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  1. this is beyond mere mortal words the ending is GOLDEN though what a ******* rush and ride you guys brought me on, thank you
  2. starting a new company called rent my clique!!!

    1. ScubaSteveee


      @Telanir I have a status update that might interest you, you can be a third-party seller. 

  3. Where are the old farts at!?!? 

  4. save me bro from the circles of hell 

  5. who hurt you bro..

    1. ScubaSteveee


      Damn man that is deep. 

  6. I did not have sexual relations with that woman!
  7. Is being a Doomer or Boomer or Zoomer or Bloomer political? 

  8. Telanir is a product of capitalism.
  9. do you need some real music? 

  10. what PvP faction is hip on the new PvP server? 

  11. u are all pond scum btw i am riley reid’s biggest fan 

    1. _Hexe_
    2. ScubaSteveee


      where I come from we say coon 



  12. I never thought I would see you with even a half-closed eye, but good luck Leomon. If you point the amount of work into life as some of us have into this place, you are bound to get results. Stay golden.
  13. I thought you were the savior 

    1. ScreamingDingo


      an act of martyrdom was essential to truly become the lore messiah

  14. either way I wouldn’t write for a server that thinks they can claim my ideas, and I don’t
  15. who wants to be banned? 

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