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  1. Mr Rat laments for he was but a robot and had no voting rights
  2. woman not get rights i head think
  3. Dima Kovachev nods his approval of this wise move.
  4. Mr Wick prepares to send over copies for whatever books they might need from the library.
  5. List doesn't trust the words of one shade over another, he concludes they must all be exterminated.
  6. “Carringtons kidnap the poor and sell them kidneys.” says a poor and destitute Koll, who sleep under a tarp beneath the canal bridges.
  7. “But Courland doesnt exist! The real King said so!” List cries out in the streets.
  8. Though they had never been friends, they had been comrades. For this reason Bottle would welcome Primrose into the Seven Skies to rest with the other honored dead of Haense.
  9. List prays this will upset the Carrington stranglehold on the markets.
  10. Hurf Brassballs of clan Brassballs trembles in his cave.
  11. Koltain Var Pipi Wick celebrates this incredible and ground breaking victory as he stomps around in a big vat of grapes, working on a new wine to beat the Carringtons in the market.
  12. Mr Wick frowns at such a divisive announcement, seeing it as the many nobles and petty houses seeking to take power into their own hands.
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