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  1. LeoRabbit99

    LOTC Is Full of Psychopaths, Sadists and Narcissists

    From the perspective of a veteran player that's no longer on the server, I think it's unfair to say that most of the server is full of psychopaths n' stuff if you're not willing to say that the world is full of them. LotC is just a medium where a bunch of people stick around and have the security of being behind a screen to do whatever. It's a place where human behavior is expressed without people's social anxiety getting in the way. This community is no different from most internet communities without strict restrictions, which would never work for the server. I think it's worth saying that there are quite a lot of people on the server who are good. In my time on the server, my character was as toxic as can be, but I, as a player, always did my best to help people out, show new players the ropes, and make things fun for other people in my RP. I'm definitely not the only one like this, there are tons more. Although they're not the majority, they make a decent amount of the population; take a look at the orc community. They're all around really good people and are generally nontoxic. SOME of the staff are probably the worst issue on the server, but again, I wouldn't generalize all of them. There are some really good staff members that I have had some excellent experiences with. I'd also say the ooc **** is also a major problem, but it's really hard to target that. In conclusion, you should expect some of the toxicity and drama on the server; that's given playing something like this. The best way to combat this I think is to be a good person. Be helpful and nice, and try to convince as many people to do the same. Spreading good, optional values is the only way to really turn this into a pleasant community. As we've seen in the past, putting more restrictions and "community guidelines" as iron law simply won't work for many reasons. Some people just don't take new rules well, and for good reason. Some of the staff are too bias to trust them as a whole. In short, fewer rules and more positive values. That's my two cents.
  2. LeoRabbit99

    Leaving LotC

    I'm leaving LotC. LotC has siphoned so much from me...it's my fault of course, but it's time to move on. I should have done this a long time ago. My grades have slowly been dwindling, I stopped exercising, lost touch with my friends, I haven't gotten my driver's license yet, and my crush has now moved to another state, destroying any chance I had with her. All this happened because I decided to play LotC instead of living my life. I feel like LotC became my life, and I don't want that. LotC was so fun while it lasted, but I've outgrown it...I wish everyone else a very good life, and I hope you find the server joyous and fun until you decide it's time to move one. I'm glad to have had so many good friends who supported me and made my time on this server fun. I had a great time playing Richard...getting into trouble, interacting with everyone else, building his story. Perhaps he seemed like "just a meme" character to others, but I put a lot of time and effort into him and loved my time RPing with him. I am very sad to part with him. I hope everyone else's feelings are mutual. GL everyone... One last absolutely horrendous Richard pun: Farewell, and may the force be with you...
  3. LeoRabbit99

    Walkin' on off.

    Never got to take Dael's eye :(
  4. I really like the idea of your piano lessons. If my character was not a ghoul, I'd likely apply to one of your classes. It's very unique, and I like how you utilize the note blocks for it. 

  5. LeoRabbit99

    Mukai [Creature]

    You beat me to the comment...
  6. LeoRabbit99

    Death Amendment: Consequences for Dying

    This is a really good idea.
  7. LeoRabbit99

    [Chimera][CA] Ethan

    Our numbers are growing!
  8. LeoRabbit99

    Aether VIP giveaway

    sure why not?
  9. LeoRabbit99

    Why is having too many creatures a bad thing?

    I'm fine with more creatures than the basic four descendants as long as it's not over done. As of now, there are way too many creatures
  10. LeoRabbit99

    firegirl7892467's Magic Team Application

    A nice person and able to analyze situations non-biasly. +1
  11. LeoRabbit99

    Are You Coming To The Hanging Tree? [NOT A PK POST]

    [!] Richard, husband to Carsandra in his life, the man killed by the canonist and brought back from death as an echo of his former self snarls, only hearing that they tried to kill her, storming out for their blood before Carsandra was able to tell him of their release of her.
  12. LeoRabbit99

    The Battles of High Plains

    ((This is untrue. You PKed for her which is unallowed, and we have screenshots of her consenting to be my mother.))
  13. LeoRabbit99

    Automatons, Animii

    Honestly I'm not the biggest fan of non-magical automatons. If they could be done at such a primitive age of technology, why don't we have them today? They're not really possible to make without a magical component. Another thing, I'm not too fond of guns and things like this. Lord of the Craft is more like Lord of the Rings than a final fantasy-themed game. Also this. Probably too many constructs as it is.