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  1. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames HurferDurfer, PlunderUrDungeon Ban Reason https://prntscr.com/lii7hr Players Involved HurferDurfer1 Seuss By your own understanding, why are you banned? I was banned for an instance in rp that a player felt they needed to make a ban report against me in which I was was displaying poor behavior in rp and ooc. Using such language as "Laugh out loud." and "Chimp." in rp presented everyone involved with a poor experience. Along with being a member of the staff at the time I was held to a higher standard that I did not uphold. When confronted privately by the disgruntled player I was very uncooperative and rude, behavior I have a long history of. Another reason being the time I have spent on the server, and the amount of money I have donated, long enough to have full understanding of the rules and how I was abusing said rules. Why should you be pardoned? So far I have served a little over two months of my ban, from the very beginning I made it plain that I believe I deserved a ban. My behavior and actions were far out of hand and needed to be handled.The problem I have is with the length,I believe 5 months is an absurd amount of time, something other GM's have agreed with. for an infraction of meme roleplay and toxicity. Prior to this ban I had next to no ban history, my previous longest ban had been two days, I dont even believe it was officially logged. So its not like I was a repeating banned player. One point brought up in the verdict made by Narthok, he has since left the team, Was my position of being a staff member I do understand that at the time my position as an ET I should have carried myself more respectfully and curbed such behavior as I was a representative of the staff and for that I do apologize. Another reason brought up in the verdict was the amount of time I have spent on the server, joining in 2014 I have been fully aware of the rules for several years now and have been abusing them and pushing my luck and again, for that I am sorry. Along with pointing out the time ive been on the server Narthok pointed out my contributions to the server, enough to have gotten me to Aether VIP, which I do not believe is a fair point to bring up in a ban reports verdict, my contributions should have had no effect on my sentence yet it seemed that because I had spent all that time and money, I was being held to a higher standard then a non donating player, otherwise why bring up my donation in the verdict. I should not be held to a higher standard then anyone else due to my donations. In the little over two months ive served, though not a very long time, I think ive really come to realize all of this really isnt worth being rude or toxic over, everyone is here to play the game and have fun and I think I lost sight of that. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? To be frank, im going to stop being such an asshole in game. People dont like it, people have avoided me and my rp in the past because I am just a dick, which I want to fix. I will leave the people that want to be left on there own be, no more harassment, no name calling, no poor behavior. I will strive to take a more serious approach to the rp scenarios I get involved in so that anyone involved may enjoy it, as thats what most of us are here for, to have fun rping. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Top of the list, Be Laid-Back and Considerate, I think ive come to realize that is so important to getting enjoyment out of the server, too many people take much of what goes on personally and into OOC and start outputting toxicity. Narcissism in Roleplay, ive seen so many people take whats happened in roleplay as a personal assault, their needs to be a disconnect between player and character, the line gets blurred for some. Be Independent and Proactive, It is my firm belief that far too many people sit around and wait for rp to happen to them, when in reality they should be out interacting and creating that rp they wanted, for themselves to enjoy and others. Dont be afraid of exploring new ideas or moving on from past ones. It is these reason that I think it is key for players to really read and invest time in following the Community Guidelines, they were written and put forth for a reason and will be the best way for our community to continue to thrive.
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    Vassalization of House Default

    take this boy seriously or feel my wrath
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    Taking What is Ours

    no im the emperor says qoltaine
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    Estermont Wick Trade Deal

    coltiane counts his dwekels twice
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    The Big Dogs are Back

    long live the empire honestly
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    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    coltaine gouges another tally mark in the wall of his sky cell
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    [Pending]ScreamingDingo's Lore Master Application

    this man knows a thing or two about a thing or two
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    Why Fear RP is good RP

    u control actual giant wooden statues
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    Why Fear RP is good RP

    i am fear
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    “u didnt help build the city you stained knee having chimp” says coltaine a man who helped build the city
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    [Pending]TheDragonsRoost's Lore Moderator Application

    i fully support this young man and i give permission for him to be on the team
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    Time of Creation (A Final Farewell)

    dont listen to the haters b
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    Thesis on our Sins

    Cooltaine sins into a tube sock.
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    The Struggles of Moderation

    free me mortals