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  1. The Vexation [!] Tap, tap.. Tap, tap.. Down in the meager light of the deep skulked silhouettes unknown, scrambling further into the blackness. There below, in a place obscured and discreet lay heaps of jumbled splendor; the sparse light that the peculiar dungeon retained donned them in exquisite glint… Clang! Another trophy joined its fellows that littered the floor. Some contorted giggling wandered the crowdless halls, reverberating from the little shadows - some still scampered round the heaps and added in the new souvenirs with jangles and jingles, whilst others clambered atop of a cluster of pillars and settled there high. Their eyes- nigh shinning in the dimness- watched over their riches. As for the world high above, - the world where common folk lingered merrily - alas, some gloomy news blemished everyone’s mood, for much of their own goods had gone missing. The little trinkets, some weapons and baubles vanished over the night. Beneath the windows of some houses lay shards of glass, and where they once had been standing lodge gaps.. The word is quick; long before noon the rumours sprawled across the city, and a certain elf cussed out something incoherent as the word caught his ears. He snapped out of leisure snoozing and plodded outside. His stroll soon came to an end, for he entered the HQ of Centurions, where he began arranging something, rummaging through the armor and equipment, and scribbling something on numerous parchments..
  2. https://tenor.com/en-GB/view/owl-avatar-spirit-i-know-youre-there-animation-gif-18136493
  3. Your opinion is different to mine and therefore is incorrect. Its whatevr if some1 stores a core in e chest cuz its been taken away already anyway, and I refuse to consider the clause when someone would try blackmailing a forger with a core or holding it as a hostage since it will ruin my argument.
  4. Just make the atro player sign an item to represent their core.. If an atronach is defeated and some1 takes their core its an equivalent of someone defeating a simple descendant and taking their hand, for instance. Make an item, and make a player sign it. Thats it. St signatures will just bring more hassle and we both know that apart from u and some others it will be taking 5 years to get someone to sign it
  5. Zonty

    The Hunt

    THE HUNT [!] Identical missives had been scribbled by someone and sent aloft; the winds blew them off to numerous cities. For millenia the powerful sorcerers meddled with the prowess beyond the grasp of many, soaring to great heights, or slumping into stygian and imminent abyss, whereupon they perished or worse. Many grew envious toward the astonishing magi, many refused to give up the toll that the bestowed power seized, and so those tried to take the magic without a cost. For free.. A once extraordinary and marvelous art warped and corrupted anew, fashioning into what's now known as housemagery. The heinous, selfish bastards annexed that depraved magic for themselves, which naught but escalated the already subsisting, aberrant demeanor. Thus those envious and cruel men ventured further in the darkness, and such mustn't prevail. Thus I call upon the fellow wizards. The paladins and knights, the warlocks of the dark and beast that dwell 'neath the shade, and the beings of arcane; all we must unite and mingle our strength. The true, blasphemous fiend will quiver and fall ere us in fear! Flourish the ranks of witchhunters, and lend a sharp blade or cunning mind or razing claws to the great cause - to douse those who went astray with bliss; to gift them their demise - the end of their infernal suffering!
  6. ATTACK OF THE WOLFMAN Issued at Year 111 of the Second Age Long The Centurions have slumbered, alas the fiends have not. Time to arouse has come, for the peril is enclosing. With the recent assault upon the citizenry of The Most Serene State midst daylight by a hairy humanoid beast of immense size, it is apparent that too long have the folk dawdled. Too long have we been turning a blind eye to the danger that steadily drew into our lands that we thought was below us. The nefarious beasts emerged within our home - heinous wolfmen came attacking, and then fled into their lairs after being met with our citizenry. Heed, for the time has come - The Centurions are recruiting. The aspiring candidates for recruitment are either to reach out to the Silver Lubba, or The Captain of Centurions, or one amongst the officers. Alternatively, the candidates can send letters to the HQ, stating their name and the reason why they wish to enlist. Those letters will be reviewed by the Centurions' captain himself, and the reply will be sent back shortly. The time to defend our home has arrived. signed, The Silver Lubba John, Captain of The Silver Centurions
  7. Oculi elf alacres et dimissione super poster micabant. Torvo ore detorsit et debellat, "Sed non sicut crustulam."
  8. Zonty

    To Haense

    [!] A formal letter has been sent to Haense's king Ug, Throm'ka lat, Ug latz, mi blarg bulgug Mog, ug latz gug'ye latz thron'ka. Ug yub latz ukee latz gug'ye latz latz thron'ka. Ug blah latz gug'ye latz dabu latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz znaga. Ug gug'ye latz blarg latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz znaga latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz nub'hozh latz buub. Ug dabu latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz pushdug latz glob. Ug gug'ye latz blarg latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz klomp latz flat. Ug dabu latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz peep latz peepurz. Ug gug'ye latz, mi blarg bulgug Mog ug gug'ye latz uzg latz blarg bub'hozh latz brudda uzg latz. Ug dabu latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz ztowt, gazat, twigiez, treeuggerz, albai, zquealz, quickzpawn, breederz, shara, pinkeh. Ug dabu latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz nuutzhara, nubded, buubzhara, howlur. Ug gug'ye latz blarg latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz momo. Ug dabu latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz zkah, zaahkah. Ug dabu latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz agh. Ug dabu latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz buurz. Ug dabu latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz mojo. Ug dabu latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz krimp. Ug dabu latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz klomp latz flat. Ug dabu latz gug'ye latz blarg bub'hozh latz peep latz peepurz. Ug rulg latz. Ug gug'ye latz, Blarg bulgug Mog (ug blarg bub'hozh latz buubzhara)
  9. Transfiguration Amendment - Transmutation - Alter Color At T3 a Transfigurationist in question may learn as complex abilities as enchanting, fussion, fission, and... Altering color. Simply as. Doesn't make much sense to keep that ability at T3. Instead, it should be moved to T2.
  10. Heretics - all of you!! Indulge in your bliss, for it's not everlasting! Dread that which will befall you, for once MaltaMoss will grow livid, his wrath will emerge, and all of you will grovel afore!! The true prowess and effort of his shan't be left forgotten, for otherwise through the tangible purgatory you will suffer, and your worst nightmares will ensue!! Plead for forgiveness ere it vaporizes, for only the single chance you have!!
  11. "Kill undead." - A non particular elf mused somewhere in the depths of Lurin land
  12. 1 emote lesser enchantment is a good addition, and can provide easier flavour roleplay, which would be great. The rest of the additions though, not only would weaken the voidal enchantments as a whole, but also don't quite make sense lore-wise. I presumd that the addition of emotes to enchantments is a toll for the users that don't have as developed mana pool as the mages themselves. However, it doesn't really matter since the voidal enchantments are based on the creation of an artificial mana pool, which doesn't entail the necessity of it being constantly recharged by someone else's mana. That is why sometimes enchantments were used as traps (or so i was told), obelisks don't require a group of mages to constantly refuel it, and so forth. Not only that, but the general amount of emotes required for enchantments is already bigger than that of a voidal mage due to the need of activating them every time, which means you cannot teleport every emote or so, constantly shoot spikes, etc. Not to say that enchantments can't be used in a destructive fashion, but to be fair, everything can be utilized that way, and you just need a bit of brain power to come up with those things. I scrolled through the comments, and it seems that some people think voidal magic is bad right now, which is not true. The lore it already has right now is quite good, and the usage just depends on how far you can extend your imagination and creativity while abiding the redlines. Also, wanted to mention that illusion enchantments are actually weaker than the magic due to them generally being more prone to flickering, usable only once 24 hours, and being less diverse than the magic itself.
  13. "Oi, oi!" The elf exclaimed, one of his crooky fingers, embraced in a white glove, pointed at the notice that just fell into his sight "Kiraso, wanna call some randoms from other there and **** with Haelun'or?" The elf chimmed in an inquiry, albeit his voice was rather teasing @PinkPyro
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