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  1. Catostrophy

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    “In what language do worms think?” -Ixthalizzum, God of Indecision, Confusion, Derangement, and Irony What a strange concept! One of his Thallites tried to crown themselves as a permanent leader of his people! How wonderful! Did he think it was wonderful? NO. This was TERRIBLE. They would deign to GUIDE his whole race?! That was much too certain and far too stratified for his liking! Or maybe he didn’t actually think that...? The Madgod Ixthalizzum pondered a moment as she idly drove a few Myrdians insane. When a mind was mostly stable, it was only natural that disgusting, static hierarchies would be established. If he twisted their minds any further, it would upset the wonderfully balanced chaos that had taken hold in his people. To add more confusion and indecision to their culture would lead to a briefly amusing but ultimately boring anarchic murder-spree, for sure. It was only a matter of time until some enterprising Thallite managed to take control and declare themselves the ruler. And he would be sane to allow something like that without HIS blessing! Nay! He would designate his OWN candidate! One that would be interesting time and time again! In fact, he would do one better--he’d create a whole ROYAL LINEAGE that would be suitably interesting for him from this day on! And if it became boring, he’d just bless another family, and they’d eat the boring one! Perfect! Now to seek out the perfect candidate... Ixthalizzum threw his consciousness down into the depths of the underpaths and sniffed out an appropriate vessel for his heinously marvelous plan. Finally, he happened upon an unassuming female Thallite--and since he was now bored with searching, she was clearly The Chosen One. He forced a sliver of his consciousness into her poor, unprotected mind which sent her into a violent, convulsive seizure. In her dazed and thrashing state, the Lord of Confusion shrieked a message louder than any thought had the right to be. “Be still and rejoice, mortal! For you are Chosen by the Giver of Gifts! The Lord of Balance! He that Ebs and Flows! She that Waxes and Wanes! The Voice in Chaos! Be still and give thanks, mortal! Your progeny are blessed by my betentacled grace! My many eyes are upon you, and you shall be the vessel to Godhead! Be still and be fearful, mortal! For your offspring shall be thrice-fold! They shall know much danger! They must be protected against the lowliest Ix, to the most cunning of Thall. No gift is without payment, mortal! No grace is without harm! For when I give boons, I must similarly harm. Such is the nature of Balance. Stand fast! Accept your reward, and receive your punishment! My gift is the Spore of Greatness that shall find supple earth in the moistest of Ixless caves. There your funglings shall know three graces, and three curses. First of Three--the child will know great wisdom and foresight! Slow to anger, shrewd in action, brilliant in all things. But they will know great misery and loneliness, for they will be truly sane, and their darkest hours will be all the darker. Second of Three--the child will wield power beyond compare, as the magic of the world shall be as an extension of their very body! Master beyond equal, the ebb and flow of chaos they will know beyond knowing! But their bodies will be frail, misshapen things, easily broken and warped. Third of Three--the child will be a font of innovation, inspiration, and creativity! They will have sparks of brilliance that will change the course of history, and innovate in ways never considered before! But these sparks will be few and far between, for their madness will cripple them beyond reason. To these thrice-fold motes, I gift thrice-fold life to guide their people. They will face Thrice-fold challenges, and thrice-fold dangers. Rejoice, Mortal! Rejoice! Rejoice at the coming of the Three! The Three-As-One! Blessed be!” And so, Ixthalizzum screamed in her mind until bloody ichors drooled from every one of her orifices. After three hours, Ixthalizzum left her be. When she awoke -- shaken and disturbed from her contact with the Madgod – she felt a strangeness she had not experienced before. In the coming days she would give birth to triplets. And these triplets would be destined for great things... Ixthalizzum looked deeper into the caves, and carved out an enormous cavern. It was here he would lay a gift for his children, and a test for his God-touched. Gathering surface insects and plants of his sibling Gods, he twisted them until they were suited to the deep tunnels and moist caves common to the Thallites. Many of them were edible, tasty, and nutritious for Thallites, but also hardy and easy to grow. However, not only was it tasty for Thallites, it would be attractive to all sorts of beasts and monsters down in the deep places of the world. The horrors of Wol-Kot, the ravenous Ixkin, and even the filthy skatalkin would seek these caverns to eat their godly bounty. If they were truly worthy of ruling the Thallites, his Three-As-One would puzzle out a solution to conquer it. [8AP God-Touch Dynasty: The Three-As-One] Always born in triplets, and always die at the same time, these three beings are blessed and cursed in many ways by Ixthalizzum’s twisted mind. One is blessed with great wisdom and intelligence, but will suffer from unpredictable bouts of manic depression. The second is blessed with immense magical power and control (immense even by Thallite standards) but will be crippled, deformed, and often in pain. The third will have great potential for creativity and innovation, but only rarely. The rest of the time they will be a raving lunatic. All three have three times the usual Thallite lifespan (1500 years of age). Once they die, a random Thallite will be blessed with triplets, and the next generation of the dynasty will be born. [4AP Shape Land] An enormous cavern is shaped (the size of one hex) and is implanted with a plethora of insects and fungi delicious and nutritious to the creatures of the Underpaths. Insect-husbandry and fungi-farming are relatively simple for the creatures here. Sadly, it will be filled with immensely dangerous creatures in competition with the Thallites for control. It lies in the hex closest to the Thallites home caverns. [4AP Left over]
  2. Catostrophy

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    Ixthalizzum ALMOST did something, but slipped over on an ethereal banana peel. Well, it didn’t matter. He needed to conserve his energy this aeon in order to enact part 27 of his 232-part plan. Or more likely he just forgot. Probably.
  3. Catostrophy

    Counting of Elves (Results!)

    If you want to be a happy, satisfied high elf, you know where to go... … unless you want to co-operate. Then it’s sort of up in the air. Dark elves need more love, though, that’s for sure. This is what happens when you take away their katanas.
  4. Catostrophy

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    “Fear the spider! Fear the octopus! Fear the raven! Fear the crag! Fear the dragon! Fear the pati! But most of all, fear the unafraid--they’re the ones that will probably get you!” -Ixthalizzum, God of Indecision, Confusion, Derangement, and Irony. How his lovely Thallites flourished deep in the dark pits of the world! It pleased the Changing God greatly to see his unpredictable monsters throw themselves (and their kindred) at their problems and succeed. He was almost touched by their deranged creativity and the magical prowess that only seemed to grow with age. He would keep a close eye on his latest creations, since they would no doubt be interesting to watch! For the moment, he searched around for other curiosities the world might offer to entertain her with. Smelling a distinct scent of woe, Ixthalizzum cast he gaze over to the river Nyren, who were beset by the soul-eating Pati. He watched in bemusement as the winged devils flew off with screaming Nyren to eat their very essence. Though it was certainly very interesting to observe, the madgod (as per usual) began to get annoyed with how “one-sided” the whole affair was. Clearly there needed to be some sort of balance in order to keep things indecisive. Ixthalizzum Sought out trustworthy soothsayers, priests, mystics, other people dripping in knowledge and lore. To each of them, he sent signs, flashes of inspiration, moments of revelation, and manic thoughts, all aimed to deliver a message to the beleaguered mortals. It was honestly a little incoherent in retrospect, but the Lord of Confusion tried his best ”Take that which your people value most, and cast it into the great Crag to the south. Do this, and receive a boon-- a boon to save you from your plight!” Frankly it didn’t really matter what the Nylen did. He/she was just curious how they’d react to his request. Now the time had come to create the boon to beat back the creatures. But what could he actually make...? She considered his options for a moment, before giving up on that and using the first thing that came to his mind. He’d just make a big, shiny light to ward away the bats. Simple enough. She reached deep into the earth and found a solid, pleasant stone. It had rivulets of gold snaking along its face, and it glittered pleasantly when in the sunlight touched it. Pouring her essence into the stone, it began to shine in a multicolored light that soothed and cooled the skin. But to a soulless creature, like the bats, its light scorched the flesh. A simple tool for a simple request! He didn’t bother checking for any other side effects--after all, it was only for mortals! [6AP Artifact Creation] The Moonward Stone: A rock of unrefined precious metals that glows with an eldritch, multicolored light. It wards away creatures without souls, the undead, and those with cruel and capricious natures. It can only protect a small patch of land however (one hex). But with all things that involve Ixthalizzum, madness is sure to follow. Those that remain too close to the stone for long periods of time develop a terrible derangement--usually cannibalism. It remains buried just south of the River Nyren’s largest settlement, and it will be revealed once the Nyren toss something into the Crag. [3AP saved]
  5. Catostrophy

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    “The best result is no result. If not that, the best result is an unknown result.” -Ixthalizzum, God of Indecision, Confusion, Derangement, and Irony. The Mad God Ixthalizzum shrieked in joy as he watched the Isle of Exitium shatter in a magically-infused fireball. Now hanging midair, screaming eternally, the wretched mountain of the Lord of Destruction would remain an edifice to a gloriously indecisive bout! He wiped a million tears from a million eyes--he couldn’t have asked for a better result! Now that the duel was finished, and the stupid mountain crushed, he could... … wait, why did he do this, again? What was the duel supposed to accomplish? Did she even have a goal in the first place? Ixthalizzum shook himself out of his thoughts. Whatever it was he was trying to do, it was probably successful (or inconclusive, preferably). No need to worry about any unforeseen consequences when the actions aren’t remembered! How blissful. He cast his gaze towards the world’s continents, and saw the Nyren build their simple homes and slowly learn the laws of the universe through their magics and tools. So many sapient beings pushing and pulling their destinies made the Madgod’s head pleasantly spin! The many trivialities, projects, misfortunes and triumphs made the world a truly incomprehensible mess, that was for sure! But as per usual the more Ixthalizzum observed the more frustrated he became. After months of watching, the creatures had became horribly predictable! All one had to do was put some food or pretty stones in front of a Nyren, and you could conclusively assume how they would act. How miserably obvious. Something simply had to be done. Looking now to the underpaths, Ixthalizzum found some of his violent and ravenous ixkin that he had effectively forgotten about for the past dozen or so millennia. Not wanting to start creating from mud, he nabbed ten ixkin and threw them into a friendly, isolated cave. Before they had a chance to tear themselves apart, he began to painfully morph their souls and bodies into something more interesting. Though he left many of their tentacle appendages, he added two boney, graspy limbs, and two boney, walky limbs-- that would make precise movements and tools far more viable. Adding more bones, hardening their skin, and giving them two, forward-facing eyes, he finally decided that their shape was appropriate. But with strange new bodies must come a strange new mind. Ixthalizzum granted his screaming, confused creatures a spark of his own divinity--self-awareness. And with that, he dropped them, and began to watch. Of the ten, five of his confused creatures rubbed their heads and limbs tenderly, and approached their brothers and sisters cautiously. They prodded and made guttural sounds at one-another using what could only be assumed to be some form of communication, as at the moment they lacked any form of language. The other five were a little less social. Three isolated themselves and performed strange and pointless tasks, such as banging rocks together, or silently rocking back and forth on their haunches. One particularly strange individual had cut its hand and was now drawing on a cave wall with its own blood and giggling. And finally, one had caved in the head of a silent, rocking one, and begun feasting on the viscera that poured from it. The five in the corner quickly took note of the attack, and proceeded to overpower and kill the murderer. Seeing that there were now two bodies, the party of five began to eat the dead, inviting the others to join them as they merrily consumed their fellows. The giggling one finally finished its picture (or rather ‘glyph’) and the stone dissolved from powerful chaotic energies. An exit! He then joined his fellows in their meal, before all eight of the beings left the cave for paths unknown. This all took place in the space of about 20 minutes. As you might imagine, Ixthalizzum was greatly pleased. He grasped hold of thousands of ixkin, and transformed them into his his new ‘Thallites.’ He gleefully tossed them into the underpaths in excitement to see what his strange little creatures might do next. [10AP for RACE CREATION] The Thallites--subterranean, tentacle-faced bipeds of whom approximately half have some form of mania, though not always something dangerous or useless. Insane members of the race with no inherent uses or are simply too hazardous to keep around are happily cannibalized the the sane ones. About one in ten are born with an innate ability to use magics that draw from the Orb of Chaos, but their power can greatly vary--some may be able to carve glyphs and pour streams of chaotic energy from their hands from birth (if the parents are unlucky enough) while others can barely start a fire. The Thallites are exceptionally long-lived, some lasting up to 500+ years before expiring. The race as a whole is rather unpredictable--you never know for certain how a Thallite may act if they meet you! Starting Hex: In the underpaths around here. [1AP saved]
  6. Catostrophy

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    ”If something doesn’t work the first time, it’s possible it may work the seventh or tenth attempt. If not that, it’s more likely to work on the twenty-fifth attempt.” -Ixthalizzum, God of Uncertainty, Derangement, and Irony. What a majestic world awaited the Changing God as he peered down upon its ever-evolving form. The eons of time had left his crag mostly the same, with silly, brainful creatures slowly spreading across the landscape. What beautiful irregularity they wrought, as they adapted to new environments and explored the world! It was enough to make the Madgod weep with joy! Ixthalizzum suddenly remembered her creature! His wonderful, wonderful creation! How had they fared these past millennia? Casting his gaze over to the Isle of Exitium, she screeched with joy to see the battle still continuing! How marvelous it was that his greater behemoth still fended off the predictable attacks of the Lord of Destruction. The Isle was sundered but still intact, however, and this brought his mood down. The whole point of the fight was to destroy the mountain, and yet it still stood! It seemed as if Ixthalizzum was going to have to push things a little farther himself... With a thought, he drew power from the Orb of Chaos, and focused it towards his creature. The energy of his beast expanded a hundred-fold. Using his beast as a focal point, the chaotic oceans churned with malicious power--focused towards the great Dragon. A force that could turn the tide (get it?) in this fight, and sink Exitius’ stupid creature for good (and hopefully the damned Island along with it!). The Madgod rubbed its many hands in glee, awaiting the coming end... [6AP towards creating a cataclysmic tidal wave directed towards Exitius’ dragon. Consequences be damned! 1AP saved for next turn.
  7. Catostrophy

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    “There is no such thing as ‘is.’ Unless it’s in this sentence.” -Ixthalizzum The Lord of Uncertainty awoke from an unusually pleasant dream. He felt as if something wonderful had been birthed into the world--born of madness and uncontrolled power. Though he felt a little drained she chose not to investigate to see if the dream was actually made real. After all, what was more pleasing to the madgod’s nature than not knowing for certain? Stretching a thousand arms, Ixthalizzum pulled himself out of the great Crag, sampling a few rat creatures he saw on his way. The moons darted across the sky in their heavenly dance, and the home of Kaha-Nu-Bahu slipped past the rocky Ix. He clicked his many tongues in mild frustration, partly hoping they would collide. Or at least he thought he hoped that. He was fairly sure he liked the moons as they were. Unless he didn’t. With a thought, his mass schlorped out into the ocean and sped beneath the violent waters of the oceans in the direction of his Orb of Chaos. There was a fight to be settled with the Lord of Destruction and Ixthalizzum refused to lose. He needed that stone from his mountain! It was the only thing that mattered to him now. Finally arriving, he immediately saw a dozen behemoths circling the Orb, attacking and eating one-another in their wonderfully irrational way. This pleased the madgod, and she decided to reward them with his incomprehensible power. He needed ‘clay’ for his vessel, after all. Taking hold of their writhing and frothing forms, he tore them to pieces and reassembled them into something more useful to his purposes. Their irregularities needed to be replaced with a more consistent form so it had a better chance against whatever repulsively logical monster Exitius had formed. Its body would be massive so it could ward off the monsters of the deep. It would have two arms to grapple and grasp, and two legs to stand tall and wade through the oceans. Its mind would be as Ixthalizzum’s, and would evoke madness in any mortal creature that would deign to look upon its visage. Its face was a repulsive mass of tentacles, like those of his behemoths. Its flesh would be thick and unyielding to all but the power of gods. It would wield the magical energies of the Orb. And also it would have wings. Because it needed to fly to get to the top of the mountain (why did he choose that spot for the duel, again...?). Finally infusing the creature with a part of his own being, Ixthalizzum’s avatar rose from the ocean floor. And with a portion of his will, he sent his beautiful creation towards the Mountain of Exitius’ making to do battle. [10AP] Creating an avatar to slap up Exitius’ dragon. [4AP] Ordering the avatar to slap up Exitius’ dragon. [1AP] Got drained from Ixthalizzum in order to make big worms. 1AP Left over.
  8. Catostrophy

    The Ancient Elves

    There’s a few pretty garbage books in there too. No need to keep them if they’re both non-canon and badly written. Would you keep a history book that was completely fabricated?
  9. Catostrophy

    The Madman atop the Peak (A poem)

    “What the hell is a Demasus?” Croaked the writer. “This is about Kalenz Uradir! Damn youths.”
  10. The Madman atop the Peak A Historical Poem by a Friendly Thilln Once there was a pallid Elf, of stature and renown. Who made grand speeches while talking in screeches, Within his beloved pallid town. This elf of stature had one great flaw; his head was screwed on in vain. To say he was ‘crazy’ would make this tale hazy, in all truth, he was utterly insane. The town of pale elves sat pompously upon a vast, unyielding cliff face. Surrounded on all sides, by those who loathed their hides, for their arrogance, and acts of distaste. Upon one day came the Oren King, with many a soldier to bear. Who demanded they stop their philosophical rot, Or face the void of despair. The haughty Madman - ruler of elves – was anything but placid. For the King’s ‘crimes,’ and poorly thought rhymes, he was dissolved in acid. The dead king's people, angered and weeping, raised their war banners high. Pallid elves would pay, for bringing dismay. Each and every one would die. Came they did to the cliff and white walls, to bring their vengeance with glee. The elves yelled jeers, gathered their spears, and were slaughtered gratuitously. The Madman refused to negotiate, and change his people’s fate. The elves were furious at the Madman’s spuriousness, and he was thrown off the top of the gate. The new King was forgiving of the pallid elves despite their terrible crime. He made them a vassal and their town a castle. A good outcome considering the time. So the pallid elves continued on, humbled, but much the same. Some might object, but none ought forget, That Madman atop the Peak.
  11. Catostrophy

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    “The trick to getting things done is not to begin. Or is it to begin and never finish?” -Ixthalizzum, God of Indecision. “What is this?” Squawked the Mad God and he splurged around its crag. Around his ever increasing/decreasing number of feet skittered strange, cowardly creatures were digging burrows and warrens on the northern-most part of his crag. They reminded him of her brother Skatal. Picking one up, he smelled it and glared at it with his endless eyes and noses. They seemed inconsistent enough for his tastes. And talking about taste... He popped the skatalkin into one of his mouths, and chewed the screaming rat-creature thoughtfully. It was reasonably tasty, though perhaps too savoury for his liking. He’d probably try another some other day, but for now there was something he needed to do. Or was there...? There definitely was something important he needed to do. He was sure, after a nice, long sleep, he would be able to remember. He slithered back into his crag, and fell asleep--accomplishing nothing of note for this cycle.
  12. Catostrophy

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    ”Prove that I exist!” -Ixthalizzum, upon hearing any criticism. The Maybe-God flollopped across the continents, taking in the new sights and sounds that the others had created. She was a little crestfallen due to Yngbald adding more frustrating order to magic, but at the very least everything smelled quite different. His chaos orb - deeply underwhelming of as forces of nature go – would probably consume the seas at some point anyway. Or not. It didn’t really matter, provided that the possibility was at least there. He gibbered most happily at the thought as his inconsistent form made landfall upon the large mountainous Isle of Exitium. The enormous peaks perturbed the “What?”-God, as they were much too tall, and honestly deserved to be brought down just for having the temerity to be so high. ”Perhaps,” warbled Ixthalizzum, “‘it is not the mountain that is high, but the ego of the one who crafted it!” Thoughts shambled through his approximate head until he finally scrambled his brain into having an idea. With a loud ‘schlorp’ he willed himself into existence before the chained Lord of Chaos and Destruction, and roared a challenge so loud every God on the sphere could hear. “Coward! Wretch! Fiend! Scullion! Garbler! Freak! Imprisoned lord of Stagnant Pus! I am sickened to my many stomachs by your stupid hills and your silly creations! I demand a DUEL! I demand SATISFACTION! The two of us shall do battle upon the highest peak of your repulsive island! You will bring a weapon, no more than you can hold in your chained hands, or levitated, or in whatever manner you can conceive provided that it is YOU who wields it! I too shall bring a weapon, and the two of us will fight honorably! Whoever’s weapon breaks first will be the loser! If I lose to you, I shall give you my Orb of Chaos free of my meddling, and yours to use to your heart’s content. Should I win, I demand a stone from the highest peak of your mountain to do with as I please! You have three cycles to forge your weapon, and then we will do battle! Refuse my challenge, and be considered a weak scrounger until the end of time! I will carve that message into the very land itself so that all our creations will know!” And without another word, or waiting for an answer, he squelches back into nothingness to his crag. With that out of the way, it turns to its crag. There outside of it was rather barren, with the white marble stone still visible among the stone and newly growing grass. He decided he wanted something to make it look less uniform. Using his many hands, he reached into the earth and tore out pillars of marble from its depths. Wrapping his form around them he slowly changed them into a forest of pink crystal lattices. They were garish and clashed terribly with the colours of the landscape, which pleased the Inconsistent lord greatly. With that done, he slithered back in his crag and went to sleep. [2AP towards changing a single hex next to the crag (doesn’t matter where) into a forest of pink crystals.] [5AP is not used.]
  13. Catostrophy

    Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

    Deals so Great, You’d Swear we’re Incompetent! Our Latest Deals! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IQJeTQiyG8AzmMHG9hMQOZ18_TWYNt_--FXEm9W0bPk/edit Hephaestus Enterprises, despite manufacturing millions of war-droids every year, was never really a professional arms exporter. Lacking military industry on its departure, it usually held contests in order to choose new designs. War material could even be designed by complete amateurs, depending on the quality of it (an example would be the standard Corporate frigate created by an art school). Today was an exhibition for potential droid-fighters, and a whole warehouse had been converted into a showroom with more than two dozen companies showing off their prototypes. Almost dead-center of the hall were the three titular administrators of Cooper & Sons Droid Foundries; Wilfred, Ryan, and Bill Cooper. Wine and hors d'oeuvres floated around the three men suspended by dozens of well-dressed serving-staff. Guests wafted around the plates like covetous seagulls snatching the best for themselves. Wilfred – a short, greasy, balding man was nervously wiping down his forehead, while his two sons answered questions about their product to potential buyers and investors. He took a moment to look back at his prototype, paranoid of scratches, blemishes, and exposed wires. The oddly-shaped craft – the Doris model - was very eye-catching in the jumble of conventionally designed craft. His son Bill was very talented in architecting such bizarre yet functional machines. His talent was so preeminent that Wilfred thought he might even have loved him had he not turned out to be a poof. The laser cannons, torpedoes, and Cooper & Sons experience-learning AI made it a definite favourite for scoring the official Hephaestus contract. Though it wasn’t as if there was no competition—Chiron Armaments, Aurora Astro, and even the new German subsidiary Rudolf-Kessler had thrown their hat in the ring with some quality craft. This whole venture was starting to make Wilfred queasy with nerves, though admittedly it might have been the prawns he scoffed when their platter came past. “Dad.” Ryan, his eldest son, woke Wilfred from his thoughts. He looked much like a younger version of himself, albeit taller, less sweaty, and much more confident. He detested his son for this genetic original sin, but he mostly blamed the lad’s ***** of a mother. “We’ve got a party of blokes from Crabsfear who want more information on hypothetical construction costs. Bill hasn’t got an answer, and I want to give them a-“ “Piss off!” Snapped Wilfred as he dabbed his handkerchief under his chin. He needed to ready himself for his real customer who would reportedly be arriving soon. He always needed to build himself up mentally before he could properly bow and scrape at the feet of the big wigs. Ryan didn’t appear to garner this information from Wilfred’s terse reply, which probably explained why he scowled in disgust before walking away. “Hey hey, Willy-boy!” A husky baritone called from down the hall. A tall, muscular man in a black, fitted suit sauntered up to Wilfred with a sardonic smirk. Billowing cigar smoke and running a hand through his quaffed blond hair, he stood next to Wilfred and slapped him on the back with a chuckle. “What are you doing here, my old mate?” “G’day, B-Bruce.” Muttered Wilfred with a bitter smile. Bruce Chadwise—a man who went from school bully, to successful businessman, to owning Cooper & Sons largest competitor. Wollongong Workshops were biting at his heels, and of course the owner had to be Bruce-*******-Chadwise. He was a charmer, a schmoozer, and an all-round *****. Wilfred couldn’t stand him, and his presence only made more sweat dribble down his forehead. He wasn’t in the mood for this. “You fellas remember those old schoolyard stories I told you, yeah?” Bruce’s associates all laughed and clapped one-another on the shoulders. “This guy right here? This was ‘Drippy Willy.’” A resounding chorus of laughter erupted from the men. Wilfred remained silent with his bitter smile still adorning his face. “Aw, we gave ol’ Willy here a tough time back then but he turned out all right. Just like you said you would, right Willy?” Bruce put on a falsetto voice and twisted his face into an angry expression. “‘You’ll all be my janitors one day, you bastards!’ Remember when you said that one in school, mate? Right after we pantsed you at the assembly? You were a fuckin’ riot, bud!” His associates let out one more raucous peel of laughter as Bruce ambled over to the Doris fighter on display. “So this is your pitch, hey? Not bad, Willy. A bit small though, don’t you think?” He looked back at Wilfred with his smirk now stretching across his cheek. “I mean, how many weapons can you even stuff in this thing? It looks like it can barely hold one pod of swarmer missiles.” “Oh, well, that’s because we aren’t using swarmers,” said Bill Cooper as he approached the ‘customers’ having looking at the fighter. “We’re using a miniaturized version of the new-“ Wilfred shot his son a furious glare, and Bill’s head almost seemed to retract into his collar like a frightened tortoise before he scuttled away. Bruce observed the family moment with a smug chuckle. “Ah I get it. Torpedos, right? Cute. That’s the thing, though. What Hephaestus needs is firepower I reckon.” He sticks a thumb out at the large craft sitting across from the Cooper & Sons’ display. “Like it?” Bruce snarked. “That there’s the Artemis. Packed to the hilt with swarmers and thick, turgent laser cannons. Named after the goddess of the hunt mate. Know what I mean? Bloody sweet branding. I couldn’t believe no-one had used it yet!” He glanced over at the Cooper & Sons’ display again and cleared his throat. “Doris is a ah, good name too I guess. If you don’t mind your war-machine to remind customers of little old ladies.” The sneering from Bruce’s compatriots was interrupted by a clamoring from the crowd by the warehouse doorway. The CEO had finally arrived. Fashionably late, John Penrith was flanked by several members of the board. With them was the rising corporate star Roxanne Marawai, whom was recently handed the administration position of Aphrodite Resorts Inc amidst significant controversy. Why she was here was anyone’s guess, though perhaps Penrith could see something special in her? His entourage mingled with the crowd, but John marched straight towards Bruce and Wilfred’s displays. “Mr Penrith!” Bruce chirped cheerily as the boss approached. John glanced at him, and gave him a half-hearted handshake. “Yeah g’day. How’re you doing?” “I’m gr-“ “Wilfred, mate!” John said walking past the confused executive. “Thought I saw you down here! Just wanted to thank you for that Tassarran whiskey you sent over last week. Bloody nice stuff, I’ve got to say!” Wilfred smiled wide albeit nervously, and dabbed away a rivulet of sweat from his forehead with his handkerchief. “Aw n-nah worries boss! I figured I’d get you one, since I was ah, getting one for myself! Just as a congratulations for getting that new s-super-carrier project past the board!” John laughed, and patted Wilfred shoulder. “Yeah that was a bit tricky. Cheers for supporting that, by the way. Always good to have a man with vision on my side!” John rubbed his nose, and glanced around the showroom. “Too many bloody fighters here for me to look at I reckon. I’ll just take a squiz at yours and we can go get some tucker in us, hey Will?” “Aw y-yeah! I’m pretty peckish too, sir!” Wilfred took his chance to glance back at the gobsmacked expressions covering Bruce and his friend’s faces. “See you later, m-mate! Good luck!” And so the newly-minted sycophant followed his master greasily, ready to be the yes-man that could always be counted on. Action Points 4AP by default, 32AP from trade, 17AP from population, 25AP from sectors, 40AP from business, 60AP from industry, 2AP from the Trade Federation, 6AP from cargo capacity, 8AP from itoron mines, 4AP from dialite 485AP from Zyrka 22AP from Redskap (For equipment) 15AP from Redskap (for armour) 120AP from United Baltic Confederacy 13AP from Space Poland Total AP = 853 -The Zyrka’s yearly order is manufactured, prepped, and sent off--but with a small caveat! An extra 2,000,000 droids are sent off with the ordered 10,000,000. Since Hephaestus had greatly improved its manufacturing output last year, and were passing the savings on to their Zyrka customers! (-1415AP towards massive droid armies for the Zyrka) -The shipyard is STILL not good enough for Aurora Astro! It’s like they obsessed with enlarging it! Or maybe it’s because of another project rumored to be in the works, and that they’re hoping to capitalize on in the future? Who knows! (-160AP towards upgrading T8 shipyard to T9) -The massive shipyard had now become an very expensive asset for the Corporation. So much so that they were digging deep into their pockets in order to protect it from future shenanigans. And to do so, they hired the best defense-engineers money could buy! (-100AP to USA for building Auroran defences) -MEGA-MARTS! So MASSIVE! So MAJESTIC! So MAGNIFICENT! (-50AP towards 5 MOVING MEGA-MARTS) -Since the droids the Corporation exports are rather popular at the moment, improvements to the design are written in to the annual budget. (-50AP towards droids, total of 125AP invested) -The engineers behind the Beholder super-carriers continue to labour on their designs. What a mighty project this will be, for sure! The design is so unwieldy, many standard ship-building conventions have to be violated, and plans reworked to fit newer models. (-65AP towards Beholders, total of 100AP invested) -The massive shipyard over Aurora starts to churn out a heavy compliment of warships for the Corporate fleet. seven heavy cruisers and two battleships are logged to join the fleet by next year. Also a frigate, because there was room in the budget, apparently. (-96AP towards 7 heavy cruisers, and 2 battleships, 1 frigate) -Though the industrial output far exceeds the human competition, Hephaestus simply cannot help itself because industry is just what it DOES, man! Like, can you imagine not breathing, eating, farting or sleeping? That’s what it’s like to ask Hephaestus not to invest in industry. (-80AP towards industrial investments) -Oh, and some business too I guess. For good measure. (-100AP towards business investments) -The Tweedle brothers continue to train with their fury psionics down in the Grand Alliance Academy. They’re a good sort, for sure. (-2AP towards education) -A list of war-stuff from the beleaguered human states: -The United Baltic Confederacy desires 200,000 regular infantry equipment, 60,000 Heavy Infantry equipment, 10,000 MBTs, 10,000 APCs, 5000 AAs, 3000 artillery pieces. (-100AP) -The Commonwealth of Redskap desires 100,000 sets of regular infantry armour, 2000 tanks, and 600 artillery pieces. (-17AP) -The Polish Coal Miners Union desires 10,000 coal-powered tanks (-20AP) -Representatives of the Corporation are sent out towards the varying alien nations currently embroiled in war. They offer Hephaestus’ services as an alternative manufacturer for their war material. Hephaestus is always happy to make the things that keeps the galaxy safe, and even more happy to do it for an equitable price, and hand the savings back to the customer (to which they cite the recent bonus droids to Zyrka). Not only that, they offer to build the nation’s own weapons for them if they desire--all copyright protections included! (-35AP towards seeking out new customers for Hephaestus’ myriad of factories) -A bunch of colonies are settled again, refer to the map update. God I’m tired. It’s like 12AM right now and I have to work in the morning. Why do I do this to myself? (-0AP) -And the last tinkle of cash is stuffed into building a few droids. Why not? (-4AP towards 25,600 Tithonus X1 heavy droids)
  14. Catostrophy

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    ”If someone tells you to do something, the best course of action is to ignore them! They may not be real!” -Ixthalizzum The indecisive God awakes to find the world far different from when he went to sleep--much to her delight. He flollops out of his crag and explores the great, magical forest of Yngbald’s creation. His warping form slithers and rolls around the inconsistent trees and grasses, and she takes pleasure in looking at the strange new creations. However, something suddenly stops his explorations when he begins to notice something... consistent... in the air. Grasping the nearest tree, he uproots it and smells it deeply with 126 different noses, each of them coming to the same conclusion. Throwing the tree away, he takes hold of a great stone, and smells it as deeply as the tree. With this, he lets out an excruciating screech. ”Why does everything have the same smell--The same magical smell??! This shall not stand!!” After screaming at the rock furiously for a few more hours, he eventually squelches back to his crag, and begins a new great work. Everything had been suffused with a magical power (or ‘smell,’ in his words) and it was spread far too consistently. There needed to be disparity. He could not create a whole new force like magic, as it was outside of her capability to forge--but he could manipulate that which was already there! He threw himself off the continent, and into the raging torrents of the oceans. In the deepest depths of the deepest sea, he digs a new chasm into the ocean floor. This would be the pot wherein he would plant his flower of chaos. Drawing Yngbald’s power and reaching within himself, he pulls a great, writhing power and forms it into a ball of wild energy. It pulsates like a heartbeat, sending chaotic tremors through Yngbald’s new magical suffusion. If Yngbald’s magic was pure potential, then this chaos was that potential channeled and distributed at random. Quickly, however, he is disappointed by its results. Yngbald’s magic is still relatively controlled and calm, despite the occasional fluctuation. It may be more difficult and dangerous to control, but it would never be as furious as the oceans. In fact, creatures clever enough could probably wield this energy themselves! The surrounding seascape is morphed and changed by this channeled chaotic energy, and incomprehensible crystal lattices form around the orb. Ixthalizzum abandons the area entirely, annoyed with her creation. But at least magic smells slightly different! He also accidentally floods a portion of the underpaths when digging the chasm. Whoops! To make himself feel better, he uses the new energy to create some repulsive creatures at the bottom of the ocean. They are nigh-mindless, enormous, tentacled abominations that do little more than eat and attack one-another around the orb in the deep seas. Each one is uniquely bizarre and diffuse in their appearance. He names them ‘Behemoths.’ He then creates smaller, shambling versions of them to populate the flooded underpaths for the hell of it, which he calls ‘Ixkin.’ Though they were originally to eat one-another like the Behemoths, they instead rip into the newly populated caverns, and fight with the new creatures for food and lairs. Ixthalizzum returns happily to his crag for another nap. What a big day it was! [Major Action] Digging a massive underwater chasm in the deepest part of the ocean (that accidentally floods a portion of the underpaths). Creating a orb of chaos that draws from Yngbald’s magic. It sends pulses of chaos through magic making it more difficult/dangerous to wield (but not impossible/lethal). The chaotic power also has the potential to be channeled. The orb is surrounded by a jagged and incomprehensible crystal lattice. [Minor action] Creating a species of enormous, tentacled, multi-formed, near-mindless creatures that do little more than fight and eat one-another referred to as ‘Behemoths.’ Secondly, smaller versions of these creatures are created with slightly more intelligence, that inhabit the flooded underpaths, referred to as ‘Ixkin.’
  15. Catostrophy

    [RP] Dawn of Divinity

    “Truth is a lie, but only if truth being a lie is not a lie. Lies, therefore, are just as likely to be true, unless that truth is also a lie. These are the only true lies you will ever be told.” -Ixthalizzum, God of Indecision, Confusion, Derangement, and Irony. Ixthalizzum splurges down upon the great orb willed into being by the Fate-wielder Lavat-es. His ever-warping form writhes pleasantly in the warmth of the new sun. His six-thousand potential lungs breath in the freshly-hewn air. His infinite eyes gaze across the rocky land and he finally comes to his conclusion--this world was simply too decisive. There needs to be disorder to the world’s order. He had watched with frustration as Lavrat-es anchored the world as it was. Determined, he travels to the largest continent and digs a thousand of his hands into the fresh earth. He heaved and pushed until the land beneath him cracked and tore a great chasm into the earth, but he was no able to move it whatsoever. ”If I cannot make this world move,” he roared in anger, “I will move things around it!” Flinging himself to the earth, he approached the crag he had torn before, and dug from it great hunks of clay and stone. Shaping them into three small balls, he threw them into the sky to dance in the void with the sun and the moon Vula-Marama. At night the sun and moon’s light would be reflected on them into the dark, and sometimes during the day they would pass before the sun, blocking the light. There would never be a certain day, nor night, and this pleased Ixthalizzum greatly. He named them Ix, Thal, and Izum after himself, as he could not think of anything else. These were but the anchor for something more. The three new moons pulled the oceans and winds into chaotic patterns, stopping wind and ocean currents from ever being completely predictable. With a powerful wheeze he blew new, dangerous wind into the air, creating raging storms and tidal waves that would beat at the shores of the continents. With the moons in place, the seas could not be controlled, or easily predicted like they would have with merely one hanging in the sky. Satisfied with his work for now, he peered into the deep crag he had torn and saw winding caves diving deeper into the crust. It seemed as good a place to rest as any, and its maze-like unpredictable nature made it feel like home. And so his formless mass sunk into the dark, and he snoozed while the other Gods continued their works. [Minor Action] Creation of chaotic weather--storms, tsunamis, tornados, etc etc. Creation of a vast, deep canyon on the largest continent. [Major Action] Creation of three moons (Ix, Thal, and Izum) that would stop complete control or prediction of the weather and oceans, cause night to be partially illuminated, and the sun to have a chance at being eclipsed.