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  1. Batool quickly grasped her gear together after reading the exiting news, ready to fight beside her beloved ones to clean the world from the intruders.
  2. Batool Nazari slap her chest with her right fist once while shouting proudly. “HU!”
  3. Maicy cheered with full pride and joy at the victory of the citizens of Al-Faiz. “Allahu Akbar! A moment to remember indeed! Alhamdullilah, im so proud!” She said before going back to taking care of the horses of the village. ------------------------------------------- Raven smiled at as she heard the news from within Talons Grotto, nodding whilst thinking. ”Qalasheens are people you shouldnt mess with.” ------------------------------------------- Batool shouted out of joy as she heard the news from a citizen. ”Allahu akbar! Another battle won Alhamdullilah. May more victory's follow inshallah.” Batool then went to slam her fist onto her chest while shouting proudly. ”HU!”
  4. Amune Kharadeen signs the paper with a bright smile, her falcon proudly screetching as she used one of its outfallen feathers.
  5. Abbas was not the only one who wondered why no invitation was send to the Kadarsi Caliphate, as Amune did too. She'd agree on her husbands surgestion of going anyways.
  6. Mcname: APurfectNobody Talent: Singing
  7. APurrfectNobody


    Ugghra was born in a travelers camp that got created by Heartlanders. Them living close to the area known as Norland. There Ugghra, her family and co-race members got used as slaves, meaning they had to pull cars to sertain places, hunt, and protect the camp leaders from the evil creatures from outside. One day Ugghra saw the Heartlanders beating her co-race members along with her parents, this caused something in Ugghras mind to snap and take action. The same evening she gathered all orcs from the camp together to make a escape plan, this plan being to set the camp on fire and make their way out as soon as they could. When the morning had come Ugghra and the others setted their plan in action, lighting the camp on fire using glass pieces while the leaders were still sound asleep. this caused the camp to burn down to ash along with its leaders. a few weeks later, Ugghra had suffered from losing her parents, because they were abused for so long and coudnt handle anymore. Ugghra was all alone now and came across a orc clan and/or nation called Krugmar, where she is now trying to get a new home and life.
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