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  1. msg me to join my bard group!

  2. looking for people to join my bard group msg Spiders#8322

  3. As the war rages on, kids often walk the streets aimlessly. with no food or home to return to, and no family to be cared for by. what they need it a new home, and a place to nurture there future. I Remmy Solace am offering such a place, called Petite Chouette, a School for young inspired youth to take the way of the Artist or Bard a sister group of Hibou Plongeant. Kids will be able to find a welcoming environment to learn and play several instruments, as well as shelter, food and water. Please find Remmy (Spiders#8322) in Helena, for admission.
  4. looking for people to join my bard group pls msg Spiders#8322

    1. sophiaa


      If you’re bard group is looking for a home, Morsgrad will happily provide a place to live!

    2. Korvic


      You can also check with the Songbirds. Travelling Gypsy bards that remain out of conflict.

  5. still looking for someone to play a female child

  6. still looking for someone to play a female child

  7. need someone to play a female kid

  8. looking for someone to play a kid

    1. Cyprian1034


      Who’s kid?

  9. looking for people to play two children

  10. if anyone has child personas i will pay you mina to bring me coal or gold bird Bigmemepvp

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      Sounds suspicious

    2. shoahinsnowyfields


      if anyone has child personas STAY AWAY FROM SANDKING

  11. cords to rosenyer are x:710 y:42 z: 151
  12. looking for a family to join

    1. Tigergiri


      depending on your race i may be able to help you

    2. Pork


      Come join the VonSchlichtens! We be a bunch of weird and bubbly people throughout the empire

    3. Wrynn


      I’m always looking for more dark elves to join with me in the orcs 😄 You can learn about your real heritage as a dark elf and look to the spirits for guidance


  13. antiopa


  14. tfw undead have been removed from lotc lore for 4 almost 5 months...
  15. only ten second video and the new map alreaty looks like trash

    1. Telanir


      Hey man, not cool. Map team put in a lot of effort, least you can do is respect their effort.

    2. Its_Just_Leap


      Are you gonna sit here and tell me that the new map looks worse than Atlas? Atleast from the looks of it its not a flat mess. 

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