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  1. christhemythical

    Enderchest Glitch Thread

    Username: Ruibrium Persona that you received the paper notification on: Bellir’s Tooth (didn’t receive a paper but my vault says it has been converted, but no items were present inside my enderchest other than the books I put in there.)
  2. christhemythical

    Heh. Not Bad. You made me use 10% of my power.

  3. christhemythical

    [September Prince] The Merchant Eucalyptus

    Ascanius wanders the roads and forests of Atlas, peering into the cities with a bashful eye. The resolve he once had under September seems to no longer be present- all this wandering seems to be taking a toll on him, both mentally and physically.
  4. christhemythical

    The Death of A Prince

    . While the September Prince and his titans attacked from the South of Caras Eldar-- Ascanius rallied the faithful at a Fort in the East. It was from this Fort that brought forth the souls of the truly faithful, ones that would serve until death. “Those of you not filled with cowardice, step forth.” Said Ascanius, and so men stood. A group identified as Jack, Leo and Eben’ moved to the front of Ascanius. It was clear that their eyes flickered only autumnal wrath; honed to the finest point against the Descendants. And with that, they left the fort, rallying beasts along the way. The grouping made its way up and over the mountainside- their eyes filled with September’s butchered form. It was clear to the group that September was not going to win, reasonably so considering their meetings with him, but in their hearts they knew that this battle was just a stepping stone for the future. Each one of the faithful began attacking their targets, a faithful named Jack specifically lighting himself on fire and going out in a blaze of glory. Ascanius made his way to September’s head where he spoke final words to the September Prince “ You were a good student, and a good master.” Despite their efforts had done, the outcome remained set in stone. March Ash’s weapon had crippled the September Prince enough for the blackseed to have finally been planted. It was only mere moments after all this that a vision came to the nearby druids. [A great veiled woman arrived, standing over September’s fallen body. Her expression showed many emotions. Remorse, Shame, Sadness, Anger. Her eyes closed, her being clearly overcome by the intensity of her emotions, but a tender smile emerged as she placed her palm upon the chest of the September Prince. The roots of the September Prince’s soul tree shudder as the woman plucked something small from soul tree, like the impression of a person. And she was gone.] Each bond of the September Prince began to wither, ultimately leaving their boons inactive. This unbonding did not bother the last remaining faithful, for they knew their work was not done. Out with the Fear, in the Order. TRUE DEATH
  5. christhemythical

    screaming australian tries to write more lore

    I have my own opinions on Dingo but his service in the bluetag is no unnoticed. +1
  6. christhemythical

    ♥ This Little Sprite of Mine ♥ - Sprite Shop - Reopened

    MC ▫ Name ≎ Ruibrium Sprite ▫ Type ≎ New Animation Complicated Card Character ▫ Name ≎ Ascanius, Hound Druid Character ▫ Race ≎ Bryophyte Character ▫ Status ≎ (card only) Restoring The Balance Mini ▫ Sprite ≎ A Hound! New ▫ Animation ≎ Claw hand extending to summoning roots from under the sprite, which eventually make themselves into a staff to use. Reference ▫ Picture(s) ≎ https://prntscr.com/lyyeq1 https://prntscr.com/lyyfr7 --Am willing to pay extra 1500 for the express lane--
  7. #FreeTortuga2k18

    1. CharlesTheReformed


      Free my man Tortuga

    2. KeatonUnbeaten


      Tortuga is /ourguy/, free him.

  8. christhemythical

    Community Meeting

    Alright, what’s up. 1.) Are admins allowed to hold both a team director seat alongside their current administrator position? 1.a) If so, why? Would this not be a form of conflict? 2.) What items are blacklisted from /vault ? 2.a) Are donators able to pay for extra vault slots? 3.) What is the general consensus for the Administration Team on how staff have been conducting themselves the past few months. 3.a) There appears to have been some level of misconduct portrayed both on the game moderator’s side and administrator’s side within the span of this map. How do the teams plan to go forward with efforts to improve for 7.0?
  9. christhemythical

    A Prince's Sorrow

    I'm unsure how I even gave you inspiration, but goodjob on the writing. also there isn't a farglade portal anywhere in or around Caras Eldar but good twist on it
  10. christhemythical

    keep in touch, take care of yourselves

    Goodbye, Mal’. You will be missed. Godspeed.
  11. christhemythical

    Atlas Anniversary Art & Writing Contest

    I may do some stuff with music for this contest if allowed. Either solo composition or including others.
  12. christhemythical

    [Shortlisted]OtakuPan's Application Team Application

    +1 +1 +1 +1!!!
  13. christhemythical

    Apologies to Everyone

    with Bluee
  14. christhemythical

    [✓]Reclamation of Silver

    Let there be war.