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  1. Arakelgûrdin Far in the distance the Towers of Ninur loomed within the bounds of the Mere District. Though half of them were in ruins, they still retained their centuries-old grandeur as their long shadows dimmed portions of the city. Out in the ‘Commons’ – the outermost districts -- the world was very different. None of the magical splendor was to be seen among the peasants, and the area could be mistaken for any other city along the shores of the Chtor. Arakelgûrdin was special for sure, but someone still needed to sweep the streets and unclog the latrines. Common, non-magical folk had flocked to the outskirts of the city for centuries. Protection under the sorcerers had many benefits, even if the downsides could be severe at times. The ports were busy with all sorts of merchants loading and unloading cargo. The busy warehouses were a major congestion problem that the Five Families seemed mostly unconcerned about fixing. The ports were undersized for the traffic they brought and the endless lines made any roads leading from the sea a true hive of misery and frustration. Though at least when travelling the thin roads to the markets one could browse the small, artisan shops that dotted the main thoroughfares. Were you to look closely down a dark alleyway or two, you might even see something a bit less pleasant. In this instance, in the alley behind Migward & Samush’s Odds ‘n Ends, a mutated, ironclad giant was currently ‘passively harming’ an alchemy student. Gruguuz shook the young man once more, though it didn’t elicit anything other than a groan. Though one couldn’t see his face, the eight-foot monster grunted with what could be interpreted as impatience. Armoured head to toe in thick, steel armour, he grasped the young apprentice by his leg and held him a foot above the ground. Allowing the blood to rush to the man’s head was one of many ‘encouragements’ the monster was familiar with. The occasional jostle was mostly to speed the order his master had given him. Leaning on his staff with a sly grin, a brightly-dressed man with a well-trimmed black beard twirled his mustache and gazed amused at the victim of his attentions. His visage screamed ‘Strazi (of a bloodline originating from Samalstraza) and his clothes were clearly worn to match. “I’m not sure, Gruguuz.” Zaruthsatesh purred sarcastically. “Maybe our friend Filibus didn’t hear our question the first time? Bashemdi do tend to be drowsy sorts.” He shifted more weight on his staff, and spoke louder to the hanging Filibus. “Where are the scrolls from your Tower you promised me?” Filibus groaned, trying to grasp on to something to cease his pendulum swinging. His face was red and weary, and he croaked his reply with watery eyes. “I... I haven’t got them yet, sir!” Zaruthsatesh sighed and shook his head. “Yes, you said that before, but I told you that I wouldn’t accept ‘I don’t have them’ as an answer before, didn’t I? Are you trying to displease me?” “No! No sir! I simply n-need more time! They were moved...” Zaruthsatesh clicked his tongue and looked to his massive bodyguard. “I’m not sure, Gruguuz. What do you think about that answer?” Gruguuz slowly looked at his master, his helm showing no hint of emotion. “I think he is brave to speak these words despite having thin, brittle bones.” He tightened his grip on Filibus’ leg which elicited a pained shriek. With a chuckle Zaruthsatesh waved lazily towards the ground and Gruguuz released his grip. Filibus collapsed in a heap with a yelp and grasped his leg whimpering. “Gruguuz!” Zaruthsatesh scolded in a mocking tone. “Don’t be so rough! Don’t you know who this is?” He leaned down and grasped Filibus hard by the chin, and hissed through gritted teeth. “He is a very well-paid agent of Deacon Eelswick, who is being - if I may remind him a second time – extremely well-compensated for his singular task of obtaining a particular scroll of alchemical secrets. And yet, much like the whores he was shamefully perusing-“ The sorcerer quickly turned to four scantily-dressed women fearfully huddling against the far wall. “Dreadfully sorry about all this.” He winked, and turned his attention back to Filibus. “-you appear to be wasting everybody’s time! Including your wife’s apparently...” “Please! Mister Zarut-“ “Gormashur Zaruthsatesh is what you will call me, you blithering worm! Do not annoy me now, Filibus, or I swear I will take your ignorant tongue!” “Master Gormashur Zaruthsatesh sir! Please! I was ready to get it! They just moved it before I had a chance! I just need more time!” Filibus’ eyes darted between the furious Zaruthsatesh and the looming, silent Gruguuz. Zaruthsatesh sighed dramatically and rolled his eyes. “I suppose I could give you the briefest of extensions on your task. Still, though...” The sorcerer looked to his bodyguard and gestured towards Filibus. “... I think a reminder on the risks of irritating me ought to be performed.” Gruguuz grabbed the apprentice around the throat, and pulled him up to his feet. He grasped the young man’s fist with his other dinner-plate sized hand and squeezed. Filibus silently screamed while each finger on his hand cracked and snapped from the pressure. After a few painful seconds Gruguuz tossed him back on the ground and Filibus attempted to scream in pain and gasp for air at the same time. “Oh don’t drool like an infant.” Zaruthsatesh chided. “I could have had him crush your right hand.” “Buh-but I write with my left!” Filibus wheezed. “Then consider this an opportunity to learn how to use the correct one.” Zaruthsatesh grinned with an airy wave. “Taa taa. I’ll see you next week, and I expect something worth my time.” With that, the sorcerer sauntered out of the alleyway with his bodyguard stomping closely behind him. Stepping into the clogged street, Gruguuz glared at some of the merchants and the crowds parted quite quickly. With a jaunty step the sorcerer tapped Gruguuz on the shoulder with his staff before trotting down the quickly forming path. “Come come, my big friend. I hunger for some chizpa down by the docks. These blunted serfs can make a decent snack, I’ll give them that.” Gruguuz followed after, occasionally shoving the more inattentive bystanders into the dirt. “Master, am I going to kill your spy?” He rumbled. “Mmm. Probably not.” Said Zaruthsatesh thoughtfully. “His bloodline has a penchant for high magical skill. It would be wasteful to kill him before he’s had a chance to breed. I’ll have to pay his wife a visit again to ensure he’s being productive on that front.” Gruguuz paused in thought for a moment. “Visit her again?” “Well.” The sorcerer twirled his staff with a smirk. “I have to be absolutely sure he is doing his duties for his Patrons. Even if I must visit her five, maybe even ten more times.” Gruguuz pondered the implication for another silent moment, before asking. “I thought you wanted him to breed?” “I’ll let him squeeze a child in between a couple of mine. By Marashur’s bloody towers I am starving!” National Ideas: -Can use any of the Five Schools, but each mage may only use one branch, -Cannot recruit any military units aside from Mîr Sûragon, -No passive magic research, instead have a larger bonus to magic research investments, -Can steal one weak to mid-level spell from any mage residing within its walls for one turn. -Can rebuild its missing schools of magic by acquiring one mage and three adepts from a missing school (mage and adepts are “consumed” during this process) -Can construct the “Arakelgûrdin Exchange” office in any consenting city at the cost of 25,000 population and 12,000 gold. Provides 4000 gold to Arakelgûrdin and 2000 gold to the host nation. Resources: Population: 1,350,000 Default: 10,000 gold, Civilian Manufacturing: 0 Commercial Districts: 0 Trade: Trade Depots: 0 Upkeep: 0 One time cash infusion: 300,000 gold. Cash sent by the Chicahtoc Empire: 20,000 gold. Spending Gold: 330,000 gold (-10,000 gold towards one Commercial District in Arakelgûrdin) (-10,000 gold towards one trade depot) (-60,000 gold and 125,000 pop towards 5 Arakelgûrdin Exchange offices in the Amarantic Dominion) (-60,000 gold and 125,000 pop towards 5 Arakelgûrdin Exchange offices in the Chicahtoc Empire) (-32,000 gold towards four adepts) (-35,000 gold towards one mage) (-60,000 gold towards 500 regular T4 Mîr Sûragon) (-15,000 gold towards three mines) (-15,000 gold towards two Heavy Industry) (-10,000 gold towards one port) (-20,000 gold towards MAGICAL RESEARCH) MAGICAL RESEARCH (10 Points in Magic) -Itsa secrit TECH RESEARCH (10 Points in Technology) -T5 Armours: The Forgemasters in conjunction with the School of Alchemy and the School of Elements begin the next great metallurgy project. The city would have the premier armour and weapons in all the lands! Ripe for sale, of course... -War Caravel: The shipmasters, currently working in pathetic conditions, are demanded to design a newer, grander vessel for... something. They say “Okay.” They will never be rid of absurd demands from the Five Families, but business is business... -Telescopes: Wizards need to look at stars.
  2. Yeah Kreferus usually accepts new people if they’re active and their app is decent. Good luck!
  3. Arakelgûrdin Discord: You got it. Nation Name: Arakelgûrdin Government Type: Despotic Aristocratic Magemony. The city is ruled by a loose confederation of five highly influential sorcerer families, each with an iron grip over one of the five remaining schools of magic. The five decide most matters with a majority vote and treat their portions of the city as their personal demesne. They rule primarily through fear and intimidation, and resemble something closer to an organisation of criminal syndicates than a school. Magic Type: Half of all magic :abo:--Alchemy, Direct, Essence, Form, Elements (The other five have since been lost) Leader: No-one. Anyone publically stating that they are the ‘leader’ of Arakelgûrdin tends to end up dead. The Five Families control the schools, and that is all that matters. History: Centuries ago, when the Atemites’ empire was still strong, Samalstraza stood as a beacon of wisdom and enlightenment that few were ever to surpass. In these hallowed halls of wisdom, Masashur the Luminescent was educated in the many forms of magic. Unparalleled in his time, he drew envious glares from others in his strata, as it was clear he was destined for great things in that red fortress. The problem was that he also knew he was destined for great things, and within him grew an arrogance and narcissism so repugnant that few would tolerate his presence for even a short lecture. Before long, he was overlooked for council and advice, and even his research was thrown aside! It mattered not that he was brilliant in his dissertations, other deacons and rectors would toss his work away just to spite him! Samalstraza simply couldn’t be without his genius! He would rise through the ranks and deliver enlightenment no matter what! He forced his work onto the tables of the rectors through intimidation. He bullied and threatened his way into important projects and pushed out anyone who complained. Eventually he attempted to “convince” a sorcerer of the Scholar school to “change someone’s mind,” and the Hasâshem herself tired of his endless scandels and obnoxiousness. He was finally exiled from the city, much to everyone’s relief. Masashur took to travelling the lands and working for reputable rulers, endlessly slandering his home city as he did so. As he grew older however he thought better of Samalstraza—at least the parts with students, servants, and influence. Thus he gathered together other Salamstrazi exiles, hedge-wizards, dutiful magii, and crawling sycophants to start his own Academy. Sû Arakelgûrdin iss mîr Arâlin drew a great number of magii who desired the secrets of Samalstraza, and whole districts needed to be constructed in order to contain them. Ten massive towers housed the ten schools of magic, each one a veritable university in its own right. Great discoveries were made, lost, found again, and later claimed by Masashur as his own work. He desired nothing more than to spite Samalstraza and their ideals, and even created the Mîr Sûragon as a rival to the famous Thrice Chosen. But even the most insufferable of people must die, and eventually Masashur the Luminescent passed from this world with absolutely no plan for how leadership was to be transferred. The backstabbing began almost immediately, with the school of Light attempting to destroy the school of Dark. But this was but the prelude of a twenty year debacle where murder and crime took hold. All pretense towards education and enlightenment were thrown aside as the Deacons spread their influence and enriched themselves on various black markets across the civilized world. Direct conflict was rare, but when a fight began it was guaranteed that all the other schools would join in to destroy one of their rivals. Eventually, five of the schools slowly withered and died, taking their secrets with them. When the last Deacon and practitioner of the Runemancy school vanished without a trace a union of dissident Alchemists and the entirety of the Mîr Sûragon forced the five schools into a peace treaty. And so the descendants of those remaining Deacons, the Five Families, have kept their tenuous hold over the city ever since. It has grown large and fat with trade and power, yet still the Families watch one-another as carefully as those outside of it. Arakelgûrdin, as it is now only known, is not the first place one looks for knowledge of magic... ...but if you’re not careful it may be the last. Culture: Arakelgûrdin is a pseudo-colony of Samalstraza, though it was not sanctioned (or wanted, for that matter) by the venerable city. A large portion of its original founders were exiles, eccentrics, and uncouth sorts from the ancient city and carried over many of its traditions and myths. On the other hand, hedge-wizards and magii from other lands intermixed with the Samalstrazi contingents and added their own flair. This has lead to a somewhat bastardized variant of the Samalstrazi culture and language to flower. Though the Five Families and other varied influential bloodlines can show an arrogant aloofness to the mother city, exiles are welcomed warmly and are vigorously fought over for sponsorship. The city is heavily stratified. It is said that the proximity one is to the Ten Towers is a decent indicator of rank and privilege within Arakelgûrdin society. The hierarchy of the city is stacked as thus: The Five Families: The most powerful Magii of the city, each one is a ‘Deacon’ of a Tower of Nimreh. The Tower of Rishâ is controlled by Argot ‘the Gray-Bearded,’ Deacon of the Essence school. The Tower of Rimas is controlled by Castigor Eelswick, Deacon of the Form school. The Tower of Adûr is controlled by Keshgûr VI, Deacon of the Direct school. The Tower of Yanash is controlled by Shûrbenezzer VIII ‘the Sumptuous,’ Deacon of the Alchemy school. Lastly, the Tower of Yamashek is controlled by Vimrezal III, Deacon of the Elements School. The Order of Ascension: The secretive alchemists that perform the arcane alchemical-rituals within the Kushmarkham. As per the treaty between the Five Families, the Order has first pick on prospective students to fill their ranks. As the only ones to know the secrets of The Change the Mîr Sûragon undergo, they are important enough to the city’s defence that they are allowed some privileges over the rulers. As the philosophical/religious core of the city they work as mediators between the Families, and their council is often sought even if begrudgingly. The Gormashur: Highly prized magii that travel to foreign lands to represent the city and worm their way into the good graces of local rulers. They are often trusted subordinates of The Five Families, or powerful people they want out of the city for a while. Rûshastan: Mages sponsored (and hoarded) by one of the five families. They compete for attention and rewards from their masters. They are the most prolific researchers of the city, and also some of the most skilled practitioners of the magical arts. The Bashemdi: Aspiring hopefuls looking to be sponsored by one of the five families. They attend the lectures and are expected to perform the most degrading and menial tasks for their superiors along with their own personal study. The Mîr Sûragon: The brutal legion of heavily armoured, eight-foot mutants who guard the city and its most important locations. Their barracks is within the Kushmarkham with the Order of Ascension, but they mostly live with the masters they are assigned to. They never talk of what occurs in the Kushmarkham, and they never remove their armour unless within its secluded confines (if they do at all, that is). Vagrants: Anyone who is not magically inclined is considered a ‘vagrant.’ However, the merchants, criminals, and labourers provide much of the coin the city enjoys. Though Arakelgûrdin magii are very talented at their five remaining schools, two stand out far more than the others: Direct Magic: Considered one of (if not the most) powerful school, the family of Keshgûr have kept this magic well honed, and extremely deadly. Their great library is packed to the brim with thousands of tomes, some even originating from Samalstraza itself. Alchemy: The school that superseded Blood magic in cultural importance, the alchemists of the Order of Ascension and the family of Shûrbenezzer plumb into the deepest secrets of their science. Groups/Places of Interest: The Towers of Nimreh: At the very centre of the city, the great schools of magic are relegated their own specific tower. Places of dark secrets, incomprehensible discoveries, and lethal competition, the towers loom over the whole city casting an imposing shadow. Only five of them remain inhabited, while the other five are crumbling, dust-riddled ruins. Runic inscriptions (said to be inscribed by Masashur himself) bring down lethal traps upon those entering a tower who are not of the appropriate school. It makes security rather simple, but extremely dangerous for visitors and spies alike. The Four ‘Murets:’ A series of four massive, thick walls that surround and divide the four districts of Arakelgûrdin. They are as old as the city itself, but the dark stone is yet to be identified and their origins are a mystery to even the Five Families. Kushmarkham: What was once the laboratory/university/palace of Marashur the Luminescent; it is now the location of the Order of Ascension and the barracks of the Mîr Sûragon. The place is heavily guarded by the latter, and neither the Order nor the Mîr Sûragon are willing to speak of what occurs within. The Brightest House: A private palace adjacent to the Kushmarkham that houses the Sorcerers of Arakelgûrdin. The place is deeply imbued with magical power, and though few enter it, none can deny the raw energy the place exudes. Key Figures: Argot ‘the Silver-Bearded,’ Deacon of the School of Essence. Leadership: 4 Martial Skill: 0 Charisma: 0 Arcane Skill: 9 Agility: 0 Zaruthsatesh VII, Gormashur sponsored by Castigor Eelswick of the School of Form. Leadership: 0 martial Skill: 0 Charisma: 6 Arcane Skill: 7 Agility: 0 Gruguuz, Mîr Sûragon, subject to the whims of Zaruthsatesh VII Leadership: 0 Martial Skill: 13 Charisma: 0 Arcane Skill: 0 Agility: 0 Point Distribution: Loyalty: 2 Magic: 10 Starting Spells: (Will discuss in discord because HO BOY will there be a lot!) Tech: 10 Military: 0 Sea faring: 3 Economy: 5 National Idea: -Can use any of the Five Schools, but each mage may only use one branch, -Cannot recruit any military units aside from Mîr Sûragon, -No passive magic research, instead have a larger bonus to magic research investments, -Can steal one weak to mid-level spell from any mage residing within its walls for one turn. -Can rebuild its missing schools of magic by acquiring one mage and three adepts from a missing school (mage and adepts are “consumed” during this process) -Can construct the “Arakelgûrdin Exchange” office in any consenting city at the cost of 25,000 population and 12,000 gold. Provides 4000 gold to Arakelgûrdin and 2000 gold to the host nation. Unique Units: The Sorcerers of Arakelgûrdin (2 slots): Blood-descendents of Marashur, these sorcerers can call forth all their magical power for a single, devastating spell (T6) that has a 50/50 chance to kill them on the spot after casting (Max of one per school) Mîr Sûragon (1 slot): Towering armour-clad warriors that heft heavy two-handed swords. Standing at nearly eight feet in height, strong as three men, and with a modest natural resistance to magical and physical attacks, these juggernauts cleave men in twain with the barest of effort. They are created through an alchemical process called “The Change,” that none outside the Kushmarkham know of. What they lack in speed of body and mind they make up for in sheer might. Starting Location: To be discussed. Huwhite.
  4. KEMET The war for true holiness continues on, raging as ever. There will be no quarter for the blasphemers, for once this land is finally vanquished the world will tremble before the nine gods. Repent, Outsider! Kneel before the Pharaohs! The Eye sees all, and will judge. Special Rules: "Foundations upon Bones"- population may be expended for construction instead of money. 5 x gold cost = pop expended. Only for buildings Trade and Diplomacy completely disallowed, several buildings replaced, +0.25% to all army upkeep thresholds --Tribute Depot: Provides 250 per conquered city or town --Labour District: Provides 3000, 1 per city --Slaver Quarters: Provides 750, one per 250,000 Extra Buildings: Exclusive to Conquered Cities --Temple of Life & Service: Reduces loyalty of a city by 1 (10,000) --Obelisk to the Gods: Provides 4000 (15,000) Resources: Population: 32,000 gold, Default: 10,000 gold, Slaver Quarters: 51,000 Labour Districts: 18,000 Obelisks to the Gods: 8000 Tribute Districts: 1000 Red Gold: 17,045,212 Upkeep: 25,625 gold. 20,000 (ish?) in storage. Spending Gold: 94,375 (114,375 with stored gold) Army Production: 9 -40,000 gold towards 1 Mage -20,000 gold towards 4 ballistae. -16,000 gold towards 1000 regular T3 Medium Infantry, -20,000 gold towards [REDACTED] -1625 gold removed from storage, Ongoing Magic Research: Ip’s Mind-Breaker (T2): A group will be afflicted with a deep sense of paranoia, and may hallucinate things just out of sight, or strange noises. Ongoing Tech Research: T4 Armour.
  5. Kemet I really need to write RP at some point, don’t I? Special Rules: "Foundations upon Bones"- population may be expended for construction instead of money. 5 x gold cost = pop expended. Only for buildings Trade and Diplomacy completely dissallowed, several buildings replaced, +0.25% to all army upkeep thresholds --Tribute Depot: Provides 250 per conquered city or town --Labour District: Provides 3000, 1 per city --Slaver Quarters: Provides 750, one per 250,000 Extra Buildings: Exclusive to Conquered Cities --Temple of Life & Service: Reduces loyalty of a city by 1 (10,000) --Obelisk to the Gods: Provides 4000 (15,000) Resources: Population: 18,000 gold, Default: 10,000 gold, Slaver Districts: 25,000 gold, Labour Districts: 12,000 gold, Looted goods: 3000 gold, Red Gold: 9,369,862 fleshy coins, Upkeep: 11,260 gold, 56,740 spending gold, 13,990 in storage. Army Production: 9 -13,000 gold towards 2000 regular T2 Medjay Horsemen, -17,000 gold towards 1000 regular T3 Chariots! -24,000 gold towards 1500 regular T3 medium infantry 2490 gold sent to storage. Ongoing Magic Research: Rakh’s Unyielding Hearth (T3): Ready 873 Invocation of Sekhmut (T4): Ready 872 REDACTED!!: Ready 874 Ongoing Tech Research: Heavy Cavalry: Ready 872 3.5 Armour: Ready 878
  6. Kemet The ten days of Khepfru’s harvest are rife with portents. I send you my recollections for examinations so that you and the other priests may divine their meaning, should there be any. May the blessings of the nine gods enlighten the priesthood. First day of the Khepfru Harvest: I saw within a blighted wetland a man with a red face. He smiles, and beckons me closer. As I step through the water I feel leeches feed on my blood, and though the man prostrates before me I can see the knife he hides beneath his tunic. Second day of the Khepfru harvest: I saw a crowned bull standing in a wide field. Behind a feeble fence another, larger bull looks upon it greedily. Next, the first bull changes to a cow and the milkmaids approach it for their bounty. Yet still the second bull watches waiting for its chance. An impasse? Third day of the Khepfru Harvest: I saw a mighty horse resplendent with silvery armour. It strutted proudly around its corral whinnying with pleasure, all the while trampling the bones of lesser horses and mules. A butcher sharpens his golden knives beyond the horse’s view. Neither knows of the other yet. Fourth day of the Khepfru Harvest: I saw a thousand noblemen draped in tapestries and praying to foreign gods. While the tapestries are beautiful they depict nonsense and the nobles mimic the words of better men. When I turn my back they change to their true forms as carrion, but remain silent while they watch and wait for their prey. Fifth day of the Khepfru Harvest: I saw wooden men swimming upon the waters of a great lake. I asked them “why?” They say it is their right. They show me an empire of water that they command, yet the waters are without islands, and the waves grow higher and more dangerous. They looked to the rising waves, and appeared unconcerned. Are they foolish? Sixth Day of the Khepfru Harvest: I saw a mountain and asked for its name. It called itself “Mud” and requested mine in return. I did not answer, but fled from its gaze. Behind the mountain was a hidden city and men who spoke in the language of the stones. They could not see or hear me. Seventh day of the Khepfru Harvest: I saw a single fuzzy reed growing in a puddle. The reed wore a crown and laughed at my approach. “Look upon my mighty kingdom!” The land around him was desolate and empty, but still it seemed cheerful. “I have so much room to grow!” It repeated this over and over. Eighth day of the Khepfru Harvest: I saw a cat purring upon a tall palm tree. It looked down on me, and asked for an ibis to eat. I caught one for it, and offered it before the cat, but instead of eating it the cat clawed at its throat until its blood covered the whole of the earth. The cat looked to me and said, “Do you have more?” Ninth day of the Khepfru Harvest: I saw an old, rusted knife stuck in sandstone. Surrounding it were weeds baring tiny flags. An old man circles it, tugging at his beard thoughtfully. Slowly he transforms into a Jackal and runs up to sandstone, as he now knows what to do. Tenth day of the Khepfru Harvest: I saw five men with small eyes gather in a temple. They breathe in the wind, and blow out hot air. I ask them what their power is, and they answer “secrets.” The temple begins flooding but they continue their task while ignoring the rising waters. Dictated by the blessed Pharaoh Rashmut, recorded by royal scribe Khemritep. Special Rules: "Foundations upon Bones"- population may be expended for construction instead of money. 5 x gold cost = pop expended. Only for buildings Trade and Diplomacy completely dissallowed, several buildings replaced, +0.25% to all army upkeep thresholds --Tribute Depot: Provides 250 per conquered city or town --Labour District: Provides 3000, 1 per city --Slaver Quarters: Provides 750, one per 250,000 Extra Buildings: Exclusive to Conquered Cities --Temple of Life & Service: Reduces loyalty of a city by 1 (10,000) --Obelisk to the Gods: Provides 4000 (15,000) (I’m a brainlet and I forgot to keep the stats for 868. Trust me! I have what I say I have!) Resources: Population: 17,000 gold, Default: 10,000 gold, Slaver Districts: 25,000 Labour Districts: 12,000 Red Gold: 8,831,993 fleshy coins. Upkeep: 8875 gold. 55,125 spending gold 4375 in storage. Army Production: 9 Actions: TURN FOR 868 -36,000 gold towards 6000 T2 Regular Medjay Foot Soldiers, -20,000 gold and 4AP towards 2000 T3 Regular Archers. 875 gold sent to storage, total of 4375 gold in storage Ongoing Magical Research: (6) Invocation of Sekhmut: Ready 872, Grasp of Ip: Ready 870, New Magic Research: (6) REDACTED: SUpAh Seakrit!! Ongoing Tech Research: (3) Chariots: Ready 870 New Tech Research: Heavy Cavalry TURN FOR 869 -48,000 gold and 8AP towards 2000 T3 Veteran Heavy Infantry 7125 gold sent to storage, total of 11,500 gold in storage -A group of learned mean from the capital investigate the strange reeds found by the river Khepfru. -2000 Medjay Horsemen are sent north to scout the outskirts of Holy Nation territory. They are to pillage, and test the Holy Nation’s speed in responding to threats, and the general layout of the land. Maps must be made if Kemet is to punish these vile blasphemers!
  7. Kemet “Let go of me, heathen! Unhand me at once! This is sacrilege! This is blasphemy!” Within the Arch-Pyramid of Nisu Nefer, a great number of priests gathered, each one sneering and bitterly laughing at the Outsider being dragged towards the pit. The room hosting the gathering was resplendent with colorful, hieroglyphic writing, while embossed colonnades stretched high towards the ceiling fading into void above the brazier’s light. At the very farthest end of the room, a tall figure sat motionless on a beautiful, golden throne. Wearing nothing but a loincloth and a tall, red-gold crown, he stared impassively at the struggling man. With a single motion of his hand the entire room fell silent and those dragging the prisoner halted to await their ruler’s command. Pharaoh Rashmut, the Wadjet King, and Eye of Kemet looked the disheveled figure over with the barest hint of disgust. “You insult the gods of Kemet with your presence, Outsider. Like those of your kin, you trespass upon forbidden ground cursed by Soth, and proclaim it holy. Your vile burial disturbs us, and thus it was cleansed along with your “pilgrims.” The artifacts that were placed within the profaned tomb are held by our Priests for examination, and likely destruction.” The envoy of the Holy Nation spat an unintelligible series of curses at Rashmut, struggling against his captor’s arms. His anger coaxed an amused smile from the Pharaoh, who continued to speak. “This day, you dared enter this city—one that has existed long before your ‘Creation Lord’ came to be—and had the temerity to insult our gods. You must now show grace, and ask their forgiveness. Kneel before me, their Eye, and I will grant you that grace.” The envoy stood silent, shaking with fury. Rashmut slowly stood from his chair and pointed directly at his feet. He repeated his command through clenched teeth with a coarse whisper. “Kneel before the gods!” The envoy’s silence was deafening, and Rashmut’s gaze turned wild as he exploded into a commanding roar. “KNEEL!” The priests erupted into chants demanding the envoy’s obedience. They stamped their staffs on the stone creating an ear-splitting cacophony that echoed throughout the Arch-Pyramid. The younger ones stomped their feet in anger, while the older ones burned holes on the envoys head with their fiery glare. “Never!” The envoy screamed, spittle flying from his mouth. “I will never kneel before false gods! I would sooner piss on their heads! I would defecate upon their temples! I would shatter every statue and erase them from history!! Blasphemous dogs! Heretics! Heathens!” The priests descended upon the envoy striking him with their staffs and screaming curses, but soon Rashmut raised his hand again, and the holy men fell silent. “You disrespect the gods, and you disrespect their lands. For this you will be punished.” He gently pointed towards the pit at the center of the room. “Cast him in. The asps will judge.” Two large men hauled the writhing and struggling envoy towards the pit as the mocking priests roared in delight. As he was dragged closer, the sound of hissing became audible. The envoy’s face quickly grew pale after his first look over the lip of the hole, and he started screaming pleas of mercy. His voice was drowned out by the priests hungry for retribution. As he was tossed into the pit the cheers of the priests drowned out his pitiful screams while hundreds of asps bit his extremities. He struggled briefly against the squall of venomous snakes but eventually his pained cries ebbed until the hall was silent. Save, of course, for the satisfied chattering of the priests who looked once more to Rashmut. The Pharaoh had taken to his throne once more, and spoke in loud, powerful tones. “The day before last, I looked upon the innards of a lamb, and its entrails fell in the pattern of prophecy. This has occurred before, and to my shame I thought nothing of it. The day after, I looked to the sky and the ibis flew not west to the waters, but north to the lands of the profligate. Once more, I thought it merely coincidence, and not a sign. Then I learned of the Outsiders who prayed in the most cursed, forbidden places that troubled me greatly. Finally, the one who trespassed and defied the gods came here to speak his poisonous lies. These are the signs that we have been awaiting.” The priests’ eyes widened and their mouths fell agape. Some dropped to their knees, muttering prayers. “Just this last night, I dreamt of a man with an Ibis’ head. He grasped a knife in his hand, and pointed towards a great fire. In its flames I saw a thousand lambs dancing before a great serpent, and with each beat of a drum, he swallowed one whole. This is prophecy. The Outsider comes to beguile and threaten us. This is the hand of Amunnis.” Rashmut inhaled, and roared to his priests. “Gather mace and shield, horse and armour. Raise a thousand chariots and bring forth the Medjay. The Outsider has threatened the realm of the gods.” “The time has come! All must kneel before the gods! All must kneel before Kemet!” Special Rules: -"Foundations upon Bones"- population may be expended for construction instead of money. 5 x gold cost = pop expended. (Only for buildings) -Trade and Diplomacy completely disallowed. -+0.25% to all army upkeep thresholds Buildings replaced: --Tribute Depot: Provides 250 per conquered city or town --Labour District: Provides 3000, 1 per city --Slaver Quarters: Provides 750, one per 250,000 Extra Buildings: Exclusive to Conquered Cities: --Temple of Life & Service: Reduces loyalty of a city by 1 (10,000) --Obelisk to the Gods: Provides 4000 (15,000) Resources: Population: 16,000 gold, Default: 10,000 gold, Slaver Districts: 25,000 Labour Districts: 12,000 Red Gold: 8,325,000 fleshy coins. Upkeep: -4000 gold. Total: 59,000 spending gold 2500 in storage. Actions: -26,000 gold towards 4 units of T2 regular Medjay horsemen. -20,000 gold towards 5 units of Medjay slingers. -12,000 gold towards 2 units of Medjay foot soldiers. 1000 gold saved, total of 3500 stored. On-Going Technological Research: -Chariots: Ready 870, -Heavy armour: Ready 868. On-Going Magical Research: -Ramus’ Weighing-of-the-Heart: Ready 868, -The Grasp of Ip: Ready 870, NEW Magical Research: -INVOCATION OF SEKHMUT: Sharpen’s the mind of affected scholars and improves the speed in which technology is researched.
  8. Discord Name: Dudebro6969 Nation Name: Kemet Government Type: Triarchy (Three dudes co-ruling. Give me speshal colour in discord plz) Magic: Thaumaturgy (Scholar Magic) Spells: T1: Hand of Soth: Telekinesis. Throw stuff at other stuff. T1: Eye of Amunnis: Priests can foresee ambushes and traps. T2: Sekhmut’s Memorium: Priests can see into the past of objects/ruins/corpses. Leader: Wadjet Pharaoh Rashmut Places of Interest: The River of Khepfus: Stretching from the western mountains through the searing desert plains, the nutrient-rich waters allow the riverside farmers to grow bountiful crops with little effort. The waters teem with life, and much like the god that is the river’s namesake, the waters are considered holy for their fertility. The dry lake of Khepfra, and the abandoned city of Sothra Tut: Almost a millennia ago, there was a small lake mid-way through the Khepfus River. Said to be a punishment upon the city of Sothra Tut by the god Soth, the lake dried until it was only a winding river. After the people left the city its monuments slowly began to be overtaken by encroaching sands, leaving it half-buried. The place is considered cursed, and none tread there for fear of Soth’s wrath. The Capital of Nisu Nefer: The city said to have existed since the beginning of time. It was a city when the first words were written in the distant past, and it remains a city to this day. Thousands of years of grand architecture, massive temples, gold-tipped pyramids, and vast statues of Pharaohs aeons old are scattered among ancient streets. No Pharaoh ever leaves this world without adding to its magnificence. History: Venerate the Eye of Kemet, for the Gods would see the endless nation grow beyond its river! Kemet was a land of monumental architecture and monolithic traditions, both in the service of the nation’s many gods. It was a country cut off from the rest of the world by choice, preferring solitude and service to the gods rather than needless distractions that foreigners might bring. It was a nation so old that its written history stretched back thousands of years where it mingled with myth, and the Gods walked the banks of the River Khepfus. Each glory and disaster is still recorded upon the walls of vast temple complexes that surround the lake of Khepfra. Even the smallest, most ancient of temples are preserved so as not to insult their many disparate deities. For aeons, Kemet ignored the outside world with the expectation the outside world would do the same, but the Atemites changed that perception. For the first time in millennia, Kemet was conquered. Many of its greatest fortresses were razed to the ground, and its three Pharaohs were forced to submit to the will of Atem. Yet their conquest was ultimately a farce, as Kemet’s considerable distance from other civilisations made direct rule difficult. Instead, they sent governors to perform token rulership and extract tribute from the Kemetese. The Pharaohs continued their traditional roles while paying bitter lip-service to their governor. In time, Atem’s power weakened, and Kemet ousted the corrupt rulers as their empire crumbled. Yet Atem’s influence remained, and Kemet couldn’t ignore the outside world any longer. As long as there were outsiders, then Kemet’s traditions would not be safe. The Pharaohs raised armies along Atemite lines from the Niewet castes, and drew up plans for new fortresses and armories. The Outsiders would bow, or they would kneel before Kemetese spears. However the Wadjet Pharaoh (he who communes with the gods, or the ‘Eye of Kemet’) bade them to halt. A vision of a collapse was sent to him by the Gods. However, it was not disapproval that was gleaned from the vision, but a demand for patience and reverence. All talk of conquest was halted until the Wadjet witnessed another sign, and the freshly raised soldiers were sent back to their homes. Years have passed, and still no sign has been sent, but the Pharaohs wait eagerly for their time. Kemet is a nation that has existed before the advent of the written word. It has been conquered many times, yet each foreign ruler has been but a momentary transient upon the history of the unending nation. Even Atem for all its glories and splendor fell to time, yet still Kemet stands—unchanged and unmoved. Loyalty: 5 Magical Knowledge: 5 Technical Expertise: 3 Size: 10 Economy: 0 Sea-Faring: 0 Military: 7 Figures of Import: Wadjet Pharaoh Rashmut: Magical Ability 10, Leadership 2 The King of Temples, Lord of the Priests, and the man who speaks for the gods. It is he who discerns visions and signs of the gods that are apparent in all things. In such matters, the pattern of a bird’s flight is just as important as the innards of a lamb. The gods speak through such things, but the most powerful are the visions sent within dreams. These denote great things, and the Wadjet will do as the gods demand. Ujet Pharaoh Cofus: Leadership 6, Martial Skill 6 The King of Warriors, Lord of Spears, and the man who protects the lands. It is he who marshals the men for war, and leads them to glory against the outsiders. He is known to wade into battle himself, striking at foes with his mace among his chosen bodyguards. Niewet Pharaoh Nuutptra: Leadership 4, Charisma 4, Agility 4 The King of Commoners, Lord of Labour, and the man who organises the people and slaves. It is he who enables the great monuments to be built, and the many weapons to be forged. Without his influence and work, there would be no gold to gild the statues, and no stone to carve. He is the bedrock of Kemet, and one of its greatest assets. National Idea: Foundations upon Bones: Population may be expended instead of gold for construction. 3 x gold cost of building = population expended to build it. Furthermore, I would like to forgo any ability to trade with other nations and diplomacy outside of non-aggression pacts/peace agreements/declarations of war/demands for tribute in return for a number of unique buildings specifically for my nation. Replacing Trade Depot, Tribute Depot: Provides 250 gold per conquered city (One per city). Same price as Trade Depot. Replacing Commercial District, Labour District: Provides 3000 gold, one per city. Same price as Commercial District. Replacing Civilian Industry, Slave Quarters: Provides 750 gold, one per 250,000 people. Same price as Civilian Industry. Extra Buildings: Temple of Life and Service: Reduces chances for rebellions (may only be built in conquered cities, one per city) (10,000 gold) Obelisk to the Gods: Provides 5000 gold (may only be built in conquered cities, one per city) (15,000 gold) Unique Units: Another Unique Thing: All Medjay draw from their own manpower pool separate from the regular one, and cannot have veterancy purchased for them. All non-medjay units cost double to recruit and require twice the upkeep. Medjay Foot soldiers: Spear-and-shield light infantry. Are recruited in units of 1000 rather than 500, and (preferably, pretty please) have half the upkeep of regular light infantry. Medjay Horsemen: Spear-and-shield light cavalry. Are recruited in units of 1000 rather than 500, and (preferably, pretty please) have half the upkeep of regular light cavalry. Medjay Slingers: Sling-and-club light ranged troops. Are recruited in units of 1000 rather than 500 and (preferably, pretty please) have half the upkeep of regular slingers. Position on Map: Supreme’s Favourite colour is Huwhite. Like The huwhite man he is.
  9. tierra roja shitpost Too caliente for you, Cabron?: 25% bonus profit to trade and trade depots due to delicious spices. Economy 10: 25% bonus to trade profits. Dollarydoos: Capital of Zapta Villa: 10,000 pesos, Cities: 9000 pesos, Population: 14,000 pesos, Civilian Industry: 88,000 pesos, Houses of Harmony: 8000 pesos, Commercial Districts: 28,000 pesos, Trade: 22,500 pesos, Trade Depots: 70,000 pesos, Puerto Riquez: 10,000 pesos, Cash from Vitraium sales: 20,000 pesos, -Upkeep: -31,000 pesos, Total Spendaroonies: 248,500 pesos Production Assets: -Airship Production: 21ASP -Ground Forces Production: 20AP -Naval Production: 5NP -Vitramite Mines: 34 -Refined Vitarium: 39 (19 used (+5 from Emmerian Vitra Refineries/Mines) -Steel units: 48 (36 used) -(-10,000 pesos towards a trade depot in Reyes) -(-10,000 pesos towards a commercial District) -(-15,000 pesos towards 3 Commercial Districts in Reyes) -(-54,000 pesos and 18AP towards 6 regular armoured brigades) -(-60,000 pesos and 16ASP towards 2 battlecruisers) -(-23,000 pesos and 5ASP towards 1 heavy cruiser and 1 cruiser) -(-40,000 pesos towards 4 airshipyards) -(-30,000 pesos towards 4 heavy industry) 6500 goes to bank
  10. tierra roja due to race no rp from me this year sorry but not really lol Too caliente for you, Cabron?: 25% bonus profit to trade and trade depots due to delicious spices. Economy 10: 25% bonus to trade profits. Dollarydoos: Capital of Zapta Villa: 10,000 pesos, Cities: 6000 pesos, Town: 1000 pesos, Population: 14,000 pesos, Civilian Industry: 87,000 pesos, Houses of Harmony: 8000 pesos, Commercial Districts: 28,000 pesos, Trade: 22,500 pesos, Trade Depots: 70,000 pesos, Puerto Riquez: 10,000 pesos, Cash from Vitraium sales: 20,000 pesos, Cash from Tourists: 15,000 pesos, Cash from Race Conclusion: 20,000 pesos, -Upkeep: -23,000 pesos, Total Spendaroonies: 288,500 pesos Production Assets: -Airship Production: 21ASP -Ground Forces Production: 20AP -Naval Production: 5NP -Vitarium Mines: 20 -Refined Vitarium: 20 (17 used (Half the fleet is currently mothballed)) -Steel units: 48 (36 used) -90,000 pesos towards 9 vitra mines and 9 vitra refineries -50,000 pesos sent to Emmeria to build 5 Vitra mines and 5 vitra refineries producing ten refined vitra in trade for the rent of two vitra nodes for ten years -5000 pesos for 1 commercial district. -11,000 pesos towards 11 freighters. -8000 pesos and 3AP towards 1 unit of T3 regular light infantry (motorised), -22,000 pesos and 8AP towards 2 units of regular howitzers (motorised), -20,000 pesos and 6AP towards 2 units of GRANDEZ CANNONEZ -14,000 pesos and 4AP towards 2 units of regular IMPROVED Tierra Rojan fighters -12,500 pesos towards upgrading town to city, -52,000 pesos and 16 ASP for 2 carriers, 4000 pesos go to el presidente. he seems really sketchy about this one, but no-one’s really sure why... researchhh project: totally not radar (-1RP) cbf to put stats in you got the race you dont need anything else this year
  11. TIERRA ROJA Strange sightings of sombrero-toting men are reported across many nations in the known world. They carry brushes, posters, and large bottles of tequila for their long and lonely nights abroad. They are men of Tierra Roja-- the free, democratic republic far in the east! And they have wonderful news for thrill-seekers the brave, and the terminally short of cash. Say, amigo, have you heard? Heard of what, you say? You have not felt the thunderous cries of brave muchachos leaping out of their chairs and heading to their nearest airship? Then you clearly have not heard about ... THE TIERRA ROJA AIR RACE! Ten long years it has been since the last great event, and now the time has come around again! Rough and hardy tontos with energia alta are needed by the people of Tierra Roja to compete in death-defying feats of racing! Danger, adventure, adrenalina, and beautiful señoras wait around every corner in this, the GREATEST RACE OF ALL TIME! It is not the event for the feint-hearted, or those of small penes! But you all the worries! What is my life worth risking? Dios mio, idiota! We would not ask you to risk your testículos for a mere 20,000 pesos. No no no! But would you risk it for... ₱100,000??! That is but the first prize, companero! We recognise that a second-place winner DESERVES some return! Second prize is the prize for coming first in the previous race! ₱20,000!! And for a lucky third, we’ll even throw in ₱5000 All paid for generously by our beloved El Presidente Miguel Doritaros!!! Come one, come all! No matter your background! Be you vagabond or pirate, be you soldier or priest, we will accept you into the race!! We do not judge in Tierra Roja! We just wish to see you glorify yourself before our people, and the very world itself!!! Bring your guts, bring your strength, but most of all; bring your entrance-fee!!! See you here in 1895, caballero!! Entry Rules: -All contestants must bring a signing-fee of ₱2000 to compete. There will be no excuses for a lack of funds, nor any exceptions. Competitors may represent themselves, business entities, or nations. So long as the competitor has the money and obeys the rules, they are qualified to enter. -Ships may not carry the following: -Ballistic weaponry, -Self-propelled rockets, -Explosive ordinance/mines, -Flame-throwers, -Smaller aircraft, -Small arms (with the exception of swords/clubs/broken bottles, etc), -Poisonous gasses or liquids. During the race, competitors may not: -Board a fellow competitor’s vessel, -Purposefully attack the crew of a vessel (targeting the vessel itself is permitted). -Turn in the opposite direction of the race in order to attack another vessel. Any violation of these rules will result in the immediate disqualification of the contestant, and possible violent destruction. Any injury, destruction of personal property, or death is in no way the responsibility of Tierra Roja. Your safety during the race is your own concern, and shall not be subsidized by the government of Tierra Roja. Dollarydoos: Capital of Zapta Villa: 10,000 pesos, Cities: 6000 pesos, Population: 14,000 pesos, Civilian Industry: 84,000 pesos, Commercial Districts: 28,000 pesos, Trade: 22,500 pesos, Trade Depots: 70,000 pesos, Puerto Riquez: 10,000 pesos, Captured Gems: 15,000 pesos, Refund from accidentally armouring corvettes and destroyers like a spazz: 48,000 pesos, Cash from Vitraium sales: 20,000 pesos. -Upkeep: -7000 pesos, Total Spendaroonies: 327,500 pesos Production Assets: -Airship Production: 20ASP -Ground Forces Production: 14AP -Naval Production: 5NP -Vitarium Mines: 20 -Refined Vitarium: 20 (15 used) -Steel units: 36 (34 used) -UwU~~~~~, is dat 3000 more moniez per turny-wurny? :3 (-15,000 pesos towards 3 civilian industry) -The strange, foreign Syullians are offered a small loan of 10,000 pesos to construct their lovely spa and recreational services within Tierra Roja. Who says we do not appreciate the finer things in life? We just like them at home with tacos and guns! (-10,000 pesos towards 8 houses of harmony) -Steel is very important to the upkeep of loco fábricas. Even more steel must therefore be produced! (-10,000 pesos towards 4 steel mills) -With the sudden and inexplicable loss of the vast portion of Tierra Roja’s heavy fleet, Almirante Alejandro Lorenzo storms angrily into the office of Phillip de Triste and demands his ships back, or rebuilt immediately. Phillip caves in after a mere five minutes of furious screaming, and the pesos flow into the Airshipyards once more. (-9000 pesos and 6ASP towards 3 destroyers) -(-12,000 pesos and 6ASP towards 12 corvettes) -(-24,000 pesos and 6AP towards 2 T3 heavy cruisers) -(-11,000 pesos and 2ASP towards 1 T3 cruiser) -Iz dat sum more cutey heavy industwy~? I wanna licky it all over.... Rawr! xD~~ (-60,000 pesos towards 6 Heavy Industry) -Hey, no licky all for yoursewf~~ >:3 I wan sum too! Haha! UwU~~~ (-10,000 pesos towards 1 Airshipyard) -A new town spring up in the south of Tierra Roja. With banditos becoming less common, the farther reaches of the lands get even safer. (-5500 pesos towards a town) -With little fanfare, huge numbers of builders begin pouring into Zapata Villa. Tonnes upon tonnes of concrete and steel are shipped to massive plots of land purchased the previous year in the central portions and outskirts of the city. Construction begins under the watchful eyes of the military, which appears extremely humorless and tight-lipped when asked about the project. As the months wear on, the structures take shape as massive, grey, cylindrical things that loom over the city with a quiet, oppressive air. Eventually, the shells of the structures are completed and equipment starts being delivered via covered trucks and under heavy guard. Again, the army is tight-lipped, and harsh punishments are meted out to snoops—even if they were drunk! Tall, barb-wired fences surround the new concrete colossi, and are patrolled regularly by extremely sober soldiers and guard dogs. (-10,000 pesos, 10AP, and 2 steel production towards six mysterious, concrete cylinders) -The GRAND PRIZE for the TIERRA ROJA AIR RACE! You all know the stakes! You all know what you NEED! Sign up TODAY!! (-100,000 pesos towards the GRAND PRIZE!) (-20,000 pesos towards the second prize!) (-5000 pesos towards stinky 3rd place) Tierra Roja needs more than mere local coverage! Tierra Roja needs to take this great race WORLDWIDE! With the invention of radio, this dream is now VERY POSSIBLE! Adverts are sent all across the civilised world—the race has come around again! Are you brave enough to win a NATION’S WEALTH? (-20,000 pesos towards infrastructure, advertising, and radio towers to bring the race to the WHOLE WORLD!) 6000 pesos handed over to El Presidente’s account. He seems happier each and every time this happens for some reason...
  12. Tierra Roja Another bullet lodged itself into the wood of the old cabin, prompting the young Paladin Luis to duck his head further behind the upturned table. His mentor, Jose, nursed the bleeding wound on his side and rubbed his whiskered chin thoughtfully. “We have plenty of ammunition,” Jose mused (mostly to himself), “and plenty of guns. What we lack is a good position. Maybe if we can work out where the fewest of them are, we can rush them and get a better spot?” Another bullet shrieked past the pair, smashing a bottle on the opposite side of the wall. “I think they’ve got us completely surrounded, maestro!” Stammered young Luis. He gripped his rifle tightly against himself causing the grease of its chamber to dirty his otherwise pristine white outfit. “We’ve killed half on them already, “Jose rolled his eyes. “There’s still five more!” Luis whined. “And we have five guns each! That’s two guns for each of them. If anything, they’re outnumbered!” The old Paladin chortled. “Any booze in this place? I could use some disinfectant. A drink, too!” He glared with disappointment at the smashed bottle as the precious liquid seeped into the moldering floorboards. With a wince he grasped his side and limped towards one of the shattered windows. “Hey, criminales, do you have any tequila?” He yelled. “I wish to quench my thirst before I kill you!” He was answered by a number of shots pelted back through the window. “I certainly do!” A voice called back. “Just come out of your rathole and I’ll personally feed it to you!” “I have reason to doubt your sincerity, señor! But if you change your mind, I promise not to shoot if you send your sister with the bottle!” The injured Paladin crawled back to his position with a smirk as a bullet ricocheted off an old lamp. “Honourless pendejos.” He laughed, leaning back against the table. “What sort of man refuses his enemy a drink before a fight? Naught but cowards.” “Are we going to die?” Luis quietly asked. Jose shrugged, and began reloading one of his revolvers. “Maybe. Maybe not. They can’t aim worth a damn, so that evens the odds. Two of them to the west are using muzzle-loaders, though. We can rush them a-” Jose’s attention snapped back to Luis, who was quietly weeping. The old man rubbed his eyes, and sighed. “Do you remember what El Salvador did at his last battle?” Luis shakily nodded, but his eyes remained entirely downcast. “When all his amigos were slain, and it was only himself and a few followers left defending the river crossing, what did his comrades say to him?” ““Let us flee, and gather another army.”” Sniffled Luis. “Si. And what did El Salvadore say to that?” ““A meek man will not find paradise.”” Luis answered. Jose nodded, glaring intensely at his apprentice. “I have seen you praying at night. What do you ask Him for?” “Bravery and strength.” Luis stammered. He yelped as Jose clapped him behind the head. “Idiota! You think El Salvador cares about your prayers? El Salvador helps the meek to be strong. You are a Paladín. You are already strong! Certainly strong enough to kill one of those merciless banditos. You’re already head-above-shoulders braver than anyone in the villages they pillage.” Luis’ tears didn’t seem to abate, which annoyed Jose considerably. He rubbed his temples with a groan. “Sure, El Salvador could have run with his comrades, gathered another army and fought the Klendari again, but what would that gain him? His name in a list of fallen heroes? He chose to be an example for the rest of us! And His final, fateful charge to his His earthly end was not done in fear, but with a smile! For His path lead not to death but to everlasting life in the heavens!” His apprentice looked up at him with red, puffy eyes. “We strive ever onward against the inglorious, the wicked, and the evil! Our bravery and strength will inspire, even when our time has come! We are El Salvador, and El Salvador is us!” Jose pulled Luis up, and brushed the dirt and refuse from the young man’s shoulders. “You feel that twinge in your gut?” Jose smiled, eyes filled with wild malice. Luis slowly nodded and wiped his eyes. “That means El Salvador is watching you. He is waiting to see you purge these shits from this righteous world, and show your divinidad! Do not disappoint him!” A shot rang out, and carved a piece of wood from the window sill, narrowly missing the shoulder of the grinning Jose. “I’ll charge towards the mouthy one north of us, you dart west and kill the bastards there. When you succeed, you’ll easily dispatch the rest with your revólveres. Should I perish, bury me with all their tequila. I wish to sing when I meet El Salvador.” With that, the two of them charged from the doorway and gunfire rang out around the woodland. Only Luis returned to the cheers of the villagers, smiling, covered in blood, and reeking of alcohol. Like a true Paladín. Too caliente for you, Cabron?: 25% bonus profit to trade and trade depots due to delicious spices. Economy 10: 25% bonus to trade profits. Dollarydoos: Capital of Zapta Villa: 10,000 pesos, Cities: 6000 pesos, Population: 13,000 pesos, Civilian Industry: 84,000 pesos, Commercial Districts: 28,000 pesos, Trade: 22,500 pesos Trade Depots: 70,000 pesos, Puerto Riquez: 10,000 pesos, Captured Gems: 15,000 pesos, -Upkeep: -11,000 pesos, Total Spendaroonies: 247,500 pesos Production Assets: -Airship Production: 20ASP -Ground Forces Production: 14AP -Naval Production: 5NP -Vitarium Mines: 10 -Refined Vitarium: 10 (8 used) -Steel units: 36 (34 used) -Vitarium is needed to power the hordes of warships currently patrolling Tierra Roja’s airspace. A big investment is made by Phillip de Triste into the production of further mines and mineral processing. (-100,000 pesos towards 10 vitramite mines and 10 vitraium refineries) -The fleet is expanded further with the addition of numerous patrol-craft. (-30,000 pesos and 20ASP towards 10 destroyers) -Marshal Grasiento hauls the former slaves back to Tierra Rojan lands, and puts into camps. Here, they are taught civilised military discipline, fighting techniques, and the use of (surplus) rifles and equipment. Horses and also drafted into service, with other natives being pulled into the “Crusade.” The most important thing of all is that these natives are indoctrinated into their new role of righteous conquerors, all the while under the tutelage of Tierra Rojan officers and Paladins. (-16000 pesos and 4AP towards 10,000 T2 Regular Native Infantry Brigades, and 10,000 T2 Regular Native Cavalry Brigades) -On the home front, soldiers are getting enlisted in the highly mobile army of Tierra Roja. What it lacks in armored brigades it makes up for in sheer machismo. (-27,000 pesos and 9AP towards 15,000 T3 regular motorised Infantry Brigades) Research: -A group of Tierra Rojan engineers sit around, glaring at the magnífico engines being installed on a destroyer. It is a beautiful engine, and unmatched by any other in the world for its sheer speed. And yet, it was not enough. How could it be? Does a man simply go for a siesta after his first drink? No! He drinks, and drinks, and drinks until he can barely stand! He fights his friends! He shoots his brother! He sleeps with his brother’s wife! He then sobers up, and laughs about it with his brother! His brother then shoots him! In this sense, the engines simply must go faster! (-1RP and 10,000 pesos towards improving the speed of Tierra Rojan ship engines) -The standard bolt-action rifles employed by the military are quickly becoming obsolete in a world of self-loaders. Since all the other nations are adopting semi-automatic rifles, so will Tierra Roja! Behold: The Pizarro Self-Loading Battle Rifle! The top-loading magazine is admittedly unusual compared to conventional examples, but the .303 15-round fixed magazine has all the right elements needed for military service; ergo, it shoots a whole lot, reliably. (-1RP and 10,000 pesos towards self-loading rifles) You know, those savage Karakhwa have a clever idea, there. Why not put a little heavy ordinance on your fighter planes? It would make them useful for attacking lighter airships. (-15,000 pesos towards researching fighter-rockets) Much to the woe of General Hernandez, research into armoured brigades begin, due to the pressing need of countering potential foreign armour brigades. As per Tierra Rojan tradition, the design that is chosen is the one with the most guns on it. The GAS (General Automotive and Saraceneza) Model 1 tank is chosen for its agile speed, its numerous weapons, and its... its agile speed. The tank was chosen to take up a role cavalry had previously held of a quick flanking force. (-15,000 pesos towards researching Armoured Brigades) 8500 pesos are deposited in El Presidente’s personal bank account. He applauds Phillip de Triste’s pragmatic sense of saving, and assures any and all who ask that the money is still, definitely, there.
  13. Tierra Roja Too caliente for you, Cabron?: 25% bonus profit to trade and trade depots due to delicious spices. Economy 10: 25% bonus to trade profits. Dollarydoos: Capital of Zapta Villa: 10,000 pesos, Cities: 6000 pesos, Population: 12,000 pesos, Civilian Industry: 80,000 pesos, Commercial Districts: 24,000 pesos, Trade: 22,500 pesos, Trade Depots: 63,000 pesos, Puerto Riquez: 10,000 pesos, -Upkeep: -8,000 pesos, -Battleships sold!: 3200 pesos, Total Spendaroonies: 222,700 pesos Production Assets: -Airship Production: 15ASP -Ground Forces Production: 10AP -Naval Production: 5NP -Vitarium Mines: 10 -Refined Vitarium: 10 (5 used) -Steel units: 36 (27 used) -The city of Alvaro receives an influx of resources, as heavily-armed traders start flying to the new world. The business opportunities are considerable with the coming hordes of prospectors and explorers. (-20,000 pesos towards a Trade Depot and Commercial District in Alvaro) -Industry similarly begins to boom in Alvaro, with a whole new tequila culture growing among the colonists. (-20,000 pesos towards 4 Civilian Industry in Alvaro) -God, how can I keep writing about stuff happening in Alvaro? Everything I’m building this year is going in this stupid city. (-20,000 pesos towards 2 Heavy Industry) -See?! Look how much **** is in this stupid city. **** Alvaro, man. (-30,000 pesos towards three Airshipyards) -Okay, something actually different. I’m motorising/mechanising all of Tierra Roja’s ground military. I think it’s a good idea to get ahead on this kind of modernisation for the future, especially now that I have decent roads to facilitate vehicles. May as well use all that production for something, right? (-12,000 pesos and 12AP towards motorising 5000 infantry, 200 pieces of field artillery, 50 howitzers, and 1 Grandes Cannones) -I’m not too sure how to balance a fleet in all honesty. Heavy on mid-tier ships seems like a good idea because I feel they’ll have a longer shelf-life than the super-heavies. Maybe I’ll also get a smattering of destroyers and corvettes to defend against “””certain people””” partial to raiding trade lanes. (-33,000 pesos and 6ASP towards 3 T3 cruisers) -I’m not too certain if heavy cruisers will last all that long in the grand scheme of things, but I’m hopeful that they’ll be obsolete a bit later than dreadnoughts. (-36,000 pesos and 9ASP towards 3 T3 heavy cruisers) -A destroyer I guess? I need more ASP. (-9000 pesos and 2ASP towards 1 T3 destroyer) -Project Red. (-20,000 pesos, total of 60,000 pesos invested) -The Mosquito Project. (-20,000 pesos, total of 80,000 pesos invested) 2700 pesos are sent to El Presidente’s personal bank account.
  14. Tierra Roja “Well?!” El Presidente screamed – his face crimson with fury. “Which one of you putas did this?!” The night sky was alight with tall flames some hundred metres away. Several hovels were caught up in the inferno and local peasants were rushing to and fro, grabbing buckets of water from wells and carting them towards the outskirts of other homes. In the distance, a tinny blare of sirens could be heard. The Cuerpo de Bomberos and their large hoses would be arriving soon, but perhaps not soon enough. The cries of newly homeless children added a morose tone to an otherwise frightening situation. Two men, Santiago and Patricio, stood with their arms held tightly behind their backs by a small mob of heavily-armed sycophants. Such men often followed El Presidente around for free drinks and policia-free antics. They also acted as impromptu thugs whenever something annoyed El Presidente, and happily engaged in violence for their own amusement. Today’s thuggery involved viciously beating a pair of engineers whom El Presidente and Phillip de Triste were visiting. Phillip had chosen to remain inside his hotel while El Presidente conducted his “investigation.” The two gentlemen had not only caused grievous damage to local infrastructure, they had performed an entirely more devastating crime. They had destroyed El Presidente’s personal yacht. “My ship was innocent, you miserable monstruos!” he roared. He flailed his revolver around furiously, jabbing it in the general direction of the tallest flames. “I had barely any time to party in her! I only had time to go caca in my golden crapper once! Once!” He drew very close to the faces of the terrified men and glowered. He stood so close, the men could see the saliva beginning to foam at the corners of his mouth. “Have you imbéciles any idea just how much tequila I had in that thing?” As if on cue, an enormous plume of fire erupted from the centre of the blaze, causing locals to scream for more water. El Presidente began grinding his teeth. “Again, I ask; which of you is responsible?” Santiago and Patricio looked at one-another. Both of them nodded towards the other. “He did it!” They both yelped, followed quickly by each of them angrily growling towards the other; “liar!” El Presidente rubbed his temples with a sigh. “Alright alright. Then tell me what happened.” “Well,” Santiago chimed in despite his bruises, “We were doing some experiments in pre-vitrarium thrust theories.” “There were lots of crazy ideas on how to lift something off the ground before the first vitra’ ship, you see.” Patricio added. “And one of those ideas involved mixing oxygen and a rare, refined oil product referred to as ‘gasolina.’” “Liquid propellants, señor! A very interesting subject!” “Si, si! So, we were putting together this muy big cylinder...” El Presidente started waving his revolver in the face of Santiago. “Parar ahora. Stop, stop... I am no scientist, but I’m pretty sure both of those things are extremely prone to catching fire, si?” “Why, yes!” Santiago said. “That’s how we achieve the thrust! A sort of... controlled explosion that pushes the cylinder forward!” The man smiled with excitement. “Isn’t it brilliant?!” El Presidente pressed the barrel of his gun against Santiago’s head for a moment, before inhaling heavily and drawing it back. “So what did you do then?” “Well,” spoke Patricio, “we filled the cylinder with the propellants. I think we had two chambers and then they mixed together? Or did we just pour it all in...? I’m not sure. I don’t remember. We then stuck a big cone on top of it so it would fly up straight!” “Right. So why did your cylinder hit my yacht?” “We decided to launch it over the town.” Spoke Santiago, shuffling his feet. “And we mixed kerosene in with the other fuel.” Patricio mumbled quietly. El Presidente stared at the two, gobsmacked at the sudden admission. He walked away for a moment, muttering, and then returned looking more confused than before. “Why?!” He stammered. “I dunno. We were drunk.” Santiago whined. “We still are drunk!” Patricio slurred. At this, El Presidente rubbed his eyes. A few moments of silence passed and he looked both men in the eyes, smiling—the sort of fatherly smile one gives their children when they have made an enormous, catastrophic accident that cannot be mended. Beginning quietly he began laugh jovially, joined in turn by his sycophants, the captured engineers, and some nearby locals drawn to the group. El Presidente petted the two engineers on the shoulders, shaking his head with a smile. He then shot them both and threw their bodies into the fire. Too caliente for you, Cabron?: 25% bonus profit to trade and trade depots due to delicious spices. Economy 10: 25% bonus to trade profits. Dollarydoos: Capital of Zapta Villa: 10,000 pesos, Cities: 3000 pesos, Colonial Town: 2000 pesos, Population: 12,000 pesos, Civilian Industry: 80,000 pesos, Commercial Districts: 24,000 pesos, Trade: 22,500 pesos, Trade Depots: 63,000 pesos, Puerto Riquez: 10,000 pesos, -Upkeep: -12,000 pesos, -El Presidente's Yacht Disaster!: -5000 pesos, Total Spendaroonies: 209,500 pesos Production Assets: -Airship Production: 15ASP -Ground Forces Production: 10AP -Naval Production: 5NP -Vitarium Mines: 10 -Refined Vitarium: 10 (6 used) -Steel units: 36 (23 used) -The Mosquito Project (-20,000 pesos, total of 60,000 pesos invested) -Project Red (-20,000 pesos, total of 40,000 pesos invested) -Lighthouse (-15,000 pesos) -The infantry of Tierra Roja are spending an inordinate amount of money on marching boots, tents, and camping supplies. Clearly, this is an unnecessary cost in an era when vehicles are easily available. Some rough-and-ready trucks and cars are procured from some very happy automobile companies. They are partially redesigned, repainted, and given to the soldiers for transport. (-10,000 pesos and 10 AP towards motorising 25,000 infantry) -With the retirement of the battleships, a number of middling cruisers are commissioned to sure up the navy’s shrinking numbers, and to use the vitrarium that will be saved up. (-55,000 pesos and 10ASP towards five T3 cruisers) -A small number of raiding and patrol ships are also commissioned in the shipyards of Madero. (-26,000 pesos and 5ASP towards two T3 destroyers and a pair of T3 corvettes) -The colonial town of Alvero bloats in population. Many Tierra Rojans are drawn to the strange new land to the south. So much so that supplies are shipped there en masse to cater to the new colonists. (-12,500 pesos towards upgrading Alvero to a city) -More heavy industry is constructed in the military city of Carranza. (-20,000 pesos towards 2 heavy industry) -More airshipyards are built in Madero. (-20,000 pesos towards 2 airshipyards) -Outposts pop up along the green coastlines of the strange, desert continent. They are secured by the large military presence currently at the colony, ensuring any uncooperative natives don’t get in the way of land-claims (Sorry about the tiny picture. I have literally nothing else). (-10,000 pesos towards four outposts) -The final three battleships of Tierra Roja are put up for sale to any and all. Prices are highly negotiable! Should they find no buyers, government officials begin looking around for possible quotes on their worth as scrap. 1000 pesos are sent to El Presidente’s super-secure bank account.
  15. tierra roja 0-effort shitpost because I was told to Dollarydoos: Capital of Zapta Villa: 10,000 pesos, Cities: 3000 pesos, Population: 11,000 pesos, Civilian Industry: 78,000 pesos, Commercial Districts: 24,000 pesos, Trade: 22,500 pesos Trade Depots: 63,000 pesos, Puerto Riquez: 10,000 pesos, -Upkeep: -8000 pesos, Total Spendaroonies: 213,500 pesos Production Assets: -Airship Production: 12ASP -Ground Forces Production: 7AP -Naval Production: 5NP -Vitarium Mines: 7 -Refined Vitarium: 7 (4 used) -Steel units: 36 (23 used) -The Mosquito Project (-20,000 pesos) -Project Red (-20,000 pesos) -Education Investments (-15,000 pesos towards education, total of 100,000 pesos invested) -Two civilian industry (-10,000 pesos) -Two T3 Dreadnoughts (42,000 pesos, 10ASP) -Four heavy industry (-30,000 pesos) -Three airshipyards (-30,000 pesos) -Three Vitramite mines (-15,000 pesos) -Three Vitraium refineries (-15,000 pesos) -9,000 pesos sent to El Presidente’s account -15,000 light infantry are sent across the ocean to secure land and establish a NEW COLONY. -A new COLONY town is established in the strange new world! (Will post where when I get a map) (-7500 pesos)
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