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  1. I want to be cute please! Rep given, expect those minas soon. ?❤️
  2. ~ ¤ ~ The Flitgrin Family A new family to Reedsborough and Axios, Flitgrins are cheerful, quirky, and proper folk. Our family values kindness towards family and the community. We are curious above all, always delighting in a good adventure. ~ ¤ ~ Our Culture and Tradition Flitgrins are often the most curious members of the halfling community. Favorite pastimes include but are not limited to cooking and tinkering. Our family color is green. ~ ¤ ~ Our Appearance Flitgrins have auburn hair and hazel/green eyes. We are shorter than average, never exceeding 2'3 ~ ¤ ~ Our Religion Flitgrins are not devout toward any religion, but will occasionally leave offerings for the Aengul of Harvest, or light Jack O' Lanterns in respect to Lord Knox. We generally treat unfamiliar religions with curiosity rather than aversion. ~ ¤ ~ A Notable Family Skill Flitgrins are excellent tinkers, able to devise intricate mechanisms thanks to our tiny, skillful hands. ~ ¤ ~ A Notable Family Recipe Despite our adventurous nature, Flitgrins have a reasonably simple family recipe. Olive baguette and herbal soup. ~ ¤ ~ Current and Deceased Family Members Fenwick Flitgrin - Eldest brother - Neverstar ? Dagaric Flitgrin - Younger brother - Rickmarzku ? ~ ¤ ~ Join the Family! Character name (You may make up relatives for approval): Reason for wanting to join the Flitgrin household: Character description/ backstory:
  3. What's on your mind?

    1. Stargush


      The controversies of this server :)

    2. _Jandy_


      Your uncanny shogging talent which makes you a fiend or a prodigy.

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