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  1. Postponed until further notice.
  2. Not my opinion, but PCSwift is just a bad pvp goon. Legit made a bandit group to ‘Make banditing great again, and encourage more CRP.’ Was in that group for less than a week before being kicked for being ‘a D&D kid’. What a joke.
  3. An interview has been scheduled within the elven week.
  4. Airebys would clutch his Wyrvun statuette close to his chest and clench his eyes shut, breathing a silent prayer to Wyrvun that Aelthir might find safe route to his realm of eternal slumber. He knew that he would finally find rest, and find rest beside his family. His thoughts wander to Ailduin and Celaena, and a deep, howling sob escapes his throat in the solitude of his bedchamber. “Ito nae elannil’Wyrvun!” ((See you around Ryan, it’s been a bumpy ride since I joined but I’ve enjoyed it the entire way. Take care of yourself man.))
  5. Please seek out Airebys Sylric for an interview.
  6. A good Gobo would shake their head and spit on the ground. “Latz nub need wait vur blarg, da Znow’albai uv Fenn haz free blarg.
  7. Please contact Maury#8922 on discord when possible.
  8. “Zkah, zeems da zkygodz nub da only ash to pull falzehood from latz arzeholez.” Comments Grugi’Shuzig upon hearing the news. (( Last screenshot I took of what the staff broadcasted about numbers https://gyazo.com/9dc10beee83d4d7c3e64c87d5b4c9c16 ))
  9. Somewhere in Arcas, a Snow Elf shakes their head and thinks to themselves what cowards these Valah must be to abandon the war to their own devices.
  10. good to see people with terrible RP ethics get punished for their crimes

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    2. Thornz


      As a bandit myself, I can sympathize with these banned players. Rules are way too harsh on the villainous community. Cruel and ridiculously absurd expectations.

    3. Mavromino


      Most bandits use copy paste emotes my guy

    4. Maury


      @TheElvenMage “ You either weren’t informed of what happened here, or you don’t give a damn about rp ethic, and are just glad some of your IC opponents have caught a ban.”

      You seem to miss the satire of my status update 😂I don’t have “IC Opponents”. I think what’s happening to some of these banditing players is absurd--and as a player with a banditing persona I’d hate this to happen to myself or my friends for such petty rules.

      Edited by Maury
  11. It is requested that you meet with Airebys Sylric for an interview. It is requested that you meet with Airebys Sylric for an interview. It is requested that you meet with Airebys Sylric for an interview.
  12. 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕾𝖞𝖑𝖗𝖎𝖈 𝕭𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉𝖑𝖎𝖓𝖊 “𝔅𝔦𝔩𝔬𝔨, 𝔱𝔞𝔢𝔩𝔲, 𝔢𝔳𝔞𝔯.” To make, to learn, to protect. Personality & Culture Sylrics are known to be hardworking, determined and very focused at everything they do, whether that is being a soldier of the Ivae’fenn or taking up a role among the ranks of the Bilok’thuln. Thus, many would consider them more serious than other bloodlines, though one can note when asked a question, Sylrics tend to be rather blunt; straightforward and to the point. Despite their often brash or stubborn behaviors, Sylrics can be kind and respectful towards their kin. The Griffin, their sigil, perfectly reflects a Sylric’s state of mind: loyal, clear and determined. The Sylrics are very big on performing private wake ceremonies before a public wake or funeral. Additionally, if someone wishes to be married into the bloodline, they must first speak with the Patriarch of the Sil’siimah, as it would be of the utmost disrespect to wed one of their family without first getting their blessing. This is primarily due to their militaristic, patriarchal family lifestyle from generations of war. Professions & Specialties Because of their industrious capabilities, they can often be seen performing scholarly duties in the Library of Fenn, crafting wares for the general public, tending crops or lugging raw materials from the depths of Arcas. Alongside this reputation of being hard workers, the Sylrics have a reputation for being competent warriors and active in ‘fennic politics. Physical Traits & Characteristics With all their hard work, Sylrics tend to be muscular, with a strong, well-built frame to them. They typically have white to silver hair, but there have been some with blonde. Their eye colors have most notably ranged from grey to blue eyes, as well as the rare occurrences of emerald or amethyst. Style of Combat Because of their mighty physiques, they are often on the front lines during times of war. Their weapons of choice include Longswords, Greataxes or a Warhammer and a shield, though other types of weapons are also used. To stare down a Sylric upon the battlefield is no comforting feat, as their strong posture, large size, and choice of weaponry makes for an intimidating sight. The Sylrics have their own custom-made armor which boasts heavy steel and cleated boots to increase their time on the field of battle. Banner of the Sil’siimah Ceremonies Wryvun’ahern, the newborn ceremony When a new Sylric is brought into the world, a special ceremony is held called Wryvun’ahern. This ceremony celebrates the life of that individual, prayer be that they lead a healthy and successful life that they may join their kin and ancestors in Wyrvun’s realm of eternal slumber: Aira’fin. Bilok’ihnsil, the coming of age ceremony When a Sylric is welcomed into the family, Bilok’ihnsil is held to prove that they can return to their people as a true Sylric. Each participant must forge themselves their own personal weapon; gathering all the materials themselves and by themselves alone. No help shall be offered to them, as they must build their own forge and use what they knowledge and materials gathered to create a beautiful piece of weaponry, from the largest of Greataxes to the smallest of daggers. When they finish and feel that it is worthy of the Sylric name, they are to return to the Manor and present it to their Bloodline Head. Once approved, a hunt ensues to test the durability of the weapon. A feast is then followed provided by the spoils of the hunt. As the feast ends the patriarch approaches the child, presenting him the Sylric Insignia, to be branded on to their weapon as well as stitched onto their cloak. This is to mark that they are now a true Sylric. The Sil’siimah Brooch ((Anyone who wishes to join the Sylric Bloodline can contact the Bloodline Head via the forums, in-game, or discord [Maury#8922]. Applications are acceptable.)) Application Format [OOC] MC Username: Discord: Timezone: Application Type (Highlight): Member / Offspring [RP] Name: Age: Backstory (Optional):
  13. 5th of Snow’s Maiden, 1719 The following is in accordance with Fennic Law’s Section 4, Magical Licensing. All individuals, citizen or not, are required to apply for a license to practice or utilize their magic within Fenn. Furthermore, practitioners of magic who seek to pass on their knowledge to other citizens of Fenn are required to have their students apply for a license. By using magic without licensing or infringing on laws with specific severity, magic users can have their licenses revoked or even blacklisted; barring them from using magic for extended or permanent lengths of time. Banned Magics According to Magic Conduct laws, the usage of the following magics is prohibited in Fenn: Druidism Ascended Magic Deity Magic Necromancy Mental Magic Blood Magic Dark Magic NOTE: Practitioners of these magics are not banned, only the use of these magics within the walls and lands of the Princedom of Fenn. Applying for a Magical License To apply for magic, the following application form must be filled out truthfully and in its entirety. Answering a single question with inaccurate or false information is grounds for an immediate denial. Once completed, a member of the Grand Council will contact the applicant for an interview. [OOC] MC Username: Discord: [RP] Name: Gender: Place of Residence: Race/Subrace/Culture: Type of Magic: Are you applying for licensing as a full-fledged user? (Highlight): Yes / No Are you applying for licensing as a student? (Highlight): Yes / No Do you understand that further questioning will occur during an interview?: Yes / No Why do you want to use magic within the Princedom?:
  14. 9th of The Deep Cold, 1718 Fennic Law is the binding word of Fenn’s leadership, the ink of the tattoo on the flesh of ‘fennic justice, and the bane of crime and disorder. “All rise for the honorable Crown Prince Aelthos Tundrak!” is the call that came before a trial against a young Mali citizen--condemned for the attempted murder of another of Tahu’lareh’s citizens. Alongside his fellow Grand Councilors, the man would hear spoken testimonies by his own esteemed Ivae’fenn soldiers before the defendant be allowed to speak for his own defense. “The court is now in session under the judgement of the honorable Aelthos Tundrak. The defendant, Tak, will have his case presented and shall proceed from there.” All was silent except for the odd murmur from the crowd of onlookers. A gruff Mali’fenn voice echoed throughout the chamber once more: “But an elven day or two ago, Tak was incarcerated and interrogated for the attempted murder of a young Adunian by the name of Rayden. Witnesses present were Arevthor Tathvir, Taal, and Emeline Tathvir...” Guardian Taal of the Ivae’fenn would be called to the stand to speak his piece: “As said, an Elven day or two ago I found this one-” He would gesture to Tak “-in the middle of assaulting one of our own in the city center. I approached as he pulled a young man down and attempt to crush his head on the stones with an iron plated boot.” Soon, the defendant would plead his case before the judge in an attempt to make clear his reasons for attacking the young Rayden. Prompted thrice after a disruption by spectators and erratic behavior, Tak would speak. “He pulled his weapons out on me! And you know. He kind of hates me... So this guy is dating my friend, right? So I spy on them because I'm worried about the girl. Well, turns out he's the future king of the city I was in. So he decides to threaten to call the guards. Told my buddy- uh, Rayden, that I was gonna spy on him. Probably. Never did. Then he decided to tell the king's girlfriend about it. Then she told him I was gonna spy on him--Even though I never did. Then he got mad and I almost got banished--this led to that--we got into an argument, he drugged up one of the Tathvirs...” Such indescribable rabble would continue on for a time after, before an indignant outsider interrupted the public trial. The woman would later be identified as Mali’ah, who foolishly cried callowed words of her Father becoming involved, should the guards on duty not cease tying Tak by his limbs--as is due for criminals on trial. “You sir, will not deny him a right to be checked. You must have poisoned him since he was well on the way here!” Even the Grand Prince, Aelthir Tundrak, second of his name would become involved in the absurdities of this stranger! “It is egregious to suggest that we would poison a prisoner on trial, for it would be to deprive him of proper justice.” Outsiders with disregard for Fennic Law have no place in our court, as it is a disrupt to peace and justice. In spite of this, the outsider Mali’ah would have none of it. “Matters not to me, or shall I talk to my father who is quite good friends with a prince of yours... I care not whether he has been a citizen here, he is under my care and protection.” Attempts to subdue the benign woman and escort her out of the hall for contempt of court were halted by the Crown Prince, and she would once again spew utter nonsense. “Do not touch me, or you will hear from my father and his dear friends the Reivers. I should mention of how my father fought with Prince Aeldrin. The court would eventually ignore such an infantile being, and the trial would carry on. For any more than even attempted murder, a citizen or outsider of Fenn likely would have been executed. However, under the grace of Wyrvun, the honorable Crown Prince showed mercy to the tethered man at his feet. Tak would be spared for their less than minor offense, and banished from the tundras of Hesin’fin.
  15. Somewhere in Arcas, a Snow Elf chuckles to himself.
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