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  1. Bravepaw’s Awakening Bravepaw’s eyes slowly begin to open as the warm sunlight shines through once again. The now unsettled motes of dust start to dance through the air, twirling in beams of light, as his head creakily turns taking in his surroundings. One long, deep breath after another slowly tests the limits of his lungs. Having been in this situation time and time again over the course of several centuries, Orlanden is happy to see Bravepaw conscious again, but isn’t surprised. He could feel the awakening growing nearer with each rising sun these past weeks.
  2. * Looks toward Artemis " 275 and we have a deal. I need a little bit left for supplies "
  3. * Bravepaw, a bark skinned woof elf announces to the passing crowd * " I'm looking for a new or used Enchanting Table for a good price! Anyone selling and what's the best deal you can give me? Bonus if you can throw in some enchanters supplies"
  4. Starting a Gladiator Arena. 


  5. *A Partly Mechanical Uruk Places a note through out the lands on various city boards. Written in ink dyed from redstone " Do you think you have what it takes to be a Gladiator Champion? Come prove it! I, Gromok will be hosting a Gladiator Event. There will be three events: Slashers Brawl: nothing but stone swords buy in 100 minas 2nd place prize: 15% of cut 1st place prize: 70% of cut and slashers plaque Marksmen brawl: nothing but bows and arrows buy in 100 minas 2nd place prize: 15% of cut 1st place prize: 70% of cut and Mar
  6. * Gromok takes the letter and Grins behind is tusks, then thinks out loud " Hmmm, I'm eagerrrr to check this place out "
  7. * An Orc with mechanical parts replacing some features of his body stands on a stump to announce in a deep glitchy voice " Ug, Mi Gromok. Mi peek uzg " * turns a dail on his neck " My name is Gromok. I seek a settlement or town to reside in. In rrrrrrreturn I will offer my Tinkerrrrrrrrr abilities and the settlement that houses me with benefit from my inventions that take birrrrrth under your banners. I will need a decent area for building my contraptions and testing but the benefits of the output will out way the rrrrrrisk of taking in a stranger. I am also rather strrrrr
  8. 7/10, pork chops are world famous.
  9. Bravepaw! Where have you been man? :(

  10. Clear some space in your inbox!!!

  11. cant message you for some reason, so im leaving it here.

    I noticed you leave a threat to my legion. I want to set something straight. The Welther'Schaft Legion, the inhabitants of the Hel'Gash island, are a completely benevolent order. We focus mainly on combatting evil, and currently our only enemy is the Mori. We will be able to offer your great nation great military force,...

  12. Wonderful. PM me in the forums so we can do over details.
  13. I cant message you, message me.

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