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  1. Antar would rip his shirt offand dance around his ship screaming on top of his lung “I GOT A GRANDKID COMING!!!! ALLAHU AKBAR!!!” he would then sit down and continue preparing harpoons for his future whale hunts
  2. Antar Ibn Karim Al-Shams smiles “grandkids soon Inshallah......”
  3. Akhi, jihad to earn the pleasure of Allah will cheer ya up! Ik it does for me ❤️
  4. Al-Nur Spring Bakery & Inn Grand Opening! [!] Posters would be pinned at all the major and minor city across Arcas Everyone is invited to Al-Nur Spring Bakery & Inn Grand Opening! Since the time of Axios in 1610 Our forefather Amin Al-Shams founded our legacy the original Al-Nur Spring Bakery & Inn! In honor of our proud history and reopening of our new place The Al-Shams family invites you ALL to come to the grand opening at the Sultanate of Korvassa capital Al-Faiz! Hotel rooms are available for those who wish to stay, Food and drinks are prepared to quench your thirst and fill your hunger! Entertainment and games for you to all enjoy! Allow us! The Al-Shams family host and honor you on this day! [OOC: Grand opening on 5/17/2020 Sunday 3 pm est/ 12 pm pst/ 2 pm cst/ 7 pm gmt] [Cords:XYZ -717 58 633, Take the southern road from ct and continue past sutica until reaching a bridge that links to korvassa then take a left from the crossroads and continue the road until you see Al-Faiz! ]
  5. not meme akhi ;3 ramadan Mubarak

  7. Hello! Sorry, I was meant to make this on the first of the last ten nights of Ramadan. Hello, My friend and companions of LOTC! It is the last ten nights of Ramadan, and Ramadan soon to be over, for those who are still not aware, Ramadan is the month Muslims around the world begin fasting, from sunrise to sunset. These last ten nights, are the most important nights in Islam, in which we call Laylatul Qadr, Meaning The night of power. The exact time is lost, but in one of the last ten nights in Ramadan, There is a night, where God comes down to the lowest heaven and listens to each dua(request) and Answers it! Allah will either answer your request or he grants you something a thousand times better! In the last ten nights, good deeds are not only multiplied by 70 but even more than this! NOW, as I mentioned, Good deeds are raised high this week. A simple smile counts as a good deed, So think about the rewards of just a single smile to ONE PERSON! Eid is soon upon us, and some of you are already preparing for it and even giving gifts now! I am happy to see our community still around, and still the smiles of you guys who are trying your best to keep positive in this time, I'm HONORED TO PLAY WITH ALL OF YOU! This month my challenge was to ping people you know and let them know how important they mean to you and bring good vibes, through status updates, discord, and forums. And as always you always beat my expectations and beat last year’s challenge’s rate! But we still have ten more nights! So for these ten nights, Post in your status for this challenge! “FLOORGANG SAYS HAPPY LAYLATUL QADR!!!” you can ping someone or just leave it as it is! Whether your Christian, Jewish, atheist or you worship that one stone that fell in your yard last week. We can all agree that we call somewhat created a bond over the years, months or week! So let's try to make a large push and make people smile! AND AS ALWAYS Happy Ramadan Ramadan Mubarak, AND HERE ONE MORE CHALLENGE! POST RAMADAN MEMES IN COMMENT COMRADES! I hope you all enjoy your last days of Ramadan and be prepared for the upcoming Eid post!
  8. Antar Ibn Karim al-shams look at the poster and shrugs “I guess it worth a try?” he says before folding it up and casting a line into Al-Hayba sea once more
  9. FAIZ!!! Meh miss ya dad ;-;
  10. Allah bless you almond tree! May Allah bless you this Ramadan as he bless us for getting the chance to know and to with you while you were on before the covid! Gl on your jihad ;3
  11. “ALLAHU AKBAR!!! ALLAH, KORVASSA, SULTAN OU BAS!!!!!!” Antar would chant along side his comrades holding the banner waving it high
  12. @everyone_ LOVE YOU ALL! you gave me a wonderful community that i can always relieing on! i hope you all have a wonderful Ramadan https://imgur.com/M7SwT77 On behalf of me and ibraheem! thanks!
  13. Ramadan! YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. MC Name:adamc2000 RP Name: Antar Ibn Karim Al-Sham Market Stand: Yes Fish Slapper?: Yes Master of the Catch?: Yes meh will try meh best to be there akhi’s
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