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  1. @Telanir Can you take me to Christmas Land?

  2. No. Sorry, but it’s already been sullied by the previous community.
  3. Riklaumeth, a blind prophet of yore awakens from the caress of his of slumber, sweat painting his visage. That which was painted across his subconscious workings had, oddly, disturbed this rather calm and uncaring half-blood. He rises from the comforts of his leafy spread, and equips himself for the journey ahead. It took only moments before his den was empty once more, the moonlight guiding his way. Bel’ra, a once fallen shaman of yore, appeared rather preoccupied with her prayer to an undisclosed Spirit, however, fleeting imagery and gnarled sounds made waves across her senses. She sta
  4. Bel’ra looks to Varan, “Called it.”
  5. “You have seen how it turned out for any who did not want to hear...” Spoke Donovich, shaking his head in disappointment. “...How many more of my brother’s and sister’s must die, fighting your war, Emperor? Anyone with half a brain, even if he has no faith, understands what I preached before is true, but those who do not believe it, if you look carefully, either they are utterly lacking in refined reason, or they are obstinate and entirely blinded by evildoing. Recall how many lives were lost. A war the Demon, the self-proclaimed Emperor of Man has thrust upon our peoples, and not even God can
  6. Honestly, the way I see it is this: This seems like a play from the Community Team to further eradicate a player-made guild and its lore. As Dingo said, “The Wilven Monks were inevitably hijacked by 501 to be utilized as a ‘proper’ staff run mentoring guild”. While that happened a long time ago, I think it’s clear that the Community Team, since taking hold of it, has done very little to disassociate with the original Wilven Monks that were, of course, a player run group – In fact, it seems as if the Lead, LotsOfMuffins, is bent on making the current Temple-Monks something they’re not, Wilven M
  7. “Look, see the women and children who rally at the stall of confession with their lukewarm Emperor in mind: they do nothing but speak ill; they are full of hatred and envy, and they are naught but lukewarm like he. Keep the company, then, of those of the good, and put your trust in God, not an Emperor lacking God.” “Your Emperor, your sovereign Lord- His affections have become the most disgusting of them all. His feet, they are not nailed to the Earth, more-so that of meaningless titles and coin; likewise, the peoples are nailed to the Earth, that which God blessed us with, but governed by a
  8. Hasn’t the uwu-squad locked this post yet?
  9. I take it back. What in Krug’s name compelled you all to massacre the blessings?
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