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  1. id destroy u with a big rock sorry lozer
  2. Ilkazar bigly grins as he recalls winning the last costume contest held in Haense, and makes plans to win this one as well.
  3. Ilkazar sits with burnt hair and hurt bones cause the paladins wouldn't help him!
  4. Ilkazar shakes his head in shame! If the Lords didnt care for the library he had painstakingly spent time and his own money stocking with priceless knowledge, with few to no donations, the Lords would be at fault for Haense losing access to such knowledge, and the Lords will be the ones who would have to answer to such a heinous loss.
  5. Ilkazar thinks very loudly at alfer amike to **** off and stop the pointless edgy ****
  6. Ilkazar, a man who was never afraid of the idler Lerald, and very openly told the man what he thought of him, Is over joyed at at the news of his demise, praying a more active, and present Palatine takes his place.
  7. Ilkazar makes plans to finally get justice against the baruchs
  8. The long since dead Bottle welcomes Anabel into the seven skies, having forgiven the pair of his friends, Romulus and Anabel, regales the two with a tale of the time he had tackled the young Anabel in his own zealous youth.
  9. Ilkazar volunteers to help escort people through the woods
  10. ilkazar ******* laughs at this ****
  11. Ilkazar wonders how this will go, as the Lorrainians had once saved him from the clutches of evil Llyrians!
  12. Bottle, a man once tortured by Uthred and indeed, being executed on his own knees by the Gromach man, appreciates the irony in this as he sits in the Seven Skies.
  13. “Such grace and kindness displayed to the people of Haense! What a grand queen, one who will be remembered through the ages!” states Ilkazar
  14. ilkazar prays for Ser Bruno’s good health and safe return form the shitling dwarves
  15. dont do that

    1. Tigergiri


      does it anyways

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