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  1. To Our BELOVED LOTCERS, Happy Last Ten Nights! As you all know, we are in the blessed month of Ramadan, a time when the Muslim community of LOTC has stepped aside from the distractions of daily life to focus on their faith and connection with Allah. It is a time of fasting, prayer, reflection, and increased acts of worship. As we enter the last ten nights of Ramadan, we are presented with a golden opportunity to seek the Night of Decree, Laylat al-Qadr! Now you mineman goober who like many has either too busy of a life to research what it is or your entire life is on that mineman server as rp and cringe yourway to political power, xoxo SO FEAR NOT! I shall tell you! Laylat al-Qadr is a night that is better than a thousand months. It is a time of immense blessings, forgiveness, and mercy from Allah. These nights are a chance for us to increase our worship, seek forgiveness for our sins, and draw closer to our Creator. It begins from sunset until sunrise, for us muslims from Mughrib to Fajr. The Night of Decree, as described in the Quran, is a night of peace and tranquility, during which angels descend to earth. The rewards for worship on this night are multiplied manifold, and it is a time when our prayers are more likely to be answered. It is a night that holds great significance in the life of a believer, and one that should be sought with sincerity and devotion. During these last ten nights, we strive to increase our acts of worship, such as praying extra prayers such as Qiyam al-Layl or Tahajjud, reciting the Quran, making sincere supplications/ Duas, and engaging in remembrance of Allah like Zikr. We should also strive to seek forgiveness for our sins and ask Allah for His mercy and blessings. It is important to remember that the Night of Decree could fall on any one of the odd-numbered nights of the last ten nights of Ramadan. Therefore, it is recommended to increase our worship and devotion during all of these nights, so that we may not miss out on this blessed opportunity. Now those aren't muslims you may also be asking, “well Adam what does this have to do with me?” Well, I'll tell you! Many believe this night is not exclusive to only muslims! We believe that any prayers that were not answered by Allah will give you something far much worth to you then you may perceive it! For example! You may ask to be rich in life, and while you may not actually become rich with money you could become rich in knowledge, family things that have far greater worth, or blessed with a great opportunity for both! As we strive to make the most of these last ten nights, let us also remember the less fortunate and those in need around the world. Ramadan is a time of generosity and giving, and we should strive to help those in need to the best of our ability. By doing so, we not only fulfill our duty of charity/zakat but also spread kindness and compassion in the world. So please keep in your prayers for the less fortunate and places who struggle in times of hardship such as places inflicted with famine, war, poverty, and diseases. Best way to help them is to ask Allah/GOD the most powerful and indeed the most merciful and generous for he is the best of helpers. Soon after the last ten nights of Ramadan, we will be celebrating Eid, a joyous occasion that marks the end of Ramadan. It is a time of celebration, gratitude, and unity for the Muslim community. In the coming weeks, you will see an Eid post so stay tuned you goobers!. In conclusion, let us make the most of these last ten nights of Ramadan, seeking the Night of Decree with sincerity and devotion. May Allah accept our worship, forgive our sins, and shower His blessings and mercy upon us all. Heh you thought you could get away did ya? NAW AW! RAMADAN LAST TEN DAYS CHALLENGE! Your challenger today ladies and gentlemen! Drumroll pleaaase…. You whether irl or in game compliment a homie, smile or emote smiling and brighten someone day up! Lot of people think that someone can get a lot of compliments but let me tell you something! No we don't ;-; So go out there! Make someone's day! And for EXTRA EXTRA BROWNIE POINTS! Donate to charity, donate to something you believe to be in a good cause. To donate in charity is as we say “giving a loan to GOD, and he will multiply it for you tens, hundreds or thousands folds!” remember that even giving a smile or helping someone is an act of charity! Ehem, love you all and stay true to yourselves and be one that helps humanity one step at a time! Ramadan Mubarak everyone!
  2. @ibraheemc2000 @Chrisoulis777@Your Stepdad love you guys, been my ride and die brothers and can’t appreciate you more! there are many more I appreciate but I’m afraid I don’t know y’all’s forum tags XD
  3. Debb entered the city as the cake just finely frosted laid upon the platter as he set it upon his farmer stall, only for worsen news to come out from the clinic. His head fell into his hand as many began to leave his life both close and distant. “I am glad she had enjoyed the cakes while she was here, but now she had left this fair city to soon. May Allah grant her paradise of the seven skies, and May Allah ease the grief of Demitrey…” (ooc note: MY PC BROKEN ONCE JUST ******* ONCE AND EVERYONE DIEING OR SOMETHING! Why YALL breakin poor Debbs heart, @Nymstraill visit you soon habibi I got old broken mf laptop running and seem to run ok last night. Hold tight bro, I’ll bring shawarmas
  4. One of the other Rashidun Jihadist looks rather confused about what incursions in the samurai lands as they never even went past the desert yet but agrees with his friend! Looks forward to seeing samurai conquest and to pray for their victory against dark magic! +1!
  5. The Shepherd Call Answered Since the tragic massacre that had shaken his world, Debb had experienced the profound grace of Allah. Fourfold had Allah replenished what was lost, a testament to the strength of his faith and the unwavering nature of divine providence. Tonight, as he gently supported the struggling ewe, he felt the weight of that blessing, a reminder of Allah's mercy and generosity. As the lamb finally brought forth new life, its weak cries echoing in the stillness, Debb felt a surge of gratitude towards Allah. He cradled the newborn lamb in his arms, feeling the softness of its wool against his roughened hands. In that moment, he knew that this lamb was a symbol of renewal and hope, a sign that even in the darkest of times, Allah's light would shine through. With a heart full of gratitude and a mind filled with awe, Debb decided to name the lamb "Barakah," meaning blessing. It was a fitting name, a reminder of the countless blessings that Allah had bestowed upon him, both big and small. As he watched over the mother and her newborn, he knew that this moment would stay with him forever, a testament to the power of faith and the beauty of Allah's creations. Inspired by the beauty of the moment, Debb felt compelled to put his feelings into words. Sitting by the flickering light of a lantern, he took out a piece of parchment and began to write. His words flowed freely, a testament to his faith and his gratitude for Allah's blessings. He wrote of faith and resilience, of hope and renewal, of the eternal love of Allah that guided him through even the darkest of nights. As the first light of dawn began to break on the horizon, Debb finished his poem, a heartfelt tribute to the believers, a testament to the strength of their faith and the beauty of their devotion. He knew that no matter what trials lay ahead, he would face them with unwavering faith, knowing that Allah was always by his side, guiding him and blessing him with His infinite grace. “In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, From the heavens above to the depths below, In every creation, Allah's glory does show. In every drop of water, in every blade of grass, In every grain of sand, Allah's mercy does surpass. The stars in the sky, the moon's gentle glow, The sun's radiant light makes the flowers grow. Each creature, each plant, each mountain tall, Allah's handiwork, in them we see His call. From the rivers that flow to the oceans wide, In every ebb and flow, in every changing tide. In the wind that whispers through the trees, In the birds that soar on the gentle breeze. In the mountains that stand, majestic and tall, In the valleys below, where rivers do sprawl. In the deserts vast, where sands do shift, In the snowflakes that fall, each one is a gift. In every living thing, in every breath we take, In every step we make, in every choice we partake. In every joy, in every pain we endure, In every trial, in every success we secure. Allah's mercy knows no bounds, In every creation, His love resounds. So let us be grateful, let us be kind, For in Allah's mercy, true peace we find.”
  6. The Rise Of Al-Jaysh Al-Nurani As the call for jihad against idolatry spread, many mumineen gathered at the campsite, united in their resolve to destroy the idols that had been erected upon their future home. Friends and strangers alike came to answer the call to jihad, their hearts filled with determination and their minds focused on the task ahead as they sharpen their sayf and prepared their armor as they dedicate themselves to the struggle. Some came armed and ready to fight, while others, unable to join the battle, offered their support through supplies and arms. Stood united, ready to face whatever challenges lay in their path, knowing that they did so in the name of Allah. The mujahideen of Al-Jaysh Al-Nurani, had meticulously planned their attack on the shrine of idolatry. Days before their march, they had scouted the area, verifying the shrine's integrity and identifying its weak spots to find the best and effective way to destroy it. As the sun began to rise, the mujahideen soon finished their morning prayers and began their march towards the shrine, their numbers swelled as friends and supporters joined their cause. Among them were the Kwee and some from Clan Lur, who sought to aid in the destruction of the idols. The desert sands resonated with the sounds of their footsteps as they neared the shrine, the mujahideen's anticipation grew. They had expected a fierce defense from the idol worshippers, but to their surprise, no defenders stood to protect the shrine. Some among the mujahideen were disheartened to find no kuffar in sight as they were eager to see battle for the sake of Allah. Some saw this as a sign of the idol worshippers' lack of faith in their own creation, further fueling their resolve to destroy it. Upon reaching the shrine, the mujahideen’s and the kwee wasted no time in springing into action. Some fastened ropes around the pillars, preparing to pull them down, while others, such as those from clan Lur and a few mujahid’s armed with pickaxes, began to hammer away at the idol's base. The air was filled with the sound of metal striking stone, a symphony of destruction that echoed through the desert. With a swift effort, the mujahideen succeeded in toppling much of the shrine to the ground. The sound of the idol crashing to the earth was deafening, a thunderous declaration of their determination to fight against idolatry. The mujahideen called out in triumph towards Allah calling out in praise and reverence further fueling the fire of faith within the believers hearts, others in similar fashion of faith such as clan lur towards their own beliefs. As the dust settled and the remnants of the shrine lay in ruins, the mujahideen stood victorious. Their mission had been accomplished, their faith and determination unwavering. They knew that their work was far from over, but in that moment, they celebrated their victory, a testament to their unwavering commitment to the cause of Allah. On their travels back home, it was said that on of the believers had felt an inspiration and while the journey was long it was held tight to the believers who joined Al-Jaysh Al-Nurani "Stand firm in faith, for we are the vanguard of righteousness, the defenders of truth. With Allah as our guide and our hearts aflame with conviction, we march forward, unyielding and undeterred. Let our actions speak louder than words, Let the enemies of Allah know that we do not fear them, for the mujahideen, our faith is our shield and our courage is our sword. We march forward in the path of Allah, for victory is promised to the steadfast." Will you answer the sacred call to jihad, or will you forfeit the honor to serve Allah Azzawajal? join the Mujahideen of Al-Jaysh Al-Nurani for the sake of Allah Azzawajal!
  7. "Allahu Akbar! May Allah bless their union and see our people thrive!" Debb says as he hurriedly prepare the animals for slaughter for the wedding feast!
  8. After finishing his Salah in worship to Allah, Debb prepared his horse for the journey to join the mujahideen in their fight against idolatry. As he saddled his horse, his heart was filled with determination and a deep sense of purpose. "The Prophet said, 'If you seek Allah's pleasure, Allah will bestow upon you ten times as much,'" Debb recited to himself, drawing strength from the words of the Prophet. "Verily, what Allah says is true." He thought of the Companions of Horen, who had given up their wealth and homes for the sake of Allah, and how Allah had bestowed upon them the dominion of the earth in return. "How can they be ignorant of the blessings of Allah?" he pondered aloud. "Do they have no eyes?" He shook his head. "No, their hearts were hardened and became arrogant and weak-minded, to believe that something created by their own hand would be worthy of worship. May Allah break the Pharaoh's hands." As he traveled the desert, he began his works on creating poems and nasheeds to gather the lion hearted in the jihad. (time to get the propaganda machine rolling lads)
  10. As Debb emerged from his tent into the cool morning air, the campsite by Hyspia greeted him with a sense of tranquility. However, his peaceful moment was shattered as he noticed a scattered mess of letters strewn across the ground. With a heavy sigh, he bent down to pick up one of the letters, his brows furrowing in frustration. "By the grace of Allah, what is this?" Debb muttered to himself, his voice tinged with irritation. "More troubles to add to my burdens?" the Shepherd mind raced as he thought of the hardships he had endured, "First the massacre of my cattle and sheep, getting shot three time in the back.., the constant threat of darkspawn, taxes though thankfully low now..., I cant even keep mina's in my pouch! whether due to debt or efforts to help pay ransoms for foreign moth-", he stopped himself short as everything weighed heavily on his heart. And now, the mass littering of these letters only added to his frustration as he watch a baby sheep/lamb chewing on the papers in the distance as it seem to have escaped the fence. "I have had enough of this," he vowed, his voice firm. "Someone gonna die for this, or at least pay for this... garbage.... Qiteat min al-qarafi, qad takun nasabahum maleunat wamaleunatan!" he says as he proceed to now clean up the mess
  11. Debb frowned as he passed by noticing this new shrine "Wallahi... if we do move there its the first idol I will destroy... Astaghfirullah. May Allah strike the one who did this, I thought it was agreed this would be our home..."
  12. Debb chewed on a piece of straw, sitting down on a boulder that gave him clear view of the animals he cared for. as he read the missive his face furrows before setting it to the side. "Is it me... or is the church instigating conflict when there should be none... troubling indeed."
  13. The Shepherd’s Plea As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of crimson and gold, Debb returned to the outskirts of the camp after spending time and trading with friends in the bustling city of hyspia. However, his joyous reunion with the tribe was shattered by the grim sight that awaited him, as Debb's weary footsteps led him further towards the smoky air, a sense of foreboding gripped his heart, foreshadowing the grim scene that awaited him. The air crackled with tension and blood, his pace quickened until he ran across the swaying sand that shuffled away from his feet with each step growing heavier for Debb. As he rounded the final dune and the camp came into view, Debb's worst fears were realized in the stark and grim fate that had unfolded before him. The animal pens, once a bustling testament to the tribe's prosperity, a place where he sought and care for many young calf to cattle, lamb to sheep, flashback returned to him as he remembered the illness, the miracle of their births and each one personality that he had grown to learn and care for… now lay in ruins, the earth stained crimson with the blood of their slaughtered cattle and sheep. The pungent scent of death hung heavy in the air as Debb peers around the corner finding hundreds of carcasses laid shrewn across the field and inside, a bitter reminder of the savagery that had befallen them. Debb's chest tightened with a mix of grief and rage as he took in the devastation, each fallen a poignant symbol of the tribe's shattered livelihood. "What foul coward dares to strike at us in the dead of night?" Omar said, his voice thick with anger as he surveyed the carnage before them. "They will pay dearly for this affront!" Others nodded in agreement, their fists clenched at their sides as they bristled with a fury that threatened to consume them. For too long, their tribe had suffered at the hands of these unknown assailants, their attacks a brazen challenge to the tribe's very existence. Amidst the chaos, the grand Imam Mehmed arrived, his presence commanding respect and authority as he surveyed the scene before him with a grave expression. His normally serene demeanor was replaced by a steely resolve, his eyes flashing with a fierce determination to see justice served. "We cannot allow this heinous act to go unpunished, We must stand united as one tribe and prepare to strike back against those who would seek to destroy us! We will build a structure around those that remain but trust in Allah! Wallahi! Allah's words are Haqq, Victory belongs to the mumineen. So have faith and patience." His words ignited a spark within the hearts of those gathered, their resolve hardened by the Imam's call. But for many, mere defensive measures were not enough, justice was demanded, and justice must be served. As the night began to break into a soft hue of blue and the camp bustled with activity as palisades were being erected, Debb returned to his tent, his mind consumed with thoughts of the cowards who were sleeping peacefully somewhere. With a sense of purpose, he approached an old cedar chest, a relic of generations past. With a reverent touch, he opened it, revealing the ancient armor that had been passed down through his family for countless years. Each piece bore the scars of battles long fought and victories hard won, a testament to the resilience and valor of his ancestors. As he donned the armor, he felt the weight of history settle upon his shoulders, a reminder of the legacy he carried and the duty he bore to protect his tribe. With every buckle fastened and every strap secured, Debb felt a sense of kinship with those who had come before him, a lineage of warriors bound by honor and duty. As he stepped out into the small golden hue of the sun as it crested above the horizon, the desert breeze brought a new air amongst the land. As the sun rose over the newly fortified palisades, casting a golden hue upon the desert landscape, the nomadic tribe stood united, their defenses bolstered in the wake of the recent attack. Yet despite their best efforts, the identity of their assailants remained shrouded in mystery, leaving them in a state of heightened vigilance and uncertainty. With tensions running high and the threat of further attacks looming, Debb Bin Abdullah Al-Shams, the shepherd of the tribe, recognized the need for outside assistance in uncovering the truth. And so, with a heavy heart and a determined spirit, he penned an open letter to the people of Aevos, he placed his trust in Allah that the rulers be they from Hyspia, Haense, the Iron horde, or even those who like him work hard in the fields and hills calling upon them to aid in their quest for justice. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “As-salamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, may glad tiding and Allah blessing and protection be upon you, and may Allah wrath be upon those who seek harm upon us. To the Honorable People of Aevos, be you a king, Al-malik of vast authority or power, or a humble yet hard working man on the fields. I ask you to hear my Plea. It is with a heavy heart and a solemn sense of duty that I reach out to you in this time of need. My family, known for our resilience and steadfastness in the face of adversity, has recently fallen victim to a cowardly attack, a brazen assault on our livelihoods and our way of life. My name is Debb Bin Abdullah Al-shams, I am a shepherd as my father before me and his father before him, the person whom we seek had dealt a devastating loss to my family and undo many moons of effort and care, my family is know to you most as one who feed their guest and has always given in zakat when able. We had always defended the innocent and gave in good faith. Despite my best efforts, the identity of those responsible for this heinous crime remains unknown, casting a shadow of uncertainty over our community. In our quest for justice, we find ourselves in need of assistance, for we hope to uncover the truth that eludes us. Therefore, I humbly beseech the people of Aevos to lend me your aid in this time of turmoil. If any among you possess knowledge of the perpetrators or have heard whispers of their intentions, I implore you to come forward and share what you know. Let not fear or hesitation deter you, for the pursuit of justice knows no bounds. In return for your assistance, I offer not only my heartfelt gratitude but also a promise of reward for those who aid us in our quest. For any information leading to the apprehension of those responsible or the revelation of their identities, I pledge to reward the bearer with thirty-five heads of sheep, be they living or deceased, as a token of our appreciation. We do not require aid in recuperating our losses, for we place our trust in Allah to provide. We desire only your assistance in the capture or the identity of the criminal at hand. Let it be known that my family stands ready to defend our livelihood and uphold the principles of justice that bind us together. We call upon the people of Aevos to stand with us in our time of need, united in pursuit of truth and righteousness, if you have news or information or in fact the person responsible for the attack, we reside currently at Hyspia outskirts. To the perpetrator and enemy of Allah, Unwelcome guest, how long will you remain deluded? Do you not tire yourself with the sin and disgrace of mistake after mistake? Don't you feel ashamed? Had the old and the wise not warned you? For indeed there is no doubt about their warnings and clear advice, rather you chose to be deaf to their warning and advice. Are you not afraid of meeting your lord? Do you not realize how little time you have left yet choose to turn from Allah for what he has given you? So be warned and take heed, Those who live life dishonorably will end in humiliation. With deepest regards and unwavering resolve, Debb Bin Abdullah Al-Shams.”
  14. God bless, but we need our hookha and cooking plugin ;-; no one can get fucked up on drugs we need drug rings and an actual food economy.... pretteh please... both would stimulate a actual mina economy if implemented right. as always u are beloved and adored by the mass... xoxo love me im lonely
  15. "Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un, from Allah we come and to him we shall return... May Allah grant their family ease in this difficult time. I wonder if Sheikh Abdur has heard what has happened yet." Debb Bin Abdullah Al-Shams says as he makes his way back to the qalisheen camp sight to convey the news.
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