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  1. https://imgur.com/a/waPSF  if you want proof that creete said that there you go. This is horrible that the staff keeps making up excuses for their favoritism. This is idiotic. 

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    2. jjujack


      Tavern, we had a decent cavalry too, and either way the idea that they said "We won't have horses" but then all of a sudden there was one horse left because the coalition had to kill off all of theirs too. (We also never got a refund with diamond armor like oren did. Our Cavalry only had Chain. ) But the point is that they had a rule but didn't enforce it and one mods reason was because it would only be fair. 

    3. monkeypoacher


      it wasn't a rule that no horses were allowed, the server actually bugged out and killed the horses.

    4. jjujack


      In the server it said "No horses." and a bit of other text making it so that they weren't allowed anymore. 

  2. When a mod says "No horse" it means no horses except for one to oren. Reasoning I got from Creete "You outnumbered them so we let it be." That is unfair that is blatant favoritism. SAD!

    1. rukio


      :thinking: That's so very very sad


  4. Accepted, and also Meeting in two elven days (The 8th of june at 8pm central time.)
  5. Who do I ship together? My boat and I. Yeeeettt yeeeettt. I am a pirate

  6. "Accepted." he smiles at the applications as he starts to decide which jobs should go to who. ((also the ship won't be finished for a while either 1 when I get pissed at schematic and pull an all nighter or two schematic updates.))
  7. "Halflings, yes, finally some more diversity all we need is a female now. Approved."
  8. Looks upon this application and nods "Approved, I will be in contact with you soon." Pauses seeing it is a Wraith but shrugs it off and says, "Approved, we do not discriminate."
  9. Sea Trading Guild The Sea Trading Guild is located in AutumnVale with One ship built. One ship called the Divine Rose for sea travel. We are currently looking for new applicants who would love to travel the seas for both adventure and trading. So do you have a love for the sea? Do you love adventure? Do you love the rocking feeling of a ship? Then apply here. The Divine Rose is finished, except for minor details here and there. Come visit her at The AutumnVale Dock's. Just turn around at the main entrance of Metz, follow the road and find the stoned walled city. There you will see the beautiful ship that is so Divine. Application Username: Character name: Character's race and age: Skill sets: Major Nation Affiliations: Skype: Current Members Captain: Asylo Le Prevost Quartermaster: Lyra First Mate: Laethesia Navigator: Tavynu Doctor: Thornir Alchemist: Nerrin & Calypso Enchanter: Blacksmith: Chef: Arabella Other crew:
  10. My character used to be part of some navy enterprise and now he wants to be a rogue pirate. He is trying to become one as we speak and that's basically his ambition. If you want to join he will be making posters once he gets a ship made.
  11. I am back ******* Whoot, lets get ready for some hate

    1. Stolos
    2. GloriaPreussens
    3. jjujack


      I am the worst player there possibly is man

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