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  1. [✓] appeal numero dos

    idk why you're trying to use the status as an excuse you clearly knew that another raid had ocured before that pvp started since you were actually in it, and there was no roleplay/ooc talking towards me, and as you can see on your screenshots/videos i'm walking outside the keep, and if you did record the whole thing you can clearly see that i reached the location about 2 minutes after the pvp initiated so i really don't know why you're trying to cover up the fact that you were salty and just wanted to pugsy me knowing you would probably be able to get away edit: i was also told that you knew that mcpancakes was the only one fighting and that it was stated multiple times in the ingame chat
  2. Show Your Pet Thread

  3. Necessary Changes To The Rules.

    you cant that's why you don't do it..
  4. @lev Don't come back, thank you.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hyena


      I miss him already

    3. Heero


      will pando ever wake up from his coma these are the questions that need answers the poor boy was sent to bed without supper ):

    4. Skylez1


      I mean, he just alts tbf

  5. Axios Screenshot Album

    My first Raid of Axios Meeting during the 1.8 plugin test warzone. Dwarven King burns in his vault First Spawned in horse by Kowaman (Take into consideration at this time all the horses on the server were only 12/13 Ms) ALPHA team kills the rest of the frostbeards The Reformation of the Horde 2.0 The powerful Romstun Army (You better run or you'll be slayed.) After raid selfie captured by flying drone (I was already banned for the Radar dw guys!!) The Parrot that was killed multiple times by DPMagician and had to be spawned in again Romstun Army 2.0 Alpha orc Beats up virgins Hidden Underground Rabbit reproduction that was taken down by the admins after 2 weeks of 6 TPS server "BIG RABBIT SPAWN!!" Assuring my dominance once more First Meeting of The coalition The Only 3 Legit Dragonscales sets in Axios Quick picture during the disgusting/failure of the antag event Virgin Fleeing after being engaged in combat Underground Romstun Gear distribution Base The Great Luke Dunamis Remaining Romstun Army after half of it gets banned or stops playing/Anti Urguan airforces Assuring my dominance 2.0 Dwarven Alphas Quick Selfie with Ungo Bungo Weaboo Skins do actually give you Extra skill on minigames Winter i spanwed in with lc before 501 ruined the fun '-.- Proof Warhawkes were active Tribute to the Legendary Flying aura man (Stories say he was able to Pugsy 20 people inside a warzone camp and another 15 outside adelburg before he was banned)"Tought i logged in to the pot pvp server my mistake." Legendary last words. First pvp Engagement ever inside the realms of Atlas. Failed Attempt of Raiding Sutica Norland? Prize when Dunamis won the 4v4 tournament Hehe xd Some pvp Engagements
  6. Come, its time to leave this cancer community brother.

  7. i was only banned for 2 months for ddosing!!

  8. i Understand the 4 weeks which wasnt even his fault but 1 Year LOL!! Free my man pando, he didnt even know what DDos standed for!!

  9. flays vs reiter

    50 minutes of kite even tho it started at 18 vs 13 and it ended as a 17 v 5 it was fun
  10. 2 days untill african people stop dying out of dehydration

    1. Rip and Tear

      Rip and Tear


      Edited by Rip and Tear
    2. HONOR
    3. Drop Koala

      Drop Koala

      GM's blueballing the pvp community (colorized 2018)

      Image result for blue ball penis


    Name: Luke DunamisAge: UnknownNationality/Faction: Renatus/DunamisRace: HumanTitle: Mercenary
  12. King of Kings: Election for High King [Closed]

    Vote:MC Name LucahzRP Name: Galdryn Frostbeard / Kazkron(Place an X beside the candidate name)Hamnil Frostbeard:Torvin “The Dragon” Blackaxe: X
  13. @Flurgh: I'm going to dog him if he turns on me. *Dies 30 seconds later*


    1. Aeldrin


      famous last words..........................

    2. Flurgh


      staph i had no stamina

  14. Who wants to be King?!

    Kazkron would vote for BOGDUN GOLDHAND "I believe he'll do great thin's, an' no one on the list can duh better than this lad."
  15. The King is Dead

    Galdryn Frostbeard would be sitting under a tree far away from any nation capital as he watches a crow fly by and drop a message. After reading the message Galdryn would stab the ground with his sword before sitting on one of his knees. "Anoteh great warrior has fallen, i jus' hope kaz'ulrah will nae fall with him." Galdryn Says looking up at the sky as he holds the grip of the sword.