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  1. “A shaheed he has become... until we meet again old friend..” Antar would say with a slight smile as a tear rolled down
  2. Jihad Al-Akbar! [!] An open letter to all of arcas pinned to every board,post, and mailbox! “As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh my brother and sister in iman rashidun, May Allah protect us and bless us inshallah, Before we begin, praise be to Allah, the most merciful, the most gracious, all praises are due to him and him alone and nor do we associate him with partners and may Allah forgive us and open our hearts for the sake of Allah. My brothers and sisters I come to tell you who believe in the oneness of Allah to tell you the news of our time! Shaytan has sent an army of his servants and those who worship him to wipe those of this earth off the map. Across the countryside many have fallen and been slain by demons and their horde, untold numbers of cannonist, druids, followers of the red faiths, mumineen have been slaughtered by this inferni army. Therefore with a gladden heart I have deemed it fit to issue to you the promise of the seven skies by seeking Allah's pleasure through jihad Al-Akbar! With this EVERY ABLE BODIED MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD! Are to take up arms in the name of Allah and make their way to join the ranks of the mujahideen! Rise up to the call of Jihad my brothers and sisters and defend your rights with al-haqq and remember your ancestors many centuries ago who by the grace of Allah cast shaytan to the nether. Remember Allah promise to those who fight in jihad, for those who die a shaheed will be granted the highest level in the seven skies no matter your race, you will gain the pleasure of meeting your maker and and enjoy the fruits of jannah! And your spouses handpicked by Allah will await you there! Do not miss the chance to earn Allah's most blessed reward! Allah yes for those who fight in Jihad not only Will Allah promise him the rewards of the Akhira he promises them reward on the dunya as well, for those who fight in jihad reward will be as if you have completed thousand of years of hajj and salah without a second wasted during that time, subhanallah! Verily in this Jihad of our time it will echo in the times of history that our children and grandchildren and many generation after us will remember and send their blessing to those who sacrifice their wealth and lives for the sake of Allah supana watallah, and surely those who join the ranks of the mujahideen will be honored on the day of judgement as they will be side by side with Allah supanwattalah! Come forth in arms with cry’s of ‘ALLAHU AKBAR!’ Upon your tongues and steadfastness in your hearts! May the black flag of JIHAD never fall until victory is assured or martyrdom awaits us! For those who wish to join in jihad come forth and declare your oath before Allah for your unwavering support and faith in our struggle! Those Who seek only Allah's pleasure meet me to join the Shaheed brigade! Remember the two great deeds for the sake of ALLAH! MARTYRDOM OR VICTORY!” -Signed by Grand Imam Antar Ibn Karim Al-Sham ———— Should you join the jihad come to Al-Faiz and join the mujahideen, should you wish to join the shaheed brigade fill out this application and meet me irp at Al-faiz (Pay will be done via drugs ;3) Ooc: Rpname: Reason to join: Mujahideen or Shaheed: @boomboxdoom23 for mujahideen @adamc2000 for shaheed (Shaheed brigade only) are you willing to pk for the sake of Allah?: yes or no
  3. Grand imam Antar Ibn Karim would watch the sky in awe “Verily Allah is all greatest, may Allah protect us for the days to come.” He says considering the possibility that Allah is sending a sign that of a blessing or that of a warning.....
  4. Grand Imam Antar would smile “MAY ALLAH BLESS THIS MUJAHIDEEN! WALLAH HE SPEAKS HAQQ!” he says proud of his jihadi ;3
  5. https://youtu.be/RKl3D2Tu89M Response to High Pontiff James II As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh my brother and sister in Iman Rashidun and of those of this Dunya, May Allah protect us and bless us inshallah, Before we begin, praise be to Allah, the most merciful, the most gracious, all praises are due to him and him alone and nor do we associate him with partners and may Allah forgive us and open our hearts for the sake of Allah and may Allah guide to the straight path. It has come to my understanding that the High Pontiff James II had made it an anathema for his followers to attend the wedding ceremony under the pretexts that Lady Sapphira Loretta is marrying Sultan Al-Mujjadid as a cannonist which is forbidden in the cannonist faith, while we understand this could be an issue, it was not so in the past as history would show that interfaith marriages was not shy or hidden away from from all religion not just ours. My beloved companions this proclamation the church has issued is not valid as Lady Sapphira Loretta has converted into Iman Rashidun long before this proclamation and has been a devoted follower of Allah the most merciful therefore a mumineen not a cannonist which would not and should not be a violation in the cannonist beliefs that those in iman rashidun can marry of the same believe as they have stated here.. “While the followers of the Iman Al’Rashidun are our brothers in humanity, they do not obey the laws of the Holy Scrolls or the Church as established by the Exalted. Consequently, it is not suitable that a Canonist should seek to marry one: this leads to a confusion of religious beliefs, and is a violation of our Covenant of Purity sworn by Exalted Owyn. The very foundation of our faith is that all humanity be united in one religion: thus, if permitted, such sacrilegious unions will inevitably lead to our destruction.” - Pontiff James II Verily our friend the High Pontiff James II made an error assuming that this marriage had or was under any church authority when it is not of their faith, My brothers and sisters we therefore conclude that the High Pontiff James II proclamation issued for this marriage between two mumineen is invalid as their basis of their claims hold no meaning in this particular marriage. To my companion High Pontiff James II: “Akhi, it saddens me that you although so knowledgeable of your faiths wish to condemn one even those not of your faith to Jahanamn, LO! Verily those who seek to prevent those of guidance of GOD or Allah are wrongdoers for GOD and Allah’s mercy and blessing is for ALL not to one specific group. I humbly ask you to seek tawba and ask GOD for forgiveness in your misunderstanding and error for verily we are all human.” ---------- To my sister Sapphira Loretta: “As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh my sister in Iman Rashidun, Verily it is Allah’s blessing to provide you a chance to be steadfast in your iman, for the nabi of our past face ridicule from the kuffar yet Allah safeguarded them and blessed them both in the Dunya and the Akhira. LO! Verily the Kuffars are sore losers for Allah is All knowing and all merciful! So go forth and do not shy away from your faith, for your brothers and sisters in Iman Rashidun will aid and protect you as you have done for your people! May allah bless you and grant you ease.” ---- I will continue to remind those who follow GOD or Allah the almighty to continue to follow the truth al-Haqq and to treat your neighbors with love and respect, and wish for your brothers and sisters what you wish for yourselves, We welcome any and all to the wedding ceremony. May Allah safeguard you all, and may Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala forgive us, and may he forgive those who made error for selfish greed As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. -A Chapter from the Kitab Al-Salaam- Chapter ThirtyEight Importance of Peace Remember That you are all Brothers and Sisters and how Allah has created you so you may Worship him and praise him for his mercy upon you, Allah created you so you may show others the Mercy of Allah. Lo! He did not create you so you may Cause Corruption and evil throughout land and that you Shed your brothers and sisters Blood For Allah Surely has to Punish those with nethers for Eternity, Allah Loves those who stop Violence and the ones who stand for peace in times of Evil But remember Allah does not condemn those who fight in self-defence or fight against Corruption and Haraam For Allah loves those who fight in Jihad for Peace and the destruction of Evil. Allah is indeed the most compassionate and the best at placing peace. -Grand Imam of Al’iiman Rashidun Antar Ibn Karim Al-Shams Al-Farooq
  6. Grand Imam Antar would sigh looking to his companions “It seems I must clear their misunderstanding and error...”
  7. Antar Ibn Karim Al-Sham would nod in approval taking out his armor and shamshir and setting it near the door preparing to join fidai need be “May Allah safeguard us, and bring peace back to our lands inshallah.”
  8. Antar Ibn Kareem al-shams upon hearing the news fell to tears at a lost of another comrade “May we meet again my old friend....” he would mourn for his friend not wanting to eat his keftah
  9. Antar would rip his shirt offand dance around his ship screaming on top of his lung “I GOT A GRANDKID COMING!!!! ALLAHU AKBAR!!!” he would then sit down and continue preparing harpoons for his future whale hunts
  10. Antar Ibn Karim Al-Shams smiles “grandkids soon Inshallah......”
  11. Akhi, jihad to earn the pleasure of Allah will cheer ya up! Ik it does for me
  12. Al-Nur Spring Bakery & Inn Grand Opening! [!] Posters would be pinned at all the major and minor city across Arcas Everyone is invited to Al-Nur Spring Bakery & Inn Grand Opening! Since the time of Axios in 1610 Our forefather Amin Al-Shams founded our legacy the original Al-Nur Spring Bakery & Inn! In honor of our proud history and reopening of our new place The Al-Shams family invites you ALL to come to the grand opening at the Sultanate of Korvassa capital Al-Faiz! Hotel rooms are available for those who wish to stay, Food and drinks are prepared to quench your thirst and fill your hunger! Entertainment and games for you to all enjoy! Allow us! The Al-Shams family host and honor you on this day! [OOC: Grand opening on 5/17/2020 Sunday 3 pm est/ 12 pm pst/ 2 pm cst/ 7 pm gmt] [Cords:XYZ -717 58 633, Take the southern road from ct and continue past sutica until reaching a bridge that links to korvassa then take a left from the crossroads and continue the road until you see Al-Faiz! ]
  13. not meme akhi ;3 ramadan Mubarak

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