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  1. [!] From the depths of the Eternal Library, two studies were copied for those residents of Haelun’or who wished to learn about the nature of snow elves and the threat coming from these creatures. Parasite of the Mind: A Theory on Snow Elven Origination ~Asthil Haumel, Annilir of the Beru'cinhir of Lin'ame The emergence of the mentally deranged snow elves, or "Mali'fenn" as they have named themselves, has been a subject of my thought for some time now. It is claimed by some of them that their kin were simply always in hiding or had forgotten their ancestry, but there have never been any historical records mentioning Mali'fenn or any similar snow-dwelling elven populations. Immigration from distant and unknown lands is also unlikely, since the snow elves seem to possess intimate knowledge of the history of our own lands. In my deliberations, I have been forced to propose that there is only one way for such a divergent and societally abstracted race of Mali could have emerged: a parasite of the mind. The nature of the parasite eludes me: perhaps it is physical, as in this dramatic illustration. Or perhaps it is magical, or spiritual, or pathological as a disease or virus. Regardless of its status in reality, the effects of it can be seen clearly. Sometime in the course of Anthosian history, a group of elves encountered the parasite, and became the first generation of hosts. Forced into action by the disease within them, the infected elves sought out other hosts and infected them as well. With an initial population now existing, the memories and personalities of the mind-enslaved mali were devoured, replaced by implanted memories and coerced ideals. In this, the sudden appearance of the snow elves is well-explained: once they were ordinary elves, but have now been repurposed to a sinister cause: to follow the will of the virus and to spread it to as many potential elven hosts as possible. Indeed, on numerous occassions the 'Princedom of Fenn' has sent missives out across the Fringe, calling upon the elven race to converge to them in the name of prosperity and unification. It is thought that notably few answered this call, but who is to say that some of our missing beloved did not seek them out and became the slaves of the social parasite? From this theory, the political affiliations of the snow elves are also well-explained. Their vehement hatred of Haelun'or and its associated elven settlements stems from a simple biological imperative: competition. The Silver City is the last remaining elven power aside from the snow elven movement: if they are to be destroyed, then there shall be none left to oppose the mali'fenn as being 'the' elven home. Moreover, the infamous words that 'Grand Prince' Tundrak gave to none other than Oren's own Emperor's face can also be explained as the parasite working with limited information. Likely it would have gleaned knowledge of the unfortunate conflict between elvenkind and humankind in Anthos from the minds of its infected. In their deranged minds, the parasite would then conclude that Oren is a force that shall continue to destroy potential host-bodies, and so they must be stopped so that the mental infection may flourish. Furthermore, the incomprehensible relations that the snow elves have established with Alras and the dwarven nation of Urguan can also be interpreted in this light. It is well-known that there does exist a large population of elves that live within Alras: those of many, sometimes unsavory, character. Voracious in appetite for more host-bodies, the snow elves settled near Alras in order to have access to their prey, which otherwise remains safely locked away within Haelun'or. Relations with the dwarves who lived beneath the Alrasians became convenient, and perhaps that explains why an elven population began worshipping a dwarven deity. The culture was adapted to entice the dwarves into alliance, and they unknowingly were blinded by it. After the Alrasians began to resist and repel disturbances in their city lead by snow elves, the parasite decided that it must claim the elves of Alras by force. Thereafter, war was declared, and the world looked in awed fascination as the deranged snow elves proceeded to insult the Emperor of Oren and then beg for forgiveness afterwards. The ways in which this theory fits so well to the known events instills within me a great dread. For not only are the snow elves simply yet another group of elves who descended into insanity, but they bring with them a slavery of the mind that they actively desire to spread to others. Indeed, I have seen with my own eyes an elf who became infected and began to act and speak disturbingly, before he left and was adapted into snow elven society. The danger of this cannot be expressed enough: the very sanity and cognitive independence of the elven race is at stake here. The snow elves should not be treated as an amusement, or with apathy. Guard yourselves from their touch, mali. For they are contagious. BEWARE, MALI’AHERAL! ~Nerithil Valarieth, former Okarir’maehr Reject the normalisation of the Mali’fenn disease which has plagued the descendants since their sudden appearance just mere centuries ago! To attempt to understand the rationale behind the actions of those that call themselves ‘Mali’fenn’, is a pointless and arduous task, one which any ‘thill with sense will avoid entertaining. Their ways are driven only by primal instinct, for they are not truly capable of much coherent thought. The physical appearance of an ‘atafenn is both grotesque and pitiful, for it is proven that, of the mali, they hold the least regard towards any sense of elegance. Shown by their avoidance of selective breeding, leading to a horrid amalgamation of a race with no real identity or worth. The spawn of such creatures is a foul sight to behold, only the ice-cold blooded ‘atafenn would subject a child to a life of such misery and deformity. A typical Mali’fenn child But rejoice Mali’thill for we still stand far above the Maliata’fenn, whose every thought and action is tainted by their willingness to let an absurdity of emotions guide them. We, the Blessed Citizens of Haelun’or, will not so easily succumb to such irrationality through our steadfast willpower, given unto us by our strict adherence to maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, which is clearly beyond the comprehension of the simple minded ‘ata. Below is a rare image of the philistine Faux-Prince Aelthir Tundrak II. The children of Haelun’or will have already been instructed to distribute copies amongst the Citizenry so all will know the horrors that lie within the Fennic lands. Faux-Prince Aelthir Tundrak II But fear not, my fellow Mali’thill, for under the protection of our brave Sillumiran, the putrid cretins that threaten the sanity of the realm shall be repelled. Individually they pose no threat to any mature ‘thill, since they barely have the cognitive ability to stand straight. However, as a collective they can threaten to overwhelm anyone caught in their narrow line of sight. It is not known if the ata’fenn operate within a hive mind, however their consistently baffling behaviour has led many of our esteemed academics to believe that they definitely act in some sort of basic unison with one another. Regardless, it is the policy of the Silver Council to ensure the health of the nation remains untainted by such nefarious beings. While we, the enlightened few, can live in bliss atop our plateau, we must not forget the darkness that dwells in distant lands and instead strive to protect any lost children of Larihei from falling victim to the horde of travesties that lies within Fenn.
  2. Balanced, interesting addition. Definitely would help to utilize some underrated transfiguration spells and make the lore more coherent and logical. Great read.
  3. A cool breeze rolls through Haelun'or.
  4. "Ay'Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya, Ay'Haelun'or, Ay'Elervathar!" - exclaimed the elfess.
  5. The Eternal Library Published as of the 3rd of the Grand Harvest, 50 S.A. “And so, lliran - we cannot sit idly by as a pure Mali’thill falls ill. Elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya invites - ne, it demands - for us to pursue research.” Former-Sohaer Alaion Miravaris Following the resignation of previous okarir’maehr Tiuthwyn Harriel, the work of the Eternal Library of Elcihi’thilln was suspended. But progress should not stand still! In this regard, it is announced that the Eternal Library resumes its operation and invites citizens of Haelun'or and those who wish to pursue Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya. The rules one must meet to gain access to the knowledge we store within the Silver walls shall be updated. A Tome meeting the quota of: – Any non-fiction subject or philosophy, merely excluding personal stories. – A minimum of 9 Full pages of text. – An original copy, Not a copy of the original nor a copy of a copy. – The Claimant is the original Author. – Written in proper, intelligible grammar. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Tilruir’maehr, Idendril Elassidil [OOC: This is the Eternal Library’s discord channel https://discord.gg/kdmCrYa7Ey This is where one can request door access, post their forum books and have them seen, make book requests]
  6. Widu


    Idendril was born in the great city of Haelun’or. She was promised to be a gift to her parents and they were preparing to this moment for ages. As other elves, her parents suffered from the curse of infertility and thought that they can’t born a child. When she was infant, she was surrounded by parent’s concern. And it was quite surprising for the parents when Idendril got brown hair which is not associated with purity of high elf blood. When she became teen, she started to show special interest in travelling, she was attracted by wandering knights, which were arriving in Haelun’or. She also loved geography and cartography, she wanted to visit ancient realms of Axios and Atlas, and wondered what is situated beyond the border of the world. At the age of 50 she left Haelun’or without any notifications for her parents. She starts her own path, full of adventure. Now she is on the road to the city of Sutica.
  7. Widu


    His mother elf was warrior maiden. His father was mercenary. When Gwynnedd was born, father was wandering around the world, trying to make some money. He was educated as elf, but was harassed by others due to his dwarf appearance. Then his mother went with other elves to war against orcs where she died. At this time, Gwynnedd became adult and started to make plans for his life. He wanted to make a family and build his own house, but elves disliked him, they called him half-breed. He decided to find his father and try his luck in dwarf cities. Travelling through the world, he met his only friend: orc, who was expelled by the other orcs. Wandering through the roads he met many people, and gathered many stories and legends. After 10 years of searching his father he wringed hands in despair. Gwynnedd started to think that he is dead and realising that he has other goals in his life. Now he is traveller who seeks for a place, where he won’t be harassed by others. Right now, Gwynnedd is preparing to visit great city of Sutica and try his luck there.
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