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  1. @Telanir Can you take me to Christmas Land?

  2. No. Sorry, but it’s already been sullied by the previous community.
  3. Riklaumeth, a blind prophet of yore awakens from the caress of his of slumber, sweat painting his visage. That which was painted across his subconscious workings had, oddly, disturbed this rather calm and uncaring half-blood. He rises from the comforts of his leafy spread, and equips himself for the journey ahead. It took only moments before his den was empty once more, the moonlight guiding his way. Bel’ra, a once fallen shaman of yore, appeared rather preoccupied with her prayer to an undisclosed Spirit, however, fleeting imagery and gnarled sounds made waves across her senses. She stared off at the center-mass of the gargantuan totem of which she found herself regularly, the entirety of her being frozen as she watched the events play out before her. This vision, it came about suddenly, and fled without notice – She sat idle for a time, even after the prophetic vision faded from her cerebral workings, no verbal response was ushered forth from her core. She remained in a state of deep thought, hoping that this was the work of a Spirit of Knowledge that she had been in service to.
  4. Bel’ra looks to Varan, “Called it.”
  5. “You have seen how it turned out for any who did not want to hear...” Spoke Donovich, shaking his head in disappointment. “...How many more of my brother’s and sister’s must die, fighting your war, Emperor? Anyone with half a brain, even if he has no faith, understands what I preached before is true, but those who do not believe it, if you look carefully, either they are utterly lacking in refined reason, or they are obstinate and entirely blinded by evildoing. Recall how many lives were lost. A war the Demon, the self-proclaimed Emperor of Man has thrust upon our peoples, and not even God can free us from the dangers that plague he, and if I were to recount them all to you, you would be stupefied. I would like you to know, truly, that all my repeated saying and crying out to you, my brethren, seems to have fallen upon deaf ears and, as a result, the blood of our kinsmen seeps into the soil this day. I asked of you all, ‘’Is our Emperor just?’’, and it seems only few have recognized the answer. Those who have light have come to realize it, and those to whom GOD has given the light of the most Holy Grace have shown signs of knowledge, denouncing this Imperial campaign. War has come, and fear is rampant in the hearts of my brethren, though the Emperor spews the venom: ‘’Let death come as it may, for I am prepared; that death which is preceded by a good life is not evil.’’ But, I do not see the Emperor taking the place of the thousands of lives lost, but of course, I knew he wouldn’t – No Man of God would ever sacrifice his peoples like this, and as I told of you, our Emperor knows naught of God, for he praises the Demons below. ‘What will it matter?’ Is what he asks himself, whilst growing obese on the potatoes and meat served to him as he lingers about his throne. I can answer his pondering, for I know the sin of Man and, a Man that would cast his peoples into slaughter is a Man of Sin: War, it is momentary, but for whom? It is momentary for those who have been given the Grace of God; he can support it because he is strong. But, this war is not momentary for our peoples – Our Emperor knows no God, and he hasn’t his Grace-One without the Grace of God cannot bear it because he has no strength. The infirm cannot bear it. Thus, the tribulations will seem heavy to the sheep of the shepherd without the Grace of God, when compared to those who do.” Preached he, once more, though he knew nobody listened, and those that would have already fled the Empire, knowing all too well that this war would damn each soldier who fought for a Godless Emperor. “Take sight of the war-torn field, notice the rotting corpses of our kinsmen. It is a strong mental image: that time is short, and the tribulations we endure for this Emperor are not worth it.”
  6. Honestly, the way I see it is this: This seems like a play from the Community Team to further eradicate a player-made guild and its lore. As Dingo said, “The Wilven Monks were inevitably hijacked by 501 to be utilized as a ‘proper’ staff run mentoring guild”. While that happened a long time ago, I think it’s clear that the Community Team, since taking hold of it, has done very little to disassociate with the original Wilven Monks that were, of course, a player run group – In fact, it seems as if the Lead, LotsOfMuffins, is bent on making the current Temple-Monks something they’re not, Wilven Monks. I don’t think that’s very cool, in fact, I saw something similar with the whole Dragur-Library debacle which, is under the supervision of the World Team as a ‘staff-project’ and has been since the beginning of this map, if you haven’t noticed (you can debate me on that, but I still have screenshots of Luka, the former Dragur lead, stating exactly that Dragur is now a staff-project). I’m honestly not a fan of any staff-team taking control of player-run guilds and factions, for a lot of reasons and, especially without the permission of said players that were involved in the past. It just seems like a scummy move to do something like that, which, perhaps might just be my opinion, but I certainly wouldn’t want any staff team on this server walking in and taking control of any faction or guild I’m involved with. I don’t think it’d be too much to ask for @LotsOfMuffins to change the name of the current iteration, since she had literally 0 involvement in the original guild and, as we can tell, there’s little reason for the temple-monks to be taking up the ruse of a once formerly player-run group. Though, I am doubtful she will do such, especially with the current state of things, namely her freaking out at any criticism for the most part because it’s deemed some form of affront to her very existence on here. tl;dr: change the name, don’t steal the lore, don’t retcon already pre-established groups without permission and for a personal agenda.
  7. Hasn’t the uwu-squad locked this post yet?
  8. I take it back. What in Krug’s name compelled you all to massacre the blessings?
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