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  1. Kid Mackin

    Atlas Anniversary Art & Writing Contest

    A Day On The Eastbight Complimentary Music: Upon the Baltas, Old Mr. Crider sat, pipe in hand, his jaw missing a few teeth and his eyes bearing crows feet. He was, suffice to say, weary. His hands were worn--arthritis took them many years ago. A local youth did most of his work, and his old apprentice inherited his shop. His money was well saved, and his riverside cottage was sufficient for his needs. As long as his hands could pack his pipe, put bait on his hook, and pull himself into bed every night, God permitted him existence. The man looked upon the river. The weather was fair, as it was always fair, spare a period of supernatural, endless winter here or there, and the sky was dotted with clouds. He could swear, as he lifted his eyes to them, that one in particular resembled a crow. Before he could formulate this omen’s meaning, a knock on the stone walls of his cottage requested his presence. He took his pipe from his mouth, resting it in his hand. “How can I help ye?” the heartlander said, a constrained smile on his face. “Mister Crider, could I sit with you?” “Sure!” Crider said, his gaze shifting back to the river. “Thanks,” the boy’s gaze shifted. “Mister Crider, I gots-ta ask you something.” “What do you want to know?” “You ever seen a man die?” “What happened?” Crider questioned, his voice grim. “Mr. Rutledge…” the boy would quiver. The man would sigh. “When I was a younger man, there stood about five men yonder there by the pier.” he’d gesture to the dock, near the old guard tower. “Three stood there as if they didn’t really belong, one had his sword drawn, and one had a rock tied to his foot. Really, they were all where they needed to be.” He looked to the boy. “Sometimes, things just happen because they have to.” He frowned. “What happened?” “The man with the sword told one of the three to kick the rock off into the river.” “Did he?” “Yep. Ol’Sabo died before their eyes, drownin’ and beggin’ and pleadin.” “What about the others?” “Wasn’t too long till those three pulled their own swords and killed the leader. Same for the leader after that, and the leader after that. Ain’t no more dangerous a job than leading the masses in this place.” “Why, Mister Crider? Why do they kill?” “Because, boy, the people in this land are like the weather. They never change. Men with ambition will come, they’ll rise, and they’ll fall to their own flock.” “I don’t want to die, Mr. Crider.” “You won’t, long as you keep bringing the groceries on time and helping out Crider Junior. No trouble ever came to a blacksmith who kept his nose in his business. Now, don’t tell a word of what you saw to anyone, you hear? Keep yourself out of it and go do your business.” The weather was calm that day, and the river ran smoothly. The funeral was the following day.
  2. Kid Mackin

    [Denied]Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    I hate him with a passion yet he was an ok GM +1
  3. Kid Mackin

    [Denied]Stevie’s Game Moderator Application

    This man has been through more than most of us ever will in our entire lives and still decides he wants to spend his time helping this community. If you deny this, I don’t even know how you can call yourself respectable. +1.
  4. Kid Mackin

    On Imperial Godhood

    Hell waits for all men cursed with pride, an Emperor among them.
  5. I really hate lowering my ratio further than it needs to be lowered by engaging here, but this is by no means indicative of isolating groups. Roads will still exist, except more natural.
  6. That’s not true at all. There are not 3 dwarven hubs, so it would not need to be shared. The only reason there’s a proposition for this is because there are mutliple human hubs and there would need to be a compromise. I don’t know what gave you that impression.
  7. You’re literally a massive idiot. He both provided examples of where these hubs would be ( https://gyazo.com/2abeb87afb5df3c8f437e2b93effa3e0 ) but also never once stated that the intention is to remove the roads completely. Who would want there to be no roads? Nobody has suggested that. People have only suggested a reworking of the roads to be more natural, and racial spawns as a means to be more fair to every nation. You literally read the first post of this thread without going through it at all. If you can’t read a thread, don’t post in it.
  8. Those were not concerns. Those were absolute statements. You, “just one world dev,” represented your staff and essentially rode your high horse around telling people how things were going to be. When you were sharply criticized for your demeanor and attitude as well as your inability to actually read the posts you were shitting on, you walked back and acted as if nothing you said was supposed to be concrete. At the end of the day, it affects you. You are a player, you might not think of yourself as one anymore, but you should want what makes players happier, not what makes your job easier or you feel better about the work you’ve done. Nobody is saying there aren’t improvements that have been made, because there have. But really there needs to be work done even after such efforts and your attitude isn’t going to achieve exactly what the map, the players, and the server needs.
  9. I really doubt you bothered to read anything suggested here, and furthermore, I doubt it would’ve mattered in the formulation of your opinion either. Staff are supposed to listen to players, especially staff as dependent on the community’s approval as yours. I might also add world devs fucked last map so bad that I’d hope you’d learn from your mistakes and listen to “vocal players” more often. Not to mention that the hotness of this thread is indicative that this is not merely a few “vocal players” but a very large, active and veteran base of the server that are all disapproving of your actions, conduct and decorum.
  10. Kid Mackin


    From the shadows, Vladan feels bittersweet triumph.
  11. Kid Mackin

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    Idk about you but I see 3-4 wooden penises just to the side of Belvitz every day....
  12. Kid Mackin

    Return of Professions Plugin

    I don’t take feedback from banned players
  13. Kid Mackin

    The Tale of a Black Crow

    It is said by the fireside on cold winter nights that The Mad Duke and Konyves were bound to each other, and that wherever one went in death, the other surely followed. Only God knows where that place may be.
  14. Kid Mackin


    Full Name: Vladan Valic Year of Birth: 1640 City of Primary Residency: Belvitz ((MC Name: Kid_Mackin
  15. Kid Mackin

    7.0 Annoucement!

    I would agree with Narthok and Xarkly here. As vassal in the Empire function mostly as mechanically independent states with in depth political allegiances, I feel like you're just going to be killing vassals here. Especially groups such as Adria (Belvitz) who profited off their proximity to the road.