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  1. Application IC Name: Hans Age: Twenty-two Race: Human Serive: (Nun, Monk, Clergymen, layman, etc) Clergyman Where do you wish to serve: An active congregation, preferably OOC MC Name: Hans_Jensen Discord Name: Hans Jensen#6532
  2. Minecraft Username: Great_Horde Discord Tag: Khan#6532 Character Name: Decius Carius Sabinus. Character Age: Thirty-two. Character Social Class: (Rich | Middle | Poor | Slave) Middle Class. Character Profession: (A non-combatant profession, like carpentry) Scholarly: Engineer, Mathematician, Philosopher.
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    Hans Zeller was born in a small town in the Kingdom of Marna to a family of devout Canonists of Heartlander origins. His mother, Viktoria, was a devout housewife who catered to his six siblings. His father, Karl, was a talented Carpenter and trader who owned a workshop with a workforce of ten skilled artisans. As a child, Hans was personally tutored by a priest in the settlement's Chapel, who taught him the knowledge of literacy, and the foundations of natural sciences and mathematics. At the age of eight, Hans began his apprenticeship in his Father's workshop, with the aspiration to become a skilled artisan himself by the age of sixteen. Hans regarded his duties in the workshop with importance, and strived to be worthy of carrying his father's legacy in the days to come. With continous practice and hard labor, Hans began to reap the fruits of success as the years continued. In addition to that, around these years, he also began to practice on the Lute, with his father taught him to play. Around the age of sixteen, Hans officially ended his term of apprenticeship and became a paid employee in his Father's workshop. Meanwhile, Hans proceeded to assist with his younger siblings in their own terms as apprentices, and provided them with lessons. At twenty years old, Hans decided to leave his hometown for good, and seek employment in the Capital City of Marna, striving to obtain fame and greater wealth. There, he remained for six years, establishing himself in the market and with the Carpteners' guild to obtain the title of a Master Aritsan. Nowadays, he owns his own little workshop in said city, and makes his living by offering repair, construction and item services by personal orders.
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