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  1. the people defending his threats are actually disgusting. i ******* hate it here
  2. they're just cute & simple events (as stated at the beginning of the post) why are you hating lol
  3. Edyth just wants her nation to be left alone tbh
  4. Edyth Edvardsson, the current Queen of Norland, silently joins the others against the homophobes (and from afar, too, because she doesn’t actually know these people very well).
  5. envy

    1 year ama

    what's it like being a massive ***** x
  6. Edyth thoroughly enjoyed reading it and rates it a 9/10. One point off because she does not have a copy of her own :(
  7. Edyth chills in her cell.
  8. the amount of reused jokes in the comments are making me want to nail gun my eyelids shut
  9. still waiting for my summer competition mina prize btw
  10. Edyth Edvardsson is very content with this. She is not so content with her schedule however - which determines her unavailability - and is therefore unable to make it.
  11. Edyth Edvardsson blows some hair out of her face and memorises the date in her head.
  12. fat nonce

    1. TreeSmoothie


      hold up was suicidium banned???

    2. rukio


      Yeah he's a sexpest groomer

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