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  1. Al-Mahdi Calls Upon you! Al-Mahdi Auda Kharadeen would walk out meeting the crowds face in the musjid “Oh my people! Today im here to declare an official jihad upon the Dwarven invaders. We have all met the aggression towards us and Empire but do not let this discourage you for Allah surely rewards those who are steadfast, Oh my People Jihad is a benefit to us all especially to those who are being oppressed by the dwarven regime. We have wandered the world and seen much injustice and much suffering at the hands of the dwarven infidels! Therefore we are to do as our Holy Book instructs us to do! I call on all mumineen to rise up! I call on you to Jihad against the Injustice and cruelty the dwarves done to the world! Oh people does not matter your skin color nor your race or your gender for we have been given a duty to take care of ourselves and help others in need and protect ourselves! This should not stop with just us Muminmeen but with Canonist, and other faiths of this dunya! In our holy Jihad we are to fight to help defend the lands of righteousness and honor, Allah says in the Kitab Al-Salaam on chapter 14 ‘Jihad is one of the Greatest things a creation of Allah can do.’ Allah says here very clearly! Jihad one of the greatest things you can do for the sake of Allah! Allah ALSO says ‘We have then Given you the Jihad Of the Body. Jihad is declared upon these things. If you have been driven from your home unjustly, If you have been invaded, If one tries to destroy Your faith, To fight the Tyrants, to fight injustice, and to fight those who worship false gods, If they are of those who harm mankind, to fight those who oppress, and to help the oppressed.’ The Dwarves have come now and invaded! They have brought injustice and cruelty to the empire! They worship Idols and false gods and put partnership with Allah! They oppress the weak and needy for the greed of gold and silver! Allah says here he promises me and you! ‘ Indeed Allah Is the most Powerful, So do not forget to Answer upon Jihad for those who fight Jihad and those who died in Jihad are promised the best of homes, the best of wives and husbands, the best of the best, and a spot at the dining table with Allah. They will be given the highest of status and best of things in the seventh skie and they will be cared for personally by Allah himself. Allah Is indeed the best of helpers and the best of gifting.’ Oh mumineen look how beautiful Allah has promised us if we were to become Shaheeds in our jihad! So do not hesitate! Fight for the sake of Allah! BUT LO! Allah has placed upon us rules of Jihad, he instructs us clearly on these matters! Allah Says ‘We have set to you rules for Jihad, So that you may not go and do wrong. Dont cut a tree unless you need to, Do not kill a child, Do not kill old people, Do not destroy places of worship, Do not destroy a building, Do not kill those who have surrendered, Do not kill those who run away(from battle and in general), Do not kill a woman, Do not kill a sick person, Do not kill those dedicated to worship(Ie. Monks and priests), Do not disfigure the dead, Do not kill an animal except for eating, Be good to prisoners and feed them, Do not enforce the faith.’ Allahu Akbar! Look! How just Allah is! Allahu Akbar! I call on you oh people of Allah to come to us and prepare for Jihad! Remember Allah said in the Holy book that we have to defend ourselves when being attack by the sword, and to fight those who oppress others. Those who are listening but not of our faith! I call on all races or faith to come join us to help defend the oppressed the weak and to destroy those tyrants who wish to destroy everything we hold dear! Let it be known that the farfolks and non farfolks stands against the oppression! I ask all of the men and women of not just of the Caliphate but the Empire! Rise up! Join the army! Prepare the swords , prepare the bows, prepare for Allah blessing and promise of the seven skies of which we all yearn for! Don't deny yourself this chance for Jannah! Don't stop yourself from earning Allah the greatest pleasure and honor! Yellah prepare! Fight until the Dwarven invaders stop their aggression! Martyrdom or victory! Indeed Allah is greatest!” Al-Mahdi would attempts to inspire citizens to join the jihad. “Takbir!” ------------------
  2. Bashar Kharadeen puts on his armor ready to go aid in the war against unjust
  3. adamc2000

    Zacho AMA

    sup zach, how you doing? what would u do if it was the end of the world on lotc and the server crash forever type situation. May i intrigue you in the ways of Jihad? what do you rp as and what your favorite race to rp as? Can you provide an epic meme? and most importantly.... would u have a rp companion of a squirrel or chipmunk on lotc? (yes they talk and can steal **** for ya ;3)
  4. Hi what nation were u of before u left! Whats ur fav icecream? If u had to choose between a talking squirrel or a talking chipmunk as ur compainion in lotc which on would u choose? And lastly and most importantly...... How are ya and how was ur break from lotc into this new thing called "LIFE" ?
  5. Auda kharadeen leaves a room of squirrels "Hi what happen?" He says with a full innocent face
  6. OOC: Mcname: adamc2000 Discord: u got it Timezone: est Roleplay: Name: Bashar Kharadeen Race: Farfolk (qalasheen) Age: 24 Gender: Male Faith: Imam rashidun The reason you wish to join: Currently Amir and still wish to serve Skills: Combat and CHEMICAL weapons Subrank you request: Mwahtemed Profession: breeder and researching for chlorine Goals: To serve Allah and his Caliphate
  7. Duchy of Brittany [Year:1686 Turn: 4] Leader: Duke Leo Trade: practically almost every nation Relation: Friends with British Empire, Portugal, Papacy, and Venice Hostile of France. Neutral with everyone else Economy: Greatly Significant ---------------------------------------- Sound of march and the military band plays throughout Brest. A funeral for the bailiff who was murdered by the french merchant. Citizens of Brest and nearby towns attended, Even Duke Leo son Armand attended in respect. “Bailiff Gwenneg Durin service of Brittany shall not and will not be forgotten. I ask you all to aid me in doin-” Armand says Continuing his speech. “Is it true of what the citizens say about us going to war?” Anna the servant girl asks her friend who stood beside her “Unlikely although it might just sour relations with our neighboring France… dont worry im sure all will be fine.” Mikeal said quietly with a reassuring smile as he stood behind Armand. Duke Leo after receiving the report from the garrison commander at Brest taking the understanding that the french merchant that killed the bailiff was mad and clearly was not an agent of France. Nonetheless the taxation would change slightly and continue and orders to local garrisons to further protect traders and locals from murdering each other outright. With heighten tensions between Brittany and France Duke Leo sent an envoy which to make sure that both nations condemned the attack as well as reassurance that both sides would stay in non aggression pact. Military Duke Leo promptly gives up on the issue of uniforms however, two new regiment is to be formed from volunteers using of white uniforms in order to act as line infantry in the provinces of Pays Nantais and Pays Rennais. The other 4 regiments already existing in the army are to be moved into different categories. (2 are to become skirmishing regiments while the other two into a line infantry regiment in the colors of White uniform) [Choice of white uniform is to bring national pride as the flag they carry is the flag of Brittany as seen above.] Flag poles in fort are to be constructed as soon as possible. While forts and cities are to stock up on supplies to last sieges due to height in tensions. Generals and commanders are to help convince the men of wearing the uniform to help them become more disciplined as well as proving to others of their pride and loyalty to the country. Training to further improve their firing speed to up 6-8 per minute is to continue. Education With Duke Leo having 3 daughters and a son. There was a clear certain expectation that was to be fulfilled to help the nature of the country. Lady Sophia lady Adora and Lady Adaani are to focus on the study of the history of europe as well as, mathematics, arts, and stewardship to aid their father and future husbands if the husbands so wish some aid….. Armand was to study of the matters of the state alongside with his father, he would also study in matters of warfare, logistics, and of course intrigue. Economy/Business With understanding the nature of great need of trade Duke Leo issue traders to try focus on trading with the colonies of great Britain, India, and China. Factory, fort and business begin to soar high with most business and are expected to be done construction and fully operational by 1687. Duke Leo concern by the lack of doctors willing to come to his nation, wages are raised to help lure in doctors as well as a new program issuing anyone willing to learn the trade of medicine will help funded by the government to learn and work with the country to usher in a new era for medical science. Recruitment still raised for Red Cross Britannia. All Brittany Fire Brigades are to begin wearing a uniform to help local garrison and populace not misunderstand and further cooperate with the firefighters, as well as two ‘Brittany Fire brigade is to form at Rennes and Nantes. [Uniform colors are of yellow and black] Duke leo has issue that taxation on the french are to lower by 10% to better help avoid such tensions between the french and Britons. Research Further continuation of developing and researching on medical sciences to help aid the Red Cross Britannia at its work. Researchers are to help develop better ideas for shipwrights to help better perform and produce a navy. Researchers are to continue helping figure out better ways to effectively remove fires Diplomacy/ Political intrigue Agents are to continue their actions in their designated states keeping an eye out suffering populaces, encouraging them to seek refuge at Brittany. [MOD] Envoy sent to France [Rp in Discord] Envoy sent to the Pope [Rp in Discord] Duke Leo attempts to gather populace and government support not only to support him as Duke but to also pass the policy to create better surveys of the land to better tax and bring in more income to the country, as well as create a government branch to specify and aid the country citizens needs and to receive funding to help aid its purpose. Duke leo encourage refugees from neighboring countries as well as beyond to come to Brittany to live better lives if they so wish. [Attempt to boost population as well as provide better lives for immigrants]
  8. Duchy of Brittany {I hope I got the right flag for its time period} [Year:1685 Turn: 3] Leader: Duke Leo Trade: practically almost every nation Relation: Friends with British Empire,, Portugal, Papacy, and Venice Cautious of France. Neutral with everyone else Economy: Greatly Significant ---------------------------------------- With Duke Leo Brittany future seems to begin to change under his leadership. With the population support and a loyal Army, With Catholic french immigrating to Brittany and already well heard news of great welfare and opportunities in the country. One begins to wonder what the future will be? Military With the army abandoning the accuracy training to fire more frequently, Duke Leo has told his advisers that he wished the men to fire at least 4-6 times a minute if possible. Sappers that were raised back at 1684 are to continue to train until fully prepared from massive warfare such as underground tunnels and bases, as well as trench and siege warfare.(estimated to be fully trained by 1689) The Light Dragoons have been ordered to train more intensely in order to be more terrifying towards the enemy when the time comes. With forts restoration and repair being resume they are estimated to Finnish by 1687. Idea’s for Military uniforms are to be presented to Duke Leo by the army’s generals to help further improve unity and national pride. Large Metal pole’s are to be constructed at Forts boarding the France and at the capital of Rennes, they are to be at Least 15 meters high. Businesses/ Economy With Duke Leo brilliant play at turning a profit in recent intrigue Factory, fort and business begin to soar high with most business and are expected to be done construction and fully operational by 1687. Duke Leo send missives across Europe asking for any great Engineers who could possible help bringing the recent construction to finish by a year early or so. Duke Leo convinced by his wife and family convene a council to discuss the matter of the country's health and well being while putting a strong argument the council unilaterally agreed to raising a ‘Britannia red cross’ regiment in order to act as doctors and medics to aid the local populace. They are to work alongside the Firefighters whose been named “Brittany fire brigade’ and local garrisons in order to help those in emergencies and in attempt to create an even better society and environment, while during this time period medical knowledge is limited researchers are looking into better ways to help aid those in need as well as improve medical changes such as amputations, surgeries and other illnesses that plague Europe, in addition Duke Leo has also sent word across Europe, Middle East as well as to Asia calling on medical geniuses and researchers to make their way to Brittany and aid in this endeavor. (look to Research for aid if needed) Duke Leo wife and local female citizens of Renez are to work on a project sanction by Duke Leo. {MOD} Research With Researchers currently still working on improving and bettering way to put out fires in the country, Duke Leo has issued the other research group who just recently has failed to find a better way to improve the bayonets are to begin working with local doctors and Possible medical genius to help further improve the medical knowledge and welfare to a great extent hoping to help better aid those in need. Diplomacy/ Political intrigue With the return of the envoy great news of approval for a marriage alliance with Great British Empire to occur in three years hence. With the world of politics and warfare forever changing, Duke Leo as issued more than several agents to a few countries. To better understand the welfare, as well as people's opinions and basic livelihood under their rulers. In a few of those countries agents are to also keep a look out to upset populace as in political rival of such rulers aka rebels wannabes. (MOD for nations list agent going to.) An Envoy is sent to Frances moving to ensure that France does not take a retaliation against Brittany for it risen taxes on french merchants. Envoy is sent to Suqur Allah to discuss some trade deals that could benefit both party's. Actions summarize -Intense training for the army Continues. -Construction of businesses, factories, and forts are to continue as well as new constructions of flag poles. -Research on how to better rid the fire hazards, also a way to improve medical knowledge. -Another brigade is raised called ‘Britannia red cross’ to help local population in health, and well being as well as emergencies involving such. -Agents are sent to several countries on missions while blending in with the citizens and country to avoid detection. -Envoy sent to France -Envoy sent to Suqur Allah -Call for great minds and geniuses to come to Brittany
  9. Hussain Faheem takes off his hat as he look down at the paper “GOD ay just done saw him two saint weeks ago, may GOD rest his sowl he were ayy great man ta drink with with those there vodka ayn' whiskey.” he said with a sad frown “imma gunna honaw him by a-shootin' up some dead carcass..” he straps the crossbow and begin grabbing a bunching of fire rockets and bag of Bolts on his way out of the door with a tear in his eye.
  10. (sorry i been extremly busy as im preparing for college) Duchy of Brittany {I hope I got the right flag for its time period} Leader: Duke Leo Trade: practically almost every nation Relation: Friends with British Empire,, portugal, Papacy, and Venice Cautious of France, Spain Neutral with everyone else Economy: Significant ---------------------------------------- Duke Leo listens as the breton merchants and other citizens complain about the french merchant taking jobs away from the lack of taxes on them. “I understand your case, however I cannot raise taxes on the british but what I will do is raise taxes on Swedish, french and Spanish merchants. While the swedish and spanish taxes will resume to a normal rate as before the French taxes will rise up back up to their normal rate and 10% more.” he nods to the merchant as he then looks to the concerned citizens, “as for the loss of jobs I can only promise to set up more businesses for our people in which you can be hired from.” with the people pleased with Duke leo decision they were sent away. Businesses/ Economy With taxes on the French traders rissen, and spanish and swedish traders taxes moved back up to their normal rate. With only hopes this will bring back a bit more profit to help sustain the country. Businesses are to be created: A large Crab factory made in Brest to fish and produce food and jobs for the country, and with promised guarantee that the british navy will aid in the protection of its ships in doing such a job. With help from his Advisors Dukeleo decided to turn the city of Loudeat into an industrial trading city by issuing the following orders: Flintlock, Ammunition and Gunpowder Factories to be created in Loudeat to help mass produce its armory and jobs in the making. While understanding the risk of fires or explosions that could turn the city into chaos, Duke Leo issue a fire brigade to be formed whose sole purpose is to help take down fires and burning buildings, they will work alongside local garrisons. Although there is no effective way to stop burning building Duke leo Issue to find a better way to help the country in its issue (look at Research for better understanding) Military With the now new standing army, the foot soldiers will begin an Intense training on shooting at least 3 shots per minute When they are able to master this firing rate they are to better improve their accuracy to better prepare for future wars. With a new calvary regiment They are to be transformed into light dragoons, they are to go through a training program to help them better shoot on horseback as well as improve their melee and riding skills. The Remaining forts are to be repaired after the project was abandoned due to lack of funds with now hoping to come back up. 800 men are to be raised to become a sapper regiment learning to build trenches, tunnels. [MOD] Research The country will begin to research and develop a better and effective way to put out fires. While other experimentalist are to further improvement of the bayonets to help replace the plug bayonets which is widely used as a last resort. Diplomacy Hoping to further improve diplomatic ties with the great British Empire Duke Leo Sends an Envoy to King Richard the IV offering his daughter hands (waiting for britain reply} Trade Agreement for fine ass turkish/ Syrian rugs with Amir Al- Suqur due to its effective way to help get through winters they also request them to ship over 200 Date palm tree saplings while providing cash upfront for them to profit and to pay for shipping. Actions summarize -Intense training for the army -Creation of businesses to help provide jobs and income -Research on how to better rid the fire hazards, also a way to get rid of plug bayonets -trade taxes on french, swedish, spanish traders are raised back to normal with exemption that french traders are taxes 10% more. -offer of Marriage alliance with Great britain -800 men are raised to begin training to become sappers to help in future warfare.
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