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  1. Edyth wonders why these people cannot handle the consequences of their own actions.
  2. worldprincessii nv#8021 1 - azie willing to pay mina if anyone else bids
  3. The Ringing Of The Bell. ❝ I know a lot of you probably hate me right now, and I get it. If I could be a different person, I promise you, I would. ❞ The cause shall remain unknown, but one must recognise the preparation and unmitigated control into her passing. Lorna kept authority over her death like she did everything else; direct, obstinate and unbending. She makes it certain to keep her fate in no hands but her own. Despite being known for her capriciousness, her decision stayed consistent. Lorna leaves her home with nothing but an engagement ring, and that's the last the world saw of her.
  4. i say we make them immortal too
  5. ✃♛✃Skin Auction.✃♛✃ ✃Information.✃ Collaboration with my husband Delta, find their auction here. [Updated] I take both mina and GBP bids, but money bids are prioritised. I have both Alex and Steve format skins with reference photos for each one. I'll gladly send them to people if asked. Make a new comment if you wish to change your bidding/outbid another. If you edit your original comment it will not count. soz x All biddings start at 100 mina or £5/$7 and can be increased by the minimum of 25 mina or £1/$1. e.g: 125 mina - £6/$8 150 mina - £7/$9 ♛Bidding Format.♛ Skin name: Bid: Discord: ✃Alex Skins.✃ Three From The Sea. Heart Of The Ocean. Harriet. Vidia. ♛Steve Skins.♛ Tilney. The Pirate Medallion. Pirelli's Miracle Elixir. ✃Auction Ends...✃ ... on March 31st, 2am BST. Bids will not be counted after my comment. ✃♛✃Thank You.✃♛✃
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