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  1. cant wait to lose actual years of lore running back to 2013 time to ******* post all the kha lore on google docs
  2. as much as i have always wanted ratfolk/skaven as a playable CA and as much as i love cutesy little.. humblewood animal **** its a -1 from me.. its just going to be another wonk situation where the race dies off in 8 months
  3. USERNAME: antiopa FULL RP NAME: marie-colette de la baltas (mary-ann) HOUSE / FAMILY: de la baltas YEAR OF BIRTH:1791
  4. shout out to staff ruining halfbreed rp

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. rukio


      @Temp Most unrealistic halfbreeds (i.e. orc and dwarf mixes w/ humans or elves) became arthritic, deformed, and now have pain that makes RP sense. 

    3. Crevel


      I see nothing wrong with this. Cope.

    4. Jentos


      Nah, they made it realistic. I'm sorry that anatomy is effectively a thing. 

  5. would any funky cat men like a cat child?

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    2. Gusano


      not a funky cat man, but willing to adopt a funky cat child.

    3. rukio


      I hear ryloth is a cat man 

    4. Ryloth
  6. looking for a family to join in haense or a highlander family in general would prefer if the kid is already playable

    1. Limo_man


      Yo, I might have just the place for u if u want to play either a son or a daughter. The family is called house Mondblume. I can tell u more details about it if you pm Ziggity#0979 about it tho, and u can decide from there. :)

    2. Valecius


      I could also invite you to a family, but it would be Heartlander and Orenish :)

  7. looking for a family to join in haense or a highlander family in general would prefer if the kid is already playable

  8. looking for a new family to join on a empty persona slot, would prefer playing a child but can also play a pre-existing adult


    msg me on discord Spiders#8322

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    2. ShannonLeigh
    3. ImCookiie


      Hi. Hit me up on Discord. ImCookiie#0666

    4. 1_Language_1


      Well y'know u can always maybe play a Southeron and hang with us- got an unmarried shelved daughter and a son with npc wife and npc kids-- then got an old single widowed man--

  9. Application: Username: Antiopa Character Name: Marie-colette de la baltas Age: 6 Area of Interest/Skill: ALL Level of Knowledge: apprentice
  10. server is up but no one can connect becuse its full... even tho theres only 200 players on and lotc is suppose to have 500 slots...

  11. so after playing with vortex for two hours all i can tell so far is that staff re-created nexus but somehow made it worse



      imo one of the worst features is that you need a basic tool that breaks and takes time to make a new one to make more advanced gear, so you can't even share the base level components. you constantly have to spend energy not only making your final desired project, but also remaking all your dependent basetools upwards in a pyramid, resulting in what seems to be a ton of time spent before you can even get one of your desired crafts

  12. anyone else unable to connect to the vortex world with a auto msg that says your being kicked for needing more space for admins?

  13. necromancy was a mistake

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