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  1. HEY!!! Give me the link to my pup, so I won't have to commit beastiality 

  2. Lathai Backstory: Lathai's date of birth isn't exactly recorded in a history book, nor his parents. The only information we have about his age is from just looking at him, doing so he looks as if he is around 12-13 years old. Lathai was found in haystack outside an unknown village by two guards (likely a human one), growing up within an orphanage a human one. He was regularly discriminated and segregated from the other human children. He usually kept to himself doing what he could to gain knowledge, reading whatever he was able to sound out at the time, eventually, he gained a lot of useful information for his age. When Lathai wasn't alone he enjoyed playing with his fellow elves, pretending he was a prestigious knight in a human kingdom. After one night he left the orphanage seeking a better life away from the discrimination and racism, he left his friends a note behind telling him where he'd go. Personality: Lathai is normally calmed in nature talking softly and carefully when he feels comfortable around someone he will more likely show off his energetic side talking at a much faster pace, with plenty of voice cracks. Though of low-birth, Lathai carries himself highly more than some nobles at times, even coming off as a little prideful, which makes him seem meaner than most. Lathai likely will treat people the way they treat him,(allow me to put this in perspective if someone approached Lathai in a rude way, he would most likely show the same amount of rudeness) Though this isn't very often. Lathai enjoys learning things and plans to continue learning until he dies. Lathai very rarely will back down from fights, unless told to. Even going into a fight head on without planning ahead which sometimes makes him a liability. Appearance Description: Lathai doesn't have many distinct elven features these features consist of his ears, which are small in width but are quite long, and his skin which is fair similar to most elves but with a human skin tone. From a distance, Lathai could perceive as a human due to his height and stature, along with his hair which he kept ear length, and his pale blue eyes which were like looking into a snowstorm or ocean. Present Time & Motive: Currently, Lathai resides in Stangeia, but he plans to move to Arbor a barony within Renatus-Marna. He plans to move there to further improve his training as a knight, alongside with Ser Magnus Ironwood who he hopes to take him on as his squire. This forum will be further edited as the character gets even more fleshed out and older.
  3. Sign up for The Black Guard or Knights of Arbor RP Name: Lathai MC Name: MoistWater  Combat Experience (none is fine): A little to none If you wish to become a Knight, are you ready to take the oath and attempt the trials?: I've done my trials, with Ajax_Manslayer or Ser Magnus. I'm ready to take my oath ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. MoistWater


    Backstory:Moth was born in the Uzg deserts on a dark moon night from a simple orc woman who gave birth to him under a tree, though she shortly bled to death with him in her arms. A mercenary group happens to come across the women and her dead corpse. The leader of the company an orcish man takes in Moth and raises him as his own. Under the mercenaries teachings Moth would start honing his swordsmanship, learning at an average pace preferring greatswords then any other blade or weaponry. Moth soon joins the company under the leader looking up to him as a father of sorts. Like most good things, this didn't last as his father died in battle right in front of his eyes. Moth couldn't do much but weep as he watched. The death of the leader separated the company many leaving after his death, including Moth. With no exact purpose or meaning in his life, Moth continued wandering joining company after company. Still, with no meaning in life, Moth decided to set out to find what was missing within him. Personality: Moth is a battle-torn individual ruin by war itself, making him a very cynical and vial person at times. Holding a bleak outlook on life. A consequence of betrayals throughout his youth making him a very untrusting person and a little paranoid in some situations. Though around ones he trusts he shows compassion and respect towards them.
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