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  1. Goodbye Josh We will miss you
  2. Chi Kagura Hope Stroheim now Kervallen??? (not really Kervallen) The woman reads over the invitation with a grin on her face, proud of her great nephew. Only tapping on her chin for a moment, looking over to her husband and daughter with a smile. The woman passing over the invitation to her husband. "I think it's about time that Katja should meet some of her family members on my side. Don't you think so, Stanly?" @Jensen02 @BakedPotato
  3. Chi Kagura Hope Strohiem sat in the living room, reading over the invitation. The woman looked over to her husband and hands over the invitation to him. @Jensen02 "Should we greet the new couple?"
  4. Chi Kagura Hope Strohiem literally was there when the mystery person wrote this missive. Pages of missives somehow came into her and her husband home. "YOU LITERALLY WROTE THE MISSIVE LAST NIGHT! HOW DID ALL OF THIS GET INTO MY HOME!" The woman yelled as she sweeps the papers outside the door. Fighting the missives itself. Hopefully her husband can help clean this up with her.
  5. DO YOU MEAN DREAM LOVE?! The og Matchmaking program in Almaris Norland - the creator of it
  6. "Alfonso" Ipera mutters to herself, now truly missing her bright nephew. Her eyes sometimes having tears at the thought of her favorite nephew. Her thoughts drag off into her thoughts to Alfonso and maybe dragging him somewhere else. But no one can never stop the cannon event.
  7. Name: Chi K. Hope Race: Half Human Half Elf Pick for Sheriff: Spuds Pick for Mayor: Bob The Turtle
  8. A very confused Ipera reads the missive. She can only pray that her friends don't read this. Her family is insane
  9. Ipera Alexandra Galbraith, couldn't imagine how sad that her sister can be. Never in the million years, she could imagine this. She just sits in the bedroom where her and her sister shared, waiting for something to happen.
  10. "My Mum is getting married!" She shows her beloved uncle the missive. A clear smile bright on her face. "What should we get her?" @ChaoticRoller
  11. What's your favorite food? ☺️
  12. What's your Favorite Food? Also Favorite Lotc Race to play????
  13. "NOT SIR PURRITO" Chi cries out at the sight of the poster. She hopes that the cat wandered off
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