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  1. I pray this gets accepted so I can act like some sort of exotic animal poacher, but instead of shooting elephants and rhinos I go around catching sprites with nets. It'll be like jellyfishing from spongebob I bet.
  2. Whimsical Wilds | Forestry Pack “Magnificent and wondrous, the more I explore our world, the more entranced I become with its flora and fauna. Roaming the world has led me to more and more discoveries I could have never fathomed, all of which I have studied with fervor and passion. It has become my goal over the decades to spread these oddities and knowledge regarding them far and wide, so here we are.” - Wildermyth’s Encyclopedia of the Estranged Referenced Systems This spoiler contains a quick overview of two reoccurring references in this post, those being a reference to valid climates a tree can be grown in and a clarification for building references for each tree. Seven Seasons Sundialious https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/173318285650291512/ Silkleaf Tyrantus https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/680325087458512892/ https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/489344315772093563/ Truespring Geyserian https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/6685099439250325/ Bridgeroot https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/3940718417158115/ Kaleidoscarpus https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/71353975339602368/ Purpose Credits Writer - Me Consultation & Ideas - @marslol @Rayalia @dev_clark References Inspiration - Ame'lie (https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/191988-✓-amelie-the-cultivated-forests-of-the-wood-elves/)
  3. A certain Highlander spends his time staring at the horizon, a sense of hopelessness he'd never felt before washing over him. "This truly 'es th' end... what 'eh crushing feeling 'et 'es te say goodbye..." He'd murmur, axe and shield resting in his lap. He'd push himself up after a moment of reminiscing, preparing for the bell's final toll.
  4. "Lliran who will go unforgotten... 'ay will bring ye tales fer when 'ay see ye lot again..." A certain Highlander would murmur solemnly as he watched the duo meld into the Stag's grasp, feelings both warm and somber taking grasp of his heart.
  5. This is the greatest day in the history of Druidism.
  6. As the delayed news reaches a certain Highlander, he makes a solemn comment to the wind. "A good friend... Rest well within th' Halls, Ragnar." He'd mutter out before carrying on with his day, his footsteps soon to be muffled by the sounds of nature.
  7. Love gives some much-needed depth to Azhl, but there are some parts that concern me. - The mass-based limb debilitation doesn't make too much sense. I can understand why there would be an emote difference, but some of the emote differences just don't match up. Given height/mass variation, it just doesn't make sense to make emote count based off race. Biggest concern is that musin and halflings are clustered with wood elves and goblins. Perhaps emote scaling based off weight would be more viable? - The physical effects against fae feel too quick. I know that Azhl is supposed to be an anti-Fae, but it basically puts a death timer on any Fae which gets cut by it. While I won't argue over sprites dying in 3 emotes given that any notable injury to them is typically fatal anyways, the effect on both soul trees and epiphytes is pretty much instantaneous. I'm not against its corrosion capabilities, but I feel like the weight of it is just too heavy. I feel like it is an evisceration method as opposed to a counter. - The mental effects are exceedingly strong and difficult to upkeep. Excluding the fact that players in ownership of an azhl weapon will either completely forget to emote this to nearby fae players or non-stop spam them with the fact that they have an azhl item, the effect just seems hard to manage. Dialed down a bit, it would be a great side-effect, but it shouldn't be mentally-crippling to be near it.
  8. Scoria Memoras chuckles to himself, intrigued by the menu. While his taste buds didn't work, he decided he would most certainly swing by for a meal when a chance arrived.
  9. Beautiful work Nik! If I asked for a better trailer for Christmas, I'm pretty sure Santa would slug me in the face and give me this video again!
  10. Nothing quite strikes a chord like seeing a lore submission for a Betweenlands mob. I love that mod to all hell, and I love the idea of something like this being in LOTC even more!
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