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Caln McHarnish/porkchopp2

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  1. I agree soulstones should be more balanced. +1
  2. If you dont take the literal aspects into play like a 7 year old building a robot, it could be a really fun event. Its a fantasy server and even though it isn't to realistic does it matter if they have fun at the end? +1
  3. Your Name: Caln McHarnish Your Age: 47 Your Race: Adunian Are you wishing to join the college as a Mage, or a Pilgrim?: Mage If joining as a mage, clarify on if you are currently skilled in the magical arts, or being taught by someone who is: I am learning the magical arts and being instructed by Elindor. I am still studying my art and nor quiet yet at the point at making a spell. What affinity of magic are you skilled in? Water evocation specifically the ice and snow aspects. . (( OOC: MC Name: Porkchopp2 When did you join the server?: November 2012 If applying as a mage, link any currently approved MAs unless grandfathered: http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/92919-calns-magic-application/#entry827701 If applying as a mage, list your magic type and tier: Water Evocation in progress ))
  4. Say that again, and I will snap your neck. That is how I +1 apps On a more relevant note Moose would make an awesome ET member. He is an outstanding RPer, and it would be just amazing RP if he was given more and diverse RP opportunities. Yub yub +1
  5. Caln McHarnish claps his hands slowly. His invention, the spiked shield, is being used by others.
  6. I wasn't planning on stealing the iron, but now that it is salt I gotta try to get it...
  7. 0/10 Still hate you
  8. As Dovakiin said. The RP that comes from Mrgreene is brilliant but some of the ways I've seen him handle things OOCly are not quite those a GM should have though I am sure he can and will improve in the future as all of us do. A GM should be solving OOC fights and probably not handled the way recent topics have shown. For now I must -1, but I look forward to improvement in the future.
  9. 2/10
  10. 7.0/10
  11. 8/10 Carrion lover
  12. 0/10 Still hate you
  13. 10/10 For old times sake back during the islands when we made that town.
  14. 6/10 Another one of those people I feel I know but can't quite remember.
  15. 7/10 The famous halfling