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  1. Songs of the AIS Brigades [Depiction of AIS army camp] Hamzah and his fellow comrades smile cheering to the news of their comrades victory at the Battle of Krasna, “True men! To victory meh boys!” Hamzah says raising a cup of tea while others raise a jug of ale or wine “Akhi! Time for another patriotic song now isn't it?!” Mustafa grins as the band begins pulling out instruments “Ah you're damn right Mustafa! Why done we start now yeah?!” Hamzah says he already took his Oud out and began strumming it while the band started getting hype with music beginning to be heard across the proud ole rebel camp! [pls excuse the gun and rpg closest pic i could get xP] Oh, not now for songs of a nation's wrongs, Not the groans of starving labor; Let the metal ring and the arrows sing To the clash of the flashing sabre! There are AIS ranks on the tented banks Of Suffonia's guarded ocean; And an iron clank from flank to flank Tell of armed men in motion! [Music] And frank souls there clear true and bare To all, as the steel beside them, Can love or hate withe the strength of Fate, Till the grave of the valiant hide them. Each seems to be mailed of Rights, Whose sword's avenging glory Must light the fight and smite for Right, Like Faiz in olden story! [Music] With pale affright and panic flight Shall dastard Orenian base and hollow, Hear a Norlandic race, from their battle place, Charge to the shout of "For tomorrow!" By the sould above, by the land we love Her tears bleeding patience The sledge is wrought that shall smash to naught The brazen liar of nations. [Music] The Farfolk green shall again be seen As our farfolk fathers bore it, A burning wind from the South behind, And the Imperials rout before it! O' Doctor Daniels red hand shall purge the land- Rain a fire on men and cattle, Till the Imperial snakes in their own cold lakes Plunge from the blaze of battle. [Music] The knaves that rest on Suffonia's breast, And the voice of true men stifle; We'll exorcise from the rescued prize- Our talisman, the sabers; For a tyrant's life a bowie knife!- Of true knot dissolvers, The best we ken are stalwart men, Rubrianss and dem fighters! [Music] Whoe'er shall march by triumphal arch Whoe'er may swell the slaughter, Our drums shall roll from the Capitol O'er Reza's fateful water! Rise, bleeding ghosts, to the Lord of Hosts For judgement final and solemn; Your fanatic horde to the edge of the sword Is doomed line, square, and column!
  2. The Battle Cry of Freedom [Depiction of the Battle of Adria] An unknown farfolk sits with his comrades of Sheikdoms regiments after the Battle of Adria smiling “lads! We all had a good battle! Don't you say?” nodding to his companions as he begins playing the oud and his akhi’s on various other instruments, the noise begins to attract the proud veterans and soldiers of the AIS as the proud rebel begins to sing for the men: Our flag is proudly floating on the land and on the main, Shout, shout, the battle cry of Freedom; Beneath it oft we’ve conquered and will conquer oft again, Shout, shout, the battle cry of Freedom. Our AIS forever, she’s never at a loss! Down with the empire and up with the states! We’ll rally ‘round the bloody flag, we’ll rally once again Shout, shout the battle cry of Freedom! Our gallant boys have marched to the rolling of the drums, Shout, shout the battle cry of Freedom; And the leaders in charge cry, “Come boys, come!” Shout, shout the battle cry of Freedom. Our AIS forever, she’s never at a loss! Down with the empire and up with the states! We’ll rally ‘round the bloody flag, we’ll rally once again Shout, shout the battle cry of Freedom! They have laid down their lives on the bloody battle field, Shout, shout the battle cry of Freedom; Their motto is resistance—“To tyrants we’ll not yield!” Shout, shout the battle cry of Freedom. Our AIS forever, she’s never at a loss! Down with the empire and up with the states! We’ll rally ‘round the bloody flag, we’ll rally once again Shout, shout the battle cry of Freedom!
  3. Adam Ibn Bashar Kharadeen would stay in his room morning the loss of his two friends and on the other hand happy for them "They got to the jihadi 101 club before me...... lucky bastards"[void that one part ;3]
  4. “Bismillah, Inshallah I shall see you my brothers at the battlefield for the sake of Allah!” Adam Ibn bashar Kharadeen would wave farewell heading to his house to prepare for the coming battle
  5. "It is as my father has once said... 'Allah will not change the conditions of the people until they change whats in themselves.' And clearly they still have a long LONG way to go im afraid..." Adam Ibn Bashar Kharadeen shaking his head going back to work in his books.
  7. Hello dere ;3 its a ama sorry to put ur hopes up. Ask me anything! also i’m a Attila total war nerd so if you guys ever wanna play hit me up!
  8. Adam Ibn Bashar Kharadeen would nod with Zubayr as he continue to peddle cactus green to the troops sometimes.... mostly sells them to OREN and AIS soldiers alike they top buyers ;3 understanding that some people just don’t like jihadi as they epic and they feel intimidated
  9. [ just bored and made a poem bout ants thought share it with you all, also to all those still fighting in this war which still has no name i think? remember to just have fun and try not to take everything ooc! anyways her it is!] Ants endless wars I swear my allegiance And sharpen my jaw I beg farewell For I might not see the morn’ And should I see the morn’ I will not come back the same For the field is covered In lines of my dead comrade For we came in defense Of my home, my friends, my queen Against the army i’m facing Straight across from me And here we shall stand And here I shall die Upon this stone road I will Lie For I love My Colony More then my life And it was he who killed me This I know But my fellow brothers of war shall avenge me Of this i’m sure For no Ant leaves Until each is avenged For each of our brothers that die We shall take ten more And so upon this endless war I lie Until my young generation comes To take me away To the great graveyard I go Like my ancestors have And be Visited and honored By those after me But in this endless war we shall survive For I don’t die in vain For in anguish my sons cry ”For you I to shall die!” And so they will go to my queen And swear allegiance And join the great struggle For they to may suffer my fate For the endless wars await. Please tell me what you think and leave a like! advice is always welcome and I hope you all are having fun!
  10. “Ameen ya rabb!” Adam Ibn bashar Kharadeen says continuing to read the Kitab Al-Salaam
  11. Adam Ibn Bashar Kharadeen would smile when seeing his fellow comrades during training “What an honor it will be to fight alongside with you, and what a day it will be to become a shahid with you. Allah Ya Rabbi bless these men and our nation with our future campaigns and battles... for indeed we fight for ALLAH! and to him we owe dominion.” picking up a shield to aid in polishing and repairing the already broken equipment used within an hour.....
  12. Have you ever consider being a jihadi? Jkjk have your tried a falafel, how you been, whats ur fav nation this map, whats ur fav movie, if u had to do a dare would u rather kiss a camel or would u rather mend a month in a **** pit. And are you sure you hate..... papa stalin? xP
  13. “Alhumdillah! May Allah bless these men in our campaign to please Allah and bring honor and glory for the sake of Allah!” Adam Ibn Bashar Kharadeen says patting Zubayr on his shoulder, suddenly shoving a sharwarma in his hand
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