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  1. magic rp is gay lol
  2. He.

    dont like this song unsubbed
  3. Coltaine tends to his various businesses in the North, squinting at people in the streets while he rests his bone club on his shoulder. A man on his way to the top no matter the cost.
  4. COltaine hides all incriminating evidence
  5. a lich forgets what sleep is
  6. Full Name: coltaine de wick of house wick of the family wick of the line of wick Age: rude to ask Residence: the north Prior Experience: true king of vandoria
  7. *mourns Stelgan

  8. lichman continues to not sleep for decades
  9. Court Mage Coltaine nods in approval, long standing Haensetian that he is.
  10. Does tis mean anything for us liches made the old fashion way?
  11. Coltaine Wick true king of vandoria snorts
  12. Only ever had good experiences with you in rp, you always did a good job dude, wish i coulda called ya friend.
  13. complains about a server and its staff, reapplies to be staff on that same server, youre a ******* joke tahmas old boy
  14. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  15. that cav skirm made me sweaty