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  1. [!] Grand and marvelous are the contents of the eldest library, and yet for all the virtue within, insanity looms in great quantities, in a perverted equilibrium. ‘Aheral who had come to Silver City not so long ago, whose mind was far from keenest, and yet whose heart beat strong for both his peers and elders, bore a perseverance great.. His struggle to be of aid to the elven militia was to no avail, and so, despondent, he had delved into the farthest depths of the great pool of knowledge that have accumulated in the Silver State over a millenia. The knowledge was consumed, like a sponge devours water. Word by word, row by row, book by book… Much of lore and history was gorged down by the ravenous mind. And yet there was a line. A limit that he shouldn’t have crossed. By and by, and the privy strings of text and tales of foregone age obtruded him all round. From envy, a scorn was born, and thence hatred and malice. Lunacy encroached. Day by day it waxed, until became unbearable; the endless well of spite had to burst, and so in an attempt to unshackle himself, to rid of those bonds, the ‘aheral ventured to one of the most prominent once-rivals of Haelun’or. Along his route, a peer with an endeavour of similitude was encountered. And together they marched and assailed the city of marble. Celia’nor. The approach was swift. The unexpected ally of camaraderie was of a powerful foe, contrary to the elf. Blinded by his hubris and avarice, strike after strike, move after move, his failure became eminent and inevitable. A shield, where once an insignia of his hometown could be gleaned now lay in debris. His own sword cloven in two pieces. One in dirt on the ground, and the other - the one still attached to the hilt, in his own neck. A puddle of blood cradled his limp body; his cadaver. Madness claimed not only his mind, but both body and soul.
  2. Iron doors are ugly, and the fact that you can get a flavorful build only at the expense of defense seems pretty ludicrous. I'd advocate for all doors being the same. But with redstone doors....... I don't think that they should be removed or mandated to have an obvious entry. There are plenty of people skulking about the map, city or literally any place, and if someone wanted to make the entrance noticeable so that people could easily interact with whatever is contained within, they could. But it doesn't mean they should have no other option. Even when it comes to storing something like a CA phylactery, why should it be easily accessible and interactable? People could have spent maybe months if not longer, step by step striving to the goal of acquiring that CA in character, and it should be possible to strip what the effort provided with just a flick of fingers? Gah. I think that creativity that a person who is building the door exerts should be rewarded with the ability to build more convoluted doors that would require a great grain of wit to open, which is exactly what redstone provides. On the contrary, though, I think that anything involving a specific key (even if just a mundane item) shouldn't exist at all. Whilst the logic behind such a possibility of course exists, there is neither any brain-power required to make it, nor any interesting way to figure out how the door functions. It's just trying every item until you either get lucky or there will be only one feasible option remaining. This is just dumb.
  3. Roused by the news from her dawdle in a spot unmarked by any map, a certain clowness stirred; and she tarried no more, quailing toward the circus' grounds in anticipation of a new adventure.
  4. "I wanna slay some goblins" Decreed a certain warrior, brandishing his brazen shield to the vast span that stretched beneath the spot where he presently stood.
  6. A blistering wind swept across the snowscape, biting against the skin of those unfortunate that disregarded proper clothing. And in the midst of that chill, enthroned atop a fateful hill, a goliathic rift that spanned into the ever volatile eternity leered at mortals that squandered about. A meagre group, of meagre numbers, strove against adversaries that outnumbered them by many folds. Sorcerous motives, infernal spells and arcana-wrought craftsman whirled and lashed to the whims of the former, whose skill proved far beyond the expectations, for even in that sheer disadvantage the odds seemed never lucid. Amongst the party that embarked upon that journey to eliminate the encroaching threat of the interminable nothingness, a man whose name was seldom known, and spoken even rarer, marched alongside of his peers. A virulent scar sat on his body, ever itching; the memory of felled patron was seared firmly in his very body, and grimness rimmed his mind alike an obtruding thicket. Snow crunched underneath his boots, and every breath brought forth a cloud of white. He was clutching onto the shaft of a hammer, and his glance was set upon the eerie space-scar overhead. The fight began abruptly, alas it neared conclusion sooner than one had hoped; a steed that borne the unfamed man stumbled and careened, and riders were propelled into the air. Whilst luck spilled its riches unto one, another’s was depleted. The man had fallen in the snow; an unexpected prison that chained him down in place perhaps just briefly, and yet long enough for foes to assail his defenceless body. A giant spike jutted from the undulating snow, and skewered the poor soul right through. Amidst the tumult, his fate was condemned. Amidst the turmoil, his vain attempts to scrape and scramble away from the approaching demise were left unaided. And soon it was, that the last thrash sprinted through his body, and limpness acceded to the rightful reigns. A last sigh fluttered from his lips; a last cloud of steam expelled And so it was, that a man with deeds lacking or obscured departed unto the beyond. With life so barren, no tale will be told. A name so meek will never be woven in a song; and so it was, the end untold.
  7. Guys teach me magic PLEASE

    1. Netphreak


      If you wish to be taught the magic, you must first unlock the premium magic access pass. To do this you can purchase the premium magic access pass from the micro-transaction store for $5.99 USD. (Note, this only unlocks your ABILITY to be taught magic. This is not a guarantee for obtaining magic.)


      If you wish for a guarantee obtained magic, you must then purchase the premium magic student access pass from the micro-transaction store for $49.99 USD. You are guaranteed to get a T1 magic with a limited time one on one lesson from a T5 teacher of one of the four elemental magics. (Note, this also comes with a one of a kind removable tail skin. A $9.99 USD value included with your purchase.)

    2. BakedPotato


      ill send u my paypal

  8. https://tenor.com/en-GB/view/anime-baka-angry-stupid-triggered-gif-17184362
  9. Marooned in place afar and deep, where lamps of fairy light tinged walls alight, a shadow stirred. Immaculate. And stranded in the light-borne shackles, it swirled along the floor and spanned; from formless undulates a form was born, a countenance with lineaments unknown. A youthful tone wore captive's voice. a childish whisper trickling thence unto stones; "O'deary-deary me!" - "O'why can't I be there with them?" - "O'why can't I forsake this place?" - "O'why can't I crusade the foulest ilk?" Its frown was doomed; a smile bloomed; and frivolous became its tune- A cackle rang. A clang of chains. A rattle of the binds! Like snow beneath the hefty feet, the fetters crunched in rupture. The light was banished. The twilight won, and someone sought to find the pope!
  10. Sorry for party rocking

    1. christman


      People always say that my musics loud

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