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  1. Yo my homie josh is the new mod admin?! lets goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Congrats @Josh3738!
  2. yooo nice rx7 fd bro, big keisuke fanboy must be

  3. Bo Rostova approches the Gates of Winburgh. "Vy shall get supplies in order and suits of armour made for any willing canonist who wishes to fight the Lich-Consort Tzar of Haense!" A firm nod is offered to Sir Radmir and the others who have hear Sir Radmir call and have flocked back to Winburgh. "Long live the middenlan!"
  4. As the letter reaches Bo a slight nod is given "It seems I have a lot of inventory to account for." As he walks off from the tavern towards the keep his ledger in hand.
  5. Bo Rostova sits upon the tavern as the missive is passed to him. A loud slam of his fist can be heard going into the table crackling of wood from under his armoured gauntlet. "This can't be true..." A mumble under his helmet can be heard. "We shall avenge Vy... Rest easy..." As he flips down his visor on his helm.
  6. Bo as he reads over the missive "This the same pontiff who wished for peace and then spewed lies from his mouth while he was within the Halls of Veletz unharmed.." shaking his head at the sight of the missive "This pontiff supports genocide of humanity to go along with his own political agenda it seems this is the case once again..." He goes taking the missive tossing it into the fireplace within the tavern. A solem look upon his face
  7. "Majestic.." Bo mutters out star gazed from the wonderful speech giving to the League.
  8. No more OOC will be accepted on this thread. Only Applications and players who wish to play here for this realm. If there is something you find wrong with it please send it to moderation and not post on the thread.
  9. To House Amador and the Crown of Haense [13th of Malin’s Welcome] Though once a great nation in their prime, the Kingdom of Haense has shown to be nothing but cowardly and corrupt. Their dishonorable king has repeatedly, with no uncertainty, refused to defend even his closest friends and allies. Even now as his beloved queen is held in Veletz he will not make an effort to save her. This very same principle applies to the House of Amador. I speak now to all my kin, do not serve a King who will not serve his people. They did not come for Hyspia. They did not come for Aaun. They did not come for Minitz. They did not come for their Queen. They will not come for you. As I write to you, the former regent of the house Liridona Amador is beside me as my prisoner. I request that a suitable representative of House Amador comes to negotiate for her release. I do not wish harm upon her but rather only to speak with my kinsmen and to speak over the best course of action for our family. By my honor, your safety is guaranteed. -Bo Rostova
  10. Bo Rostova would ride back within the gates of Winburgh his lance at his side bloodied and crack from lancing poor coalition soliders, his tabbard painted red in coalition blood, his voice gone from calling men and women to move around the battle fields. He looks upon the faces of brave men and soliders who are covered in coalition blood before letting out a massive yell as they trot back into Windburgh on their horses "AVE VELETZ, AVE GASPARD, AVE KRUG, AVE STASSION!" "WE SHALL NOT FALTER! AVE, AVE, AVE!"
  11. Upon getting the missive reading it over, Bo would scoff as this is nothing to what was actually discussed. "There was nae even a weapon within the room when the Pontiff and Gaspard spoke. The pontiff even said he was nae under duress..." shaking his head as he thinks to himself mumbling out loud "It seems external influences keep wrapping themselves around the church as they nae want peace but genocide."
  12. An old Olog would march upon the sands of Krugmar "Tubbo!" he would roar out as the call has been given to all Orc's of the horde to assemble. "Tubbo gib trubute." he would nod as he wanders back into the horde his large wooden club at his side his mouth salivating for grub once again. He would once again search for a goblin to sit upon his shoulder to give him guidance.
  13. As Bo stands within the Veletz Castle as he stands side by side with Hendrick. Giving him a slight elbow "Was a good raid." as he peers upon the empty fields with Hendrick at his side. Waiting in the night.
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