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  1. Coltaine begins digging mass graves for the denizens who went down with the city.
  2. An unrelated lich named Coltaine wonders which of his comrades his running amok.
  3. "My left toe has more magical prowess then Lefkos can command!" the superior mage Coltaine would scream out from the mountain tops.
  4. This, aye mages are supposed to be long ranger fighters, does your average swordsman give them time to cast? **** no they dont, you get insta rushed and swung at with little to no chance to defend yourself. I have to use a sword more often then I use magic.
  5. if no one can log on the rebels win rite????????????

  6. Coltaine boos, still maintaining the idea that Arcanism is lesser to Earth evocation.
  7. "Try me." Coltaine sneers at the CORPULENT, Wem, known fondler of men.
  8. Coltaine also remembers those fights from several decades ago, he would go on to remember Vasili Vanir being a lowborn gate guard in Akovia, recalling with a laugh that thats basically all the Vanirs do now adays, defend a gate anyone can walk around.
  9. "How do northerners fight in southern battles if they are defending against orcs and dwarves!" Coltaine states, using Galahads same flimsy reasoning skills.
  10. Coltaine would only wish mercy for the north.
  11. thats one premium sack

  12. Coltaine remembers when Carrions and Renatians butchered eachother.
  13. Coltaine slaps Eleanora with a spicy Illatian meatball.
  14. Coltaine notes he is the only Wick Lich, Adrian is a good lad that breathes real air and other normie things.