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  1. I mean they’re not requests, everyone knows you gotta hold someone on LotC staff at gunpoint to make them work
  2. Demands: Charters = Small size without upkeep City areas = Centralised (Not more than >10 from CT, get someone to start a timer and run for like a couple mins and once it reaches 10 mark a pillar to show that is the furthest extent a place can be put) Have many more options than before, this map it felt a bit railroading on where you wanted people to go More mountains n stuff, this map has felt p flat as all the high places are occupied or never too close, have like mountainous passes in the roads and stuff near cities to really give the world some geography Can we get some more fantasy locations lmao, I want floating islands and massive forests, have it non-build-able but put stuff like events n history on it Try to create more things on the road, recycle from other maps the carts, pit-stops n stuff like that to really revive the map, Axios was good at having things on the side of the road that gave it life Reasons: Helps keep roleplay centralised, means people can’t just build side-cities, they have to work their way up through that (e.g. a hamlet of 3 buildings turns into 5 then walls, then 9 then gets tiered up due to having more than 15 people a day etc etc) this progression will also help prevent the boom n bust of cities (Gets built, really active start and takes up a large space, then dies out soon after for one reason or another, an example of this would be Llyria or Rosenyr, no offence to them of course) No Atlas version of Fenn where you were running for 30 mins to get there please This map had a bunch of options which sorta guided where people should go Mountainous areas help create some life, there are changes in the relief sure but no misty white peaked mountain ranges like on Axios or Atlas Its a fantasy server, why are we so keen on avoiding fantasy topics and instead stick to a less magical setting, it really clashes with magic on the server The roads are more dead than my grandparents so please give them some life Conc: I do thank those who built this map, however as with all maps there are always flaws, hopefully next map we get perfect
  3. My Opinions & Interpretations: Interpretation 1: Opinion 1: Opinion 2: tl;dr I don’t think its going to be a nazi empire on content moderation I like Telanir’s post however I want to see action LotC is still surviving I hope so as long as they start doing better from now on then it might be okidoki
  4. Made this on current events But to join the horde, to the staff team that are sitting there twiddling their thumbs at why the community is angry, maybe it is time to stop content moderating those who shout out, those who are against the staff to not be muted and banned but instead see why they are angry, either because of a bias (e.g. I don’t want this mod to be a mod because ugh I hate oren/renatus/orcs/dwarves/whoeverthefuck) or if its for genuine reasons (e.g. history of abuse, toxic member etc). I’ve seen so many good members of the community silenced by you just because wah wah wah I didn’t like him calling me an idiot for banning this player and so forth, if you are a good staff member you should be able to take the heat show them you’re right by standing by your point and discussing it with them not pussying out and banning them, silencing them or blocking them that just makes you look weak and not desirable for staff. To the players of the servers I have two suggestions for now: Validating Evidence; The staff team understandably can’t just ban straight out of logs, they can be doctored, I once made Julius say ‘I hate N*****’ and put the picture on discord as a joke, he got really pissed at it ofc because it looked real and it could hurt him so I deleted it obvs but nonetheless it shows how easy it is Try using videos, I doubt its easy to doctor a video of you scrolling through the logs, prove that they are real and validate that this thing actually happened, logs are easily doctored as I said but videos are difficult to edit. Talk to them (the staff) once, if they don’t bring it up or talk to you back post it onto the forums. LotC is a community and its ban reports are visible, if they get locked or hidden call them out on it, the entire community can beat the staff’s ass with it Getting the full picture, you need to add context to situations, prior encounters, what they’ve done to you or other people (with evidence preferably) and if not then just a story of how all the events played out, try bolding the key features of what you are talking about, such as phrases, words or actions to further solidify the ongoings of the player.
  5. is this a meme thread I’m so far detached from LOTC I can’t tell
  6. Yo everyone Your art isn’t your’s anymore haha LotC is stupid
  7. ((What did he hold tea-parties? is he that sort of host? ❤️ ))
  8. Having a luscious world with history locked away in certain areas which promotes exploration in my eyes would be greatly effective, having places that people can try to see what happened and what-not is always fun. I’d also suggest probably making it so each place has something of value, be it that it’s a good view or it could hint to some of the events that go on in the map This map has just been an oversized transition map due to the loregames
  9. A bit of a meme, I’m currently in Sixth form and it’s a bit stressful n what-not, (Y13 so exams in like 9 months) so I’m gonna be on the down low on LotC for a while now, probably seen if you /seen me I’ll hop back on later on in the next couple of months, I feel like LotC has just been a bit exhausted rn, nothing in terms of rp and the lore-games have just drained anything I like from LotC, hopefully they’ll sort themselves out over the next few weeks ‘n’ what-not and lore will get fixed up and stoof. I’ll be active in Discord and Forums, just don’t expect to see me that often P.s. Hoschule apparently means College in German because I wanted to make it seem somehow original
  10. TeCHlOcK na I love it, +1 let’s get some cogdudes And afterwards let us get guns and boom we’re set on a truly high fantasy server with magic and might at equals
  11. [Ooc] Username: Puddlemancerpro Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): Erratic Discord: Morgan#5032 Timezone: GMT [RP] Name: Tennallarii Gender: Male Place of residence: Fenn Race/Sub-race/Culture: Elf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Yes
  12. You could fuel me some rep you scummy bastards
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