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  1. An elderly Arichsdorfer, former member of the Greycloaks, reads the missive quickly through. - Yet, her eyes do not pass through such a sentence lightly. Her mind is cast back upon those days, decades ago, and yet she does not recall such a thing that had occurred. "Propaganda.." She whispers to herself, fingers drumming on the wooden arm of the chair she sits upon. Folding the missive, she walks upstairs meakly and places them into an archive.
  2. woah thats rlly well thought out ur too right
  3. people going into a realm of pure energy would be weird.
  4. Seeking a Silit to turn one of my characters. WILL DO THE RP! Please, I'm desperate. I'm so bored of playing normal corcituri at this point I can't stand it. Remove if not allowed.
  5. As in they only give events to people who can write good..? I remember every bad thing said about me ever. I shall never let it go, they will always be at the forefront of my mind and they drive me to get more CAs, FAs, and MAs than the people that have spoke with malintent about me. So NO.
  6. Iblees is a WOMAN 

    1. argonian


      hot dark elf woman yes this is canon

  7. if you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends
  8. An ancient raven flies in search of the applicant - It reaches their bedchambers, their aviaries, their hovels, et cetera, dropping inside each of their respective spaces a letter marked with the sigil of the Mages' Guild. ARCANUS ET RELIQUUM Applicant, I invite you to an audience with one of our established venerata, locii, or majori of the Guild as to perform our interview. We look forward to all those who receive this letter to potentially take a place in the Mages' Guild, and perhaps one day climb to the top of the Ordo Arcana and lead the guild itself. Come to the Guild at the earliest convenience to yourself. Your's,
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