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  1. send bob and vagene pic?


    Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, meme, text and outdoor

    1. Fawbole
    2. Esry




    3. TankM1A2


      chaw doesn't get to see too many real ones in thailand :JJJJ

  2. why do people keep wanting to try socialism? just fucks over countries every damn time. smh 

    1. iMattyz


      socialism dindu nuffin you bigot

    2. ShameJax



    3. iMattyz
  3. send bob and vagene pic?

    1. SuperDuckyGamer


      this is a great insult to all egirls out there and you sir should be ashamed of yourself. 

    2. iMattyz
  4. we didnt even get any input on this thats kinda gay, for such a controversial rule a poll would have at least done something EVENTS where you are being tailored to by an ET, you can powergame all you want
  5. well well well my ******
  6. pm me for the leaked game of thrones episode

    1. Praetor


      jesus D&D are ******* awful. That was ****

      That was some disney movie trash

  7. How long have you played LOTC?: almost 2 years What is your opinion on the Forum Team as a whole?: pretty lit, i spout endless cancer and they only hide my posts, much better than a communist style reign How well does the Forum Team perform according to you?: its not that hard a job so its difficult to **** up, the problem is doing too much i like the balance but i want them to be a little bit more liberal How do you feel about our communication with the player base?: decent How could we improve the previous?: kill all the communists If you have anything to say on the side, leave it here: i like eating dog meat
  8. jackie chan iv licks his lips, himself almost dying. He marches forward with angus ready to lay siege to some more flay pricks
  9. ******* shitposters, you dissapoint me *****
  10. happy birthday stickly
  11. watching the leaked game of thrones episode if u wan 



  12. bran is so fucked in the head

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    2. drfate786


      I doubt he could do that, I'm pretty sure he can only Warg into one person at a time as he's essentially removing his mind from his body to do so. Splitting your mind in half is impossible.

    3. 触手の恋人は最高の恋人です
    4. drfate786


      As you saw, time travel can do very BAD things.

  13. Ho Chi Minh prepares to take back the homeland from foreign invaders.