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  2. Every nation allied with every nation, this shit getting boring now

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      Geopol “RP” and it’s consequences

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  3. [!]Friends partaking in a bout of fisticuffs in the Greasy Spoon MARCH 26TH, 4PM EST The Council of Enswerp extends an open invitation to all brave souls and stalwart warriors to join us in the grand spectacle of strength and skill – Ye Enswerp Melee! This esteemed melee tournament shall test the mettle of the realm's finest, where honor and glory await the victors. Come, champions and challengers alike, to the common grounds of Enswerp, where legends are forged in combat and camaraderie flourishes amidst the clash of arms. Prepare your weapons, hone your skills, and let the banners of your house flutter proudly in the wind as you vie for supremacy in this epic contest of valor. May the fates favor the bold, and may the Enswerp Brawl be a testament to the indomitable spirit of our realm. Join us, and let the echoes of your feats resound through the ages! SignUp Form Enswerp Melee Form And with winning there's a prize unlike any other The title of Enswerp Elite This coveted honor is not merely a name but a legacy, a mark of valor and skill that would echo through the ages. Yet, alongside this prestigious title awaited a tangible reward, a testament to the Council's esteem for the victor. A purse heavy with 250 gleaming coins, a fortune that could change the course of a peasant's life or adorn a noble's coffers with yet more opulence. The Enswerp Elite, the champion of champions, would not only claim victory in the arena but also walk away with a prize fit for a hero. It was not just about the coins, but the honor, the glory, and the everlasting legacy that awaited the warrior who would rise above all others in the Melee Come join the Enswerp Discord for daily fun and weekly events! Enswerp Discord HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Charles Alstion, The Lord of Alba Bailiff of Enswerp, Knight of the Circle of St. Godwin Captain of the Brigade, Patriarch of Nowak, Handsome Mustache Man
  4. Nowak or Nothing!

  5. To all who roam the realms, hear the plea of the Nowak Household! We send this message to the winds, in hopes that it reaches the ears of our beloved kin, Stanisław and Borysław, twin brothers who have been absent from our midst for far too long. Dear brothers, if this message finds its way to you, know that our hearth and hearts yearn for your return. Enswerp now stands as our home, where we have settled and where we long for your presence to complete our family once more. The fires of home burn bright, and Our doors are open wide, ready to welcome you back with open arms. Join us in Enswerp, where we can share tales of our adventures, and create new memories together. May the winds guide you home, Dear Stanisław and Borysław, and may our family be whole once more. Original Nowak Post Nowak Send a bird to Jan Nowak II [Pork__] or Join the Discord if you are interested! Nowak Discord
  6. Dear Liriel and Friends, I hope this letter finds you well and filled with fond memories of our recent celebration in the village of Enswerp. Your presence at the event brought so much joy and warmth to our community, and for that, we are truly grateful. It was a pleasure to have you and your friends join us for the festivities. Your presence added an extra layer of magic to the event, and we are thankful for the time you spent with us. Please know that you are always welcome in Enswerp, and we hope to see you again soon. Until then, may your travels be safe and your adventures be grand. With heartfelt thanks,
  7. Selling Azdromoth Xan fanfic, DM with best offer

  8. Wish I was built like a wheel

  9. Slawa friends and good health upon you It is with great joy and a sense of profound purpose that Jan writes to you today. Jan extends to you all a heartfelt invitation to witness and share in a pivotal moment of my life—my baptism and embrace of faith. The path leading to this decision has been one marked by countless conversations and introspection, a journey that has ultimately led me to this profound realization. Looking back, Jan finds himself filled with a deep sense of regret for not having opened my heart to God sooner. Under the wise and compassionate guidance of Father sev Arsen, Jan is set to be baptized in the sacred environs of Enswerp, within the hallowed walls of the Church of Blessed Calliope. The auspicious ceremony is to be held in the coming week, and it is my earnest hope that many of you will grace the occasion with your presence. Your support and fellowship would truly make this blessed day even more memorable and meaningful. OOC: Friday, March 15th at 3est May God Guide You As He Now Does Me Jan Nowak
  10. A Common Man’s Journey to God ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓ ACCEPTING THE LIGHT ┗━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛ In the stillness of the night, I heard a call, To open up my heart, to give my all. To let God in, to trust and believe, To find the strength, to truly receive. I've been afraid, I've turned away, But now I feel the need to pray. To ask for help, to find my way, To let go of my fear, to start today. God's love is vast, it knows no end, In His care, I find a friend. A friend who listens, who understands, Who guides me gently with loving hands. So here I am, with open arms, Ready to embrace God's charms. To let Him lead, to be my light, To walk with me, through day and night. I welcome God into my heart, Together, we'll never be apart. In His love, I find my peace, In His light, my fears decrease. So let's open up our hearts wide, And let God's love be our guide. For in His love, we find our way, To a brighter, more hopeful day. Slawa Faithful Friends The journey to these lands of the faithful has been a profound and transformative one, shaping me from a simple man who once worshiped the old gods and spirits of my homeland into the reformed Jan of Enswerp that stands before you today. My arrival in Enswerp marked a turning point, as I felt a calling to embrace the new faith and seek baptism in the name of our Lord. This decision has not been made lightly but with deep conviction, as I yearn to be welcomed into His kingdom in the afterlife. Jan seeks out a priest to help me in coming to the faith, to be baptized in his name to be welcomed into his kingdom in the afterlife. Jan will be found often in Enswerp, so come discuss soon OOC: Just need a priest to host a baptism for me
  11. Theres a bear on the lose!

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