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  1. Hello friends it is I, Cosmetology. This all feels very weird and forced so like this introduction is bad because I am not sure how I really ever planned to write one of these things because I never really did plan to write one. But I felt it would be wrong to do without one. I spent a lot of time on here the past year and it was actually a lot of fun, thanks for that. But this is to announce to those I had not known or messaged that I am stepping down and moving myself away from LoTC to deal with some offline issues. This is indeed a farewell. The community here is without a doubt scary sometimes but also can be incredibly nice. I came to grow really fond of it actually. So I wanted to say my peace before I left since I feel like everyone on here is just about doing the same thing. If you are using LoTC and roleplay as an escapist platform please remember that you are still you and still a person with feelings. You may feel you can escape from yourself and those feelings go away but ultimately your feelings are just waiting for you on the other side. Please remember to take care of yourselves and each other but do not forget about your own self and what you need. Uh so basically with that, I will be stepping down within the next few days at soonest and you will be receiving a new Application Team Director. I want to ask that those who have pressing needs for the AT to give this Director some time. They will need to adjust to their position and begin work which can be scary at first but also can be incredibly time consuming. I know everyone wants to the Tailor's Guild but please do not fight the new Director on that. I had a lot on my plate and ultimately the Tailor's Guild suffered because of myself and my mistakes do not feel you need to take that out on the team. I am so very thankful for my team and the ability to work with them all this time! ❤️
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    Your application has been.... -Congratulations on the acceptance of your application, if you need any help from an AT member try /atlist or /atreq to find one. -If you need further help feel free to use OOC chat, /h to access our help chat, or for more pressing issues use /modreq to get in touch with a GM. -Happy Roleplaying and I hope to see you playing soon. Feel free to join our new player discord: https://discord.gg/eySYjqw