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  1. Hell ya brother, I'll keep sending you pictures of meme and nee tattoos I get
  2. i waited two months to post this https://prnt.sc/qjil78

    1. TheAlphaMoist
    2. FlemishSupremacy


      1 month and 30 days... don’t they mean 2 months

    3. TheMissileKnowsWhereItIs
  3. somewhere Ilkazar pays his respects
  4. List pants heavily as he comes to a rest, spattered with blood and the mud of the river, having slain one man of the the AIS with a well placed arrow, and cutting down two more on the banks of the river Ruber itself, surely the start of a promising martial career for the young man.
  5. @TheElvenMage working on a case against u i need full cooperation thank u

  6. njbb killed me he needs that 3k bounty now @Milenkhov

    1. NJBB


      too ez, yawn

  7. give me the mage that does street performances for kids over the mage using his or her might powers to one shot the boss
  8. never forgot that battle at dogger bay

  9. “Wise words for the Town Matress of Norsgrad surely we MUST heed her.........” signed Ben Ethil of the Ethil family renowned butler of skill and importance.
  10. HurferDurfer1


    i am so tired and sleepy
  11. Ben says “Thats what i been sayin all this time! Curon has been on a back stabbing spree for the last hundred ******* years!”
  12. ben sighs wishing he had been present, he would envy the chance to kill four renorlanians with ease
  13. "who would have thought that Curon who has a well documented history of betrayal and cowardice, would betray us all again." Ben say
  14. ben takes note of this skirmish in the book he was writing ‘the war of nordrady aggression’
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