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  1. adamc2000

    1100 A.D. Medieval Age (RP)

    Aleppo(vassel of Seljuks) Current Leader Auda Hakim Al-Din Capital Aleppo (Major/little) city in control Aleppo(Major) Deir ez-Zur(Major) Raqqa(Major) (A lot other villages and such) Total Population 1,000,000 Total Military Personnel Unknown(to avoid meta) Trade Open Trade with Nations Damascus Mosul Fatimid Caliphate Nation Relations Damascus-Good Friends Also Fellow Vassel Mosul-Good Friends Also Fellow Vassel Seljuk-Good Friends We are their Vassals Seljuk Vassals-Good Friends Fellow Vassals Crusader-war Everyone Else-Neutral ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (11 TURN) Auda handing the battle plans to his commanders as they are at the last stages of battle preparation “encounter any spys and have them killed, any scouts we find kill them I want no one alive to live to report.” Auda says noding to the two men at the door. [sorry for short rp post life chaos atm] ________________ MASSIVE Recruitment drive and training is to continue [MOD] New training is to be implemented into the army [MOD] Public support for the Sultan to rise[MOD] Preparation is to come to a complete [MOD] Training and moral boostment for the army’s in rum [MOD] finnish spy operation [MOD] Intense scouting of crusading army [MOD] Armor and arms are to be manufactured and ready for the army for around 18k men (oc not all in this turn estimated amount of time will be 4 turns {VERY GOOD QUALITY BEST OUT OF THE BEST ARMOR} {2/4} ) [MOD] Letter dispatch to Seljuk [MOD] Counter scouting party is to be assign [MOD] Building farms [MOD] Army construct [MOD]
  2. ========================================= Name of the Treaty: Shifting Sands, [1669] ========================================= Type of Treaty: [Alliance, Non-Aggression and Defensive Pact] ========================================= [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: The Camel Bandits] [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: Sultanate of Kardasi] ========================================= Date of Signing: [1669, 10th of Malins Welcome] ========================================= Shifting Sands, [1669] Chieftaincy of Ghanyah’s transgressions upon the farfolk have not gone unnoticed - There will be repercussions. It did not take long until the Camel Bandits, wandering nomads, were sought by the Sultanate and it was an even shorter time before an agreement was made. Not just for the benefit of Kardasi, but for the benefit of all farfolk kin. Any true farfolk would honour such a call to protect the Sultanate. The Terms, agreed upon by both nations, are as followed: The Camel Bandits and the Sultanate of Kardasi do form the basic agreements of a non aggression, no acts of such will be inflicted between the two parties. The Camel Bandits and the Sultanate of Kardasi do enact a military alliance to fend back and defeat the Chieftaincy of Ghanyah. The Camel Bandits will agree to assist the Sultnate in any form of defensive, or aggressive raid. By the will of Allah, Sultan Auda Kharadeen, Al-Mahdi, The Reclaimer of Honor, Ender of the Farfolk oppression, Defender and Follower of Al'liman Rashidun, Defender of the Kadarsi Sultanate, Returner of Homelands,High Commander of the Kadarsi Army, Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen, The Returner of the Caliphate. Grand Marauder Abdullah Ibn Mikael Bartham, Suzerain of the Great Sand and Flayer of Men
  3. Ultimatum to the Chieftancy of Ghanyuh The Kadarsi Sultanate has deem these demands reasonable and will pardon the Ghanyuh for the attack on the sovereignty of the Farfolk people and their slanders upon the Sultanate, I Sultan Auda Kharadeen, son of The second Sultan Fakhri Kharadeen, grandson of the first Sultan Arlen Kharadeen, great Grandson to the mighty first Caliph Faiz Kharadeen, Protector of the Farfolks, Sword of Allah, Defender of Faiths, Al-Mahdi, The Reclaimer of Honor, Ender of the Farfolk oppression, Defender and Follower of Al'liman Rashidun, Defender of the Kadarsi Sultanate, Returner of Homelands, Unifier of Tribes , High Commander of the Kadarsi Army, Supreme Leader of the Qalasheen, The Returner of the Caliphate. Offer these terms to the Leader of the Chieftancy of Ghanyuh Jumaane M'baku leader of the ghanyuh tribe The Kardasi Sultanate issues these demands to the Chieftancy of Ghanyah: Surrenders or removes all forts on Kardasi lands. Hostilities between the Sultanate and Ghanyah are ceased. Ghanyah recognizes the Sultanate. And forsake all and any claims on Kadarsi Sultanate lands Failure to comply with these reasonable demands means war. You have HALF Khali days to respond. (You have until 11 PM EST to respond oocly)
  4. adamc2000

    The Battle Of Damashq

    Sultan Auda collapse on the bed "good ni-" he begin snoring
  5. adamc2000

    The Kadarsi Volunteer Brigade

    "you do realize we pay the army, and reward volunteer for efforts correct?" [Also i ask all those who are making comments to pls halt due to its not going anywhere.. just proving yourself being toxic to respond to a RECRUITMENT post.... just keep that in mind pls. thank u and thanks to those who arnt joining in this extremely toxic comment post and highly encourage others not to join in due to its not going to benefit anyone.]
  6. Declaration Of Jihad! 11th of The Amber Cold, 1668 Soldiers of Allah rallys up Sultan Auda Kharadeen would walk out meeting the crowds face “Oh my people! With the approval of the grand Imam I have something to say! We have all met the aggression towards us and our faith but do not let this discourage you for Allah surely rewards those who are steadfast, Oh my People we have wandered the world and seen much injustice and much suffering! We will do as our Holy Book instructs us to do! I call on all mumineen to rise up! I call on you to Jihad against the Injustice of the world but with faith in Allah! Oh people is does not matter your skin color nor your race or your gender for we have been given a duty from Allah to take care of ourselves and help others in need and protect ourselves! I call on you oh people of Allah to come to us and prepare for Jihad! remember Allah said in the Holy book that we are allowed to defend ourselves when being attack by the sword, and to fight those who oppress others. Therefore I call on all races or faith to come join the us to help defend the Oppressed the weak and to destroy those tyrants who wish to destroy everything we hold dear! Let it be known that the Kardarsi sultanate stands Against the oppression will you stand up with us? I ask all of the Nation Leaders to send letters to me if they indeed support me in our Jihad. Oh my people prepare the swords , prepare the bows, prepare for Allah blessing for we all are now in this holy war! Yellah prepare! Martyrdom or victory!” Auda would smile finishing as he sees people running jumping atop the horses and riding off to spread the word, he would then place in the same Speech in letters and send birds off to every nation leader. At the end of each letter will say ‘Do you support us?’ with the Kardarsi Sultanate sigil mark place on each letter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC I hope you all enjoy the post and join me and my Sultanate in our quest to rid the world of toxic and hideous rp that involves around banditry and others, I hope you all have a bunch of rp fun and enjoy.
  7. adamc2000

    Decaying Dunes

    "what?" Auda says when he wakes from his bed "they do know we legitimately fought 38 years of war against an undead army do they?" he says wiping his eyes "Go get me coffee and wait outside."
  8. adamc2000

    [✗]The Official Conquest of Haria

    (( u got no cb dude also... we done none of ur 'provided cb' for war team my discord is Adamc2000#8222
  9. adamc2000

    Foraging Plugin

    as i cook plugin lover im down for this but however we cant do these things anymore because staff got rid of nexus thus ending any plugins like these. ;-; but nonetheless +1
  10. adamc2000


    sure ❤️
  11. tech we won cuz u fled from the field bro plus this wasnt a WC so tech u cant really siege, but w/e imma go i got better things to do ❤️ have fun
  12. im not the one bitching tbh i didnt lose the raid =/ just get use to it man, also im preping for eid so do forgive my speed texts im trying to finnish wraping up presents
  13. one u gave us a choices or move we decided to stay since we were already here before u guys attempted to claim our lands. we gave you our answers yet u guys still pushed for it. we have no bad blood with you before until recently. i understand there is more then one farfolk group and im fine with that but trying to fight us to vassel or client state or w/e and demanding me to 'become ur *****.' is not what i want thats what i call toxic rp. well didnt started this toxic post really u guys did and u guys try to persuade viewers of what happen from the truth if u guys want to prove ur not toxic and that u ment jk around try not memeing rply or bother trying to take us over cuz its kinda annoying by now. we understand u want to do your own culture and lore and we are fine by that but trying to create a toxic air is on ur guys end not ours. and this 'cant take a jk' been happening since we settle on santegian land and left it afterwards u guys came as a form of blackwater, then sometimes as bandits and now as this tribe thing its getting old really. if u want support tell the truth dont make this **** toxic
  14. Sultan Auda looks at the poster Ibraheem had given him "What is this?" Auda ask as he begin reading the poster "Its from the Ghanyah tribe my Sultan." Ibraheem replied. Upon hearing his replies Auda begins crumbling the paper and hand it to Ibraheem "I already know its garbage have it burned thats its only use." (for all those to see why we are fighting them, this is one of the MAIN reason why while we are trying to make a non toxic, non meta crap, etc etc these guys come and try to **** everything up. So defending ONLY our lands and pledging not to deal with toxic players anymore. Ps: yes this is the mighty Appie__ so dont blame us if we want to stay our ground and rp in peace. also to that post about santegians only one tech santegian came and that was DJ rest was with us, anywho pls try learning farfolks lore and culture ur being a disgrace to it, or unless u making ur own idk.