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  1. Name: Wilmot β€œWil” Hopkin Age: 22 Race: White Human Prior Relevant Experience: β€œI’ve been in a forest before... I think.”
  2. oh god not this place again

  3. In the dimly lit Chieftain tent positioned in the VΓΆlΓ¬k camp, Torvald would sit on the edge of the makeshift thatch bed he now called home as he umravelled the blizzard of thoughts tearing through his mind. He was concerned. Concerned for the lack of trust placed in his word when advising on Bralt’s motives and moves; his 50 years of experience with fighting wildlings carried no wieght. Concerned for desperate nature of Bralt’s latest attempt to kill the King Crow; a beast is at its most deadly when it is backed into a corner, after all. But mostly, he was concerned for his people. A people that had faced hardship the likes many have not seen, and who have lost everything except each other. They relied on him to lead them to safety, but a storm is coming – one which Torvald doubts his people will be able to stave off again. β€œFock... we’re out of ale,” He’d sigh, staring into the empty cask of ale before him, drifting off to sleep ever so slowly as he did so.
  4. jamyei

    Some Poetry

    Love this part man. Keep up the good work.
  5. LotC just dipped


  6. What is your forum rank based on again?

    1. Crevel


      It’s based on how many posts you have made.

    2. jamyei


      3 minutes ago, Crevel said:

      It’s based on how many posts you have made.

      Cheers mate

  7. I don’t know ya personally AlmondTree but I'd like to thank you for everything you’ve done in fighting against the coronavirus as a nurse, and I wish the speediest of recoveries mate. The LotC community is with you.
  8. Bulletproof vests? You know, the invention from the 1960s? If guns are added, then they are most likely to be primitive, or at most muskets. Don’t think we’re at the level of bulletproof vests (Nor do I want us to be) mate.
  9. and I think its gonna be a long, long time...

  10. I believe they have made it against the rules to have a pre-loaded firearm in the lore proposal, but cannot verify this. I too am worried about the concern brought out in the last sentence you’ve made, but I am sure someone who is pro guns on the server would argue that the guns aren’t that op since you can’t preload them yada yada so this wouldn’t be the case. I think it would have to be seen out in practice, as speculation can only go so far, however practice may still lead to that permanent change in rp if they are too op, which would still hurt the feel of the server. I hope this indecisive paragraph did something lmao
  11. As I said, it’s down to preference, which is built from perception and experience. My perspective and experiences on LOTC have provided a relatively early medieval lotr fantasy vibe, which I enjoy, and as such, it is my preference for a β€˜lotr early medieval fantasy’ feel. That is my personal opinion, and I understand it is not shared by others, but I think it’s fair to let people express their opinions on this topic, as this is the objective of the post after all.
  12. Sorry let me correct myself... the medievalish fantasy lotr vibe*. And how did you know that I did not refer to an earlier period in the 10 centures of the medieval period when I said medievalish vibe? At the end of the day, its down to preference to what part of medieval fantasy you enjoy rping, and I respect that. There’s no need to call me incognizant simply because I was less than imaculate with detail in my post, I just had a lot to do so I couldn’t write a lot.
  13. No guns, because they would ruin the medievalish vibe. Already been stated but I thought I'd restate it. Also, cannons would be aight.
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