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  1. Normal thinking would have issues being addressed, but the Lore Team is half-effort and passive aggressive. All comments are just debased and squandered by their “rightness”. If we want change or these to be taken seriously, the community as a people are going to have to step up. The current Lore Team doesn’t show much interest in wanting to change anything players bring up. Sad to see the state of things. Yeah it is crazy to do fantasy things on a high fantasy server. You applied to that for fantasy related opportunities? Maybe if you get into the Lore Team clique you can have access to what you applied for.


  3. From instrumental, classic, alt rock, indie, pop, Justin Bieber, I will give it a try. Preferably, the aim, underground or not largely mainstream. But if it is a really good Pink Floyd song who cares man, good is good. But more underground the better. i will share the dead Pittsburgh ghost and his under-rated and under-appreciated song
  4. if only we could follow the example of a good team
  5. sounds like the server will be just that more fun with farmville RP
  6. what is the mouth on it, thought spiders has fangs of sorts, little injectors
  7. Ya I didn’t really expect a comment from any uncultured, ignorant, possible trump supporters on this site either yet here we are What do you even listen to anyway?
  8. When the behavior of your own administration reaches these guidelines, then will I feel better. You should address real issues, besides telling everybody to hold hands, and dance in a circle.
  9. Why are you a supremist punk?
  10. Do yourselves a favor and find a new server. 

    1. DeusVidet


      show me a good one and i’ll go

    2. Dewlox
    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Fortnite has some amazing RP servers on it

  11. How do you answer the question if you don’t play anymore?
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