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  1. Death of a Norlander 1641

    "Another Great warrior falls." Says Luke "Dunamis" after looking at the mans dead body.
  2. ♛ Elfs Raid ♛

    Left hand FTW LOL :') Thx Man
  3. c86795ed366582b0cef82cc28dc9e472.pngcef71d81f14ae9ccabe731cdd6d7a6d6.png Welfzzzzzzzz

    1. Aeldrin


      idiot elves get slapped by snowmen

    2. Pando_



  4. ♛ Two Axes Clash ♛

    ♛ Luke Dunamis vs Jacque de Felsen ♛ Luke Walks up to Jacque before extending his hand in an attempt to help him up. "You fought well, but you should never underestimate a Dunamian." ooc: GF Man ;)
  5. ♛ Santegias Defensive Raid ♛

    All i remember is the nation u ruined, the way you can't win in any sort of mechanics and the way all your leadership cucked you ;)
  6. Tournament of Alban, 1639

    Minecraft Name: Lucahz Race: Human Duel/Joust: Duel
  7. -=Sutica Raid=-

    Luke Dunamis view of the Raid inside Sutica, 15th of Snow's Maiden, 1639. Fucked up with the recording settings and i don't feel like editing the black borders
  8. Fix Defender Default

    *Looks around as he still searches for pvp default*
  9. How to increase player retention as a player

    Viado with good ideas wtf p good
  10. Dunamis