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  1. Airebys Sylric airs his old Jesters garb, taking up his old mask to repaint and polish it. A sly grin spreads across his face as he reminisces on the old times when he needed to hide behind such a thing.
  2. Somewhere in Arcas, a Snow Elf hums the tune in his head while he severs the stem of a pumpkin with his sickle.
  3. Somewhere in Arcas, a Snow Elf smiles for the love of Wyrvun. “Hail the Elven Union!”
  4. Purification by Fire 14th of The Grand Harvest, 1715 The warriors ten from the frigid holds of the Snow Elves marched betwixt the faux state of Silver and hold of Pertinax, to bring the superfluous “Descendants” their century-due justice. Weighted boots marched over barren soil to the gates Haelun’or, only to be met by fear and metal bars. The foolish elf Auriel was the only whelp blind enough to meet the armed warriors of snow, and one could hear the sharp intake of breath as fear dawned upon him. The pursuit down the mountain after the doggish beggar was swift, and but a half-hand of men were needed to lasso him and drag him away. The fact that his slithering body had just been captured rendered him speechless, and a short debate about the groups next actions were cut off by a gaggle of Pertinax rebels. Outnumbered, the fighters led by cunning Ivae’fenn officers confidently outmaneuvered the Renatians’ top tier infantry. The Fennic force managed to successfully return to their impregnable city-fortress of Tahu’lareh, even slaughtering the odd Renatian running on their lonesome--as the poor Imperial tactics and leadership would frequently dictate. Having lost their would-be assailants and gaining refuge in the safety of their wall, they could judge the criminal Auriel Lothryne before he would be strung to stake and finally brought to justice for his own crimes against the Mali’fenn... He was burned alive for all to see.
  5. Maury

    Come and See

    Somewhere in Arcas, an indifferent Mali’fenn whistles in Snow Elven.
  6. Maury

    Beware, Mali'aheral

    “Why such an ‘intelligent’ people as the ‘aheral would waste their time attempting to denounce us is beyond a primitive one such as myself.” a snow elf would chuckle, patting some tilled earth from his farmers leggings. “A horse apple is more relevant to us than this tripe.”
  7. Maury

    News of Arcas!

    ((Free housing in Fenn.))
  8. Somewhere in Arcas, a Snow Elf whistles in Snow Elven.
  9. Somewhere in Arcas, a Snow Elf would sharpen his blade and restring his bow after the battle for Elvenesse; having launched several missiles through the valah before their survivors fled with tails betwixt hip and groin. (( @NoZaku exquisite choice of background music, by the way ))
  10. “False.” Is the singular word that escapes the mouth of a busy Snow Elf, shrugging at the asininity of such a claim.
  11. “The onlookers should not forget the genocides of yore on the Snow Elves.” a snow elf muses, taking a draft from a hearty Dwarven spirit and carrying on his merry way.
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