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  1. BritBritt

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    The PK of your character should really be up to you, but if you are making such a thread it appears you are uninterested in such character so perhaps it would not affect how you feel regardless. When I PK'd my first character I was really disappointed in the roleplay I received after that. I made my main character now on a whim and really disliked her for a long time. It actually took until I found a new group to roleplay with did I begin to enjoy her because I was able to create her all over again along with that experience. Suggestion is to stick it out and find a new group. Or create a new character and find a new group. You need to create a new experience for you to enjoy and you won't find that trying to do the same thing with a new character.
  2. BritBritt

    Does Blah put you off?

    So just from personal experience I had a really hard time reading Blah when I first joined. This was in Athera where road side and tavern RP with passing by Orcs was more common for myself to run into. I am dyslexic so that is something that made it incredibly difficult for me to understand and affected my experience (not their fault my own personal fault) with orc roleplay which often led to several messages of /looc what did he say? /looc can you uh translate? /looc what did he ask her to do? And depending on the other roleplayer it was met with someone who was happy to explain or someone who was very unhappy about needing to explain or translate. However I feel like when I see Blah used now, it is often well "dumbed down" versions of words we use daily which made it easier for myself to understand now as well as many others but often is where a lot of arguments come in to how Blah should and should not be spoken. Especially if you are starting out as an Orc. I put my thoughts outside of Blah in a spoiler, I had hoped it make it shorter but unfortunately it ended longer than I wanted it to. You had directed this at Blah but you had said "I want to know what prevents people from making Orcs."so I wanted to explain why this may be for new players or others perhaps. In the video detailing orcs on the Wikipedia you do not get into the language of Blah until 3 minutes into the video. It gives a brief view of a few words as well as audio speaking of few words, and a bit of the culture on Blah. But that is the only real audio learning experience that is showcased you can get. On the Orc Wikipedia page the first reference you get to the language is actually not even Blah but rather elven language. Seen here "Name The name 'orc' derived from the Ancient Elven ork (orq-) 'monster', 'ogre', 'demon'. This was largely a result of the strength, cruelty and bloodlust of the orcish race. It can be spelled (in order of popularity) either Orc, Ork, or Orq. The pronunciation of which is all the same." The next closest reference you receive is within explanation excerpt on Ologs which states "Ologs are incapable of thinking without speaking their thoughts, possess very limited vocabularies" while this is not language itself, may very well be where you are receiving most of your moronic and meme complaints. Your next area where you really see the language is well in the language tab itself https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Orcs#Language Which refers you to Blah after some information is given https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Blah The page is short, gives you simple statement words, but ends about there. Now I hate to compare things and correct me if I am wrong, I do not play an Orc so I do not know much of Orcs and their information on the forums but one of the only posts I could find was https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/82925-speaking-the-blah/ and https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/166741-old-blah-~-the-tongue-of-the-spirits/ these were both found with a simple google search "lotc blah" which is how most find their information. Now for the comparison part, which I am aware may cause some controversy, if I am to search "lotc elven language" one of the first forum posts that I am directed to is https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/19254-recovering-the-ancient-tongue-of-the-elves/ this gives many words as well as a lesson on how to use them in a sentence correctly. This is odd to me because Blah is something that is spoken in more than just a few words but rather the entirety of their speech but there is not much direction on how to use it correctly. There is fluency tips but those are rather off putting due to the fact that they really just tell you to use Z instead of S and replace letters with the incorrect letter that just sounds like the right one. To New Players this is not a lot of information but even to old players this is not a lot of information. It even says "I wouldn't worry too much" and that is really great to be able to be so laid back and have a character you don't have to put too much mind into the speech of. But perhaps this is too much freedom, especially when you have people now running with the race and being meme-y or not serious. It is off putting to be expected to use this within your daily life style as this race and not have as much information provided to you. I am not sure if this really helped, but I would have hoped some of this information can be taken. I would like to see Orc roleplay pick up for new players who are interested in orc roleplay. Thanks for reading, I hope no hard feelings for the comparison I made.
  3. Does anyone have skins they are no longer using they are willing to give up for new players? Please let me know. 

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      New players are so greedy 😠 They can't have em, they're all mine!

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      I have a bearded dark elf skin that I wouldn't mind if people used.


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    Letting myself be told what to do insert sad uwu here
  5. BritBritt

    I felt incredibly strongly I needed to say this

    10/10 cute guy who tf calls it lawn care Welcome back babe
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    Changed Status to Accepted
  7. BritBritt


    Your application has been... -Welcome to Lord of the Craft! If you have any questions feel free to contact the AT at any time using /atreq, or ask in chats such as help /h or ooc /ooc! -Feel free to join our new player discord for questions as well https://discord.gg/eySYjqw -The Application Team is always here to help so please don't be shy to approach us -Happy Roleplaying!
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    Changed Status to Pending
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    Your application has been placed on..... -Your metagaming definition shows one correct aspect of metagaming but I want to make sure you understand there are more ways to metagame, please update this definition. - "She moved to Halsworthy in search to find a teacher to teach her how to use magic since both her parents learned magic but they weren't able to teach her." Your character cannot learn magic without a teacher in game, so that is fine if you want to use this just make sure you find the teacher in game and do not roleplay it as you already have a teacher or know magic, this is just a note for clarification it does not need to be changed. -You have 24 hours to make these changes, if you have any questions feel free to join our New Player Discord https://discord.gg/eySYjqw
  10. BritBritt


    Changed Status to Under Review
  11. Am the big sads :c 

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      i gib u wep

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      nooooo brit :C

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      You will not be sad soon because the Dominion will soon fall

  12. Can I have my new tag back?

  13. BritBritt

    AT Update Log- July

    Big Shout Out to my lovely daughter and friend @countessem (Sakura) for not hating me when like the copy and paste tool cut her off for the third time ;w;