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  1. I thought it was my turn to be mod admin..?
  2. He’s baiting right?

  3. I'd have to say the OOC scheming and major toxicity within nations? Idk how you'd adapt that to a Netflix show, but it needs to be added!
  4. THIS is for Irene, thee rotund, white-fleshed, putrid smelling bacon-did-feed wench, why thee TOOK mine beloved's eyes out and flayed them, beat them to nigh death whilst their back was turned, thy TRIFLING, FILTHY, LARGE, ‘oompa loompa’, corse-haired rampallian WENCH! I'm coming up thither and I shall beat the ALAS out of thee, wench, and don’t rally your darkspawn-filth comrades, I shall cometh up thither unexpected and wail on thee rampallian wench arse; I KNOW OF THE FETID CARRIAGE THOU DRIVE and thou raggedy arsed steeds and ratty cloth. Damned tattered shoes, thin-haired, stenched dog, arsed wench! I'm telling thee, WENCH, I'm coming to beat thou for thou foul-mouthed, trifling-arsed attitude. WENCH!!!

  5. I may be missing something horribly but is the way to see if it is castable by ordained/feat heralds the different in the light red text below the spell saying 'herald' or 'ordained herald'.
  6. A disenfranchised hag, Dahlia, looks upon the missive and scowls, "It must truly be so hard to be rich and powerful."
  7. image.png?ex=66246678&is=6611f178&hm=b033d9d873b149ab17aa0eecf719745988658baad8bf866773e9d57dd64288a6&=

    I don't get it! My amendment SHOULD HAVE been accepted!

  8. You're called Frank? Me when I sneak up behind someone as a tiny child-person then bring out my knife, immediately becoming large and then killing them by stabbing them through the back. I may be misunderstanding the spell, but why? Seers can only avoid visual disturbances, this redline makes it seem like only an illusion. If it was only an illusion, an arrow turning into a flower would still pierce your skin and kill you. That's OK this'll never happen because of inactive ppl!!
  9. Looking forward to my feedback in forum PMs within 24 hours!

  10. Corcitura is next. Mark my words.

    1. Benleft


      Next they’re gonna say, “poopomancers can’t be busty dark elf maidens,” mark my words. 

  11. Uhhh yeah.. So THAT happened. Haha… awkward!
  12. Thank you for your vote of confidence. I knew this fit with your original view of the CA and I just had to do it.. I did this for YOU.
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