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  1. Whooo wants to make a cult with me and get some villain

    rp going? 

    1. Scuba


      10/10 character development right here

    2. Aelisus


      Joooiin me

  2. Hey y’all! I’m looking to join a group, preferably either magic-esque or something to do with science or whatnot. I have been afking doing adult things, but I really want to get back into roleplay! I can also build pretty good if that helps! Here are a few pictures: I build this yesterday in the Wildlands: https://gyazo.com/9d560b048d2d2cbe6c4ac834aeca16ff Here are things i’ve build in my single player world: https://gyazo.com/6534962afaa6e8659c76093e5c9431d4 https://gyazo.com/eeef9f408e0ca817eff072af8c3cd70d https://gyazo.com/b9ee46c05d939e3314b55820f935f1f8
  3. OOC ((MC Name: )) Aelisus ((Discord: )) Pauluus#4794 ((Timezone: )) PST IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Vopiscus “Vop” Osskur Felsövidék Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? To understand the nature behind Voidal interactions and the process by which it interactions with living bodies. As well as proper safety practices to perform magic. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? None currently. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Practicus When should you be contacted for an interview? Anytime really.
  4. Went AFK to do adult things. Wanting to get back into roleplay...Anyone looking for a family member or group? Pm me

    1. jamyei


      welcome back

  5. Given Name: Zamir Voro Draskovits Chosen Name (MC Name): Pauluus Why do you seek to join the Circle?: Long has it been since Humanity shined bright in the starry night. It certainly makes me crestfallen of how our society has become this grotesque milteristic institution of the less intelligent. It is time for our society to once again shine as it once was without the need of of the corrupted militaristic ideology. Aviary Adress (Skype): paulusvonnagy
  6. Hiya! Sorry about the late response. I was dealing with a irl situation. If you're still looking for a skin add me on skin! paulusvonnagy
  7. Doing yours first. Doing yours after Dewlox. Contact me on Skype with more information and references! paulusvonnagy Doing yours after Shimmer. Contact me on Skype with more information and references! paulusvonnagy Ok! I'll take that into consideration thanks bby
  8. Angyali Téma Ruhásszekrény - Angelic Threads Clothing Closet As you follow along the streets of busy, and bustling cities, you notice several peculiar flyers posted around . Hello Nemesek (noblemen) and nők (women) of all ages! You my friends have come to the right place. Here at Angyali Téma Ruhásszekrény we sell the finest silk and leather working brought to you by the most excellent of production factories around the thriving countries from which we gather in. Our silk production process is unparalleled to any other and uses only the best material to make only the best in quality. But alas, our silk and leather is not the only things to make us the best. We of Angyali Téma Ruhásszekrény design and produce the best and most unique clothing designs throughout are fair and wonderful land! Each design is handcrafted with silk and leather shipped in from only the best factories of in the world. So, my friends I ask you to ascend yourselves to only the highest quality and unique designs of Angyali Téma Ruhásszekrény! Become beautiful! Become A legszebb! Please contact in person or send a letter to János Zsadány et Törökszentmiklós whom is located in The Kingdom of Courland's Capital city. OOC Information! There is no physical location for the shop at this exact second so please contact me with information in this thread. You may also contact me on Skype. paulusvonnagy is my Skype. I am also accepting three commissions at a time so I don't overload! In order to pay please pay money to my persona, Romeus Nazarius Carlisle. Please follow the following format when commissioning a skin: Minecraft Username: Character Name: Character's Gender: Character's Race: Type of Skin made: (Skin types and prices will be listed below) Prices Current Skin Alterations(I.e. face, hair, recoloring, est): 30m Custom Outfit Creation: 75m Full Skin Creation(I.e.From Scratch, custom outfit, head, est): 300-500m Commission List 1. Glocky18 2. __________ 3. ______ Previous Skin Examples: http://imgur.com/a/4jDJu
  9. Character Name: Oskar Eschenbach Minecraft Username: Pauluus Race: Hearthlander Timezone: PST Desired Magic: Undecided
  10. [RP Application] Applicant’s Name: Julius Eschenbach Applicant’s Age: 25 Applicant’s Race: Heartlander Applicant’s Past Military Experience: Previous experience with the Vigil Applicant meets the Requirements: Yes [OOC Application] MC Username: Pauluus Skype: Already aware. Willing to download TS?: Yes Do you agree to PK if their is sufficient roleplay prior to mortality?: Of course.
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