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  1. Admittedly, I don't quite understand this gripe. While it would be tying the word 'Tanya' to the deific mana of the Aspects, it's not as if it'd be some grand lore trap or restriction like referring to animii as animii instead of automatons or saying lunarite is lunarite instead of starsteel, It'd still be utterly free to be IRPly interpreted as desired by whoever for whatever reason they'd please since this is just a lore formality. Nobody involved in the write even plans on using the term 'Tayna' IRPly if this lore gets accepted. And besides, when tayna is literally meant to mean life energy in ancient elven, I don't see the issue of having the server's actual life energy be formally referenced as such?
  2. The meaning of creation is already detailed under the 'Fae Courts' section. The meaning behind the court is to bring a portion of the mortal realm more in-line with the nature of the fae realm. I don't quite understand your question elsewise, could you elaborate what part you're confused on? The bit that I'm referring to under 'Fae Courts'
  3. The gist was originally to keep it more-so in the lines of flavor RP and whimiscal fae tomfoolery rather than offering too much combative potential. It's not a magic meant to skew offensively and be some new form of combative style, we felt like that is already slotted by Druidism's objective to protect nature, and that's supposed to linger as more of a support magic than ever becoming a proper combative magic. Combative potential can be bolstered through MArt spells though. Each Vex can create a unique MArt Spell and unique MArt Rite, with each vex holding a third slot which can be used to learn another Vex's MArt of choice, whether it be a spell or rite. If people desire to make combative MArt spells or rites, then they can do so (so long as they can get the LT to approve the MArt at least). Hence a given Vex could make a combative MArt spell and combative rite then learn a 3rd combative MArt, whether spell or rite, from another vex shall they decide they want to go through the effort. Not to get any hopes up, but you may or may not be able to expect to see a rewrite for Sprites posted by Fleur and myself in the foreseeable future.
  4. Can you elaborate more on this? Is it because it uses an Ancient Elven term or because it'd be giving a defined name to fae/druidic energy? This is the intent, yes. Since the magic uses a medium, a Fae Liege, to enable normal folk (normal being non-fae and non-transcendents) to use fae magic, there isn't a reason they'd be unable to learn the magic. Notably though, they'd likely be unable to circumvent the afterlife consequences, at least not without a MArt'd rite or something to prevent it. We will run through and give it another review/discussion in regards to the feedback, thank you very much! 👍 We will correct this, thank you for the heads up. 👍
  5. Centuries old grudge between the furries (Druids) and the scalies (azdrazi) I assume.
  6. Heyo! These are a pair of amendments which will cover two different lore pieces respectively, The Everwinter Tree and the Kaleidoscarpus from Whimsical Wilds Forestry. I've clustered them together as they are rather simple amendments that I didn't see a need to make two separate posts for. Everwinter Tree Origins Amendment https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/207895-✓-world-lore-everwinter-tree/ - A straightforward and simple amendment to replace the current 'Origins' lore of the Everwinter Tree. Reasoning behind it is that this was a lore-piece that I had written when I was rather new to the server, only having played for a few months, and had utilized a quote from an in-game book I had intended to spread if it was accepted to spread IRP knowledge of it (which I did via the auction house at the time). Needless to say, it isn't very fitting to have a formal lore piece have such an improper reference to RP means, which is why I believe it would be best to replace with proper origins lore (For both the sake of not having a cringe reputation and having the tree possess proper lore). Kaleidoscarpus Lore & CA Accessibility Amendment https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/228748-✓-world-lore-whimsical-wilds-forestry-pack/ - Another simple amendment which add a bit of extra clarity to the Kaleidoscarpus as well as permits them to be used for fae plants and soul trees, something I had originally redlined out under the presumption it might be used for weird stoner RP. Needless to say, it was pointed out to me that it was redundant as there are about a hundred different trees and plants that people can already use to do stoner larp if they truly care to, making the redline rather redundant. As for the lore clarity, I've added a simple amendment to describe why/how a tree is one of the two variants (red or blue), as well as tack that onto how it affects the epiphytes/soul tree CAs who might use it.
  7. Yup, they're called the Silverback (Gorilla) Druid. I thought that was because it was outdated lore from when Hou-Zi first came out though, I didn't realize it was mentioned in attunement specifically rather than compatibilities section though.
  8. Currently just has a list of what can't be a druid, which doesn't explicitly state Hou-Zi can be druids. I do think both should be formally listed as able to be druids though. They're both half natural anyways, can always write off lore inconsistencies with a lesser soul having deific magic by saying their affinity for nature allows the connection to be upheld. It's just druidism anyways, ST should jsut let the musin have magic gardens and the hou-zi have a cultural route for assimilating with the natural world. Can't imagine it being that big of a deal aside from lore inconsistencies anyways, either of them with alchemy is gonna be a bigger threat/nuisance to people who might be afraid of them trying to use it in CRP anyways.
  9. Let the mice folk do magical gardening rp. +1
  10. I pray this gets accepted so I can act like some sort of exotic animal poacher, but instead of shooting elephants and rhinos I go around catching sprites with nets. It'll be like jellyfishing from spongebob I bet.
  11. Whimsical Wilds | Forestry Pack Amongst a world of the estranged and majestic, it's only natural that oddities arise that strike awe into a beholder. Secrets are always woven into the landscape, oddities of flora and fauna alike managing to masquerade amongst the mundane calling out to be uncovered. Curiosity is not a trait to go unrewarded in this world, as something magnificent is always awaiting those who decide to brave the unknown. The expansive woodlands that fill the world are home to much more than what may meet the eye, a handful of trees breaking the mold to adapt to circumstances that might seen unfathomably niche. Every tree detailed here was once one of these trees whose worth went uncovered, but were brought into the light of civilization slowly upon the discovery of their value. While some may still find themselves ignorant to their existence, they've found themselves nurtured by communities who live off the land, ensuring their worth is well-appreciated. All trees mentioned within the lore piece may be considered uncommon knowledge. It is within reason that any character may be aware of their existence and their benefits without having to learn about them from another, whether it be part of their backstory, discovering information on them from areas that would utilize them, or simply finding books on them in a library. Referenced Systems This spoiler contains a quick overview of the Climate and Build Guide sections utilized in this post. Seven Seasons Sundialious https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/173318285650291512/ Silkleaf Tyrantus https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/680325087458512892/ https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/489344315772093563/ Truespring Geyserian https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/6685099439250325/ Bridgeroot https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/3940718417158115/ Kaleidoscarpus https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/71353975339602368/ Purpose Credits Writer & Builds - Myself Consultation & Ideas - @marslol @Rayalia @dev_clark Dedications The Truespring Geyserian is dedicated to the one and only Ahng Gulr @ArcaneChicken. May your catches be bountiful and grandeur, and may all who question your absolutely truthful fishing tales be hit in the head with a BIG rock. References Inspiration - Ame'lie (https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/191988-✓-amelie-the-cultivated-forests-of-the-wood-elves/)
  12. A certain Highlander spends his time staring at the horizon, a sense of hopelessness he'd never felt before washing over him. "This truly 'es th' end... what 'eh crushing feeling 'et 'es te say goodbye..." He'd murmur, axe and shield resting in his lap. He'd push himself up after a moment of reminiscing, preparing for the bell's final toll.
  13. "Lliran who will go unforgotten... 'ay will bring ye tales fer when 'ay see ye lot again..." A certain Highlander would murmur solemnly as he watched the duo meld into the Stag's grasp, feelings both warm and somber taking grasp of his heart.
  14. This is the greatest day in the history of Druidism.
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