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  1. You guys take up my oxygen, thus my oxygen levels.

  2. It's been a good run and I say goodbye to the people I wasted my time with, a final parting.

  3. ScubaSteveee

    Reform the LT

    You call yourself the father of machines and then wrote a Daemon surrounding it, what's not personal about that?
  4. ScubaSteveee

    Freema, save us as admin

    @Freema, my fellow human, I think if you have the time you should really become the next admin.
  5. Can we make Freema admin? 

    1. GrimReaper98


      why would suggest such a position for my boy you evil person

    2. Space


      tied, gagged.

    3. CheapTrick


      please don't put my friend carl through that

  6. ScubaSteveee

    Reform the LT

    I'm stating facts, you guys have written nothing for this server and only pieces that are your own personal work regarding your own characters. You just take up slots. And why when you got to edit it shows two edit posts? These forums are getting pretty glitch-y and wow I'm a more mad at that than you when I try to write a response only to get railed by two edit places showing up which won't do anything and then double the post only to be more of a pester when trying to edit again. Like I said, Fire Mind has written archons which he is, you write druid lore which you are, and she's only written "cursed ice" that benefits Frost Witches which she is the coven leader of. Good job guys for really providing absolutely squat to anyone but yourselves.
  7. ScubaSteveee

    Reform the LT

    You can have a gold star for being a LT that only writes lore regarding things that benefit them and doesn't write anything outside wood elf lore. Just like how fighting evil by moonlight only writes about cursed ice and frost witches. Just like how Fire Mind can only make archons and judge other people's writing. @Telanir, stop worrying about "toxicity" and maybe take a look at your teams, especially the one holding lore and judging lore. You should be doing your job and managing before worrying about petty words that can be handled if a GM if you ran things correctly.
  8. ScubaSteveee

    Reform the LT

    Yeah, you're right, you guys just hold positions to flaunt your own lore and customs while the best thing you can approve is werewolves. You guys are sadly waste of spaces who hold positions which could be used in a much more forwarding path, like this thing called a storyline. Keep having fun with holding your own positions and adopting people like Leowarrior14. What have you made for the server beside liquid essence and your own work, archons? You're an absolute joke too.
  9. ScubaSteveee

    [✗] [ET and LT] Celestials

    This can be denied.
  10. ScubaSteveee

    [✗] [ET and LT] Celestials

    Fair enough, it can be changed if I don't self-deny. The ET nor LT can't use a pseudo god entity like one of these willy nilly, so their star which exploded, leading to their character would need a character sheet looked by me being its writer. I've had problems with LT in the past claiming they have all authority over everything and so I'm clearing it beforehand that they agree do not own my work, nor control it, and I'll be the overseer out of common courtesy for having a hand in it. However, many entities could be formed to further story lines without disturbing the Daemon or Aengul state of being, as they're actual Gods.
  11. ScubaSteveee

    [✗] [ET and LT] Celestials

    What are you talking about? No creation lore is being reshaped, but stars exploding that has such an energy it leaves behind entities formed from the energy. I honestly don't have a clue what you're talking about. Maybe it's you who think they're privileged and not as smart as they wanna be.
  12. ScubaSteveee

    [✗] [ET and LT] Celestials

    An entity born from the center of the star could be created in somebodies lore, seen here. "A compacting energy that reaches far, far past the energy levels of a Voidal Node would leave behind beings unlike anything else. What happens from this point is left to ET and LT moderation, however players, like the Abyss can write their own lore revolving around it if they so choose." If something was written by a player and approved it'd not necessarily be completely an ET or LT, but pretty much is restricted to them.
  13. ScubaSteveee

    [✗] [ET and LT] Celestials

    Now that makes me say WOW! Um, this isn't reshaping anything and further explains creation lore written by Swgrclan, and there's thousands of thousands of stars which only few can explode into the process that allows ET and LT to make events. This isn't imposing anything on you bud.
  14. ScubaSteveee

    [✗] [ET and LT] Celestials

    You should watch your tongue before rashly judging something you apparently can't understand. I wrote a response, then these forums went and totally messed up everything I said, so for the second time. WoW has Creator Shards that are souls, which from the exterior continent us Descendants live on in RP leak mana, voidal nodes, mana streams, which slowly and over time went into space, then the Creator Shard which is really a dormant soul protecting against the Veil (The Void) processes mana into active mana that's not in its inherit design so it explodes, leaving behind another entity in the epicenter of the massive explosion?
  15. ScubaSteveee

    [✗] [ET and LT] Celestials

    The developed Creator Shards, shaping congealed putty into fleshly Descendants created creation, and more. Where the Void ruled what was not, but where everything was and naught at the same time; the Creator ruled all that was and is. It was through the first shimmering glimmer that showed their luminescence to the universe, but they returned it. The world became leveled on the backbone of their divinity, compassion from their grace, then primordial entities of duality from their divided soul. Despite having such a magnitude, the Genitor had to give back to the world to protect its infancy from becoming tainted grounds to the Void, so a Veil against it was manufactured to be guarded by the Vigil. A line of defense protected the earthly world, stars. Stars were unformed souls born to protect, like an atmosphere. The stars made sure hordes, upon hordes of malformed nothingness could siege creation. This made the Veil, shielding the cosmos betwixt the two alternative dimensional realms comprised of opposing matter. However, it was and wasn’t expected the world would become teeming with Mana to such a high degree. So the universe mana streams began leaking from the world, slowly, and over time. Voidal nodes, voidal corruption, mana, it fleeted from earth into the above space, causing untold damage. What protected against an outside Veil didn’t protect its own flank to the same defensive state. The stars, complex and unshaped soon processed passive mana into active mana when absorbing enough of it over long periods of time, which for some would start near the beginning of the universe to finally implode. It’s as heating, comforting an egg would cause it to hatch, making the unformulated soul grow into a conscious. A star, rather a soul imploding The Creator Shard, taking form of an un-awakened soul would violently awaken out of its dormancy. It’s due to not being within its inherent design that the awakened, mana churning star becomes volatile. An already undergoing of drastic change implodes the star into cataclysmic energy. What’s left behind is intense distortion that finally is unable to keep together, reaching combustion, and it explodes. The comprised celestial matter is spewed outwards and in the last moments takes form of the Creator in the beginning-- a blinding, exploding light. A devastating blast erupting leaves too much energy left in one place exploding outwards, which, in a single second within the epicenter can create a warped soul. Pseudo Gods A compacting energy that reaches far, far past the energy levels of a Voidal Node would leave behind beings unlike anything else. What happens from this point is left to ET and LT moderation, however players, like the Abyss can write their own lore revolving around it if they so choose. Since it’s a soul that’s awakened, then implodes on itself, reawakening into something completely different than it was previously; what spawns from the epicenter, whether of light or dark only understands its new being. So, to explain this, it’d not remember it was star necessarily but would understand its nature, cosmos, and be a highly intelligent, warped being. It’d seem to radiate mana and be quite celestial to the point they can be considered pseudo deities, thus are mostly restricted to ET and LT uses. They can be both good, heavenly, bad, and or hellish. They can even have the duality of both, then too they can be completely neutral. The being is warped into its own, unique nature. When going to the mundane world they'd fall on the earth as a meteor and this is when they're at their weakest, but usually people can mistake this as a shooting star, or a comet which falls. What's lucky for them is they usually fall down in the wilderness not close to any civilization. RED LINES: Restricted to mostly ET and LT usage. This doesn’t happen to EVERY star, only some near the outer banks (close to the continent) that after reaching an eventual point of mana are forced out of hibernation from it, then due to not being in their design explode, but such an energy leaves behind something unique. Assuming there’s millions, millions of these unshaped souls becoming stars throughout space this only happens to a few. This is to help formulate storylines with intricate characters that aren’t Aengudaemons, rather celestially born. Due to the idea being my own (inspired however from Swgrclan’s creation lore) usage of the piece has to be approved and ran by me. If approved the LT and therefore Tythus company, they agree the piece is mine and cannot be taken from me by their rules that say that anything posted is given to the LT. The writing and idea is solely mine. Any ET using the piece and or LT can’t take from my idea and so agree to inform me, then my approval. CREDIT: @Swgrclan creation lore Example of a pure, nice celestial: Example of a malevolent, evil celestial: