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  1. MC Name: chrisoulis777 RP Name: azorius ireheart Discord: chrisoulis777#9583 participate in (PvP/Archery/Both):both Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.) Gmt +2
  2. Well as i see alit of people saying that walls are important and serve the same purpose as irl just know that only the capital had walls and all the other towns were unwalled, and in my opinion unwalled placed are much more fun to rp in as you dont have to wait like a hour for a guard to come online to open the gates for you and as for bandits they provide fun rp too
  3. Leaned at the fence wall of his house roof top glancing over to the demons warcamp while taking a sip out of his coffee "see you in the seven skies akhis" he said quietly
  4. Damon august picked up the letter from the bird while he was taking a sip of his coffee and started to read with a smile as he noticed what it is about "ahh... i will surely be their for my akhi" he said placing the invitation at the table so he wouldnt forget
  5. Tournament Registry Clan,Settlement,Nation - al-faiz Name damon august [OOC] Discord- chrisoulis777#9583 [OOC] IGN chrisoulis777
  6. A wedding in the Sands [!] Fliers are found with the wax stamp of a Desert wolf and Snow Owl “Salaam Alaikum, Peace be upon you dear reader. We humbly invite you to the wedding of Bride and Groom Damon August and Wyrde Kaeronin. The wedding is being held in the Sultanate of Korvassa’s Capital, Al-Faiz. We will host you with open arms within her Masjid, where these two will become officially connected together in this life and the next. Gifts are welcome, but not necessary. ” Invitations: The Sultanate of Korvassa and its peoples. The Kingdom of Haense and its peoples. The principality of Vitenna and its peoples. The Free State of Sutica and its peoples. The Orenian Empire and its peoples. The Sovereign nation of Talons Grotto and its peoples. Special invitations: The Farooq Family. The Al-Shams Family. The Faheem Family. The Kaltbütig Family The Royal Al-Nabeel Family. The House Napoliza. The Edwards Family. The Royal House Barbanov. The House Kovachev. The House Baruch. The House Ruthern. The House Wick. The House Stafyr. The House Vanir. The House Othaman. The Kaeronin Family. The House of Barclay. The Stjorn Family. House Amador. OOC: Date: 6/16/20 this Tuesday Time: 3PM EST Where: The Sultanate of Korvassa’s Capital, head down the road past Sutica, you will find a boat, take it and follow the road to the Capital! Map:
  7. "Allahu akbar!" Damon shouted and putting his left hand to his sword hilt as he is ready for any patrols
  8. Man this is a great song and the lyrics are just amazing good job antar! I am glad i was a part of it
  9. Great job tara and thanks for sharing it with as its a honor
  10. NAME:Damon augoust NOBILITY(Y/N): N If not, GENTRY(Y/N): N RACE: human PAST EXPERIENCE: i was a old soldier of mosgrand and a guard of a town named al-faiz
  11. Chrisoulis777


    Damon was born at a small village near a forest. he had 2 brothers and 1 sister that he loved a lot. he didn't have a lot of friends and he mostly spended his time farming at a forest near to urguan and then he moved for some months to Morsgrad to be come a warrior like his father. one night bandits attacked his village and killed his whole family infront of his eyes they were about to kill him too but he escape and runned to the forest and lost them. at the forest he found some wild dogs and lived with them for about 7years and everyday he was training to get revange for his dead family.
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