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  1. any noble/royal family’s looking for more players? 😉

  2. [!] A flier would find its way all around Arcas ?Croak’n’co. tailoring shop? Located on the second floor of 5 nauzica square! Traditional wonk hats! Harvested straight from the swamps of the queens isles! Hand picked by gribb wonka them-self These hats are sure to wow and add a pop of nature to any dress! Large lily pad Medium lily pad Small lily pad Lotus hat Mushroom hats Red Brown Flower crowns Dry-skin hats Hand made with the finest cloths and leather Bowler hat Straw hat Ladies hat Golden ivy Clothes Each set of clothing is made by gorgeous de’caroka and gribb! You'll be the talk of the town in these bright and colorful clothes! To go along with these dresses, we have quite a few doodads, consisting of makeup made by the oh so gorgeous, Gorgeous De'Caroka. Bright lipsticks in a variety of colors, blushes that could make even the coldest person seem warm and of course, the secret line of products, only found out from Gorgeous De'Caroka herself! Swamp dress Mushroom maid! Spring picnic! Froggy farmer! We also do custom orders! (all hat prices 50 mina, all pre-made clothes are 400 mina, all custom skins are 800 mina!)
  3. looking for a high elf family

    1. Ankan


      add me at Ankan#7215 and I'll try to hook you up ?

    2. Spoons


      hello want to be the byproduct of a steamy night – msg me at Snails#8443

  4. looking for someone to play a daughter

    1. crazedpudding


      what race??


  5. looking for people to play two children msg me for details

  6. you are not whitelisted on this server

  7. msg me to join my bard group!

  8. looking for people to join my bard group msg Spiders#8322

  9. As the war rages on, kids often walk the streets aimlessly. with no food or home to return to, and no family to be cared for by. what they need it a new home, and a place to nurture there future. I Remmy Solace am offering such a place, called Petite Chouette, a School for young inspired youth to take the way of the Artist or Bard a sister group of Hibou Plongeant. Kids will be able to find a welcoming environment to learn and play several instruments, as well as shelter, food and water. Please find Remmy (Spiders#8322) in Helena, for admission.
  10. looking for people to join my bard group pls msg Spiders#8322

    1. sophiaa


      If you’re bard group is looking for a home, Morsgrad will happily provide a place to live!

    2. Korvic


      You can also check with the Songbirds. Travelling Gypsy bards that remain out of conflict.

  11. still looking for someone to play a female child

  12. still looking for someone to play a female child

  13. need someone to play a female kid

  14. looking for someone to play a kid

  15. looking for people to play two children

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