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  1. Abdur Razzeeq Al-Mona read the massive with a big smile upon his face "it's good to see our akhis still around, may allah keep the Ferryman safe and for them to prosper" the qalasheen man said
  2. *A massive would be pinned all our Aevos newsboard* Where Tradition Meets Ambition, and Every Step Tells a Tale. In the heart of the desert, amidst rolling dunes and boundless horizons, a new chapter in nomadic commerce begins with the indomitable spirit of Abdur Razzaaq Al-Mona. Meet the young qalasheen nomad, whose soul is woven with the threads of tradition, and whose dreams are as boundless as the sands themselves. Guided by the wisdom of his forebears, he ventures forth, bearing treasures that bear witness to the timeless and unforgotten stories of his people. "Carpet & Camel Mercantile Co" is more than a name; it is an embodiment of a way of life. The camel, steadfast and wise, carries the weight of the nomad's journey. The carpet, woven with the artistry and lore of generations, is a testament to the enduring spirit of the desert. These treasures, curated by Abdur Razzaaq, are destined to find their way into the hearts and homes of those who yearn for a taste of the nomadic life. Embark on a journey through the nomad's gallery, where each piece speaks of a heritage rich in culture and history. From the vibrant hues of hand-woven carpets to the rugged beauty of camel-hide crafts, every creation bears the mark of Abdur Razzaaq's dedication to preserving the essence of nomadic life. As Abdur Razzaaq Al-Mona walks the desert paths, wanderers and seekers of unique treasures are invited to become a part of this remarkable venture. Follow our journey through Almaris and stay updated on our discoveries and to be the first to glimpse the latest additions to our collection. May the whispers of the desert guide your steps to our campfire, where every piece from "Carpet & Camel Mercantile" holds a tale waiting to be shared. عبد الرزاق المنى *signature of Abdur Razzaq Al-Mona with the inc being green
  3. MC NAME: chrisoulis777 - PERSONA NAME: Orn De Astrea Viola - PERSONA ID: #56622
  4. Orn would let out a small shrug upon returning to vikela "we might had lost this fight, but we showed that we are no cowards, we did demand a criminal for the test but they refused of such" the man said with a small smirk upon his face "but still we fought with honor and thats what matters"
  5. Eid Mubarak to everyone enjoy your day and have a safe and fun life
  6. Saahir was sitting at the lounge sharping his blade and as he was doing so he heard from upstairs his akhi Zubayr sing the Ferryman song and so he made his way up to see his akhi and as soon us Zubayr finished his part, Saahir Al-Samad gave him a small and a chuckle before starting to sing the next line of the song "And be the battle kings of yore! Ferrymen, my Ferrymen! Thou wilt not cower in the dust Ferrymen, my Ferrymen! Thy bleaming sword shall never rust! Ferrymen, my Ferrymen!-" @adamc2000
  7. *Saahir took a sit at the couch of his family's house resting his bloody cane on the side "the war blinds people, and in a war the innocent always pay the price of others doing, may allah forgive mintz for what they done like i did, and i pray those 2 young man that risked there lifes to save me be well and soon Allah will bless them for their actions" the qalasheen man said with a small smile appearing on his face as he was glad to be alive
  8. zayid gazed at his younger sister with a smile in his face upon her entering the seven skies, before getting closer to greet her
  9. @Your Stepdad you are one of the best pal, you are the greatest goon (even if you are rusty) great leader akhi and love you, i shall be loyal to you forever habibi
  10. CHARACTER NAME: Javier Bolivar IGN: Chrisoulis777 AGE: 26 WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: Centinela DISCORD: chrisoulis777#9583
  11. "look at this hermanos" javier said before showing his brothers the massive "we gonna get rich"
  12. *hummed for a few moments while reading the massive* "i nominate adrian for mayor"
  13. *Zayid ibn Utayr Al-Hamad took a few deep breaths before getting up from his seat, glanced around the empty cave while still hearing the sounds of the sandstorm happening above his head, a tear running down his cheek as he moved towards the old sheikh room, slowly opened the door and went inside, Zayid then walked towards the bookshelf grapping a empty book and took a seat at the old sheikh desk* *the words would be written with a dark greenish inc* "It's already been two weeks since the sandstorm struck the oasis, I pray to Allah that everyone is safe up there, and as for me my path is clear, there is no escape from this sandy grave, like the old sheikh I shall take my last breath inside the Hamad cave, I had so many plans and it does sadden me that I leave like this, never got the chance to train my kids.... watch the grow old, get married but this is life and we cannot change that soon I will join my father in Jannah, I have so many stories to tell him about my travels that I am sure he already knows. The only thing giving me company in this rotten cave is Allah and the beautiful memories he reminds me of, like the first time I met the love of my life, ahh and I remember it like it was yesterday, where I found her with an akhi of hers near a campfire place telling stories to one another and I found the courage to go speak to them both, oh she was a blessing her eyes.... her smile that could cure any sadness you might had... it was love at first sight, it was a good thing her akhi took the massage and left early letting us talk more in private, but not all stories have a good ending sadly we where ambush by bandits, I held them of while she was escaping, no one mess with the sheikh of the Banu Hamad and gets away with it, inside me I thought that those bandits ruined all the chance I had with her, but Allah saw something in us special thats why in the near future he planned something amazing but it took months for the chance to come. I am sorry to all my akhis up there that, we might not see each other again I will pray to Allah for you all to have a healthy and good life and I will be watching you from above cheering your every step, For The Sake Of Allah We Act" *Zayid would start to tear up above the book with a few drops hitting the page, then he would rip that page out of the book and place it carefully in his pocket, before making his way towards the kitchen opening the cabin to find only a few pieces of bread and 2 bottles of water, letting out a sad sigh*
  14. *Zayid would let out a few light coughs while seeing his people running and screaming as the sandstorm was about to hit, a tear couod be seen rolling down from his cheeks "so this is the end..... i am sorry father... i failed you" Zayid would then make his way towards the cave where he would block the entrance with wood and stone, while building the barracked a large amount of sand started falling down blocking the entrace and burying the cave leaving no escape for the poor qalasheen
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