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  1. Reformatting is major WIP, I'm pretty much **** at it. I'm thinking grey text might be cool, with some darker and lighter elements. I'll def play around with it a little. Oh, and what do you mean by rephrasing? I'll do my best to fix it.
  2. formatting is hard

  3. Yeah, I'm pretty bad at formatting, but thanks for the advice! I'll get right on that.
  4. Feat Lore - Paroth Parasitic Marvels of Evolution ~~Origin~~ The Paroth are an ancient species of parasites, who feed off a host's blood after establishing a mental connection with it. Little to nothing is known of the origins of this species, as they were undiscovered until recently, by an explorer and researcher by the name of Tacitus De Bakker. De Bakker and his one-armed research partner were exploring a series of caves on an island far out to sea, when they stumbled upon the rubble of some sort of ancient vault. Remarkably, the vault door itself was in near-perfect condition, despite the decorative structure being near dust. It is reported that ancient carvings depicted hints of what was to come, but De Bakker was impatient and began the relatively simple process of opening the vault door; a simple push was all that was required. What was inside shocked the researchers to their very cores. Quivering lumps of flesh, gaping maws that gnashed at anything that got near them. The Paroth. “It is incredible… These creatures, their capabilities, their potential! Sure, the ancient residents of this island may have sealed them away, but they did not see the Possibilities! Imagine, what we could do with this power! These… things.” - Excerpt from De Bakker’s Journal De Bakker : Quickly now! Assistant 1 : Sir, are you sure, there could be a reason that these things were… De Bakker : I am! Do it, now! Assistant 2 : *Grumbling* De Bakker : Are you still transcribing this? Stop! Stop writing! - Transcript recorded by a scribe “It is incredible… While experimenting with a portion of the Paroth, one leapt across the testing area and slammed itself into my research partner’s stump of an arm. This is progress, previously they would only pair with animals. My partner seems reluctant to continue. But this is far too much potential for me to ignore. Far, far too much.” - Excerpt from the expedition’s research logs. “It has fully paired with my partner now. He marvels at the ease of control the parasite provides. There are almost no negative effects. He does seem quite pale, and perhaps a bit more frail than he was… There is a commotion outside. I shall finish my entry upon my return.” - Excerpt from De Bakker’s Journal “The Paroth… they’ve gone mad! Their first taste of human blood in what could be milenia, they must have been starved. The things launch themselves at everyone, draining their life blood within seconds. Almost all of my research crew… dead. The power, too much power. Why, why us?” - Recovered scrap of paper. Tacticus De Bakker returned to the mainland raving mad, ranting of blood sucking monsters that he claimed to have followed him aboard the vessel that he piloted alone back to the mainland. Further inspection of the vessel revealed no evidence of such creatures, and De Bakker was taken away to a remote hospital where he could recover. Magic Explanation The Paroth are parasitic organisms who establish a mental link with a being who is missing an arm or a leg, serving as a prosthetic. However, this is at the cost of the hosts blood. A Paroth will attach itself to the stump that remains of the severed limb by clamping their maw onto it. They then leech blood from the host. At the beginning, a great amount is required for it to grow into the shape of an arm or a leg. Over eons, they have evolved and learned that by mimicking a part that is useful to a creature, they have a lower chance of being treated like the parasite that they are and removed. This is mostly instinctual, though the organism does take information from the host in order to shape itself. Paroth do not do this beyond any animalistic urges. Their instincts tell them to survive and continue existing, they have no agenda, and they cannot force their host to do anything. The limb is not perfect and has been known to spasm randomly and without warning. In addition to this, the host will feel the Paroth’s presence in it’s mind, though they cannot interact with it beyond using it as a regular limb. If the creature is totally and completely severed from the host, it dies instantly. However, this is not the end of the Paroth. After one year of drinking the blood of its host, the parasite is fully developed and capable of reproducing. From it’s maw, clamped onto the end of the stump or whatever remains of the limb, it sends several chunks of itself to burrow into the host. These chunks lie dormant until the Paroth is removed from the host fully and totally. On this event, one of the chunks burrows through the host until it is capable of exiting the stump and reattaching itself onto the host, performing the same ritual that the original parasite did when first connecting. Rambling aside, they serve as a secondary arm or leg due to evolutionary learning and instinctual urges. A Paroth is only as strong as the host's limb would be, it cannot give a halfling orc strength. If completely severed, the limb dies. The host cannot communicate with the limb beyond operating it as a limb. The parasite can only replicate arms, legs, hands, feet, and ears. My rough interpretation of what a Paroth would look like on a skin. Please feel free to get creative with these things, this one is kind of bland. Abilities Reconnect (Connection) The Paroth latches onto the host's arm, and begins to leech blood from it. While doing so, it establishes a mental link with its host so as to build it’s form to suit the host, and to enable the host’s control of the limb. While connected, the host can feel the parasite’s presence in their mind, but CANNOT interact with it beyond using it to command the arm as a regular arm. Host cannot communicate with the Paroth in any way, other than to command it as a regular arm or leg. During the connection, the host is and feels weak due to the amount of blood being leeched. This is not a deadly amount, but enough so that it MUST be roleplayed. Reconstruct If, by any means, the arm is severed, cut, or simply wounded, it will leech a greater amount of blood from its host in order to repair itself. As long as the maw of the creature is still connected to the stump, it can perform this ability. If the creature is totally and completely severed from the host, it dies instantly, so acclimated to the steady supply of blood it had been receiving. It takes 5 OOC Hours to heal any cuts or wounds on the arm. It takes 24 OOC Hours to reconstruct a limb that has been severed below the mouth of the Paroth. Cannot Reconstruct while in combat. While Reconstructing, the host feels and is weak due to the amount of blood being leeched. If completely severed, the parasite cannot reconstruct and dies. Rebirth Once the growing period of one OOC week has passed, the parasite will implant chunks of itself into the host, where they will lie in wait until the parasite is completely severed from the host. If, by any means, the arm is COMPLETELY severed, the teeth and everything below them cut away, one of the chunks will spur into motion, burrowing through the host until they are able to burst from the body and reattach themselves to where the old parasite was. Once reattached, connection begins again. These chunks are not removable without killing the host. They will only activate one at a time, and only when the previous parasite has been completely severed. Regret If some motion is made to prevent the parasite from freely consuming as much blood as it needs, such as applying a tourniquet or other methods, the parasite will slowly begin to move up the host, consuming it as it goes. It will continue to eat and gnaw at the host until whatever has been preventing it from drinking enough blood has been removed or stopped. This is generally not fatal, as the parasite will stop before eating any vitals or moving further than the shoulder. Please do NOT metagame this, if applying a tourniquet is something your character would do, do it. This significantly weakens the host, on a level similar to that of connection. Mitosis One who has been a host of a Paroth for over a week is capable of spreading the parasite to others, in much the same manner as the parasite’s rebirth. The host places the limb that is a Paroth onto the being that they wish to infect, and the Paroth will split off a chunk of themselves into the person being infected. This chunk wriggles its way to the area that requires a prosthetic, and there it begins Connection. THIS REQUIRES OOC CONSENT! The person being infected must have blood, and its blood must not be poisonous and/or have any effects to those that consume it. ‘Tier’ Progression This feat has no proper tiers, but does have a waiting time before the magic can be fully utilized. This takes a time of one ooc week, as the limb has just connected, and is still constructing itself and establishing a proper mental link. The host is and feels weak at this time due to the high amount of blood that the parasite is consuming at this moment. Not roleplaying this weakness is powergaming. After this, the limb is able to Reconstruct, and has the same strength as any of the host's other limbs, or however much strength the limb would have. Miscellaneous Information Due to the constant draining of the parasite, a host could often find themselves with bags under their eyes, and their skin becoming paler. This is purely aesthetic, and not enforced. The creation and further origins is widely undeveloped. The only confirmed pieces of information is that they were known among an ancient civilization, who eventually locked them away. I’d be happy to work with ST on events that shed more light onto the exact specifics of these parasites. A voidal amalgamation, some deities ancient plaything, an alchemical mishap, or simply a product of evolution. There are endless roads we could take this down, and I’d love to work with you all on each and every one of them. Of course, I’d be fine with the ST doing their own thing as well, don’t want to get too high and mighty. I debated on it for a while, but I’ve decided that these things do require a teacher of sorts. This is explained in the Mitosis ability, and no, this is NOT a self-teach feat. ST folks, I’d love to converse with you over whether or not this feat requires a signed prosthetic item. I’d say no, It’d just waste your time to have to sign an item every time the person died, but I’d love to hear your say, and the say of any and all commenters. I view this as a feat rather than a magic because it’s main purpose is to serve as a leg/arm, lacking abilities that could be used in combat. The flesh that makes up the Paroth sometimes quivers and spasms. Nothing large enough to impact RP, but imagine it pulsating slightly. Redlines Only as strong as a host’s regular limb would be. If completely severed, the limb dies. The host cannot communicate with the parasite beyond controlling as a limb. Can only be used as replacement hands, arms, feet, or legs. During the first connection and Reconstruction, the host feels weak due to the amount of blood being drained from them. This is not an amount large enough to kill them. Cannot Reconstruct while in combat. Once the parasite has completed its first OOC week of connection, the chunks will have been implanted, and it is impossible to remove them without the death of the character. A character without blood, or one whose blood affects the drinker in any way cannot learn this feat. A character whose blood does not flow, or is acquired from alternate methods is required to have a steady supply of blood for the parasite, or their Regret ability will trigger. A Paroth cannot drink the blood of anyone other than it’s host. A Paroth can mimic the ability of touch, but the sensation is muted and garbled. It will never be perfect, but it is there. The Paroth functions as an prosthetic when referring to the Amputation ability in Mysticism, as it is a separate entity, and not a regrowth of the arm. Purpose I was listening to some music one day, and I thought- “Huh, what if I made an arm parasite?” So I started working on this. For a good while, I left it alone in my 12+ pages of garbage lore, until I pulled it out of the doc and began working on it. I added a few features, changed a few things. None of it would be possible without those who reviewed this and helped me polish it over. Credits to them at the bottom of the lore, they’re some pretty cool people. I love aesthetics, things that you can rp and have fun with. Little magics that don’t really impact pvp or crp, but are insanely fun to rp with. I built this around that concept. It’s a small magic that has a lot of lore and rp value, but not so much with the crp and pvp. I made this to serve as something fun to rp with. People can get creative with how they treat their new companion, whether as a curse or as a blessing. Maybe they’re a religious figure, and now need to keep this thing swept under the rug, lest they be considered tainted by demons. Or maybe they're an edgy villain who just needs more edgy **** to boost their ego. Either way, thanks for reading this far, and I hope you enjoyed it. Credit to jameson_h (Discord - Tirilan) for several suggestions on polishing and naming. Credit to SantaNotic (Discord - SantaNotic) for the idea to include something similar to the Regret ability. Credit to TreeSmoothie (Discord - TreeSmoothie) for suggesting a redline regarding Mysticism and Amputation. This is neither here nor there, but I just couldn't find any reference images for this. Sorry. Edit 1 - Changed up the font a bit. Edit 3 - Patching up formatting! Hopefully this is better. Edit 4 - New redline! New credit! Thank you all!
  5. Teric Sindarin, Radis, and Ratfoot. The longest played character I've had on LOTC, Teric was created sometime around the summer before last. He was a halfling, adopted into a family he hated, blinded in his quest to reunite them, and later killed by his birth family. While I had plenty of ventures with Teric last year, playing him this year has been much more fun. He ran the Underground, the best drug den in Brandybrook, was always high, and sailed with the crew of the Spicy Shrimp.
  6. A bit late to the party, but I’m glad to hear that I’ll be back in time for the transition.
  7. Profile information has been updated to be correct, apologies if any trouble was caused.

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  8. You are most likely right. I’ve done my best to move past this mental state of mine, with the comments telling me that magic is overrated, but it’s hard to change a mindset you’ve had for two years. Not a lot, for most of you, but it does feel like a long time to me. With the help of these coments, I think I’ve better understood that magic isn’t supposed to define a character, and that I was probably trying harder than I should’ve been to learn. So I guess I’m just going to stop. Stop trying to learn. Maybe, sometime around October, I might give it another go, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you. For the comments that have nudged me in the right direction, and for not treating me like the total idiot that I am.
  9. To be fair, he did mention that other chaters had been destroyed- I really, really don’t want to start anything, especially with a staff member, but he did mention other charters. “The idea of a settlement being directly destroyed by staff was not as common back in those days, yet is a much more frequent occurrence in modern LOTC.” Unless that wasn’t what you were referring to, in which case, I apologize. And, yes, we have been somewhat inactive, but I think i’m starting to see a slow climb. Late mornings aren’t really the best time to go looking for us, from experience. I’d recommend closer to sometime during the afternoon or later, if you want to see a halfling, and there are usually a bunch of us at events. But then again, I could just be an idiot.
  10. That’s handy, I’ll look more into this Chi business, thanks! It may be, but I’d like to experience everything this server has to offer.
  11. This magic is a waste of time, a waste of space, and a mar on my reputation. I hate it, I’m ashamed of it, and I’m ashamed of myself. If someone with the capability to do so wanders across this terrible, terrible post, I’d appreciate it being instantly denied, to save you the trouble, and me the pain. Of course, that might just not be how you roll, and I’m fine with suffering through this, or simply having you delete it. I have no idea how to delete posts, sorry. - Trigamar Discount Evocation ~(~(~( Tempus )~)~)~ By Trigamar -Origin- -Origin of Hiems Tempus- Long ago, there lived a captain, who sailed the seas with his son. The captain was a talented Water Evocator, capable of bringing massive waves down upon his foes. His mana was beyond compare, as was his skill with working with water. However, his son, no mater how hard he tried, was unable to conjure the smallest droplet of water from the void, he couldn’t even manage to connect to it. The son always felt as if he was living his life a shadow of his father, and spent many long nights staring out across the waves, desperately trying to be anything like his father. And yet, he had no luck. One clear, sunny day, the captain was sailing into port, as he usually did, with his son, when out of the blue, a balista bolt came crashing onto the deck. The captain’s head whipped around, trying to see which ship the bolt had come from, when he noticed that it had come from the guard tower over looking the port. He swore, grabbing his son, shoving him into a life boat, and casting him away to sea. His son watched, as he floated, bobbing gently in the waves, as his father’s ship, his home, burned. He watched as the guards of the city came, forming a ring around the burning ship, killing any who dared survive the flames. Their mages hurtling spells at those who tried to swim away. But not the captain’s son, he was too far out to sea. Too far out to help. Too far out to be hit. The captain’s son sobbed. Many years passed, since that fateful day, ad the captain’s son still lacked any skill with Evocation. He had spent every day since that one trying to surpass his father, and in many was, he had. He was a wealthy merchant, with a small fleet of trading ships, but the one thing, the one thing that the captain’s son could never conquer, was Evocation. He was depressed, sad, lonely. And in this trying time, he began to dance. Not waltz, nor a jig, but a dance with the tides. Back and forth, push and pull, so he moved with them. He gave up on his attempts to master them, to summon them from the void, and instead worked alongside them. He learned much from the tides, and used what they had taught him. A deadly dance, was what he made with this knowledge, a style of combat, assisted by the ocean itself. He called it, ‘Hiems Tempus’, and with it, he conquered the seas. -Origin of Ver Tempus- On the streets of a rich port town, a warning bell alerted a guard from where his was kicking a thief. This thief had been caught stealing fruit form one of the many trading stalls in the city, but a warning bell was more important than a small theft. The guard rushed off to the docks, ill-fitting armor clanking on his stocky body as he made his way to the docks. “The Tempus, a vile smuggler’s ship has been spotted entering the harbor! Arm the ballistae!” The Chief of the Guard force yelled, “Sink that ship!” And so, the guard did as he was told- winding up the ballista from up in the guard tower, he angled it directly at the only child on the vessel, a small boy, seemingly talking to a frail man. He chuckled darkly, right before a fist ran into his jaw. He only had time to see a flash of a young woman, wearing heavy jewelry and a scowl across her face, before everything went dark When he awoke, the first thing he noticed, was that he wasn’t as high in the air anymore. The second thing he noticed, was that the city was burning around him. Shoving rubble off his chest, the guard drew himself to his feet, coughing. He took a step, and almost collapsed. He took another, that one was a little better. He took one step at a time, constantly telling himself that he was strong, that he was sturdy. He walked away from his old life, one step at a time, and began a new one. Years later, the former guard was humming to himself. He did that often, as it was very quiet, in the isolated mountains and forests he now called his home. He had made a peach within himself, a peace with the earth. It had been hard, in the earlier years, still clinging to who he used to be. But he had survived. He was sturdy, and strong, like a mountain. He too, had made a dance, but this one much different from the deadly dance of the captain’s son. This dance was one of survival, rebirth, and stability, assisted by the earth itself. He called it, ‘Ver Tempus’, and with it, he became a better man. -Origin of Aestas Tempus- A noble sat on a cushion, resting. From far away, she could hear shouts, a loud bell. Chuckling grimly to herself, the noble leapt out of her estate, hopping on her horse, and riding off into the port city that she lived in. Shouts of a ship called ‘The Tempus’ rang out through the city, but that was not the noble’s concern. She saw an armed man, kicking a poor child on the street, and then running off. Snarling, she galloped off after him. The noble pulled back on her reins, halting the horse at the base of a large tower that she had seen the man run into. Leaping off of the horses back, the noble burst through the door, sending splinters flying. Groaning as she saw the long spiral staircase winding up into the tower, the noble leapt into action. She bounded up the steps, taking them two at a time, tripping over a few. Bruised, the noble skidded to a halt at the top of the tower, just in time to see the armed man winding back a ballista. She whirled furiously, jewelry clattering, sending a fist into the man’s jaw. He spun, falling away from the ballista, it’s trajectory falling off course. The noble ran. She ran, taking her fortune with her, seeking out better lands, as her old city burned. She was robbed, assulted, injured, attacked, but she kept fighting. Fighting every turn of misfortune that came her way. As a child, she had always liked fire, and out of the ferocity of fire, she created a style of combat that aided her in her journey. She called it ‘Aestas Tempus’, and with it, she survived. -Origin of Autumnus Tempus- The child grabbed an apple from a merchant’s stall, not waiting to hear the cries of ‘theif’, simply running towards the alley where she and her little brother lived. Right as she was at the entrance, she was knocked down. The child, whimpering, looked up to see a rotund man, wearing ill-fitting armor, glaring down at her. His glare slowly morphed into a sick, twisted grin, and the apple fell from her hands and rolled away, forgotten. The man drew back his foot and slammed it into her side, his iron tipped boot producing a crunching sound as it broke a few of her ribs. The child gasped, sobbing, as he drew his foot back again. And again. And again. But then, a loud bell started ringing. The man looked up, swearing as he ran off. A few seconds later, an angry looking lady on a horse galloped by. The child slowly stood, her battered and bruised body trembling as she picked up the apple and took a shuddering step into the alley, before she collapsed, and everything went dark. When she awoke, everything was awful. Burning buildings were everywhere, smoke filled the air, accompanied by the smell of burning flesh. She got up, and staggered away. She staggered, she tumbled, and she ran. She kept on running. She never stopped running. And out of her running, her desire to escape, she created a way of fighting that revolved around escape. She called it ‘Autumnus Tempus’, and with it, she ran. -Magic Explanation- Tempus is a style of fighting that comes from the study of the basic elements, Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. One might think of it as a weaker version of Evocation, and to an extent, it is. However, Tempus does not provide the opportunity of control, such as an Evocator has, it forces it’s caster to work alongside the element, and is less powerful. Through utilizing one of the four variants of Tempus, it is possible for one to increase their physical ability, but only in a select area, weakening it in others. By studying one of the variants of Tempus, a mage gains such an understanding of the element, that they are able to make their mana flow in a way that resembles their element of study. This requires one to be taught how to utilize and connect with their mana. Heims’ attribute is fluidity, they are less likely to hit themselves with a weapon that has that possibility, such as a flail, or whip, however this ability grows weaker during the day. Ver’s attribute is toughness, a Ver Tempus user has tougher skin than normal. Aestas’s attribute is strength, a Aestas Tempus user can carry more than normal, however this ability grows weaker at night. Autumnus’s attribute is agility, a Autumnus Tempus user can move faster than normal. As with most magics, when using the ability of a Tempus, the eyes of a user glow with the color of their aura. This magic is a waste of time, a waste of space, and it reflects badly on me. Due to the buffs that the Tempus provide, Tempus users tend to certain types of armor, weapons and clothing. Heims Tempus users prefer flowing cloths, with scarves or cloths, and little to no armor, allowing for flowing movements. Their weapons generally consist of whips or flails. Ver Tempus users often wear light armor, such as a guard might wear, and their clothing is often sturdy, like themselves. Their weapons generally consist of one-handed blades paired with shields. Aestas Tempus users use heavy armor, and wear heavy jewelry. Their weapons generally consist of two-handed weapons, such as War-hammers, War-axes, and Great-swords. Autumnus Tempus users use light, tight-fitting clothing, so that they may be as mobile as possible. Their weapons generally consist of daggers, very short swords, or other small, light weapons. This is not a requirement, merely habits that Tempus users tend towards, as it suits their element. Creatures who cannot connect to the void lack the ability to become a user of Tempus. Magics or Creatures which have the ability to stop Voidal magics from being used can deactivate a Tempus user’s connection. -Abilities- Connection – Combative/Non-Combative -Redlines- 1. Tempus cannot be used to Evoke the elements, nor control them in any fashion. 2. A Tempus in one element cannot use the ability of another Tempus. 3. Once a Tempus users learns how to connect to the Void, they become unable to use Tempus, and can never learn Tempus again. 4. This is not a gateway to learning how to become an Evocator without struggle. Once Tempus has been learned, it becomes several times more difficult to connect to the Void. The amount of time spent trying to connect to the Void equates to how long it would have taken the student to learn how the element functions. 5. None of the weapons/clothing listed are required to learn/use Tempus, it is merely a trend among users, as those items mesh well with their Tempus. 6. Beings who lack the ability to connect to the Void cannot use Tempus. 7. Magics or Creatures who have the ability to prevent Voidal magic from being casted can also prevent Tempus users from conecting with their element. 8. As Tempus merely offers physical boosts, it cannot be used to harm Phantoms that would otherwise not be affected by physical attacks. 9.The boost that Tempus offers is not extreme, merely a slight one. None of these abilities are invincible, and they do weaken the other attributes of the user. 10. The boost provided is a constant value, added to the base strength of the user. A halfling isn’t going to be able to swing around a War-hammer the size of an Oolog by using Aestas Tempus. ((More to be added?)) -Purpose- ((OOC)) I have removed the first reason, as now that I look back on it, I feel really, really stupid. Hope you all only think I’m half the idiot I am, have a good one! The second reason is much nicer-sounding than the first, less of a pity-party, but I still decided to put is second. I truly believe, that in a good fantasy world, magic should be incorporated into everyday lives. Be that self-lighting kettles, or brooms that sweep the floor on their own, to swords that create a slash of flame. This is what I’ m doing to integrate magic into the everyday lives of RPers, like Culimancy and Domesticated magic. The final reason is probably the least expected one- This is basically a test. Sure, I put sweat and tears into this, but this is the first Magic that I’ve written and submitted to be reviewed, I have little idea what I’m doing. I highly doubt that this will be accepted, however much I’d like it to be. I’m using this as a learning experience, so if you have any constructive criticism, I’d appreciate it. Thanks for reading!
  12. This is a beautiful piece of lore, and one that I hope is implemented. It just annoys me slightly, that it requires Caligen to create more Caligen. I understand why it is, and it’s a smart choice, it’s just been difficult for me to find people who are capable for performing the teachings or transformations of certain CAs. Of course, that’s probably just my own selfishness speaking. Good luck, I hope that it’s accepted!
  13. Iaquith Amu History Love. There is nothing stronger. And, as is common with strong things, there are those that are drawn to it. Iaquith Amu, they are called. Eaters of love. These creatures are drawn to love. They eat it, revel in it, provide it. For when one is filled with love, completely and truly, they will be visited by an Iaquith. If they display enough love for the Iaquith to survive, then the Iaquith will take a form, and begin to live around that person. Often, the person won't even know that they’re there. But they should be careful. For if they anger the Iaquith… Long ago, there was a woman. She lived in a nice, warm, cozy halfling hole. Every day, she woke up, and prepared a meal for all the halfling children, and then went around, helping her neighbors. In the evenings, she watered the village's flowers, tended to her neighbors' crops, and set up little games for the children to play. Nobody asked her to do this, nobody forced her too. She loved helping, she loved her village, she loved her life. And then, after one long day of kindness, she came home, to find an adorable Teddy Bear sitting by her door. “‘ow noice,” She said, picking it up carefully, “Teh chil’ren mus’ ‘ave brough’ me eh gif’.” So she brought the Teddy Bear inside, set it on her counter, and went to sleep. The next morning, she woke up, blinking as the sunlight fell across the window into her eyes. In a flash, she was out of bed, panicking, “O’ nae! Oi mus’ ‘ave slep’ in!” The woman rushed to her kitchen, meaning to prepare the meal, only to find that it was already cooked, and that the Teddy Bear was sitting next to a plate. She blinked, “Oi mus’ ‘ave… forgo’en…” The woman shook her head, “Nae reason to s’an’ aroun’.” And with that, the woman began to do her daily work. Unnoticed, the Teddy Bear nodded, a small grin appearing on its face. Physical Description The Iaquith Amu have one purpose; to provide love. For they feed off love, and without it, they will die. Over millennia of evolution, The Iaquith have discovered a form that is generally liked by all. The Stuffed Animal. Almost universally loved, they have taken this form to provide love, and to be loved. Now, this is a broad term, let me define it in a more clear manner. The Iaquith take the shape of a creature standing at half a foot to a full foot. Their ‘skin’ is made of a cloth-like material, and their insides are filled with stuffing. Usually with a stitched mouth and button eyes, these are the forums that the creatures take when they find someone to attach to. They usually feel soft and fluffy to the touch, and can have a variety of features. (I.E. A lion plush will have a mane and little claws, while a human plush might have hair and a skirt.) By no means are they optimized for combat, their bodies being too soft and fluffy to do any real damage, and they are too small to wield any real sort of weaponry. Even if they could, they would not want to, since harming others does not produce any sort of love, and being around that much hate could very well kill the Iaquith Amu. An interesting topic is that the Iaquith do not often stay around voidal mages, which has led many to believe that the creature is Fae in nature. This is untrue, and can’t be proven, for Druids cannot comune with them. The reason that Iaquith avoid voidal magic is unknown, though a few have theorized that it is due to the effects that the void has on the body and mind produce an effect averse to love. Now, the Iaquith are not always plushies. In fact, before they find someone to bond to, they appear as little floating lights, which I shall call Form A. These lights cannot speak, hear, taste or touch. All they can do is feel love, which they move towards. Once they are near enough love, then they take the form of a Stuffed Animal, Form B. Their new form is not permanent, however. If their body is destroyed, or they do not get enough love, they return to Form A, and seek love anew. While they are in Form A they cannot be harmed. Any attempt to touch them will be useless, and will phase right through them. Redlines - Cannot be used in combat. -While in Form A, cannot be harmed and cannot harm others. -Cannot reproduce in any way, shape, or form. -While in Form A, they cannot see or hear, so no meta -Experiences in Form A cannot be remembered while in Form B. This means that all they will remember is feeling drawn to a person, then waking up in their new form. Memories between owners carry over between forms. Mentality The Iaquith need love. This is an important part in their mentality, for it is what their lives revolve around. Once they find someone who produces enough love for the Iaquith to want to stick around, they will take their new form, and begin to help them. In the beginning, they are generally not noticed, the person they have bonded to finding it strange that the plush seems to always be found near good happenings. Over time, the person begins to put the pieces together, and the Iaquith may reveal itself. It is important to note that the Iaquith Amu are not unthinking servants, like golems. They simply need love to survive, which leads them to want to make the person more able to produce love, among other positive emotions. While yes, they may bond with the person to the point where they will sacrifice themselves, but they will not execute commands as if they were a slave. The Iaquith are very expressive with their bodies, as they have no funcional mouth. Think of the emotes in Animal Crossing. Very expressive. Redlines -Cannot Speak -Will not obey commands that result in it’s death/death of others -Will not obey a command that will not produce love, or a positive emotion of some kind, without creating negative emotions. Abilities Aura Of Emotion The Iaquith have no functioning mouths, which means that they cannot talk, but they have developed alternate means of expressing themselves. Iaquith are generally more expressive than most, and can create an aura that radiates their feelings. This aura cannot be used to influence others emotions, merely let others know how the Iaquith is feeling. The Iaquith can decide if it wants to share its emotions or not. This only takes one emote. Redlines -Aura Of Emotion cannot influence the emotions of others. -It takes the place of talking, but Iaquith Amu cannot form words with their emotions. Ageless Iaquith Amu are ageless, they never age, and they will never die. While they can be ‘killed’ by having their vessel destroyed, this will only cause them to revert to Form A, and to seek a new bond to someone. While they do retain memories between bonds, their only goal is to bring love to others, so they will never use their information to cause harm. This information is instead used for the betterment of others. Redlines -The memories retained after ‘death’ cannot be used to cause harm, of any sort. All Redlines -Cannot be used in combat. -While in Form A, cannot be harmed. -Cannot harm others. -Cannot reproduce in any way, shape, or form. -While in Form A, they cannot see or hear, so no meta -Experiences in Form A cannot be remembered while in Form B. This means that all they will remember is feeling drawn to a person, then waking up in their new form. Memories between owners carry over between forms. -Cannot Speak -Will not obey commands that result in it’s death/death of others -Will not obey a command that will not produce love, or a positive emotion of some kind, without creating negative emotions. -Aura Of Emotion cannot influence the emotions of others. -It takes the place of talking, but Iaquith Amu cannot form words with their emotions. -The memories retained after ‘death’ cannot be used to cause harm, of any sort. Purpose (OOC) The dwarves have their Golems, the Alchemists their Automatons, I wanted to create something that anybody can have. A friend in the darkest of times. A creature that you can trust, that will be there for you. This is essentially giving everyone a companion, rather than just a select few. ((First time submitting something, constructive criticism, or just criticism would be appreciated. Thanks! -TG))
  14. OOC ((MC Name: Trigamar )) ((Discord: Trigamar#6911 )) ((Timezone: EST )) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Trestyn Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? To expand my knowledge, and to expand the knowledge of others. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? None, sadly. Connection to the Void has been attempted, I understand somethings in theory, but there is much knowledge that I lack. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Practicus When should you be contacted for an interview? Anytime thought the Elven Week. ((I’m most active on discord, but I’m also active on the server.))
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