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  1. Once more staff shows their true colors

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Runabarn


      Finally someone gets it

    3. Laeonathan


      what do you think about pink ct? I feel the should be more purple-ish 

    4. Runabarn


      Bedrock VIP > CT

  2. Amendments Maledictions: -In order to make it compliant with the recent changes requested by LT, the shaman now chooses the effect their curses will take, provided the roll is successful. Hexes: -Same as maledictions the shaman is now able to choose the effect their hexes will have for both flora and fauna. The MC item must have this effect in their description, as well as what tier it is, its creator’s name and its expiry date. Hexes must be signed by the ST. Elixirs: ((Elixirs have always been a confusing mess. The lore does a poor job
  3. If Harambe hadn’t been murdered, would the pandemic have been prevented?
  4. Local elf shaman looking for aspiring elf shamans to join elf shaman community.

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    2. Excitedly


      local elf druid willing to have hippie commune with elf shamans

    3. Hephaestus


      funny high elf shaman man is willing to join

    4. Sorcerio


      Gonna become like Chi where the users are anything but its culture race...

  5. “The dark mages finally made their move.” An aged dark elf woman comments upon reviewing the message, making sure to write down the names of those foolish enough to openly respond to the letters.
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