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  1. when this server dies can i get my $100 back
  2. Chaw

    Admin Censorship

    Agreed. Traitors to the staff clique must to be disposed of! All hail the admins. Hard deleting **** that doesn't break any rules simply because it criticises you makes no sense. But what else could you expect from the lotc admins?
  3. Chaw

    Worn Down

    the staff are mostly power trippers, especially the admins. Sorry this happened, ds. Coders dont deserve half the **** the admins give them.
  4. i hate u 

    1. tenredux


      fucik  buicych


  5. chaw!!!!!???!!!!!

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    2. Raomir


      haha reminds me of my time conquering urguan. gl

    3. Dewper


      will be just as a easy 

    4. Chaw
  6. Chaw


  7. Xoxoxo (xoxo)

  8. Chaw

    GM Monthly Update Log - May

    i dont know
  9. anyone have an up to date nation map of lotc?

    1. seannie


      @Papa Liam this is the map guy, not sure if hes updated everything yet though

    2. Papa Liam

      Papa Liam

      Yea I'm lazy and still gotta update the map

  10. Anyone watch silicon valley?

  11. Chaw

    Changes in the Raid Rules!

    i love u ioannis, but 5 days rly ******?
  12. what can i do with a national insurance number