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  1. DustyDune

    Aviers's Lore Moderator Application

    A great person that knows what he’s talking about. Easy to work with and a likable person.(think I’d choose him as my successor If I knew he wasn’t a good person?! Haha joking)
  2. DustyDune

    [Accepted][Pending] [WD] Elrith's World Dev APP

    Could not find a better WD. +1
  3. DustyDune

    [Denied] Alex's MT Application

    Active and reliable. +1
  4. DustyDune

    [Denied]Treshure's GM Application

    Dedicated +1
  5. DustyDune

    [Creature Lore] Mana-Weave Bug

    Me likely +1
  6. DustyDune

    [✗] [Magic Lore] Soul Augmentation.

    Great addition +1
  7. DustyDune

    Crinky's attempt for LT

    This guy plays the craziest characters in the world(usually most people powergame crazy characters) which this man has not in my 2 years of knowing him since he joined the server. He knows his lore and should be a member of loreteam.
  8. DustyDune

    [Denied] IronLich [MAT] Application.

    I support, guy knows his magic +1
  9. DustyDune

    [Accepted] Crinky's FM Application

    Dedicated helper +1
  10. This is a fine rewrite of the magic. Honestly an interesting read, I like it a lot. +1
  11. DustyDune

    [Denied][GM Trial App] MasterChef89's newest gm app

    A good choice for gm. +1
  12. DustyDune

    [Complete]Magical fire sword for sale!

    "One thousand one hundred!" A random elf calls out
  13. DustyDune

    The Witch Hunters of Axios