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  1. Miss you, man. Hope you’re doing well. 

  2. “This is most amusing, yes..” a planty mali’fenn wryly spoke.
  3. I feel you, man. It was a fun ride. Stay coral, Sammy.
  4. Hello all. I threw some stuff on the auction house recently, as I am departing LOTC. All profits will go to a natural cause near you. 
    I don't have the items pulled up, but I do remember the names and their traits, so I will be posting as follows, alongside general descriptions of course.

    Blue Orchid: Aesopian’s flowery portal to the FarGlade. Used multiple times throughout the September Prince Eventline. It does some slithering thing with its roots, likely because it wants to reach into your mind and grab your dreams. Yeah..

    Wun L’Xul: An aurum greatsword, equipped with the runes of draining, earth and lightning.. 

    Spoiling Bloodseeds: Spoiling Bloodseeds, derived from an ElderTree. Highly likely this has relation to the Ent Praepando of the FarGlade.

    Angry Seedling: Seriously, don’t buy this. This guy uprooted my crops, killed my wolves and threw poison into my rat cave. 

    Devourer Ash: A strange ash sapling, in a sense, mounted in a log basically. It’ll grow, if, and only if their is taint and decay around. 

    A Pinch Of Rainbow Sand: An extremely interesting drug indeed. It seems to take its user to the dream realm of Masur, in Tahn. I would highly recommend against using this one before your wedding, as your spouse may be a little upset you’re traversing alternate planes of reality instead of giving wedding vows.


    1. Inferno_Ougi


      o7 see you around 

      you were the only good druid

    2. Moribundity


      I’ll miss you man.. Thank you for all the good times, Chris. Stay in touch on discord, yes?


    3. JokerLow


      see ya bro

  5. “Y-You wish for a copy? In the name of all that’s green.. Would you please stop trying to get free copies of our books!? It’s five-hundred minae per, we told you this before. No need to get your knickers all balled up over such a simple matter. You High Elven folk are all about free stuff and your little writs.. How silly..” A librarian barks out into the depths of his study.
  6. "Today is a good day to subjugate." a wandering dark shaman hums.
  7. What is the point of Telanir trying to get staff out of player RP conflicts when staff just decide to jump back in and make extremely poor decisions? Pfft. Sometimes I wonder what Moderation Managers and the Moderation Admin do.. Heh.. Anyway, big T, if Eli can get unbanned then I’m sure you can get this conflict blacklist removed.
  8. Still better than Fi lore.
  9. “Illiran did nothing wrong! And, in fairness, the true impurity is the Silver State itself. I give both Okarir’tir Elrion Visaj and Okarir’tayna Caestella Valerieth as examples. Both known as aspirants of dark magic such as Shade, Naztherak and Blood Magic..” An elf screams up at the walls of the Silver State as he passes by.
  10. [!] Missives are pinned up throughout all kingdoms, nations and settlements on Arcas. [!] A drawing of the Dragur Library rests on the forefront of the missive. “It has come to my attention that the Library Of Dragur, the same library that has stood sturdy for hundreds of years, is soon to fall to ruin due to the incompetency, inactivity and general lack of care of many of its present Librarians. In order to continue our legacy and provide the realm with all the knowledge it needs.. I, Aearonor, librarian of Dragur take it upon myself to initiate a calling to all those scholarly. We, the Dragur Library, need you. What are we looking for? The Dragur Library requires fully-fledged staff members, known as Librarians. They are responsible for all clerical duties, including sorting and reviewing of literature, manning the front desk, and of course, aiding all visitors with their questions. Any and all librarians, if they so wish, will have room within the Dragur Library that they can call their own. There is no pay, there is only enlightenment. If you wish to apply, please seek out the following members: Slots, Aearonor or Darcassan.”
  11. Guess this means the useless Idalia is gone. I love it.
  12. Ascanius rubs his hands together in a menacing manner. “Good, good.. It seems our efforts were not without fruit.”
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