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  1. time to end this war now that im unbanned, no hard feelings vege

  2. "Your family didn't even exist when Renatus was Butchering Haensetian citizens every other day one continent ago. You saw fit to torture me at your master Uthred's command, for the crime of defending myself and ensuring an innocent man got a fair trial. In short, you're a *****." Declares Bottle the Better then You
  3. this makes me so sad and ruins my whole entire day!

  4. “so since the real pontiff didnt side with Renatus they brought back this guy to start a schism. real swollen cranium moves we got here” bottle spoke thus
  5. "Just like the Czena Confederation, Never trust Curonians they fold under a feathers worth of pressure." States Bottle
  6. “dude is mad laugh out loud” states bottle
  7. sorry i wasnt there guys, didnt mean to let renatus win

  8. bottle still sits at home, unable to send remus pantyaxe to the grave this time as someone beat him to it
  9. maybe marna shouldnt be able to march half way across the world and also maybe renatus shouldnt be able to build a **** stacked fort in the span of hours
  10. “you must be dumb or stupid cause that never happened you chinless *****” states bottle
  11. THE LIFE OF A BOTTLE; MISSIVE TO RENATUS To most of the citizens of Renatus, but not all of you because some of you are ******* pricks. His Imperial Majesty Joseph I, writes once more to the people of Renatus probably, I cant say for certain since im dictating this letter and I aint even told him. Where do I start, ive been PERSONALLY taking in thousands of Renatian refugees into my home, these poor common folk of the Kingdom of Renatus, fleeing from the self proclaimed Emperor Remus ‘Ruh Roh’ Partysnax. The more refugees that come, the more stories I hear of the madness running rampant in the streets of Helena! Soldiers just taking women when they want, blood in the streets, food shortages! It is to those still suffering under the heel of Renatians, I offer you an olive branch but mine is bigger and better, come to me, Bottle Wick, I shall feed and cloth you, keep you safe from the raving dogs! To those that choose to stay in Helena, the only land Renatus holds, I mourn your loss, Remus doesn't value you but that makes sense since he is just a kid or something but also has a child bride that no priest officiated any sort of wedding and I think we got rules against that sorta stuff. In his Imperial Majesty Joseph I’s Empire, everyone is treated fairly and equally, something Renatus cannot boast. Something something Renatians are bad and will torture you for no good reason uh, I known alot of them for some two decades now, I served in the legion for one decade so I seent alot of the decline you dig. I guess you could say I am the MOST knowledgeable person ever on the topic, cant prove me wrong hahah. In closing, I Bottle Wick of the House Wick of the line of Wick of the ancestry of Wick of the lineage of Wick of the clan of Wick from the Wick tribe give permission for Godfrey aka Remus ‘Bedwetter’ Pettytax to surrender all lands and titles to the good and just Joseph I of Marna, I BOTTLE WICK, am allowing for you Remus, to give up and I dont do that for just anyone, you're welcome. Hugs and kisses, His Lord Bottle Wick of the Wickwood, King of Vandoria and the Westerlands, Rightful Heir to the Embermoore, Protectorate of the Northern Wick Castle, Duke of Dust, Licker of Boots, Herald of Hermits, and Defender of all that is Wick Grand Admiral of Lake Grendock Duchess of Prove me Wrong *******
  12. bottle makes plans to send a special donative of mina to the Reivers so they may maintain PEAK preformance
  13. Bottle welcomes the Renatian refugees into his own home to feed and cloth them against the madness of Remus ‘Ruh Roh’ Pertinax
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