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  1. Coltaine mourns the dead lord from his keep, Leifgaard, in Carnatia, that place he lived and Nemir didnt. He would light a large bonfire on the roof of his keep, the heat searing the stone beneath it, cracking the cobbles. "A mighty damn shame, a great, unbiased man, the not so secret secret needs to be passed on to Sergei. The Brawms have truly miffed me now." Soon one may find the words "You forgot the Wicks." carved in the walls of the old Brawm keep.
  2. Coltaine has deja vu , recalling the last time the Staunts did this.
  3. Coltaine shivers as he recalls his time serving under Johm Godfrey
  4. "I think they forgot us." says a Wick
  5. I agree with this man here.
  6. Coltaine tends his wheat fields, not giving a whit about the search.
  7. a wick of course
  8. nyeh heh heh this is true
  9. MC Name: IDontCare_Bear Character's Name: Coltaine Wick Character's Age: 160 Character's Race: Lich [Necrolyte] Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Fire Evocation Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Fire Evocation, like all evocations, is the drawing of that element from the void in its various states and or forms, which ever the wielder desires. Like the others, you cant evoke any refined forms, that means no swords of fire, no animals of flame, unless aiding with another magic such as conjuration! There is also no evoking of white fire, that would be lore breaking. Light your camp fire, light your enemies hair on fire. Those things are possible, other things to take note of, you cant control flames in the world, as in a torch, you may only use the flames which you yourself draw from the void , its really up to you what you want to do, its magic, go wild, but within reason. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Coltaine sits in a rock strewn clearing with a nearby camp fire , thin bony fingers skittering and plucking at the stones around him as he rests his hollow gaze on the student before him. With a wild ululating cry , Coltaine takes a loose pebble and flings it at his student, eliciting a grunt and myriad of curses "The nether you do that for you haggard bag of dust!" the student would huff angrily! "Focus is key! When connecting to the void you need absolute mastery of your mind! You need to tune out minor distractions whelp lest they spell your doom ahaheheh." At that Coltaine holds up his hand, focusing on his palm for a short time, faint sparks and embers flickering and flaring to life in his palm before congealing to form a small, candle like flickering flame. "Like so pup! Come! Look close observe it with your seemingly minute observational skills!" As the student nears to study the evoked flame, Coltaine would let out a yelp of glee, flicking the the small flame into the students hair, making them yell and lurch back, patting away at the singed hair. "All apart of the lesson put away that cruel blade oh ho no! You cant hope to evoke flame without having felt its might! The caressing warmth! The searing heat ahah! Now sit, try once more!" Waves his hand around, lolling limply on his wrist as he watches the student again focus and concentrate. "Breath deep and easy , aye, like that." he murmurs encouragingly watching as his student goes through the motions, watching as a similar flame ,like the one he evoked earlier take form in the students outstretched palm. "Good good! Well done, practice makes perfect of course mhmm, in time you will grow , now another very important lesson. Rest your eyes on yon camp fire, focus on it, trying and seeking it out with all the senses at at your disposal, try and wrest control over it!." Coltaine continues to watch as his student focuses on the fire, a look on consternation and similarly, constipation crossing the students features. "I-I cant do anything to it, no matter how hard I try, why is that?" they ask, huffing. "You may not, control any elements that exist in this world, be it rock flame or water, such is a power far beyond voidal mages, no matter how much you will it you will never make these flames do what you want, for they are not yours nor of the void. Your power solely comes from the void. And dont think I dont see ya sweatin there! You need to be careful with how much mana you expend, to much and you will likely pass out, more than that and you will surely l perish." With that, Coltaine abruptly stands "I must be off! Fields to tend, plots to foil, do study, and study well, we will reconvene in some few weeks and you had better improve or so help me!" He briefly menacing the student with a bony fist before plodding off. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Oh indeed I do. Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  10. The legend himself
  11. I mean ya I guess
  12. Coltaine reflects upon the many times he and Avenel had clashed, tapping an erratic beat with his thin bone fingers on the weathered stone of his seat, the two never got along, but Coltaine and come to have a grudging respect for the man.
  13. huh
  14. Coltaine enters any city he likes and continues to complain about his poor life, as he watched mages fall from the sky and pull weapons designed to kill him and his kind