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  1. Edyth chills in her house and reads every book in existence xx i've decided that i'm no longer logging onto the server anymore*. unfortunately, my disability has become increasingly worse these past few months and has left me permanently bedridden - i can manage to get to my computer on good days, but my other symptoms greatly affect my ability to rp. i don't want to get too into it; i just want to give context as to why i haven't been on as much lately, and therein why i'm deciding to keep it that way. i will still be active in the discords as i can access that on my phone. i don't really have the heart to pk Edyth so i'm sort of 'shelving' her, just having her relax in her house. she's alive, i just won't be playing her. this whole situation sucks but i'm adapting to it as best as i can (tbh this post IS me adapting to it). i do enjoy rping but since it has become increasingly more difficult, i have to stop. if anyone needs information on Edyth you can just dm me on discord - whatever you need will have to be done without rp though, so keep that in mind. i will happily watch from the sidelines. cheers xx *my epiphyte, Siofra, is not being shelved, in case i ever get the energy to log on and have fun. the moments will be sparse, but i don't doubt that they'll happen nonetheless.
  2. HELLO??????????????
  3. the people defending his threats are actually disgusting. i ******* hate it here
  4. envy


    they're just cute & simple events (as stated at the beginning of the post) why are you hating lol
  5. Edyth just wants her nation to be left alone tbh
  6. Edyth Edvardsson, the current Queen of Norland, silently joins the others against the homophobes (and from afar, too, because she doesn’t actually know these people very well). 🖤
  7. envy

    1 year ama

    what's it like being a massive ***** x
  8. Edyth thoroughly enjoyed reading it and rates it a 9/10. One point off because she does not have a copy of her own :(
  9. Edyth chills in her cell.
  10. the amount of reused jokes in the comments are making me want to nail gun my eyelids shut
  11. still waiting for my summer competition mina prize btw
  12. Edyth Edvardsson is very content with this. She is not so content with her schedule however - which determines her unavailability - and is therefore unable to make it.
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