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  1. [!] Missives are pinned up throughout all kingdoms, nations and settlements on Arcas. [!] A drawing of the Dragur Library rests on the forefront of the missive. “It has come to my attention that the Library Of Dragur, the same library that has stood sturdy for hundreds of years, is soon to fall to ruin due to the incompetency, inactivity and general lack of care of many of its present Librarians. In order to continue our legacy and provide the realm with all the knowledge it needs.. I, Aearonor, librarian of Dragur take it upon myself to initiate a calling to all those scholarly. We, the Dragur Library, need you. What are we looking for? The Dragur Library requires fully-fledged staff members, known as Librarians. They are responsible for all clerical duties, including sorting and reviewing of literature, manning the front desk, and of course, aiding all visitors with their questions. Any and all librarians, if they so wish, will have room within the Dragur Library that they can call their own. There is no pay, there is only enlightenment. If you wish to apply, please seek out the following members: Slots, Aearonor or Darcassan.”
  2. Guess this means the useless Idalia is gone. I love it.
  3. Ascanius rubs his hands together in a menacing manner. “Good, good.. It seems our efforts were not without fruit.”
  4. [!] A single flyer is pinned to Cloud Temple, recently hung in the wake of a tragic death: With the passing of the beloved Pale Pot, we, his family, are left with his belongings. Unable to bear the burden of his beastly companion, we have kindly opted to sell it rather. A depiction of the beast. The Draconic Goat stands around three feet, is quite hairy and grossly overweight, however manages its about the place with ease. It weighs near double a halfling, and has a beautiful white trim. The goat possesses a rare ability to breathe fire; borne of Draconic origin by the Halfling’s family, said to be far more efficient and tasty than an oven! Many can attest to the capabilities of the goat. The starting bid, for the Auction of Pale Pot’s Draconic Goat, begins at one-thousand mina!
  5. “Our paths met once more, both of us being different men than we were before. It’s both an honor and blessing that I was the one to snuff you out. May we meet again in the next life- high above this pitiful mortal coil. Peace be with you, bruddah.” Ascanius rings out as he stares off into the frosted tundra.
  6. An old elf stands at his Grove, his form kneeling down before an old and dusty alter. He slips a dagger from the depths of his robes, slitting his hand and letting his ichor burn above an open flame as he gives a prayer in name of those lost. After such, the elf rises, leaving his grove for the last time- his course set to find a specific elf to comfort.
  7. A knight of September roams Sutica, looking for the Red Wanderer. “I wonder if I have a payday coming up.” the knight snickers.
  8. [Art by Andreas Rocha] It was very early summer, the trees beginning their brilliant bloom, the sun setting slowly from behind the mountainside. The weather was cool and soft, the green and fertile valley writhed a chilled breeze. The sky turned a violet hue, and the shadows crept up between the hills and trees, while the grand peaks of the mountains caught the final glimpse of the sun’s rays. Big white stars flirted shamelessly with the hills- and the moon hung high over the mountains and above the whispering pines. Ascanius traveled through this green and fertile valley, the final grip of the sun’s rays beating against his skin one final time. A cacophony of nature buzzing around his form, though falling silent as night took hold. He came upon an aged oak, massive in its size, and he fell to his knees beneath its canopy, clasping his hands and cocking his head to face the roots and soil. He began to speak, though his words were harsh and strained, uncontrolled emotion flurrying with each word. “Mother, Father, and the Spider. It was your teachings that guided me for so long. You kept me on the true path, bestowing upon me Bellir’s Tooth- allowing me to become one with the very nature I served, allowing me to embrace the Hound. I did not deserve your grace, for I snuffed out the flame of many of your servants. It was your teachings that brought me purpose as a servant of the earth and wilds, and for this, you have my thanks and eternal debt.” Ascanius paused, both his mind and soul shaking, trembling for what was to come. And yet, he spoke once more, this time a tinge of anger flowing through him. “September.. Where do I start? You were a wicked creature filled with unbridled scorn and hatred, the embodiment of the earth’s wrath. You wanted to bring balance where balance once was lost, but your efforts led many a Drui astray and into ruin. I still believe in our cause, but not in you, and not how we executed it.. Not that it matters anymore. It’s a blessing that Cerridwen plucked your soul, and like myself, the gift of life has ended. Blessed be, Brother. Blessed be.” That anger quickly subsided as he came to speak again.. “Ouity..” he spoke softly, a long pause coming after..” You were like a father to me for a time, but you kept leaving.. You taught well, old friend, truly. You instilled much knowledge and wisdom that I’ve used in my life. I would’ve never become the Hound if it weren’t for you. I took on the predator totem after your totem of Wolf, and its a totem I have worn with pride, but one that must come to an end. It’s the nature of things -- the cycle that binds us all, and it’s time for the gift of life to come to an end. Thank you.” Ascanius finished his words, his eyes roaming up beyond the canopy, smiling as the moonlight struck him. His form slithered to a rise, filling its full length as he began to descend further into the green and fertile valley. He was not filled with fear nor regret – all that encompassed his being was a soothing calmness. He was ready for what was to come. “May the Aspects be kind in the next life.”
  9. “The Aspects gave us strength this day. We, the valiant defenders of Sutica, will never let the people down. Long live the defenders. Long live Sutica!” Ascanius cries out from the streets of Sutica!
  10. “Considering I still have keys to your laboratories, and that I still participate in your work – I say otherwise.” An elven man mutters as he spots it on his way to work.
  11. Where is Availer?

    1. Telanir


      Who knows man? 😅

    2. Pikel Boldshoulder

      Pikel Boldshoulder

      last I remember he was shout casting CSGO tournaments

    3. christhemythical


      Link me 😄

  12. Goodbye, Xalid. You’ve been a good friend and moderator.
  13. “Despite my leave from our people nearly a century ago- I feel sorrow. I have fought alongside you Aelthir, but I have also fought against you. You were a stronger Elf than any I have yet served- and you were a better leader than any I could’ve followed. It was an honor, Aelthir..” A Tathvir lets out, sorrow engulfing his tone. “Seven Skies be Kind.”
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