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  1. In the halls of Courland’s castle, the sound of metal could be heard clashing. A fight between two men of warrior status, fought each other face to face. One was Agni, Lord Marshal of Courland and the other was a retired warrior, William Jameson. William Jameson lived a honorable life, despite lies and rumors towards the end of his time in the spotlight. After his wife had passed, and the Blackreach war ended, he felt lost. His heart destroyed, and life. Afraid to drag his children down with him, he abandoned them. Hoping he could die in the forest alone. But time decided that he should suffer longer. William lived to be well near one hundred and thirty before he contracted an illness known as Tuberculosis. This illness weakened him, hurt him deeply. He was a warrior, not a common man. This is when Agni offered his assistance. He wished to duel William, to give him the warrior death he deserved. The two brutes began to fight before the queen consort of Courland. Clashing steel on steel as a mysterious bird watched. A dove, same as the one William witnessed when Sarah died. His wife was with him during this final moment, for her waiting was over. As the men fought, William got Agni down to one knee, as the knelt warrior went to stab William through the torso. William failed to block, as the dove cooed, for to him it sounded as his wife’s voice. The blade penetrated his torso as he fell to the floor. In his final moment, a raven flew in. It joined the dove on the throne as they watched the warrior die. His final words, “You no longer have to wait for my love, I have returned…” With that the old warrior perished in the arms of the lord Marshal. The war between the Hartcolds and Jamesons is finished. With this the dove and raven soon flew off together into the night air, the lovers reunited. Life and death together again.
  2. Th3_11th

    Unfair Bans?

    Hey there guys, been a while I guess. So I wished to bring something to light, and I wish not to start a fight about it. I was banned over six months ago for harassing and being toxic towards an lotc player. Later on in October/November I was caught alting, I will admit to such. My ban was lengthened to June 6th, 2019. I saw that no more discussions could be made, so I left. I went off the grid until about a month or two ago when I contacted old buddies on discord. We started talking, and hanging out on other servers. I decided to make my return on June 8th, 2019. I was gonna post my ban appeal on the 6th and return 2 days later. So we went into action, started planning for a future town to bring back my old family. I was so excited to finally return to the community, and I planned to leave the old me banned and the new me unbanned. Well I was recently discussing with one of my friends about it, and clicked on lotc. That is when I saw it, my ban was extended to February of 2020. How could this be? I haven’t been on at all, not since I alted that one time to end my character back in October/November. That was a one time thing. As of recently I have been on Hypixle, or my server building. Or in calls talking with old friends and making plans. I have tried discussing with staff, but they seem to not understand. So I call on you, my old friends and some of you who may not know me. You are my voice now it seems, so I need your help. Proof of Ban Extension
  3. ((All my alliances were done before the gm accepted the warclaim YESTERDAY. So yeah these guys can't help you...sorry bud.
  4. The Rivians, under the misguided leadership of Duke Thomas de Hartcold, marched against the good men of Blackreach County. Years before that, Thomas broke a number of oaths to House Devereux, betraying the Curonic people. Considering these crimes, House Devereux and the Ursurian Order agree to assist the men of Blackreach in defeating their enemies in Rivia. The terms of military alliance are as follows: The Order of the Ursus and House Devereux pledge military and diplomatic support to Blackreach in their war with the Rivians House Jameson and the people of Blackreach will support House Devereux in their effort to restore Curonic culture and virtue Signed, Wilhelm Devereux, Patriarch of House Devereux Edward Devereux, Grandmaster of the Order of the Ursus William Jameson I, Count of Blackreach Sarah Jameson, Countess of Blackreach
  5. I had a long talk with Elven yesterday in rp. Told her the truth of the war and what we faced. She agreed to continue. As well I was leader for a short while, but I still command our armies as I am the head of military. So ask before you post. Plus I never said we were at peace, I always said a stalemate.
  6. Lord Jameson signs the treaty.
  7. Order of Nightfall Charging into Battle Shortly after the battle of Blackreach, the Duchy and Barony entered a stalemate. During this time, Lord Jameson soon rose higher in power. He took under him the town of Barmount and become a County, giving Barmount the title of Barony. As all this occurred refugees of Rivia joined him, and spoke against the horrors of Thomas de Hartcold. Stepping out of this stalemate, Lord Jameson intends of ending this war and Thomas’ tyrannical rule. CBs: (Provide a list of CBs you believe to have with proof to back them up. These will be reviewed by moderators for approval.) Revenge CB for the attempted Siege of Blackreach Side A: (The faction posting the warclaim) County of Blackreach and Barony of Barmount with allies. Side B: (The faction responding to the warclaim.) Duchy of Rivia. Set Date & Time: Sunday the 16th at 3pm EST Proposed Rules: (Suggest any unique modifications or restrictions for this warclaim.) N/A Location: (Provide a screenshot of the area being warclaimed from the dynmap.) Selected location: https://imgur.com/jBzOjTa Discord: (Your current Discord username, example: Test#1234.) will#2683
  8. Lord Jameson Meeting with Clan Skarpefanger & Faroe ========================================= Noble-Clan pact ========================================= Type of Treaty: Alliance ========================================= Both groups led be hatred and grudges held against common enemies, after hours spent on talking, with ale and wine poured in excessive amounts, there have been sparks of agreement to come. Nobles of Blackreach, honorable and with aim for better world have found it just to reach out towards two clans who are combined by blood pacts. Despite being brutal in their traditions, they know when to drop the act of intimidating behavior, and lend a hand for those who aim for greater good, as all should do. And so. The county of Blackreach and Clan Skarpefanger & Faroe have agreed upon defense pact between one and another. Shall Blackreach ever enter war, Skarpefanger & Faroe shall assist. Same applies if Skarpefanger and Faroe are attacked or enter war. ========================================= Date of Signing: 9th of The First Seed, 1679 ========================================= Signed, Lord William Jameson and Lady Sarah Jameson of The County of Blackreach
  9. [!] Post is back open, since the rise of the Black Knights once again. So feel free to apply.
  10. William Jameson would pull a quill as he began to scribble his signature onto the parchment, signing his name.
  11. Slave has escape capture! Auction Over
  12. Flyers drift around Cloud Temple https://imgur.com/OBHAUrK New slave for sale! A mayor of a small town! Bidding Starts at 2500 Mina!
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