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  1. Ah that is fair then, hopefully people aren’t stupid and start making their own events at random times just to kill players they want, that’s an issue I could see arising however I do trust most nations to not be foolish, thanks for the response 😄
  2. @ScreamingDingo Why not make it so the rule is, they can have any creature of which is both mundane and provides no reward that a player could not create (e.g. A bandit has a special sword, albeit it’s just a fancy looking sabre with no extra effects) Examples of non-mundane: Voidal horrors, Inferis, golems... Examples of mundane: Things that are naturally existing perhaps a large portion from here: Another question would be allowing certain types of undead, like zombie and vodniks as they are merely...”brainzz” and don’t really confer any special benefit upon killing Other than that I love the idea and the allowance for Nations to have their own creative freedom!
  3. Morgan realises he had accidentally ran through one of these areas, and is now worried that a voidal horror has latched onto his soul and will forever leech off of it. It’s either that or a wife that he might get
  4. Thania focuses on the aspects of community, we are a moderately sized group that usually orientate ourselves within Fenn albeit this is merely because of the tavern and manor and is not a restriction for adventure. Thania is very diverse, ranging from mages and warriors to scholars and orators. We, in Thania are mostly here because of friendship, the realms stretch out far and we enjoy making it just a little bit smaller by getting to know different faces with different stories, Thania, albeit not focusing on these topics, occasionally performs the following activities Activities Thania is also looking to recruit new faces, many, many new faces. The recruitment process isn’t too hard, it’s a form and then a small interview in some private areas in Fenn, to help find out what you wish to do, we have made some pre-formatted roles below Roles Recruitment Form Below: Thania wishes greatly for new applicants. If you have also been selected into smaller branches but wish to ascend and become a full Thanian, we will insist that you fulfil a form.
  5. The Temple of Wyvrun One true structure to Fennic standards, of extreme beauty and almost angelic tranquillity, though it does sadden me, for you see. Our place of law, court, justice and trial is out of date, renewed unlike the recently refreshed city. It is this for which the Thanian Independence Team must strive to change, as a believer of law and justice we call for court to change the court, we call for the renewal, the rebirth and a following in the new appearance of Fennic standards, be it a new structure or integration into another, we call for renewal! It is why I plea ye, I call for a court meeting to be held in the near future, where the discussion of the following arrangements can be sorted:
  6. Nae it’s Thanian Independent Team Nothing wrong with ***
  7. Thanian Independent Team The Thanian Independent Team seeks to encourage the common folk into forwarding their political ideas for Fenn! We wish to call for court meetings where we appeal certain agreements, be it trade with nations, taxation or refurbished land! *** is also seeking to assist those who wish to become potential auditors, we will allow you placement within our tavern as well as helping you seat yourself within the most beautiful city of Fenn Below is a small form to enlist within the *** Vote Thaniparty today, a greener future in the white city
  8. holy crap these are cool thanks @Defy
  9. The Party at the End of War ”Rejoice! Rejoice! Peace has covered our lands!” yelled one of those indescribable couriers that roamed the lands, a letter delivered to all those Fennic or Friend ”To the good people of Arcas, I shall be hosting a party at the Silver Snowflake within the city of Fenn, there we shall drink, rejoice and relax now that our war is over, if you wish for narcotics I will have some on hand but I suggest you do bring your own if you want a larger stock, drinks are a mere three small mina so take a little purse with you too, we’ll also try to get some food on hand so you can leave happy with some potatoes!” ”Do read the rules though, I shan’t let vagabonds spoil this celebration!” ((Party will be Saturday 4pm est, 9pm for us brits, and uh yeah aussies good luck))
  10. Morgan wipes the counter down reading the letter with a sunken expression, yet again another face has been lost, though afterwards he smiled, realising the peace that Aelthir was now in, he brandished bottle and glass and began to prepare drinks, a funeral for Aelthir and a celebration for the end of the war.
  11. oh god Vaynth you may want to give it 20 minutes it stinks of war
  12. Prepares to overthrow Viktor to reinstate the thanian revolutionaries
  13. Don’t you think it was a bit redundant making a google slide on what was essentially a slideshow @InfamousGerman good chuckle nonetheless
  14. Why’d you gotta do that
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