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  1. A bit of a meme, I’m currently in Sixth form and it’s a bit stressful n what-not, (Y13 so exams in like 9 months) so I’m gonna be on the down low on LotC for a while now, probably seen if you /seen me I’ll hop back on later on in the next couple of months, I feel like LotC has just been a bit exhausted rn, nothing in terms of rp and the lore-games have just drained anything I like from LotC, hopefully they’ll sort themselves out over the next few weeks ‘n’ what-not and lore will get fixed up and stoof. I’ll be active in Discord and Forums, just don’t expect to see me that often P.s. Hoschule apparently means College in German because I wanted to make it seem somehow original
  2. [Ooc] Username: Puddlemancerpro Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Erratic Discord: Morgan#5032 Timezone: GMT [RP] Name: Tennallarii Gender: Male Place of residence: Fenn Race/Sub-race/Culture: Elf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Yes
  3. You could fuel me some rep you scummy bastards
  4. A highly intelligent race of dog-faced humanoids, the dho are strictly carnivores and abhore meat. A meme created Kha = Cat Dho = Dog Perfect Logic Dog Race When abilities: whenever an object of either disc or ball shape is thrown and is tangible (e.g. a ball or a discus) they must chase after it, even if it’s explosive
  5. On Starting I believe that we should make it so methods of halting people on the road are easier other than already engaging in violence, this means bandits don’t have to do crappy copy & paste to actually start a fight On Fighting Bandits should be smart and polite when in emotes, no stupid ‘swings sword at them’ emotes, and these should be seen as improper roleplay, bandits should actually know how to CRP and not be merely using combat as a media of getting into pvp, this should also be frowned upon as a sort of ‘pvp baiting’. Defender default should be chosen as a choice of media of ending conflict, not because the bandit is attacking you with the shittiest emotes to man On Ending Bandits should be kind and polite after conflict, toxicity does nothing but continue toxicity and only removes reputation of roleplay from bandits, I like those who are lenient to death punishments, such as allowing the victim to SS and maybe taking an item and some mina from them, this is a fair and just method of banditting. On Roleplay Criticism When an emote is made in combat where someone disagrees, the accused should do either of two things, firstly they can try to prove that their emote is possible (e.g. “You can’t grab your sword without cutting yourself!” and the bandit showing a video on ‘half swording’ which is a viable method of holding a sword), alternatively they can change their emote to something more possible. When coming around this both should be polite as unless you’ve studied a lot about the human body, you are bound to not understand all of the ways it can respond Conclusion Bandits should be bandits because of roleplay, not because of pixels or clicks, roleplay bandits are great bandits, like Flemish’s Ghoul back in the day or some of the Reivers who also rp’d proficiently enough, I’ve had bandits who have merely used crp in a way so bad that the only option was pvp, and I’ve had orcs come up and just say ‘punches in face’, roleplay like this gives nothing good to a bandit’s reputation and we should change that
  6. +1 @Keening And yeah it’s a very important topic, it’s the community asking to get something to be invested in.
  7. I mean, it’s not just putting stuff around it’s also performing events with small builds, even when another group have fun, event areas can get re-used or even just explored and adventured by the curious, frankly this map has seen hardly any activity and the World Devs wasted their abilities, I mean what’s the point on building something so awesome when nobody goes out to adventure because the person knows they won’t find anything
  8. I love it @Keening And massively agree @CaesarTheFirst that’s alright, we still want the lil’ stories tho!
  9. The Westerlands I have flown around about 4 times now and every time I find cool stuff, I mean there was an awesome bridge in the ice plains which had a troll solidified in stone at the bottom, it was cool
  10. My second note on the dynamic of having things on the map, is the materials, the resources and things that allow you to enhance your roleplay, Mordskov wouldn’t of happened for it, Johannesburg either, the Kal’varak is gone and so on!? I’m talking Thanium Ruibrium Boomsteel Magegold Lunarite Any my only question is. Where is it?
  11. Atlas freebuilding caused landscars, but some places were actually cool to look at, this map you have to keep activity up to a struggling degree if not it gets wiped. I give a shout-out to Spodo, Sourdough and Mystery as I believe they are the 3 good STs, but like Where are all the landmarks ya’know, there’s been no Mordskov, there’s been no Mordring there has been no Vaeyl, September Prince, Necromancers area (it was p aids but it serves it’s purpose), nothing, why can’t we actually have a story of this map?
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