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  1. Discussion on Closing City Gates

    I support this move very much. If someone can't defend against 4 raiders in a nation then you have more problems than being raided. Do it like the high elves and tell everyone that they are protecting some arbitrary idea at all times and that they must be prepared to defend themselves at all times so that all (even if they are garbo tier) will be able to defend the city if threatened.
  2. [Denied]Treshure's GM Application

    Dedicated +1
  3. Cenwall receives the mail and promptly hangs the glorious painting in the Eternal Library of Haelun'or for all pure 'thill to witness.
  4. Sohaer Cenwall Maeyr'onn, ruler of the High Elves of Haelun'or reads the notice with a distasteful frown. His body would rock in a wicker chair basket as he sipped the finest teas any descendant had to offer-- pinky out of course. He'd think aloud to himself and to the patrons of the inn. "Once I wished for a unified elven front-- never under them but unified nonetheless. It however has become apparent that the 'Wood Elves' of the Dominion of Malin have only proved their poor judgement in the face of an ever changing trend for our lands... Elven Power. They have done what uncivilized, wildlings will always do when they gain more than a stick and string to hunt-- be savages. I was their at the ceremony, and their words of unity struck a cord in me I will not lie. However such discourse of proclaiming yourself as the leaders of all elves is foolish when there remains three other elven nations that do not agree with worshiping the same trees they lay in their beds-- only to make abominations of plant-being. Furthermore their acts of brutality show why they should stick to living in the jungles and mingle with the apes they so emulate by murdering orcs without warning. If they wish for unity, they need to realize up until now they were breastfeeding on the teet of humanity for generations and their adolescence can be seen by any nation that bears witness to their petty shows of 'Power'." The pure mali'thill would set his china tea-glass onto its Podstakannik shaking his head. "I only pity the mali'aheral who have lost their way to Larihei's teachings... May they realize that lessers will never know how to keep them safe in the civilized world and to return to their true home, Haelun'or. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya, brothers and sisters." Cenwall would fall silently, staring at the notice in deep thought.
  5. Streaks of New Silver-1646 Progress and Health, the motto of Haelun'or and the symbol of our growth as a nation. For generations have we moved forward to achieve the progress of our people. Sohaer Cenwall Maeyr'onn would stand in the public square to address his people. "Citizens, it has come time for us to open our doors to new 'thill blood. Since the birth of our nation the people of Haelun'or have voted for those they deem worthy to represent them on the council and in todays age, the same sentiment is alive and well-- just as the creed of Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya. I ask of any of you who are interested in joining Elheial'thilln to either put your name on the ballot board or directly send me a letter of admission so that I may do so for you. From there you will each be sorted into each respective role you wish to uptake and the vote will be made. I look for new ideas to bring breath into my administration and more importantly I look for those who can continue the security and peace I have obtained for our people. Ahernan, and may Larihei and purity guide you all." ay'Larihei maehr'sae hiylun'ehya Signed by, Sohaer , Cenwall Maeyr’onn (( All of the vacant Okariran roles are up for grabs).
  6. [Iconoclast][MA] Cenwall Maeyr'onn

    MC Name: DustyDune Character's Name: Cenwall Maeyr'onn Character's Age: 91 Character's Race: Mali'aheral What magic(s) will you be learning?: Iconoclast Teacher's MC Name: MrMineLoveDude Teacher's RP Name: Ganved Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Yes,,, Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  7. "I am glad my elven cousins can keep order in there realms." Cenwall would nod with approval in his silver towers.
  8. Elheial’thilln - The Silver Council As published on the 22nd of The Amber Cold 1645 CONTENTS I. Council Structure & Positions II. Councillor Appointment & Challenging III. Talonnii - Noble Bloodlines of Haelun’or IV. State Approved Guilds I. Council Structure & Positions Elheial’thilln - The Silver Council The Silver Council, or elheial’thilln in the ancient tongue, acts as the governing body of Haelun’or. The council itself comprises six positions including the Sohaer, Maheral, Medi’iran, and the Okariran. The Okariran (guardians) are democratically elected by the pure citizenry to preside over certain areas of the state. The Sohaer (ruler) is determined via a vote by elheial’thilln. The Sohaer may choose up to two Medi’iran (helpers) to assist them with their governing. Finally, the Maheral (most blessed) is determined by the Heial’laurir of the Talonnii. These councillors collectively oversee the Silver Sohaerate and deliberate to make the most suitable decisions to ensure the continued prosperity of Haelun’or. The positions are further detailed below: Sohaer - Ruler of Haelun’or [@DustyDune] Description Duties of the Sohaer Maheral - Guide of Haelun’or [@CaptainSheepy, @Talias_] Description Duties of the Maheral Medi’iran - Helpers of the Sohaer [@Aviers, @VACANT] Description Duties of the Medi’iran Okarir’sil - Guardian of Sword [@VACANT] Description Duties of the Okarir’sil Okarir’maehr - Guardian of Knowledge [@VACANT] Description Duties of the Okarir’maehr Okarir’leyun - Guardian of Beauty [@TitanOfTheDepths] Description Duties of the Okarir’nor Tilruiran - Servants of the Elhieal’thilln Description Duties of the Tilruiran II. Councillor Appointment & Challenging Appointment Sohaer The process by which the Sohaer is appointed is outlined in detail within the “Ikur’onn Sohaer System - For Peaceful Transition of Power”. Maheral The process by which the Maheral is appointed is outlined in detail within the “Talonnii Act of 1645”. Medi’iran The two Medi’iran are hand picked by the Sohaer, generally from the members of elheial’thilln, as they are to act as his or her direct assistants. Okariran The Okariran are the democratically elected members of elheial’thilln that oversee specific areas of Haelun’or, whether it be the military, housing, or knowledge. When a position becomes vacant, a First Class Citizen can nominate themselves for candidacy with a speech. Should more than one individual desire a specific position, the First Class citizenry will vote for the candidate who they believe is best suited for the role. Tilruiran The Tilruiran are servants or volunteers who serve underneath the various Okariran. Each tilruir is hand picked by an Okarir (an Okarir can have a maximum of two) to assist with them with their various duties - unless given explicit permission from the Sohaer. Candidates are any member of the general public who are loyal to the state and have displayed a keen interest in helping the Sohaerate in some form. Challenging Of the seats upon the Silver Council, it is only the Okariran who can be publicly challenged by any First Class Citizen for their position (the Maheral, Sohaer, and Medi’ir are decided by the methods aforementioned). Challenging is generally done when a First Class Citizen is unsatisfied with the work or effort of an Okarir and believes they could better perform in the role than the one who currently holds it. The process for how a challenge is to be conducted is as follows: Process for Challenging a Councillor The challenger must publicly declare a motion to challenge a specific Okarir with the intent to replace him or her. The Okarir who has been challenged must either accept or reject this motion. If the motion is accepted by the Okarir, they are to immediately resign and are effectively removed from power. In this case, the challenger assumes the role. If it is rejected, the challenger must defend their objection by engaging in formal public debate with the Okarir in question. If the challenger can win this debate (by referendum judgement), he or she will replace the Okarir. All citizens are duty-bound to observe, and listen to the debates. During the debate, citizens are encouraged to pose questions towards the two contenders. After the affair is complete, and the citizenry have no other questions to pose, they are then obliged to vote between the two. Voting for a Challenger / Incumbent All citizens have the right to select one of three votes: Pro-challenger. Pro-incumbent. Abstain. Simply, the one with most support is considered to be the victor. However, if the majority of citizenry have chosen to abstain, then it can be concluded that the citizenry has no confidence in either candidate. Should this be so, then there is an open election for the specific Okarir position. Process for Ejecting the Sohaer If the Sohaer is seen as unfit to govern over Haelun’or they may be ejected via the same way they came into power. The whole council must agree to it, including the Maheral, to legally impeach the Sohaer from their position of office. III. Talonnii - Noble Bloodlines of Haelun’or IV. State Approved Guilds The Silver Sohaerate of Haelun’or is home to, and endorses, a number of guilds. These guilds are of varying variety, but ultimately work within Haelun’or Law and have a vision which coincides with the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. These guilds often work closely with the Silver Council, assisting it in some manner, in order to further strengthen the state. Elheial’thilln may also choose to sponsor the endeavours of a particular guild should the outcome prove advantageous to Haelun’or and her people. The state-approved guilds are as follows: *~* The Celestial Order *~* Founded by Arcane Mage Iatrilemar Elervathar, the Celestial Order is home to some of the greatest arcanists the realm has to offer. The majority of the order’s members are known as Celestial Arcanists, practitioners of Arcanism who have reached the pinnacle of the art - their intrinsic auras having transcended to that of a greater aura. The Order seeks to bathe the realm in the blessed light of the Arcane Mage’s gift and to ensure the prosperity of all, regardless of national affiliation. MAEHR'SAE HIYLUN'EHYA Drafted on the 20th of The Amber Cold, 1645 by, Sohaer Cenwall Maeyr’onn Maheral Ceruberr Asul’Ailer
  9. Insanity

    Cenwall reads the notice with a mused look as he'd write back, sending a letter to Louis De Castro penned in silver writing and stamped with the official seal of the High Elven state. "Dear, Louis De Castro It is of my dearest apologies that the Silver State had not upheld its contract and met to speak-- however I believe it was in fifteen years time... long in the future. We were dealing with the infestation of dark mage rats lingering in our caves who needed to be snuffed out. You see, your friend Varen'thal was a necromancer and even moreso as a representative of Haelun'or let them linger in our halls. He spit on the feet of our most revered, what we in our culture call our 'Maheral' and admitted to enjoy the killing an innocent high elven female woman-- a grave crime in any nation I would presume. Not only did he kill her, he and his wife bashed the back of her head in with a plank of solid wood, such of the kind you use for the bow of a ship. As for Evark Evocress, I can assure you the man doesn't wish to harm anyone who does not deserve such crimes upon themselves. Yes I admit, he is a soul puppeteer. However his guild heals and aids in innocent lives, people who have met trauma or are badly injured... a 'noble' user and teacher of such arts. Do not misconstrued it as anything but. I do apologize for not aiding you in battle as I was busy stabilizing my nation and had not had my attention aimed towards global politics-- a simple bird would have sufficed. Nonetheless, I hold no qualm to your nation and if you are ever willing to discuss further business with our two nations I will accept such.~ Sincerly Cenwall Maeyr'onn, Sohaer of The Silver Sohaerate of Haelun'or"
  10. [Creature Lore] Mana-Weave Bug

    Me likely +1
  11. Cleansing the Darkness

    "Be wary, this man has been known to attack innocent civilians walking on the roads to Haelun'or to fuel his dark magi and psychotic tendencies." comments Cenwall Maeyr'onn
  12. [Magic Lore] Soul Augmentation.

    Great addition +1
  13. Crinky's attempt for LT

    This guy plays the craziest characters in the world(usually most people powergame crazy characters) which this man has not in my 2 years of knowing him since he joined the server. He knows his lore and should be a member of loreteam.
  14. Unjust Dues

    Far away in the shining white towers of Sohaerate of Haelun'or, Sohaer Cenwall Maeyr'onn hears of this and looks onto the man before him who had given him such news. "This just proves the savagery of my wood elven brethren-- so consumed by their daily lives of bedding trees and flowers that they forget the curse laid down before them... before us all. Children, the children of elves are the most precious commodity that one can acquire as an elf in our long lives and yet they have spat on all of us. They have shown their true colors as an elven nation and people. Get out of my face, and bring me better news." Cenwall would flick his wrist to the common messenger, reclining into his wicker chair to hold deeper thoughts. "I pity the lessers--truly." He'd shake his snow-white covered head and glare out towards the stars in the direction of the Dominion-- the splinters of the lost High Elven empire of Kalenz and his high elven people.