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  1. A pale elfess, bearing the Elervathar sigil on her dress, mused: "So, the one who forcibly deposed Maheral, the Blessed Child, now preaches importance of Maheral's authority and Larihei's teachings. Well, debate is always a welcome sight." "An elaboration on the current constitution is required. The Blessed Silver Constitution, as its two predecessors - The Reformed Silver Constitution and The Silver Constitution of Haelun'or, was based on the principles of compromise and balance between Haelunorian factions, as such its removal from the official archive is uncalled for. Yet, there were other notable constitutions, through which one might see the centuries-long struggle. The Elervathar Constitution of Haelun'or, that attempted to empower Maheral in all matters of the State, while having Sohaer as a member of elHeial'thill, which was overseen by Maheral. The Sohaeriate Constitution of the Silver State of Haelun'or, that established a dictatorial rule of Sohaer Othelu Orrar, abolishing position of Maheral, his reign became infamous for its rejection of traditions, transition to the Uthirate, and the influence of Azdrazi. The Constitution of 1774, was a republican constitution, that saw its goal in democratisation of Haelun'or through elections not only for the position of Sohaer, but for any seat in elHeial'thilln. Lastly, the first and most influential constitution since the restoration of Haelun'or from the Enclave of Fi'halen is The Elervathar Diarchy Constitution, created by the Blessed Diarchy of Sohaer Dimaethor and Maheral Iaria Elervathar. While their reign was long and successful, given the personalistic and charismatic nature of the Diarchy rule, its recurrence is unlikely. Hopefully, the lesson of conflict between Diarchists, Republicanists, Sohaerists and Maheralists made it clear that the current balanced choice of The Blessed Silver Constitution is correct."
  2. "Larihei smiles today - Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya," exclaimed a Miravaris.
  3. A mali'thill rejoiced: "Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya!"
  4. "Ito Haelun'or Iyath'ante," spoke a patriotic high elf.
  5. Somewhere in an unknown realm at an indefinite distance from Haelun'or. A Miravaris rejoiced at his relative's accomplishments, while an Elassidil reminisced over her old mentor and friend.
  6. Somewhere in the bustling kitchen of Haelun'or Tavern, a certain chef was overseeing the baking process. Evidently, judging one of young Andwen's creations. @Amelica
  7. Seated at a table within the homely confines of the tavern, the esteemed Chef Miravaris indulged in a leisurely read of the most recent publication while intermittently taking small sips of freshly brewed black coffee. A whole stack of newly printed papers rested neatly upon the table's surface, eagerly awaiting mali'thill-visitors. In the proximity of the chef's seat, atop the counter, several steaming cups of express coffee were freshly prepared, their rich aroma wafting seductively throughout the establishment. With each sip of the invigorating brew, the Chef savored its robust flavor and comforting warmth, relishing every moment of his respite from the hustle and bustle of the world beyond the tavern's walls.
  8. "I Love the Silver City," exclaimed Chef Miravaris.
  9. A certain elfess, normally known for her gentle and kind nature, suddenly received news of the details of Vallein's murder. While she was reading the missive, her expression shifted drastically from one of calm composure to one of hatred. Her long, pointed ears, which usually perked up with interest, now drooped down in sorrow and anger. "Impurity, theft, and murder of Larihei's flock are now too common among the traitors. But he supported them, tried to achieve peace, and so that's how they rewarded him..." She pondered over the missive for a while, unable to understand how one could be so monstrous. After making several notes, she enter the Silver Citadel, concluding "She is simply an ullral. That is beyond redemption."
  10. Idendril Elassidil offered a nod of acknowledgment to the missive, a wave of nostalgia sweeping over her for a moment. "Llyria, Aldemar, Starland..." she muttered these words with a rather tired tone. "How many more obviously hateful projects have to pass before there is peace in Elvendom? It seems as if Valyris, like her predecessors, enjoys being associated with the forces of evil." A new day dawned, and a cool breeze rolled through Haelun'or, beckoning the mali'thill to devote themselves to the Cause. "Last Thought to Haelun'or - Ito Haelun'or Iyath'ante."
  11. "Oh how the puny fall?" mused a certain pure high elf. "And it took them decades to see that, living in a nation founded by a bandit, a book thief, and an ata'fenn. I can only hope that they will realize that one can never be a 'thill without adhering to Larihei's teachings. Will probably take a few decades as well."
  12. In her office, Idendril Elassidil sat filling out some paperwork when the news reached her: "Mar'ayla - peace in our time. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya." With these words she resumed her work. Somewhere in the kitchen of the Haelunorian tavern, the Chef Miravaris was preparing sweets and brewing tea for the returning Luthien.
  13. A certain dwarf starts counting coins.
  14. Somewhere from the depths of the Eternal Library, a devoted mali'thill utters the words of his predecessors, dedicating himself to their ancient cause. "Rise to the challenge, Children of Silver, rid the realm of the dark and evil. Only then may we find peaceful procurement of progress and health. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya!"
  15. "Ay'Haelun'or, Ay'Barrowlands - death to the darkspawn," a certain Miravaris exclaimed.
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