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  1. give me the mage that does street performances for kids over the mage using his or her might powers to one shot the boss
  2. never forgot that battle at dogger bay

  3. “Wise words for the Town Matress of Norsgrad surely we MUST heed her.........” signed Ben Ethil of the Ethil family renowned butler of skill and importance.
  4. HurferDurfer1


    i am so tired and sleepy
  5. Ben says “Thats what i been sayin all this time! Curon has been on a back stabbing spree for the last hundred ******* years!”
  6. ben sighs wishing he had been present, he would envy the chance to kill four renorlanians with ease
  7. "who would have thought that Curon who has a well documented history of betrayal and cowardice, would betray us all again." Ben say
  8. ben takes note of this skirmish in the book he was writing ‘the war of nordrady aggression’
  9. ben says “nordgrad started this but im gonna end this”
  10. “Rurics with watery veins.”
  11. “Ya ok stub legs gonna turn you into a crater again” Ben says to Rob d’Anpalais
  12. ben prepares to stuff that cat in a pillow case and drown it in a bathtub
  13. “How about you tell those neanderthals in Nordgrad to take the one man who caused the death to trial like we do over here in civilized lands instead of trying to slay many more men, you knock kneed, pale skinned, long nosed, weasel faced ******* runt.” My man ILKAZAR replies
  14. “Imagine being desperate enough in your hatred for a people you would try to get entire forces of men to kill eachother for the loss of one merchant of poor talent. Very nearly a coward.” says Librarian Wick
  15. “Ya you guys are bad protagonist!” My character said
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