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  1. hi im big fan i hope u will stay some longer omg!
  2. The Supremacy It is from the time of yore, when realms were but nebulous, that the God bequeathed food unto the men. The gifts were many, and the kinds were various. Unto the denizens of the torrid Deserts He bestowed the cactus. Unto the dwellers of the verdant Jungles He spilled the fragrant fruit. Unto the residents of barren Mountains He conferred the stout vegetables. The time lapsed by, and the the food was being eaten- the lush fields were razed at the behest of lunatic farmers, craving to yield their crops and appease their Liege, the replete branches were hewed by the axemen.. It is in clutches of torture and suffering that the food long tarried, covetting the eventual release- the improbable freedom and serenity that they could find… Through centuries their murmurs turned to moans. By and by, and moans grew louder. The cries of help that they have always wailed bolstered, and the amalgamation of their will stirred the laws and rules that were codified by God at the beginning of time.. It was thereupon, that an emissary of their wrath and anguish had been borne- As an eldritch minglement of shrieks, the most imposing vegetable came to be; a potato, whose purpose was to find the asylum for its brothers and sisters… Thus began its crusade. A clash against many. -----------------------------+++----------------------------- -----------------------------+++----------------------------- -----------------------------+++----------------------------- -----------------------------+++----------------------------- -----------------------------+++----------------------------- -----------------------------+++----------------------------- -----------------------------+++----------------------------- -----------------------------+++----------------------------- -----------------------------+++-----------------------------
  3. "At last~" A voice blithely spoke at the news
  4. "An expedient appointment- and one long expected" - some voice touted, lingering beside the fresh missive
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVoyuNsAcg8 ============+============ A roar tore asunder the serenity of the night; a wail brimmed with pain and wrath, and one that soon quelled. The silence annexed its reign over the meadows. The air was fresh and still, and brinks of the moon shone through the fissures in the clouds. The lull of the nightfall was bebothered by but the sound exuding from the group of adventurers – a party mingled of diverse kinds – that panted ever so heavily for they just slew a beast. A sepulchral creature, from whom the gloom company suffered little casualties, though not devoid thereof. Nevertheless, through the conjoint effort, the foe had been felled, and its agonising demise, for that it was- painful-, bequeathed the taste of victory unto the valiant company, and granted them a sense of valour. A feeling that proved to be but a fleeting pleasure. The congregation did not indulge long, for upon the carcass of the felled beast encroached its fellows, mourning over the comrade, and sunken with livid rage over the loss. The adventurers were hemmed in, and already fatigued. Thereupon ensued a real clash, and one whence naught but sheer luck permitted their improbable escape. Alas, the adversaries prevailed, and they yearned for vengeance, shulking within the thickets lush. More posters, bearing the now familiar scribbles, appeared across the realm. Many of them were but laid over their predecessors, and thus, prevailed the jotted map; ============+============ The Nearing Danger Heed, o’dwellers of the pastures, for not long ago it’s been proven, by the very men who live beside you, that the threats are not omitted from the grasslands fair and green! Beasts of species yet unseen and monsters spat from tales yet untold prowl both the untamed lands and outskirts of the cities long inhabited.. Alas, time ushers change even to these rickety ways, for the longer fiends prevail with new neighbours- us- the more accustomed they become. Their alarm steadily dwindles, and famishness grows. Ere long they’ll step over the doorsteps of the cities dainty, in the unending search for a meal. A pack of such devious monstrosities have already assaulted a group of explorers that set out to fend off the threats, and they but barely escaped. It was not of a pointless endeavour, however, for we discerned a way to clash with these beasts. Yet still, without the strength of audacious folks, even with the greatest and most intricate devices, the luck shall elude us. And hence I make another call; seek out the tent of colors red at the Northern shore of the Dúnfarthing’s lake, and meet there with me. Ere you, and whomever you bring along, will meet, I shall gird for the ensuing battle, and hoard equipment for the aforesaid. The conspicuous individuals will be rewarded accordingly, for it is nothing short of great feat to vanquish a beast equally great.
  6. ============+============ A Traveller ingressed into the lands of Dunwen. Basking in the rays of beaming sun, the blossoming country of grass and tree allured his wearied eyes.. But meek seconds of pondering elapsed ere the drawn adventurer opted to cease his traipsing for a time, and halt amid this Shiredom. Within it, he ambled hither and thither, turning to seas of lush greenery and pools of tranquil water with a smile.. A smile that lingered not for long; for reasons unbeknown, his sedate rest had been torn and galled. In the time ensuing, numerous posters found themselves hanging across the meadows and beyond- ============+============ Call of the Undaunted Within this very land, where trees yield fruits as big as people, and ale teems from barrels countless to the wooden mugs, a threat besmirched serenity. Nagging pests and ferocious predators roused from lengthy dormancy, and they prowl the thickets green, searching for a prey.. This message is to the people valiant and stout; you I summon, for we must muster our strength to beget the withdrawal of the vicious creatures from the placid land! I scoured fields and forests round the borough, and uncovered many a beast that shall be vanquished till they magnify into a problem beyond capabilities of resolution.. Shall your will be unwavering and determination stiff – visit a tent mounting a knoll just beside the entrance to the wee folk’s land. There, with whom will come, I shall discuss the details of both the current mission, and incoming risks. Following the writing, upon the parchment sat a scrawled drawing of a map; P. S. All of the efforts shall be compensated wholly, and achievements awarded properly.
  7. "Prosperous be thy reign, and dreadful be thine enemies." A short elf mumbled
  8. Speechless, two pale ambers scanned the paper..
  9. A pair of keen ambers lit with curiosity unbeknown when they struck the poster's end.
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