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  1. Somewhere in the wilds of Arcas, a Snow Elf finds a discarded parchment in a ditch detailing the wedding. He smiles to himself, muttering under his breath the age-old phrase of his people: “Wyrvun L’ayla.”
  2. “Interesting, how the name of their nation is underlined in every instance and magically shows you a missive talking about their under-realm... Quite the pat on the back.” states a bored Snow Elf.
  3. Upon reading the notice, Airebys Sylric touches his three middlemost fingers to his chest in signing a Wyrvunic asterisk... “Ito nae elevar’Namos, aylaeir. To you protection of Namos, virtuous one.”
  4. alchemy is shelved so the closest thing to making ‘potions’ is making herbal concoctions.
  5. A good Snow Elf booze enthusiast rubs his beard curiously. “If time permits, I may just attend. Prost!”
  6. Maury

    The Irham

    Please speak with Overseer Somhairle and Overseer Thalion for an interview.
  7. Maury

    The Irham

    Est. 14th of The Amber Cold, 1728 [!] Masterfully hand-printed fliers hang from the marketplace, library and gates of every major city, charter, and of course; the Cloud Temple. Our Mission It is the goal of The Irham to spread work, to spread knowledge and education, and to spread economy. Long has The Bilok’thuln stood alone as a testament to the innovative nature of the Mali’fenn, but with the addition of two more guilds to this labor division, The Irham will rise as a triad of progress and innovation. Divisions of The Irham The Bilok’thuln: The Labour Division The workers of the labour division are responsible for producing all raw material needed to supply goods for trade and commerce within the Princedom. These workers are responsible for collecting the following resources: Stone, Iron, Coal, Gravel, Flint, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Wheat, Pumpkins, Potatoes, Sugarcane, Carrots, Flowers for dyes, Herbs for medicinal use, Oceanic resources, Wool, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Mutton, Eggs, Feathers, Leather, Oak, Spruce, Dark Oak, Birch, Charcoal, etc… With access to Fennic resource facilities, 25% of any resources collected for personal gain must be submitted. Fi’oem - Beginner - Base pay, probationary membership. Open to all applicants. 50 mina/week of sufficient labor. Maeluir - Member - Increased pay, full membership to the Bilok’thuln Must be an active laborer of the Bilok’thuln for a minimum of two mali’ weeks. 100 mina/week of sufficient labor. Annil’sair - Guide - Increased pay, assistant to the division Overseer. Can only be appointed by the Head Overseer with recommendation from the division Overseer. 125 mina/week of sufficient labor. Overseer - Leader of the division Can only be appointed by the Grand Exchqeuer 175 mina/week of sufficient labor. Coming soon to the Bilok’thuln and Evar’maehr… Smithing Lessons Brewmeister Lessons The Evar’maehr: The Knowledge Division Those select few accepted into this division are responsible for maintaining the entirety of the Library of Fenn and its contents, as well as expanding the knowledge it contains. Each member is effectively a teacher in their own right, and are thus known as Nealuir. Uhierir’maehr – Scholar - Base pay, probationary period. Open to all applicants. Taeluir - Student - Increased pay, full membership to the Evar’maehr. Must be a citizen of Fenn (i.e. own a home). Must have 20 mali’ hours of receptionist duty. Nealuir - Teacher - Increased pay, assistant to the division Overseer. Must have 50 mali’ hours of receptionist duty. Must go on missions to seek out books not in the collection. Must contribute a total of 30 books to the Library of Fenn, 20 originally copied books; 10 original books; all approved and shelved. Must gain a recommendation to the Head Overseer from the division Overseer. Overseer - Leader of the division. Can only be appointed by the Grand Exchequer. Payment Structure 10 Mina for every copied book approved and shelved. 16 Mina for every original book approved and shelved. The Prenu’iller: The Trades Division The trades division of The Irham is responsible for trading resources produced by the Bilok’thuln for other resources or Mina. By applying to the Prenu’iller, applicants agree that they have read all information on the division and that if accepted, they may only purchase and sell goods from Prenu’iller dispensaries. Market Duty is defined as: Transporting Prenu’iller goods to Prenu’iller run market stalls Transporting Prenu’iller goods to Prenu’iller clientele Participating in trade and commerce at Prenu’iller designated locations Trade Missions/Routes are defined as: Travelling to foreign nations and charters to secure trade with local traders/businesspeople Speaking with foreign trade representatives and securing trade deals Speaking with foreign marketplace representatives and securing a stall for the Prenu’iller. Ikurn - Iron Tradesman Probationary membership. Must pass an interview with the division Overseer. Can perform pre-approved Trade Missions. Thilln - Silver Tradesman Full membership to the guild. Can perform Trade Missions freely. Must be a member of Prenu’iller for two mali’ weeks. Must secure 3 trade routes. Must have 10 mali’ hours market duty. Must gain a recommendation to the division Overseer. Akaln - Gold Tradesman Must secure 7 trade routes. Must have made The Irham a profit of at least 500 Mina through trade and sales. Must gain a recommendation to the division Overseer. Must have 15 mali’ hours of market duty. Maleyuln - Diamond Tradesman Must secure 10 trade routes. Must have made The Irham a profit of at least 1000 Mina through trade and sales. Must have 20 mali’ hours of market duty. Must gain a recommendation to the Division Overseer. Overseer - Leader of the division. Can only be appointed by the Grand Exchequer Hierarchy Overseer A title granted to individuals only by the Grand Exchequer himself, responsible for running their division and tracking the progress of members registered as one of their employees. Somhairle Sylric - Overseer of the Bilok’thuln Virion Tathvir [Hiatus] - Overseer of the Evar’maehr Thalion Araen Drakon - Overseer of the Prenu’iller Head Overseer The second title-holder in the management body of The Irham. They manage resources, commissions and the Overseers. The current Head Overseer is Arevthor Tathvir. Grand Exchequer The Grand Exchequer is the leader of The Irham, a position currently inhabited by Airebys Sylric. Application Format [OOC] Username: Activity Rating (1-10): Discord: [RP] Name: Gender: Place of Residence: Race/Subrace/Culture: Division (may select multiple): Do you swear to abide by Fennic Law, and to heed the word of your superiors?:
  8. Have you been freed boss, or is this just parole? In the short time that I’ve known you harold, you’ve been a friend and a mentor. You inspired me to make my own trades guild which I sure as hell intend to use for Fenn. You’ve helped keep things in perspective, ****ed with me when I was just a quiet ****, ****ed with me when I was a loud ****, and keep my favorite mineman nation kicking. I reckon I’ve still got lots to learn and I see no better person than you, @Ioannisand @Trekwars to help me get as big of a nose as yours. PROST!
  9. [!] Spread throughout Fenn and the Cloud Temple is this mali’ week’s issue of High Rock Weekly, detailing many diplomatic events, festivals and gossip!
  10. Roses are Red, the walls are Plaster.


    Warclaims are fast, but mod intervention is faster.

  11. Airebys Sylric pedals a grindstone with his foot as he wets a blade and sharpens its edge against the turning wheel. “Ode to the mighty talons which rend carnage upon thine backs... Wyrvun L’ayla.
  12. “Princedom.” coughs a Snow Elf
  13. Maury

    Sutican Mining Guild

    Somewhere in Arcas, a Snow Elf chuckles in earnest; for he had been running a mining guild since Atlas.
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