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  1. Princedom Of Fenn The Bilok’thuln is looking for a surplus of blocks listed below. Pay will be included You can sell the given blocks via, double chests and deliver to us directly or sell to the Fenn-mart just outside the gates of the city. If you need tools do not worry, fenn-mart sells them extremely cheap for your needs. Listed Blocks Cyan Concrete: 2 mina e/a Stone bricks: 0.15 mina e/a Prismarine (All Types): 0.1 e/a Quartz: 0.1 Minas e/a Birch Wood: 0.15minas e/a Terracota 0.1 mina e/a
  2. [Ooc] Username: GrimDeValhalla Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Depends on work but on for a few hours at a time each day if possible Discord: GrimDeValhalla#6996 Timezone: Irish Time. [RP] Name: Taveric Sylric Gender: Male Place of residence: Sylric Bloodline Manor Race/Sub-race/Culture: Mali’Fenn Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Aye Top.
  3. Aye, a good run indeed. Least he went with a beard on his face, Ill see him on the other side sometime.
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    Tà'và've'jì'cò' Ýÿü'jú'ñíîë'jî' pronounced Taveric Yurkier was born on the 16th day of the 5th month in Talar'ikur his mother and father named, Nee'lia and Be'ja'thu'se Ýÿü'jú'ñíîë'jî' and three sisters. Taveric growing up had a normal enough childhood his mother worked with medicine his father was in the military now being a weapons instructor teaching most in using weapons in a effective manor. Taveric at a young age was trained up by his father, though Taveric did so exceeding well in training just as his father did growing up and serving in the armed forces for many years doing his family proud. As years past Taveric had a growing sense of adventure, curiosity, the want to leave and explore and see the world he lived in. Thus he did as such taking his leave to see the world, though as fun as it was to him seeing all around him and learning what he can. Taveric a few months in on his trip he took time going through a forest rather enjoying the nature as he was getting ready to camp he had the unlucky time of getting stung by some plant that stiffed up his joints to were he could not move and finally blacked out. By fate or mere luck a passer by found Taveric and decided to help him. Taveric finally awoke to see another tanned elf across from him a wood elf, not and odd thing to find in a forest but he was thankful none the less he was dead if not for him. After a few hours of talking with said stranger he found out he was a herbalists traveling deep into the wilderness searching for rare or new flora that could be about, Taveric being himself offered to travel with him for the time being and help due to the wood elf saving his life he owed him one and to which the wood elf accepted gladly wanting the help as the road alone can be dangerous and lonely little did Taveric know he would end up spending a lot more time with this wood elf making rather good friends with him taking a year out working with him and making some coin, even learning a few things from him, but as always things must come to an end for Taveric needed to head home marching up his things giving his goodbyes to his friend and off he went into the world once more.
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