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  1. sick picture 

    1. Keening


      thanks broski

  2. Are we evolving? 

    1. ConnorMagill


      No we are devolving

  3. Feedback noting this and nothing different isn’t helpful.
  4. It has been openly acknowledged that the team has caused more damage than good. Sorry is a stage of acknowledgement, but not one of change. A lore piece taking 3 months to get denied is a joke. You have radicalized the universe without any premeditation. Stage one, hard shelf everything, and massacre the unfortunate and well-established characters. Merkaken’s Dread Knight was a character that is a prime example of getting erased. Stage two, do so without any explanation for the characters and be passive aggressive while the lore team has ample lore on their side. Remove and keep is the name of the game for you guys. The lore team members play their special demons, fox people, and martial art magics and robots. Stage three, having removed everything without any backstory or replacement beside your work is not good enough---- so now we can sit on our ass for 3 months without voting anything new. Yes, that is good a way to be a clog. I don’t know, the stages of this Doofenshmirtz planning could go on. Tell me, again, what change do you offer? Has anyone thought about letting new fresh minds coming in? I mean just apologizing and dodging would make this entire notice a waste of time. This is why people get sued, for some things cannot be taken back, and people want compensation. While I don’t believe in it by my templar vows, it has some logical sense. Has anyone talked about the primary concern? What is the future then? LoTC lore continues through the same deadening marshes? Do you know what compromise means? It means: noun 1. An agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions. To drill my point further, concessions means both sides conceded something. A bargain, the deal, is a give and take. Not we wipe the board, do nothing, and leave that to be the set stage. To put it lightly I would consider the reign a low. There was no planning or forethought.
  5. What are all the creatures that got removed? 

    1. w_ill


      satyrs, cervitaurs, a lot of the fae CAs, necromancy, darkstalkers, paleknights, morghuuls, clericalism was FAT shelved, but hey the ascended escaped the CA/MA genocide alive

  6. Can I have your Snapchat?

    1. Luv


      of course! it’s sexilexi12

    2. Tato


      that's doxxing bro

  7. sad seeing something once good turn to ****

  8. some vinyl right there if you have no remix, I will give you GOOD tunes
  9. Happy Martin Luther King day everyone. 

    1. Space


      john mccain voted against making it a holiday

  10. I’m not sure about the wraith situation, but what I do know is there needs to be some clotting system, which prompted me to respond. I don’t think it should be held to a certain cliché and at the same time needs to be in the hands of someone responsible. If you don’t have a clotting system the magic becomes abused, overused, and are held to their own standards. The standards of people are thin. You will get more people who don’t care and do stupid activities that way. The wraith argument is for another person to tackle, though I’ll agree they have been stagnant in the past and didn’t serve no overall arching purpose for they didn’t want to be leaders or step up to the leadership plate. Would you say necromancers should have an end-game though? Perhaps something new? My original point is do you think there shouldn’t be clotting? You see from my above text how I feel about clotting.
  11. All magics What’s the issue with clotting? Why not say what you mean behind that besides using passive writing.
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