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  1. Th3_11th

    One last saga [PK]

    William would have returned from a scouting mission as he received the news from his wife, "It was an honor to fight alongside you for the short time we knew each other."
  2. I have known this guy for over three years. He is a good friend, and would be a good face for new players to see. +1
  3. Th3_11th

    Battle of Red Snow (Revised)

    ((I like that story
  4. Th3_11th

    Battle of Red Snow (Revised)

    Snow flakes of Yatl wasteland were falling down on marching troops. Harsh climate might have been a big issue for many, but they were not showing even the slightest signs of weakness. Not this day. Eager to fight, ready to bring justice down upon those who have been cowering behind their frozen walls for too long. In the meantime, leaders of each group gathered in the command tent were discussing their plans of action, each tossing in a coin of idea into the upcoming battle. Proud and noble heartlanders, harsh and war eager highlanders, and ruthless Camel Bandits. All standing on the same side, connected by common foe or goals. They knew it was time to bring it all to the end. - Fear not what is to come, as we are the pride of each kingdom, duchy, settlement! Those that stand against us are weak, afraid, lacking any true leaders! Thomas may have forced them to believe their cause is righteous, but I assure you, that this man is nothing more than a snake with no fangs! We will put an end to his tyranny, we shall drag him out of his castle and let all and every broken oath be finally put to justice, as GOD demands! - With thunderous voice William has given his speech to gathered troops of all groups, being greeted with equally strong roars calls to fight. It was the perfect moment to begin the battle and to lead all troops to deserved glory. -- What they faced was more than pathetic at this point. Thomas tossing last of his troops and bringing in many citizens forced to defend their homes, under equipped, not even properly trained. And what brought the biggest grudge into the hearts of the soldiers who were about to slaughter Rivians - Thomas not even showing up to lead them. Possibly hiding in his sky-god prison, or maybe cowering behind the walls of Rivia. Who knows? One thing was clear though. Not one man there was ready to lead them properly, as peasants held onto their scythes, axes and pitchforks, faced with a well trained army. Horns echoed through frozen wastelands as one army advanced on another. Well organised and synchronized march of Blackreach troops at center lasted until the Rivians approached in the skirmish zone. Then, with one loud roar from William, all troops began their charge, crashing into the peasant army with overwhelming force, slaughtering many on the spot, with the outstanding performance of Algar Cannell, wandering warrior who turned out to be a veteran of unmet strength. Despite that it didn’t turn into full rout, as the men of ice wall knew that should they retreat, Thomas would show no mercy to them either. With the central part of the battlefield turning into a bloody mosh pit, troops of Arberrang arrived at the arranged time. Towering norsemen and shieldmaidens with warpaints on their faces, not even slightly affected by cold began their warchant. With Wulffrey, elder of Skarpefanger clan at center, and Karyssmov, elder of Faroe clan by his side, they reached the rear of Blackreach troops, who made a sudden opening in the wall of men, letting all the Gorundyr troops strike head first into Rivian lines like spears, breaking through the stalemate, causing chaos amongst enemy warriors. Their right flank was disrupted by unexpected strength courtesy of Ingvildr Faroe, shieldmaiden that managed to rout first of enemy troops by her terrifying presence. The clash of the center lasted for a good few minutes. Despite favor being on the side of Blackreach and their allies, it was still dangerous to continue the fight for too long, as frozen air was affecting allied troops more than Rivian peasants. Yet fate of fight was decided long before it even started. Horns once again echoed through the wastelands, bringing terror into the hearts of defenders. On the right flank Vasile mounted knights led by Charles Halcourt crushed into the back of Rivian lines. The already weavering warriors fell into wild rout, dropping their arms into the red from blood snow. Yet no one was allowed to escape, as both Vasile knights and Camel Bandits had ensured that they will not be able to deliver back any messages to their commanders. It was a grave message for Thomas. A clear declaration, that if he won’t surrender, it’ll end even worse than that. As the right flank began shattering, the left flank was surprisingly doing better than the rest. Composed of mostly well trained troops, they were able to push Blackreach back a few good meters, putting in danger the center. Yet even that was put into consideration during the planning stage. What sounded like earthquake, turned out to be a charge of the main cavalry force. Ser Wilhelm Devereux with his second in command, Edward Devereux, have brought Curon with their numbers onto the field of battle, crushing Rivia’s dominating flank within merely one minute, leaving not even one troop able to run as it was over. With that, the center had fallen in an instant. Rivian horns sounded in call for retreat, but there was no speaking of that. Blackreach along with their Gorundyr allies plowed through shattered lines, letting go only the last few who were meant to let Thomas know about this crushing defeat. Allied forces had taken this victory with barely any losses, turning a battlefield into a landscape filled with crimson red far and wide. It would take many days to bury all those who had fallen here. Credit for this goes out to ThunderTheTitan and Wulfery. Thank you guys for the help.
  5. Th3_11th

    Raid Rules Updated

  6. Th3_11th

    An Offer of Whitepeace to Blackreach

    William Jameson stared over the blood soaked snow as he received word of the treaty. "You wanted war Thomas, in the beginning. Now you demand peace as you face defeat. As the military adviser for Blackreach, I believe the best coarse of action is to bury you in the cold ground. The place you belong, along side your city. Those of Rivia who wish to be free, are welcomed with open arms in Blackreach. Those who do not want the war, we support you abandoning Rivia."
  7. Th3_11th

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

    "Only the men who still believe in Thomas' cause shall put to the sword. Those who pledge loyalty to Blackreach, Barmount, Curon, The Empire of man, or go on their merry way; shall not face my blade."
  8. Th3_11th

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

    "Only those who oppose me, view me as such. While the innocent and the one's who can not speak against the tyranny of Thomas de Hartcold, see me as their savior. Their hero."
  9. Th3_11th

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

    William Jameson chuckled as the Rivians called those who side with the empire traitors. "You dare speak these words to those who side with the Empire of Man? Such actions could lead to your downfall Hartcold."
  10. Th3_11th

    The de Hartcold-Enthelor Pact

    ((All my alliances were done before the gm accepted the warclaim YESTERDAY. So yeah these guys can't help you...sorry bud.
  11. The Rivians, under the misguided leadership of Duke Thomas de Hartcold, marched against the good men of Blackreach County. Years before that, Thomas broke a number of oaths to House Devereux, betraying the Curonic people. Considering these crimes, House Devereux and the Ursurian Order agree to assist the men of Blackreach in defeating their enemies in Rivia. The terms of military alliance are as follows: The Order of the Ursus and House Devereux pledge military and diplomatic support to Blackreach in their war with the Rivians House Jameson and the people of Blackreach will support House Devereux in their effort to restore Curonic culture and virtue Signed, Wilhelm Devereux, Patriarch of House Devereux Edward Devereux, Grandmaster of the Order of the Ursus William Jameson I, Count of Blackreach Sarah Jameson, Countess of Blackreach
  12. Th3_11th

    [✓]Skirmish of Rivia

    I had a long talk with Elven yesterday in rp. Told her the truth of the war and what we faced. She agreed to continue. As well I was leader for a short while, but I still command our armies as I am the head of military. So ask before you post. Plus I never said we were at peace, I always said a stalemate.
  13. Th3_11th


    Lord Jameson signs the treaty.
  14. Th3_11th

    [✓]Skirmish of Rivia

    Order of Nightfall Charging into Battle Shortly after the battle of Blackreach, the Duchy and Barony entered a stalemate. During this time, Lord Jameson soon rose higher in power. He took under him the town of Barmount and become a County, giving Barmount the title of Barony. As all this occurred refugees of Rivia joined him, and spoke against the horrors of Thomas de Hartcold. Stepping out of this stalemate, Lord Jameson intends of ending this war and Thomas’ tyrannical rule. CBs: (Provide a list of CBs you believe to have with proof to back them up. These will be reviewed by moderators for approval.) Revenge CB for the attempted Siege of Blackreach Side A: (The faction posting the warclaim) County of Blackreach and Barony of Barmount with allies. Side B: (The faction responding to the warclaim.) Duchy of Rivia. Set Date & Time: Sunday the 16th at 3pm EST Proposed Rules: (Suggest any unique modifications or restrictions for this warclaim.) N/A Location: (Provide a screenshot of the area being warclaimed from the dynmap.) Selected location: https://imgur.com/jBzOjTa Discord: (Your current Discord username, example: Test#1234.) will#2683
  15. Th3_11th

    Noble-Clan Pact

    Lord Jameson Meeting with Clan Skarpefanger & Faroe ========================================= Noble-Clan pact ========================================= Type of Treaty: Alliance ========================================= Both groups led be hatred and grudges held against common enemies, after hours spent on talking, with ale and wine poured in excessive amounts, there have been sparks of agreement to come. Nobles of Blackreach, honorable and with aim for better world have found it just to reach out towards two clans who are combined by blood pacts. Despite being brutal in their traditions, they know when to drop the act of intimidating behavior, and lend a hand for those who aim for greater good, as all should do. And so. The county of Blackreach and Clan Skarpefanger & Faroe have agreed upon defense pact between one and another. Shall Blackreach ever enter war, Skarpefanger & Faroe shall assist. Same applies if Skarpefanger and Faroe are attacked or enter war. ========================================= Date of Signing: 9th of The First Seed, 1679 ========================================= Signed, Lord William Jameson and Lady Sarah Jameson of The County of Blackreach