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  1. A missive is sent to all council candidates and pinned outside the camp. Greetings, I have noticed that several candidates for the council have not been present in our refuge. I do not know where they are, however let it be known that if they do not present themselves to work to help me restore our kind, then I shall consider their nominations invalid. In fact, nominees, one could argue it proves you merely wish for power without understanding the responsibility it holds. You, as our future leaders, should be staying with the citizens as often as you can and have your primary residence in the camp. If you do not want to be with us at our lowest, you do not deserve to have a say in our future. ay’Larihei maehr’sae hiylun’ehya ~Maheral Andria Fi'talareh
  2. Okarir'tir: Carvalon Maeyr'onn [XX] Abstain [ ] Okarir'kaliri: Vuln'llyt Fi'talareh [XX] Abstain [ ] ~Andria Ith'ael
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT6PcNm-8vQ A letter is posted outside the gate to the Silver City. “What many fail to realise is that Haelun'or is not a nation. It is not a state, nor even a city. Haelun'or is wherever the children of Larihei go. Though some may look back at Asulon and consider that to be the real Haelun'or, and perhaps rightfully so, however what we built there lingers. No matter how big or small it becomes, Haelun'or is where the children of silver reside, and silver has found a new home.” - Delonna Aeléyèlsa, the second of the Twin Moles, 1475 It is a shame. It is a shame that those who hold power would cling onto it so desperately, though that is the way of the inept. No decree will force us to leave the city or prevent us from making Haelun’or what she once was. If they wish to end the city and the Silver State, then they are wrong. No government of any kind has ever held us down, whether it be Orc, Dwarf, Wood Elf, or whatnot. No impure has ever managed to wipe us off the face of the earth despite what they may claim. All I see is that life will continue on as usual, they may try to destroy us, but they will fade into ash as Malinor, the Fallen, Celein and many others have tried to before. We have overcome far worse than an angry interim Sohaer and a decadent council and us, the children of silver, shall carry on. Silver light cannot be stopped; the blight of degeneracy shall cower in fear. ay’Larihei maehr’sae hiylun’ehya ~Maheral Andria Ith’ael
  4. A missive is posted throughout the Silver City and outside on the gate. From Ash Comes New Life I have been proclaimed Maheral due to my former holding of the title during the dark days of the Aldersberg Citadel, as the previous did not chose a successor. As Maheral in these times, it is my sole purpose to further the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya and protect Larihei’s children from degeneracy. For too long the council has been allowed to fester and rot. For too long silence has been the true ruler of our most blessed land. The Ikur’onn laws remain, giving our council absolute power that cannot be challenged. I shall wait no longer, it is time for the people of the Silver State to be delivered from decadence once more. Thus, my first order as Maheral shall be to dismiss the entirety of the council. All council members are expected to cease their duty and to come to the Maheral for questioning. Any who refuse to comply shall be arrested and put on trial, but to those who do, I swear on my honour that you shall not be harmed. An election to replace the removed council shall be held shortly. A warrant of arrest is also put out for the Okarir’maehr, Ljhin Evergale, for attempted stalling of the election for Sohaer. ay’Larihei maehr’sae hiylun’ehya ~Andria Ith’ael née Fi’talareh
  5. https://youtu.be/aK_BmWIDVdY Or if you are more into 1980s Australian Rock: A missive is found posted within the inn, it is presented in neat, blue writing. What was once sacred are now playthings of decadence. How many letters have I written throughout the years criticising the reigns of various demagogues? From the fools of the Elibar’acals to the green and gold Raells, nothing has changed. I have failed, I have sat on the side too long, now I must rise. This is not a new fight, but rather one that has been going on since the beginning of our modern nation. “They [the council] feel their word is absolute, preach the upholding of morals while they do nothing to aid the city.” ~Ellir’siol, c. 1380 These foolish Ikur’onn Laws are reminiscent of the days of dictatorships, they bar new blood from other bloodlines or political persuasions from entering the council, thus it is stagnant. If the Sohaer is going to masquerade as one then he should simply call himself an Uthir if he is going to refuse a challenge. This Sohaer may be new, though he is responsible for the decadence that was the Isles of Alarhys - an impure state, indeed. The blame also lies on the council, for they have sat by and done nothing. The council appears to do the minimal to make themselves appear to do work, they do hold meetings, yes, though nothing has changed in this city for years. Decadence has not only taken root, the council themselves are made of it. If the council wishes to hold onto their vile Ikur’onn laws, then so be it. If the Sohaer wishes to make a thinly veiled attempt to push out people (how can you close a city, anyway?) then so be it. In a world of disgusting politics, one must introduce the radical. Thus I propose an acceptance vote for the council. on behalf of the people of the Silver State. The legal reasoning for this is such: I. The Maheral is the highest power in Haelun’or and has been since the days of Dio Astóre. II. The Maheral, by law, can be removed should the people not accept them. III. If the council is below the Maheral and also accountable to the people, then thus the people are permitted to challenge them. IIII. This challenge shall take place by vote, as is done with the Maheral. If the council refuses this, then they will prove themselves to be the maruthiran they are. If they truly have the support of the people, then let this vote serve as proof of it. ~Andria Ith’ael née Fi’talareh Below a blank piece of paper awaits, yearning for the signatures of both those who would support it and those who would not.
  6. “If the council - anyone even - wishes to inhabit progress, then let it be their undoing. They should be wise and vote to abolish the Ikur’onn laws." Andria Ith’ael remarks to another of her kind in the inn, after reading the missive.
  7. In a tavern in another time, Robert of Leyda discusses with a fellow patron the state of Oren. "That's the might of humanity," he nods, "it took all of the races to defeat Oren after multiple attempts." "Alone they are weak and craven." he remarks before taking a sip of his ale.
  8. I cannot describe my sadness rn, I'll miss you, Rael. 

  9. logged in just to post on this Rael is a brilliant roleplayer and in the past constantly provided me with great story lines with his character Rael Ith'ael. Though I may not be present at all these days I still believe he is far more than capable of providing good events to the server. +1 10/10 joke btw
  10. Yes please +1
  11. As I said on his last app: 'One of the more reasonable GMs we've had in recent times to be honest (plus he's a conservative!) +1'
  12. (I'm not banned myself, just posting on behalf of Tapesauce.) Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): ski_king3 banned me. Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): tapesauce Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): I posted inappropriate images on the forums and I no-rp killed one person. Character Witnesses (Name(s)): ski_king3, Aengoth; anyone on the forums. Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): It’s been some time since I have logged in on Lord of the Craft. The memory of my ban escapes me, although I remember the gist of what happened I can’t quite look back on the specifics. But what I do know is that I definitely flubbed. I made a mistake, and I’ve made a lot of them previously on this server. I have never once taken LotC seriously since I joined in October of 2013. And every time I’ve appealed to rejoin the community, it’s done nothing substantial except waste the time out of a moderator’s day. That’s because I’ve always ended up relapsing-- breaking the rules again and again. I’ve been nothing short of uncaring and cruel for most the time I’ve been a part of LotC, but there was a time when I was completely different. I think I was 14 when I first joined, naive and cringeworthy, but at the very least I was kind. Since then, on the server, I started displaying morose behavior, mocking and harassing players of the server. I did it for a cheap laugh, to break my boredom, or for some other petty reason. Looking at what I have left behind myself on this server isn’t an easy thing to do. It feels sickening, sometimes, to see what I once said or did on this server. This is a role-playing community, and that’s what makes it seem so weird that there are people who harbor bitter resentments for me over a game. I admit, they have their reasons, and that’s what’s so hard for me to comprehend. I can’t explain why I would have ever been the way I was. I also can’t explain to you, the staff department, that I have changed since my prior kerfuffle. All I can say without room for debate is that I am not proud of who I was, and what I had done. I’m not really expecting to be unbanned from LotC, not for a long while anyways. I am however appealing to perhaps have my original forum account lifted from restriction, so that I could maybe pop on every now and again and say hello. For better or for worse, this was a big part of my life, and things like that aren’t always easy to let go of. I’ll leave my case there. Thanks. Screenshots/Vids (Link): N/A
  13. One of the more reasonable GMs we've had in recent times to be honest (plus he's a conservative!) +1
  14. she's a mean, horrible person pls dont accept
  15. He's ok I guess +1