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  1. why are you copying my good friend shannonleigh
  2. u are literally ancient, its not a question im just telling u, u are
  3. Sir Candle makes sure to send a bouquet of flowers to the grieving family and a letter expressing his condolences.
  4. "He truly is a carbon copy of his father, not a single unique trait or mannerism in his body. I had hoped this would all quiet down over time but the boy so called King of Haense didn't learn from his predecessor, a shame." Sir Candle said this to the people around him as he gouged out the earth in his tunneling endeavors.
  5. Mr Rat sees this drawing of a man in ancient Red Shroud uniform and does a spit take.
  6. Mr Rat grins, feeling some sense of joy for the NGS' turmoil, they had never supported him in his time of need, when his family was being murdered in the streets and thus in his mind, deserved nothing but misfortune.
  7. Sir Candle feels a slight amount of guilt not having helped the HIS HIGHNESS LOTHAR VLADISLAV ALIMAR FORMER PRINCE OF RUBERN but then he thinks to himself he was better off not making enemies of the coup'ees, so long as Candle survived he was ok with it.
  8. If there was one thing Mr Rat hated most it was evil dragon cultist and evil dragons in general. "Here's to hoping both sides wipe eachother out, paladins and dragon cultists alike!"
  9. candle wick smiles, coming from a LONG line of haensi knights
  10. A Large Rat creature prowls the wilds.
  11. Sir Candle supports a pogrom against the evil dragonkin.
  12. "Best place for a Baruch is six feet deep." Mr Rat says
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