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  1. ((Is one still around?)) @Paleo
  2. @UnBaed How long will this be available?
  3. This was a good read but to my understanding, and correct me if I'm wrong, I thought it was clear that the void was strictly suppose to be a realm of complete nothingness besides the arcanic energies that reside within it. If I'm wrong, I'll definitely +1 it.
  4. Looking for someone to draw character art for my persona. I'll pay, ofc.

    1. LeoRabbit99


      Edit: Message me an offer if intrested

  5. ((Is this public knowledge or only known by druids?))
  6. Contrary to many who like to complain, I think the et is doing good. Edit: Something I'd like to add: Perhaps it'd be a good idea to focus events of less epic portions. Maybe direct them to "weaker" personas to encourage rp toward people of lower status, such as this: It may encourage more peasant-like rp. I think events dealing with small, ordinary things would benefit the server.
  7. +1
  8. +1
  9. 24 leathers=3-4 cows, so not hard at all. It's semi-hardISH to get the iron, however at this point there is so much iron floating around everyone in WCs have full sets. I think it'd be cool if the majority of people in WCs had either leather or leather and iron mixed.
  10. Should make it so it's easier to find iron and harder to make armor imo.
  11. I'm aware of the reason, what I mean is this. Imo, I'm not sure why the lore was constructed this way to begin with. They should've revolved the magical companions around conjurers instead of arcanism. Arcanism already has so much while conjuration currently has squat. Sure you can summon a small critter or animal, but it doesn't follow you around permanently and doesn't give you the same advantages celestial familiars do.
  12. I couldn't help myself.
  13. I'm referring to celestial familiars, I suppose I should have clarified. It seems odd that arcanism gets the typical wizard's companion when conjuration revolves around summoning plants and animals. @Tox