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  1. I have no idea why we're all commenting on Antiopa's wall, but I want to join in on the fun! I want to become involved and relevant, too!

  2. i remember one time i roleplayed with you and, other than your rp being extremely bad (literally would say yuore) you would constantly harass me in the falstaff chat whenever i was in there; for no real reason other than my character didn't want u to marry her son, to which i called you an annoying little rat infested *****. karma got u good.


  3. No wonder why you went off on a little argument when various people were discussing putting my house by yours, you claim you  "Didnt want to hear my rp through the walls" Bullshit

    1. DahStalker


      💀💀this chick lives like 30 minutes away from me irl and tried to meet up with me

  4. fat nonce

  5. awwwww hellllll nah man what da **** man

  6. I too, am going to comment on your profile to farm rep and assert my dominance on clicky block game

    1. seannie


      redpilled af bro!! keep it up!!

  7. I first met you in 2019 while I was trying to experience Rosenyr where you happened to be active in at the time. When I first heard you in a VC, I knew immediately you were a toxic whiny *****. Over the years from my occasional sight of you, it only seemed to become more clear that I was right in my judgement. I do have a question for you though. Did you play elves with horns to symbolise how horny you are for children?

  8. I still remember when I got you banned in 2018 for egregrious metagaming and OOC toxicity. I've seen how you treat people even today. You're as sour and horrible as you were back then. You have not changed or grown as a person, and I doubt that you ever will.

    I have absolutely no sympathy for you

    1. monkeypoacher


      it sounds like there were worse things they were doing over that time that they should have been banned for 

    2. Unwillingly
    3. monkeypoacher


      idk the egregious metagaming bit is kinda like saying adolf hitler jaywalked on top of the 6 million yknow

  9. Good thing no one gave u their kid to play innit

  10. does anyone need a kid to be played? ill be active

    1. Knights5544


      This right here is going in my "images that precede unfortunate events" folder!

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