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  1. is voting not fixed yet??

  2. This changes nothing. Haense and the Oren spirit never dies.

  3. Jamyei

    Jamyei's Golem Reapplication

    MC Name: jamyei IC Name: Arkos Original Race [n/a if not applicable]: n/a Transformed Form: Golem Creator [mc name and ic name, n/a if not applicable]: mc name: arockstar28 IC name: Dagor Othacast (that was the clan he was in, dk what clan he is in now) Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: A golem is... well, a stone body with immense strength that follows its 'impera' and has a core that functions as both its soul and source of mana energy. They have appeared throughout history whether fighting for the dwarves and the other descendants against the undead/other enemies or fighting against them under the command of the undead and other enemies. They can go on rampages and destroy everything in their path or just live their lives as peaceful statues. They can be body guards or be used for other violent tasks but they will always take their orders literally. Golems are very strong creatures as they are known for their powerful attacks so therefore they were used for a lot of violent tasks in the past and still now. Golems do not have emotions which is part of the reason why they are so strong (they feel no pain). They are also... well not stupid or dumbfounded but they do have to think about their words before they speak. Golems will do anything that their impera tells them to do and their impera is the person who created them or was given command of them. They do not hesitate on their orders unless they are ordered to do an action that they specifically have a weakness towards. They will protect their imperas at all costs and will do anything to save them from danger. To craft a golem you need to be an experienced golemancer which is someone who is a runemaster and experienced with golems along with the art of golemancy. For a golem to stay alive the golemancer/someone must bound their soul to its core so that it has enough energy to stay standing. Depending on the materials, time, effort and strength used to create a golem will determine its strength. Once a golem is created (which takes 4-5 hours or more) the golemancer/impera will teach it how to speak and do various tasks as at the start it is incapable of doing anything. There are two types of golems; thanhium golems (which use a thanhium core to produce mana energy) and soulbound golems (which uses the soul of a once living person to fuel the core of the golem). Soulbound golems most often retain the memories of the person who soul belonged too but they still are unable to resist the desire to serve their imperas. Golems are always made out of earthly materials such as stone and clay because obsidian is too heavy and the core of the golem cannot animate metals such as iron. The standard height for fully functional golems is around 8ft after exceeding which golems tend to suffer from random loss of limbs to due the strain placed upon the core of the construct. Same concept applies to the use of more than 4 limbs. Here are some commands that an impera can use to command their golem: Dor Lowa- this will send the construct into a catatonic, sleep-like state. Dor Higha-reverses Dor Lowa. Dor Impera-this will drive the golem to single-mindedly and obsessively pursue the Impera’s next command. Dor Naxta-this will command the golem to change its Impera to the name next spoken after the command.
  4. Jamyei

    Yoppl's LT Application

    Nice ***, deserves LT. +1
  5. Jamyei

    The Carrenguard

    MC name: jamyei Skype: minecrafters999 Do you wish to be provided with housing?: sure Previous occupations: hunter/food seller
  6. just got my thumb bitten painfully by a ferocious dog while it was attacking my dog. I tried to intervene and thats what happens i guess.

    1. Crazed


      I don't care what happened to you.


      . . . . But is your dog okay?

    2. Jamyei
    3. Jamyei


      he's okay now. Just had his stitches taken out on tuesday so yeah.

  7. Rest in peace Sheldon, my pet 2 year old tortoise. He died by his favourite rock on Wednesday due to hibernation shock. He will forever be missed.

  8. Jamyei

    The Dawnstride Voyagers

    In-game name: jamyei Roleplay name: James Lancaster Skype (PM if desirable): minecrafters999 Do you belong to any other guilds (and if so, which?): no
  9. Jamyei

    [Denied] Turko's AT Application.

    Cool dude :D +1
  10. Jamyei

    Glothir - The Fickle Golem

    Awesome Character Profile :DD +1