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  1. this is a repeat of last map when oren started losing the war hahahah

    1. Cpt_Noobman


      I don't see how you could possibly finish the urguan war in two weeks then have enough time for an entirely new war with oren when the map is likely to change in less than a month

  2. "A war that begins now has no path to completion before map release that is not a colossal burden on the participating staff & community. Each war requires substantial time investment and resources—and disrupts normal play. "

    Ye oren using ooc to get out a war. 



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    2. rotund_man


      heaven forbid your waaagh is postponed so the staff can actually release the map on time 

    3. HurferDurfer1


      **** that filth oren, how dare they avoid the thing you want them to do

    4. Aqua Vita

      Aqua Vita

      im pretty sure oren isnt even in the war anymore?

  3. just fight on lotc next time?

  4. Bring back old nexus 

  5. Last of the mohicans

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    2. Chaw


      and that's what you call a dumb staff member

    3. Thornz


      Not to mention the fact that the ban I received is unjust.

    4. Hero_


      Staff: You shouldn't have banned @McThornz, @cakefool, and @Pando_


      There is nothing wrong with banditing people. At all. Yes they were doing it too much but they were toning it down to a roleplay-realistic level. Getting to know them they are alright kids. I saw the modreqs about them and spectated on the roleplay they were doing, and players only made modreqs because they were salty that they lost gear. I have been bandited before (all the time actually on my last character) by other people and I have not complained about losing some gear, which even ment some decent swords and armor. Neither should they. It is all roleplay, and in good fun.

  6. If anyone wants to be part of kadeems family msg me

  7. Hackhen


    OOC/RP Application MC Name:hackehen RP Name:Scran Skype Account ((PM me if you wish for it to be private)):yes Timezone:GMT Profession: farmer Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it?:yes PK Clause Agreement ((Yes or No)): yes
  8. *Adam Brawm would say "I am willing to pay for two of each breed"
  9. McName:Hackehen RpName:Scran Skype:(Pm if you desire.) Profession: Farming TeamSpeak:(Not required but highly encouraged.)yes Time-Zone:GMT Desired Chapter to join: Any
  10. want my application to be accepted pleas

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