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  1. "I better I have a bigger stick then both you dipshits." the mightyest man in all the world Coltaine would declare.
  2. "Ya **** that Heial guy, some sage he is hiding in the depthes of there meager fort, knowing full well to leave its safety paints a target on his frail and crooked back, Azoth did bamboozle me and tried to force out questions pertaining to dark arts users once but, I think he did his job more actively than that Heial has done in the past century, hope to see the man on the battlefield one day." howls a coltaine into the night.
  3. Coltane wonders how many clerics will break there vows and fight in a war if one broke out.
  4. Given Name: Coltaine Wick Years of Age: 183 Race: Most Frightful and of Pale Demeanor Lich of the Elder variety. Any professions, such as mining or smithing that could prove useful to the Legion: I enchant. Reason for interest: Im the best mage you got dont kid yourselves. -OOC- MC name: HurferDurfer Skype ID: thatonehurf
  5. "Since when do the dead recruit." says Lich Coltaine.
  6. "**** you Heial you coward." says a succinct reply initialed C.W
  7. dont care
  8. fitting everyone on a tahn sized map. no special islands , would be great


  9. i am the face of Villliany
  10. can i get a tldr
  11. Man where was this drive to help the west actual ******* months ago when it mattered?
  12. "How about **** you come lately *****. Wont get a powerful stronghold from the dead, just a ruin." Says none other then the powerful LICH Coltaine.
  13. "Mordring doesn't want world domination, The undead dont wish to advance on the world, I wonder how it will feel for them to fight the corpses that were victims of there own wars. the dead are only a mirror reflecting the horrors the descendants have inflicted upon themselves." Coltaine philosophizes while he straps ghouls in place atop the walls of the former Bastion, tired of them tumbling off.
  14. yes
  15. Coltaine prays for the day Gareth returns so they make make amends, A many worthy of lichdom. Oh and he rattles his bones upon hearing of Lefkos's death death.