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  1. After the main ceremony concludes, an old elf stands up and takes a bow to the newlyweds. He turns to the gathering, as a glass floats into the air by itself and emits a single melodious *ding*. The patriarch clears his throat, his goatee fluttering with excitement. "Friends, descendants, little ones, I cannot express in words my gratitude to still be around to experience this, the wedding of my youngest's youngest. That after these many years of courtship," he winks towards Theveus "these two may finally commit to dancing the dance of the centuries together. An occasion all too rare these modern times, filled with strife and uncertainty. Lest we forget, Haelun'or is at the forefront not only of wisdom and science, but also culture and tradition." He turns back towards the pair, now grinning widely, the rare sight of a set of pearly whites appearing from behind the old-timer's beard. "Cresence, I am left with nothing to say but welcome to the family of progress, and the best of luck to you both in your joined endeavours. Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya!"
  2. An ancient elf pours himself another drink. A deep, exasperated sigh echoes throughout the streets of Haelun'or. A single tear battles its way out of a blind eye. A bedroom starts to collect dust. A serpent slithers on. "Why must the good ones always die young."
  3. The notes by the missive pile up: "My what a surprise, for a citizen of Nevaehlen not to show up in Haelun'or after a number of her neighbours had already been taken prisoner for no reason other than their allegiance. No offense, young Miravaris, but a Maheral mustn't stoop to propaganda, nor is it their place to offer threats of judgement by the pariran'tir. Should you truly wish to promote the progress such as Larihei intended, perhaps you should take more time promoting the library. You also appear to have mistitled yourself. One becomes Malaurir after their Maheraldom, if the council of Animals sees fit. Unless you plan on stepping down already. It seems the "young Maheral" experiment was not a success. Malaurir Sythaerin
  4. The Patriarch approves. It's been an honour and a pleasure having you all breathe new life into one of the oldest High Elf families!
  5. Just gonna go ahead and join in with the other replies here, hoping there will be another one during EU hours soon!
  6. "Less hair than Seth? That's outrageous! Whoever wrote this needs their eyesight checked..." The old elf tosses the damp newspaper to the ground, mumbling. "They don't even have facial hair, I bet I have more hair than any of them."
  7. As a certain very old elf finds the missive, a cacophony of frustrated and confused sounds could be heard throughout the city. Soon after, a countermissive is posted. "Baseless slander must not be tolerated within elcihi'thilln. What lead you to denounce elmaheral I do not know, oem'ii. Unless you have resided within Haelun'or as a hermit recently, I would not know how or when you have experienced any of this so-called 'chaos', as I certainly have not seen you around. What I do know, is to speak of our history, our grace, even our bloodlines, without having a proper grasp on the present or future, only leads to more uproar. I dare not say I agree with some of the recent goings-on within our political climate, yet if anything you appear to have pinned the blame on the wrong leader. You have failed your bloodline before, she who never was. Yet here you are, claiming a title you do not hold - as elmalauriran of the blessed times you yourself speak of once stripped you of it. And to all those who would be deceived by this unsubstantiated piece of defamation, I ask you to pay no mind to this hypocrisy of the highest regard. The Serpent Malaurir Silvos Sythaerin"
  8. Sythaerin "Those who walk among serpents must watch their step." Origins & History In the times before Haelun’or’s founding, a pair of well-learned Elves lived within the forest city of Laurelin. Theveus, a tailor, and Alyss, a scholar with a particular interest in the arcane, often found themselves unable to unwind at the end of the day. A life without progress was a boring one, to them. Centuries passed, and the pair had finally found their peers. Under the guidance of Larihei Lohmanih, who acknowledged and embraced their ambitions, they joined the first generation of what would later become known as Mali’Aheral. In the years to come, they would bear a single child, who went off to learn about the world by himself once he was of age, as his father had done before him. As Aegis fell, their story ended. But the family they founded would become a prosperous one over a century later, upon their son’s return to Haelun'or. Once Silvos returned, he quickly found himself befriending a particularly curious Mali’thilln known as Kalenz Uradir, who would show him the way of the scholar. It was there that the true expression of his familial thirst for progress could finally be realized. He’d soon find himself enamoured with a female scholar, Hileia’Vione Akeleh, who he would come to marry and have four children with over the coming centuries, thereby ensuring his bloodline’s continued existence. After the fall of Asulon, Haelun’or refounded itself in Lin’Evaral. Here, the Sythaerin family became a known staple within the community. The first Haelun’orian laboratories were constructed, and within it Silvos thrived as okarir’maehr. Three of his children would soon do as he did when he was younger, and leave to travel the world, giving in to their own curiosity. The remaining daughter married a High elf that could match the ambition and drive of her father, by the name of Kalameet Izalith, soon after which the both of them took their leave from Haelun’or as well. It would be a long time before the occasional Sythaerin returned to Haelun’or, their old family father always still there, running the labs, until eventually retiring to travel the continents they’d moved to by himself. Centuries later, in Arcas, the laurir came to the gates with three of his descendants, spread across the generations, to give the wheel of progress another good spin. They remained for a few decades, then vanished once more as abruptly as they’d appeared. Finally, the Mali’aheral found themselves living in Aevos. A colossal continent, with ample opportunity to explore and wander. The patriarch, finally convinced he should rest, handed the family’s leadership over to his great grandson Sorcaril. Along with a handful of other descendants, he would come to usher in the new era of Sythaerin prosperity. Culture & Traits Since the early days of Haelun’or, Sythaerins have been curious types. The family head, being an overly curious nerd, founded the laboratories. By this example, most Sythaerins will be driven and direct, though potentially neurotic should one disagree with their ideals or stand in the way of their personal progress. Many of them find themselves unable to remain in one place for too long, expressed by traveling the continent to alleviate their wanderlust. Sythaerins, as most Mali’aheral, have tall, slender builds. Their hair is predominantly a light blonde, turning platinum with age. Their eye colours range from purple to cyan, slowly turning darker with age. Historically Sythaerins have not been physically impressive as they’ve pursued the voidal arts, yet restraining from such as most have done in recent years does allow for considerably lean or even bulky physiques. Family tree Symbolism The Sythaerin crest and other family memorabilia often feature the serpent, a nickname given to Silvos in his younger years in reference to his creation of acid, as well as his companion. Sythaerin family colours are dark cyan and evergreen tones, cleft by a slither of silver.
  9. I've given my feedback on discord but I'll put in my 2 cents here publicly. When you first sent me this, I identified it as basically a rewrite of Telekinesis. Seeing the final product, that definitely has not changed, thus I will be handling it as such. Take this not as a criticism (I obviously loved TK) but as an observation. Although I commend you for your work and find the way you've handled the progression reasonable, you've included several spells that were originally excluded from TK (notably influencing someone's equipped weapon and what is essentially flight). Considering TK has been shelved due to it being found potentially OP in combat, reintroducing the prior is problematic, putting it lightly. Aside from that, I find the lore/background a tad lackluster, even if it very closely resembles the actual origins of telekinesis on the server. I wish you the best and hope this opens the door to a collaborative effort to reintroduce TK to LotC in a way everybody is happy and it's properly regulated, but I can't fully give this version my blessing and request you remove me from the credits.
  10. THE BALLOT ((MC name: MrSythaerin)) Name: Silvos Avernan Malauriante'Alras'Asulonn elathri'thilln eltuferir'Telekinesisonn Sythaerin Vote for Sohaer: (xx ) Arelyn Iyathir ( ) Nuala Telperion
  11. Yo, quick question from a boomer-lotc’er: Is the “show yourself” thread still around? I’m trying to find my old posts in it

  12. #BringBackMagicTeam

  13. As one of the original authors, you have my full blessing mate. I have seen a few rewrites over the last couple of weeks since my return to LotC, and yours stands out (not just saying that because you reached out to me in the process) by a lot. Red lines SupremacyOps/Fiatlux and I originally missed, a more precise description of power at a certain level of mastery, and a rounded, well together put post make this an absolute yes for me. You have my +1.
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