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  1. [i] rumors where spread around the desert with a sketch of the man that they were about The Qalasheen berserker that was banding the deserts for years now was seen captured in Sutica after he went there, he seemed to be peaceful towards the guards around him no even saying a curse to them that jailed him, but he was seen praying to Allah that this was his last day and to have mercy on him. This might sound unreal too many but the famous Qahir Al-Hamad was seen offering his mace to the officer of Sutica, but he orders his soldiers to shot him in the
  2. [i] a sketch of the man with his bloody mace was placed there by the poor canonist man as he was forced too [i] the words on this letter would be written by blood, most likely animals one salaam akhis, I forced a canonist scum to write this for me as i never learned how to write, i know what i have done upset many of our kin but what upsets me more is that you sided with the enemies of our faith and even dared to help them on their goal to capture me, so i shall be leaving the tribe for the time being. whoever still have some honor in him
  3. [i] A flyer would be pinned on every nation, information board about a drinking festival taking place at Aethervale. The high chieftain of the village aethervale invites all folks to join him on the first drinking festival of the town, many competitions will take part to entertain the crowd as well as live music from a well-known bard from the south. [oocly information, the festival will be on Friday of 12/03/2021 2:00 est] The first competition that will take part is "The drunken folk" which is pretty simple to understand, two competitors will go
  4. *a draw of Damon Augoust at his old age* At the far far desert in the south a body was laying under a medium high tree, dead bushes as well as bones were scattered around the area that the body was, it seems like the body was wearing a old Al-Faiz uniform with blood stains all over it while the mans mouth was fill with blood like he chooked from it, the body had still a bad smells so it seems it wasnt very long that the man died and from the mighty beard and messy hair people could noticed if the new the man, that this was Damon Augoust. At what it seems the m
  5. Given name: qahir al-hamad Surname: hamad Mc name: chrisoulis777
  6. Qahir al-hamad got up from his seat while he was listening on what his father was saying before nodding a few times "we shall not bow down to this cult that they call holy, the qalasheen stayed quited for too long now its our time to speak up" qahir would say with his deep voice as he glanced around his fellow hamads with a small smile on his face as he was feeling proud for his father words
  7. Damon Augoust made his way towarda a big mountain near urguan as he heard the knews, glancing at the sky while holding his staff tight with both of his hands placed between his legs "you died so young son, but it is my fault and only that i wasnt their to protecte you, maybe it was because i was afraid to ever look you in the eyes... but now i will never have the chance" the man said to himself while tears rolled down his cheeks, letting out a sad sigh before he spoke once more "may allah welcome you to the seven skys son" damon said his last worda before staying in silance
  8. IGN:chrisoulis777 RP NAME: Azorius ireheart CANDIDATE: durorn ireheart
  9. MC Name: chrisoulis777 RP Name: azorius ireheart Discord: chrisoulis777#9583 participate in (PvP/Archery/Both):both Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.) Gmt +2
  10. Well as i see alit of people saying that walls are important and serve the same purpose as irl just know that only the capital had walls and all the other towns were unwalled, and in my opinion unwalled placed are much more fun to rp in as you dont have to wait like a hour for a guard to come online to open the gates for you and as for bandits they provide fun rp too
  11. Leaned at the fence wall of his house roof top glancing over to the demons warcamp while taking a sip out of his coffee "see you in the seven skies akhis" he said quietly
  12. Damon august picked up the letter from the bird while he was taking a sip of his coffee and started to read with a smile as he noticed what it is about "ahh... i will surely be their for my akhi" he said placing the invitation at the table so he wouldnt forget
  13. A wedding in the Sands [!] Fliers are found with the wax stamp of a Desert wolf and Snow Owl “Salaam Alaikum, Peace be upon you dear reader. We humbly invite you to the wedding of Bride and Groom Damon August and Wyrde Kaeronin. The wedding is being held in the Sultanate of Korvassa’s Capital, Al-Faiz. We will host you with open arms within her Masjid, where these two will become officially connected together in this life and the next. Gifts are welcome, but not necessary. ” Invitations: The Sultanate of Korvassa and its peoples. The Kingdo
  14. "Allahu akbar!" Damon shouted and putting his left hand to his sword hilt as he is ready for any patrols
  15. Man this is a great song and the lyrics are just amazing good job antar! I am glad i was a part of it
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