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  1. Turn 3 The Forebears- Hammerfell ------------------------ Relations Crowns- Neutral/Friendly (Improving) + reconciliation and recent agreements. Wayrest- Neutral (Improving) + being supported by old friends against pirates Orsinium- Neutral (deteriorating) - attacks on border Empire-Neutral/Friendly {Improving} + Support against Pirates and them respecting sovereignty Aldemeri dominion-FuckU (deteriorating) - Fuckin thalmor Daggerfall- Neutral { improving) -had offer aid against pirates Corsairs/Pirates- HOSTILE {destroy on sight) --------------------------------------- News reach Hammerfell, the war room in Sentinel is abuzz, “How did this happen!?” Janus says furiously “Some say Edwystir Moorford had march upon cumberlands army leading to massive civil war breaking out… others say Eric Cumberland refused to cooperate with Edwystir Moorford and hence he had no choice….” Khalid says looking down on the war table stroking his beard “There is always a choice on starting a war…. Very well… Now we have no choice…. With a civil war breaking out these Corsairs will use this to their advantage and make massive land grabs and more suffering to the people there… have our army depart sooner, as soon as the crowns ships get here… we cannot afford to wait any longer if we are to destro-” a large bang is heard with the doors swinging open “My King! Edwystir Moorford has lost the battle against cumberland! He was outmanned! Evermore has sent troops to aid Eric Cumberland in battle!” the messenger says nearly out of breath. The whole room fell silent for a few moments. “Admiral barbarossa… when everything is ready, you will take the armada and set sail with the army and land them here…. Salah Ayebid.. You will lead the army in wayrest and destroy these terrorist and ANYONE who refuse to aid you against them. You are to advise a plan of action and if you deem them a threat you are to send them to the afterlife. These claimants…. If we can end the war or put a truce to it until these pirates are dead.. I will talk with you more on this matter later…. For now continue as planned.” King Ennis says nodding at his son Auda to follow. Immediately men were summoned to the capital and the navy returns as well. Posters went up calling on the redguards who fought the aldmeri as well as the redguards and refugees who suffer from pirates attacks and raids to join the army to help get rid of the pirates intrusion as well as stabilise their once ally and great friend which is now a complete failed and overruned country wayrest. [!] outside the palace a protest is happening regarding the war in wayrest “My people! You complain about these pirates for years, as they invaded our shores, plundered our trade at sea, killed our children…. And when WE decided to end their incursion you protest against this? No! These pirates will be killed, these men who we sent out there went out there on a mission! To protect this homeland of the scourge we are facing and to protect all of us! Our people is not new to war and its cost… but neither have we given up, just because these scum attack us on the sea? Don't you see? THEY KNOW! That as soon as they land and siege their base they will be driven out and put to death! We redguards yearn for blood and glory! So return to your homes! Look to your sons and daughters… and know THEY are safe because of the men who went out their to sacrifice their lives for you! But I promise you these men who sacrifice their lives will never be forgotten....” after this the families of the soldiers who died fighting at sea and beyond are given tax exemption for 10 years, free medical services from hospitals, and bag of 200 gold pieces to help them. With the homeless shelters, orphanages, and charity taken care of without a hitch King talib assign his son Auda to help manage the department and in charge to hear what the people want to make their lives easier on them. A move to surely make people love auda and look forward to him reigning the country after King Talib should he pass one day. ------------------------------------- [!] week pass at sea and sighting were seen. A pirate has come fight the redguards invasion, knowing that if the army reach land they will suffer badly so why not they fight on their terms? Admiral barbarossa knew these pirates strength lies on their navy quickly devising a tactic. So drums are sounded horns are blown and the battle for Iliac Bay has begun. It was not long before the redguards was able to cut off a good portion of their ships in a pocket. A bloody battle ensued against the pirates with the redguards emerging victorious. All that lies in their path now was the city of wayrest. oh wayrest… she will be freed once more…. [Would add more but idk how siege or land battle would go will edit it or add it next post once done] ----------------------------- Action- 8k men are affits with armor and weaponry made from blacksmith shops and begin training hard on a daily basis. Action- Taking care of the family members of the soldiers that died at sea [ tax exemption for 10 years, free medical services from hospitals, and bag of 200 gold pieces to help them. ] Action- recuitment for the armys the goal is to recruit minimum 8k more men. Action- Weapon and armor are to smith for around 10k men. And around 6k horses are to be prep and ready for the army. Action- scouts are sent to monitor the small pass connecting hammerfell and evermore if their to be an invasion the cities and towns would be prepared at least and a secondary army can be assembled. Action- cities are to fix fortifications like pass year [⅜] Skaven, Verkath, Hegath and Sentinel are to repair its fortification that may have fallen to disrepair. [Modernization] However the government sent out a call for workers to help speed up the process [MOD] Action- Skaven and verkath city is to begin filling up grain and food supplies in order to siege preb from possible expecting enemies. Action- propaganda spread throughout the cities to gather more supporters and encourage the populace to support the war against pirates. Action- Call on the citizen to show up for pro government rally in attempt to bring nationality and unification further! Action- patrol around the countryside to prevent bandits or raiders running wild. Action- word is to spread around and across wayrest that the redguard army is not there to be involved with the civil war but rather going to destroy the pirates who takes advantage of the civil war to spread their influence and more suffering upon the people. However will not sit back if attacked upon by any claimant, but that's not to say if they wish to aid on such matters is welcomed. Action- the government ask the mage academy if any would wish to join the army in hopes of defense of the nation. Stating if they join the army they may continue to study at the academy and their classes paid for by the government but must be ready to come to aid if called upon like the mages before. [hopes to recruit around 50-100 maged Action- envoy heads to daggerfall, crowns, and empire all mostly the same reason [pms sent] Action- 10 more warships are to be constructed Action- secret action involving hammerfell [MOD]
  2. Al Mahdi Auda kharadeen shakes his head in disappointment from the seven skies "Allah led you far astray.." he tears after all the HARDASS work he did to create the caliphate. ------- Bashar Kharadeen weeps when upon hearing the news cursing his nephew for the foolish act.
  3. Turn 2 The Forebears- Hammerfell ------------------------ Relations Crowns- Neutral (Improving) Wayrest- neutral (Improving) Orsinium- Neutral (Improving) Empire-Neutral/friendly {Improving} Aldemeri dominion-FuckU (deteriorating) Daggerfall- Neutral {slightly deteriorating) Corsairs/Pirates- HOSTILE {destroy on sight) --------------------------------------- King Ennis sits at a round table staring at king Talib for a moment. The two nations agreed to meet regarding the neighboring kingdom of wayrest. 3 claimants has risen for the throne. 2 of them came to the clans of hammerfell, fearing that if the two clans supported different claimants. The long fought peace between forebears and the crowns would ended and turn into a bloody civil war yet again. With king Ennis and king Talib exchanging information known about the two claimant. They begin to talk on who would be a strong leader for wayrest and good for the people of wayrest. Unlike wayrest neighboring kingdoms, hammerfell clans did not want a neighbor who nation became a failed state overrunned by pirates since 10 years even to this day. After weeks of talks they came to a conclusion. Edwystir Moorford would now be supported by the nations in hammerfell. With that topic ending the two kings stayed for a week talking about more matters of the state, with the last three days ended with celebration and feast before heading back to their own regions. On the way back home King Ennis had come to know the deeper need for the citizens he ruled. With few orphanages and homeless shelters provided for the people. They seem to leave the country often to either become mercenaries or grow up to become one, a matter soon to be rectified shortly after arriving back at the capital. King Ennis issued orders for messenger to be dispatched to the alik'r warriors who are already well known expert on hunting and tracking down people among their other talents. They would be dispatched to capture the woman Saadia and bring her to king Talib of the crowns as the forebears had agreed to help the crowns find the traitorous ***** who help the thalmor gain a foothold in hammerfell in the first place. With the ever growing naval tension against pirates some generals has advise an invasion on the pirates that hold wayrest capital however may introduce international backlash while others suggest a safer route using the redguards strong and talented navy to help reduce the pirates threat on sea. With generals bickering back and forth it was king Ennis son and heir who suggest an alternative to the solution by saying if the claimant wins the throne offering military assistance in the war against corsairs will get rid of the international backlash, and reducing the corsairs navy abilities would help wayrest regroup and destroy the pirates as well as protect trade routes and gain respect from nations abroad for counter terrorism efforts. With the generals realizing their hastness to invade without realizing the numbering and strength of the pirates when prince Auda suggested sending scouts to assess the situation and withe the army needing to prep an invasion if needed in the first place thee generals happily agreed to wait to see the results of the political situation in wayrest first. And the admirals happy about their chance to build a stronger and bigger navy when prince Auda suggested to build 10 warships. With both sides happy with the decision they become even more fond and supportive of prince Auda praising his ability to calm to the two arguing sides. -------------------- Action- 8k men are to be recruited into the army. Action- [2/8] Skaven, Verkath, Hegath and Sentinel are to repair its fortification that may have fallen to disrepair.[ Modernization process] Action- Forebears begin to Support a claimant to the throne of wayrest [claimant: Edwystir Moorford] Action- [2/4] War preparation for future campaigns are to continue to support army on campaign for 2 years. Action- naval anti-pirate campaign is to continue. Action- 10 Warships are to be constructed in the bay of Sentinel. Action- Homeless shelters and orphanages are to be built in hegathe and sentinel. Action- Charity runs to help the poor and needy (also a move to gain more support from population if i'm in deep **** can count on them to aid meh) Action- blacksmiths shops are to craft weapons and armor for the 8k men. Action- scouting parties are sent to understand the wayrest pirates/corsairs strength and numbers. Action- messengers are sent to the alikr warriors to go hunt down Saadia as the forebears happily agreed to hunt the ***** down. [MOD] Action- all ships are to return to senitel and an army of around 8-9k is to be mustered and ready to campaign asap. soon as the 15 ships from the crowns arrive in aid of transportation the army will march out. [MOD]
  4. Turn 1 The Forebears- Hammerfell King Ennis walks into the throne room in the Sentinel, it's been 20 years since peace was restored and the country becoming more prosperous. The Forebears have greatly advance in cultural, religious and military power since the first civil war. “General, the army must be reformed…. We have seen first hand in the war against the thalmor, and when we fought beside the empire once. The army must become more organised, centralized, and better adataple to these new changes…” King Ennis would stand up from his seat gesturing the council to follow “I have written what must be done and I hope you will bring great progress on this matter… as for our controlled regions, I want Skaven, Verkath, Hegath and Sentinel repair its fortification that may have fallen to disrepair. I want active patrols securing our region of any raiders or bandits that may come to disrupt the countryside.” Soon after few hours has passed the council has ended with everyone being put to work to improve the country. With messengers being dispatch to the neighboring and afar kingdoms. With most being sent for trade agreements, others for diplomatic cooperation and goodwill. However these things do not work as well as the forebears had hoped has nearly 20 years ago the corsairs have over run the city of wayrest using the city as a base to raid and plunder the countryside and most importantly the sea. To many time ships bound for hammerfell or high rock has fell to their ill gain motive. With unprotected trade to soon be rectified as the proud and strong navy of hammerfell who prove their worth time and time again at sea alongside destruction mages from the sentinel academy. With the Mage academy encouraged to improve their skills in destructive magic, King Ennis also encourage the mages that if any break through in knowledge or ideas for magic in combat or otherwise would be welcomed a will be rewarded if such vast improvement is made. ------------------------------------ [sorry for the short post Ave akhi, I been busy preparing for college which will start tomorrow ] ------------------------------------- Action-The army is reformed to better help becoming more centralised and more organized force. Action- Patrols are to keep up the protection of the regions the Forebears currently own. Action- Skaven, Verkath, Hegath and Sentinel are to repair its fortification that may have fallen to disrepair. Action- mines for dwemer ore are to further expand its production and area in hope to better increase progress. Action- Diplomats are sent to Orsinum, Daggerfall, Kingdom of Valenwood, the other kingdoms in highrock, jarls of skyrim, and the Empire for trade agreements and other matters. Action-Delegate is sent to the crowns for a non aggression pact and possible trade agreement. Action- war supplies are to be restocked and prepared at Sentinel for any future campaign/ defense against any invaders. Action- Navy is to prepare to hunt down and destroy as many pirate ships the could find aided along side with mages who are skilled in destruction magic from the academy in sentinel. Action- Attempt to vastly improve the mages capabilities in destructive mage and stamina to do so. Action- Research on how to create dwenmer armor and weaponry! [MOD]
  5. APPLICATION Factions name:Forborne-Hammerfell Brief history of your faction: The Forebears- Hammerfell Greatly has our people have risen, from a nomadic war tribe to a great nation. After the devastation of ancients homeland our seafaring people made way to find a new home, after landing at hammerfell we have utter destroyed any who opposes our new rule over this great land. however in the next few century/era civil war breaks out against the crowns and the Forebears. With the crown supporting the ancient king descendants and remain traditionally to the old ways, with the Forebears who risen in rebellion demanding new ways of cultural freedom and expansion through military and political might. It was deadlock until the crowns geniusly outflank the Forebears army utterly causing massive string of defeats afterwards. That is until the Forebears agreed to fight for the empire. After restoring the deadlock the Forebears has improved greatly in military, diplomacy, cultural and political stability then they have had before, again however another civil war broke out and the result was much better with the new advancement and support of the empire who soon withdraw much needed support when war broke out with the aldmeri dominion who swiftly siege and took most coastal towns by surprise and vastly overruned much of hammerfell, with both sides of the civil war growing hatred towards the empire and much more towards the aldmeri dominion. As war continued with civil war and invasion of the thamor theForebears rushed from the sentinel which was liberated, to break the siege of Hegathe which was controlled by the loyalists to the crown clan. After the siege broke theForebears and the crown united to fight against the common foe retaking much land back from the aldmeri dominion who had made peace with the empire on the writ of the white gold Concordat in which the united forces in hammerfell rejected completely separating themselves from the empire and thus drove the aldmeri dominion out of hammerfell until peace was made and the second treaty of stros M'kai. With old grudges that seems to greatly fade however still vastly disgruntled between the crowns and the Forebears. And new opportunity emerging. Can theForebears stand against the test of time? Have they reached their peak? Or have they only just begun with a greater destiny that they may soon embark towards? Discord: u got it Brief history of your faction:
  6. Till next rime akhi! Keep in touch tho!
  7. what about ur beloved jihadi ;-; how are u? chocolate or vanilla? if u had to have a rp sidekick what would u have? a talking squirrel or chipmunk? what was the best map in ur opinion ever to exist on lotc? what was the best nation in ur opinion ever on lotc? akhi do u have attila total war? or sk2 if so hit me up so we can play and destroy or help each others ;3 whats ur overall fav race? and most important.... Do you love a good jihad akhi?
  8. Kadarsi man prepares for their trip to the second diet thats in a qali day “Justice will prevail! the emperor will never forsake justice of that i know.” he smiles to a fellow citizen passing by
  9. "Justice will prevail." Bashar smiles going to inform the caliph
  10. Bashar Kharadeen sits with Murad kharadeen noding in aproval “By Allah, we will prevail akhi, whether through talks or on the battlefield.”
  11. [comment im about to post is a joke and not legit tho if u want send me a bird and we can talk business....] Bashar Kharadeen writes a letter to the guard force at Lyria with haste before sending it via bird. Letter states below “Dear fellow guardsmen. do you need some chemical weapons to subdue a revolt? well look no further as i have been tirelessly working on creating a new weapon that could change warfare! contact me now at anytime!” Bashar Kharadeen writes a letter to the rebel force at Lyria with haste before sending it via bird. Letter states below “Dear local insurgents. do you need some chemical weapons to stage a chemical attack to gain outside support? well look no further as I have been tirelessly working on creating a new weapon that could change warfare! contact me now at anytime!”
  12. Bashar Kharadeen signs while sti working on military weaponry to usher a new age
  13. From Allah We Come And To Him We Return 1587 9th Sun’s Smile - 1727 13th The Amber Cold Upon Auda Kharadeen final hours surrounded by friends and family he would struggle breathing, “His fever is getting worse, where is the clerics?” Abbas would ask as he placed a damp cloth on Auda head “I don't know they should be here by now.” Sa’ad would say looking out of the window with haste, Hassan would be sitting by Auda side praying to Allah making duas and Gabriel pacing back and forth Hassan would place his hand on Ibraheem Shoulder “You gave him all you can friend.” Ibraheem Aladeen would shake his head “I refuse to believe this.” Auda would finally wake up seeing his friends and family around him he faintly smiled “Ya Mahdi please drink you haven't drank anything for days.” Ibraheem would hold the cup of water near him but Auda would slowly move it away “La Ibraheem La, you know as well as I do that Allah is waiting for me.” Auda would spoke quietly, a tear would fall from Matthias face still holding Auda hands attempting to keep them warm. Elena would faintly smile looking toward Auda Kharadeen “Thank you for the magnificent years under your leadership, allowing Ibraheem to stay in my home, and allowed us to get married and build a future together. If it was not for you, me and Ibraheem would have never married, with Ibraheem being a pure...well..janissary, and me being shy in the day we would have never married. Your rule was just and kind, and peace and happiness was strongly established and jihads crushed the kaffirs upon your call. May jannah's gardens be wide and spacious and a special area in which ready to use cactus green be there just for you. Inshallah me and Ibraheem will see you in jannah soon.” Auda would look to his friends smiling faintly as tears would begin to fill his eyes “Oh my companions please forgive me of any sins I have made for I do not wish to stand before Allah punished for them.” Auda says in a wasper voice “There is nothing to be forgiven my friend.” Alfan Ali mutters with a frown, “Oh my Companions… Should the one who leads you ever leaves the path of Allah don't support his rule! Do not allow yourselves to be oppressed… and do not oppress others….” he says nodding towards Menev with a slight smile “I only wish for those who I loved… visit me at least.. Or wish me farewell… Inshallah I will meet all of our brothers and sisters I have lost in my lifetime..” Tears would start dropping from Auda eyes before coughing violently. “My beloved Companions... send me your blessings for I will go soon from this world to the next.” Auda would begin struggling to gasp for air. The group silently glanced at one another before suddenly hearing Auda spoke with his index finger point up “Thheere...is.. No god….but Allah…” Auda would say as his voice slowly fades away, his hand collapse down unto the bed, Ibraheem Aladeen would begin sobbing for his closest friend, As Auda slowly fades away he begins to smile he will never forget the time when Saeed taught him about Imam rashidun, never will he forget the duty when the sultan his father bestowed to him the honor of being on the council never will he forget the the friends who died by the Akangi since he was sixteen, the hunts he done or the friends he has made through his journey, the time when he received bahiyah from the people as Mahdi or the time when he taken back the farfolks freedom and ended the farfolk oppression, he would never forget when he fought alongside in defence for Heanse in the war of undead and fought on the field of battle for the kadarsi against the ghanyan invaders, He will remeber the heansemen who strongly stood and defended him during the farfolk oppression, he will remember the aching pain when they left heanse to finally settled in a new home to build the foundation of the caliphate. He will always remember Faiz Kharadeen, Arlen Kharadeen, Fakhri Kharadeen or the lands of Haria and the everlasting pain to leave it behind in Axios, and the times of hardship he endured or the insults that was given to him, and he will always remember the promise of the second Caliphate and how him and his people together made that dream and a prophecy a realization. [!] He would leave behind a will for those to open after the Funeral -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [OOC] Hey guys its me, I have been playing this char for so long I believe about 2 years now….I started him up since he was young till he was very old about 140 years old now, I'm glad to have done many and fun rp with this char and I believe it's just time for him to go, he was always a fun rp experience, I mainly decided that it was his time because of the really it would probably be my last time i play with all of you as college life will start soon..although I met many people who gave me such a hard time during my time playing this character I still had some fun, it was very difficult that it got to the point I didn't know what I wanted to do with the char anymore he was getting old and I started to delay his passing as I felt he was truly a part of me of my irl life. I guess you guys would understand that I was indeed a die hard Harian and Kadarsi. I hope he will always be remembered and I hope you guys had a fun time enjoying rp with him while he was alive.
  14. Name: Bashar Kharadeen Age: 26 Where do you hail from: Caliphate Are you a Citizen of the Kadarsi Caliphate: yes Titles: Amir Favorite animal: Deer
  15. Bashar kharadeen waits outside the barracks with a smile on his face "For the sake of Allah!"
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