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  1. Mr Rat plots to wipe out this family
  2. soulbound doesnt mean it cant be taken in rp soft head, soulbinding is for popping
  3. For this, Mr Rat would vote for this man.
  4. Mr Rat thinks to himself that those paladins have never quite held themselves to the lofty ideals they espouse publicly. Not for the many years he has known of them. He does set plans to go and talk to Tanith.
  5. i dont get endgame fixations, why do u think u gotta be at the top of the pyramid to have great wizard lord god king rp, this doesnt add culture or anything like that to voidal magic. changing ones mindset is a fluff redline, either no one is gonna do that **** or they are gonna do atypical broods in corner rp, no alcohol not a real redline, not being able to use a two handed weapon thats just a mage redline, not unique
  6. Mr Rat packs his bags and heads to Helena for new work as his pal Petyr gets shafted .
  7. Mr Rat works on mastering his wrestling persona The Rat King
  8. i promise small farm villages will not be as popular as u want them to be, they never have its not like thats some new concept
  9. A machine named Mr Rat, who wasn't always known by that name. Clanks along to his daily butlering tasks, only ever thinking of his previous life on rare occasions, one such occasion occurring rather recently he would think to himself. “If any of those hoary old devils should reappear it is my duty to put them back down, if only to atone for the mistakes of the past! The world has moved on.”
  10. Full Name (+MC Name): Mr Rat / HurferDurfer Age: 20 Race: Machine City of Residence (+Discord name): Motorhome outside of Reza / HurferDurfer#4745
  11. Mr Rat takes offense to the phrase “scurrying like rats” being used as an insult.
  12. Mr Rat gets his suit pressed so he can be dressed to the nines for this wedding.
  13. Mr Rat hums a little tune as he cleans up the blood stains in the keep, having been employed by the family for some time and having witnessed some of the abuse Petyr had put his wife and children through. He was very pleased that such a vile man had finally been put down though he does lament that it wasnt in a more painful fashion.
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