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  1. The People’s Republic of Xie Ho Chi Minh's face greeted TV stations all over the nation, with the inavding aliens and finishing the construction of the space station it was the needed dose of propaganda to keep morale higher than ever. People could begin boarding the space station, a lottery was held and a lot of scientists and military men seemed to win. A public order would of course need to be created so many police, judges, lawyers, doctors etc.. were taken to the station. Transport being immediately with shuttles travelling back and forth. The military was also restored. Population: 118,000 Military: 10,000 active 7,000 trained reserves and 20,000 untrained reserves. Workers: Low education factory workers, miners and assembly workers, farmers: 40,000 Scientists/ government/ high education work: 20,000 Services, police forces/ mid education work: 20,000. Note: In the people's republic of Xie if you are not particularly smart you are taken out of school at 14 to become a low income worker. 1AP Transporting all people to the space station. 2AP Researching the egg, what it is and it's technology. 1AP Sending a probe to the edge of the galaxy to pick up remnants of the battle.
  2. i love ur profile pic

  3. Again, sorry to clarify. We thought both sides were informed you were allowed to do this. I wasn't there myself, but I can understand the GM's thought process.
  4. Again, sorry for lacking to clarify, i'm just saying in this event you've always been able to rush the opponent's base.
  5. The GM didn't make the rule up on the spot, it had been a previous rule in the last Courland-Haensetic warzone. Apologies for lacking to clarify.
  6. xie ((sorry for no post, very busy 3ap building station 1ap finishing mega factory
  7. OOC/RP Application MC Name:Chae RP Name: Daniel Skype Account ((PM me if you wish for it to be private)):ioannis has it Timezone:gmt +6 Profession: legendary lumberjack and legendary miner and some other **** Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it?:yes i agree to the pk clause
  8. dunamis > flays?
  9. Chuck claps his hands together.
  10. Yeah, maybe. I'm thinking harsher consequences for those who continually mess up. I actually talked about this idea on my GM application and my trial, over a month ago. I hadn't I had even known Rebecca and Cablam had discussed this with you, as i've been working on this as a project for the past month. Just because someone has the same idea as you doesn't mean they stole it. Please don't be so quick to jump to conclusions. Yeah, i'm working on harsher consequences for repeat offenders, I hate it when people say "If it's not broken, don't fix it" Things can always be improved and maybe while the system before did work and is not broken this is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.
  11. Hopefully not. Yeah, the test aims to have different questions, and again; if players have memorised the rules then that's the point. If they continue to break the blacklist while knowing they are breaking the rules the consequences will be harsher. Yeah, they will. Blacklisted players have to complete this in order to complete their blacklist. It would fall on any GM that wants to do it, preferably the GM that ordered the blacklist, but if that GM was no longer on the team then yes, the villain team would handle it most likely.
  12. Greetings! We will be changing how the villainy blacklist system works, this system is being implemented because of the way villainy was handled in the past, in the previous system after an act of villainy you would have been banned and/or blacklisted for bad villainy with only a timer and an appeal system before you can do villainy roleplay again. This meant that so many villains were still uneducated on how to create good villainy roleplay and kept running through the system unknowing of what they may have done wrong. This system aims to fix that by teaching the players with blacklists how to conduct proper villain roleplay and allows them to come back into the server fresh with new ideas and ethos for how to produce beneficial role play for both parties. The process ensures each player is taken through the villainy rules in order to be unblacklisted. This process will be completed by a GM and will take roughly 30 minutes to an hour. If they broke a certain rule the GM will go over that a bit more specifically with them on that, after it is complete there will be a short test at the end using random questions. There is a pass grade and if the player fails they will be taken through the process again. If you have any questions on how it will work feel free to ask me questions down below.