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  1. Teal was always my favorite.

  2. Teal was always my favorite.

    -1 if you ain't pink you stink just kidding +1
  3. Jandy's MT App

    +1 Jandy is as good as candy
  4. MyLittleUnicorn's AT Application

    +1 Hey Dad they used a puppy joke.
  5. pink dictator wants the green badge of the lore

    Pls make my dad a water melon +1
  6. Somebody play my kid.

  7. I have joined the cult

  8. Want them deets?

    1. Mordu


      I'm bouta deet on you if you don't tell me what deets are!!! 


  9. Got an rp opportunity if someone wants some deets. 



    Cryptic status. Intrigues the mind. 

    1. Mordu


      What are deets?

  10. [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] HurferDurfer

    +1 I'd dig it.
  11. xXDarkWolfGirlX

    Changed Status to Denied
  12. xXDarkWolfGirlX

    -Your application has been denied due to the fact that you have changes need to be made but are on a guest account. Currently guest accounts cannot edit their applications and must create a new application, to change this in the future, and make things easier for you, I recommend signing up for a forum account for your next application. -Your metagaming and power gaming definitions have been plagiarized. Plagiarism is not tolerated on our server and to do so again will result in punishment. Your application must be entirely in your own words. -Your character biography must have one piece of server lore within it and must be expanded on. You can do so by adding a lore approved region or lore approved event. Please be sure to expand upon your character's biography so that we get a better feel for your character. -Please refine your character description to explain the appearance of your character. This should reflect your skin. -Your three interesting facts must be expanded and relfect on your character. Please use these to reflect upon your character's strengths and weaknesses. Currently they appear to be written as if they explain your own interests and are too short. - You have reached six applications currently and have not made the required changes we have asked of you. This results in an application ban until the end of the month. Please wait until the end of the month to apply once again. All applications made before this time will be denied. -If you need any help please feel free to message me on the forums (you must have a forum account) or message me on discord BritBritt#1506 (second brit has second t), you have 24 hours to make these changes. Feel free to join our new player discord: https://discord.gg/eySYjqw