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  1. Mr R.A.T says "Target Acquired."
  2. "Die" says a letter that Mr Reginald Abner Townsend sends.
  3. Mr Rat only wishes he could weep, trapped as he was in a metallic body he mourned the passing of the Empress in his own quiet way. He would miss her gentle kindness.
  4. Mr Reginald speeds off to sign right up for the reserve
  5. A Wick guerilla fighter makes sure to set time aside to vote.
  6. Mr Rat sends a letter to the writers "You didnt mention the part where the HRA murders innocents, biased media!"
  7. Mr Rat pens a short letter to those of the Kortrevich family and it would state. "Good ******* riddence."
  8. Mr Rat prepares to board up his shop to keep it safe from crazed looters and bandits.
  9. the amount you get is much to small for a nation to properly maintain anything, say your nation has fifty ACTIVE weekly players, thats a big ******* ask in the first place, then you need to get them to vote and pay taxes, the nation either has the option to tax a smaller amount and not make nearly enough to cover plot costs and the like, or tax citizens out the ass leaving actual trade and commerce screwed or making them barter, which doesnt pay the bills, not only that but you are now forcing groups that hadnt placed value in gathering alot of mina like high elves, halflings etc to try to act
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