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  1. anyone need a kid played?

  2. this is nice but when can i get blocks again
  3. somewhere a large black and white musin sobs for her lost friend, extremely upset they never went on that berry picking date
  4. holly claps happily for her friend and continues to help oversee the construction of the musin village
  5. almost as good as waiting half a hour to just get 6 black dye... and then doing it over and over again
  6. still looking for people to join a gothic horror family in oren, dm me if interested

    1. Nozoa


      Sounds based except for the part where you said it’s in Oren 

    2. antiopa


      @Nozoawell would you be interested? dont necessarily have to rp in oren

    3. Nozoa


      8 minutes ago, antiopa said:

      @Nozoawell would you be interested? dont necessarily have to rp in oren

      maybe one day but all my character slots are full atm

  7. Lag'zha Uuthlini wonders what the **** his clanmate has been up to as he reads the book @Koraito
  8. looking for people to join a gothic family, dm me if intrested

  9. so whos leading the kha village?
  10. another dude trying to pass bard magic? well i hope it gets accepted even if i think bards shouldn't be doing combat
  11. Name: rija'Mazatla Age: 20 Place of Residence: travler can meet teacher anywhere Field of Study (Pick One) [ ] History [X] Social Science [ ] Natural Science [ ] Magical Studies (mazatla also offers to help teach Non-Descendant History with the history of the kha) OOC: Username: Antiopa/Bigmemepvp Discord:Spiders#8322 Timezone:EST
  12. so when is the archive download website going back up
  13. looking for someone to play a darkelf kid

  14. what if we all join the museum server as our first persona

  15. rat maid for hire

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