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  1. Muramir gathers the throngs.
  2. "Ye upset Yemekar's balance." Muramir Doomforged said outloud into the marred jungles.
  3. Muramir of clan Doomforged makes this face when he read the news 😁
  4. Muramir decides to set the record straight, in regards to his clans past.
  5. when i played a lich his phylactery was broken. this was a long ass time ago and that character did get raised again later
  6. i despise *shoots person in the head* rp, which is what ive often seen with people using archery in combat, people ought to be abit more compelling in there rp instead of trying to pop off legolas style shots and end combat as soon as possible
  7. do i hem or no

  8. Vermillion kicks around rocks as he grumbles angrily, not being allowed to come along and deliver death to the Oyashi peoples.
  9. Tulip would make a tactical retreat from this battle and certainly not in a craven or cowardly way but in a smart and good way.
  10. "What about the fifth brother, Wick." ghoul said
  11. Tulip mourns the Wick life he cannot recall. Bottle/Gambole only wished he could forget
  12. **** dragons, be ghoul

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