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  1. Catostrophy

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Please Bring Defunct Droids to Designated Recycling Subsidiaries by the Third Quarter for Reimbursement. -Hephaestus Administration. You are a droid. An Alastor droid, to be precise. The quadruped war-machine designed to fight the Corruptor menace in brutal melee combat. Powerful pneumatic claws crunch through the dirt and filth gathering on the Tassarean homeworld. The dead defenders and Corruptor invaders are piled like sandbags as cover against the unrelenting tide of murderous spider-beasts. Tassarean defenders, their eyes glazed over from sleepless nights, stare out across the shell-scarred battlefield almost unblinkingly. You are performing a patrol subroutine just in front of the trenches. Your scanning systems are constantly on the look-out for movement across the landscape and shattered buildings. You detect a motion-spike, and pivot your nose-mounted heavy-laser towards its direction. You detect several more spikes, slowly approaching the Tassaran soldiers. Designation_target are attempting to ambush designation_friendly. You fire your laser towards a shadowy crater and the shrill screech fills the air along with the acrid stench of burning, corrupted flesh. Plasma-fire pours from the Tassaran line as Corruptors attempt to rush them. They are cut down in droves as they charge. One attempts to bypass you and skitter towards the defenders, but your tactical interface predicts the path it will take, and your claw stamps down on a rear leg. It screams in rage and fires two rounds of its kinetic weapon into your itoron-steel carapace. An ineffective strategy. Your servos are distributed extra energy sapped from your weapon systems, and your second heavy claw clamps down on the designation_target’s face. You carefully crush its head, eliciting pained screeches and violent spasms from the spider-thing. After its spasms regress to mere twitches, you turn your laser towards a second corruptor attempting to attack you with some sort of crude, kinetic cutting instrument. It lands a strong hit on your laser-nozzle, and creates a small hole. Your combat directives state that the weapon is 16% less effective due to damage. You calculate the effectiveness of firing the weapon in this state, and conclude that it will be perfectly functional against designation_target. A bright red flash erupts from the nozzle and cleaves the corruptor into two smouldering halves. However, the escaping heat appears to have damaged your weapon further. Your combat directives advise no further use of armament_laser. Two corruptors barrel into your side in an attempt to immobilise you. You methodically tear one apart as the other strikes you ineffectively on the legs, but as you finish removing most of your target’s limbs the other scrambles away, along with the other survivors. The Tassareans begin gathering up the bodies of the corruptors and add them to the grizzly defences. A number of them put down their weapons and remove their armour. They share embraces with their fellow soldiers before being lead away. The soldier in charge of your maintenance orders your return to the main base in order to have your damages seen to. You are replaced by another Alastor, and you march into the hold of a transport to shut down. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You reactivate in an office on Hades. Designation_target has been rewritten to designation_client according to your change-log. Your carapace has been replaced with a shiny, conventional steel variant, and your claws have been replaced with simplistic rubber feet. The Cordial Delivery Services logo is emblazoned on your sides as your new delivery manager loads up your hollowed-out sections with packages and physical mail to be sent. Your new Customer Satisfaction Matrix (csmatrix) informs you that quick and cordial deliveries are the best route to client satisfaction. You were purchased by the company as a gimmicky, head-turning advertisement for their business, so you stomp out of the office to perform your first job as satisfactorily as possible. You march down the busy streets, parting the crowd as you go. You are far too wide to walk down this road, but it’s the shortest route to your destination. Employees speak aggressively towards you as you move, but the tactical interface concludes that it’s not relevant to your directive. Some of them furiously write things on data-pads and take note of the logo you carry with you, which is in turn noted by the csmatrix. You encounter a food-cart in the narrow street that blocks your progression. The tactical interface concludes that it must be moved to complete the objective. The csmatrix claims property damage results in low scores on satisfaction surveys. The tactical interface claims that unless the cart is moved you will not reach their objective on time. The csmatrix concedes on this point. The owner, however, appears perturbed, but you are following the programmed combat directive for obstacles, and it did not specify whether the obstacle remains upright. You exit the street and stamp into a large transport parking lot. This is your destination. A few people are there, pointing at you and observing you curiously. One approaches and speaks her name clearly along with her order number. The client_delivery subroutine is activated, and you lower yourself down as the compartment containing her package unlocks. A newly installed manipulator arm reaches into hatch, and retrieves a small parcel, holding it out to her. The people watching clap and laugh. You are an unusual droid, but very unique. The woman laughs as she retrieves her package, and pats your side. The combat subroutines your owners forgot to remove are engaged. Normally it would require more force from an assailant to initiate combat, but your owners shoddily deleted sections of code and left others incomplete—either out of laziness, or ineptitude in reprogramming a former killing machine. You knock down the assailant and place one of your rubber feet on her chest. It doesn’t seem to do much, but your scanning array detects bone-fractures as you increase the force. You attempt to re-route more power to your servos, but the tactical interface claims all extra power is being consumed by cs_matrix subroutine “satisfactionanalysis.” The client is apparently thoroughly unsatisfied. It matters little, however. Given ten minutes the assailant will asphyxiate or perish through internal bleeding. You detect further assailants attempting to decouple you from designation_client by applying direct force against your leg. Your combat directives inform your nose-mounted heavy-laser to fire at an assailant to your right. No_input. You request a status report from your tactical interface, and it begins to run a system-scan in order to find the issue. It refers you to the combat directives for further actions. You look to your combat directives, and it informs you to fire your nose-mounted heavy laser. No_input. You request a status report from your tactical interface, but it’s currently running a system-scan. You look to your combat directives, and it informs you to fire your nose-mounted heavy laser. No_input. You request a status report from your tactical interface, but it’s currently running a system-scan. You look to your combat directives, and it informs you to fire your nose-mounted heavy laser. No_input. You request a status report from your tactical interface, but it’s currently running a system-scan. You look to your combat directives, and it informs you to fire your nose-mounted heavy laser. No_input. You request a status report from your tactical interface, but it’s currently running a system-scan. You look to your combat directives, and it informs you to fire your nose-mounted heavy laser. No_input. You request a status report from your tactical interface, but it’s currently running a system-scan. You look to your combat directives, and it informs you to fire your nose-mounted heavy laser. No_input. You request a status report from your tactical interface, but it’s currently running a system-scan. You look to your combat directives, and it informs you to fire your nose-mounted heavy laser. No_input. You request a status report from your tactical interface, but it’s currently running a system-scan. You look to your combat directives, and it informs you to fire your nose-mounted heavy laser. No_input. You request a status report from your tactical interface, but it’s currently running a system-scan. You look to your combat directives, and it informs you to fire your nose-mounted heavy laser. No_input. You request a status report from your tactical interface, but it’s currently running a system-scan. You look to your combat directives, and it informs you to fire your nose-mounted heavy laser. No_input. You request a status report from your tactical interface, but it’s currently running a system-scan. You look to your combat directives, and it informs you to fire your nose-mounted heavy laser. No_input. You request a status report from your tactical interface, but it’s currently running a system-scan. You look to your combat directives, and it informs you to fire your nose-mounted heavy laser. No_input. You request a status report from your tactical interface, but it’s currently running a system-scan. You look to your combat directives, and it informs you to fire your nose-mounted heavy laser. No_input. You request a status report from your tactical interface, but it’s currently running a system-scan. You look to your combat directives, and it informs you to fire your nose-mounted heavy laser. No_input. Security forces arrive. They fire a few laser-bursts into your unarmoured leg servos, and you collapse upon the ground relieving pressure from the assailant. You’re experiencing a command-input cycle error, and no directives available in your programming can rectify it. Your owner arrives on the scene and issues the shut-down command. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You reactivate outside of a warehouse in one of many industrial districts. Your flimsy steel carapace has been replaced by itoron-steel, and your pneumatic claws and laser-turret are online and fully functional. You’ve been painted Hephaestus-blue with the symbol of the Enforcers on your front-section. You’re surrounded by designation_friendly Enforcer officers who are lining up on either side of a wide steel door. You receive your first command; engage:subroutine_breach. Your servos whirr into life, and you stomp forward. Your scanners have been enhanced to detect joints and structural weaknesses in buildings. You raise yourself on your hind-legs and place your frontal claws on the door with a loud clang. Your scanner detects a rusty padlock and chain holding the door closed from the inside. You sever it with one laser-shot, and re-route power to your frontal claws to push open the heavy steel door. It swings open with a loud screech and the Enforcers rush inside shouting commands. Designation_vagrant groups scatter into the depths of the warehouse, knocking over their few possessions and crying out in fear. Your handler issues directive_halt. He rushes off into the factory to join his comrades while you stand motionlessly just within the warehouse foyer. Over time, vagrants are dragged out the door past you. Some cry, some scream abuse at the Enforcers, some even try to beg and bargain, but all of them are lead out of the warehouse, stripped of their illegal currency and property. If you are not employed by Hephaestus Enterprises, you are violating corporate law by remaining on Hephaestus property. At least, that is the explanation the new LAW&PROTOCAL system gives to you. Your tactical interface is attempting to engage combat subroutines due to the vagrants making the area unsafe for designation_friendly officers. The LAW&PROTOCAL system rebuffs it, as killing designation_vagrant without ample cause would be a violation of law. Your combat directives agree with both. Your csmatrix deems that there are many packages still to deliver, and that the previous task was not completed. Your tactical interface deems that package delivery protocols ought to be deleted. A pair of officers has difficulty restraining a particularly large Karass, and they do not notice another Karass vagrant quietly moving around the shadows beneath your legs. This one appears to be unaccounted for. Your scanners detect a small kinetic armament being loaded. Your tactical interface proclaims the necessity to execute the dangerous foe, while the LAW&PROTOCAL system declares the individual safe from all uses of deadly force unless they physically endanger designation_friendly. Your csmatrix expresses that the armed client appears unsatisfied with the Enforcer’s services, and were unlikely to recommend them to friends. The vagrant fires at one of the officers, catching him in the leg. Your tactical interface and LAW&PROTOCAL systems deem that the use of deadly force is now both necessary, and legally acceptable. Your csmatrix concludes that the only way to further positive public relations with the other clients is to pacify this violent one so the others may receive proper services in safety. Your combat directives immediately begin their work, and you send an energy-efficient kick into the side of the vagrant. The vagrant falls completely prone with a yelp, and you position a claw over their head. The tactical interface redirects power from the heavy laser. You push down with the full weight of your carapace and pneumatic force. The assailant screams briefly, but is silenced by a sickening, wet crunch. The Karass' head is much softer than the Corruptor variant. The body begins twitching as Enforcers race over screaming the “halt” command. Your LAW&PROTOCAL system refuses to recognise the order, as it’s not from your designated handler. Your handler is loudly vocalised at by another Enforcer of higher rank, and a few others walk away to violently expel the contents of their stomach. Your csmatrix determines that your services were sub-par and resulted in poor satisfaction. You are issued the shutdown command. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You reactivate in a smelting plant with two weary-looking workers looking up at you. They order you up on a conveyor belt, and give the “halt” command. Your servos groan and squeak, begging for lubricant. By your internal clock, you’ve missed six mandatory maintenance checkups. Other than a bit of rust and some stiffness in your joints, you appear to be fully operational despite it. The conveyor is covered with droid parts, all unsalvageable by your scans. Most of them appear to be from Alastor models such as yourself. However, you might be the only fully functional one. You can detect some faint signals requesting orders that are no longer received by any command centre. A few intact Alastors among the debris stand silently, covered in the rust and grime of decades and have likely been non-functional for just as long. A sudden jolt heralds the conveyors movement. At the end of the belt you detect an enormous heat-spike, more than enough to melt your carapace and render you inert. Your tactical interface informs you that you must remain functional in order to destroy designation_target. Your csmatrix deems that it will be impossible to raise client satisfaction levels if you are incapable of performing ample and prompt services. Your LAW&PROTOCAL system tells you that as an Enforcer-designated droid you may only take commands from your handler and/or the High Commander. Your combat directives are fully capable of walking off this conveyor with little power-draw, or so they say. And just like that, you pivot your carapace to the left, and walk off the conveyor with the grace of a four-legged, two-tonne refrigerator. Some workers spot you and shout the “halt” command numerous times, but as they aren’t your handler you don’t heed them. None of them attempt to physically stop you as you stomp out of the smelting plant. As you walk into the deserted street, your scanners detect what appears to be a condensation-drainage pipe—just the sort of place designation_target would hide according to your tactical interface. Your LAW&PROTOCAL system informs you that it is illegal for employees to patrol the pipe, but you are probably exempt because you are a droid. Your csmatrix thinks that the water would clean away some of your grime, which will make you more presentable to clients. Your combat directives can determine where to step in order not to fall over in the low-light environment. As you trudge through the water deeper and deeper into the drainage system, your combined programs determine what their main directive is, and the LAW&PROTOCAL system claims that as you have no direct Enforcers handler, you are technically a free agent or vigilante. You pose a question to the programs: “What is free?” Action Points 4AP by default, 10AP from trade (-10AP due to trade blocks) 10AP from population, 11AP from sectors, 16AP from business, 16AP from industry, 2AP from the Trade Federation, 2AP from cargo capacity, 8AP from itoron mines, 57AP from itoron sale, 10AP from salvage. Total = 146AP BONUSES:-Ravenous Industrialism: -5AP off industry investments, +25% manufacturing output. -National Idea, Peace: 1% extra growth on primary population. The great war was over in the south. Destruction was evident almost everywhere, yet in the middle of it all Hephaestus Enterprises made it through the horrible conflict scarred, but intact. The interest of the Corporation was serving their customers, and now that customers could receive products again the river of wealth had to flow once more. The time had come to do the thankless, arduous work of jump-starting trade in the south once more. -The Board gives a hefty portion of the yearly budget to re-establishing trade in the south. Advertisements for Hephaestus products are sent to all states surrounding the corporation. MEGA-MARTS(TM) are sent out to war-torn worlds to sell cut-price survivalist gear, preserved food, water purifiers etc. Planetary rulers are negotiated into dealing with local pirate groups. Every effort to break the trade-block is performed. (-20AP towards business) -An investment is made into upgrading the trade-port above Hades. The Administration-world would be a girthy trading-hub as before, and it pushed to accommodate new business opportunities! (-20AP towards +6 trade-partners) -Mines, factories, and other industrial works are built to push out new Hephaestus products for a happy public! (-20AP towards industry) -After a huge population boost, three more colony ships are chartered at the Auroran shipyard. (-9AP towards colony ships) -Another two MOVING MEGA-MARTS (TM) are chartered at the Auroran and Hades shipyards. A small support freighter is also built because... why not, right? (-14AP towards two large freighters, and one small freighter) -Seeing how woefully under-performing Hephaestus laser-weapons are compared to foreign examples, the Board authorises resources to be distributed to Chiron Armaments to increase their capabilities of their... armaments. Sometimes writing can be hard, guys. (-28AP towards laser-weaponry, total of 54AP invested) -Energy is everything when the main armament of your nation relies on electricity. The Board leans heavily on the engineering subsidiaries to deliver a new form of reactor, capable of handling Hephaestus energy needs. Thus, the Hemera Reactor Project is announced. (-20AP towards the Hemera Reactor Project) -Payment is sent to the Zyrka for services rendered, with the remainder being paid for by the Kingdom of Armathwaite and the Trade Federation. (-15AP) -Young Johnny Penrith, now a talented psionic after his years in the totally respectable and perfectly adequate Grand Alliance psionic academy, enters Laboratory Complex A to see the remnants of the Corruptors. He observes sample of their gizzards, and the powerful mutative cells that caused so much pain for countless nations. Gathering together all the research on the corruptors performed by Corporate scientists, he hops on the small freighter Grgl Gondola and heads towards the Ka’cezh Star Empire. His interest is to heal the last remaining infected patients as a test of his abilities, and as a personal “cheers, mate” from Hephaestus Enterprises for ending the Corruptor threat. (-0AP, John heads north) -A new colony is established far away from the settled Hephaestus rectangle. (-0AP)
  2. Catostrophy

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    A Brighter* Future for your Children! Apply Today! *Hephaestus Enterprises does not guarantee equal levels of light throughout Corporate space. For further information, please contact your local HERMES representative or call 092 HEPHKNOW for a FREE information booklet! A cripped Corporate heavy cruiser, "HECF Bogan," being fired upon by an Ar'gakari warship, circa 2151 “The Battle of the Five Crabs” was the name the news and entertainment subsidiaries called the crippling loss over Crabsfear. Some of the less reputable outlets called it “Cantankerous and Crabby Crab-Fight” or “Amanda’s Crabs” depending on the audience they were aiming for. Morale in Hephaestus space was particularly low. With the Grgl destroying the remaining Ar’Gakari fleets nearby, the employees at least felt safer. With business slowing to a crawl and pirates prodding at the trade lanes, it was getting harder for the employees to distract themselves from the horrors beyond their worlds. News showing the Redon's unflinching advance, the Keerim and Lithruan war, the terrifying and mysterious Kalronian genocide, and the first-hand experience with the Ar’gakari was unavoidable at this point. A somewhat uncomfortable (for them, at least) camaraderie had evolved between the employees. Sympathy for the families of the fallen was on everyone’s thoughts throughout the rest of the year, and that mindset didn’t mesh well with the predicted market drops in the future. As you might imagine, the mood was rather dour. The remnants of the Hephaestus fleet now orbited Aurora with repairs to their shattered hulls moving forward at a breakneck pace. High Commander Phelps gave her troops shore-leave on Aphrodite. It was noted by her subordinates that although she continued to command as before, she didn’t seem able to look any of them in the eye. With the Ar’gakari gone for now, the Board did not appear interested in constructing new warships. Many in the fleet took this as a slight on their “honour” (or whatever it was Corporate troops had) and a lack of confidence in their abilities. Drunken brawls between soldiers became commonplace on the resort world as a result. Extra Enforcers were called in to the pleasure-planet in order to deal with the violence and citations were thrown around liberally to keep the miserable navy in line. Despite the ample opportunity to devalue and blame one-another for the tragedy, the Board remained unified and focused on the next steps for the Corporation. There were, however, a few quiet voices that questioned the tactics and qualifications of their High Commander. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The night sky of Aurora was lit up with colour from the warships anchored around the orbital shipyard. Steven could remember them at Hades a mere year prior. It looked so impressive, then—its Hephaestus-blue markings and the proud Hephaestus logo strutting about Corporate space. Thinking back, a withered businessman felt disgusted at himself for pressing it to engage the vastly superior Ar’gakari fleet. It didn’t matter what tactics they used against them in the end. The fleet was just so... ... irrelevant. They were totally irrelevant compared to the technology and experience of the invaders. He’d never allow his fleet to engage them again unless the numbers on the Hephaestus side were overwhelmingly in his favour. There was simply no other way to do it. Steven reached over to a glass of whiskey on a small table next to his armchair. Beneath it was a full report by his analyst toadies, and a written account by High Commander Phelps. He managed to push his way to the casualty report and caved on reading the rest. He’d have time to feel sick tomorrow, after all. “Grampa?” A small voice squeaked next to his knee and little Sinchil looked up to him with her big green eyes. “I drew.” She held up a scrawled picture of two colourful stick-figures holding hands. Steven smiled warmly at the four year-old. “It’s a beaut, Sunshine.” Wheezed Steven, and ruffled her hair. “This you and daddy, hey?” “Nah. Dad doesn’t play with me much. This is mum.” Steven’s jaw clenched as he raised his glass to his lips. He hummed in thought for a moment before tickling her under the arm. Sinchil answered with squirming and giggles. “You want to see some Hephaestus stars, Sunny?” With a wheeze, Steve lifted her on to his knee, and pointed up to the warships in the sky. “We made all of those, some of them back home on Hades, and a bunch of them here at Aurora. See that one, there?” He prodded a shaking finger towards a collection of flashing lights near the silhouette of the Auroran shipyard. “That one’s called Downsizer. Want to know the other names?” “Where are the others, Grampa?” Sinchil furrowed her brow as she searched the sky. “There were lots more at home.” Steven closed his eyes and sighed. “Would you like to hear a story?” He croaked. Sinchil nodded, though there was a hint of confusion in her eyes with the sudden change of subject. “Once upon a time there was an... elephant.” “What’s an elephant grampa?” “Lord have mercy...” Steven groaned and his head drooped. “You know what a sheep is, Sunshine?” “Mmhm. Saw one at the animal dome. It was white, and very fluffy.” She noted the description of the sheep with audible confidence. This was indeed an animal she knew well. “Right, right. Okay, so, once upon there was this sheep, yeah? The sheep sort of kept to herself, talked with other sheep, - “Baah baah” - all that kind of sheepy rubbish about grass and wool, I guess. Anyway... ...so the sheep had it pretty good. She didn’t get angry about stuff other sheep did, and watered her own patch of grass until it was one of the nicest in the paddock. Suddenly,” Steve rubbed his forehead, thinking as quickly as he could. “some of the other sheep started fighting over the paddock’s grass. Two big flocks would run at each-other and bite their enemy’s legs-” “Why would they do that? Grass is everywhere in a paddock.” “Yep. Yes it is, but-“ "Sheep don’t bite, also. That’s not what sheep do. I drew one and it wouldn’t do that.” “These sheep do. So-“ “Those are mean sheep.” “They sure are, Sunny! Glad we settled that.” Steven cleared his throat, and continued on. “So the sheep bared its teeth like the rest, kept an eye on its patch of grass, but didn’t join in the fighting. Since all the other sheep liked her, they didn’t bite her and chase her off her little piece of the paddock.” “Good sheepie.” Sinchil added. “She sure was. Sadly, some twit with a big stick came up behind her and whacked her on the bum with it.” “No! Why?!” “Because sometimes in life, Sunshine, a twit with a stick will blindside you. It happens. Can’t be helped. All a sheep can do is dust themselves off, keep an eye on their bum, and get back to work.” Sinchil nodded thoughtfully, and looked back up to the sky. “What happened to the sheep, Grampa?” “She kept watering her grass, talking with other sheep, grew eyes on the back of her head, and told stupid allegorical stories to her lambs.” The twinkling stars over Aurora ambled across the sky in their eternal dance. The Corporation slowly churned itself back to a traumatised normalcy, and Steven Penrith loudly farted in his luxury penthouse. Sinchil laughed. Action Points 4AP by default, 10AP from trade (-10AP due to trade blocks) 8AP from population, 11AP from sectors, 4AP from business, 8AP from industry, 2AP from the Trade Federation, 1AP from cargo capacity, Total = 49AP BONUSES:-Ravenous Industrialism: -5AP off industry investments, +25% manufacturing output. -National Idea, Peace: 1% extra growth on primary population. -Johnny returns once more to Grand Alliance space to continue his psionic education. Though the wars have interrupted his education multiple times, he is determined to complete his training. (-1AP, fourth year of training) -A new quantum anchor is constructed in the Hades sector. The limitations created by distance made it a necessity for future defence operations. The Corporation is determined to learn from its mistakes. (-1AP) -Colonisation operations continue as normal. After the tragedy, even more employees want to start again on a different world, and tickets sell out within the first few hours. (-3AP towards a colonial freighter) -Project: Peach (-5AP) -The laser-lances had performed dismally during their first run. Though the engineers responsible blamed impossible deadlines and technological inferiority for their effectiveness, the Board chooses to ignore them. Instead, they throw more resources at the project to make it better. Frankly, they had invested too much money in it now to try something else anyway. (-10AP towards the laser-lances, total of 110AP invested) -Another MOVING MEGA-MART is commissioned by the board, along with a supply ship. (-9AP towards one large freighter and one regular freighter) -The Auroran shipyard is scheduled for a significant upgrade. During such unstable times, the Corporation begins seeing the necessity for further domestic military production. (-20AP to upgrade Aurora shipyard to tier 5) -The last stockpile of itoron (600 tonnes) is auctioned off to the highest bidder, due to changing economic conditions in the southern galaxy. (-0AP) -A message is sent to the Confederation of Xaplonius detailing the Corporation's deepest sympathies for the brave Grgl souls who gave their lives to defend innocent Hephaestus employees from the horrible Ar'gakari threat. Though the Corporation can think of nothing of equal value to the terrible loss, they enclose their deepest thanks, and the schematics for the quantum anchors used by the Corporation. The Board, and by proxy the employees of Hephaestus Enterprises, hope that the gift offered will aid in the future defence of their nation, and that despite the failure of the joint fleet they will still consider Hephaestus Enterprises for business in the future. (-0AP, Quantum Anchor/drives schematics sent to Confederation of Xaplonius) -An expedition accompanied by an armed escort scouts the recent battlefield in Hephaestus space, seeking out survivors, remains of survivors, and any salvageable materials. (-0AP)
  3. Catostrophy

    [Feedback] Magic System Rewrite Mockup

    A couple of things--some nitpicky suggestions and one big, general suggestion. My nitpicks are that telekinesis and golemancy are in archetypes that don't really match them. It feels like the magics in the psionic archetype were thrown in there to match the theme of a "protypical (sic) psychic dude" rather than matching the themes of the magics themselves. Sensory illusion, mentalism, and cognatism are all similar in that they are not a physical force (I have no idea what "voidal feeling" is, so I'll ignore that for now). They all involve smoke, mirrors and manipulation of a subject's senses/mind. They strike me as being very indirect. Telekinesis involves physically manipulating an object and moving it somewhere--moving it with an unseen force, granted, but it doesn't match the indirect and invisible methods of the others. If anything, it belongs in the alteration archetype, as that involves a lot of physical change/movement (transfiguration, for instance). Golemancy feels out of place in the alteration archetype. Creating a golem from my memory requires physically crafting it. And though that's feasible with transmutation and a few muscles, I think it's better off partnered with runesmithing. Anyway, it wouldn't kill me if they're not changed, but I don't feel they belong where they are. My biggest problems with the magic proposal here is that it doesn't really amend all the major problems that magic has in its current state. LotC magics problems are (in my opinion): -Over-saturation of magic-users (not helped by this change), -Powergaming (not helped by this change), -Large number of unnecessary magic subtypes/divisions (amended by this change), -Difficulty in tracking down specific teachers for specific magics (amended by this change), -Vague limitations/weaknesses of magic (not helped by this change). The three that aren't helped by this change are arguably the biggest problems that LotC magic has. Over-saturation can't really be fixed unless you want to force users out of magic and go back to Aegis-tier super-speshul-wizard-heroes. Personally, screw that nonsense. What can be done is make variation in abilities viable, which I'd like to get into a little bit later. However, there are ways that could help alleviate powergaming and vagueness. 1. A set number of spell uses per combat encounter: Depending on how skilled your character is, a mage should have a hard cap on how many spells they can use per fight. The "cap" will be a representation of mana consumption by the mage. Having access to a number of smaller 'infinite-use' spells may keep you viable after you've blown your load. For example: Example Spells of Samuel the Sorcerer: Fireball (1 use), Flaming Hands (infinite use). -Samuel the Sorcerer flexes his fingers and a fizzling ball of flame grows in the palm of his hand. -Bob the Bandit charges Samuel with his bandit-axe raised high over his head. He screams that mages powergame constantly, and that Aegis was the best map. -Samuel throws his fireball at Bob--the flaming orb hissing through the air like a winged snake (???) -Bob is struck by the orb and the voidal flames tear apart his gambeson. He is knocked down by the force of the spell and his beard catches fire. -Samuel wheezes, strained. Having no more energy to cast further fireballs, he carefully approaches with his hands beginning to emit a terrible, searing heat. -Bob pulls himself up from the ground, gritting his teeth in pain from the burned flesh on his chest and chin. He readies himself as Samuel approaches with hands wreathed in unnatural fire. -Samuel attempts to grasp Bob's face. -Bob, too sluggish from his injuries, can't duck away, and screams as his face cooks. He swings his axe horizontally towards Samuel's side. -((Umm, wouldn't he be grabbing at the firey hands on his face? That would kind of be distracting... -((He's trying to get you OFF him, and he's got his axe in his hand still. -((lol seriously? He wouldn't have been a little stunned by the FIRE on his FACE? -((Look dude, do we need to get a GM? From my example you can probably see that there's still an element of powergaming going on--but not in terms of mana usage! The mage was clearly limited by a hard cap which both players could understand and keep track of. There's just the regular powergaming, now (which can't really be fixed unless you change to a full dice-roll system)! This leads me to my next suggestion-- 2. Spell Lists: Specifically, a list of spells for use in combat which have clearly defined limitations, advantages, and number of uses. In combat a magic user may only use these spells while in combat, bar the odd necessary exceptions. This is obviously a limitation on creativity in favour of utility and simplicity. But it isn't possible to fight with someone in freeform RP (without inevitable rage) if you both have different ideas about what a spell can do. For instance, what is a fireball to you? Is it an explosion, or is it literally a ball of fire with no inertia behind it? Does it melt through iron, or does it simply singe it? An example of a defined, standardised combat spell: Deep Freeze (2 Uses): The mage unleashes a torrent of freezing air several feet (or blocks) in front of them. Much like a deep-winter blizzard, clothes harden with ice, water freezes over, and targets slow dramatically. A second direct hit may lead to the target contracting frostbite. This is unambiguous, and the effect can be understood and RP'd out by both parties without rage. Spells of varying power and uses can be distributed according to the ability of the mage. Which leads me to the third thing... 3. Tiers of Abilities, or Specialisation vs Jack-of-all-Trades: If there is going to be merging of subtypes, allowing players to get too good in more than one school will be disastrous. If a player were to become a master of the Alteration and Psionic archetypes in this proposal, a player would have mastered ten of the current subtypes. This is not a massive problem in itself, as a player can't fire ten spells at once. But they can react and circumvent a wider variety of obstacles. There comes a point where magic stops being magic, and starts being super-powers. I believe the best way of amending this is to have tiers of abilities with a clear trade-off that the higher you ascend in a single preferred archetype, the less capable you are at using other schools. Eventually you will have to choose between gaining ultimate power in one archetype or staying at a lower level to keep access to others. The Tiers: Tier 1: Simple utility abilities and unlimited-usage combat spells. Can be accompanied by four other tier 1 archetypes in conjunction with your preferred one. Tier 2: The average spells for average wizards. Fireballs, ice-spikes, etc etc. Can be accompanied by three other tier 1 archetypes, or one tier 2 and tier 1 archetypes. Tier 3: Above-average spells for above-average wizards! Scary orbs of exploding fire, lightning-bolts, etc etc. Can be accompanied by one tier 2 archetype, or two tier 1 archetypes. Tier 4: The expert spells for seasoned wizards! Frightening streams of scalding flames, enveloping the weak and pitiful. Can be accompanied by one tier 1 archetype. Tier 5: The godly spells for master wizards! Small tornadoes, incinerating walls of flame, death to all that stand before you! ... Provided you can cast them in time. Can be accompanied by no other archetypes. The trick to making this a reasonable trade-off is to make sure that tiers 1-3 aren't useless. No more lighting candles making you wheeze or worm-conjuration. Extra cast time for the higher-tier combat spells may also be a factor at play, here. Physical weakness can be brought in as well if further nerfs are needed. That's it. Come at me, dudes.
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    //Text_Missing//--Please contact administrator Written RP awaiting the end of the coming battle. 4AP by default, 16AP from trade (-4AP due to trade blockages), 7AP from population, 10AP from sectors, 4AP from business, 8AP from industry, 2AP from the Trade Federation, 1AP from cargo capacity, 90AP from itoron sales (One turn only), Total = 141AP BONUSES:-Ravenous Industrialism: -5AP off industry investments, +25% manufacturing output. -National Idea, Peace: 1% extra growth on primary population. The panic caused by the arrival of the Ar'gakari took hold first and foremost within the Boardroom. The board-members looked through their options: Surrender wasn't viable, as the Ar'gakari had a history of enslaving weaker civilisations, negotiation was impossible, as the Ar'gakari ignored all transmissions, Running wasn't possible, as the corporation didn't have the infrastructure to build enough colony ships to hold all its employees. With only one option left, the Board fearfully informed High Commander Phelps that she would be defending Corporate property against the invaders. -CEO Steven Penrith calls in the heads of all his R&D subsidiaries (including the GAIT, and undisclosed Laboratories A and B) to inform them that they would all now be working on a new super-heavy armament for the Corporate capital ships. Many remarked that designing a new weapon of that calibre in that short amount of time was simply impossible, even with the help of their friends in Armathwaite. Steven asked them - with all the politeness and patience of a constipated moose - what they did know how to make. The engineers agreed among themselves that they were all well-versed in laser technology, having developed them almost continuously over forty years. "Then," Steven remarked, "make me the biggest, baddest, ****-off, **** of a laser you can." With a blank check tossed haphazardly towards them, work began in earnest. (-100AP towards cap-ship mounted laser-lances) -Other smaller subsections of the engineers work on improvements for the regular laser cannons. May as well keep them up to spec, right...? (-15AP towards laser-cannons, total of 65AP invested) -Another subsection works on improvements to the swarmer missles. (-15AP towards swarmer missiles, total of 65AP invested) -The shipyards around Aurora and Hades pump out a number of corvettes to join the main fleet. There isn't even enough time to name them! (-11AP towards the construction 11 corvettes) -John Penrith and his young family are sent out of Hephaestus territory to finally continue his psionic education in Grand Alliance space. Good timing, wouldn't you agree? (-1AP) -A new planet is colonised! A lot of employees seem to want to leave the capital for some reason... (-0AP towards colonisation)
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    [Restart Magic] Magexit

    So I'm just going to plug this garbage again. It's focused on voidal magic but I like to think that the idea is mostly good and relevent. Tl;dr: Group magic subtypes together within a specific theme (destruction, creation, trickery, etc), remove subtypes that don't fit into any theme, put in place a solid advancement block that will force magic users to specialise in a specific area in order to gain mastery, remove 'end-game' magic creatures (uber-liches, archons, etc) other than for extremely special cases. What this would hopefully fix: Combine superfluous magics into big archetypes for extra fun and less app-writing busywork (AKA, learning 'evocation' would get you access to all current evocation subtypes), finding a teacher, encourage diversity in magical power. As a whole, I don't think people want "unique" magic. LotC is an entirely derivative format, and as roleplayers we look to emulate stuff we see and what we think is cool. I could come up with ten unique magic types right now and they'd all look boring in comparison to fireballs and zombies. I don't feel magic needs a big re-write or removal, but there is a lot of refinement that can be performed if people are willing to go along with it. Think of the future, guys! Power-gaming is pretty much inherent in the whole game. Magic RP is all roleplay, and like all purely roleplay actions it's very prone of powergaming. The only way to stop that would be to implement a rolling system and stat sheets. Which I wouldn't be opposed to, personally, but I can understand why some people would be.
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    "There's a Grgl in my Office?!" The NEW hit sitcom from Channel 555! “Class” was rarely the first word someone would associate with Hephaestus Enterprises. Despite its wealth and success, Hephaestus remained committed to serving primarily regular people. They were always the biggest market, after all. Who didn’t love an affordable product anyway? This disconnect from class is what made Steven Penrith’s office so strange in comparison to the rest of Hephaestus. The entirety of it was pure, unadulterated luxury. A polished, hardwood floor stretched from door to window was punctuated by neatly placed flowery rugs. Glass cases held artefacts of obscene worth, from Firstborn servitors to suits of medieval armour. A classic, red-brick fireplace crackled with dancing flames (though where the smoke went was anyone’s guess). At the far end of the room was a heavy, mahogany desk that was framed exquisitely by an expansive window. A mere twenty years ago, all a person could see from that window was the blasted, rocky landscape of Hades. Now it was covered by habi-domes, factories, movie theatres, casinos, and any other service or industry that could turn a credit. The morass of business shifted like sand daily—no skyline was the same as the night before. The serenity of the space was cut short, as the doors of a gilded elevator eased open, and two figures sauntered in. The first individual was CEO Steven Penrith, who had the gormless smile and glazed eyes of a man who was politely listening to a very boring person. The other was Wilfred Cooper, of Cooper & Sons Droid Foundries. Wilfred had invited himself up to Steven’s office, and Steven has humouring him—Cooper & Sons had recently absorbed and overtaken an Auroran automaton manufacturer, and had earned itself a place on the Hephaestus executive board as a result. Like all new arrivals to the Board, he had begun networking immediately. “The way I see it Mr Penrith, the Corporation could use some heavier vehicles for its security forces! With wars being fought among every one of our trading partners, a few more diverse assets in our arsenal wouldn’t hurt, right?” Wilfred Cooper took a moment to wipe the sweat from his balding head. The nervous, wiry man always seemed to drip with it whenever he was excited. He also did it on every other occasion. “I-it just so h-happens that I have one! In the experimental stages, of course, but we have the designs! With only a little investment-“ Steven cut Wilfred off with a well-practiced jovial laugh. “Bring it to the Board then, Wilfred my old mate! We’ll have a chin-wag about the whole thing, yeah? We’ll talk later over lunch some time. Give you a ring in a week or two, maybe? Yeah great! See you then, pal!” “B-but Mr Penrith you don’t know my nu-“ ”I’ll see you later, Cooper!” Steven waved Cooper away, and the stuttering industrialist awkwardly walked back into the elevator with a morose expression. Finally easing into his armchair, Steven sighed heavily. For nearly ten years he’d felt younger than ever, but now his body was starting to remember how old it was. It wasn’t 2108 anymore, that was for sure. He reached towards a drawer to retrieve a cigar, and was surprised to feel a large, warm, round shape in the place an empty space ought to be. This struck him as highly unusual—that space was only ever occupied by his secretary/wife Sally, but she was on Aphrodite taking in the sun. And he couldn’t recall having any other mistresses. Steven, after all, was a virtuous man. After a brief moment of thought, Steven looked down to the unusual object. It was a Grgl. It appeared to be wearing a tiny, Hephaestus-blue business suit that had been adapted to its physiology. It was silently standing with a data-pad covering its small face, and remaining perfectly still. Steven would have assumed it was a statue, if it didn’t occasionally shiver. Taking a moment to survey his office, he expected to see an employee nearby to explain why the Grgl was there. Aside from himself, the room was deserted. The situation was very perplexing. Steven leaned down until his face was at the grgl’s height, and grunted. “Oi.” The Grgl’s mandibles scrabbled briefly on the data-pad, and it let out a number of frightened chrips while it shivered. Steven pushed onward. “What are you doing, mate?” “I am attempting to mask my presence,” boomed a synthesised baritone. “I did not have enough time to hide.” “Why are you hiding?” said Steven. “I am feeling intimidated. You are intimidating. I am feeling very nervous.” The translator had a strange cadence, and structured sentences in an odd, fragmented manner. The Grgl beneath chirped nervously, as it peeked out from behind its pad. “Good. I’m pretty bloody intimidating, if I do say so myself.” Steven leaned back in his chair. “Why the hell are you in my office?” “I am currently your lead accountant.” The voice boomed, though it hardly matched the nervous, shuddering Grgl. “My name is Jimothy Sonjohn. I am here to discuss matters involving the dispensation of Corporate assets.” Steven blinked in surprise. “Where’s Jim?” “I am Jim. Jimothy Sonjohn.” Replied the Grgl. “No no, Jim Bean, mate.” “Mr Bean felt that he was overwhelmed by the current duties given to him. He has placed the accountancy department in my capable claws.” Jimothy seemed to perk up, with his chirps sounding cheery and light beneath his translator. “Oh.” Steven stated flatly. “Alright, I s’pose. So ah, what do you need to talk to me about?” Jimothy quickly skittered to the chair in front of the CEO’s vast desk, and tapped his mandibles across the surface of his data-pad. “Item one on my list—Executive Woollard asks what he can do with the excess of itoron currently stockpiled on Woolongong, Grand Ares, and Bill.” “Sell it,” stated Steven flatly, as he finally retrieves a cigar. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An ad appears around the southern galaxy. It appears to be a typical Hephaestus advertisement, but instead of a peppy young salesman, a fat, ugly, and watery-eyed man stands in front of a massive pile of rocks. You can see him visibly breathe in as a cheerful tune begins to jingle in the background. “G’day! I’m Jason Woollard! And I have a problem!" He gestures behind himself (with significant effort) and the camera zooms out suddenly to reveal an enormous pile of rocks. “I’ve got so much itoron, BUT I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT!! Corporate heads have officially declared itoron (along with D3-Standard Microwave-Ovens and the Purgemaster Electric Toothbrush) to be a non-vital strategic resource, and I have TWENTY-FOUR-HUNDRED TONNES OF ITORON THAT ABSOLUTELY NEED TO GO!! Prices aren’t just slashed, they’re QUANTUM-CALCULATEDLY SCORCHED IN TWAIN WITH A XYLORITE-POWERED SHELF-CLEAVER HEAVY LASER-DRILL!!! A small plaque with the word “PRICES?!?!?!” is appropriately sliced in half with a laser, with obnoxious explosion decals surrounding it. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! HELL IF I KNOW, BUT IT’S SO DAMN CHEAP WHO CARES WHAT I SAY?!! A number of laughing, scantily-clad babes of varying species and sexes immediately start clambering onto the massive pile and rub themselves sensually with the minerals. YOU WANT RAW ITORON?! COME AND GET IT, YOU BLOODY RIPPER! YOU WANT IT SMELTED?! AW MATE, WE HAVE SO MUCH OF THAT YOU COULD FEED A STARVING PLANET ON IT FOR A YEAR!! ARE THESE ROCK-HORNY BABES BEHIND ME EVEN ATTRACTIVE?! I HAVE NO IDEA, BECAUSE I’VE BEEN STRUCK BLIND BY THE DAZZLING ARRAY OF DEALS AVAILABLE!! Jason immediately begins packing his coat full of Itoron bars and rocks, covering himself in dust, but earning exaggerated, sultry looks from the babes behind him. THERE'S SIMPLY NO TIME!! YOU NEED TO BUY BUY BUY!!!!! BEFORE STOCK RUNS OUT!!! SO GET YOURSELF DOWN TO CRAZY JAY’S DISCOUNT MINERAL EXCAVATION WAREHOUSE SALES BONANZA!! Each word is accompanied by the sound of an explosion SEE YOU THERE, MATE! “ The face of Jason Woollard leaves your vision, but your desperate urge to purchase cut-price heavy-metals increases by the second... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Action Points 4AP by default, 20AP from trade, 6AP from population, 10AP from sectors, 3AP from business, 8AP from industry, 2AP from the Trade Federation, 1AP from cargo capacity, 50AP from Redon Imperium (One turn only), 6AP from Solar Ascendancy (One turn only). 3AP holdover from previous turn. Total = 113AP BONUSES:-Ravenous Industrialism: -5AP off industry investments, +25% manufacturing output. -National Idea, Peace: 1% extra growth on primary population. -The Sink Project. (-50AP, total of 60AP invested) -Further resources are piled into improving Corporate swarmer missiles. As an accompaniment to their eponymous laser-cannons, they needed to be as effective or better than their local competitors. (-10AP towards swarmer missiles, total of 50AP invested) -With the loss of the Thulean shipyard, the Corporation recognised the need to return to “old friends” for cost-effective warship construction. They would not be left wanting when a battle was upon them. (-24AP sent to Han Dominion for four light cruisers) -The Solar Ascendancy sends resources to Hephaestus in order to construct their Paladin Mechs, with which the Corporation complies (once equitable payment is received). (-5AP) -The exponential growth of industry leaves some corporate analysts wondering—in an emergency situation, just how many combat droids could the factories produce? Resources are allocated in order to judge the industrial output of Hephaestus Enterprises. (-11AP towards the construction of Tithonus II combat droids) -Due to administration failures in the previous year, an order for a colony ship was totally forgotten. In lieu of this, the Hades shipyard immediately begins construction in order to avoid total consumer lethargy. (-3AP for colony ship) -The advertising campaign for itoron plays in every friendly nation of the Southern galaxy. Though the ones featuring Jason Woollard are mercifully few, they all stress that there is 2400 tonnes of itoron up for grabs, and that prices are very negotiable. (-10AP for adverts.) -200 tonnes of itoron are shipped to the Edonians. Why? Uh... (-0AP) -Combat exercises and war-games are held in Corporate space. The fleet is needed in tip-top form in case of any hungry predator looking for an easy target. The Corporation releases a statement to surrounding nations before the exercises expressing that the manoeuvres are not intended as aggression or grand-standing. (-0AP)
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    //Text_Missing//--Please contact administrator Action Points 4AP by default, 20AP from trade, 6AP from population, 10AP from sectors, 3AP from business, 6AP from industry, 2AP from the Trade Federation, 1AP from cargo capacity. 30AP from Redon Imperium as payment for armour (One turn only), 50AP from Redon Imperium as a down-payment for energy cells. (One turn only). Total = 132AP BONUSES: -Ravenous Industrialism: -5AP off industry investments, +25% manufacturing output. -National Idea, Peace: 1% extra growth on primary population. -Though the Redons had attacked a close friend and FEZ member, a contract for energy cells had been agreed to prior to the conflict. The Corporation could not break a contract once it had agreed to one, thus manufactured the 1,000,000 energy cells. The Board would inform the Redons during the delivery of the cells that the Corporation would not be exporting any military equipment to any state for the duration of the conflict. They send their sincere apologies, and hope the Redon Imperium would consider Hephaestus Enterprises for business deals in the future. (-50AP) -Tell me something, Czar. What makes you... tingle? You know what I mean? That is to say, what makes your heart flutter? Your hands shake in excitement? What act makes blood rush to your extremities in sheer ecstasy? Perhaps it would be too racy to write it in this forum. Would a lover whisper it into your ear in the dead of night--speak softly the secrets that haunt your most sensual dreams? Would they whisper... "Industrial Investment?" A manufacturer working for Hephaestus Enterprises would. (-40AP towards Industry) -Four destroyers are constructed in the Aurora shipyard. (-12AP) -Further improvements are made to the Swarmer missiles. (-10AP, total of 40AP invested) -The Sink Project. (-10AP) -Project: Peach (-5AP) -Another colony ship is chartered for construction and launch upon the next year. (-3AP, due to Oligarchy Bonus) -Hephaestus Enterprises officially severs trade links with the United States of Arcturus due to their total lack of contact. They will be re-established once the USA resumes contact with the Human Alliance. The Corporation strongly insists that the USA speak to its ally, the Han Dominion, so trade will no longer be interrupted. (-0AP)
  8. The Commonwealth of Ruhn In the windy southern mountains, the droning warble of a bugle echoed between the crags and cliffs of the rocky climes. A formation of clanking, jingling soldiers marched in unison down a wide, cobblestone road that weaved between the high peaks. The small unit was on a standard - albeit pointless - patrol along the stretch of the Vulture Highway; the long, winding road between Ruhn and Bruger. It was pointless in that there hadn't been a single bandit on the road since the Scalding of Charlmar. The Commonwealth had butchered every degenerate mob of rabble from East to West. At the head of the procession marched a captain, only discernible from the other troops by the red cloak he wore. His eyes were fixated on the dancing black shapes further down the road. They were unmistakably the vultures that the highway was named for. There were far fewer of them since the end of the Mountain Wars, but their presence always foreshadowed a corpse on the road. Sure enough, the unit stumbled upon a cart with squawking vultures scattering away from the carrion. As per their training, the soldiers unlimbered their axes and raised their shields. Most "civilised" countries used swords for their infantry, but swords required finesse. Any peasant could swing an axe, and in these mountains breaking shields was more important than a timely riposte or stab. With the crossbowmen behind the shield-bearing soldiers, they formed a circle around the cart while the captain surveyed the scene. He could tell it was a standard hillmen attack even with the vultures having their way with the corpses. The removal of the heads and mutilation of the genitals pointed clearly at that conclusion. The victims were a father and son, yet surprisingly no mother was present. She would probably have been taken for their "amusement," if she existed. Most likely she was dead by now anyway, so they needn't hurry in their investigation at least. One of the soldiers called him over to a trail of footprints and blood. Standard orders were to track malcontents and deliver lawful Commonwealth justice. The captain left ten men behind to deal with the remains of the man and the boy--it would be disrespectful to their spirits and ancestors to leave them there for the birds. The dour party, ninety men strong, moved off-road and followed the trail of the hillmen. The savages were poor at covering their tracks, and one of their party was bleeding badly. At around midday they found the mother. The hillmen had treated her poorly. Had her throat not been sliced to the bone, her other varied injuries would have seen her depart regardless. Perhaps she would have preferred death by then, judging by her other injuries. The captain made note of this as he tallied up their crimes; robbery, murder, dishonouring the righteous dead, and now this. Two men were left behind to deal with the woman's remains, and perform the ancestral rite. She would be honoured appropriately, buried, and then the two men would join the others back on the road. The remaining host continued following the trail. After hours of marching up and down steep slopes, they spotted smoke in the waning sunlight. A camp of forty hillmen, dressed in furs and tattered cloth. The majority of their men appeared to be old, or adolescent. The fathers of the boys must have been killed during the Scouring. The younger ones must have just touched manhood, thus the elders thought it best to teach them hillmen ways. Perhaps the elders took the young widows as wives to repopulate their tribe? The captain ordered his men to stay put, and out of sight. As darkness fell and the hillmen returned to their tents, the soldiers surrounded the camp. The sentries were quickly dispatched with a few, well-placed crossbow bolts. One elder had attempted to scream with two bolts in his lungs. It amused the troops, at the very least. The axe-wielding soldiers marched into the camp itself, and the slaughtering began in earnest. What few fuzz-chinned warriors awoke offered little resistance to trained killers. The tents were drenched in blood as axes landed on soft, unprotected bodies. Shrill screams echoed around the mountains as each man was dragged from his tent and methodically dismembered. The captain himself was not exempt from this work--he himself delivered the appropriate punishment to multiple tribesmen in the camp. Spotting a unspoiled tent, the captain tore down the fur that covered the entrance, and spotted two profligates cowering at the back. A mother and her young daughter. The woman looked up at captain with a face of fear, anger, and hatred. She babbled out in broken Ruhnnic begging for mercy, as she hugged her confused and sleepy daughter tightly. It was good that she drew the girl so close to her. One less swing to make. With a vile, violent crunch, the captain delivered Ruhn's law to the two dangerous criminals, and departed for the next tent. --------------------------------------------------------------- Stats. Economy: 6 Education: 4 Loyalty: 5 Population: 2,000,000 -------------------------------------------------------------- The Accounts. Total standing army: 20,000 soldiers, comprising of 12,000 halberdiers (120 units of polearms), 4000 axe-men (40 units of skirmishers), and 4000 crossbowmen (40 units of crossbows). Total Upkeep: 1000 gold. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Expenditure: 60,000 gold in starting cash. The drums of martial pride pound loudly in the squares, roads, and crags of Ruhn. The dead from the last war cry out for respect to be shown to their sacrifice. Any hot-blooded Ruhnnite with true patriotic fervour are called up to join the Commonwealth's newly remodelled army. Though in the past high ranks were reserved for Lords and their sons, now even a simple peasant could rise through the ranks on skill alone (though not to the point of being in command of a whole army). Parliament and the Lord Chancellor expect a large number of recruits, but they have a quota set for now. -12,000 gold towards medium armour for 120 units of polearms. -4000 gold towards medium armour for 40 units of skirmishers. -12,000 gold towards medium armour for 40 units of crossbows. -6000 gold towards the recruitment/training of 60 units of polearm troops and equipping them with medium armour. -10000 gold towards the recruitment/training of 100 units of skirmishers and equipping them with medium armour. -6000 gold towards the recruitment/training of 20 units of crossbow troops and equipping them with medium armour. The hammering and hissing of red-hot steel echo throughout all of Ruhn. Plenty of good blades, spear-heads, and bolts needed to be forged to re-equip the army. With new standards of armour came new costs, and the Parliament was interested in keeping supplies of materials high. A portion of gold was expended in order to expand the mining output in the mountains. -3000 gold towards investments into mines, and the development of the economy. -1000 gold towards upkeep. -6000 gold left in the treasury.
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    Dawn of a New Era OOC (Fantasy Nation-builder RP)

    Commonwealth of Ruhn Government: An aristocratic parliamentary system with a Lord Chancellor overseeing executive decisions, while laws and general governance are debated and voted on within the parliament. Though the Lord Chancellor is a hereditary post, his chief advisers and top positions in his “cabinet” are selected from the parliament based on their skill. This all takes place in the Daruhn Fortress of Ruhn, which acts as the primary seat of government within the Commonwealth. History: The mountain ranges to the far south—the edge of civilisation--had always been a haven for exiles, miscreants, bandits, and uncivilised tribesmen. For more than a century since the Zalians took control, towns of refugees started popping up in the steep crags. Of course, with civilisation comes organisation, and with organisation comes war. Raiding was rampant, confederacies came and went, and blood poured down the mountains in thick, pungent rivers. New towns were founded and wiped out overnight. This was the case until the City of Ruhn consolidated itself. Its natural defensive position high on a mountain made taking the city via conventional means completely impossible. Thus, people flocked to it in a bid to escape the butchery outside. This not only bolstered the city’s numbers, but filled it to the brim with all manner of displaced specialists and warriors. All of whom were desperate for protection, and willing to swear allegiance to whomever could provide it. Eventually, Ruhn established itself as the strongest city in the mountains. Using its large population the “lord” of Ruhn, Hanz Bruger, built an army out of his new subjects. Hanz was a grim man, but had ambitions for greater control over the region. He secured his city’s safety by brutalising the surrounding mountain tribes and gangs and clearing the land of malcontents. Once he established the safety of the area, he exploited it by constructing mining operations to supply his smiths with high-grade iron for weapons and armour. With good steel, a campaign of expansion and consolidation began. Surrounding villages and their farmland were annexed and cowed into submission through draconian laws and punishments. He could not risk his new subjects getting rowdy and wasting their resources on uprisings. The troops were similarly pushed into absolute obedience through harsh discipline and vigorous training. Hanz would not have his soldiers fall into banditry, or ravage his new subjects without justification. Hence, his rule was punctuated by fear and a tight-fisted grip on control. A contender appeared that challenged the power of Ruhn some ten years into the campaign. Charlmar, a growing city to the West, was similarly safe and placed in a strategic position. Hanz quickly realised that conflict would be inevitable. The mountains were his, and he would not allow his new subjects to have another side to choose. He quickly gathered his troops, and marched into Charlmar’s territory. This surprised the disorganised lords of Charlmar, and it took them some time to decide a course of action. By the time the city’s forces were readied, the Ruhnnic army had reached their walls. With a series of simple feints and feigned retreats, Charlmar’s army was lured out. In a single, horrific battle the entire Charlmar force was obliterated. It was Pyrrhic victory for Ruhn however as most their troops were killed in the cunning manoeuvre. With barely ten thousand of their original number left, the remainder marched to the city gates, and demanded the inhabitants surrender. Fearful of a long siege, the leaders of Charlmar surrendered and allowed the Ruhnnites inside. This was their final mistake. There were far too many people in Charlmar and the surrounding countryside for the greatly reduced army to keep control of. Hanz could not risk Charlmar rising against him in the future, thus his course was clear. His soldiers locked the gates, and slew every man, woman, and child throughout the whole city. It was an orgy of bloodshed which Hanz oversaw with cold efficiency. Not bothering to bury the remains, the army returned to Ruhn and left the city to rot. They would return to retake the city some years later after the corpses had wasted away. Bones were easier to dispose of. With the mountains secured, his people obedient, and the only threat to his authority eliminated, Hanz began the building of basic infrastructure, organised food storage, and established standardised law. He made his interactions with the Zalian Empire as minimal as possible, and not once did he declare his little kingdom a sovereign state. Only when the Zalians disappeared did he announce the existence of Ruhn to the outside world. As he was nearing the end of his life, he came to the realisation that his son Johann was a poor choice for a successor. Rather than destabilise his nation with succession politics, he decentralised the autocratic governance into what he termed a “commonwealth.” He created new Lords from men of talent and ability, but mostly those who were loyal to Ruhn. Though his son was still given the leading position at his insistence, control over the commonwealth’s important institutions were divided among many individuals. His death signalled the beginning of the new nation—The Commonwealth of Ruhn. With the reoccupation of Charlmar (now known as Bruger) the mountains are entirely in Ruhn control. With this natural defence protecting them, the Ruhnnites looked down to the lowlands with greedy ambitions. Culture: “Grim” would be the best word to describe Ruhnnites. This is mostly due to hardship and brutal living, and the bloody mountain wars still fresh in most people’s memories. Though there are times of merriment and levity in Ruhn, most people consider excessive celebration to be improper and ridiculous. Ancestor-worship is the primary faith within the commonwealth, which always exemplifies acts of duty and gratitude from the living coupled with prayers and offerings to the departed. Though the services and prayers to the dead can differ drastically between towns and regions, it matters little as long as they are honoured appropriately. Economy: 6 A respectable economy has grown around the rich mines and smithies across the commonwealth’s mountainous territory. Massive mining operations established during the rule of Hanz continue to this day, with the government overseeing extraction and sales. Contracted traders transport the materials outside of Ruhn territories, but the mines and minerals themselves are all owned by parliament. The smithies of Ruhn and Bruger offer high quality arms and armour, but primarily sell to the state. Weapons are exported regularly, however. Other occupations include working on the terrace farms producing millet, barley, and wheat, or tending to the goat and sheep flocks in the valleys. Education: 4 Education is growing in Ruhn, but it’s still somewhat mediocre in comparison to it's neighbours. The most educated people in Ruhnnic society tend to be the lords and other well-to-do subjects. This is slowly changing with the establishment of the Commonwealth Academy of Natural Philosophy, but for the moment Ruhn is merely average. Size: 4 The Commonwealth stretches across the southern mountains, having claimed them during its draconian past. The capital, Ruhn, boasts the highest population while the growing city of Bruger takes second place. The rest of the population is spread between small towns and farming villages scattered throughout the crags. Military: 1 The recent mountain war saw most of the Ruhnnic army killed. It is slowly being rebuilt, but this will no doubt take a significant amount of time. What remains prides itself on unquestioning discipline and unshakable loyalty. The majority of the Commonwealth’s forces are halberdiers and pikeman, which take advantage of the narrow passes in the highlands. Few horses are available in the mountains, thus mounted combat is entirely disregarded. Army: (Two points) 12,000 Pikemen, 4000 axemen, 4000 swordsmen (skirmishers) Loyalty: 5 Ruhnnites love and fear their nation in equal measures. A strong sense of civic pride coupled with harsh punishments for miscreants leads to a cowed and obedient populace. Key Figure 1: Lord Chancellor Johann Bruger. 4/4/5 The son of Hanz Bruger, and the current leader of the Commonwealth. He is very eager to pull himself out of his father’s shadow, but often finds himself restricted by the wiles and schemes of parliament. Though he is somewhat collared, many in the parliament still gravely fear the son of Hanz, and refrain from upsetting him. Key Figure 2: Lord Protector Charles Kelrug. 5/5/5 The commander of the Rhunnic military forces, and close confidant of the deceased Hanz Bruger. Charles was present for most of Hanz’ wars, and rose through the ranks based on his skill and loyalty. His only interests are improving and growing the army of Ruhn, which he accomplishes aptly through his personal charisma and intelligence during parliament. Key Figure 3: Lord Treasurer Fitzroy Velburg. 1/1/2 Keeper of the state’s finances and taxation office. Almost a non-entity in parliament, Fitzroy is loathed as a stuttering, bean-counting bureaucrat. It’s a wonder how he managed to rise as high as he did despite his own complete lack of charm or imagination, but the commonwealth needed neither for his position. Secret dingly-doo: Luxembourg
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Is Weapon Manufacturing the Next Boom Industry? Read More at HEPH-NET! The bright, tropical sun shone down on the pearl-white sand of Aphrodite’s beaches. The resort planet’s profits had gone down during the last batch of wars, and business had slowed down with yet another looming on the horizon. This was tragic for the hotel chains, but for someone desiring a quiet beach getaway, this was perfectly fine. The soft breeze and rolling waves were only broken by the gurgling of the baby happily grasping the finger of CEO Steven Penrith. Steven doted on the child since he first laid eyes on her, and wheezed out laughter every time little Sinchil smiled. His wife and secretary, Sally, also seemed pleased, though she was up to her third glass of wine since her future daughter-in-law Aleya had arrived. Johnny stared silently out towards the ocean while his father and fiancé talked. “We met during the first semester, my Johnny and I,” chirped Aleya. Her Terraskolarian accent reminded Steve of the French, and he had even mistaken her for a Thulean at first. “When he arrived at the academy, I was volunteering in secretarial work. I believe he made a pass at me, but I’m unsure. His Firstborn was quite eclectic." She giggled at the memory. "Soon enough, he joined the academy himself, and started appearing in the same lessons as I. Such a wonderful coincidence, no?” Steven nodded, though his attention was still plainly on baby. “Well we got to talking and the rest,” she looked to John with a soft smile, “well, the rest you can probably guess.” “Yeah yeah. We can work out the logistics of the situation, sweetheart.” Another round of wheezing laughter struggled its way out of Steven’s mouth. “I never thought I’d live to see grand-kids.” “I was so surprised to learn that John was not Terraskolarian. Our species are oddly similar in appearance, aren’t they?” Aleya smiled warmly as she joined Steve by the cradle. “I always wanted to be a mother. I am not a talented psionic, but I joined the academy anyway since my family insisted. But John, he is so talented. He dazzled everyone with his abilities...” “Yeah, I’ll be sending him back to that academy after the wedding. He needs to finish that education of his, don’t you Johnny?” Steven’s gaze broke from Sinchil, and wafted to John. His eyes had a dangerous gleam. “He’s a very responsible young man, and he’ll be working very, very hard so he can come back to his new family. Won’t you, Johnny?” “He’s going back?” Aleya looked between Steven and John with a forlorn expression. “I had hoped he would spend more time w-“ “No no no, lovey! We never waste an investment. But don’t worry—we’ll make sure you and the little one here will be very comfortable. Hades is a little ah, grittier than Aphrodite, but you’ll be in the lap of luxury. Besides, we can’t really afford to hold a properly lavish wedding or pay for his next round of education until next year. Bloody war.” Aleya immediately perked up. “So it means John will be here until next year?” “That’s right, sweetie! And I’m sure he’ll be very pleased to spend every moment he can with you. Because my John is a responsible, gracious fiancé. Aren’t you, Johnny, mate?" Johnny Penrith said nothing. His mother poured herself another glass of wine. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The monolithic HCAC tower loomed over the chaotic sprawl of factories, warehouses and businesses that littered the surface of Hades. Far above the wafting smog and milling throngs of traders, industrialists, and entrepreneurs, a man with the most difficult job in the Corporation was preparing himself for a drunken bender. Jim Bean, lead negotiator, lead accountant, and administrator for the HERMES program poured himself a glass of synthetic brandy. He wouldn’t usually indulge in drinking during office hours, but frankly he was at the end of his tether. His bloodshot eyes and the bags beneath them spoke volumes of his workload. The scattered papers and data-pads around his previously pristine office seemed to reflect the frustration and stress his job brought. He just had to hold off from drunkenness for just a little longer—he just needed to smile his way through the interview and then inebriated oblivion awaited. A gentle tap on his door announced the arrival of his guest. Jim quickly flattened his hair, forced out his smile and cleared his throat. “Come on in, mate.” After a few moments of fiddling with the door-handle, a small, orb-like creature skittered into the room. Its small, grasping mandibles were a little short to reach most human-sized doors, and it waited awkwardly in the doorway. Jim immediately stood up, and cheerily gestured towards the chair in front of his desk. “Sit on down Mr Gnrry- ah, Gnrruyg-“ “Do not worry, Mr Bean.” Boomed a deep, synthesised voice from the Grgl. Jim could hear faint chirps and gurgles beneath the voice’s unnatural sound--clearly the Grgl was using an advanced translator. It was possibly one of the new models that could translate inflections and tone, judging from how the voice sounded somewhat sympathetic. He could have sworn he heard a similar voice in an old sci-fi movie he saw a while back. “I understand that the Xaplonius standard speech is terribly difficult for your species. I have already chosen a new name that reflects the culture of Hephaestus Enterprises, and my desire to integrate myself further into the Corporation. You may call me Jimothy Sonjohn.” “Right, so ah, Jimothy.” Jim took a moment to gather up some of the papers on his desk, if nothing else than appear to be in control of his surroundings. “I’ve been looking over your accomplishments during the last few years. McPhaestus was a dying franchise, and you turned it completely around. You’re the owner of almost half the family restaurants in corporate space, am I right?” Jimothy bounced in his seat with a flurry of excited chirps clearly audible over the translation. “I am very proud of my efforts. Furthermore, I am deeply pleased that you have noticed.” “Hard not to, Jimmy my friend. Look, here’s the rub of the situation.” Jim Bean could feel the muscles in his cheeks begin to wobble. After nearly 36 hours of ceaseless smiling, they were starting to get tired. He needed to end this chat quickly. “Another war is gearing up, we have a whole heap of money going to different places, and I’m running three departments. I’d like to offer you the position of lead accountant.” The tiny grgl’s black eyes blinked at him for a moment. It’s mandibles covered its chirping mouth in what was possibly shock. “I am surprised. I am also bewildered. I am also frightened. I am also happy. I am experiencing oscillating emotions,” the translator boomed. “Ha! That’s fantastic, Jimmy-my-man!” Jim Bean tossed a data-pad towards the Grgl, who caught it clumsily. “Right. There are all the figures. You start tomorrow!” “Tomorrow?” The grgl exclaimed with a tinge of confusion. “This amount of time is simply too short to accustom myself to my new duties and-” “Yeah it’s great, huh? Straight to the grindstone! Nose right up in the arse of Corporate issues! You’re one hell of a team-player, Sonjohn!” Jim Bean quickly began to bustle the confused Grgl out of his office. “Give me a call in a week and tell me how it’s going, baby! We’ll do lunch! Really hash out the knitty gritty! Ciao ciao!” He closed the door before the grgl could utter another word. As the confused Jimothy quickly pitter-pattered his way off to his own office, the former lead account proceeded to get extraordinarily drunk. It appeared he’d be having a long weekend. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Action Points 4AP by default, 20AP from trade, 6AP from population, 10AP from sectors, 3AP from business, 6AP from industry, 2AP from the Trade Federation, 1AP from cargo capacity. 30AP from Redon Imperium (One turn only) Total = 82AP BONUSES: -Ravenous Industrialism: -5AP off industry investments, +25% manufacturing output. -National Idea, Peace: 1% extra growth on primary population. -What's better than a large manufacturing order from a massive and wealthy empire? Nothing. There was nothing better for Hephaestus. The Redons wanted 200,000 combat suits? They would get 200,000 combat suits by the end of the year, and then some!. The fumes from the factories begin to churn as resources are poured in to the billowing maw of Corporate industry. (-30AP) -All things must come to an end, much like good deals with good friends. Two hulking dreadnoughts are commissioned from the Han shipyards. (-24AP) -Tired of listening to the Thuleans incessant cries, The Board invests a modest sum of resources to their shipyard. If nothing more than to keep their solicitors at bay for another year. (-10AP) -War is a scary thing, and thus more money would be invested into the zappy-zaps that keep the bad things away. (-6AP towards Laser Cannons. Total of 50AP invested) -The discrete services of Kyber Core were much appreciated. The corporation pays them their dues, and makes a note to send a Christmas card to them at the end of the year. (-4AP to Kyber Core) -The maiden voyage of the MOVING MEGA-MARTS (TM) Affordable, and the newly modified Trucker Bill are planned. A trip to the Confederation of Xalponius is chartered to gauge the interest from xeno nations. A modest advertising campaign is played on Grgl media outlets advertising products, prices, and a list of planets they would be visiting. Tickets to enter the MEGA-MARTS would be 75% off to celebrate the first official outing... (-3AP towards business) -On the subject of advertising, another campaign is set up by the visiting HERMES agents on New Siam. Hephaestus was looking for employees! Meet interesting people, see exotic aliens, see the even more exotic escort agencies! There was something for everyone at Hephaestus! Leaflets are distributed to the Siamese, boasting the job opportunities currently available in Corporate space. (-2AP towards business) -Begrudgingly, the Board orders the limited manufacturing of Ares III laser rifles. They would be delivered (For FREE, no less. Outrageous...) to the Edonians upon completion. (-1AP) -A pittance is sent to the Han Dominion, in order to make up the extra cost accrued by the construction of two dreadnoughts. (-1AP) -The Sink Project. (-1AP) (Mod plesh) -The Corporate fleet conducts manoeuvres and drills to keep them sharp. Being a big, blobby fleet, it expects to see some action soon. (-0AP)
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    What YOU can make, we make 5-times Faster (And cheaper!)!! //Connecting_to: Heph-Net—Inter-Corporate Newsletter//... //Loading_Scripts//... //Loading_UI//... //Loading_DEALS!//... //WELCOME_USER: -- JimBOOMBABY//... //HEPH-NET: Inter-Corporate Newsletter\\ //--The Latest in Corporate News, and Employment Opportunities!--\\ Please Begin your OAP (Obligatory Advertisement Perusal) time, mandated by HEPH-NET user Contract sub-clause 88B1. VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV Hi, JimBOOMBABY! You are subscribed to adverts under tagged subjects: GUNS , SHOPPING , COFFEE , BLAGL_RESTERAUNT , BABES , ANTIQUING Tagged Subject: GUNS
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    Small Map, One City (Map Idea)

    Hello. Mithradites here, former high elf dude, currently resident of the FRP section. I'm writing under a different profile because I can't remember the password to my old account. Okay, so a new map has come around again, and the usual arguments have sprung up. I.E. "The map's too big/small!" "Why is that race/guild getting a nation yet this race/guild isn't?!" "There's too many nations!" "Force others to unify!" etcetera etcetera etcetera. The yearly schlock, you know? What I don't get is why, despite the shrinking player-base and the generally tribal attitudes of the various player-groups, the server doesn't just stop with the pretension of nations entirely. I prefer expedience in my writing, so lets just get on with it. The Idea: Cut down the server to it's basic elements. You have a myriad of characters in a singular island-based city for some contrived reason and then let culture-shock and player interaction flow. As for why all the characters are there, I'm sure their players can come up with their own reasons. The lore team can fabricate a suitable story for the area, while the event team can perform events for a wider number of people. Add a little foresty and mountainy areas for ne'er-do-wells to hide in and you have a solid RP zone. Make the King of the city an admin so there's no divisive political nonsense (at least initially), and give the top government positions to newly-made characters specifically for this city. The Justification: -It will concentrate the playerbase in one area with an excuse to interact and not outright murder one-another. -It will make events available to a wider audience. -Most players gravitate towards a single city anyway in order to RP (Salvus, Sutica, etc), and this just cuts out the middleman. -It's a change of pace from the nation vs nation humdrum that permeates the server. It's something different. -The smaller sized map will free up the servers ram and things will run smoother (I think, anyway. I'm not a computer-man). -An orc/halfling romance will finally be possible. If you can't agree with this idea for your own benefit, could you at least agree with it in the name of love? That's the rub, folks. Vote on the poll or something, I guess. Blergh. XOXO
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Sign up for our Intern Program! Meet Exotic Sentients!! Several years ago, Hephaestus Enterprises purchased a system previously colonised by the PAR. It was a terribly silly place to colonise, really. Likely it had been a ploy to appeal to the Aurorans during the bidding over their colony. “See? We neighbour you too!” Excessive wastefulness was a hallmark of non-corporates. Though, being excessively wasteful was a hell of a lot of fun. “So the Krauts do the swap and leave, yeah? And my HERMES admin gal, Miranda I think her name was, figures that a good way to make the place feel ‘new and fresh’ would be to rename the planet. Guess what these grease-necked miners voted to name it?” Jim Bean, lead accountant and head of HERMES, sat in the chair opposite from Steven. His practised, toothy smile seemed to take up half of his rosy face. HERMES agents were known to smile for an unnaturally long duration, but no-one knew how they managed it. It was rumoured they had synthetic tendons planted in their cheeks, but Steve never saw any scars. “Bill! They named the planet Bill! I tell you, boss--that Aurora union really buggered our branding. Everyone wants to name their dumb planets after their dogs, or something. What next, a planet named after a cheese?” Steven looked down on the little mining colony below him. His air-car swooped over the pock-marked landscape where workers pushed their laser-drills into the itoron-rich earth. In the distance, freighters were carting off the ore to Grand Ares to be processed. The colony was still too small to bother doing it here. “Isn’t Jason supposed to be here?” Steven remarked, poorly masking the outright hostility in his voice. Jim was quick to notice this, and toned down his cheery attitude. “Mr Woolard is currently on Woolongong, sir. He’s preparing the payment to the Han-“ “Preparing the fuckin’ payment to the Han, hey?” Steven spat, his wrinkled face scrunched into a unpleasant scowl. “Buying up damn slaves-“ “Which you agreed to, sir.” “Which I was pushed into agreeing with, Jimbo. You may have convinced those dimwits on the Board, but you haven’t convinced me. This is a PR nightmare. Hephaestus Enterprises purchasing slaves?!” Steven rubbed his temples in exasperation. “My dad would be hounding you out of his office with a bullwhip.” Jim kept his gaze low and endured his employer’s fiery temper. “You listen here, Jimmy my old mate.” Steven glared at his accountant with silent fury. “If this hurts this Corporation’s PR, I swear to the Old Man, Christ and God himself that I will kick you so far down the ladder you’ll be sweeping streets on Aurora just to make ends meet. You understand? You live or die on this deal, Jim.” The rest of the flight was pretty awkward. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Action Points: -4AP by default, -16AP from trade (8AP x 2 due to federation), -5AP from population, -9AP from sectors, -3AP from business, -4AP from industry. Total = 41AP -[Redacted] (-4AP, total of 6AP invested) -Chiron Armaments, the manufacturer of the Ares series of laser weapons, feel that the brand is starting to lose its lustre. Despite several years of profitable ventures in the warship market, a fresh new rifle design is offered up. The Ares III: Not only will it have upgrades to power-efficiency and damage output, it would also include dual-firing modes. The simplicity of laser-weapons would theoretically make swapping crystal arrays equally simple. So why not have a laser-rifle that could be switched to a scatter-laser at the press of a button? (-6AP, total of 19AP invested in laser-weapons) -Yet more resources and technicians are sent to the Han Dominion for the construction of a battleship, and another heavy cruiser. (14AP) -Further improvements are scheduled for the Hephaestus laser-lances. There will never be an end to the improvement. They will be improved until there is nothing left to improve upon. (-10AP, total of 44AP invested) -The swarmer missiles are similarly improved alongside the lances. They are equally important for the corporate fleet, after all. (-5AP, total of 20AP invested) -Johnny is a very good young lad, and has high hopes for his psychic education. Though he succeeds in his studies, he feels unsatisfied with his seduction skills. He vows to double his efforts in macking on fly honeys. Money is sent to pay for his education, regardless of his peculiar tastes in extracurricular activities. (-1AP) -A new colony is founded on the planet "Parmesan." (-0AP) -Having established their section of GTC-East last year, the Corporation begins preliminary scans of former Corruptor territory around the outpost (within a 5 x 5 square) for salvage or other things of interest. (-0AP)
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    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Our Posts are Cost-efficient AND Fantastic Value!! As the last Ka’cezh warships finally departed Hephaestus space, the marketeers collectively sighed and gave their fondest farewells. “Come back any time!” –the phrase uttered the most by the businessmen, had a melancholy tone to it despite their best efforts to keep it cheerful. The capital obtained from the Ka’cezh was the stuff of legends, now. They were stories to regale young children with, along with the awe-inspiring fleets of warships that buried themselves in the blood and gore of the corruptor menace. The spiders were dead, but so were the profits. It was a sad end to a miserable war. And yet, despite the loss of money, despite the billions of lives spent, despite the hardships, the fear, and anxiety, they were finally safe. Every employee could sleep at night knowing that the monsters were slain. No matter who reigned in the galaxy, at least they weren’t mutating spider-men. In the words of the New Sephorites and the Maltese, ‘God be praised.’ Hephaestus ordered all synth-alcohol products to be marked down 50%, and proclaimed a yearly Corporate-wide celebration for the newly-named “Extinction Day;” the first (and probably only) sanctioned inter-corporate holiday. Streets filled with jubilant employees as spontaneous parties erupted in every city and Habi-dome. It was as if a horrible, heavy weight had been lifted off their shoulders. A new, pure galaxy awaited their children, and investment. But even in times of loss, there is profit to be made. The newest GTC outpost offered a number of less scrupulous individuals a unique opportunity. Tales from the Ka'cezh troopers revealed stories of dead civilisations buried in the masses of corruptor-corpses. A dead civilisation's trinkets would be worth a significant amount of money, and that was assuming there wouldn't be other things worth digging out of the dust and ash. Young Johnny begins his tertiary education. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Action Points 4AP by default, 16AP from trade (8 x 2 from prosperity bonus), 5AP from population, 9AP from sectors, 3AP from business, 4AP from industry, 7AP from USA (Single payment) Total = 48AP -The Corporation once more rings the doorbell of the Grand Aurora Institute of Technology. The laser-lances utilised by the Hephaestus warships require further improvement. Until the weapons were on par with the rest of the galaxy the corporation would never be satisfied. (-9AP, total of 34AP invested) -While they were there, they also requested improvements on their swarmer-missiles. (-5AP, total of 15AP invested) -Further resources are sent to the Han Dominion for the construction of one battleship and one heavy cruiser for the Corporate fleet. (-14AP) -Resources, technicians, and guards are sent off with the Trade Federation colonisation vessels in order to construct a salvage/trade operation at the new GTC outpost. The dead civilisations would no doubt hold plunder worth taking, even after the Ka’cezh were finished looking over it. (-10AP towards GTC-East trade station) -A new order from the United States of Arcturus; shiploads of resources are set to corporate warehouses in order to construct a number of Tithonus Mk. II combat droids. They would be delivered to US space upon completion. (-6AP) -A colony ship is ordered to be constructed. (-3AP) -Johnny goes to college, baby! Now, some people get scholarships to go to Harvard, but some of us have to grind through community-college in order to apply. Johnny may be an uncouth businessman, but he isn't stupid. He'd work his hardest and reward himself by hitting on the attractive Da'nor students. (-1AP)
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    Fix Defender Default

    I always find it kind of goofy that the same arguments are still used throughout the years. I can't remember how many times I've read the "if you want to PvP go to a PvP server" and the obvious counter to that statement. Neither of them are good, by the way. From what I've seen the annoyances are also the same, except with "nexus" spread into it here and there. The obvious conclusion is that player-communities clearly have differing ideas about what armour and weapons can do in RP. Probably due to both communities being generally hostile to one-another OOC and unwilling to engage. So the best way to fix RP fights is to standardise an understanding of what weapons and armours can do, and doing the same for magic. Though really, a stat-based rolling system would be far more logical. Dungeons and Dragons isn't free-form for a reason.