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  1. @Chimp Mages you say? begins screeching in puddlemancer
  2. How do you stalk someone in Minecraft, ******* follow them? lmao Doxxing is fair, he did that and regretted it lol sexual misconduct, basically he erp’d is that it? if so why aren’t all the people that ERP’d with him banned for pedophilia? because apparently that should be multiple also, where is your evidence of this sorry you’ve now slandered someone so ur saying he should make an appeal then, but he’s forum banned so can you unban him Sexual misconduct = flirting hur hur strong comment
  3. @Lukariatias You’re saying that he’s a bad guy and should stay off of the server from what other people are telling you Therefore I can say this player lesamourai is hacking and should stay off of the server, or potentially a banned alt does that make it truth? Second to that, let me mention the time I tried to get an actual person who said they wanted to **** kids banned off And they’re still on the server and the BR ended in a sweeping ban for all players and no further actions were made, even though like 8 players chipped in with the weird pedo sexual bullshit he was doing
  4. @JokerLow >If we post Jondead’s birth certificate do we get banned for doxxing
  5. **** well that’s a Gm problem they need to fix
  6. @Jondead post your birth certificate to verify you are indeed a child
  7. Idk he offered the GM it and the GM took it from what I hear lol Still kinda funny though that the dude is like 15 and got permabanned over something that was so easily fixed
  8. doxxed them to a GM because the doxee was seen by the GM as a pedo lol
  9. Said he liked like two, one of which was fine with it and the other had a hissy fit Not the worst thing I’ve seen in like 3 years, seeing how LotC has Pedophiles etc he’s like 15 now lol, people banned a child for something he messed up on
  10. “Maybe we should do what logically people in probably other dimensions would do and not be forced to storm a small pill-box but instead just keep control of the entire city as we did have and if needed starve out the attackers, seeing how we controlled all of the city and they owned uh...About five metres by two metres by three metres”
  11. Morgan goes back into his Fanatic Bloodthirsty state as he’d prepare his sword for another raid, the already crippled high elf ready to kill some motherfuckers
  12. “Said the guy who got killed by Fenn shortly prior, man this guy can’t understand he’s losing” said Haelun’ors favourite annoyance.
  13. Morgan smirks as he was the one who helped cause all of this
  14. A Mali’aheral would Whistle in Snow Elven “Time to see my race-traitors burn” he’d idely comment
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