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  1. Boris looked at the newspaper for several minutes, carefully reading it over. He coughed, and then wandered off, thanking the old halfling who, alongside his brother, had saved his life. Teric looked over the newspaper, his ghostly eyebrows raising. ”...Filililibert got eh woife?” The Specter chuckled, remembering a time the halfling had not been so fortunate with love, down in the Underground. From there, the ghost began to calculate potato stocks.
  2. Trigamar

    The Crash

    Boris stared at the ship for a few moments, before shrugging and clunking away. Broken ships held no interest to him, only whole ones. Not far away, the spectral figure of Teric Ratfoot looked curiously on at the ship, searching it’s contents for drugs as soon as he and the ship were alone.
  3. [!] A small slip of paper is tacked onto the notice board, reading as follows; ‘I want a to stick a funny piece of paper to the notice board too.” - Boris O. [!] Below that is a similarly sized piece of paper; ”This message is brought to you by the Underground.” - Teric R., Manager of the Underground
  4. Boris yawned, having shuffled through the notices, and clunked off to find something more interesting to hold his attention.
  5. Boris yawned, lazily browsing the newspaper from his perch in a near-by tree. “Eh big s’orm, aye?” Shrugging, he rolled over to take a nap.
  6. Once upon a Time [PK] Once upon a time, there was a brave halfling, who wished to sail the seas. Once upon a time, there was a smart halfling, who wished to write a book. Once upon a time, there was a young halfling, who wished to live. Once upon a time, Polo Gardner died. He died, after both sailing the seas, and writing a book. But not how he wanted. No, his sailing was that of pain, his book was that of sadness. Once upon a time, a young halfling died. Not from his sailing. Nor from his book. But from betrayal. Once upon a time, a smart halfling died. Tricked and trapped, slashed and whacked. Once upon a time, a brave halfling died. Broken. And abandoned. Isn’t that right, Mr. Robbinson? And so the time ripens, one day you’ll see, what was wasn’t right. And never will be.
  7. Polo stares bleakly out at the wide ocean, wondering when he’ll be able to return home again.
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  9. Polo frowned, “...Das eh li’l mean, da’. Oi ‘ave bee’ groun’e’ fer tew munths now.”
  10. Name: Polo Gardner Fort Fortified [ ] Fort Knox [X] Big Fort [ ] Devil Springs Vodka [ ]
  11. Name: Polo Gardner What’s yer suggestion?: Fort Fortified Promise that you’re not a Demon in disguise?: Aye Did you lie on the previous question?: Nae Favorite type of Booze?: I don’t drink, I’m a child, and my Guidebook to Life doesn’t approve of it.
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