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Found 4 results

  1. Our message is to those who turn hate toward free people, the ones who beat innocent children, men, women and more in the name of a higher power. This is the official document, stating the creation of the Pride Rights Activist Group. This group is inclusive, of all races, genders and sexual orientation for everyone across Almaris. We welcome you to join us in this group, and in the fight for our lives against the ones who take our lovers, our sisters, and our brothers from us. They demand we conform, that we hide in the shadows of who we are, but I say we fight back, we show them who we are in a protest that will take back our freedom. Join us to fight, or join us to support. We are family, and we matter. Signed, Doc, Leader of the Pride Revolution
  2. HELLOO Good afternoon or morning! In the spirit of Pride Month! Me and some others decided to make the Pride Flag in honor of Pride Month! Hope you enjoy the pictures! Happy Pride Month! @Slorbin@Urahra@Orlesian@LuneAria@MissToni@Lady_Dietz@PixlHoopa@TheBigBubbles Also again, thanks Slorbin for crashing in for the photo! Thank you to @altiar1011for the beautiful pictures and another big thanks to @zuziee for making up such an amazing idea! Also big thanks for @BenjiBot_for being apart of the photo shoot in spirit! I hope this can be a yearly server tradition which others will also join in! Anyways- Peace!
  3. Hi I would live to give my aether or my account a way may I ples give to someone? And how do I make ok yes so legal for mineman? Hmm? Ty appreciate it Miss y'all btw, life ain't the same without a community of degenerates to relate to
  4. Why, hello there. I've technically been on LOTC for 5 years but I don't think I have ever made an actual introduction for myself. I have disappeared from the server and reappeared several times now due to stupid real life things (College, health issues, adulting, etc.). Hi! I am Paulus! I'm a 23 year old human bean; I am a living breathing Human Coffee Bean. I was born, raised and currently living in Portland, OR. I'm currently in school pursuing a major in Biochemistry and Electrical Engineering. I have always been told that it is such a weird combination to pursue, but my long-term goal is to work with CRIPSR-Cas19, which if y'all don't know what that is it's, in laymen's terms, a special DNA sequence found in organisms like a Bacterium wherein said prokaryotic creature obtains a "copy" of a virus that's stored in its genome. In conjuration with a protein called Cas19 this can in theory be used as a genetic alteration method that would allow us to delete abnormalities that exists in the human genome like certain genetic conditions or viruses that have placed sequence in our genomes that years of generational development are simply waiting to be activated. In theory this could also help us further understand genetics of different organisms and could also potentially help with crop management. Well, that's my science lesson for y'all today! Beeesides that I also really enjoy learning about physics and the Endocannabinoid System (the biological system in our body that creates special molecules that helps regulate homeostasis and such molecules are similar to....you guest it! Cannabis' phytocannabinoids wherein they also can help contribute to regulation of bodily functions and a positive immuno-response.). I work at a Cannabis dispensary if that isn't obvious by now haha....Uh also I like anime, drawing, tattoos, COFFEE and playing genshin impact 24/7. I am also really gay.
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