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  1. Th3_11th

    -=The Order Of Nightfall=-

    [!] Post is back open, since the rise of the Black Knights once again. So feel free to apply.
  2. As the wind began to blow, the smoke from old Black Reach bellowed. The fires had died down from the cold and snow, but still roared violently. William Jameson slowly pushed hard against the door of the old keep, forcing his way in. He would blow dust off an old chest, opening it with a creek. Slowly he rummaged through it, pulling out old armor pieces. The blackened steel gleamed in the fires light. Soon a lad entered, "Sir." He stated, as straighten his arms at his side in a solute formation. "At ease soldier." William spoke with a stiffness, standing to his feet as he shoved the armor to the small lad. "What is this for sir?" Questioned the lad as he looked over the old, blackened armor. William smiled, as he looked to the boy. His grizzled features gleamed as he spoke, his voice scratchy from the cold, "Spread the word lad. Tell our enemies to quake in fear, to coward for their lives. Tell our allies to fear no more, for we are returning." The boy raised a brow, "We? Returning? What do you mean sir?" William coughed, as he grinned, "The Black Knights, have returned." Realizing this, the boy quickly ran off into the snow. Bearing the news to all he met on the roads. The Black Knights have returned.
  3. Th3_11th

    The Pact of Two Baronies

    William Jameson would pull a quill as he began to scribble his signature onto the parchment, signing his name.
  4. Th3_11th

    The Virarim

    IC information Name; Marikoth Waesjor Race: Wood Elf Nation: Dominion Age: 23 Experience: N/A OOC information Ign: Th3_11th Timezone: EST Discord: will#2683
  5. Th3_11th

    [Complete][Auction] A Mayor

    Slave has escape capture! Auction Over
  6. Th3_11th

    [Complete][Auction] A Mayor

    Flyers drift around Cloud Temple https://imgur.com/OBHAUrK New slave for sale! A mayor of a small town! Bidding Starts at 2500 Mina!
  7. William Jameson would walk out his door as he read the letter, sighing, "Declaring war are we? We left for peace, we left because Rivia could no longer protect us. The only safety we have now, is being alone. Blackreach was burned, and we lost good men, yet Rivia stood by while we were slaughtered. Have fun with your petty war, Sarah and I will not fight you." He would lean against the column as he watched Aelina playing with her ball in the yard, Sarah soon joining his side.
  8. Th3_11th

    [Complete][Auction] A human and Halfling

    Sold to the Dwarf!
  9. Flyers litter Cloud Temple of a slave Auction Female Human: https://imgur.com/a/xwhbSvb She is good at cooking and farming. Starting Bid: 750 Minas Buyout: 1000 Female Halfling: https://imgur.com/a/ycSTwkz She can play instruments, knows how to cook and fish. Starting Bid: 500 Minas Buyout: 750 Minas
  10. Th3_11th

    [Complete][Auction] Two Halflings for Sale

    Halfling 1 has been sold, halfling 2 escaped. Trade is complete
  11. A flyer is posted outside cloud temple. https://imgur.com/z3BRAwr Halfling siblings for sale! The starting bid shall be 750 minas! One Halfling has been sold! The other Halfling's bid is starting at 500!
  12. Good friend, and would be a good addition to the team. +1
  13. Th3_11th


    A hooded figure moves towards through the crowd. "1000 for the wood elf lass."
  14. Th3_11th

    [Complete][AUCTION] Green Halfling Boy

  15. Th3_11th

    [Complete][AUCTION] Green Halfling Boy

    A cloaked figure moved through the crowd. "1000 for the halfling man."