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  1. Well thought out and interesting, would love to see what can be done with this in game! +1
  2. I cannot describe my sadness rn, I'll miss you, Rael. 

  3. The inability to search the archive

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      makes me very sad.

      gg forums

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      It's literally worthless.

  4. Alas, Kalameet Izalith’s second tenure as leader ended with him disappearing from the Citadel, the only hallmark of his reign being the creation of a new government system: one with a council and no proper leader. Riondil Seni was voted in within the year and his reign was peaceful in comparison to those in the past. Moreover, a second settlement was constructed on an island a fair distance from the Citadel and lead by Taeleh Elibar’acal. Named Fi’ceru in honour of the Asulonian era settlement by the name of Ceru, it attracted both pure High Elves and lessers alike due to its lax gate policies and the opportunity for those of all races to live there; its population grew quickly and began to rival the Citadel. Around this time a private army known as the Order of the Golden Owl arose. Built on the ideals of purging monsters and impurity alike, the group swelled in size and soon dwarfed the miniscule Sillumiran. With Taeleh Elibar’acal at its helm the order set to work and attracted positive and negative opinions alike. Riondil’s term ended with his resignation, and in an unexpected twist, Laethis Izalith returned and won the position once more. Many speeches and controversies followed as Taeleh and Laethis dueled for power. Alas, in turn our blessed nation began to split into two and became little more than a battleground for the Owls and the supporters of Laethis. And the flaws of the new political system began to show, as elections were being held every Elven week or two. A betrayal then changed everything: an ally of Laethis by the name of Kelthran revealed that that Laethis’ wife was a Frost Witch. Taeleh, working in conjunction with Kelthran, then challenged Laethis for his position. Thus he fled to other lands, along with many of his supporters, leaving Taeleh to become the new Tilruir’mali. A last ditch effort to save Laethis by his supporters was to remove Maheral Iatrilemar Elervathar - who had sided with Taeleh in the allegations of impurity - but it merely resulted in the resignation of those who opposed Taeleh in the council. These supporters founded a city known as Sanctuary, while Taeleh had the capital of Haelun’or moved to Fi’ceru, leaving the Citadel abandoned. Whist Sanctuary thrived with impurity, Haelun’or remained steadfast, even if it’s population was greatly reduced. Taeleh’s term came to an end via the Scholar’s Society, led by Avern’dionne Adriane, who took his place as Tilruir’mali. Maheral Iatrilemar Elervathar, in yet another turn of the events, decided to proclaim Laethis Izalith as Maheral, in an attempt to promote unity amongst the various shards of the Mali’aheral. Yet Haelun’or simply rejected him as Maheral via vote, and Avern’dionne became Sohaer of Haelun’or via council vote within the Elven day. Under the leadership of Avern’dionne, a third city was constructed for our kind on the island of Fimaehr by the name of Lin’sulan, and mayhaps the first city truly suitable for the Mali’aheral of Haelun’or in the land of Vailor. Another vote spelled the end for the Order of the Golden Owl, deeming all private armies in Haelun’or without the permission of the council illegal, as was proclaimed in the days of the coup of Durion Uradir. Thus the Mali’aheral began their path to restore themselves to what they were long ago.
  5. APPLICATION: OOC: Skype name: overland1998 Username: Undersea IC: Name: Joachim de Bar Reasons for applying: To serve my family and my duchy! Do you agree to PK if RP is done appropriately and well?: Aye!
  6. I dunno, I really like some of the new things in this forum software (eg. the theme and the bar with new topics an statues on every page) but it feels a little odd - and will take plenty of time to get used to...

  7. Joachim de Bar nods, before then signing!
  8. why dont u look like this anymore youre really letting urself go https://gyazo.com/043f91ea17d00ec13afaf12f3a78f493

  9. Out of curiosity what is your reason for making the events only occur to people who 'dislike pagans'? I feel that due to your conflicts with certain groups (eg. the Order of Saint Amyas) in the past could contribute to this reasoning - which frankly seems a little biased if such is the case :/
  10. Alrighty, as it has been said before, new races will not be accepted /at all/ unless there is a policy change. If it's an event creature, work will still need to be done as there is not much explanation or culture mentioned here. Saying it is long term culture won't really affect much unless the policy changes as said before. Yes, there is clans, but wouldn't that only further divide a race which is unlikely to gain large amounts of players? Look at the Kharajyr, or even the Orcs at times. The back-story is rather basic as well, it's probably better that you expand upon it if you wish for this to be considered even just as an event creature. Is it also possible you could roleplay a group similar to this by playing as Halflings or another race? I'd also suggest you focus on something other than the builds- in truth: they are pretty mediocre and probably not the best way to get your point across. This may seem annoying, but this is a server where not everyone's ideas can catered to, as much as we like or dislike it.
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