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  1. Kasimir shrugs at the application, handing a note to the messenger. “Report to the mother's breast tavern!”
  2. Report to the Smothers breast tavern! says Kasimir. A note is sent to the young lady Juliya. it would read.. “many thank for interest, is best perhaps interview takes place first.”
  3. meanwhile, somewhere in the world. The Bell family attends to its peaceful giant hermit crab.
  4. Kasimir examines the application, particularly closely... “Hmm, there is nie gender listed... Will list as ‘other’”. A child would run over to Rubert, under the assumption the five year old was incapable of reading. “Um, report to the Mothers Breast tavern on the crossroad!” he’d say to the child, before hurrying off to the next applicant!
  5. Kasimir looks over the application. “Da is good friend of Belvitz and Ruska.”
  6. The Jolly Band of Ruskan Children -- Much like their predecessors, the Jolly Band of Ruskan Brothers and Sisters. The Jolly Band of Ruskan Children have dedicated their lives to the success of the Orthodox religion, themselves, and the newer Lesser Ruskan region known as Belvitz. More recently their attention and dedication has been directed towards the restoration of the Ruskan culture and its teaching. The band is made of up of lower and noble children alike who have come together for the greater good of themselves, abandoning the imperial teachings in hopes of returning to their traditional roots. -- The Jolly Band is based in the ‘Mothers Breast Tavern‘ of Belvitz, in the Duchy of Adria, Empire of Man. – Why should you join? The Jolly Band is a brotherhood of boys and girls who dedicate their lives to enjoyment, Godan, and success and help of themselves and others. The Band is an exciting time- little law, freedom, and happiness is what we promise. The Jolly Band is often active in obtaining ancient Ruskan knowledge. The Jolly Band are active as ever- always on the move, always watching, always doing something. If you find that you’re fed up with grown-ups and their endless lessons and are not afraid to get your hands dirty for Belvitz, join the Band. Those that join that band are always welcomed in our halls and are given bed and storage. There are nie ranks within the Band - all are brothers and sisters in the same. - Sign up today! Name: Age: Race: Gender: You must be under the age of eighteen to join.
  7. umm, nub.

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      wub, pinkie? wub da skah did latz just blah?

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