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  1. The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, c. 1630

    "Jorenstadt is actually called Leifgaard, thats what it built as, **** the Baruchs for taking Wick land and saying they are heros for it." Says Mr Wick
  2. warzome  has more lag then a normal warclaim

    1. EternalSaturn


      idk, but I heard I have to repay debts even though i have no money 

  3. The Fall of Elvira

    "I aint gonna believe it till a mystic can tells me her soul rots." Says Coltaine.
  4. On The Voidal Mage: Strength and their Connection

    I support this biased man.
  5. He Will Bach No More

    "Isnt this the excuse every time." says most famous man of many legends and myths and all the tales Coltaine de Wick of House Wick of the Family Wick of the Line of Wick of the Ancestry of Wick of the Lineage of Wick of the Clan Wick hailing from Wickland.
  6. still waiting for flays to accept


    1. Jakesimonson


      we only accept written applications

  7. [Your View] War Server

    1: will i be able to use my warcock tyrone on the warclaim server 2: I want to ruin warclaims with magic cause im an edgy ******, how will this cater to me
  8. [✓] Light Stones

    bias towards holy h8 u
  9. [MArt] Space Elven Magic, The First Iteration

    is there a cut off point or does it just get larger and larger if you have the mana
  10. hey cool more useless **** on the forums

    1. Archipelego


      dont forget the constant ******* downtime

  11. [Recruiting!] The Coalition of Knowledge

    "Magic is good for one thing and thats war i tell ya." says Militaristic Wizid Coltaine
  12. The Arcane Regulators

    Coltaine wishes he could be a Warhammer Witch Hunter but he must hide like a rat. Coltaine disguised in a man suit
  13. Demands To Sutica!

    Baby Face Bart, king of Sutica agrees and kneels .