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  1. Rennard Amador would be sitting in his office up within the palace going over the endless supply of paperwork and records as he sits in his chair. A palace servant goes banging on his door quite loudly, causing him to jump in a somewhat shock before responding “Yes?” to the servant. The servant walks in handing him a small letter informing him of the Mayas' passing. Rennard looks up to the servant tears falling from his eyes as he proceeds to yell at the servant taking out his anger, frustration and sadness upon the poor soul of the palace servant. The servant quickly leaves the office as he does so. A mess of paperwork fills the room as he sweeps everything off his desk in one fell swoop. Rennard would mumble out in his sadness “GOD bless the soul of Maya, I can never forget our endless chats within the beautiful garden of the palace…” his anger quickly subsiding a mess of tears falling from his face, as he goes pulling out a cigar from the desk cupboard. Lighting the cigar, a quiet mumbling from his voice as he puffs away “I hope to make the trip to meet you in the Seven skies one day…” he would remain locked within his office slowly puffing away on the cigar as tears fall from his eyes.
  2. “I don’t think any Vanir’s have even married a Amador.... “ Rennard would give a sigh as he sits in his office, going and bringing out a cigar from his box as he goes litting it taking some deep puffs before talking to himself “I believe this man is just off his rocker..” mumbling to himself
  3. Lord Treasurer Endorses Stefan 4th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1761 | Vymey and Hyff 314 ES Rennard, Adryana, Stefan, and Edvard by the Marian Statue, 314 E.S My Fellow Haeseni, The election for Maer of Reza, gives us a fantastic choice of candidates. Giving us plenty of opportunity to choose who will best support and give their undying work ethic to only further the betterment of Reza. I am honored to support a hard working man who has only thought to further the beauty and betterment of the citizens of Reza. I am quite honored to support my good friend Stefan Vyronov. The house of Amador and Wick puts our full backing as well behind him as we only wish to see him grow even more as a man if he does get elected. I ask you citizens to put your GOD given faith into this man to further Reza! Signed, HER HIGHNESS, Adryana Eleanor Barbanov, Princess of Hanseti-Ruska HIS LORDSHIP, Rennard Amador, Lord Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska HIS LORDSHIP, Edvard Amador, High Steward of Hanseti-Ruska HIS LORDSHIP, Ruslan Amador, Baron of Mondstadt
  4. Rennard Amador would have quite a plain expression over his face as he signs the Lorraine cross over his chests "From ashes we rise, Uncle. Thank ye for taking me and my brother back into the family once more I shall never forget what ye did for us..." he would quietly mumble as he wonders back off to his room in the manor.
  5. Rennard after hearing this speech would let put a slight laugh. "I nae understand how you plan to provide more jobs when you yourself nae even work or run a company. Nor do you have the power to push for any sort of tax cuts." He would sigh going back to work in his office as he wonders off
  6. THE NEW REZA TAX INITIATIVE 310 ES WITH VAST CHANGES TO OUR ROYAL CITY– The taxes within New Reza must undergo changes as well. With careful consideration, each road will have a set tax to ease communication on prices, along with the attentive deliberation of the rise itself, most have been raised by 150 mina or less. It is with high hopes that this change comes, to fuel further development and projects within New Reza. This will also ease the stress of the Imperial Taxation upon us, with their continued help to fight the AIS. We find this will come to help fund our own personal military, will help ease the cost of armor and weapons to keep them constantly supplied and will provide better training opportunities. This tax will also cover the expansive labor cost and the materials that have been used in current and finished renovations and expansions within New Reza. The tax slips will also be changing within the next year to 50 mina a piece. The Tax Changes Petyr’s Passage Black street Initial Buy 450 Initial buy 300 Tax 300 Tax 250 Bihar Place Godfrey Corner Initial buy 250 Initial buy 200 Tax 200 Tax 100 Greyspine Road Rosebud Market Initial buy 350 Initial buy 450 Tax 250 Tax 250 Kingsway Merchant Stalls Initial Buy 3500 Initial buy 350 Tax 500 Tax 200 Farm Houses Initial buy 350 Tax 200 THE NEW EXPANSION Alexandria Street Analiesa Road Initial Buy 800 Initial buy 650 Tax 400 Tax 450 Nikolas Way Ameyla Way Initial buy 600 Initial buy 550 Tax 400 Tax 300 This changes will be active upon the next year. [03/02/2020] Signed, HIS EXCELLENCY, Grand Prince Otto Alimar, Lord Regent of Hanseti-Ruska, Grand Prince of Muldav HIS LORDSHIP, Rennard Amador, High Steward of Hanseti-Ruska HER HIGHNESS, Princess Aleksandra Mariya Alimar, Countess-Consort of Nenzing, Lady Maer of Hanseti-Ruska
  7. TERMS OF RESIDENCE FOR THE ROYAL CITY OF REZA Issued by the Office of the High Steward and confirmed by the Lord Regent, Iv Joveo Ehr, 8th of Jula and Piov, 1757. Living within the city of Reza is accompanied with a set of guidelines and responsibilities as a business, home, or property owner. All residents, both civilian and militaristic, human and non-human, are all expected to abide by the law. Failure to do so can result in eviction, repossession, and in extreme cases, exile. All homes and businesses are subject to search and inspection at any time, at the warrant of His Excellency, the Lord Justiciar of Haense, The Lady of Reza, the Maer, or the Offices of the High Steward, when in regards to concerns of public safety or suspicion of illegal activity. Residential Expectations: 1. All residential property holders in the City of Reza must have pure blood of the races of either: a. REZA PROPER: (Reza Avenue, Quill’s Road, Sigmund’s Court, Sigmund’s End, Sigmund’s Trail, and Marian Boulevard.) I. Human, (Including Heartlander, Highlander, Farfolk, and Easterner, Adunian, etc) II. Elf, (Mali’aheral, Mali’ame, and Mali’ker, etc) III. Dwarf, IV. Halfling. 2. Peoples of the races Orc, Goblin, Olog, Kharajyr will NOT be allowed the right to own property within the Royal City of Reza.* 3. All residents are expected to pay taxes on a Saint’s Weekly basis by monetary means. 4. All residents are expected to follow and abide by all laws of the Kingdom of Haense. 5. Residents of Haeseni descent will take precedence over those of non-human and non-Haeseni descent in all matters. Property Expectations: 1. Houses and businesses must have one primary owner and may not be combined with adjacent home unless a permit is given by the Head Architect. This is due to limited housing, as well as safety and structural concerns. 2. Houses may have basements that go NO DEEPER than 10 meters and must not extend beyond the perimeter of the ground floor of the home. Basements may ONLY be built if the property owner has acquired a building permit for such an addition from the Head Steward. If your basement intersects with an existing structure from elsewhere in the city, speak to the Head Architect before proceeding further. Basements are subject to inspection by city officials at ANY time. 3. Renting out of property privately is PROHIBITED unless otherwise approved by the Lord or Lady Steward. 4. All exterior walls and roofs are not to be changed in any way. NO EXCEPTIONS Residents no longer wishing to live within Reza are expected to notify stewards that they will be breaking their lease. Simply refusing to pay taxes until eviction will result in legal action, potentially including arrest. Residents will be allowed to sell their homes with Steward oversight. Before sale, the property must be appraised by a Steward. Once a property value is assessed, the property owner may sell, at no more, or no less of assessed value. Residents in the process of selling their home are expected to continue to pay property taxes until the property is sold. Tax Expectations: 1. Taxes must be paid once per Saint’s week, and will be collected in tax boxes. 2. Taxes must be paid in minae. 3. If a resident finds themselves financially unable to pay taxes, they are asked to speak with the Lord or Lady Steward, or Head Steward in regards to other forms of payment or a payment plan. 4. If you are unable to contact a tax official before the end of the week, residents are asked to leave a letter for the Lord or Lady Steward in regards to their tax situation. 5. Due to our tax system, we will have a grace period of TWO Saint’s Days. After two days have passed, you will be considered to be ‘in collections’. 6. After TWO days of being ‘in collection’, you will be marked for evictions. 7. In the event of eviction, residents will be provided with a physical notice posted to their property. You will have THREE Saint’s Days to remove your personal property before it is reclaimed by the city. ((As per server rules)) 8. In the case of criminal offence, residents will be given NO NOTICE before eviction. ((As per server rules)) 9. Tax exemptions will be difficult to obtain and will require direct approval from the Lord or Lady Steward. 10. These regulations are subject to change. Failure to agree, may result in eviction. Iv Joveo Maan, HIS EXCELLENCY, Prince Otto Sigmar, Lord Regent of Hanseti-Ruska, Grand Prince of Muldav HIS LORDSHIP, Rennard Amador, High Steward of Hanseti-Ruska.
  9. Hey, I need you in character ASAP

  10. All other minecraft servers work but lotc for me why do you do dis to me minecraft.

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  11. Um can anyone else join lotc?

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