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  1. christhemythical


    “This here is the pinnacle of man’s desire! True Law!” said Ascanius
  2. christhemythical


    Ascanius rests under a tree somewhere in Adria.
  3. christhemythical

    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    Corp I told you before that I’m proud of you for rising up to occupy the GM director role. Doing good works my man. Listen to the lovely feedback and keep on making good strides dude.
  4. christhemythical

    We Are Still Here

    A Paragon stands atop the peak of a mountain. “Never Forgive, Never Forget.”
  5. christhemythical

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

  6. christhemythical

    The Ebon Watch pt.1

    An Elf going by the name Ilharn Zanunder ignores the Prophet’s call at Cloud Temple. “September is our salvation” ‘Ilharn Zanunder’ says to himself.
  7. christhemythical

    The WonkaWood Books

    ((This post really shouldn’t be a thing in my opinion. It takes away from learning about this stuff IC.))
  8. christhemythical

    The Dreadrot Plague

    A stranger to the lands arrives, instantly catching the plague and dying. OOC: this is cool as all hell, Dr.Fate. I love it.
  9. christhemythical


    “ I wonder what Rel’Talonir did to Evar’tir..” Ascanius says in the middle of his slumber
  10. The Hound Druid meditates deep within the September Prince's chamber, sleeping wolves scattered around him. If he were aware, he would probably be proud of Darius. +1.5
  11. The September Prince's forces began their expansion towards the South of Atlas, but a loyalist stayed behind, finding himself in the September Prince’s chamber. As the loyalist entered, the Prince's great taproot called out, its voice unwavering; and so the man went, lifted into the trees for which his Prince stood. The pair converged, exchanging words of the wild. “Setabesop, my Prince. I am Ascanius Dunlain, servant of the earth and the wild” the man proclaimed, his eyes filled with wonder as he gazed up onto his prince. “Ascanius Dunlain, perhaps the greatest of my followers, your work within the rune-prison was not unnoticed, alongside all you have done for the wilds. I commend you”beamed the Prince, his voice booming down to the man. “I will grace upon you what your brother's and sister's foolishly deny you..” the Prince reached out his massive hand, touching a finger to the crown of Ascanius’ head. “To be reborn through the greenflame, nature's wrath surges through you. Show them no walls” spoke the Prince. Ascanius’ form became flooded, his awareness heightened. All around him he could hear the voices of nature, the ebb and flow of the life he held dear. This was his attunement, and a vision came instantly. ____________________________________ [For a time, only darkness, a sliver of light forming, in an instant the lands of ice and snow flash by as nature’s embrace takes hold. In the distance appears lands ravaged by blight, plagued by the wills and wants of Aenguls and Daemons, but a resistance sits idle. For it all fades, and only a grotto filled with luminescent mushrooms, white beasts and flowering bliss remains. In the forefront their stands an ashen tree, an enraged hound sitting beneath it. The hound leaves with love in his heart, and the vision clears to a den of beasts, each one following under the hound, for he had all love for nature in his heart. Far into the background, through tiny cracks in the den, a man levels an entire city; screams and cries of the descendants filling the air, but the voices of nature rejoice. Final words boomed loudly before the visions finally faded. “SERVANT OF THE EARTH AND WILD, WE ARE HERE. SERVE US FAITHFULLY, AS YOU HAVE IN YOUR PREVIOUS LIFE. BLESSED BE.” ____________________________________ and with that, his totem cemented: Hound. He became the Hound Druid, destined to end the cities and restore nature to its primal state.] It was with the end of his vision that the Prince spoke his final words before sending the Hound Druid into the wilds, “It is time to gather the faithful, We will end the pitiful scorn on this world, my faithful servant.” OOC: Attunement has been approved by FlamboyantRage as per eventline. Item: Autumnal Attunement.
  12. christhemythical

    Dardonas's Event Team Actor application

    Good on you man, go for the green! +1
  13. christhemythical

    Community Meeting

    Will any ruins of significant value be present on the new map? If so, will there be any cultural relevance to them in terms of descendants.
  14. christhemythical

    [Trial][P] Nectorist's Game Moderator Application

    Glad you were the one to accept my nation/town lol
  15. christhemythical

    Words of Peace

    September’s Paragon travels the darkways with a Druii. They stand tall, ready to end this once and for all.