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  2. id like to thank those who consistently upvote whatever i post, no matter the quality. you know who you are.

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      No one cares loser

    2. greisn
  3. “True scholars would know that any human empire would be known as Oren by historians. Be it the Empire of Man, or the decadent state of Imperial Oren, any true unification of Humanity will be known as Oren. It is not the name that matters, but the character of its people.” said Garen
  4. “Hmm… Ah… Oh…” pondered Garen as he read the missive. He showed it to his illiterate friend Mikolaj, waving the paper in his face as he mocked him. @Demavend
  5. Moderation: Reports Reports are a tool used by both Moderation and the Community to ensure LoTC is an enjoyable, fair, and safe environment for all. We encourage players to reach out to Moderation with any questions, but for the sake of documentation and to allow for the most informed decision-making, we ask that ALL reports are made on the forums. Any and all information regarding on how to make a report, what kind of report you should make, how to make a report, and certain restrictions for reporting can be found on the forums here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/326-reports/ There are currently 4 kinds of reports; public reports, private reports, staff reports, and safety reports. Public reports are viewable to the whole community, Private reports are only viewable by the reporter and Moderation, Staff reports are only viewable to Moderation Managers, and Safety reports are only viewable to Admins. Public Reports: Private Reports: Staff Reports: Safety Reports:
  6. Garen grumbled as he read the missive. He was not fond of children playing at adults, though he would not deny his son the opportunity to make friends. At the end of the day, the decision was not his, and thus he passed on the letter to his wife.
  7. hilarious

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      you made a joke about a terrorist attack that killed hundreds

    3. ferdaboy


      clear difference between me making a harmless joke on a friend's post and you making a joke that can and will offend a majority of the playerbase

    4. Poor_Fellow


      i didn't realize you were the ceo of humor, but please follow your own rules next time ok? and put your meme posts in spoilers too. don't want you to catch a warning for breaking the rules!

  8. "A few lashings won't hurt the man." remarked a fellow Haenser evil darkspawn knight as he read the missive. "Ah'll tell the Knight Paramount."
  9. Josef whined within his crib as he shit his diaper.
  10. Ser Garen paid no mind to the lies of the damned. He cast away the copy of the missive he had been given and began burning any other copy he could get his hands on.
  11. Ser Garen had no knowledge of meeting an Archlich when he had accompanied the King. Upon burning any copies of the missive he could find, he began his investigation.
  12. Sigmar Baruch atop his steed in the Westerwald Deep within the Westerwald, amidst towering mountains and sweeping valleys lay the untrodden lands of Valwyck. These lands remained uninhabited for long due to the harsh winter that plagued the Kingdom for many years. Yet, as the icy clutches of winter loosened, , Sigmar rallied the banners of the Greyguard and set on to claim what was his by birthright, the Duchy of Valwyck. The journey was arduous, challenging even for the hardiest souls of Ayr. Despite the biting cold, nor the relentless terrain, Sigmar and his men continued, unimpeded by the harsh wilderness. Driven by visions of a home for his people, where the soil was rich and the possibility to elevate the house from its stagnant plight, they pressed on. As the expedition ventured deeper, the air grew colder, and the maze of shadows and whispers among the trees grew more and more treacherous. The loss of a man a day became a grim ritual, though it did not deter the resolve engrained within Sigmar, nor his younger brother, Ser Garen whom was never more than an arm's reach away from his brother. “Are we there yet?” asked the Ser “For the third time today, nay, we must press on.” Sigmar replied, his eyes never leaving the path ahead. “How long then?” Garen pressed. “Not much longer.” he answered, surveying the towering trees before him. “We’ll camp here.” the eldest son of Ayr called out, his voice cutting through the eerie stillness of the forest. As their retinue meandered to a halt, Garen’s eyes wandered the baren, frosted-over clearing in which he found himself. “The beasts in the Westerwald make for good furs.” remarked Garen nonchalantly as he hitched his horse to a nearby tree. “Is that so?” he replied, “Have you not enough furs already?” “Aye.” Garen replied, “But I wish to make a cloak for someone.” At that, Sigmar’s face broke into a knowing grin. “Then let us ensure she has the finest cloak in all the land. Fetch your bow and spear; tonight, we hunt.” An artist’s depiction of Sigmar’s final battle, based off of Garen’s recollection of the events Hours passed as the two tracked a set of paws through the underbrush, following the faintest trails of snapped twigs here, or a tuft of fur there. The cold air was crisp, biting at the skin, yet their spirits were alight with the thrill of the hunt. Suddenly, the forest erupted into chaos. A deep and thunderous roar nearly shook the two men off of their feet. There, in a clearing bathed in moonlight, stood a behemoth. A bear of unprecedented size, its fur as dark as the night itself, lay its knowing gaze upon the party. It had found its next meal. Without hesitation, Sigmar charged the creature, spear in hand. The bear roared on its hind legs, the shadow it cast covering the entity of Sigmar’s frame as he approached. Garen quickly loosed a well-placed arrow into the beast’s flank, but it barely flinched. Sigmar struck relentlessly, each swipe and stab drawing blood from the bear, yet the beast did not fall. Garen watched in awe of the spearmanship displayed by his brother, and in a fateful moment, Sigmar drove his spear into the beast’s heart as its clawed paw came crashing down. Both struck true, and the bear collapsed as Sigmar was swept to the side. Garen rushed to his brother’s side, but it was too late. Sigmar lay still, his blood seeping into the soil he had died to claim. The bear too, had breathed its last. Over the next few hours, a solemn demeanor fell over the encampment. As men retrieved both Sigmar and the bear’s corpse, the party trudged forward, behind Garen. A funeral was held for Sigmar Baruch, and the bear’s fur turned into a cloak to die for. As the people of Ayr began settling the lands of Valwcyk, talk of whom was to inherit now that Sigmar was gone began to surface. A NOBLE SACRIFICE THE DEATH OF SIGMAR BARUCH Issued by the DUCHY OF VALWYCK On the 10th day of Msitza ag Dargund of 457 E.S. TO THE PEOPLE OF THE MOUNTAINS AND THE LAKES, It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Sigmar Baruch, heir to house Baruch and its incumbent titles. As he was without a child, the position of heir will be assumed by his brother, Garen Baruch. Sigmar Baruch had spent most of his personal life secluded from the rest of the nobility and courts, opting to show his cunning and resolve through his actions, as some may be able to recall from the many sieges in which he fought. From the many battles fought in the recent years, many will remember Sigmar for his accomplishments at the Siege of Brasca, where he alone slew more than ten men. Sigmar was slain at the vanguard of a force sent to claim the land upon which our future will be built. This sacrifice will be deeply felt. In accordance with Haeseni tradition, and with the grief borne by the death of our eldest son, the House of Baruch shall enter into an official mourning period of one Saint’s Day. It has been decided by the family that any delay in the settling of the Westerwald cannot be allowed. BY MOUNTAIN, RIVER, AND COAL, Her Grace, Roslin Annastas Baruch, Duchess of Valwyck, Countess of Ayr, Viscountess of Voron, Baroness of Laval and Riveryn, Lady of Jorenstadt, Guardian of the Hanseti Coast His Lordship, Garen Petyr Baruch
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