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  1. Any1 wanna play an atronach?


    P. S. That will NOT be ordered to self-destruct a day after creation. Just a funny atronach for funny roleplay

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      Aurumtooth to this day is floating through the endless void

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      @AstrophysicalI don't think anyone but you got the meme.. :C

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      If you come say hi :)

  3. A small offspring had bestown attention to the paper that fluttered into her grasp. In a blur, her glance swept over it. In a blur, a frivolous smile beamed; "Bask in death's embrace.." A whisper left her; she went on on her merry way.
  4. Omg guys there is this player called gamerdude09 and he's like so cool and based and redpilled and would be a great addition to this great and free server we all call lotc guys please unshackle the innocent unbind the serene loose the #cool gamerdude09 please guys lets support him guys guys please we've got to show him our support guys guys



  5. Reply to me dms ・゚・(。>ω<。)・゚・
  6. -----=====----- He stalked the enchanted forest a while, wondering hither and thither; he strayed between a pair of arching boughs and then he halted. Doubt beset him, for wherever he glanced, all seemed so familiar– and the same. Underneath that vaulted ceiling of sprawling and tangling branches, he sat himself down and pondered. He frequented forests, and many upon the Odras – the continent that was his homeland – were known in every obscured nook and cranny. But it was a different case with this domain of woods. He have not been here before, and the flora here unwavered in their stoic guise. On both flanks, and in the rear and forwards, whither he'd go mattered little; the woods ranked in unchanging structure. Although, whether he erred in his path and traipsed in circles, or the forest was contrived of alike tiles of land, or the morbid trees and grass travelled alongside the Watcher's paces, was hard to tell. He spun his eyes about; the nonchalantly breathing woods seemed keen and imperious; staring at the intruder and bidding him death of starvation, for, though occasional brooks of serenely wading waters embellished grasslands, there was absolute dearth of even most timorous and hard-to-catch creatures. The fauna was absent. Probably beholden to the same fate as I. He guessed. The herbs are likely noxious, and peril awaited all who tasted them. And without prey, so the predators perished or turned seldom. His head shook in dismay and his eyes turned to his legs. His teeth grated. Therein something cracked - a stick beneath someone's boot; surprise strung the Watcher and he snapped in the sound's direction; on a bed of fallen leaves and bent grass was a girl. A silk dress was on her, the hair blonde and tended, flowing down to her breast, and from the veil of them protruded a pair of pointy ears. Her legs were bent in knee, so that the bare feet were firm on soil, where the torso was reclined backward, and arms were bracing against the ground behind. Her chin was reared and the glance trapped in light-lit crones. A lonesome ray that managed to thud through that dense thicket far above shone its indigo gleam upon that lithe and minute figure. "Beautiful is the domain of Shadow, is it not?” Her voice awoke, and her neck turned; a face in the pale lights from above had a soft smile. “Shadow? Is that where I'm at?” Coarsely rasped the Watcher. His body was ennervated, and so he did naught. “Why have you come here, traveller?” She asked. “You do not belong here. You are not of this realm.” - “You reek of Bûn-Drög; and they sought a route hither for millennia. They want us gone” Her head tilted, her gaze squinted. “Do you?” - thus the query hung in the air. Unanswered; the Watcher slipped no word. “We wish no war. For although you are mistaken, we believe in change. We do not want to condemn.” “Why do you wish to doom us?” The Watcher smirked; “Pity?!” – “Is that the only thing you can came up with to sway me?” He shook his head with a grin of malice on his lips. “You will not faulter me with your lies; and it is the only thing you and your friends spout. Lies!!!” – “Cease, and your demise will be painless!!” His hand had clung to the belt, and thence unsheathed a dagger, and he swung its blade towards the young girl. A sigh from her fluttered, and the weapon notched her like butter, and her form dispersed in mist; it churned and swirled about the Watcher, and from behind the mist stepped darkness, and the Watcher it enveloped. A fleeting scream broke out, but it couldn't escape the fringes of the arch where the man had been sitting; it sunk into naught and forest's silence continued.
  7. [!] Blackness shriveled. The dark sillhouettes drew into a vision. A vista of unknown realm spanned down below – first falling down a slope ever steep, and then bounding and sinking, soaring and diving. Unwavering twilight lay on the uncanny landscape. Hither and thither, the undulate domain was cracked and riven; meagre fissures and great chasms scarred it, and thence spouted unyielding streams of eerie mist. It roved about the air, and entwined between the abound trees – for in all the sight that unravelled from the tall peak there was the arboreal swath, tailing the earth in every direction, be it the spikes jutting through the hazes and piercing heavens, or deep bowls where dark concealed the lower pits. Tranquil it seemed. Unscathed by the currents of time or other force.. And quiet. Amid those woods only breath of trees and some faraway running waters stirred the elsewise unbreakable silence. A sudden movement occured; through whomever's eyes the lulling picture was perceived, they were turned away from the plastering beauty now. They glimpsed behind; and they fell upon a glade, rimmed by the woods of similitude – where wafts of mist curled, and trees cloaked in enchanted and ancient bark loomed. Grasses of varying shapes and sizes curled in the sheen whither the unbeknownst Watcher now looked: some were short and crimson, and tipped with black; others were lush and verdant, sprouting into splayed or narrowed bushes. There the wind was meek and nigh unnoticeable, yet the greenery and even younger trees obeyed its whims, swaying slightly. The Watcher first indulged in that sight, admiring it in stillness.. Alas, he couldn't wallow long; from gloom and mist emerged a figure. A short one – just about five feet in height, and about two in breadth. Its approach lilted with the air of the realm about, as the paces were perpetual and calm, and the step was so light that no grass bent behind it, and no sound it summoned forth. The dinless visitor wore a robe of dark silk with a hood cast over the head, and where sleeves dangled from the arms and peeked no hands, and where the only gap that showed was where the visitor's face should be. Yet a shadow was strewn over it; the countenance could not be seen. Dreary was the encloaked person, and with his coming dread was spilled into the air. The Watcher bated breath and tensed. His head inclined a slight in caution, and thereby the gaze followed to slant a little. Thus was the only answer to the trepidation that the figure harbringed, for the forest remained unangered and unstirred. So the mutual stare proceeded, and the time of unmotion drew into minutes..- Hours, perhaps. The flow thereof was hard to tell in the midst of placidity. But second after second, all the doubt and terror that enwreathed the Watcher slowly waned. At last it had shrunken so much that he broke the pause. With a hand rising aloft and fingers splaying, he gave the other a cautious wave. “Come now, don’t be scaring my weary bones so much. Are you the dweller of this place?” Thus, the face of shadow – of that figure across the glade – shifted. It cocked to a side and gawked keenly at the Watcher – so much so that all the angst that tarried him before swooped back, looming like a great, dark shadow. At length a noise was made – but it was not a word spoken hereafter. It was a sneer, and only a passing. For though no other sound was made, in but a twinkle the visitor was gone. And though the Watcher looked about, he found naught but the unruffled woods again. A growl suddenly droned, and it made the Watcher flinch like a tenebrous mouse that overheard a hissing snake.. But soon his eyes fell to his stomach – wherein some bits of his own attire exhibited. It was a tunic of bleak green, crossed by a series of leathery straps, whence hung different apparatuses– bottles and vials with sunken glow, a pair of daggers in oaken sheaves, and a pouch embroiled in intricate embroidery –, and it was the stomach that turned out to be longing for food, rather than a prowling predator. So a sigh the Watcher held, and he set into the woods, and he sought for prey or fruit or other food~
  8. "Thou art my Light. My glimmer at the horizon. Thy Path I shalt honour; in Life as in Death" So mused a certain figure; an elf who dwelt in the asylum of God, and whose form was adorned by the garments of His name and calling.
  9. [!] Across the vast realm of Aevos, hither and thither, tarried many notes. The jotted writing upon most of them was scrawly, and though a few of the papers bore a relatively wrought text, the rest perpetually degraded… So they read; YOU I travelled far and wide to find you and your friends, so that the friends of my friends would get ahold of your friends and befriend the friends of your friends, which is, actually, YOU Then I would appear. I would talk to you, because you are a bad guy, doing bad things. You should not do bad things, and I really wanted to properly explain it to you. So. Please. Send one of your lackeys to meet me or something! My feet ache and all the grown-ups called me stupid! :( To Gashadokuro and his friends, From Brenda. P. S. I’ve been told that birds can locate anyone, so send a letter to me!.. (I don’t have friends) P. P. S. If you want to send someone to me, ask me in a letter, and I will send you a letter with location! (Please send me a letter, I don’t have friends) P. P. P. S. Please send me a letter. :( [!] So the ranting of some special person was concluded upon the parchment..
  10. [!] A gust strove through the city, and basking in its lanky arms, there were many posters flapping. __________________________________________________ "A victory wrought laxity, for the success wrought no rest” __________________________________________________ With the shadows elongating toward East, with the chilly breath of the upcoming winter drawing closer, the many labouring and harried 'thill deserve an interlude of their bewearied saunter. The victory bequeathed us fermentation, yet have given no respite; the many blessed 'aheral and other dwellers of elThilln'nor still travail beneath the enervating gloom of precarious times. It is to ease the burdens with whom we all were laden, I call ye hither, to the tavern in elCihi’thilln, in the passing of mere elven days. The Silver Gala a. Competition; lensuloem’bilok b. Games; siyuern c. Conversation; sanan __________________________________________________ Pumpkin Carving Those deft in hewing and slicing and working I beckon to ply their knives and daggers in a sport of refurbishing mere fruit into a craft that shalt enamour others. Both the raw supply and apparatus will be provided to each contestant, and they will be granted an equal amount of time, wherein they will present their capabilities. Afterward, the winner will be selected, and a prize bestowed. __________________________________________________ Frolics Those who wishn’t bebother themselves with more tasks they might dub tiring, there shalt be a plethora of different games strewn across the grounds within the tavern: from some plain dice-darting festivities to more intricate and mind-snaring merriments __________________________________________________ Conversation Should thou wish to elude both of the aforementioned, it shan’t be a difficult task. One may simply wander the grounds and commune with new or known faces, indulge in a welter of different conversations and topics, accompanied by an euphony of grand music to embrace oneself within. __________________________________________________ Special invites are forwarded to the following … All the denizens of elCihi’thilln All the dwellers of the verdant Vale; and I wish to emphasise, for although recently we deemed one another adversaries - we are no more. Let us not drown in hatred like the feral beasts, but intermingle, and perceive each others’ views. All those who were left unmentioned - fret not, for thou art not ostracised. Everyone wishing to partake within the festival may conjoin, given the permission of entry into our Blessed City. [!] Somewhere unbeknown and in the stygian darkness, a behemoth beast skittered by. Clad in shadows, from its gargantuan maw, there frothed some loathsome noises. Although reminiscent of jolly laugher, the sound was crooked and twisted. Through the blackness its heavy thumps droned; the adversary set off toward the capital.
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