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  1. Conjured Binding & Primordial Changes

    Pretty dumb question but just to clarify, transfiguration?
  2. [Lore Submission][Creature Lore] Bryophites

    I'm glad someone rewrote the lore, I've always thought them cool +1
  3. Community Meeting

    Will we be keeping our persona hours progress in the transfer to the next map? Putting persona's nexus back to square one makes somewhat sense but taking away my bonus profession and everything else I achieved with persona hours is just ridiculous imo.
  4. Why don't we have werewolves?

    1. Jentos


      We do my friend.. Oh we do.

      I know of two magics that are able to achieve this... Just need to find out which :I

    2. Parker


      xd xd xdx xd

    3. Babehab


      Because no one can/is willing to write them properly

  5. Looking for Girlfriend

    "I'll be your girlfriend, Tajo." Richard winks.
  6. Put a lock on the elven race

    I thought you meant taking the elf race out all together, but I was wrong. This is a good idea, +1.
  7. [✗] [LoreSubmission][Racial Lore] The Valfothr

    I'm finding comments saying that this race brings nothing new and that you can just play something else if you want to be a giant irritating. No, this provides a new style in which to play something as. Not everything has to fit your subjective view of what "copies" or not for it to be enjoyable for players. This race brings a dedicated Nordic culture to the server. +1
  8. Teacher wanted.

    [!] Richard scoffs. "If only it were this easy for me to learn magic."
  9. What valuable life skill could you have learned?

    Idc tbh, I play lotc for entertainment, not learning. It provides me with a fantasy world my mind can drift into when I'm bored or when I need a distraction, even when I'm not sitting near a computer. I don't let it get in the way of my real life, so I hold no regrets.
  10. A lot of people dislike PvP because they don't want their hard-worked and personal items being taken. In most cases of RP fighting, people get to keep their items. I think this is what sways many to despise PvP. A good chunk of controversy would be emitted if a plugin was implemented that allowed players to keep their items after they were popped. This would not work, however, if the majority of the player base weren't supportive of it. I'm not saying this will completely cease the issue; you've still got your arrogant mages who cannot have their characters die, but it will persuade many RP fighters to be more accepting of PvP and more willing to compromise.
  11. Tidemanno's LM application


  13. Favorite Marvel Character(s)?

    Doctor Strange ftw Daredevil, Ironfist (I liked these two before the TV series, don't judge), Cap', Xavier, so many...