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  1. Anybody know if someone is in charge of the Fae Realm Lore, and if I can put in a submission for a bit of lore regarding a race that I’d love to implement?

    1. Trigamar


      I suppose it might not be a good idea.


  2. I’ve asked this before, several times, but I’m going to ask again. Why? I have no idea what else to do.


    Anybody putting together a family/tribe/rp group I could join or something? I have no preferances, as long as I get to keep my soul.


    Eh, maybe I’ll just make a creature app instead. Probably kha.


    On the other hand, im kinda lazy, so maybe not


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    1. SoulReapingWolf


      Dwarf clans are always looking for people to join them! @Dhaelena might help you out if you are interested in joining the Grandaxe clan.

    2. Trigamar


      So, yes, I did say I didn’t have any preferences, but I can’t do dwarf rp, it just doesn’t click or something. I’ve tried several times before, and I think it just isn’t for me. I’m sorry!

  3. IGN (MC Username): Cloaked_ Discord: Cloaked_#6911 Likes: Orphans, Drug-Making, Alcohol Dislikes: Cheeses, pranks, people who try to convert you to their religion ((Please tell me the likes and dislikes are RP based))
  4. The Followers Of The Blue Sky Summary The Followers of The Blue Sky is a group dedicated to the worship of the sun god, Cerec, and the god of the blue sky, Aroga. They desire a peaceful life of worship, and while they do not need a certain place to conduct worship, they would like to acquire a church of some kind. A Brief History The Followers Of The Blue Sky were founded by Teric Sindarin, quite recently. He looked to the sky and saw the sun, and filled with a light, he looked to the blue sky. He decided he would name these feelings he had, and it snowballed into a religion. The history of The Followers of The Blue Sky is decided now, it is made now. However, there is a history behind Aroga and Cerec. See Myths. Language While not having a certain language aside from common, it is not unlikely to hear them say greetings and curses involving the gods they believe exist. Some examples could be ”How has Aroga been treating you?” or ”By Cerec!”. Curses using the names of the god are frowned upon, but not unheard of. Hierarchy The Hierarchy is set up by colors and weather, the closer your color or weather is to the sun’s yellow or the sky’s blue is, the higher ranked you are. The male Followers follow Cerec’s path, and the female Followers follow Aroga. The Hierarchy goes as follows, from lowest to highest. Stormy Sky / Dark Sun- The color farthest away from the sun and blue sky, and the lowest-ranked, given to recruits. Red Sun / Rainy Sky- The second-lowest color, and given to members who have been around for a while, but have not done anything do deserve a higher ranking. (( 1 IRL week, 1 year IG)) Cloudy Sky / Orange Sun- The color second-closest to the sun, and given to those who have been proven as a devotee and outstanding member of the Followers Of The Blue Sky Yellow Sun / Windy Sky- The color of the sun, only one may bear it at a time. Has almost absolute control over Followers, but a Follower may take extreme action if deemed necessary. Be warned, a Follower attacking the Yellow Sun without reason will be duly punished, with imprisonment, exile, or death. The bearer of the Yellow Sun will pass the color to an Orange Sun who is deemed worthy. After handing off their title, a Yellow Sun will become a Clear Sky. Clear Sky /Bright Sun- While not technically a more powerful color than Yellow, Clear Sky/Bright Sun is the ranking a Yellow Sun/Windy Sky will receive after passing their title to a new bearer. Bearers of the Clear Sky/BrightSun are regarded with respect and are known as wise. Behavior The Followers Of The Blue Sky are not aggressive they regard violence as a sin. When faced with a challenge, they are to the first attempt to talk their way out of a problem, second, flee, and finally, fight, but only if necessary. If a Follower must resort to violence, after a successful resolution, they must undergo a cleansing by either three Red Suns/Rainy Skies, two Orange Suns/Cloudy Skies, or the Yellow Sun/Windy Sky him/herself. On interaction with other religions, they believe that all follow Aroga and Cerec, but that they see their manifestations differently. Thus, they do not quarrel with other religions, except for worshipers of the night and the moon. On contact with any worshiper of the afore-mentioned, Followers are advised to run. And keep running. Unless, of course, cornered, then Followers may fight. Cleansing after a battle with worshipers of the night and the moon is not required. Festivities The Followers of the Blue Sky do not have a certain set of festivities, instead of joining in with other religion’s festivities and celebrating the seasonal holidays. ((Knox-o-ween, Krug-mas, the druid’s summer festival)) Clothing The Followers of the Blue Sky are required to wear a blue overcoat (any shade) with the insignia of the sun or weather, colored with their ranking, on the back. Any other clothing is allowed, as long as it does not cover the blue coat and insignia. In times of crisis, exceptions can be made. ((Ask Cloaked_#6911 for the insignia, or the whole jacket. I will skin you an entire skin, but a 10 mina fee will be applied for clothing. Adding the insignia and/or jacket is free.)) Myths It is said that the world was in darkness. No one could see, and monsters roamed the earth. Then, a blazing beam of light shot through the sky, welcoming the sun. The sun god, Cerec, rose and awakened the god of blue skies, Aroga. Together, they fought against the god of the moon, Raoz, and the god of the night, Acona. A glorious and light-filled summer was the result of Cerec’s and Aroga’s victories. Though after a time, the nights began to grow colder, and the days filled with snow. This weakened Cerec and Aroga, and the night and moon began to take more ground. The nights were long and harsh, the days with barely enough light to see. However, the season once more changed into summer, and Cerec and Aroga grew strong again. Such is the cycle of life, the constant battle of day and night. ((Wish to join The Followers of The Blue Sky? Message me on discord! (Cloaked_#6911) Constructive Criticism in the comments is welcome, I have never done this before! Credit to chaotikal for the template!)) [!] After several years, Teric would sigh and pack the coats, the banners, the hookah away. The religion had really only been a facade over his real goal, peace. Nobody seemed to want to listen. Teric didn’t know why they wanted to kill each other, they just seemed to have fun doing it. He sighed again. “Bigguns will be Bigguns, oi su’ose.” ((I hope I didn’t do anything wrong by putting this here xd))
  5. So say I want to create a religion, how do I go about that?


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    2. jdesarno


      Drugs. lots of drugs.

    3. camocat9


      First escape the Orenian Empire...

    4. Papa Liam

      Papa Liam

      Don’t preach it, just gain a few followers and then get a tiny charter for a cute church somewhere and build it up.

  6. I’ve got a free persona slot, so if anyone needs a family member...

    1. blago
    2. Language


      I got an unplayed son 😛 

      If you want to take a shot at human rp, you’d have about three other siblings.

    3. Trigamar


      Sorry, haven’t been on the site in a while, even though I’ve been on the server. I don’t think I currently have a free slot, but if I ever get one, I’ll let you all know.

  7. Trigamar

    The Mages Guild

    OOC ((MC Name: Trigamar )) ((Discord: Trigamar#6911 )) ((Timezone: EST )) RP What is your name? Athri Stardust Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? To protect my town, and possibly place a new branch of the Mages Guild What is the extent of your experience with magic? A few books I found here and there. What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? I have never studied magic aside from in books. What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? I wish to become an Acolyte. What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? A Sorcerer. When is the best time to contact you for an interview? ((11:00-3:00 and once I’m on, I’ll stay on for about two hours. Once I can get my Chromebook to run Minecraft I’ll probably be on a little more often.))


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    1. Trigamar


      Purple, blue, same difference. But is it too purple, then?


      nvm, omar had the answer


    2. Onecat
    3. Trigamar
  9. Is my dark elf too blue?

    1. Textarea


      i think it’s alright. here’s a blue dark elf that i saw 2 or 3 maps ago:


    2. Trigamar


      aight thanks! If this guy is okay, then i doubt mine is overly b l u e

  10. Why am I newly spawned, i joined a year ago xd

  11. IGN: Trigamar Character Name: Sak,unta Race: Kha'Cheetah Current Nation: None Personal Goals: To find a place to live Current Equipment (RP Equipment - ex. Bastard Sword, Chainmail, etc.) : Aincient Kharajyr Dagger ((self-made)) ((I shall also check the main biulding so yea))
  12. ((sorry i perma deleted that character)) 

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