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  1. LeoRabbit99

    On Lotc Villainy and Solutions

    I sorta get this mentality. This is pretty much my demeanor when playing wow. I camp and kill lowbies. But if this is your goal, why play on an RP server? This isn't RP. Why not play league or something if you want to get a rouse? CoD? A factions server? These games are meant to be competitive. Taking someone's RP item takes away the fun out of using it. And I'm not talking about combat magic rp items or something, but things like wedding bands, and other actual RPly meaningful objects.
  2. LeoRabbit99

    Why I might leave LoTC

    I would never...ever, be racist irp. *Slides Richard's staff aside*
  3. LeoRabbit99

    Defender Default Proposition

    Don't make me spam your discord with mean comments, kid.
  4. LeoRabbit99

    Defender Default Proposition

    Bruh...honestly no offence man, but real men don't fight in Minecraft.
  5. LeoRabbit99

    Defender Default Proposition

    Interesting...I was torn whether I agreed or not at the start, but I eventually decided that I respectfully disagree, and here's why. On my other persona, I'd sneak up on people. I'd get myself jacked up on potions and would cast my frostbolt while hidden. Then, I'd come out and impale them with it. Tbh, it was almost equivalent to a one emote kill if you look at it from their perspective, which is why I'd never kill or capture characters this way. If you got rid of defender default, people would be cucked out of having anyway of fighting against this or any other sneak attacks. At the point of fighting 2 people, u're already pretty **** out of luck anyway in either RP or PvP unless u run away, so it really doesn't matter when that's the case anyway. Also I'm a little confused whether this means the attacker gets the choice or if RP default is prioritized. I don't think we should favor RP or PvP fighting on this server because there are tons of communities that enjoy to RP their fights on this server in both ways. To favor one would be to favor some communities' way of playing over others. Again, I respectfully disagree. This is just my view on it.
  6. LeoRabbit99

    [Plugin Ideas] Thirst & Compass

    Name(Unnecessary): LeoRabbit99 Type(Rp, Mechanical, etc): Mechanical Function: The XP bar would be used to track thirst, which would be filled through water bottles. The compass would be used as a method to view your f3 information. You'd use it to track coordinates and directions. Who Would it Benefit?: It would provide a little bit more immersion and give actual uses for the water bottle and compass item. With nexus gone, there really isn't much need for items of mechanical use with the exception of food and armor. Even those items were more valued in nexus with food spoiling and gear harder to come by. While I'm not here to argue the reimplementation of nexus, I feel it'll be really cool to carry a water bottle on you and dropping near a body of water every once in a while, and for people journeying around the world of Atlas to carry compasses so they can find their way. Nobody really RPs these things too much which saddens me a bit. A mechanical representation could make these irl necessities more considered while playing. I've seen the thirst plugin idea on other servers, so I know that's possible. As for the compass plugin, a coder told me it was possible at the time I asked, so I'd assume it still is now. If the community doesn't jump out for this idea, I wouldn't implement it. At the end of the day, just because I think it would be really cool doesn't mean everyone else would. I understand the developer team is probably very busy, and I don't recommend putting this on your top priority. I just had an idea and thought I'd throw it out there. If people find it cool and enjoyable, it'll be a fun thing to consider. P.S. I'd suggest keeping the rate at which you thirst low. I foresee it becoming a burden more than anything else and people just carrying **** tons of water bottles in their inventories. I think it would be annoying paying attention to your hunger bar AND thirst bar while PvPing and running around
  7. LeoRabbit99

    Yagami, SnowDay01's Game Moderator Application

    +1 for sure
  8. LeoRabbit99

    [Denied]WearsomeKarma's World Developer Application

    Right, so I just needed to comment on this dude's app when I heard he applied for world dev. I've seen his world, and he's astonished me with his creativity and builds. I think this person will fall in love with the position. It's a shame that no one plays on his world, but I know this for a fact...he will do well as a world developer and that people will have fun in the spots he makes. Big +1
  9. Waiting for liches to be unsoft shelved 😞

    1. Tato


      Unsoft as in hard shelve,

      or unshelved from the soft kind of shelfing?

    2. LeoRabbit99


      Unshelved from the soft shelf, lol

  10. Giles Curthose glanced at the scattered dead men as he shifted through the once chaotic battlefield, now laid quiet after the siege. "Nearly two-thirds of all our forces were slaughtered, and in the name of our town," He said to himself. He sighed with sorrow as he continued, taking gaze to Ajax--now fallen. He had remembered talking with the man while the battle was raging, making sure he was alright. "And I fear this is just the beginning of an even greater threat..." he slowly heaved the man on his shoulder. "They will be avenged. At least I can save this one." He set out for the monks, hoping they could pull the man away from his dreary fate.
  11. LeoRabbit99

    My Thoughts

    I’m sorry, I usually try to make it a point to attempt to avoid trending OOC drama, but I just really need to get this off my chest… I was pretty excited today. I was coming home from the gym, didn’t have work the next day, school is still not for another few weeks, I was hyped up for Malgonious’s event...I was having a nice day. I come home to find out one of my best friends on this server had been accused of pedophilia. And after looking into it, I concluded it’s likely true, although I cannot say for sure. While trying to mediate for her in the beginning, she’s literally crying out on VC. It seemed like she was innocent (or maybe not). I couldn’t tell you because I didn’t see the logs. All I knew at this point was that my friend was truly upset, and it pained me. The least I could do was to try and help her prove her possible innocence. First, I’d like to clarify that my friend did not send me to do this, but I, in fact, took it upon myself to do it. She wasn’t being manipulative in anyway as far as I could tell. Anyway...I asked sneaky_turtles to send the logs to my friend so she could prove her innocence. Although she refused, and for reasons I don’t agree with, but I understand, I feel like we had a respectable conversation. I feel like the feeling is mutual… Later, I had people inviting me to discord chats saying I harassed her, which is utterly untrue. I even asked sneaky_turtle afterward if she felt like I harassed her, and she was completely fine with me. It’s funny...they were harassing me about “supposive” harassment of another, which is again, untrue. Later, in another LotC discord, someone stated something to the effect of my friend’s (the one who was banned for pedophilia) buddies (people like myself) were wrong for trying to sympathize with her. I chimed in. Being her friend, I wanted to set my record clear. I’d like to clarify, that I was respectful in this. First, I stated that I loathed pedophilia and that I thought it was disgusting and sick. I said I would condemn my friend if I had found out the allegations were true. I then simply stated that I would not make a conclusion because I would not judge my friend until I was absolutely sure. I said that I couldn’t make a conclusion until I had logs, then said it ultimately didn’t matter though, because I wasn’t the one making the decision. This was literally it. Afterwards, I got some **** for this. People kept spouting to shut the **** up about it, “******* stop” and to “stop before something I don’t like happens.” If I came off like an *******, I’m sorry, but it couldn’t have been that bad. I wasn’t bringing up a topic that wasn’t already being talked about at that moment. It seemed like they just didn’t like my view because it opposed them. It was as if I couldn’t make an unbiased perspective on the situation without automatically being seen as pedophile sympathizer. “He’d rather wait for evidence first. He must be pro-pedophilia. **** him.” That’s the demeanor I got from the conversation. I did my best to play it cool, but I’m not going to lie...it’s hard sometimes. This is only one of many situations I've had... I do my best to mend the feuds I have with other players. I want a positive relationship with the community. I go out of my way after an argument to break the ice. I try to say stuff like “I understand your viewpoint, and respect it.” Many times, I have found myself apologizing for **** I know I’ve fucked up on. I try to contribute to a good community, and encourage nice and positive behavior in others...but man...it’s hard sometimes. It’s hard when you’re trying to be calm and understanding of their perspective, and they just **** on you. I mean it’s really ******* hard...and I know I’m not perfect. There are some things I’d take back if I could...some things I believe came off wrong, some things I was wrong on, or a mixture of both, but I do do my best. I just want a platform to RP with others. I just want to have fun. I feel like most of the people complain a lot…”It’s the staff’s fault!” “People are bad at playing villains!” My advice...just make do with what you have. I understand that criticism is good, but it gets to the point where everyone is just generally trying to find something to blame, and without really realizing it. Take it upon yourselves to make things fun...I’ve not once found myself in a period in LotC where I was actually uncontent with the RP on the server...I’ll probably get a lot of backlash for that comment, but it’s true. Let me give you an example… The church attacked my town, Halsworthy. I worked my ass off to build and run it, getting to the point of serious OOC stress, and then they came down, then raided it over and over and over again, and eventually killed my character. I was upset. I was turned into a ghoul when my character was executed and found the roleplay incredibly boring...but I didn’t blame the canonists for attacking my town, I didn’t blame the boring nature of the ghoul...no. Instead, I started an event line that many enjoyed. I made do with what I had. While obviously, this isn’t going to be the case every situation, it’s something to consider. Try to find the fun in something and exploit it. In short, while my people (people who lived in Halsworthy) complained that the church’s RP was terrible (and I respect their opinion, and still adore them because they’re my pals), I used the RP, and turned it into something that not only I enjoyed, but the church did as well, even though I PKed the pope in it. I had many of them thanking me for the RP. My point is... idk, I just feel like everyone is always looking for something to blame, and are never willing to actually see something from another perspective. I’m not saying to not give feedback, or to not debate about things--by no means….just be understanding while you do it. I just wanted to get this out there with all the OOC shenanigans going on rn. I welcome all comments and opinions.
  12. LeoRabbit99

    Storm Clouds Gather

    It's not.
  13. LeoRabbit99

    Submit questions for the LotC Talkshow!

    What is the status on necromancy? Since both rewrites were denied, are you going to unshelf the parts that were shelved?
  14. LeoRabbit99

    Domesticated Magic

    I feel like the enscribe letter spell is a little ridiculous. I understand your just trying to add some athstetics and sense to pulling a bird out of your ass, but honestly that just shouldn't be allowed. You shouldn't be able to call players across the map just because you're in a tight situation, or whatever reason have you. Other than that, +1