in the Companions, and the administration of the Brigade, this is arguably the most important rank, if not the most powerful. All matters that go to the 2nd Lieutenant go to the captain if he is unable to handle the situation himself. Lieutenant of the Drummheim The highest standard officer in the Brigade, these men are responsible for the higher leadership in the Companions. These men are expected to be capable of great martial prowess and strategy, and to put in several years worth of work for the guard. Where sergeants handle the day to day administration and leadership of the Companions, Lieutenants take charge during the moments of conflict and crisis to lead their men to victory. 1st Sergeant of the Drummheim Often referred to as the first amongst equals, the 1st sergeant is responsible for leading trainings of the guard, resolving disputes amongst the lower officers and his fellow sergeants. He is the exemplary soldier, standard bearer for the Companions. Sergeant of the Drummheim The most common form of officer in the Brigade. Able to issue proper commands and act as a paragon of authority for lesser soldiers to adhere to. Responsible for organizing lower rank events, and promoting the betterment of the guard. Expected to be tough soldiers. Man at Arms The highest standard foot soldier rank in the Brigade. Someone who has shown excellence in their service as a footman and deserves recognition above the common soldier. Footman An experienced soldier in the Brigade. Responsible for most basic tasks. Recruit A new member of the Brigade. Secondary Rankings All ranks are in addition to standard rank. All responsibilities of secondary ranking are in addition to primary rank responsibilities. Victories Defense against Reiver Raid, 1721. 200 vs 70 (6/25) Skirmish against Reivers, 1722. 20 vs 30 (6.29) Roster Application: (Apply Below)
  6. Kid Mackin


    ((Skins and Song Choice by Guck)) DRUMM DESIGNS The Prestige of Quality Mission Statement Drumm Designs and Fabrics strives to put the finest of robes on the finest of men. Combining the craftsmanship of the Dwedmar with the finesse and comfort of the Heartlander, our humble company creates the clothing that you will want to wear. Overview Commonly referred to as Drumm Designs, or just simply Drumm, DDF is a Ves-Based clothing brand and tailor specialized in the creation of forward thinking, comfortable wear. It creates this vision through the releasing of product lines, clothing that may be bought for use as soon as interest is expressed in the product. This allows for a much faster process from creation to sale than a commission would, given that the time it takes to make personalized clothing for the common man can take years at a time in some instances. While commissions may be requested at a higher price, our lines provide fast, good looking and comfortable wear for the consumer on the go. With one line already on the market, Drumm’s first sales should begin shortly. The “Drummy Drip” Line (1k Minas per Outfit) The first designs of Uro Drumm, our founder and lead designer, were for the robes which his kin wear on their backs. While these models are differently dyed to keep the uniqueness of the family’s robes, they still bear the same quality which the originals were designed with. These are fit for only the finest of merchants and moneymakers, with heavy use of silk and gold. A Note of Ownership ((OOC)) How to Shop ((OOC))
  7. THE 2ND DRUMM BOWL Another Shot at the Pot TIME AND LOCATION: [[ Tuesday 25th 7 PM, Ves Colosseum ]] RULES: Participation will be qualified by a 150 minas fee. Viewing is free of charge. There shall be only blows above the belt. There shall be no use of protection of any kind; fighters shall not wear any form of armor. Fighters shall use their fists, and no use of blades. Fighters shall not use external help to assist them in the melee. Fighters shall not throw matches. Registering early and not attending the match results in a 150 minas fine. Breaking of any rule to gain advantage over the other competitors, if discovered, will result in a 500 minas fine on the offending parties. STAKES: 40% of the pot, accumulated by entrance fees, will go to the winner. 15% of this pot will go to the 2nd place. 5% of this pot will go to 3rd place, decided by a battle of the losers in the semifinals.
  8. TOURNAMENT OF THE DEEP COLD, 1720 A DRUMM MELEE FEDERATION REPORT The first Drumm Melee began with celebration. Eidr Haraqqi, Patrician and Magistrate of Ves, donated a sum of 1000 minas to the tournament, culminating in a 1600 minas reward to the would be champion of the tournament. In total, 14 competitors brought up fisticuffs, each ready to take the prize for themselves. There were two from the Snow Elves: Aelthir III and Aeluin II Tundrak. There were four from Curon: Ser Everett Landes, Philip and Arty the bannermen, and Friggr the Northman. There were four from Ves: Urrion Drumm, our host, Commander Norah the Vast,the Assemblyman Dylan “The Brave” Roger, and the miscreant Marceau. There were four bannerless fighters: Frederick Guillen, Moriarty, one unnamed fighter and Alaric. +=+ OPENING ROUND +=+ The first conflict was Landes vs. Drumm, which ended with a speedy victory for the Curonian. Next came a battle between Philip and Marceau, which Philip won easily as well. Next, Arty the bannerman was bested by Dylan Roger, who performed admirably. After, Norah the Vast was defeated by Friggr the Northman. It was a close match. Aelthir III defeated Moriarty switfly. Aeluin II defeated the nameless fighter with ease. Alaric bested Frederick Guillen in a close match. +=+ QUARTERFINALS +=+ As there was a lack of an 8th Quarterfinalist, a duel was begun between Norah and Marceau to fill the spot. Norah the Vast slapped the miscreant easily. Philip fought Sir Everett, and Landes ended the fight closely. There was a brief moment of respect between the two fighters, with a hug exchanged after the bout. Dylan Rogers then waged a close, beautiful war of fist and elbow against Friggr, which ended with the assemblyman standing tall. Aelthir III battled Alaric, who he defeated. Aeluin II defeated a battle worn Norah, who wept after her loss. The crowd favored her bravery. +=+ SEMIFINALS+=+ The Savage Knight, Everett Landes, was brought to a close yet fair victory over Dylan the Brave. The crowd applauded his efforts. Aelthir III and Aeluin II engaged in a close battle of sibling rivalry, yet the better man was apparent as Aelthir III was easily felled by Aeluin in a short flurry. +=+ FINALS +=+ The first round opened with a great spar between the two finalists. Aeluin notable delivered three strong right hooks against the Curonian Knight, though Landes struck back with several blows to the chin. With both men barely standing, the final blow came from Landes, who delivered an uppercut knocking Aeluin on his back. Despite their victory, it was clear this was a close match. The second round saw a similar bout. Both men performed, but the better man was Landes, if by a rogue fist from the left, or a kidney punch from the back. Congratulations to Landes, 1st place winner of 1600 minas! The Second Melee of Drumm will take place in the following Saint’s Week. ((Tuesday 25th 7:00 PM))
  9. THE DRUMM FEDERATION MELEE (DFM) A Violent Leap Forward Pre-show cockfighting entertains patrons as the fighters prepare for combat. Attention, all shopkeepers and street urchins, brigands and bakers! Listen, patrons young and old! Clann Drumm has decided it fitting for an event of huge magnitude to shake the foundations of Ves. Warriors from across the continent may come, and for a fee of 100 Minas, engage in a tournament of boxing to determine the strongest and most capable fighters of Arcas. The winner of the tournament shall be given the lions share (70%) of the winnings, a small share (5%) going to second place, and the remaining funds going to the West Karik Merchant Company for administering the event. Time and Location ((OOC)): 6/18/19 at 5PM EST, The Ves Theatre and Centre for the Arts. Rules: Formation Competitors shall give their name at the door, and a bracket shall be formed just before the start of the match. Competitors shall compete in a tournament format, with single combat being the determinant of progression. This shall continue until the final bout, which shall become a three round ordeal. The winner of the most rounds shall take the victory. If a person were to win two straight rounds, a technical knockout shall occur, and grant the standing party victory. Sign-Up Official sign-up occurs at the door, though if you choose to do so, early sign-ups are rewarded with a 10 minas discount for entrance. To sign up early, provide the following information to an associate of the WKMC or Clan Drumm. ((Fill out in Comments for early sign-up. Best of Luck to the Competitors!)) Application:
  10. CLAN DRUMM THE SURFACE DWARVES OF UR PENNED BY THE PARTNERSHIP OF URIST AND URRION I. History The wild goat of a dwed known as Ur the Hammer was born to Urric Doomforged nearly half a millenia ago. The baseborn dwarf possessed a coarse temperament thoroughly common among his kin, but where he differed was his restless sense of ambition. Even at a young age, Ur routinely found himself questioning the strict hierarchy of the old Grand Kingdom at every turn - the dwarf felt trapped within the caves of Urguan and questioned how he could find his ancestor’s glory through cutting stone and patrolling deep roads. When opportunity struck for the dwarf to take his leave from the Kingdom, he did by electing a path common to many houses of yore, and setting sail for Aeldin seeking glory and conquest. There, the dark dwarf established a legend of conquest by serving under a multitude of mercenaries, eventually building the renown to command his own guard. In his campaigns, he even encountered the madcap Balthar Blackaxe, great uncle to King Wulfgar and brother to Paragon Valen. The stark dwarf of old was impressed with Ur command of battle, and offered his daughter Val to him to maintain surface dwarf ties - thus Ur began a family with Val, who brought with her an inheritance to the then wealthy West Karik Trade Company. An uncommon sight in that far-flung continent, it was not long before many of the imperial court wished to see the berserker dark dwarf. He soon found himself before the Emperor Audemar Horosid, who took favor on the dwarf and offered him a crest and honors if he were to serve alongside the Nauzica Brigade in the Exeter Wars. Ur, upon receiving the offer, had feared he had become complacent as he once found himself in Urguan as a beardling - he accepted the Emperor’s offer, but on the condition that his children would take his stead. His two sons, Urir and Urri, along with his berserker daughter Urara, took to military service under Charles Henry Horen and Frederick ver de Line with grace and tact, offering strong berserkers and dwarven steel, while Ur sailed off once more to start his legend anew. His children took the name Drumm (pronounced Droom) as a bastard form of Doomforged and were granted the coat of arms of a goat in honor of Ur’s pride against the Emperor, enabled to fly their own banners as they fought alongside the Nauzica Brigade. Yet, the fate of that Nauzica band is known to many - Urir and Urri both perished at the calamity of the Battle of Ronda, where Charles Henry Horen had attempted to coup the Horosid usurper and reclaim his birthright. Their young children, Urrigon and Urist respectively, were forced into exile alongside the remainder of the Nauzica Brigade. Urrigon and Urist, the dark dwarf cousins, had kept to the Johannians in their exile and restoration until dismissed by the third commander of the Nauzica Brigade, the entitled and presumptuous John Jrent, bastard to John I. Despite this slight, they still kept their allegiance to the surface and even played a minor role in establishing the Blue Mountain colony, with Urrigon wedding the daughter of the Blue Mountain King. The pair of cousins kept afloat through mercenary work and the mining trade, awaiting the ripe opportunity to restore their name to glory... The cousins Drumm found themselves in Ves not long after the burning of Adria and the installation of Prince Myre, seeking the favor of the young pretender Emperor Joseph I. The pair had hoped their Nauzican heritage would enable them a high position in court. The Orenian was willing to hear them for the sake of their forefathers, yet decided against any action concerning them. Shortly after Joseph fell from Grace following the defections of Curon, Ves and Haense. While he settled into his role as a member of the city’s elite class, the wealth of Drumm at his side, the other kin of Ur came to settle with him. They ventured from far and wide, heeding the call of their cousins, and soon the Clan was reunified in Ves, and bestowed lodging by the City Clerk in Mt. St. Catherine. They achieved two seats in the City Assembly, and now seek Patrician status. The Clan refounded the West Karik Merchant Company, originally conceived by Balthar, one of their many great ancestors. II. Customs and Culture A Portrait of Urrigon Drumm III. Clan Government and Law IV. Current Clansmen SONS OF DRUMM: URIST (donchomirzakhan) Urrigan (Scipp3r) URRION (PUNISHED_MACKIN) URRIC (_WACKO) URO (Gwynon) URION THE SLOW (NPC) URZY DRUMM (KBR) URARDEY DRUMM (RedMarch) BANISHED KIN: URPOCALYPSE DRUMM (UNKNOWN)
  11. Drumm Co. executives rub their hands greedily.
  12. What have we become
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