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  1. get better memes unbum

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  2. Coltaine presses himself deep into the hay infront of the fort, watching the enemy forces ranging near the mountain side some distance away, watching for a signal, telling him to blow the valley floor. A flare of light soars high into the sky above the fort, at that Coltaine moves to throw a lever, pausing to hear the the roar of explosive force echo on the coast but it never came. "Shoddy ******* craftsmanship." He curses, hoisting himself from the hay to sprint down the path, seeking to blow the coastal trail by hand, as he nears his destination, a hulking construct of stone rears into view from behind a tree, massive arm swinging low, taking him right in the ribs, shattering bones and hurling him 10 meters away to land in a drift of snow with a thud. Laying there in his shattered, dilapidated state all he was able to do was watch as the fort was breached, enemy forces streaming in to butcher his friends and allies, and though his heart had withered and turned to dust decades ago, he felt he was broken inside. Wishing desperately to cry out, to shed tears over the injustice of these petty conquerors. He drags himself from the snow, tossing loss bones aside as he limps away, to the west then south, seeking only to be left alone for a long time.
  3. A rogue undead speeds across the west, burning the bodies of fallen Westerlanders before they can rise again.
  4. "Old Tobi the jester spits in our eye and expects us to say thank you!" he bellows out the mass of Haensetian troops." The man who cowers in Cowerland, too frightened to walk his own streets." " We have loyalty here in the North, besides those Brawms, We are a hard people in a hard land, and have weathered far worse storms than Cowerland, Remember Riga friends, outnumbered but, we won, with the might of our sword arms and the vitality beating in our chests, we will do to Tobi what we did to Alexsander, when they started that war."
  5. Coltaine struts on the walls of the Haensetian fort, rousing the enemies into a foaming mass of anger as he flings up colored bursts of light into the air. Posing heriocally over the gate for the short man Jacque to see, before turning off into the Haensetian camp, prepareing more stone axes to us in taking the cowerlanders armor.
  6. "did someone say my name" says the lich coltaine wick
  7. "Whump!" The sound of felled trees echo throughout Turov, Coltaine brushes his hands off, have brought the latest tree down with ease, signaling the work crew to come in delimb it , make the logs serviceable for new construction and siege artillery being built all over the kingdom. Before too long a worker brings Coltaine news of the terms. "Old Tobi is a mad if he thinks these terms are reasonable, he spits in our face and expects us to say thank you." He grunts, signalling the crews to work double time, doing his part to put the Haensetian war machine in motion.
  8. Coltaine sticks a finger in his lance ravaged chest, before rising, going about his keep WickWard, improving the already bolstered defenses, and continuing to train the Northern Cadre for the coming siege.
  9. Hurf Ironabs Lord of the Ironabs clan, better then those **** stain Irehearts votes for himself.
  10. He leans forward over the neck of his horse as they charge along with the other Haensetic cavalry, stampeding over the leading elements of the Courlandic forces. Coltaine would rear his horse and turn as he sees the main Courlandic force stream down the road in a disorderly mob, whirling off to trail after his companions as the rather short, stout, and hairy, Courlandic infantry swarm over their former position, crashing into the Haensetic force with enough force to make the ground tremble. "Why must I swing so low to hit these Courlanders!" he yells out angrily as the cavalry wheels around on the right flank, grunting as he takes and enemy lance to the chest, the shaft breaking off and burrowing into his ribs. Grabbing the splintered shaft, he drags the weapon out, tossing it to dirt as he rides on, only now taking note of the devastated Haensetic forces. He charges to the rear of the Haensetic forces that were quickly breaking, grabbing a soldier at random and swinging them behind onto his mount before spuring the horse North, riding double all the way to Karlsburg.
  11. He paces across the field of battle, bone feet sinking deeply into the blood soaked mud and snow, trudging through piles of undead corpses. "The men of the West are no slouches in a fight." he mutters quietly, his only audience the dead around him. Coltaine begins to pull the fallen men of the West out of the field of battle, taking several days in the process not pausing till he had collected those he could find, before setting up a series of funeral pyres. "The least that can be done for them. God knows they wouldn't want to be brought back like us." The Lich whispers a quiet prayer, before lighting the pyres and setting off north for the Gate.
  12. Coltaine espies the cave cultist Alfalfa Amcicles from atop the fort walls as he never left them to begin with.
  13. Coltaines eyes would widen, if he had eyes, at the sight of the reformed Coalition under the empire of courland, having stayed in the camp for the day he would sweat, if he had skin, his mouth would be dry, if he had a tongue. Coltaine bolts for the wall, to look at that sickly sea of green guys. He'd begin to fling magik indiscriminatly into the greasy mass, litterly killing like, bunches. @mirofel9
  14. I hear they like abbos
  15. A lich ponders entering the fray, give the men of the West something to really write home about.