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  1. ☽ The Screowl ☾ Appearance: The Screowl appears like a mixture of a cat and owl in appearance, reaching up to one foot in height. It has a owl-like head which has two fully black eyes along with a beak and the ears of a cat. Its feathers can vary from that of a snowy, barn, brown and desert owl. The Screowl has four legs on which it has the claws of an owl and on its back two medium span wings are located. Both are used for transportation of the animal. (i know its not accurate but its just for the general idea) Habitat: Where the S
  2. OOC: Biss yu make me crii T^T
  3. “Lets get this devilish scum back to where they came from, Martyrdom or victory!” Khattab would shout as he thrusted his sharpend shamshir into the air along with his comrades.
  4. Elena Al-Shams smiles warmly as she continued to sow and stitch the bride’s dress and grooms uniform. ”This will be a moment to remember, Mashallah.”
  5. Khattab smirked by seeing the propaganda. ”Damn, i want to join that..”
  6. Elena Al-shams looked at the flier she was handed by Saeed @ibraheemc2000 and nodded as she signed up. "Its worth a try for sure!"
  7. Elena would smile by hearing the announcement of the grand opening. ”What once was nothing but a dream has now finally turned reality! Mashallah.. Allahu Akbar” After saying saying such she immediately went back to baking and guarding the Kunafa from Saeed.
  8. “Allahu akbar!” Khattab shouted as he prepaired himself and his desert wolf for patrol.
  9. Khattab ibn Zufar Al-Nasr would sharpen his blade, his desert wolf laying next to him. ”Dont worry Ghiyath, as long as we have strong faith and trust in Allah, he will guide us to find this damn Kafir..” Khattab stroke the wolves head after saying such. The wolf releasing a proud bark.
  10. Mcname: APurrfectNobody Rpname: Khattab ibn Zufar Al-Nasir Hail from: Al-Faiz -~{ *) }~- Khattab overlooked the flier as he handed them out across Arcas. ”Inshallah my skygod’s arm is healed before this tournament, last time in Morsgrad i had it tough because of that..” Khattab smiled though, as he remained handing out the fliers straight after signing himself up.
  11. Batool quickly grasped her gear together after reading the exiting news, ready to fight beside her beloved ones to clean the world from the intruders.
  12. Batool Nazari slap her chest with her right fist once while shouting proudly. “HU!”
  13. Abbas was not the only one who wondered why no invitation was send to the Kadarsi Caliphate, as Amune did too. She'd agree on her husbands surgestion of going anyways.
  14. Mcname: APurfectNobody Talent: Singing
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