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  1. ~-~ A Great Celebration ~-~

    Luke Dunamis would be sitting on one of the chairs inside the dunamis keep as he received the message that frerir made public. "I'm sorry frerir, but just like matthias said, if we want to join dunamis we should not pick a side unless paid." He'd say quietly to himself.
  2. [Denied][GM][APP] (Giggles)

    +1 The reason he was removed when he got accepted the first time was really dumb...
  3. [Denied]Garronds Second GM Trial Application

    Not a bad kid, when i played a dwarf with him he was always up to help others. +1
  4. [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.

    IGN(s): Lucas84775, ScopessPvP, Creppersimon, Calvinlhlh. Age: 19 Timezone: Gmt+0 Discord: Lucas#7468 What map did you join during?: Vailor Do you have access to a microphone?: Yes Average daily playing time?: Too much Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: Not really. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I feel like i spend to much time on the server doing nothing, plus why not, everyone should have a try. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: No. Anything else you want to tell us?: didn't bother writing a long app because i believe that typing won't prove much, i've seen multiple old gm's who name a lot of stuff on their apps and then don't really do anything and end up leaving the team 1/2 months later.
  5. [Denied]Nevermind :(

    +1 I'd prefer him before some of the new trials.
  6. Planned Changes For Energy System

    Keep it the normal books, that way people won't need multiple double chests to store their enchanted books
  7. Glowing 1000 Degree Knife Versus Craft Timers

    I like the way this new system works but there's a lot of glitches that need to be fixed and the most important which is why people grinded skills higher than masterful was to get the cooldowns removed and that was forgotten, as for this problem i suggest that the amount of skill experience you have in a persona should increase the amount of energy you have and not cap it at 120, or just give who has higher amount of experience a faster energy regeneration. -Enchanting: There's still a cooldown between enchants which is retardedly slow, and should be removed. Items: There are items such as arrows and tanned leather that shouldn't take any energy to craft since you need a lot of them to craft single items and those single items already take a lot of energy.
  8. [Your View] 6.0 COMBAT

    Make diamond armor as rare as before the recipes where sold.
  9. ♛!Horses for Sale!♛ Best horses in the realm now being sold (350%+), Fast horses, high jumpers, and resistant ones! Prices going from One Thousand minas to ten thousand!! You won't get horses this good from enywhere else!! Contact Vinic or Luke Dunamis For one (W4saki/Lucas84775) OOC: Best Horses in game for sale just pm W4saki Price goes depending on how good the speed and jump combined are. Just pm me with what stats you want your horse and i'll give a price!
  10. [Denied] [Actor] DPMAGICIAN

    unfortunate that u are already banned :)
  11. Minecraft Name (s): Lucas84775, ScopessPvP, Creppersimon, Calvinlhlh, Tadamune. Ban Reason: "You are permanently banned no reason specified" (This isn't the first/real ban message but i was told to appeal by multiple gm's and they know what happened.) Individuals Involved: misguidedRoyal, pando_, a Trial gm And 2 other people on the pvp (can't remember) Event Details: A pvp battle was happening between misguided and the other 2 people while some people where swiming around and watching. since the gm that was overseeing the seen tped me away from the fight i shoot two arrows at the people who where fighting misguided Why should you be unbanned?: first of all i would like to say thank you to the gm's for the time wasted reading this appeal and voting on it, Its been a long time since i got banned and i apologize everyone who was on the fight and that got in a disadvantage because of the arrows , i know that my ban history has not been the best but i do apologize for everything i've done wrong and i ask for another chance i've readed the new rules and i'll make sure not to break them again and i'll try my best to try and help the server from now on. Additional Screenshots/Videos: (Link, if applicable) The person who banned me is no longer a Trial gm.
  12. [Denied] [Actor] Tornado241 ET Application

  13. [Accepted] Ioannis GM App

    +1 my greek brother diserves it
  14. Your View: Raid Rules 2.0

  15. Your View: Raid Rules 2.0

    ^^ yes plz