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    Dahlia Kallabraxos | Kardem Puerokar
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  1. You stole my profile picture @X3N012
  2. 3 Human Children to be played. Spawn of satan of Dahlia and Ragnarr Mösu. All skins will be provided, made by me (don't expect them to be super good, but I'm an.... adept skinner) Firstborn - Freyja (Female) Born 21st of May Middle - Björn (Male) Born 26th of May Youngest - Kol (Male) Born 31st of May The characters themselves are rather freeform. Act however you wish as long as it's within reason.. - I don't expect you to start playing them straight away, give it a few weeks for when they're older. AlexMagus#6330 on Discord or AlexMagus in game for more details if you're interested.
  3. your devotion to the capybara cause is appreciated and so are YOU.
  4. what's MY capybara.....
  5. mine is squakhawk what's your favourite music genre. clearly not lotc based but i don't care.
  6. favourite rp moment(s) from the past few months
  7. m-m.. m-morbi-.;... morbiuss..!!?!?!?!/!/!!?>!>!>,.,.,.,.........
  8. A goat-enthusiast is sad that it wasn't a literal goat being born.
  9. your profile picture is so skrunkly

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